Jesus Christ 3D


Sindone di Torino, Sacra Sindone, 3D χριστός ; < ˆ 5.916666666666666 f.t. = 1.9722222222222222 yrd.

IAM that IAM. ↕

My left eye, gold at the center with rays. Photo Sunday, December 9th , 2018 AD. -111w, 40n U.S. mountain time. IAM a real Judean.

Updated 007 dir. ⬆

German Donald J. Trump a rare Jewish Leader on Earth, attacked by The Devil minons are their Latonian Nazis Beasts that came up from Latin Spain and Portugal in 9th-11 cc., These non white Mexican Bavarian Hannover Rothschilds, Italian-latonian frogs that are not human.

small amounts of gold at the center ; Donald J. Trump's left eye.

A Judean Eye, & Scottish

always has some gold in the eyes. I too have this pattern and with blue- green eyes. Gold in my eyes is why IAM hunted by these NAZI reptilian and their hater crews. ⬇

Hex 42 00a0 इतिहास ? &   first two digits ; Gregorian Modern. AD

» Ba'albylon 666666

The Year of The Pig 🐖. $ creates the  religions and creates the governments. The puppetmaster. See below 5:55:14 sidereal time on fourth day of the Year of The 🐖, 02 09 2019AD.

The Map on I,Pet Goat II's wall

$ I, Pet Goat, II. [ Cr, W, W, Ti, elevated nano particles NATO Soulless operations ] Deformities of Goats by Thorium, barium, cesium, uranium, titanium on NATO military base of Sardinia. At 22 Minuets are photos of Deformed Goats that grazed within the bombing ranges, infected by Thorium which turns into a metal of 322 Uranium. After decay process the plutonium or uranium in harden tips of Missiles and of projectiles used by The Mexican Military and The French–Italian and the Mexican Latin church that control fake Israel depletes to a solid metal at the nano particle scale. This then causes human and animal containers ( bodies) to become deformed. The Police to the courts and Nato– Latonian – Italian soulless containers in seats of power are issued briefs to lie to the public at all times. This confirms Devil soulless containers are operating at the NATO and FakeIsrael levels. The plan is like in the I, Pet Goat II display that Bush Jr. and Barack Hussein Obama can become trans-human into Bats- soulless containers for Ba'albylon's trans human to animal purpose. Many Sheep hurdlers and towns people affected by down wind contamination and soil infection are threatened with their lives by NATO soulless demons to keep quiet or be destroyed. Many soldiers healthy died quickly of cancer being forced to pick up spent range shells, with their bare hands. I, Pet Goat II has pins on a map and one is the Oklahoma Murrah building [1], false flag operation to blow up 1,000,000s of Lawsuits of depleted uranium used on Iraq War I, soldiers and civilizations of all nationalities. This would have bankrupted the U.S. treasury which is really owned by Mexican Rockerfeller, Homo sexual Adam Bennett Schiff 's family [2] and the Mexican German fake– Israelite, the deranged Rothschilds and the Warburg Germanites.

[1] — April 19, 1995, outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, leaving 168 people dead and hundreds more injured.
[2] — A Foreign Federal German Reserve Agent: Representative, CA 29th District (2003–2013), Representative, CA 27th District (2001–2003).
[3] — Documentary: "How NATO Turned Sardinia Into A Radioactive Nightmare." Donald J. Trump wants to be against all NATO operations but the Mexican Military aka U.S. Military is against this as they worship Ba'al, a half animal transsexual trans-beast.
[4] — Chem–trails have been found with elevated levels of Deformities of Goats by Thorium, barium, cesium, uranium and titanium sprayed on western nations all over planet Earth. The reason why is soulless containers you think are human are not and this does not affect them. They are the Dragon Race of the Bible.
[5] The soulless containers that run — Chem–trails — — Mexican Rockerfeller, Homo sexual Adam Bennett Schiff 's family [2] and the Mexican German fake– Israelite, the deranged Rothschilds and the Warburg Germanites.

