Book Of Life

αω Bible †

ό αρχάγγελος



Barack Hussein Obama ii, Kenya near Mombasa Hospital 1961, 39e40,04s03, Time 7:24 p.m. L.M.T.,Univ.Time 16:24, Sid. Time 15:54:38, Second Death , sD loaded here 10:05 p.m. L.M.T.

My Whole life I believe This to be true on Citizens vs. Foreigners. : California gives Foreigners citizenship the first day and a never–get fired job two weeks later and asks them to beat up and harass #White. It is standard Pelosi and Jerry Brown policy. IMO .I do not like Reagan to Obama, these people were evil beyond recognition. They personally never cared about me, so FUCK THEM TO HELL‡


Not one minuet of rest form these Helio copters and Airport Commercial and Freighter Jumbo Jets, flying 250 ft above the house and shaking it, more than 60 times a day. No wonder Sandra nor Richard have any hearing left and scream all the time. It is body torture.


Abū Ma‘šar’s
Zarādušt, Ğāmāsb, Māshā’allāh ibn Athari, Kankah al-Hindī,  ‘Umar ibn al-Farruhān, Sahl ibn Bišr, al-Kindī, an-Nayrīzī, al-Battānī, Ibn Kibriyā’, an-Nawbahtī, as-Siğzī, Ibn Magur, Ibn Abi r-Rigal, and Muhyī d-Dīn al Maġribī. Abū  Ma‘šar

Ibid., Ma‘šar,  “On Historical Astrology...”, preface, p.xi.



Watching San Fernando Upper Division Council full of semites, latin, Spanish, Armenian, arab and mixed African. They are competent too.  WASA German was trying to get out of a plant tree agreement with the city, he builds houses, his third in Glendale  or Sun Valley area. And he pulled a protected forestry service review for the property, just a lot, but an endangered oak tree, but split already damaged ; thus a  tree before filing and getting the property through city approved design. It  was embarrassing. He was stumbling and the council was listening and asking their questions, they by policy do not answer form the audience, I agree.  He had to pay for the pull out of the tree, $18,000 for design approvals and plant four new oak trees which will cost him more 1,000s.  But after over five minuets, time periods\ are based upon that limit, he was stumbling through excuses to try to get around he did something wrong.  Cable tv/  Now watching Blue Grass, love guitar and also in general music. My dad did not like music. Interesting, my grand father loved music too.


2050AD my #Islam will take all of Israel, OK. do not worry we will get it done for you. #Arcmichael #06232017AD . Judeans still around, just demoted for over a millennia and a half. #bookoflife

My ACT/SAT score ( lowest 10% lols, for a street suppressed, good for me)  got me into Harvard, but eastern schools have been compromised. They did not like my accept– me letter. Should have said,“ Eat humans, rape children” and presto, I would be in the first groups at the acceptance line, eh? US is long gone folks. Harvard gave us Bush, Jr. and Barack Obama; both are smarter than Bush sr., Bill Clinton or even Hillary Clinton. but not I. Albert Einstein had his mercury near verrnalis piscupus (Fish constellation: a star that is on our current Vernal Equinox for us northern Hemesphereans’   but not  near to  the MC.  As I and I have a NON conflicted Mercury and a spiritual one being next to my Marduke.


Hillary Clinton at her alma mater speech post the insurrection election loss had claimed  Richard Nixon was impeached and so soon will be Donald Trump. First, Richard M. Nixon stepped down and was not impeached; and second her own husband was the first Impeached POTUS in a very very long time or ever and ever, #amen. so she is confused and claims she drinks chardonnay after the election loss.— Host of ABC Stephanie Ramos.

( source is ABC News video) Washpo ABC also posted Hillary is sitting next to the #antiChrist and the US mitliary complex controllers. Goerge Bush and Laura Bush (ABCNews video and story)

#hotmess #IAM bringing #FIRE this time G+ LINK

Giz āh Multi dimensionalize timeframes and events of our collective world histories

What do you bring to a Liberal Top business Meeting, on politics, economics, military or educational?
∃ → bring Tonka toys, #playdough (tm) and that new BunHair #kenmetrosexual #mattel. speak to liberal arts majors on their level :) #WIN they nearly own all the power positions on Earth. Armageddon is assured :) #MABUSMAINFRAME on the matrix codexdnafirstset level. #arcmichael





Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣🚫asssin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars + Islam' |


Constant Jetnoise and heliocopters my ears hurt and ring wore than a AN/DC Concert. 9:21 p.m. PST #noho

Pod J = 0° 12' 13" sec MardukSol at Scalar Biblical standard plug–in. Codex. I begin a reing of terrror from your viewpoint, not our World!. Now and 2023 wowwy.

