Jesus Christ 3D


Sindone di Torino, Sacra Sindone, 3D χριστός ; < ˆ 5.916666666666666 f.t. = 1.9722222222222222 yrd.

X. 72, 1,999 A.D. Left Wingers on Earth. Godless: Les Propheties. Nostradamus. From the heavens ( sky or superpower) comes the sell outs. " deffraieur" 1568 French National Archives.

Who controls the Drones ?

Who controls the Directed Energy Weapons DEW? ?

Protecting MABUS NAZI base Antarctica. Super DEW. Dubbed The Dark Knight!

💀Mabus Point is a point on the coast of Antarctica lying just south of the Haswell Islands, marking the eastern limit of McDonald Bay. It was first charted by the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911–14, under Douglas Mawson, and was recharted by G.D. Blodgett in 1955 from aerial photographs taken by U.S. Navy Operation Highjump, 1946–47. 👽

🎓 history: Dew 1974. Starts Science mil.US Airforce:  Been working on 100 trillion watt lasers. Back story: 1947AD. Tesla notes. Heating up subparticles, projecting them at near or at speed of light = directed energy weapons. Control: German NAZI , The baby raping vampires, called NWO Dumbass State have them. Top Weapons : The mysterious Dark Knight is a modern sat laser /dew in near polar orbit and in near earth orbit. Others are jet planes. Connected to liberal art military failures : Use laptop and an  algorithm and target to a square foot. On pulses, the vampires stack frequencies which excites particles, creates wind and strange weather.

Same dude that took out massive insurance on The New York World Trade Center months before 11 th September 2001 took out massive insurance on this building , made $ Billions. His buddies are the Rothschilds .

One side only lit up all in less than twominuets: Grenfell Tower block of flats in North Kensington, West London just before 1:00 am BST; it caused 72 deaths, including those of two victims who later died in hospital. More than 70 others were injured and 223 people escaped. Wikipedia Date: June 14, 2017

 Grenfell Tower Date: June 14, 2017

🐍 Reptilian Controller of World 💅

Poking in the Chest Royalty , a Reptilian 666 Rothschilds calls himself LORD of Earth. Control: Death from above. Profits by destroying buildings, manipulating Stock Market, lawyers and Insurance Policies. Keywords in the fake Russian Investigation.

 Reptilians on Earth 1230 2018 worshiped and prayed too by CIA , FBI, NSA , NASA, et. al. Elite NAZI and Rome and dumb Masons.

U.S.A et U.K. Air Force. ?

Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Sensor Operators play an integral role in helping Anti democracy forces to know what actions to take against American whistle-blowers and concerned citizens who do not submit to our Rule over Planet Earth. "We here as the Air Force and we control the planet, not your sucka little democrats!" See Obama's tassels in cartoon which demonstrates his left wing Drone energy weapons systems in "I Pet Goat 2," pub. the Summer of 2012 A.D.

History: U.K. Winston Churchill began this program as a concept.

1920s Italian Fascism Began with a book on 'Terrorism from the Skies.' To drop from above phosphorous bombs on to humans to torture them to death. Used first in Libya Africa and Sudan and Egypt by the Mussolini crews. Mussolini later aligned to Aryan anti GOD leftwing kook Adolf Hitler and the NAZI warlocks and witches.
UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle .
UAS: Unmanned Aircraft System
SUAS: Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems.
U.K. Storm Shadow/ Scalp EG cruise missile was used on the World Trade Towers. M.I.T. then edited in by CGI grey planes you see on videos, gave it to the BBC, U.K. to discriminate the patsy 19 unknown Terrorists that did not exist. M. Atta and two others were in on the plot as decoys. 11 th September 2,001 A.D. source Bush sr. The U.K. MI 6 and U.K. Illuminati Betrayed him so he wants payback.

Researcher Links Diplomats’ Mystery Illness to Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation August 29, 2018 | Scott LaFee

Writing in advance of the September 15 issue of Neural Computation , Beatrice Golomb, MD, PhD, professor of medicine at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, says publicly reported symptoms and experiences of a “mystery illness” afflicting American and Canadian diplomats in Cuba and China strongly match known effects of pulsed radiofrequency/microwave electromagnetic (RF/MW) radiation.

. 🐙 🙉USDCA.