Highest 33rd. Degree Masonry

This is level 33rd. Degree masonry, all systems. Ba'al is God, not Lucifer- a mask; Promoted in print to hide The Truth of the soulless vampires!

$  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Publication date, 26 November 1865.

= 🐍 I, Pet Goat II publication date Summer Solstice, 2012AD  after some child sacrificeses. 6:51 of film time. 7:30 remainder credits.

Alice Liddell 2012 24th June, I, Pet Goat II.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (commonly shortened to Alice in Wonderland) is an 1865 novel written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was a confirmed Pediophile-Child abuser. Alice Liddell ( alleged daughters called victims, see 1950s top U.S/ U.K secret MK-Ultra files)  were his child sex slaves. Alice in Wonderland series is based upon his personal life-  a deluded recluse child abuser and his co-pedio- conspirators. Biography: He wrote "Alice Liddell inspired me to Write Alice in Wonderland. "

Alice is a placement word for pedophile culture, rampant in Academia in England. Edward Alexander Crowley the bisexual liberal stylized his name Alister as Alice to promote Ba'alism and as a wordynm - symbol for pro pedio culture.

Lilly is Alice Liddell and other victims of Dodgson, a Oxford mathematician and a practicing Warlock, under the name Lewis Carroll, in " I, Pet Goat II. " Written, edited, filmed and produced by Louis Lefebvre. He worked for many years in Hollywood , California's film industry where he got his information from to work on this seven minutes 3D animated short film. He releases the initial film on June 24th , 2012 because this is the high Ba'al Sacrifice Children's day in historic child-abuse seasons of the soulless vampires! 

Lefebvre [ who may be related to Dodgson changed names ] gives a few interviews where he claims Jesus is his central figure and theme and Jesus needs to stop being moral toward children and rape and sacrifice Children like all Masonic or Hollywood ba'alite on Earth. These Child abusers  are the good people on Earth  and The Church 's child protective laws are the problems on Earth. This is the gist of I, Pet Goat II: to accept child abuse as the central goal of homo sapiens' evolution. This theme is also highlighted in John, Revelations, The Bible. Only then does Louis Lefebvre and his Mason's argue Enlightenment can be achieved by All. The Bible contradicts I, Pet Goat II.

This is level 33rd. Degree masonry in today's actions!

This is the central theme of Qanon as well, appearing in the opening credits, where the rabbit- morphs into baphomet goat sticking out its head from hole in a box. Then the I, Pet Goat II title appears. You can see an upside down clear Q around the Hole, prior to Baphomet's appearance. Qanon is a psyop to luer anti-Child abusers to be tracked and eliminated.

L.C. on Masonic baby raper floor is a symbol of Lewis Carroll. Obama's foot has a Queen of England coin under his foot.  Charles Lutwidge Dodgson came from Latin lands to England, perhaps by way of Prussia. The coin is all the money made from child trafficking and media' s exploitation of all the world's Children.

Child trafficking, Disney or Nickalodian' ( Green Slime, Latin looking dude) are all Child Exploitation Industries that make huge revenue off of Children.

Who is the bloody Puppet Master of The Mason's or police authority societies: FBINSACIA ,MI5/6, GRU, German, CCP,Saudi Arabia,Mossad etc. ? Hint it is the Deevolution symbol: Devil. As code.

$ Ba'al is the Puppet Master who in history of The Bible grants wishes-witchcraft for Child Abuse-Child Sacrifice. Bush Jr. And Barack Hussein Obama both are shown as vampires. Ba'al worship in the Bible deals not only in Sacrifice or child abuse but also as cannibalism. These are conspiring theories in modern Masonry. King David blasted his son's perverted mannerisms. King Solomon a child rapist started the Modern Masonry rituals with some of his most desired mason builders- perv. Devils. This is why Israel fell after him, quickly. Solomon did not follow in his father's footsteps. He worshiped Ba'al and not Yahweh.