9:26 p.m. for birth place { town} true arc is approching vernalis piscupus and Pod J Urn is at the ante–dark rift. A small time killer.

GHWBUSH got with John Podesta Jupiter in Dark Rift ( evil government underground river of filthy darkclouds) and on the opposite side is a lunar node just post Projected Elliptical Degree PE to alpha Orionis. CODEX Operation light Script..5δ shift . Chart looks like they are very close or know about each other , very well. Bush , now and still enjoys The US Military Complex controller. Not for long. We have death scripts on him for many too august. My guys saw this for decades. I AM Checking the data to get back to you. It involves Asia, U.S. Paris, Nuke and a diplomate slaughter. Stop praying to me guys, in all my religions, Israeli, Christian and Islam. So cut it out! OK? You are trying to assassinate me, not love me ?

I AM Live (;30 p.m. L.M.T. Noho 844 N. Kemp st. Burbank). All the spooks know it ! So what is mine then? ID's the Killer Milcom, both sides.

Sanders for bank fraud? CBSnews. ?

Obama administration. It was wildly incompetent because it was staffed by wildly incompetent people. —Flopping Aces.

Murder Inc. Controller John Podesta to meet only behind close doors. A rigged system. WashingtonDC.

June 1 st #Beast team goes to Television to blame social media and fakenews on 1 st of June 2017 A.D. and then my assassination day begin. see above links, and other secret places.


posted: June 1 st #Beast team goes to Television to blame social media and fakenews on 1 st of June 2017 A.D. and then my assassination days begin. hummmm. The CABBAGE PODESTAs have been marked by sigs for #militarycomplex murderers and potential #911 operators as well as the unknown Killing Clinton machine. (Comey, Brennan, Meuller, Obama just a folio), Bill Clinton and of course Milcom director #BUSH team Land Beast and Sea Beast = #Bible. #apok. these are the top people I Have fleshed out. Bullet frags still in my head.

#bookoflife #arcmichael they got me surrounded by I am safe in the house at this moment. People inside here also want me dead because they understood the rich could steal from the poor and socially get away with it. Until they met me.

John Podesta linked to 911 operations breaking this is seth rich killed by Deep State and upon orders of Murder Inc. Section of the Democratics killing a bernie sanders supporter.

Senate begins to relook at Loretta Lynch's roll in covering up the Illegal Servers scandalize of Hillary Clinton— ABC news.

A bipartisan group of Senate Judiciary Committee leaders is examining former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s alleged interference in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. ABC news intro : 70 times Loretta Lynch took the fifth  to cover up and put Hillary into POTUS; so she is a player for the AntiChrist and Beast teams.

FOIA: Obama Records: JW: Susan Rice Unmasking Documents at the Obama Presidential Library; and these has the scandal documents which means it is not in the national archives. Including Benghazi , Libya. Where Susan Rice lied to the U. N. and to the American people. Why The Obama admin made Libya made a mess. In 2014 a FOIA filed by JW for the U.S. State Dept. We found no Hillary Clinton records and she had no email. So No records and Hillary Claimed she used email and had a bunch of phones and accounts. She later took a hammer to these devices. So No records. So New York times picked up on JW request and findings of no email records for Hillary at the State Dept. Whooops. She had a private server was the reality.

A New Lawsuit on Obama’s Travel Costs? CBO says 450,000,000 as us the end of 2013 A.D.

So as FBI Director James Comey goes to Congress to testify and says I cannot disquss these secret files but these are what I have; and then he takes that information out of the U.S. State Dept. and hides it into the Obama library. & that has a POTUS rule, put in by deep state that rules "no–one can see these documents for five years," & with a clause that except the President; ith one agency controlling it is a cover up and any POTUS can be shown any false documents in case of discovery of corruption.. That is a cover-up and treason; if people wake up and ask: Do we have a country or does DEEP STATE just rule over us and kill us when we rise –up?


