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billions of Judeans, latin ( by different names but reincarnating over and over again) judged me by the cover of my book . I no longer play stupid. I play revenge on a biblical Scale. Thusly I have cut my grace — off from this world and do not offer anything in return.

Michael Bible

“My Only Purpose is Self Love” 5162017

GOG masking my posts Dragon U 05212017ad


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣🚫 🔯


my Mom, You know her in one reincarnation has Mother Mary was consistantly denied welfare and benifits and citizenship. The races involved span all of you so I also observed that there were no real laws being followed and a bunch of hypocricy and dumbing down and shaming individuals ; & because their popullation numbers globally and consistantly rank lower than all black populations. Muhammad was a white arab boy. and these are being killed all over planet earth.


Chritians I AM in this life and purpose only 51 ( state count) years old and have been juding you nonstop, I have been to your churches or all flavors and one Babtice Church that began in North Hollywood in the late 1920s and early 1930s has been a semi home Church for over three decades. The local suppressed have a coummity meal and sermon, just for them, which is a #winner program.


Observations on Churches.

These are black people who serve only the local community and not the illegal immigrants, in general as a rule of thumb. The Mixed race churches all give the illegal foreigner the privileges and respect, housing food and otherstuff. Only the Catholic Church seemed to hand out foodstuff and clothes equality between all races. Most of our Churches are cesspools of Devils and  bigots against whites. So we will just take you off the earth for denying GOD, OK?  You should recognize me and if not, good bye.  I need really good talent , not selfish zombies.


1.5 million years the GOD’s  people have been reincarnating bringing civilization upon the pain on their backs and will freaking take joy in watching you all suffer as I bring in the Fire  SCRIPTS, and turn this ball a blaze on your ungrateful asses!

My Mon was lied to and never recieved her citizenship, which made the family suffer immensly. I was killed by a bunch of blacks because I was a runaway, died and was revieved and I was on the streets for reasons my Mon could not feed this exrta Mouth. She would come crying home, after broken promise after promise and complain of the 5 wide ax handled women that pushed her around: Blacks, ,Latin, Jews, Islam was not a heavy presence then. They lied and said white are the most populace we need to import the brown first. This was a lie when the global population of white was at 13% and the smallest minority, Niggers and jews lied and placed Jews and other non whites into the white categories which hurt real whites. To me, these acts were unconciousable. So my mom had to date men to support me, which is a violation of these people who called themselves Christians or agnostic public servants. They all lied, and broke commands of BookofJohn 1,2, on not lying on important issues such as feeding your children or civil rights. EU sought to comingle with the Jews and Latin and now Semites own their parliaments and use, also white traitors to usher in an inhuman solf-imperialism move to spread their brown people into white or traditional white lands and then demand welfare for the white or natives to support them as they too run their anti-white ideologies on line or at the coffee  house.  There is no reason not to murder these people, for destroying your world. You are all having the same thing I have had a courage thingy. Stand up with me and fight.  


Dark Energy runs verticle scripts such as capitalism and human bondage economic systems .These are all dark energies and linked to the dark races. Whites run Democracies or types of them and work fine when semi monotonoous cultures. When mixing goes on, this is a sign of corruption and globalism. The self commmunities are betrayed for foreign cheap profits to be placed into the hands of a few who then buy access to privalgte at the governent centeral command. Soviet was an oligarchy of verticalness, and not a democracy. U.S.A after 1947 was a secret Oligarchy with semi representative elections both national and local .China has local democracy but an oligarchy centralized power families of old Mao Tse-tung guard, called the CCP.


In Athens I told my students that Democracy started with timeshare and must include the most poor and influential, and represent the whole. In U.S.A.'s version, I was denied voting four times, three national elections, have docs and no one cared about me So I do not care about voting now. To the U.S.A. and the world, you rejected white people and me, and it looks like a white genocide because you know you reincarnate and will forever destroy planets with your endless parties, money greed and death schemes and false accusations.


Alies Son has a hit on me, his father ran for over a decade wars in south america, doing the propoganda from his studios, all over the world. Bill covered up for bush and the Military Complex plethora of international and domestic crimes and bashed me personally ( reincarnation as Jesus Christ) so there is no hope for a bankrupted soul. Charles Kock swings too much money to keep U.S. taxes unconsciously low for the 1%ers. All three break my ‘follow the government laws. ‘ No need to judge them by spiritual laws, all are bankrupted souls.  So Say good bye they will not be joining us for our trip to the stars.  #arcmichael (9:03 pst. #05212017ad ).