Remedies are Militar Tribunals for all persons military or law who used DEW weapons on humans! This includes Rothschilds' family members who sit on U.S. Foreign Relations Committees and target any person that complains about These elite- wealthy illuminati - cannibals in global seats of power. Cannibals are often publically just called The Deep State. . This is an alien body on Earth known popularly as Reptilian 3:40 p.m. M.T. #12212018AD.

[···] research draws attention to a larger population of people who are affected by similar health problems.


DEW = code. Drag-on Energy [ invisable class. ]. M.K. Ultra York Masonic homo weapons program. Sickluminati. French to Latin codecies.

DEW hand helds made to cause death from behind a truck or a car with some blacked out windows or behind Van doors. "I did not cause a heart attack weapons." I was shot by one of these and you can feel these " pulses" go through your entire body. I AM healthy. However, People like Justice Scalia who ate too much did not fare well and rumored in The Russian Hack, Deep State got him with one of these. These have been around for decades. These are now in the sky!

Bloom spreading Energy Weapons are the most common form of Tinnitus!

Clinton, Gates, Rockefellors, U.K. NAZI Rothschilds, German NAZI Rothschilds, and Russian Rothschilds: York Masons. Code [w].

Propeller planes are quiet. I lived next to The Burbank Airport when they only flew sesnas, small singled propeller planes, prior to 1979 ; and Van Nuys Airport where many fly out daily. They do not induce "any" tinnitus. The Deep State reptilian mask these Bloom DEWs in shapes of small propeller planes but you can hear them five miles away with a low pulse hum!

Air Force Usurping Democracy for non gold in eye NAZIs

📹 Video How DEW works. U.S. below black - budget - human- hostage - weapons. Now a few creepos can hold the world hostage. And by your taxes You paid for it.

🐍 Elecrokanetics, electrogravnetics= 100s of patents since 1900s. Scalar tech. That means amplify in this case.

The blue colour comes from the way electricity passes through air, correspondents say.

Electrical energy will knock electrons off atoms in the gases that make up the air.

When these electrons recombine with the excited atoms, returning them to their starting energy state, light is emitted.

The colour of the light emitted depends on the type of atoms involved.

A blue colour is associated with oxygen atoms; pink/purple colours are associated with nitrogen atoms. Oxygen and nitrogen are the gases that dominate the air we breathe.

📹 Video. KENNER LOUISIANA (Slowed Down) DEC 28, 2018" Kenner , Louisiana .

DEW technology has been around for decades, and scientist who are blackmailed by these Deep State Repilians improve upon the " harm factor" every year.

A directed-energy weapon (DEW) is a ranged weapon that damages its target with highly focused energy, including laser, microwaves and particle beams. Potential applications of this technology include weapons that target personnel or city populations ( blooming over Salt Lake central city ) , your home vehicles, and optical , audio and human brain functioning. Over long exposure DEWing permantlt splits your brain functions causing you to kill or do violence.

used to manipulate Clinton, Gates, Rockefellors, U.K. NAZI Rothschilds, German NAZI Rothschilds, and Russian Rothschilds brains , making them mere robot automatons.

blooming DEW energy seen by light vibration. 10x as loud as a propeller plane. Homos Clinton, Gates, Rockefellors, U.K. NAZI Rothschilds, German NAZI Rothschilds, and Russian Rothschilds: York Masons. Code [w]. See energy surrounds masked propeller plane, 10x as loud. A machine of human citizens , destruction.

12222018AD Warlock DEW Spell Castors

Clinton, Obama leftwing Air Force , Code [w]. 12222018AD. A Warlock DEW rider.  They fly over me and cast Warlock spells. They follow me around the country feeling they own the world. They laughed and laugh at democracy.

12222018AD - 111w, 40n. Over the city. 
Clinton, Obama leftwing Air Force , Code [w]. Message to Q. Other photos from previous locations, past dates. Q. Saturday is reptilian feeding day. ( code). Sabbath!

12222018AD Q 16 Year Liberal Plan to Destroy America, and make $ Billions!

Clinton, Obama leftwing Air Force , Code [w]. 12222018AD. A black copter later follows the red and white above.

👹 1# Arm Iran 🇮🇷 and North 🇰🇷 with nuclear weapons programs so the York fakeMasons can "blame them " for their plans or alleged actions to Destroy 🇺🇸. Payout by leftwing Rothschilds. Award. The Rothschilds sit on The U.S. board on Foreign Relations. Laugh at the C.I.A. It was The N.S.A. that stopped the Kennedy motorcade long enough for the shooters to take aim and fire. N.S.A. are not these innocent players as James " I worship Obama " Clapper intends!  Iran and North Korea are both Scottish mason areas on Earth. Do you see a connection for the set up? Liberals and U.N. liberals were the most vocal on calling for sanctions.