The White Rabbit is above Lilly-Alice, the twelve faceless figures are forgotten children behind barbed-wire or a crown of Thorns' motif. She drops the Apple because she is sacrificed to Ba'al. The Apple then roles over the Masonic Floor to L.C. Lewis Carroll. It is  stopped by Obama's foot, under his shoe and this is a coin to Queen Elizabeth 2nd,  it's Royal Authority. She was Hitler's sex toy and grew up in German Barvaria with him as her master. She is regarded as the richest person on Earth, by owning five Entire Countries. This secret code is called Five-Eyes.

The Apple splits open and the next sequence of scenes is America torn apart. This is the overwhelming guilt that Mason's feel in a constant duality we all have to suffer between non child abusers and their passions. Bhudda calls these desires. [Ωnost. Garden city]]. The hate toward the people of Love and respect is so horrendously loathed by The Baby-abusing raping cannibal Mason's that they are programmed by Ba'al  to annihilate the people of Love and righteousness with AI and Atheist Weapons of Mass Destruction, WMD. This fulfils the end of  Hegelian Dialectics.

The Mason baby abusers cannot function. In life without abuse and so they rather end most life on Earth too better manage their Garden of Youth: baby harvesting for abuse ritual and longevity= Vampires in real life.

The skull & bones Yale club 3/22 and the Mason Georgia Grindstones'' false doctrine of Reason intends Masons plan to reduce the Populations to 500,000,000 million people so that they can manage The Fountain of Ba'al rites!  The Vampires stole $500 Trillion from all governments in fake wars to build underground cities to which they plan to inhabit when their actions to create world-wide "thinning" begins. This describes 74% of the world's total populations living in poverty or substandard living. The Vampires stole it all from the masses with endless false world wars.

#02012019AD. ↖

3:05 pm #02022019AD. ↙ *T Love* is the letters backward on the hangman game ( chalkboard) parsed film- shot of Vampire Bush close-up. T often stands for Transhumanism. What a vampire wants to achieve. Bush turns into The Exorcist scene of Head spinning fully around, possessed by demons. It symbolizes the Masonic Owl, that can nearly turn its head backwards; the tether is this T Love scene and Vampire Bush  represents Ba'al where Bush's transhumanism becomes a reality . he is a Beast like his father, The Land Beast. Bible. 0.43-44. 0n 7:30 lenghth,  version. Official.

Oltn film shot.0.53 three 💕. 1.11 evol.  t.   n. 101. 🐟🐬🐌🐍 🐸🐊🐐🐵⚡🌊🌀🐾🐈🐆🐅🐯 [Note.] Alice Pleasance Hargreaves, née Liddell, was, in her childhood, an acquaintance and photography subject of Lewis Carroll. The real Alice sex toy was Alice Liddell who was the fourth child of Henry Liddell, the classical scholar, the dean of one of the colleges of Oxford. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was a mathematician who had tenure his whole life at Christ Church, Oxford. The Ph.D pedio problem today remains a legal ethical problem .

The sex toy was a slightly upturn nose girl, as near infancy. The later fake was a bump in the middle strait nose. See. Comparing photographs. However pediophile Charles Lutwidge Dodgson abused, raped and slaughtered more than one child. In his college tower he practiced witch craft and this remains a part of his official biography. However, what is not discussed. Was his penchant to photograph 1,000 s of prepubescent girls, the real first mass pedophile porn producer in modern times. I will not post the half naked child photos.

Another Alice Carroll [se]Xie by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson or his pedio crews.

Carroll Alexandra poses and copied by modern fashion magazines today. Anna-Lou "Annie" Leibovitz is an American portrait photographer that also took a bevy of children photos with old cameras and filters. The old ones have granularity associated to the pixelization of older cameras.

Worshipped by Clintons, Roberto Meuller, Hollywood, New York Advertisers-media. The bloodlines of Nero and Caligula- goes to Clintons [ Blythe-Collins] , Queen of England, German NAZI to bloodlines to Adolf Hitler and bloodlines to Joseph Caiaphas but not to King David.