On Sharing Intelligence to our Foreign buddies

Arc Michael
we share all with terrorists, the Bush, Clinton and Obama terms were illegal Arab covert armies and they shared all intel .so this must be more cases of pure #racism by the #liberal colords radical jihadist US Citizens.

Government for the elite and to kill my white people

#johnpodesta and his Pizzakiddie #brother are both in the #lakeoffire and with second death conditions and a few weeks ago, inside word was #johnpodesta and company have #lawyered up. Make no mistake, we are hunting you in this life, and the next to eradicate your carbon seal and your spiritual consciousness seals to eliminate your form life itself. You serve no purpose but control for babyrape or #cocaine, or $500 dinners and whatnot. We have the talent and we just do not give a flying #fxxk.

we are the #realcoolkids and as #IAM and us as GODs we are immortal and operate alive or dead to you and careless of your mental problems on reality.

#hillaryclinton superpac release today: 1992ad - 2016ad the #unitedstatesofAmerica #government serves only 10% of the #USA population .The Republicans only 1%er, based upon polls to Democratic Party members that voted twice for #barackobama and then voted for a bigot, racist, xenophobe and utter white boy criminal, loser. I, myself, AM a white boy criminal loser.
My crime is white and problem solving. I am rejected so I careless now about anything. My grace has been cut off from you and I have no solutions for you . I tell you get the fuck off this planet and I'll be doing it alone and my way. I operate alone and have no skeletons in my closet.

The respondents who voted for #BarackHObama told the #hillaryClinton #superpac, that the Party has not fought for them since the rise of the #beast ( my terms ) the #Clintons :

- not sure what she is dong today, perhaps denial and cocaine or booze or planning more murders of whites like #sethrich . #jamescomey is a human planet traitor people. He does not betray just us or a party of a group of people ; he was there lying for #teamBeast at #whitewater = the team includes #bush, Clinton, #militarycomplex #mussad #ISIS eventually the world saw this and wondered ;

#williamjclinton bombed #Christians which are white and sided with Arabjews and Africans over at #Kosovo ; so he is traitor to his own people But here is the secret. he has Afro damaged dna. This explains he does not care about white and thus sides with Huma abadin and other Arab haters of white people.

#resistance is here to put back the #cogs ( #Mario #savio ) so that the #msnbc cnn AND foxNEWS only discourse on what is important for the top10% and fuck the rest to hell.

I have been calling #williamjclinton the #beast since 1998 AD and online since #1999ad. I have not changed; bitch gurl is an AFRO MISTAKE. It is a real #nephlehem #walkingdemon . He is also the #reincarnation of #nero

we know where you are in our universe at all times and all places. we just allow you to have freewill. I will be suspending this for my cleanup peoples.


#bookoflife #arcmichael #05172017ad


Arc Michael
we #trumpsupporters should use, if by permission, #mcHAMMER TIME : "Man, you cannot touch this ." #win and Apply it to #americafirst ; so when #cnnfakenews globalist antiAmericans sputter their words, we rebuke. MAN, you cannot touch this . #Trumpets are in the Bible, see #trump OK, duffases.

criminal charges against former FBI Freako James Comey. (18 USC 4 and 28 USC 1361)
#wimpopoo use it as the only name for #Washingtonpost OK?

05222017ad comment on How does it feel, on blacks beating whites because blacks control the #dragon

+Devin Koks Blacks have been slaving with AshkaNAZI jews for thousands of years. those lies will be ended, worldwide. the Blacks removed to their own planet ( already in my prophecies and the #holybible ) b/c their evolution is not fit for our Universe Governments. They are the #darkenergy and antilight, the abusers of theses systems. they beat and killed my innocent white Mom because they said ; well you are smart and have white skin and believe in GOD , SO YOU ARE NOT WELCOMED AT AMERICA.

40+ YEARS she tried, niggers, jews and latin (islam was not here then) rejected her, abused state and religious laws and now will pay.