Open boarders- huge drug profits 📈and new political liberal voters - plan to take away The Electorial College - because 75% of new immigrants vote liberal always!

Get MS- 13 to pay off city cops, they make $60,000 a day in every large city, drug selling. MS- 13 pays $10,000 of that $60,000 to local law enforcement who divi-up that to other crooked law enforcement for protecting the drug for profit game. Hollywood needs cocaine every day in very large amounts! The music business all over America needs large amounts of heroin and cocaine. The masses workers and hobos need crystal meth, and MS-13 are their main suppliers. How much does Bill Clinton and Hillary or Jeffery Epstine ( co- founded The Clinton Foundation)  get from supporting the MS-13 open boarders drug to addict plans? Within 24 hours a illegal immigrant can be in any U.S. city selling drugs. The local kingpins tell them to which cop or court to pay-off!

Gun Confiscation

Trick U.S. to give up their guns and Clinton and Obama then will use The German U.N. armies to rob everyone blind. This is an old leftwing- NAZI and CCP Communist trick! Clintons and Obamas if they succeed the left wing Rothschilds will give them $ huge rewards. "It is all about [ my ] economy " Bill Clinton. Q says it is about taking our national sorerignty from The U.S.A. And,  M.K. U.K ultra and Air Force DEWs accompany mass U.S. shootings. 


Kill N.A.S.A. and Rothschilds give us a huge reward. $$$$$.

Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton's State Department cut-off N.A.S.A.'s funding to do outreach for immigration. Most people found that rather strange! No answers for this have yet₩ to be explained rationally!  The most logical is The Rothschilds want N.A.S.A. destroyed so a European Space Agency can replace it. Again, Obama and these Clintons would be financially $ rewarded by the U.N. bankers.

Take Control of U.S.A. Satellites and "defray" uranium to anti-American nuclear weapon sites. $ Clintons and Obamas to make $Billions in rewards.

U1 material to Syria and Iran . diverted from Putin, U1 ( 20% 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 U1 joint supply) and this will deplete The U.S.A. supply and Putin paid The Clinton Foundation $400,000,000 million that was given to him by The Rothschilds! Source: Vladimir Putin. History: Robert Mueller took a sample when he was the FBI cheif directly to Putin. Was it just his job?  IAM - Hint : Syria may not be the intended destination for uranium, just a hiding place . Putin mentioned the money amount , I mentioned his funding source.

Obamas and Clintons:  class 1-99, all levels . Start WWIII, get paid $$$$$$. 

Q: says they plan to kill all rogue-oops, place WWIII liberal judges in Supream Court , change The U.S. Constitution, ban the second amendment ( see above to why!). Make an EMP space- so take satellites out of commission. Eventuality to nuke America and get $$$$$$ by The Rothschilds!

3:51 p.m. M.T #12222018AD. -111w,40n.

MIT has developed a brain striking laser to be used on Leos ( Law Enforcement Officers) in case they rat out the pervs. In UK Milcom. Aka as the U.S.A. pervs. Commanders. They can spray aerosol onto radioactive chem spray and shrink cops brains to mere peanuts from above or dose a parent to grab their child for rape-cannibal abduction.

Clinton, Gates, Rockefellors, U.K. NAZI Rothschilds, German NAZI Rothschilds, and Russian Rothschilds: York Masons. Code [w]. Dew turn over central city.

a German female NAZI Rothschilds reptilian, Code [w].

Clinton, Gates, Rockefellors, U.K. NAZI Rothschilds, German NAZI Rothschilds, and Russian Rothschilds: York Masons. Code [w]. 60 DEWs, city went nuts. Death surrounded city starting at 11:00 a.m. all day and into early evening. Cops too shot by affected victims. See Obama's tassels in cartoon which demonstrates his left wing Drone energy weapons systems in " I Pet Goat 2 ," pub. the Summer of 2012 A.D. Below.  

