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updated 99% of this website now locked down will remain non accessible to the public. 2:04 p.m. P.D.T. #04122018AD.

NASA need you to eventually flesh out Draconic Signatures at the Vega system. #space When  I get free from these control system currently now I ‘ll seed LS and DNA  codenic strings and signatures.
#IAM 11:26 a.m. PDT Los Angeles

temp front page at new folders, 99% of other former pages non public now. SFVMHC pages gone and infor with it. Court has pages, I got a copy. ALl false charges, Ownder did not read LOF page, which had a reference to him and it, and there are now threats tied to it. Walked 5 feet away from Hillary CLinton who knows I often go to this park, she had ZERO Secret Service with her, just three perhaps orphan latin, yes immigrants walking them, perhaps getting them to a barbeque party, near where some of my Christians feed us on this Sunday. SFVMHC, Friday the 13 th, She knows and has been inside of this LOF page for years; She has read it and this owner of SFVMHC never approched me about this which he too had known for months. There are no laws for this stuff, all were false charges by this and a few other chumps and chumpets. So I got a threat of five years for lies by this chump. I never want to go near this place again. They are all liars, I was told false info on my exit and called for days and days and begging for contact on voicemail to theiroffices and never a call or a return. That was a SES FBI James Comey take down . There is something very very evil there at SFVMHC. very Evil. The paper given to me only after Court, after being released and just then exiting the jail. Has only free speech and a bio, and that LOF of this 35 year co founder of SFVMHC. No 'criminal threats' were in these pages. SES was on scene managing behind Vega, two cops processing exchanges between Vega and LAPD. SES is cutting off communications, claiming 'here he goes with that Jesus thing.' People I hunt real inhamoniod demons. Some inside, no names were attacking me. I blamed this dude, my concerns spoken to him in private , all fell of deaf ears. I always was trying to ask the State if I could move locations, but keep being denied by local to State medical laws addressing us suppressed. These fools track me and my family because of who were are for our entire lives. They know the stakes. But that SFVMHC take down to destroy me was waaaaaauy out of line.


Now I have to go back to work, things I do not get paid for because if I get a job, these SES Baby Rapers, ,by the millions threaten employers behind my back with their expert global managing skills and I get tossed, never fired.  SO IAM on this day, Friday the 13 th Islamic special days of Good people  who are the best warriors on Earth, a James Comey writ lashing and  expose a REAL HIGHER LOYALTY.

11: 47 p.m. #04132018D #IAM


wow, massive cars surveillance. 10:23 pm same night. . The dead are out in the streets of The City of Fallen Angels, eh? AZ SES untouchable but for their human victums. WWWWOOOOW. SES control police, court sand politicans for the human flesh eaters. WOW. RapeChild bankvamps

12:52: 04112018AD OK a major portion of website is now restricted as well. Archives and history. Temp file for previous page here. doing personal life stuff. Cannot do this crap any longer.

Everytime I connect I hear an illuminti slave honk, because they lift— live and push to CA at UK to RAPE Mi5: Just tracking now, last 48 hours, , better than harrassment though :) posted yesterday #04112018AD


When did National Public Radio turn into National Pedio Radio? Today perhaps a Rothschild or Clinton spokes women interviewed for 30 minutes said that John Podesta ‘s Email was a Russian hack and made up lies and to ignore this but we do not have any evidence. But this spokes person also informed us of a need to invade Russia, do not know why? My thoughts is that there are more ATTRACTIVE Noodles and cheese, which makes the Beast Roar! 10:33 pm pdt #04122018AD. Bawhahahaha!

Is William Powers actually Prince William pimping for Rothschild Illuminati members on Google Plus? You know windor cabbages are training him like a dog to go out and be the World's Antichrist, however, unlike fake Britain, our Team USA has real demons, that fulfill the Book of Revelations. We do not do fakie , fakie, we are for REAL. 10:36 p.m. PDT #04122018AD.


I live in California.

Some 8 or 9 California Cities have opted out of SB54 Sanctuary City Laws. #04122018AD major news sources today. ears still ringing. These cannibals fillet children's faces and put them onto themselves, videos are old now and not allowed to be made public. These fools are running our World. Sixkos.

Holy Bible: Rev. 16.9: And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory. Coming sooner than later, all. Imagine the Earth as a piece of Toast, you are the backed jellies on top. #LOLS.