LAW #2 #HolyBible.


actions have serious fuxxking consequences.


no longer people to be afraid of the #darkmatter #niggers. #georgewashington said one day the #African dark skinners will destroy America and they are always putting pressure behind the scenes

Lake  of Fire xD
Lake of Fire xD is the Second Death. If you are on this list. You soul is scheduled for deletion. Say goodbye to whomever concerns  You.  There is no negotiation.  

see page Lake of Fire 2 started 11:11 am Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks,, city, suburbs May 20 th 2017ad

Michael Savage ( #bayarea ) in 1990s said that #liberalism is a brain disease. here is proof people : George P. #Lakoff b, May 24, 1941 (age 75), Bayonne, NJ, 1,000. Claims there is no morality, so religion needs to go away. So what are state laws, but a moral code for civics? So he goes bye bye for corrupting the minds of our Members of #GOD.

in other words, he is too stupid to function . He also calls himself the Father of Framing. We been doing this for over 12.5 billion years folio, grow up. What do you think those strange parts in our texts are all about, creepo ?

#newlakeoffire member #lakeoffire

On any coded string level, religion is just a set of laws or rules to which to conduct a large group of members of citizens. Same as secular law then, eh?

new adds 05212017ad

Ebba Åkerland



Amazon #jeffbezos take his rocket stuff, all his money and family. No laws, just take it. He supports #fakeislam and targets God's people in direct violation of the supreme LORD. So bye bye and you have xD, for total deletion scheduled.

Charles Foster Johnson b, April 13, 1953 New York and raised in Hawaii., xD

shameful the Wasa or white arab democrats are pimping blacks because they have dna natural cognitive limitations. Sad whores of pimpinghoodlum

No Holocaust yet, peoples. I will bring the First— third secret of Fatima

#newYorklawfirm put out false data upon assumption and destroyed the Earth. So Jews go bye bye. for lie , lie. See authority, #bible.

Hitler never called for any Holocuast. He called for revenge of U.S., Brit. and Russia bombing and killing 20,000 Germans' a day. You have a fucking problem jew liar? Hanna Arnaunt had very inaccurarte data but all of EDU used this lie to bilk the innocent white race of its sustinance. I have no more patience iwth these mixed breed ashkanazi #whitegenociders. At times the number was 12,000,000 and then 8 Million and 7 Million and whatever the Jew could trick the world for profit gains of victim mentality economy.  The Jews then hurt Mother Mary and Me and my sister and others and so we have no hope nor cop or court, nor institution, nor academia nor entertainment, nor news media nor any media, but for a few that support #white People. Jews are yellow branded to brown, most often.   Most have original afro large body corruption from the baal rape orgies they were told not to attend, by Aaron’s commands by mine.


so #Islam it is #Muhammad, just take them all off the Earth place. thank you. No punishment but certainty a reward.

Black Fat 250 Lbs. Black Welfare nigger implied I have to be lied too and bullied if I and my white race are to survive.

So large fat but black lady across the streets sees us whites, she lives with single daughter in apartment. No proof she works, could be more grants and or section 8. She starred me down, I kept starring back. Then she verbally assaulted me and flipped me off and I did not back down, If she comes at me, I go for it. #fuckblacktohell. She does not know me, and judge me without any evidence of me. These are the people that need to exist this earth. I told her I had no citizenship but was born here, and she does not care  or listen. White  are the enemy forever of the Black race. Confirmed.  2:00 pm #05202017ad

symbol OF life representations : Identity politics now.

#universe representation of that symbol makes white, very very small and black the real universe, the most abundant and cruel. we need to work together to change this narrative, Because that is a lie. Blacks and browns are 89% of the world's population, and white white pures are at 7% globally . so fix your symbols correctly.
Two trees of Life, nigger carbonate and  WHITE  LOVE ENERGY


#NSAracist #NSAbigots #NSAantiwhite #NSA= #dragon = Target of #GOD in #HolyBible
You #islam you know what to do. Get it done by #2060ad

 Islam listen up. #donaldtrump is a white arab just like Prophet Muhammad and the arab whites are targeted by Jews and other nutters all over planet earth #identitypolitics from here on out.

If a moslem is in the NSA, they are fake, they are targeting #ALLAH.

NSA this is my finger and death sentence for you. OK> Have fun, we will .
we are taking over Planet earth by brute force with ALLAH?GOD on our sides. See ya, would not want to be ya!

They have carte blanche by me to kill at will.

do you remember #Muhammad and why you are not allowed to depict him? He was and is alive and is a #whitearab . so you need to protect these people of GOD and the godless fakeislam are killing them, so you are in deep doodoo. Get on board, and let us get this done.