People trying to kill me for over a month. Who are these creepoos?

Podesta John and Tony plan for #hillaryclinton agenda #election2016 was import 2.5 Million illegal, force #Americans to train them for jobs and replace American workers and target Americans so the Podesta Jewcreepos can stay in permanent Military complex controllers. with Brennan, Comey, all their Clinton lawyers and Podestas and perhaps (R) Robert Meuller who is bed buddies, metaphorically with #jamescomey

what we all saw form the major media with tv or video footage was #hillaryclinton bombed out of her mind, on pills and or booze which was an embarrassment, worldwide. Controlled by #eviljin . Someone leaked her health records, and it said one symptom was she was a #drunk. Then who was around her , all the time? The #podesta s. Sounds like they kept her sedated and believed they could win regardless of her operational mind or not on the campaign trail.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #06232017AD

where is the Obomination of Desolation hiding ?

ABC News turns on CIA FBI or it appears so. Complicated. Why Country headed for a super bloodshed as all the media news cables and nightly news speaks on this bogus Russian hacking, which is an exscuse to buy time to kill us here on the USA streets. 12:44 PST pm 06232017ad

The letters, sent Thursday, are signed by Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley, Ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein, as well as Sens. Lindsey Graham and Sheldon White House, the chair and ranker on the subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism.
The senators question Open Society Foundations' Leonard Benardo and its General Counsel Gail Scovell, as well as Renteria and Lynch, about a May 24 story from the Washington Post that reported Lynch assured Renteria that she would not let the FBI investigation into Clinton go too far. Lynch declined to comment at the time. — abc news.

Wellesley College commencement speech post—election: Implied “I AM A DRUNK” hitlery

,” says Clinton, “it was hard. It was really … difficult.” But “at the time, we hoped that there would be a different agenda for governing than there had been for running.”
Of course, it quickly became clear from Trump’s speech that there would be no change in strategy. A look of disgust crosses Clinton’s face as she recalls it. “It was a really painful cry to his hard-core supporters that he wasn’t changing,” she says. “The ‘carnage’ in our country? It was a very disturbing moment. I caught Michelle Obama’s eye, like, 'What is going on here?' I was sitting next to George and Laura Bush, and we have our political differences, but this was beyond any experience any of us had ever had.”


cabrea hill ( fake last name) Latin KINGPIN DRUG LORD and campaign contributor. Both RON BROWN & VINCE FOSTER complained about these immoral #beast - Clinton behaviors. The USA gov was their secret cash cow.


#druglords are USA #democratic Party funders and 1%er supporters of the #democrat Party. #hillarydRodham remains a global criminal at large.

William J Clinton ( Caligula 666 soul reincarnation match) #beast indicted on International #WarCrimes by Ramsey Clark , there at #Vietnam protests with #JohnKerry and #JaneFonda and a host of other US graduates. UN #Hague Nov 1,999 A.D. innocent victims murdered by Bill Clinton is 11,949 innocent white people or #Christians 1,000,000s DISPLACED why? #regimechange practice.

Beginning on, or before March 24, 1999, the United States, aided and abetted by certain NATO members, including United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Spain and the Netherlands and others including Croatia, Hungary and Italy, commenced a systematic missile and aerial bombing assault on resources, properties and economic, social, cultural, medical, diplomatic and religious facilities intentionally destroying and damaging them throughout Yugoslavia to crush the productive, economic, social, cultural, diplomatic and religious viability of the whole society.
Hague, Art. 22 and 23; Geneva 1949, Art. 19; Geneva 1977, Protocol I, Additional, Art. 48, 52, 53; UN Charter, Art. 2; Protected Persons Convention; U.S. Army Field Manual 27-10; Exec. Order 12333; Geneva 1977, Art. 48, 51; ICESCR.

why she and #Podestas and Brennan and his actor crews are tring to assassinate me or better abduct me and torture me first. She blamed fake news #june12017ad just prior to my 20+ days of assassination, I call 12 Days of Assassination.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #06232017AD #chucky the frooggy TODD is covering up for these global criminals #CNNfakenews

NIGHT OF 2016 AD ELECTION: The establishment mixed race Judeans Bush Jr, with wife and Hillary Clinton are all dna on the same team. So that explains why both supported themselves against Donald Trump, a noord white dna. — Archangel Michael, BIBLE, CH. 12 Revelations scripting.