GOP Lawmaker has an attraction problem to his disease.

RAPECHILD —CNN BRCaliphate Tries to twist the facts and says they are not coming because of this or that, because they are trafficed or caught prior. These are CNN and Bushes buddies, and Hillary Clintons' close friend. they are all on the same team. They are mad because a new STOP PEDIO GOP DNC WALL is drying up their cannibal and child torture economy.
These cheezers or noodle addicts are insane and all over earth and many in seats of Power. WOW to you of Earth and Sea... that attractive quote is unconscious and sensitive desires of his own demon in his body. 9:455 p.m. LA PDT maybe Palo alto hotels' plumage are seeing more cleaner or clear water lately ? #DINO = #RINO = DEVIL

GOP lawmaker: 'A lot of the attractive children are not making it to the border'


Fake News ABOVE BY CNN ON REASON, GOP rep. Carter blesses Paul Ryan’s leaving, and Ryan is in BIG TIME with this cabbage global outfit. So this is CNN twisting the facts. They are mad that there are not enough attractive children coming, because Trump is building a Period NO Passage WALL.



AZ crews

Sure are a bunch of AZ’s out there. Their  team hit jimmy’s van, then hit mine under the bridge, where previously the Whore of Babylon pointed me out to her Florida assassins, Latin type, a voodoo doll with pins. You know, spotters and recorders from every spot and such a target only indicates I Took on the correct topic of Sin. Forbidden Fruit.  McCain’s district is AZ and you have captured some of my ebes and clone down  there. Or are these AZs. Just some more of these cannibal clubs. ?  Vids made Large City Cops that view these torture of cheese 4-5 year old pizzas, skinned alive and pizza put on their faces to then dance and sing, coked out, drunken, out of their  friggin minds, demons possessing their  bodies— made them physically sick. . They are from the bottom of social classes all the way to  the top celebrities and world leaders and all in between. All over the place . Athiest do not believe in ME, and thus see humans as mere flesh packs, no civil rights and  they have no problem existing in hypocrisy at ALL TIMES . 9:04 pdt

Cabbage Baby Raper blows ear drums out at Los Angeles Library. Thurs. 2018 Apr. 12 th. Then Runs.

This frilled harried semi white, taller than 5.9  at the Library just blew off a loud hand held horn, compression. On cellphone, ran out, said MY BAD and I followed jumped in car. At time of blast sound, Looked up and beytoch was staring at ME. 7RHV637 cal. silver, coup like. List. Plate.  On my website I complain about loud noises and these  baby rapers do stunts like this working for FBI CIA Child Traffickers. My life is so bizzare.  This SC lib. Was made to be noise lifting acoustic. Looked like co called deceased Amschel mayor james Rothschild, with hair wind whipped out 04122018ad or a Paris Hilton’s Rothschild hubby— but his midsection, Paris's hubby is much wider, so not him. It just looked like these types of cabbages in our media and already outed as convicted Sex offenders. . People are cloned and retarded #lolz I See Deep State tracking me , driving by me everywhere I go because  they do not work, just rape and abduct children and search to destroy those that battle them. They serch to date children this age. and or more likeley eat them alive.

I think this is the same Child— Jackoff that comes to where I sleep to get on  his cell phone, a mask to stay and put his car lights on me and jack off like Comey’s FBI Demands his Rothschild illuminati slaves do as standard MK— FIB —Ultra protocol; then continually practiced out in the field. No proof he has any connection to any gov or secret society, but these creepos are all over planet Earth. Everyone, including staff got their ears blown and or violent ringing, and over few hours, the ringing still has not gone away. update 9: 12 p.m. still ringing. wow. We need laws ( police do not respond) to take creatures like this out. Tackle him and give him some RESPECTING.  But liberal baby rapers made legislation to not speak not act, and submit too social torture by their inhuman child abusers they all protect and let go from Jail and all celebrate LORD RAPE DOM. People these weirdo child abusers read my or have read my site, know my position and thus attack me even if paid —off poor cabbages, who are addicted themselves to hurting other humans as science as shown recently as a bad behavior in libtards' brains'. This was an attack by all these weirdos.


FBI : never contacted them; they are to me a foreign military inside of the USA, with untouchable powers; never did anything for me but throw their myriad of assassins at me, Missed. beyotches!