Christians banned me and I am #JESUS lolz.

say by by to them. 99.99% of US Christians are going to the lake of Fire for breaking both state rules, I put them under and for breaking my rules. No forgiveness #ALLAH does not play chumpy no longer .See ya would not want to be ya. :)


#meamic = #DRAGON #ISLAM MY CREWS WILL TAKE CARE OF THEM, RELAX. SHARIITES ARE OFF OUR PLANET. qu'ran's people are the in-crowd. find me here OK. It will get really messy. Over at the ME, and south Deccan I have real #islam training my warriors. Like it or not GOD's people are going global to take out all the #swamppeople all over planet earth.

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Arc Michael
#Dragon is on the secret voyages of Christopher Columbus and the Italian and Islam teams to the new world. #DRAGON in bible has been Identified. So there is no more secrets. That is the target,. Just not the people of GOD. Islam, 99% of my Christians here, are false, You have permission to take them out, no punishment. You run #shariah, you go to the #LAKEOFFIRE NO QUESTIONS ASK,.

Koran is my book. we as GOD 's people join the BIBLE , eradicate the Judeans, banned by me over 1250 years after BC. They are already gone in Judgment We need to just take them off the Earth's grid and set up a new temple but for GOD's people, not stinking Judean traitors to planet earth.

FACTS: You left your leader to die in the streets , so now Street White Trash will take you all out. Third Secret #fatima: you , not I, are the World's sacrifice. God's people needs a lil breaky, OK?

Done and coded.Cannot kill me to stop it. I am a badass in my Alpha Avatar. see my Seal one and my new ones for your demise. we the people who worked our butts off our going to laugh and dance over your dead bodies and sing songs and celebrate like there is no tomorrow . Most will be locked up and their minds wiped and returned to make a push to the stars. the ones with the Second Death are no longer with us people of GOD. Sc or special conditions will be revealable upon exiting Planet Earth.


#1 Love God

# Do unto others as you would have them do unto you , & Bhuddist law of Karma. What is GOD? ME and the people that worked for 1.5 million years to bring you Life. You are ungrateful and we are here too empty our Good Dharma and turn it into wipe-Your-Ass Karma.

Basically we pulled a Jack-Move, a rope-a-dope. Our Guns are full of powder/ power. You have over 1.5 million years spent all of your Dharam.


The People of God , reincarnating over and over again, think of Catholic Saints and Eastern important civil and cultural spiritual and spritiual political leaders? and all the inbetween. Well, we are gong to dance upon your demise and manage your fall-out, afterwards!


I AM rewarding the Earth to these people and eventually thier families. 99.99% of you will be leaving Planet Earth by 2060 A.D.


I have coded for your demise and am too dysmayed too but have too take over Earth by Brute Force. You have basically already destroyed it.


The Plan is to make the jump to the stars but with reincarnation happening and non management issues the Beast, False Prophet, Frogs, AntiChrists, EvilJin, demons and hellions and monsters<∑> will forever plageu our political instutinos and industrial machines, The bad people will forever be kept in power and the Eartth's demise is assured and so wil be the Human Race . <∑> fractals of evil or the de evolutionary gene codation ( their unconscious pathway to daily behavior ) will be multiplied all over planet earth.

Birthing pangs are ment for growth and I AM the realchange all have been awaiting. The reason is after planet hoping, and water wipe-outs, quick mass deaths and want to up the ante because you people thrive on this stuff. I mean you all abuse of seeing the desperate on your local streets and on television, around the world, constantly and do nothing and I have seen this crap for millions of years. So I need to take a break.


I have to get this placeback in shape for the push to the stars' and no more other reason but to separate you tribes of animals. I AM watching my world turn into Monkey Madness. And I AM doing nothing yet. Yo! Bitch, You are to blame,


How it works, you kick our asses for millions of years, some short breaks, and then we pull a jack -move and turn ALPHA MALE on all your sissy asses and rape you silly. This should injure you and make you more submissive as the Black sex mags instruct. This goes really deep. and I AM serious people this is real Change.



Ice cores were taken from the Agassiz ice cap on Ellesmere Island several decades ago 1980s and these evidences show that the earth was much hotter than it was today. Holocene (variations in the Earth's orbit and tilt) occur at a much slower rate. And our Historical astronomers recorded the slow down too. The lying media says that the Holocene was much cooler compared to our equivalent  age of global warming. They are liars and #fakeedu



On Donald Trump

After 70 years of government lies, I can accept #hypocrisy from #DONALDTRUMP AS long as he destroys your welfare lazy ass mentality of endless war for desk jobs. while you send the poor do die for your rich afro semite greed.