Reptilian cartoon of Hussein 's tassels ( purple) show short wave light spectrum acting as a lightening bolt to separate your personalities, forcing you to do their will. Code [w]. This is at the brain level.
Barack Hussein Obama tassels are purple wavelengths and illustrate the DEW objective of splitting the human brain with Energy Weapons to keep himself in power. He is fashioned as a LOL artist, low level academic, Fakey. He cares only about himself and his own power and fame. And Illuminati Codes: purple wavelengths are symbols of royalty. Obama loved to view himself as above the law and as a King of America. His speeches have More 'I ' or it is all about Barack Obama than any orators in U.S.A history. Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report has kept a detailed list of Obama's speeches where he refers to himself and not the people more often than anyone known in American history.

Purple light spectrum DEW ( cannot see it ) splits cohesive thought - functioning unity; electromagnetics in the brain connected to your nerons and will show up in iris malfunctioning too. . This is what is pumped down below in DEW blooming on humans and crime scenes. It moves natural fluids around in the brain and shakes the skull. Vibration terrorism always accompanies school and mass shootings as N.S.A. monitors all cities in live time for targeting non homo drag-on sissy bitches. The DARPA or liberals call it transhumanism . The key are they are The Reptilian shapeshifters in need of slave races for food, for forced labor and for sadistic pleasures! The Satanic Bible calls then Vampires!

Bill Clinton, eye iris deformed; these Rockefellors, U.K. NAZI Rothschilds, German NAZI Rothschilds, and Russian Rothschilds: York Masons. Code [w] created [······].

Hitler created Beast offspring and sickluminati brought them to The USA, classified, Rockefellors, U.K. NAZI Rothschilds, German NAZI Rothschilds, and Russian Rothschilds: York Masons. Code [w]. They are not human, per-say.

The U.S. Military is infiltrated by code [w]👻s.

Adam Schiff DEWed so much his iris almost pops - out.

Hitler created Beast offspring and sickluminati brought them to The USA, classified, Rockefellors, U.K. NAZI Rothschilds, German NAZI Rothschilds, and Russian Rothschilds: York Masons. Code [w]. They are not human, per-say. Hillary Clinton threatened to expose half of the people in Washington D.C. NAZI Adam Schiff longs to be our new POTUS or C.I.A. cheif.

Drag -on Energy Weapons even in U.S and global entertainment.

Drag -on Energy Weapons even in U.S and global entertainment, a sibling desc. and worshipped to Disney.

Drag -on Energy Weapons even in U.S and global entertainment, training programs for code [ w ] to Disney.

Geoengineering tests are being public announced by Harvard University, taken over by Jacob de Rothschilds:

Illuminati Harvard To Block Out Sun in 2019 to Create Armageddon, going public too! Harvard volcano stunt is innocent. Deep in NAZI state hyjacks. Just watch.

Is it legal to DEW bloom American Populations U.S. NAZI Army? NAZI are illegal you know? Why you illegal ?

excuse ? Just drones for protecting the control system for Nazis, fourth Earth Empire!

It because you are a reptilian?

humm? Special Camera shows These  DEW bloom weapon used by the criminal NAZI blue eyed reptiles over multicultural populations . Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Is this legal?

Electro charged particles seen around These DEW planes. Even if a non blue eye operates these the command, it is from green eye and blue eye reptile 1%ers. They cannot stand a world full of independent non pure Blue eyes or green eyes. To them, theses non pure are only used for slaves . see Sumerian Texts. Who are the NAZI naki? Code

blue pure eye, Clinton, Gates, Rockefellors, U.K. NAZI Rothschilds, German NAZI Rothschilds, and Russian Rothschilds: York Masons. Code [w]. Reptiles

Directed Energy Weapons used on non blue eyed of green eyed Americans. Over US cities. What accompanies mass shootings. Blue eyed Homos babylons! ? 

If I had a crew, about 15 passes today would be photed over ME. IAM an Is Real ite, the NAZI'  s. Worst Nightmare!

James blue eyed Higher Purpose Comey.

Directed Energy Weapons "blue or pure green eye controllers of UK Germany Russia Drag -on Energy Weapons . on U.S.A. people over US populations. James Comey a blue eyed reptilian. God is not a blue eyed freako,  Coma boy!  Eh, 👏? NAZI SS A. !!!!!!  = NSA .

#12192018AD oa load - time secrets. 02".

🔷 with our 🌞 at a solar minimum this will create global food shortages , global massive 100s of million deaths and use a mask called " saving The Planet. " Jacob de Rothschilds directs these proceedings from his Castle in the U.K. The Illuminati took over Harvard in the 1980s.

Most of The Media have been chipped and programmed not to respond. Transhumanism and pervert lifestyles will be what they promote as the Reptlians take control of 🌎 to kill- off the human race and replace it with machines.