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson like Bill Clinton is worshipped by Hollywood, the major corpo media , bankers, European royalty, Saudi royalty, Mossad royalty, fake name= Rockerfeller= Latonian Italian-German royalty and all cultures industry vampires , to name a few soulless groups.

— ————— ™ Dec2 Hx2 Oct002 → pub. 02042019AD 09:23 p.m. -111w,40n. M.T. United States of America

Green Slime: Nickelodeon is an American pay television network which was launched on December 1, 1977 as the first cable channel for children. Tattoo: Juanita & Clem was a recurring comic strip created by Craig Thompson in the "Comic Book" section of Nickelodeon Magazine.

- 01222019AD ⬇

😈 Qanon laughed at all Trump supporters "We are coming for you!" Jan. 2019AD.

💀 Qanon is 😈 a Psyop of CIA child Trafficking murder Inc.  💀 target the vulnerable for cannibals. The CIA buys $ millions of sub bot fake accounts to prop up likes on social media websites. Anywhere real people of GOD appear.

Qanon = Operation 'Cross Fire Hurricane'! Revealed by Mexican DNA Robert Meuller and Mexican DNA Rod Rosenstine that work for German Latino Rothschilds, Tavistock, Latonian Anti White racists and bigots.

Fountain of Youth


🐍  Fountain of Youth

⛲ of Human Child Blood

CFRs- FBI Bill and Hillary's New Age Movement. What is the Clinton Foundation? Why does James Comey sit at the head of its board members? Why does James Comey on Twitter call the poor and young people "The little people?"

" Young people could basically turn into walking blood bags for rich old people who want to live forever." Harvard and Stanford scientist elate!  There over 250,000 and sometimes 1,500,000 missing children each year, 99.5% never found!

A company called Ambrosia has about 100 customers who are paying $8,000 for a transfusion of young blood.
The scientific research is far from definitive.
Christina Farr| @chrissyfarr
Published 8:16 PM ET Wed, 31 May 2017
Updated 4:06 PM ET Wed, 14 June 2017

Cable CBS News.

😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈↔💀

Ambrosia. L.L.C. silicon valley, California & Fountain of Youth, Cali, Florida have 10,000s of customers. Prices range from $ 8,000 a pop to $ 350,000 a pop. "Young Children's blood produces a fountain of youth effect. "

🐍▶💀 Globalism No Boarders

This is why open boarders are such in need all over =. for The 🐍s. Collect the poor, vulnerable, the orphans , and live forever." Although you need to be rich to sustain your immortality. The poor or vulnerable have little to no institutional legal protections. In addition the working class cares little to nothing, unless it affects them personally. This allows the affluent to the lower econimic  working class to prey , eat, live: code word for global cannibalism society.

teenage blood to drink cbsnews

2017 California, Silicone Valley. Ambrosia the elixir of the gogs-GOOG!

Mythology sounds not too weird now that technologies have progressed. Child sacrifice to Ba'al or called Melek in the Bible is historically accurate and so are codes for ⛲ Fountains of Youth societies.

The Spanish explorer, Hernan Cortez did not just witness The 16th century  Aztec sacrifices other tribes captured prisoners to appease space god's or spirits; No! these elite drained , drank the blood and ate their "victims!" They were the later pervite - royalty clans of the Aztec civilizations. Sounds like today's CFR and today's Council of 300 members? 

"Ambrosia, the vampiric startup concerned, is run by a 32-year-old doctor called Jesse Karmazin, who bills $8,000 (£6,200) a pop for participation in what he has dubbed a “study”. So far, he has 600 clients, with a median age of 60. The blood is collected from local blood banks, then separated and combined – it takes multiple donors to make one package. (source). " [1·] circa 2017AD.