Escaping the Goat of Armageddon
Glen Cauthon so are #lapd, OUR #teacher unions, our courts with brown antiwhite fuckers. it is long gone, dudes. it is over. not one recorded history proof that a brown or black solved the complex issues of our world. So whites are at 10% and perhaps soon at 0% and the brown black will be totally confused and without an option for the #scapegoat ; thus your demise is already done, fully complete.



The new ones blast through encryption, it cannot be stopped, I do computer security for a living, this one is bad and will only get worse, +Alfred E Newman

ArcMichael Responce:

#spook how it is done. they lay code on the device to take the info before it is encrypted and then make a copy, give it back to you to send, and you do not know it. All the tech companies comply because niggers are behind this for control. They need welfare and white slaves and cannot think for themselves.

Civil war, no but blood and chaos, yes.

ya think? #lolz HilPac said her peeps ( That is the Democratic Party) polled that since 1992, the US Democratic Party servers only 10% ; that makes 90% not on trump's side but on the people are pissed side; they know #swamppeople are real people and #corruptocrats


Niggers are Gone

#bookoflife #arcmichael #05112017ad

No jew, no aztec.Latin.brown or yellowite will address my issues. So I decided to take them all off of the earth.

#black people are seeds from the earth. #holybible so I send them back there for their hatred of me and my mom. See ya , would not want to be ya! :) #afro on schedule for eradication. #arcmichael affirmative.


1° 24’ 25” 50’’’ 09’’’’36’’’’’.

If Modern Science can change timeframes than also God's people can also OK? 6 Billion years of creation placed #Earth at Day 4 = #win for #US source: [[ McGill University / NASA Earth is ~ 4.597 billion years-old, space junk to oldest earth rock formations.]]. 11:22 05172017AD
Take Down of #EDU by #Arc #Destroyer
Scalar Biblical Maths. 6 Billion Years Earth, Bible timeconfirmed.
South Africa, #Princeton, New Jersey and Oxford, UK are robbing me blind people. They plagiarize my work, suppress and shame my people and destroy all that is good a decent in our world. It may not be perfect by no means but the whole purpose is to improve ourselves, while keeping things fresh like a journey ( ie. Freewill). While I AM forced to live on the streets of Los Angeles ( City of the Angels), my people in all lands are the weak and good and are being suppressed to the point I cannot take it any longer . So I will freaking destroy EDU science with one single post.

#morganfreeman #wormhole #Princeton astronomy #Christians #biblestudy

Princeton and other top string and theoretical physicists please stop plagiarizing my work. Encoded in the Bible are the #multidimensional; where do you believe angels come from duffases?

Agreements on Maths
*Scalar agreements Biblical Expanded :::: agreement to use 6 Days into 6 Billion years and to agree to contract or expand scalar forms to half-life according to your membrained elasto dimensions* , you call brains , linked to your undefined dimensions, which link us all together like an updated Cartesian universe and not of GOD's. Thusly , Arc = Scales on base jumps to deci structures, 6 days, 6 billion ( for earth scripts) and ½ for our 3 trillion for Universe retraction collapse, or your model OK. We cool off and contract thus ending our cycle(s) to begin, yet again. When we expand after a billion ore years maybe I’ll teach you to bend the entire system, OK?

April 25, 2002. New Theory Provides Alternative to Big Bang

DAY2 bubble between two water worlds, or 3-T-3 = EXACTLY.

to teach the new 3-t-3 dimension format of our top new universe #models see this note below to teach your kids, for free. we no longer need #fakeedu as we die on our streets because low wit bullies who got tenure due to skin color take millions of year for what GOD's children do in an instant.

3-t-3 top model of Universe under the low wit agnostic creepos #Princeton physicist #Paul #Steinhardt and Neil #Turok of #Cambridge University .

The Book of #Genesis
April 25, 2002. New Theory Provides Alternative to Big Bang

And God said, “Let there be a vault between the waters to separate water from water.” 7 So God made the vault and separated the water under the vault from the water above it .

SO we have a direct plagiarizes here by Princeton physicist Paul Steinhardt and Neil Turok of Cambridge University and so I send them to the #lakeoffire ok people?

Vault is our bubble universe the two waters are his two separate 3D dimensions of models for the brains ( membrane dimensional stacking are all within these two water boundaries with the Bubble or Vault as its casing for Light .