New books points out These FBI Comeys  are a huge Ryan Seacrest fanfamily. A Higher Loyalty [ to Holly wood cabbages, never GOD or the People of Earth!] LOLS. Source is Book via news blurps by Yahoo, as a headline. Comey is a big big Celebrity now. It is he and Trump that have all of their quibble 'issues.' I still think he sees ME as a weasel, a part of the small people. He is a giant; tall and old now. . #lolz We are just bug spats to these giants. #code Pent language.

Space: Tess ‘s Orbit will be 13.7 days. a brown dwarf hunter! 1:04 04122018AD.

Thursday: Hillary’s suggestion to leave State Dept. long timers in  the Federal Agency is a WIN.  Experience matters!


Baha'ullah:  Saint Louis Nuke fallout still giving Entire US City the Aches and pains of constant nuclear radiation poisoning.

BAWAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHASHHAHHAHH Saint Louisans dying as Congress concentrates on Porn stars and some mysterious Russian Hacker for three years! Country totally gone. Cabbages rule the Roost!

here in Saint Louis we are still dealing with the radioactive waste left over from the Manhattan Project . It is located near Boeing in North county Saint Louis . The waste has been leaking in to Cold Water creek for decades.[ anon poster explains Governments Nuke us all day for decades. They do not care , they care only for some Globalist Bank Agenda in some foreign  land?

Gov says we need to concentrate on our multiple platform Russian Investigation, we do not have time to address your Nuclear fall out issues and your dying deaths!

Globalists means AntiAmerica as all countries are inherently NATIONALIST or Tribalist. Globalists fantasies of a body of rules . perhaps diverse culturally too, which may not be a part of the land they occupy, currently. They fight against nationalists to pay interest into this fantasy of a one world bank & a another fantasy that some world dictator or some Space Alien will solve their lazy ass, lazy butt welfare “ Desired” lifestyles’. No matter how much you hate politicians, they get off their asses and work hard to pay you your couch potatoes lifestyles .

DARPA is our advanced future theoretical weapons system for defense purposes, Agency. They love to stay hidden because they do things, perhaps, non-ethical but always involves real science. Hopefully for the betterment of the human species. But they are also ‘testing’ these new weapons and bio weaponry is the new fad and I believe they are testing a new system on Mark Zuckerberg to see if they can turn a once undergrad accepted Harvard student into a full blown mindless Cabbage?  This is Congressional Epic Comedy. As far as I AM concerned things are going well.


CEO OF FACEBOOK at Capitol Hill, SENATE:  Can't Name ONE Leftist FB Page Ever Blocked — But Pro America Are "Unsafe"! Win for the Globalists.

Bawahahahahhahahahhhahhahhahhahahah! Facebook contributes to dozens of top Political parties, and other members of Congress. It is a mafioso rigged system of ghoubalists! Win for TEAM ANTI AMERICA!

In defense: The only thing worse than Zuckerberg running a corporation on the  internet is the U.S. Government running the internet via the FCC.

Look, Article 10. sec 1 US const. It is illegal to have a state try to break away when it is a coastal state and has a main sea to Port = San Fran. thus these movements to succeed are illegal. #California chiming in, here. it is called Federal Trade Acts. It is also illegal to have a sanctuary state policy too due to port access as a vulnerability point in any State for Security Purposes.. The first sanctuary city in US history is Los Angeles, my town, 1979AD. #IAM

Obama Stunned! Illinois State Senate Just made History and USA Proud! Breaking!

Libtard Progress USA darwin fail: Whoops Forgot there was a Equal Rights Amendment. WOW. pass the meth, dude = Illinois people in general. LOLZ>

After 33 years or more Illinois State Senate just figured out there is a Equal Rights Amendment, they forgot to accept it until today. LOLZ. America is gone, totally nutzoid. “Illinois State Senate just voted 43-12 in favor of the resolution to adopt the Equal Rights Amendment.”

Best time for Me in USA is post 1975 to 1983. Awesome USA. Today a tyrannical untouchable oligarchy of the worst generation going> Bible source. This is indeed of the worst generationals. Bible often uses a base 40 system for biological generations.



I LIVED HERE age 16 years old, a boys home, at San Dimas, CA. Carter Baines McDonald









Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars +


Russia Video of Re opening the Christian Russian Church after 100 year of atheist misadventures

Putin speaks on the messages of The Bible. Win. Western leaders swear fealty to Atheist and call for attendance at Churches of Satan. World Gone INSANE. USA always  wants to attack GOD’s lands. Period , end of Story. post Youtube 10 mins starts




ALLAH or IAMTHATIAM or The LORD. Same person. Not different.