The perverted blood drinkers aka leftwing Illuminati will create global weather conditions to kill off the human race by blocking out The sun and poisoning  the skies, killing the human race because everyone of the Reptiles loves death and destruction, cannibalism, baby raping and perversion .

They have  used your money to build underground cities. Are you wealthy off the stock-market  ?They plan to chip you and if you do not turn sissy bitch compliant, then you are basically their food source. They do not like vegetables. ( see Bush jr. Eulogy on his reptilian father, funeral Dec. 2018. ). They are pervs and blood drinkers and celebrate your pain and suffering . so they use science to mask their low IQ liberal arts pervert rituals.

The Leftwing Jew Jesuit Illuminati want to swim in 200 miles of your  blood.  The crisis is manufactured because they have underground bases with 100, 000s of chained kids to rape for 10 years. The Fake narrative is to save the planet, we need to make The 🌞 to  go dark, charge you lots of more tax  money for electricity. but they brag behind the scenes to their friends " we need to kill you and eat you. " The data: What has been found? Barium,aluminium and STRONTIUM.  The samples are not full of calcium carbonate or sulfur dioxide as Harvard's geoingeneering paper claims. The NAZI blue eye left wing Illuminati hate diversity, they are cannibals or want a global self destruction. Illuminati spraying all sorts of elements in the air to attract radionuclides and force them to the ground.  Then attach diseases, like to  eradicate all Africans. NAZI hate them!

Good job Air Force Left wing kooks: killing two cops at salt lake by driving the people nuts with your drones. about 60 passes of DEW weapons.  Then today, down town too 9: 54 am. You and cops reading this live. Are u paying for their funeral? Bill Clinton orders them to kill you Leos. High tech. They implant false thoughts to deny. Not in news yet. Just happened last night. A lot more death in city too .

Utah man raped girl, alt. personality told him he is innocent. #12182018AD

§ of a 1, 000 Points of jesiit Light 👹

Left wing: Clinton Foundation: operation.

Community target= country. ( charity).
Agent( broker).
Brussels; 1,000 points of Light. §
Pharecutical business.

Charity: collects money. $ Moved "globally " through agent. Agent has job to parse 'national' tax. In case of Clinton's foundation, they do not pay U.S. taxes.[1.]
$ 2,500,000,000 billion U.S Dollars raised and " Zero" U.S. taxes raised. I asked for a job online, these punks sent 👹 Rothschilds paramilitary into The U.S.A. to kill me. These pedio- child abusers beleive as with some secret service. pentagon, pagan U.S. Army; GHWB pedio military that Jacob de Rothschilds is the LORD of the Bible.

December 13th 2018 AD Washington DC.

Congress hearings. One case $4,000,000 million was collected and moved through agent. That agent moved money to Brussel Rothschilds pharma bank ( laundered money). In U.S. law even charity money is taxable. The pills are produced at Germany NAZI and neutral Ba'algum facilities or places in the Netherlands. Pills move without U.S. oversight to a community: target.

Global Illuminati Operation / w § Clinton Foundation: operation.

Deep State and  Global 🌎 #CRIMESTATE

chem trails [a] put poison into our  air. People. Get 😷 sick, thus a need for the Clinton Foundation to provide pills. Pills costs money. Cry for charity, claim fake climate narratives, collect millions, push pills; make profits for The Devil 😈 or other illuminati channels. Bill Gates, an illuminati member has huge stocks in pharmaceuticals! The more a global need? Thus chem poison spyraying , the higher stock prices in the medical field rise. Thus the rich with their well street firms like George Soros make Billions and. Billions. Soros then funds secret societies that due harm to my people because these are anti- Christ , child abusers.


Energy Weapons Accompanying Globalist #Crimestate healthcare 📈 Profits.

In 1999 I and others fleshed out this Intel. It was a system run by GHWB but over a decade later discovered it was The Secret Societies that John F. Kennedy tried to stop!  Thus in LA for example. Spray the skies with poisons, set up phone hotlines, monitor emergency rooms for " increase " patients with " ' certain respiratory symptoms!'  Thus preliminary data collection. Then refine the poison. Create the pills, and create the fake remedies , make up new psychological symptoms.  [2.] . This is a globalist economic Beast system of monstrous abusers on human kind!