Early Modern Age 😈 Elizabeth Bathery who bathed in 650 -  1, 500 young girls blood ( court cases for over a decade, thousands of lawyers) ,and the  inspiration for Count Dracula, she was an open boarders vigilante . She killed most of the poor towns girls, in her own country,  draining their blood and thus ran advocacy by Royal decree to have endless open boarders offering welfare as a lure to notice her victims. Sounds familiar to 265 U.S sanctuary cities= #Babylonians #Reincarnated 😈

Studies from both Harvard and Stanford have indicated some positive results.

vampires ⛲ of youth

Dr. Karmazin, who plans to open a business selling young blood, says patients who’ve had it say they feel amazing, and he says he’s seen evidence of reversing the aging process in rats.

“Their brains are younger, their hearts. Their hair, if it was gray, it turns dark again,” he said. ( [1.]source). Ambrosia has some competition on the East Coast. A society gala in West Palm Beach, Florida took place last year to scare a bunch of 60-somethings into dropping some cash to take part an another “experiment” run by Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj. And by some cash, I mean up to $285,000 apiece.

Transhumanism Creates 🐍

Peter Thiel, the PayPal founder, who has expressed interest in having transfusions (Gawker even reported that he was spending $40,000 (£31,000) a quarter on regular transfusions from 18-year-olds). He, and various other thinkers who radiate out towards the death-evading “transhumanist” movement, are fascinated by “heterochronic parabiosis” – the sewing together of two animals in order to create a living chimera. ([1·]source).

Google’s parent company has invested heavily in its secretive anti-aging spinout, called Calico. A startup called Celularity last month raised $250 million to try the naked birth of officially sanctioned child trafficking supported by alleged “science”!

Peter Thiel targets non 🐍 transhumans, breaking every democratic code along the way. Comey and Bill Clinton love Thiel.

David Rockefeller had seven heart transplants. Where’d he get all those hearts? Bought ’em from China, which is why he praised them as " the little people."

by ME & cited, Credit to post. In full. following bio.

Daisy is a coffee-swigging, gun-toting, homeschooling blogger who writes about current events, preparedness, frugality, and the pursuit of liberty on her websites, The Organic Prepper and She is the author of 4 books and the co-founder of Preppers University, where she teaches intensive preparedness courses in a live online classroom setting. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, [before the cannibals eat her! ]


↩🐢 2019 , Jan. 23rd. 10:13 p.m.m.t. -111w, 40n.

The God that 99.9% Churches pray to in Western Civilization and In the Middle East is Ba'al.

Ba'albylon Agenda

Deadstate file. 

One illuminati in all of history ME. Others are mirrors, pretenders.

After this life actions by ME.

Targets:Ω. Reptilian hiding places. 

🎁 Pinebluff Australia, -25.268468, 113.777453 E ( all surrounding bases 🚇)
North of Allen Springs , mid. Aus. South of Alice Springs.
        Oakvallwycamp w/ 24° 23'04" S, 133° 56'04" E.

See 23°52'51"S,133°50'03'E. Underground reptilian bases. Targets. Mag/shift escape zones. Near Alice Springs Correctional Center. South is hidden pinebluff. ¤

🎁 Antarctica ID 9191. 

🎁 Antarctica 77°18'45"S, 166-167° 36' 23"

🎁 Antarctica Masson, 66° S, 96° E.

🎁 Norway, Longyearbyen.

🎁 🇳🇴 78.2358678 N, 15.491374 E.

🎁 Norway Operafjellet. , Narden Skijold Land National Park.

🎁 Calacali, Equador 00°00'00", 78°32'32 W

🎁 Equador Central Infantil Oruguitas Magicas, buildings 900 y. East.

↔↔↔↔↔ drag-ons.

🎁  Lee summit Missouri.

🎁 Denver, underground, all of it.

#01202019AD 10:22 p.m. m.t. -111w, 40n. Reported in pre Sumerian texts, and I, pet goat II. Also in Bible.






I, Pet Goat II. God's Judgements not elaborated upon, source code

Nostradamus first publishes his Les Propheties in the Year of 1555 A.D.