Hillary blames Social Media for spreading real news she calls fake news. The Hill | Harper Neidig - 12/08/16 04:48 PM EST

The #trumpet message was America first and She had come out of the primary gates with the Podesta Import 2.5 Million more immigrants plan, & most from Mexico: so the Democrats remain in power for ever and ever and ever, with no end of entitlements to foreigners’ just off the immigration buses and trains.

People all over the U.S.A. listened to that message and chose Donald Trump, in reality.

Selling access to foreign leaders for nuclear weapons. John Podesta involved.

$44,000,000 three separate investigation committees found criminal charges and Bill Clinton was barred and Impeached. For taking money from foreigners for corpo and trade access and changing the munitions list at the State Dept. to the Commerce Dept. , illegal by the way, the first two week #BEAST ( Revelations) is in power, first term. This is why #satan Beast teams of #MEAMIC are trying to abduct me and torture me before murder or just simply assassinating me.

These are global criminals.

134 White House staff attending the meetings included Mack McLarty, Bruce Lindsey, Nancy Hernreich, Marsha Scott and John Podesta. Deposition of Thomas F. ‘‘Mack’’ McLarty, House
Government Reform and Oversight Committee, Sept. 5, 1997 at 176–178 (hereinafter ‘‘McLarty

CIA John Owen Brennan b. September 22, 1955, Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S. sD for killian an innocent man of GOD and targeting my Innocent people of ISLAM 12:58 pm added #06042017ad

Andrew Wiseman, lead chumpy lawyer Arthur Anderson and Enron and donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Is chosen by #robertmeuller and this is Clinton DEEP STATE punk lawyer. And  works for #GHWB , military controller.  All #intelligence agents are 100% against white people. Killed Seth rich because Tony and John ( Murder sign on his biblical pro, aste\re) because #sethrich is not a #jew and was promoting #berniesanders in pandabear mask posts.

In my opinion, alone. Beast teams (D) Hillary lawyers and supporters are stacked in Robert Robert #Meuller (a registered Republican) teams which is worse than ISIS , currently . I Intend #RobertMeuller is nervous of Judean Pod J.

Seth RICH I had learned about him after the election: The last post ever made by ‘MeGrimlock4’ was about his appreciation for patriotic clothes. Brennan sends currior to Susan Rice in Aug, just after July. But to whom was Brennan addressing because he was already murdereed by Podesta teams. John Podesta has his Mars/Sun square Uranus a classic pro biblical sig for murder operations at command levels and Podesta Email leak by Seth details his own assassination. By Podesta. 10: 13 am PST #06232017AD

Fake Accounts access after Seth Rich's murder have a Bernie Sanders' supporter leaving posts for pro Sanders, uncovered by Pro American anti Beast teams. One was Seth posting with a photo of Warren Buffet which is a key to a false flag.

  1. Edward Snowden‏Verified account @Snowden Jun 22 2015 A.D.

Biggest @AP scoop in a long time: US government behind UAE torture in Yemen, with some reportedly grilled alive.

Michelle Obama deepdumbystate:

Her hubby and his #beast teams are killing us #Americans so we attack back. #arcmichael Brennan admitted his broke laws and unmasked to Susan Rice, washpo today, and on television. Unmasking illegal, and was done in top secret. So CIA Brennan is an international criminal and a traitor now. ( #WashingtonPost, and on Television 06 23 2017 A.D._

Washington Post: 0623 2017 AD : Aug 2016 John Brennan ( #Seconddeath member ) From Langley CIA base sent a currier with top secret intel to Susan #Rice, Obama's attaché & she was ordered to look at Intel {{{that white people were standing up}}, then handed back intelligence from Susan Rice to the currier who put it away and went back to CIA headquarters; and she showed Obama and they said nothing, and then we have the Congress issue or special committee issue of #suan Rice unmasking. Who was it? Seth Rich was murdered <July 10‚ 2016>

at the hospital by Spooks ( same as Scalise) Rice lawyers says cannot investigate her for two years. and Obama for five years, special privileges.

but Seth RIch died, a DNC staffer. She says I cannot be prosecuted for at least two years from now. washpo .

sec. 702 of VISA Act.