#stop #plagiarizing me #book wrote this stuff millennia ago, and all you freako gurls do is hate on us Christians.
DAY2 teaches the Universe and how to teach the Big Bang to the kids : using the Princeton atheist model they had plagiarized form me and will pay with their souls.

Lay out a 12 foot x 2 foot piece of rice paper or a lightweight paper on the floor, street , pavement, gym hardwood, supermarket isle, you guest house , etc. and shake one end and blow air to make a wave bubble move between the level surface and the paper, and where the paper is touching is the light explosions of critical masses that give way to our “Life” and where the Bubble lay, we have the contraction to the eventual critical reaction back to the Big Bang, as clearly described in #DAY2. I place this code in Geneses One for free for all the World . We have no jobs or food and these #fake scientists have billions of dollars and the U.S. poor pay their taxes L

DAY1 , why go strait when you do not go strait ? we do not play your chumps atheist murther FXXkers

Day 1) dark water matter hydro, cool contracting universe is described in day one of the #holybible . For 35 years String theorists use astrology 10 dimensions or M + t to show their universe when this is like little kiddie stuff and old school. My seal one that everyone is under has a base of 47 dimensions. So yea! You use a new math system, so do the people of the #BOOK


You cannot play hypocrisy with Me, bitches.

#UCBerkeley top #psychology dude on earth for #framing in a social conative context.
#GeorgeLakoff and his doltly wife are number one on Earth for their psychology breakthroughs in cognitive functions. A “ Frame “ is a utterance or a written word that is repeated or promoted and gets picked up by the public as a meme or an idea or some type of creation or brand and thus becomes an influence or a creation that changes an outcome. He is paid tens of Millions of Dollars for this junk science when the Bible teaches it for Free.
The Book of John, “God was the Word and the Word was God. “ Who is God? The ‘creator’ so what is the Christian thinking function. A word creates something. So plug in repetition or communication like sharing and if it gets picked up , it too become one of Lacoff’s primary examples of a Frame. In the physics these are particle tethered to space/time. A unit of a so-called packet of info carried across space by a photon is scaled out from a Supernova in a type of neutrino form. Each has limits of speed , but the Neutrinos goes waaaaaaay faster than the speed of light if powered by some supernovae like 1987A which we caught these things in six locations on Earth. These special packets of energy overload a receptor if awaiting, & such as I and I had time traveled from April to Mary of 1987A; never knowing anything about astronomy at 21 years of Age. The frames have start and stop times over the wavelength of our Universe

So the illustration of multidemential can be shown by a flat long piece of paper and lay it flat across a table and we have another long piece of paper and we lay that evenly over the other so they match identical, looking like one piece and then separate one end and shake up so you push a \;puff’ of air to lift the paper and push a bubble through that layout and that is progression with your illustration at a more true function of our Universe. Then just plug in the Big Bang, reps. And you are finished. The Bible teaches this and we do not have homes or jobs and you suppress our children with atheism stupidity.

You cannot think and you are called the top of the World. Good bye fruit-ball. My ten year olds know your whole subject from Sunday school. Fruity tuti. Bitch gurl must be so stupid she thinks I was raised in a conservative family and had a ‘ strict father’, and not a nurturing family which are all “Liberals. “ I Am suppressed and Veterans and older folk and younger white and we have no jobs, futures or respect and you get paid for something that is free in the Bible. You need a bath in the lake of Fire .

#cosmology #IAMAMI
And God said, “Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years, 15 and let them be lights in the vault of the sky to give light on the earth.” And it was so. This then is plagiarized by a jew and an arab: Princeton physicist Paul Steinhardt and Neil Turok of Cambridge University



#wimpopoo use it as the only name for #Washingtonpost OK? if you use the #antiDonaldtrump rag. #ISIS leaders, now the USA is alqaueda or something now own #USArabia

Star maker, Oregon wrote:
The scientist and NASA looks at these words: 'In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.'
and they try to convince you with "We found a billion earths!" when they haven't even showed a second one. Lolz.


contemporary news


Paul Joseph Steinhardt (b. December 25, 1952, Washington, D.C.  1,000) Princeton cosmology

Neil Geoffrey Turok  b.  16 November 1958 Johannesburg, South Africa, 1,000

+Victor Bravo she is correct the corruptocrarts are in full control. Donald will be killed if he does not sellout the country - just like the others. Hollywood and all others have or are planning overthrow and small feudalstartes. Like Mark Freakoburg and #GOG and other new money wealthytes. But that does not stop earthquakes, floods, asteroids and quasar beam blasts. This world has another thing coming. Land and buildings will no longer be made comfortable. #heatdeath and all sorts of good things coming form my wrath. The world helps me I turn it off. but they will not. They believe they know it all and are better. so they win their doom.