This is then copied as the 555 feet (Architectural) of the Washington D.C. Washington Monument.




Alice in Wonderland, Disney film, voice and model actress Kathryn Beaumont. She also played Wendy from Peter Pan.

Alice in Wonderland, Disney film, and Book is MK Ultra Classified , program society into Roman Italiano Latin Drug culture. Latin countries: only countries that produce Cocaine.

The Predator Adult Mad Hatter's attire. 10/6 = backwards 666.1

Alice in Wonderland, Book and copied by Disney film, The Witch Warlock backward 666 symbol represented in the Mad Hatter's attire. 10/6 = backwards 666.1. The Hats made in England in the 1850s were conditioned with Mercury; workers were often exposed and disease of Mercury creates an unbalanced nervous system. Many felt hat workers died prematurely. Back then no one understood the the disease affliction of working with Mercury and bare hands. The programming is an adult who has drugged a girl to then abuse her. Alice cannot escape, she is too young and a society of perverts run England. This perversion remains a lone single factor in the Puritans escaping Europe then to England and then to the New World. Europe in the Early Modern Age become infected by Spain, Italian and the Roman Latonian child and drug abuse cultures. The Perverted Cultures told these people, go somewhere else if you want to practice fealty to Jesus and the Ten Commandments. This is Ba'al's Continent. Thus the New World was the only option. Early on in Walt Disney's career The Italiano- Roman Latin race had been in California for 100 years or more and Italians flooded America in their own migrant excursions starting about 1890 A.D. They are not the Jews but are the Founders of Hollywood. It is only about post 1950s that the race color changes to Nordic and Germanic white influences. Hollywood is Still run by Rome, The Catholic Roman Pedio Church, the Italian Mafioso and the entire Latonian race we call Latino, today. Their culture drugs, Ba'alism ( Aztec practice this and intermixed DNA for 500 plus years), cocaine from the Incas, Peru discovered in 1540s by Italiano Roman Explorers, brought back to Europe which commenced the Child Sacrifice and abuse cultures that spurred on Revolutions and migrations to different continents to escape the evils of the soulless child abusers. Many western White Germanic and others became influenced and hooked on Drug and Child abuse cultures.It even affected and infected the Churches, both Protestant and Dogmatic western Catholic. The Coptic and Orthodox stirred away and sided toward the East of Planet Earth. They become more family oriented, but by no means safe from the evil scourge of immigration of Italian Latonian cultures. Disney and Hollywood were and still are built upon Cocaine use and heavy addiction.

Psychotic Defective Drug Cultures of 1850s England. The British Empire run by Women and Perverted Drugged out Men.

In the Book, Alice eats a Mushroom . It was already known since prior to the Crusades 1080s A.D. of the mind altering properties of fungi on weather exposed cereals. called Ergot. A Mushroom: A psilocybin mushroom is one of a polyphyletic group of fungi that contain any of various psychedelic compounds, including psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin. Common, colloquial terms for psilocybin mushrooms include psychedelic mushrooms, magic mushrooms, shrooms, and mush. Tea has caffeine and Arab seafarer traders also brought coffee up from Burma, next to India during the British Expansion into the East Indies. You can see parts of the book where over hyper activity is associated to these 'stimulants.' The U.S.A. military countered with high potent caffeine 'Bennies" pills to Hitler's Methamphetamine pills to which created the fast moving Blitzkrieg into Poland but later caused solders to fall asleep or go nuts and start punching out bushes and rocks, as the drug does great damage to the brain over time. Mushroom in Alice and Wonderland: ' London's Green Park, first majic Mushroom discovered by Everard Brande on 3 October 1799 described by L. Carroll as the "Golden Key"! ' In I, Pet Goat II, Alice- Lilly { Liddell} is encircled by a Golden Circle, a Key reference to A psilocybin mushroom used in child and adult abuse. Daily Grail online , accessed 3:30 p.m. mt 02072019AD . Also, Hurd Rusby (1855-1940): in the 1850s and 60s, Spruce traveled the Amazon basin and brought back samples and stories of hallucinogenic subjects, for whom peyote or mescaline. This again was a period called the British Empire, and journeys all over Earth were a key aspect subject of British Expansion.