Syria Obama set up illegal US Military inside of Syrian boarders to kill Syrians

Obama set up US Spook a Military base Al Tanf and inside of the Boarders of SYria.

Eric Swalwell (D) Intelligent community. on Media

ASSAD SYRIA IRAN AND RUSSIA vs. Jews and afro at our United Stupid Dragonites lands that kills street white arabs because it is a fun thing to kill , the Yellow Jew claims. It makes them feel life is worth living.

‘US-led coalition protects ISIS by targeting Syrian forces’ — family of downed plane pilot, Russian Times ( I hardly if ever used any Russian media)
old knowledge to us plugged in but for the world the DNA code is our conflict KEY . USA = Yellow to black rule and #RUSSIA = White #white to brown rule. Iran and Syria have heavy #whitearabs = are u listening #barackObama ? You r race agenda made little sense. #Harvard failed you or they are now a debunked institution.

#Russian investigation is based on DNC of white white Russians living or born in the USA and its Judean enemies. Yellow Jews hate white Russians because the white have the science genes.



Mao's real numbers for his decades and decades long Prolitariate Cultural Revolution against Capitalist Muraders "⇒ actual title was 27 years! .


Congressional Blacks do not like whites at the Gene Level.
Why Black Caucuses not meeting with Donald Trump? Are all blacks lazy welfare recipients ?
Response to a post: whatever, blacks were 'a part,' not only but just a part of people working with #deepstate to off me. :) sadbuttrue

I own #DNA white white and blacks are not white white dna. so they hate at the gene level. Matrix #Subconsciousness. Can fix but Jews hate love. so they kill the white people to stop the love and change. It is in their genes.


844 what is going on with me personally


Why Do Mexicans or Judeans form the ME call California a separate state form the U.S.A. ? Here is why?
#mexicocity north they call it. the entire thing. That is why 35,000 illegals got help prior to me and I still have not gotten any help by my State. They even de register me to vote, four times. why Alex Padilla hates whites and lies about it . Then at #cornerstone, my DPSS building the #black staff beat up patrons and white staff leave. been like this for over 10 years. No cops , no help, only hate

Ted #Leiu Democrat California, ( HOR) ban to lake of fire, yellow brown ASIAN. HE IS IN A MELTDOWN



racism charges against white people. Muhammad the Prophet was a White Arab, ME people!

1. Beast William J. Clinton sD William Jefferson Blythe IV [ most often as III], Jr. Born at Hope Hospital, Arkansas, Monday 19 August 1946, 93w35, 33n40 [ disputed time] promulgated officially as 8:51 A.M. LMT ( UT 14:51) Sid. Time 6:26:04 [ or 666] sD 06162017AD 209 pm PSY

The Beast
born on Mo., 19 August 1946
in Hope, AR (US), 93w35, 33n40
Time 8:51 a.m.
Univ.Time 14:51
Sid. Time 6:26:04 sD

George Herbert Walker Bush,b. 12 June 1924 Milton , MA. 71w04, 42e15 sD —Arc Michael 3:05am 05302017ad sd on 209 pm PST 06162016AD


#williamjeffersonclinton Blythe iii (or ii) & George Herbert Walker #Bush both are #MilitaryComplex Controllers and OK these #assassinations


Journal 171 will be giants came down to earth, and current politics

#seconddeath member . His teams are and have been trying to abduct me and torture me and also Kill me secretly . #arcmichael #bookoflife #062017AD so we attack back, Open #WAR PEOPLE. #russianinvestigation 

go #islam he is no longer protected, for ever and ever and ever !

#seconddeath member . His teams are and have been trying to abduct me and torture me and also Kill me secretly . #arcmichael #bookoflife #062017AD so we attack back, Open #WAR PEOPLE. #russianinvestigation

go #islam he is no longer protected, for ever and ever and ever ! 11:55 am 11:56 am #06202017AD #arcmichael posted w/ Asc. al phard ( 1°24',s) pyr gizah foundational star ( 1 of 4) scored line.