[a] SkyNet §  Patent Poison for 1% Globalist Healthcare Profits

Barium and aluminum, both found in enormous quantities in our geo-engineered air are a part of the Chemtrails brew. Left undiagnosed, barium poisoning can and does cause enormous damage to the heart and nervous system. Aluminum is known to cause cognitive damage and brain death. Both are silent killers.

Drone DEW. : Directed Energy Weapons:🇬🇧 + 👹➡ Drones then fly over and manipulate your brain and body by vibration. - Energy Weapon -  the metels in your body. This creates a whole scenario of #CrimeState applications.

[1.]. Clinton Foundation hearings:  Certain Congressmen said by implication " I do not care about facts, Clintons are always innocent."  This helps to explain why Hillary Clinton once said, " If you take me down. I will take half of the U.S. Congress with me" = Washington D.C. was ' implied.'
[2.]. Later get the people sick ( chem spray poison) market the pills, create front charities, create off- shore bank accounts, collect money from crying fake news global diseases , find a target ( country for exploitation) get it sick, move collected cash through 'agent' , send to The Devil's bank, money decided, sent to secret off shore- non taxable banks- screwing the masses for bad illuminati profits. Send in pills not vetted by U.S. FDA. This cash then funds child trafficking and Ba'alite culture ( cannibalism, blackmail, assasins, military hyjacts, paramilitaries). This is only a partial explanation of The Beast Network. Land Beast GHWB. Bible.

[3.]. 20% of the Global Economy is Healthcare. . The illuminati do not miss these statistics. This is $ Trillions and trillions of $ Rothschild/ Rockerfeller et al.  Dollars or. Yen. Euros, etc.


#11142018AD. 12:22 p.m.m.t. -111w 40n.
#Eagle. DeepPit landing


Barium and Aluminum U.S. skies.  December 14th , all week local news , bad air quality blamed on " Global Warming!" Big Pharma & John F. Kennedy ' s understanding of Secret Socities'  sinister programs of profit, death, cannibalism and global child trafficking!

Clinton, Gates, et al. Globalist Foundation sinister health care profit system. Get the people sick, proscribed the cure! Make huge 📈 Profits for Child Trafficing disease and Kuru production. Etc.

Barium and Aluminum U.S. skies.  December 14th , all week local news , bad air quality blamed on " Global Warming!"

Clinton, Gates, et al. Globalist Foundation sinister health care profit system. Get the people sick, proscribed the cure! Make huge 📈 Profits for Child Trafficing disease and Kuru production. Etc. 12:04 - 07 p.m.m.t. #12142018AD.

U.K. Energy Weapons by Rothschilds' Cannibal Military : Same UFO that was tracked over England Dec 13 2018 A.D. small light spot. l

U.S. military controlled by William blue eye son of Blue eye Diana and homo Blue eye U.K. Charles. Plan to drone Africa because U.K. NAZI are bigots. They plan to blame Mark Zuckerburg.

NAZI 🇩🇪 William Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, KG, KT, ADC 👹 is a member of the British royal blue eye cannibal crews. Yo! Jacob de Rothschilds ordered your mother's death. ⬇

no gold in his eyes.  👹

Harry brother of William , 😳🎄🇬🇧

no gold in his eyes.  👹

crown of British Empire U.K. in eye on U.S.A. dollar bill. Huge mistake! .  👹

blue eyes, no gold. Stoney Westmoreland, an actor who starred on Disney Channel sitcom Andi Mack, was arrested Friday for allegedly enticing a minor according to Salt Lake City’s ABC 4 Hollywood Reporter. News.

IAM :  The 👹's team headed by Jacob de Rothschilds! 🇬🇧. Mark Hamill , no gold on eye, a possible reptilian.

GOGite Pichai goes to Washington

Google at Washington D.C. C.E.O.  Responds like a 🙈🙉🙊 Zombie to U.S. Congress .

The question : "you spy on every one, regardless of settings, " Congressman Poe.

Mr. Pichai said, “not by default,” adding that it depended on the congressman’s settings on the apps he had installed. But when Mr. Pichai would not respond yes or no, Mr. Poe raised his voice and said Mr. Pichai appeared to be evading his question.

“You make $100 million a year,” he said to Mr. Pichai, who is one of the highest-paid executives in the technology industry. “You should be able to answer that question,” “I’m shocked you don’t know. I think Google obviously does.” 12132018AD. 8 54 p.m. m.t.

Updated 12182018AD. ⬇

US NAZI Councel Files More Bogus Reports to jail The innocent U.S. Military Generals!