Disney 10/6= 666.1 backwards. God. Alice in Pedioland. Old man googling a young drugged out little girl.

Hangman symbol is "R" evolution.

In year of 🐕, WU, we locked up Qanon. He was gone outed. A Fake. By mid December 2018AD. A Psyop. 'Drag-on sissy transhumanism Military outed as Gog , ' because it is full of Latin-Italian German-Romanites, Anti -King David, Anti-Jesus of Nazareth. It worships Ba'al, Moleck, the Evil Idol king of Fakeisrael. 

#02072019AD 09:11 p.m. m.t ↖ 555

Puppeteer ID s $ I,Pet Goat II.

Year of The Pig. 2019, February 5th worldwide,  Element Water. IDs.  On right index finger, covered in blood is a 🐖 soaked in blood. Source:  HalaKhah, Talmud, Nehemiah 7: 46 , Ba'al. Sheveh kessef: The ring belongs to The Groom. The Puppet master, Sea Beast weded  to The Rothschilds and Rome. Right Index Finger is betrothed or weeded in Ba'al culture. Talmud, and not a Part of The Bible.

Hillary Clinton was born in the Year of The Pig. FBI files have her as whore - blood soaked witch. Other sources are old employees of The Clinton at Arkansas. This is known to Angels Jolie ( bloodline related) and others of Hellywood, Kali Fornication. Aka as Hollywood , California. The first mega Hollywood and Highland corner in Hollywood a huge Ba'al set of Babylon was constructed, artifacts buried below rather than diguarded.

This intends Bush jr. And Barack Hussein Obama  are controlled by the puppeteer by some  blood soaked hands and another ring is of a serpent money sign-symol and is on the left hand ring finger. Money is control as explained above and is a form of idol worship. Thus it's connections to Ba'albylon!

  An interpretation ? Hillary Clinton is the wife of the blood soaked puppeteer in I, Pet Goat II. 

Chinese animal wheel is based on Jupiter sidereal ( real location )  but commences on the first New Moon between January and February. The next 🐖 is The Metal element 2031AD. The opening of I, Pet Goat II takes place in The Year of The 🐕, 2018. Where the rabbit - to - Goat is locked behind barbed wire and is trapped inside of a 📦 with a bar-code on the head- a symbol that people are mere monetary products! 

backdrop:  The Start of The Offical Sequence of Armageddon commenced on March 1-5 th of 2018AD. The WU year as seen as a dog is on a leash drawn on the box 📦.

02092019AD sidereal time 5:55:14, 21:03 or 09:03 p.m. m.t. -111w, 40n

Two Assyrian invasions, from the north, 734AD and 710AD

🍎 I, Pet Goat II : Rediscovering Apple's 1987 Identity Guidelines May 28, 2018 ARUN Link by Arun Venkatesan. history. Steve Jobs was ousted by Appple when the design was made. See more at website.

Old Testament:  Assyria. Steve Jobs came from Homs, Syria = Apple – Lilly – Lotus. However, Lefebvre calls it a Lilly flower. The apple symbol – and the Apple computers logo – symbolizes … myth, Eve is tempted to eat forbidden fruit from a tree in the Garden of Eden. In I, Pet Gaot II, Lilly– Liddel – Eve drops the Apple instead of taking a bite. This confirms Evolution.

Homs, previously known as Emesa or Emisa, is a city in western Syria and the capital of the Homs Governorate. It is 501 metres above sea level and is located 162 kilometres north of Damascus. Located on the Orontes River.