John Christopher Depp II b.  June 9, 1963 Owensboro, Kentucky, U.S.  ( #liar )   sD.

Tre von thread of low wit trolls: 06232017AD 700 o'clockish pm #NoHo
+Paul Averick you people, left- tards called him white white [ zimmerman is mixed race, semite and not white white]  over and over and he had to come out and refute it, stupids. George Washington stated the immigration of colords will destroy America, eventually. They brought retardations DNA. Hommie. . No how All Africans finally ruled late New empire Egypt? they eradicated all the white white, ate them too. Tre Von's parents were bigots and if you do not know how to flesh out true facts and information, you are too much of a trash piece to consider as a human or intelligent. Just more land beast animal garbage.


+BIG C #RINO = #DINO these days. :) same party‚ same leaders for 30 or 40 years. Only thing that change was life itself. No life now‚ just dodging #deepstate assassination squads and watching the imported low DNA, make mistake after mistake while it learns nothing and just blurts out‚ “ give me welfare you racist.” & then violence is next and stealing your wallet. The US is long gone, dude.  06232017AD





Cosmic and Morning Stars for 2017 A.D. U.S.A. 34 n and worldwide: Mercury Evening first ≡   cosmic † 20 June 2017 (+0) ♦ 28 c15 ° for 4th of July 2017 (+14) ♣ 28 8 July 2017 (+18) 6 . tropical, not sidereal (sd note)

"cosmic": Date on which a planet or star is on the horizon at the same time as the Sun.

Lake of Fire members and reviews

Reincarnations of Carter Baines McDonald 06 18 2017 A.D. started upload 2:22 pm 06 18 2017AD.

Known about my reincarnations for most of my life and beginning since May of 1987 A.D. May 2— 24 th. Visions I say was a timetravel; & I kept this a secret. How can one prove Reincarnation? Trying too.  But no science proof yet. I do have bones at Paris, south of France and other places, now yet known by me yet.

Arc Michael ( Current form and revealing my manhy reincarnations. Ch. 12 BookofRevelations
Alexander Georges  L  Bizet ( composer died early link to photo)
Michel Nostredame ( many things, issue of world prognostications for human management, not a prophet at all).
Prophet Muhammad ( developer of Islam, these are my people: told them not to depict me because IAM reincarnating as a white arab, our ME scholarship. Yes I kill sometimes, but for a purpose!).

Yeoshua ( 12 deciples, some worked for me and are working for me, secrely in this lifetime).  Aka Jesus Christ. – 5 bce ( astron -6) cal. Gregorian extrapolated Julian, mosh’ir analytical pre 1850AD).


Joseph : son of Jacob, Bible Hebrew
Osirus ( not sure but have a feeling, have not fleshed it out yet)
Annubus ( God of Judgement, pre dynastic Egypt, Ogodad, 8 winds, Egypt ancient–. ♣




IAM the Light of The World.

(sd) Note: Sidereal time /saɪˈdɪəriəl/ is a time-keeping system that astronomers use to locate celestial objects & what I always use for my prognostications and or other Janus things. I only apply Astrology to make some money,  it is a social tool and to help out or try to communicate to the masses; as this science I use is stringed out, conical gravity included and is on target at 100%. Why? data over millenia shows us we are on target at 100%. That is real #weaoponziedinformation In 1550s A.D. France and published and private correspondence kept until our modernity, I code this to me as IAM a #Starlover

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.


currently a bullet in my head courteously of NSA CIA cabbages.

    Arc Michael 10:10 PST #NoHo #LA #UShealthcare
    #nancy Pelosi spends about #200 billion a year on medicating the #illegals. I see why we have to suffer? She does it for brown bag cash loans you never have to pay back. Special Lobby types. :) #howtherealwestwasdestroyed Are these real illegals ( if you cross from #Tijuana #Mexico = #Aztec human *sacrificer DNA ) and onto the early cities prior to* #sandiego , you are automatically the preferred race at California, full citizenship, all 'to the front of the buss " for education, jobs, employment, life insurance, court privileges, and judicial control and banking management and white can go die even though their parents and grand parents lived & worked harder than these rich imports and died to build this country and I have never known #whiteprivilege . You Afro Black and Brown in power positions are Liars and I do not apologize. #arcMichael #06222017AD

    However I witnesses the white CIA NSA FBI on their knees , eyes always up and mouth wide open. You are the rich class Black Californians besidees the Judeans who are your equals, being dna originated. Beyotches ( Gen. 1) #BIBLE CODEXDNATRANSFULCRUM PLANET SEEDING W? NATIVE EVOLUTIONARY CODEXDNA PLANET DEVELOPED> ARC #LORD .