Lord Evelyn Rothschild ≡ Hyjacked the position of GOD.





Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Muhammad was on of my reincarnations.

CNN and NPR and ESPN rating tank 25% in the last quarter due IMO  to fake news promotion.  They lost trust with their audience promoting nonsense over two full years now in regards to Russians or some influence that put the NON Voted potus by Bilderbergers rejection into the White House, the Holy Temple. Newsbusters.





Rape Child’ new cannibal earth plan

wrong half of earth is for cannibal  harvesting by these reptilian RapeChild. Slaves live on other side. NWBRCaliphateOrder. 5 G to slowly kill humans as planned. Rapers and cannibals on the other side of earth, they plan. A part, not all of the Depopulation Agenda.

. 04112018AD.

! Epic steal.

RapeChild tech and Google GOG Murder inc. have a plan to show all the different cultural gods to unify religion by some light beams in the clouds. Interesting how they are going to show my reincarnations and not understand I rebirth in white white dna in every culture for the time on Earth. Matters not the culure. Turkey's think —tank for this are cabbages and changers of religoius texts to fit their baby abuse lifestles. . They are trying to set up a GOG bible location. I guess, ask them. Or William of Cametolate is groomed for The #AntiChrist position by these Rapechilds too, even though that is not in the Bible. LOLS> cabbages these windsor and rapechilds, eh? This is why I AM so famous in history. I Just hyjacked London for USA for the Win. even though USA has bad people, like Beast 1, Beast 2, False Prophet, Whore of Babylon, these are all in Revelations and also all are Americans. Period. UK has nothing. USA FIRST for the win. ! Epic steal. Yeah baby. 9:32 pm pdt. And USA has GOD.too lolz. Full Deck! London has ZERO/ hha ha ha ha ahhhahaaa ha . Money does not control everything rapechild! 04112018AD.#Notoriety.


You do not mess with people from Cal, RapeChild. ! Go ask Hillary what that means, she will tell you privately. code: Malta to ben Ghazhi


BAWAHAHAHAA Saint Louisianans dying as Congress concentrates on Porn stars and some mysterious Russian Hacker for three years!


Saint Louis experiencing nuclear fall out in water and dirt, NO ONE CARES

BAWAHAHAHAA Saint Louisans dying as Congress concentrates on Porn stars and some mysterious Russian Hacker for three years! Country totally gone. Cabbages rule the Roost!

Saint Louis we are still dealing with the radioactive waste left over from the Manhattan Project . It is located near Boeing in North county Saint Louis . The waste has been leaking in to Cold Water creek for decades

Gov says we need to concentrate on our multiple platform Russian Investigation, we do not have time to address your Nuclear fall out issues and your dying deaths!.

SFVMHC patrons that targeted me silently. You cannot get access no longer. You all seemed like a foreign occupying body of Anti Americans to me, personally. I have no need for you any longer. I do not forgive either. See Jer. Old Test. Bible, Times Up. I came out 23 Sept 2017, cut you off and pulled my protection from all of the U.S.A. just prior to my trumped up charges and false charges,  and you all read it and never asked me anything and then did your antiAmerican military stuff targeting.

5:33 p.m. P.D.T. #04122018AD.

Space Gallaxy Science

more in off site on specifics. Blue blasters. Novea pushers of large rocks

and we found out skeleton stars can or were blown out of their home galaxy and two billion year slater, or faster with time travel, they arrive at another location, another galaxy.




 animate adobe old file bookoflife bol files

US Berkeley Undergrad Card of Carter Baines McDonald, used Michael J McDonald since I was 16 years of age.


written 04072018 archived to secure location 04082018AD. IAM that IAM


top university on planet earth according to dept , inside secret spaces. all call this the new Alexandria/ word 3.57 upon laser damage and outting. I said to grad gate keeper, I believe in GOD ( did not tell them it was me) they sabotaged, as they are program to take out God's people and put in robot baby rapers because  Rothschild took it over in 2009, BP, documented by me on campus too, students were very very upset. crowds not seen since the Free Speech movement on lower and upper Sproul. MJM updated and found card today. 04092018ad












United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald. Filed temp place but first download 11:33 am pdt SheO, CA. 04 13 2018SD.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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