Special Counsel Jesuit Robert Mueller on Monday filed a heavily redacted witness report, known as an FD-302, documenting FBI agents terror and denial of lawyer with an  interrogation on Gen. Michael Flynn. 2016- 19 onward Coup leader Andrew McCabe early on said the FBI acted illegally and Flynn had told the truth. The report turned out not the original. Bahaha!!!! This was a seventh month later opinion of Peter Strzok and not what happened in the interview.

U. S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan issued an order Monday requiring that prosecutors turn over the document. Sullivan has prior dismissed charges brought on by the misconduct of The FBI.

Andrew MC Cabe who was fired because he told the FBI committee that Michael Flynn did not lie about contacting the Russian ambassador to discuss easing up Sanctions Obama had previously imposed to  which included Obama seizing castles and Mansions, kicking out numerous Russians, seizing their bank acounts for his crooked self, crooked FBI and  or his family members. Whoops!

McCabe was Later then  threatened and denied his retirement by members of  the crooked FBI.  

"Speculation about Sullivan's thinking in the Flynn case is widespread considering he threw out the 2008 conviction of the late Sen. Ted Stevens after government misconduct came to light."

Fox News .

🇬🇧  Royal weeding footage shows prince blue eye and bride and prince groom and procession  stepping on black people's heads in symbolism of stepping only on the black checkered floor parts only. Reptilian Harry & Mega's wedding video. All did it. Symbolized no diversity. Masons target blacks. Bigots , eh?

Yahoo illuminati put out sick meme. 'Hilton: says Donald Trump Climate Change [accord] at the Paris summit was neck and shoulders above all.'  The top post had a guillotine coming down, animated Gif. Code:  Paris Hilton has a sister who is married to a Rothschilds!  So Yahoo, Stanfurd CA. an American company is run by The U.K., 🇷🇺, foreigners. It was at the top of the Yahoo News section for while. I figure Nicky Hilton Rothschild married to James is our source.

Tricked Jacob Rothschilds today. Set up on phone time Sig. They sent heavy drones starting on that precise time. It was not on website. Drove people and made - mad all over. Attacks on black Americans or gold in eyes.  Normal illuminati white blue eyed pure masons on most corners. They send decoys[ secure] . New developments can no longer be announced on phone.

Sunder Pichai needs to call Congress. Back secretly on secure channels- that U.K. hacked all his Android phones. They are all wide open! Back door by darpa new loop system cuts off his securities. Another system trace = [ once sims hack, 'bad dude code ' put secret malware that front and back loads prior to hpps loads.  Securities. That is why they need 5G. It will be nearly undetectable then. Darpa built with Putin these back doors [ there are a set of companies that instal at factory now, see M. Bloomsburg threatened by Tim Cook, WSJ. over spy chips in all new Apple Products. ]]. Why Russian spooks do not use commerce cell phones - most do not use phones at all. ES with Russians set that up. Long ago. Not Pichai's tenure. ******MI in side USA. 

Call routed through Dallas - little rock TX.  to interesting that UK runs Android phones, eh  Pichai Sundararajan? Got spammed and message are  financial hack set ups. Not falling for it. But Pichai, you need to recall U.S. Congress. U.K illuminati owns You. 😞 keep on down low. I'll deal with U.K. #12172018AD.

Will reframe from timestamping now. Throw up diversions. Even Leos equipment are compromised. Sad. They may or may not even know 😗.

""Google CEO Asked About "
8th district Jamie Rankin ( D - MD) brang up topic to Pichai at hearing. Videos showing or suggesting Hillary eats children. Taken down Pinchai said was the video that showed it;  but not other videos that did not have it, but talked about it. He said he will look into it. Man, there is a huge war out there.

lib. Cent. Being overhauled spook- cams; saw private meeting over a month ago. Contract negotiations. Not going there much. So it is perhaps for U.K. control. They sure would like to zoom in to steal, the only thing the UK produces are theives. They cannot survive on couph -drop economy? Graphite was a failure.

Watch "Google CEO Asked About "Videos Of Hillary Clinton Consuming Remains Of Children All Over Youtube"" on YouTube Google tube

A reptilian hobo with pink feather in black cowboy cheap had videoed me, stuck out my young and called him a bitch when walked by and then turned around and put him into LOF. My team listen up., You do not know how to spot them so I will be putting up commands, instructions, codes and science to id them for hunting in live time. In real life. I assume rep turd will jack off and if NSA turd monkeys access his phone they will too, because reports 1/3 of their employees do not work but have downloaded porn, mostly kiddie porn, so they sit and make money off the Gov for jacking off all day. I AM sure the reptiles in command there allow this as this is their passion. 1:19 p.m. m.t.