    10:10 California Representative. My Mom, Mother Mary had to not feed us and throw me out to survive when I was not even a legal adult, 14 years old because yellow, red, brown and black denied my mom, any social financial or citizen help: Said too white. So I AM will FXXK These bad people UP!


Fakeisraelis and Pedophilia widespread at the Dragon 2:06 — 2:12 A.M. PST

a deep state post G+ 310pm

Kim Sŏng-ju ≡ #johnpodesta = troll of #WikiLeaks #julianassange both did not really know to whom they were until his lobster trollNorth Korean dictator's own lobster trolling of his people ≡ post after #sethrich ’s assassination at the Hospital, first being shot by #deepstate Pukdestas! #spook . Here is how the story really goes and to whom are our current leaders, like these Podestas that have been in power since the early 1990s and do not want to go away and thus seek to destroy all who stand up to their #Judean reptilian #eviljin ways.

Kim Il-sung (Korean: 김일성; #northkorean modern founder after World War II, being a warrior for his peoples trolled his own people later after gaining 'absolute ' control by a false narrative. He is born on a Russian military site, not then North Korea and was always an upper middle class chumpy . He ate lobster and flown in expensive French Wine ( by far not the only Asian leaders of these days) and walked around his country, claiming he ate a handful of rice and lived off his own fat ( bears that hibernate do this) which was a #troll toward his own subjects.

while , here, I certainty heard both their names but never paid attention until that #trollpost by #johnpodesta . That was a slam dunk, Shaming vehicle that caught my interest. Whatever came down the socials, I just interpreted if I wanted too and did not search out anything. I do not need to I Time travel, as one of my skill sets. I just do not broad cast it. But he is suffering and Podestas live certainty the upper class lifestyles, & with celebrity status too boot! So , did Kim Sŏng-ju and, his grandson is making a terrible example of always arming for political pressure to get welfare from all countries.

So these solutions' must be multi national & he needs to be removed; and to whom replaces him should be a management system by all sides that surround #nk.

This #establishment are not on American soil, by no means but worldwide. LIKE IT or not, USA created the eastern mess we have today. Not China nor Russia.

#arcMichael #bookoflife #06222017AD

Kim Sŏng-ju (김성주); 15 April 1912 – 8 July 1994) was the supreme leader of North Korea from its establishment in 1948 until his death in 1994.

June 1 st #Beast team goes to Television to blame social media and fakenews on 1 st of June 2017 A.D. and then my assassination days begin. hummmm. The CABBAGE PODESTAs have been marked by sigs for #militarycomplex murderers and potential #911 operators as well as the unknown Killing Clinton machine. (Comey, Brennan, Meuller, Obama just a folio), Bill Clinton and of course Milcom director #BUSH team Land Beast and Sea Beast = #Bible. #apok. these are the top people I Have fleshed out. Bullet frags still in my head.

#bookoflife #arcmichael they got me surrounded but I am safe in the house at this moment. People inside here also want me dead because they understood the rich could steal from the poor and socially get away with it. Until they met me.

personal issue : #mom #white denied citizenship for 40 years, so I had to run away ( Father moved on and remarried). so we : Mom, Sister and Me suffered. b/c of Jews in power, all over the world and USA. denied #white people, now being eradicated by these jews. So this is more than just personal. It is personal. I careless of parties or affiliates. You are a bigot, racist, and xenophobe against white people and use #WIlliamJClinton, sex addict, to keep him under wraps as you killed my friends in the park ( on social media), & trying and tried over 12 days to kill me: chases and get always. I lived on the streets my entire life, and why your early low level stuff was easy to escape. I cannot compete with 100 spook cars, two helios and endless drones, and you still did not get me, and that day had over 10 close assassination calls before daylight and those bizarre Ventura and Lankershim blvd. near the Black Universal Buildings, Universal City - filmed episodes.