Ezekiel 38, and Isaiah 10-11, 17, speak of history repeating itself as with an invasion of Israel, the second invasion stopped just outside of Jerusalem. The Lotus is pink and the Ottoman Empire specialized in genetic flower-color growing in the age of 🌷 Tulips, 17th century ( 2000 years anniversary of the two Assyrian invasions of Israel, plus secret astreology codes to advanced for the populations on earth to comprehend!). Lotus- Lilly color: This describes the unnatural pink color. Egyptian ISIS cults associated a lotus to her cult: Death and Rebirth. 

America as Dragon ,DNA dominant  as Roman Latonian and is Gog. 🇮🇹 and 🇪🇸, 🇲🇽, Latin 🇺🇸.

Ezekiel 38, and Isaiah 10-11, 17, speak of history repeating itself. Two Assyrian invasions, from the north, 734AD and 710AD  called Magog, modern day Turkey. Back in those days an Idol leader of Israel displeased God, so The Lord sided with Assyria. Why? Sacrifices in Israel were to Molech (mason symbol of  owl). A Wicked Israel leader. This happens before Jesus returns?

Puppeteer Symbolism Blood Ring Finger 🐖

Pig on ring finger. Left hand . $, Ba'al blood. Pig is 2019 or plus 12 yt?. The year 2019 is the Year of Earth Pig starting from Feb.5, 2019 (Chinese Lunar Near Year) and lasting to Jan. 24, 2020. Pigs are in Ben Ming Nian (zodiac year of birth) . Puppeteer handles Bush jr. And Obama.

🐵🐵🐵 Italiano-Latin Mexican Gem -mine and Ba'al  mystic killed 600 girls after raping and selling their babies to Hollywood Vampires,  US and Europe for $20,000. – $40,000 a piece.  Multi billionaire Oprah Winfrey highlighted him on Oxygen TV US as a faith healer, praising him for his treatment of young women. The slave sacrifices were held in gem- mines. Dec 2018, 10 women and John of Ba'al 's own daughter told the story to a Brazilian TV. Station. Then  Ex and MI5 British -US military Mossad then caused another suicide of one of the women that outed the CIA child trafficking network, at 🇧🇷;

The US military is 100% Italian Rome Latin controlled since 1900s AD. Also, Mossad, Israelfake = they are Italian Mexican DNA, not Jews -- they worship "John of God" as Italian Mexican dna Brazilian that defined himself sharing DNA with Mossad. The same soulless animals, called Beasts. FBI, CIA were furious as this is a funding channel and love of Romantic child abuse.

Italian-Latino  Globalist child sacrifice farms worshipped by Oprah Winfrey and Mossad and U.S. Drag-on Military and most of its soulless populations. 

#02072019AD 09:11 p.m. m.t. -111w, 40n. X


The Devil is a NAZI. The German Pagan Deception!

Sephardic Israelites interbreed with pagan Gogites! They created the atheist DNA Ashkenazi! #fakeJews . This did not create the Judean race as The Internet controllers say on their rigged systems!

Ashkenazim begins in the 10-11th c.c. AD, at northern 🇫🇷 France , southern Prussia ( today's 🇩🇪 Germany  and lower Poland 🇵🇱 ; And not of the twelve tribes of The Bible!  . They are not of the tribe of Judah. They are pagan germanite, visigoths (dragonites) -  former Ayran nomads from the northern regions of Gog and MaGog that previously had migrated to Iberia during the Phoenician periods and onto Ca'annon, philistine. They lived  way-  way above the kingdom of Judah. They practiced witchcraft, cannibalism and were pagan. Just like modern Germans today, leftwing pedo, cannibal kooks, atheist Karl Marx acolytes! The New Godless Order!

Godless Rothschilds are their demonic masters. Why?  Judeans have gold in their eyes do not attack Scotts! The Special Council headed by NAZI Himmler' s. son, and lead lawyer Robert Swan Meuller are paganite, #fakechristians. The entire pagan Germanite Internet attacks Scottish Donald J. Trump too, a Christian Judean, to which these Germans call Donald a NAZI. This is the Great Deception described in the Book of Revelation.










Alice Carroll the Prett[y].; photo by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. LC in I, Pet Goat II.































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