Updated 12192018AD. ⬆

Jacob ! cracked first part of MPGii. you are in it. 🎄😄 . I will explain in another time. Going to read today. 

Top U.S. and Respected General Retires

Years of service
1969–2018 : James Norman Mattis
b. September 8, 1950
Pullman, Washington, U.S.
. After serving his whole life "distinguished, then 2010 at the top of the U.S. Army, leaving in 2013, Mattis became embroiled to fake front stock market health company, Theranos [1.]. Stanfurd University, Palo Alto,. C.A. this became a PR nightmare for his previous outstanding career and accomplishments. He was and still is much respected among his peers.

[1.] Theranos technology was never properly vetted and constantly questionable.

Christopher David Steele told The United Kingdom Parliament that he produced a fake dossier on Donald Trump. On FBI Comey and Hillary Clinton' s wishes to bring down Donald Trump, duly elected to The Office of The United States Presidency -  thus helping to save MI6 's face in light of a massive global scandal that we call a fake Russian Collusion Special Council investigation. 

Thus John Brennan, John Podesta, James Clapper, James Comey, Adam Schiff, Peter Stzork ( Lisa Page cooperated so excused)  that among many others have some explaining to do to a court. Robert S. Mueller has stated before he was given a crap investigation ( not exact words but not out of context) or what Van Jones said on camera that got him booted from CNN. "This is a nothing 🍔!" Even The Russian leader live on U.S. T.V. implied it was the liberals and 'some'  bad U.S. Intel that set up Donald Trump to remove him from power!

If you watched the Movie " The Anchorman, The Legend of Ron Burgundy" you know the T.V. news people read from a teleprompter, thus reading what their overlords want them to say to the public.

🇬🇧 Christopher David Steele is a British former intelligence officer with the Secret Intelligence Service MI6 from 1987 until his retirement in 2009. He ran the Russia desk at MI6 headquarters in London between 2006 and 2009. In 2009 he co-founded Orbis Business Intelligence, a London-based private intelligence firm. Wikipedia.

Pope accepts resignation of L.A. bishop, Alexander Salazar, accused of misconduct 😄!

NBCnews : The current archbishop of Los Angeles, Most Rev. Jose Gomez, said the archdiocese was made aware of the claim in 2005, which [ Los Angeles ] law enforcement had declined to prosecute, but that the archdiocese forwarded the complaint to the Vatican office that handles sex abuse cases.

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill (Mo.) says that she is “a little confused about that brown Sephardic Jew"  by the rapid rise of incoming Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) . The #12262018AD. 9:09 am Democrats are white racists. ?

Mexican gov. ( & NAZI  Lockeed Martin. NSA 'clip chip'  Hillary illuminati Rothschild pro cannibal, Put in uses these too when Eveyln de Rothschilds commands, MI6 and Mossad support with German NAZI) new Mexican  politican dies in a new helicopter crash. Copter was new. Nothing wrong. She hated MS13 and pediophile. Mexican gov. " Says child trafficking makes us big money. She was not liked. We own California and call it Mexico now! Fuck blacks! Fuck the wall, We call ourselves white.  " Mexico 🇲🇽 cartels may be working with NSA and Air Force with Lockheed Martin to kill everyone at the 53 Superbowl and blame Donald J. Trump! Most musical acts backed down because U.K. masons financed DEW space weapons to kill black footballers- White German NAZI and Portuguese or Latin elite hate blacks - to kill from the sky! 911 part 2. Reported at Hollywood this week . creepy times we live in and Germans and EU whites. Most are racists and killing blacks is a kkk tradition and they control the EU, UN and the media. Last month on TV. Hillary said " All blacks look the same to me!"

#12252018AD. 9:34 p.m. m.t. 🎄 some attempts on my life today by Masons. The types that believes their 3 year - old daughter is their second wife. Took care of it behind the scenes. Update much later on this.

Epstein/Clinton Foundation Employee Picked up on child abductions charges at Disneyland

. Jason Mikel picked up at a Disney Land resort trying to abduct a nine -year- old for rape-child sacrifice. Orlando, Florida. #01022019AD. 1:20 p.m. "Bill Clinton is my hero!" - Mikel.