#CIA teams were full of NON whites, mostly yellow Judeans and these are #Latin, #Semite Italian Spanish ( #Mafioso) and blacks and saw no whites, only a low level sitter at the #Buena Vista Library. that is it, the rest are nonwhites so this is a racist hit by these #NONWhitecabbages.


responce today:

her < Hillary Clinton > teams have tried to kill me over 12 times in a little over 20 days, and this week held up while spooks are awaiting with drones and about 100 cars. ID podesta and her, she came to look me in the mirror, she was here at Palos Verde. and then stopped by and assassinations begun, again, this time higher top teams. WOW.

as I stated for years, the USA is out of control. No laws for the 1%ers and they have $1 trillion minus about 200 billion, each year budget to kill us Americans and white people who built America, not these immigrant fakejews.


prior a day before today

Why does Stevie Wonder say “ You cannot say black lives matters if you go kill yourselves.” #Winner! And very , very #clearvision.
South Chicago, one of the most gun restricted law lands in  America:  African Economics , do not understand it. ? I know the Mexicans supply the reason why these south Chicagoean African nationalists imported to America and generationalized shoot each other, but then I will be called a racist by the women of The View, minus Candice Cameron who already made it to heaven. And her brother.

Dark Knight movie #3 #batman works for the 1%ers and never knew it = #Marvel retardos for the lose. :( . HealthCare insurance profit schematas.
#Harvard's insane top mouthpiece Elizabeth Warren wants single–payer so street people die, FU beyotch. real health care issues : If anyone, left or right advocates helping the masses #deepstate kills them; proof: Julius Caesar was murdered for advocating a tax cut on the poor and a tax increase on the wealthy.

#bookoflife the real history of Pre Empire Rome

7:30 am 06222017ad "We wish to inform you that #FBI Director Mueller plans to arrive in Moscow on the evening of September 21 with a ten-gram sample [ #weaponized enriched #uranium ] of seized HEU, which you requested for nuclear forensics analysis. " So Obama replaced Meuller with Comey to cover up for #himelf and Hillary Clinton as James COmey has been with the Beast teams since #VIncefoster all in the same bed. #lolz#arcMichael #bookoflife #06222017ad Clintons also moved 9 tons of weapons grade plutonium to China, 1,999

( wikicable 2009 AMBASSADOR Bxxxxx E-MAIL D. 08 MOSCOW 521 Classified By: EUR/PRA: KxxxxxEN MOxxxxx PER E.O. 12958: REASONS ( link to classified; not on this website) DRAGON W arhived

  1. Replying to @realDonaldTrump

…whether there are "tapes" or recordings of my conversations with James Comey, but I did not make, and do not have, any such recordings. 30minuets ago as of 10:24 am PST west coast so subtract.




MEAMIC ( EDU portion): ≡ indoctrination by Judeans — a plan in south of France‚ 1920s and it is called #Political #Correctness: code for “Judean rule and you slave or die‚ period.”



"We wish to inform you that #FBI Director Mueller plans to arrive in Moscow on the evening of September 21 with a ten-gram sample [ #weaponized enriched #uranium ] of seized HEU, which you requested for nuclear forensics analysis. " So Obama replaced Meuller with Comey to cover up for #himelf and Hillary Clinton as James COmey has been with the Beast teams since #VIncefoster all in the same bed. #lolz#arcMichael #bookoflife #06222017ad Clintons also moved 9 tons of weapons grade plutonium to China, 1,999
#USHistory #Dragon #2017 Files part W #bookoflife #arcmichael #06222017AD  all classifieds are linked and  all stuff on my site are FOIA, even if #Deepstate does not  agree with former judges that demanded these be released to the public, even as far back as the #1990s . They have been trying to abduct and torture me and assassinate me so I careless about Laws and their unlawfulness hypocrisy.  All  these spook agencies I have learned target one race group ; the people of #GOD & specifically  #whitewhitedna ers. So we fight for our collective lives #people. 

#DonaldTrump #jeffsessions #stevebannon are all white white  #DNA and Robert Meuller is a Jew  white, so he has afro dna reptile script in him, even if at low levels.



Pod J






United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

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