#democrats see an #illegal #immigrant raping you, they get section 8, $13,000 US dollars a year for welfare and are given privilege citizenship. the secret are the #niggers and #Latinsandnigger dragonites are running USA behind the scenes ,. so the world is over. Five time rapists are being let out at Texas and #California, and there are no police to stop them, they are the brown blacks. #Armageddon is a global racewar people not a nationalism thingy. #wakeup



world is gone dude, shyte happens upon my seals to be released shortly. If I am still alive. The #semites are attacking and with no rational. They hate GOD's people and know their time is short.

+Jesse Summerlin #jayehoover is a black man, born as and he as the FBI CIA killed white boys #johnfkennedy as well as Malcomx and Martin Luther King jr. so we take the niggers off the planet for their bigotry and lies and hatred toward GOD's people. all of them were religious.


Real Islam vs. 99% FakeIslam

Sigurd Malfait shariates and Arabs born into #Islam do not know Islam. so call them arabs. I do it out of respect. real uislam will kill BillClinton, #georgesoros or the #GOG GOOGLE crews or Mark Zukerburg; Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch, the real eviloids. so most are fake islam and gong to the #lakeoffire

Dark Energy is what we see in our space when we look up and it is the most dominant force in our universe . The Blacks started the universe and fucked it up so God sent a second set of Atoms and built a genetic superior. These are references to seeding and gene upgrades to humanoids. The Sumerian mythos says that the God’s created Adamic slave race, when this was just some Marvel comic writing back then in his fantasy land mind.  The facts are blacks are slave drivers of history and run vertical non horizontal societies and cannot be trained otherwise .


Donald Trump, Dywane Johnson, and Ben Carson cannot fix this problem nor do I give any onus for them to try. It is over, the world is too late. The black are evolutionary things and not ready to lead our universe. You believe they are so you can have the earth and have them fix it for you. Ha, ha. You rejected Me, Now I reject you.

Why? If you falsely accuse me in times like these you go for a deletion. You are halting the saving apparatuses of my people with the talent to solve things. Instead, all over Planet Earth I see blacks raping, abusing, selling, and auctioning off my children, and white and browns in too much fear to stop them. So I 'll take matters into my own hands, thank you.

Killing you and starting over is too boring  for me and too much trouble. Find someone else, another fool You never change nor will you. You can only be managed. That implies wiping out overpopulation. If you ask me why I judge? This is because you have judged me endlessly and constantly for 1,000s of years. I do not  judge you like this abuse, but once in a while I have to retaliate against the dark energy that is a black person who endlessly suxs your energy like a vampire. . So I careless of your false accusations.

Blacks are the most abundant Dark Energy source with all the flaws  in them.


no longer people to be afraid of the #darkmatter #niggers. #georgewashington said one day the #African dark skinners will destroy America and they are always putting pressure behind the scenes

black dude get A+ for his senior Harvard Thesis and turns in a rap-album of lies against Cracker.


#white people enslaved ( #Liar) and black are all innocent = A+ #worldoverfolks they gave us Iraq I, II wars and Vietnam and Obama and Bush. it is long gone people. #darkenergy took it over and destroyed truth, love and light.

#crackertraitoredu #eduisgone #americagone #idiots took over and run the asylum. so no solution, get out before they eat you.

Harvard degrees are only as good as the paper they were printed upon . #debunked and empty nonsense. The world needs real scientists to help it heal , not the #DINO=#rinO = chaos platform they run here on earth.

Harvard #economics says pay off foreign investors and fuck those US citizens, they are pond scum nobodies. Blacks control Harvard behind the scenes. .

time to think upon a different edu replacement.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

#people of #GOD it is oK now to leave at 100% behind the Devilish Jew 1920, south of France origins of the #politicalcorrectness it was started to shove black people into governments. They do not have the #DNA sets at this time to run any government. they can run barbarian kingships, but that is low level civilization.

United States of America Slavery #realnews

and made poor whitey fight other white in the #civilwar without informing the white poor that half of South was black slaver owners enslaving the poor of all colors. #Abraham #Lincoln was the first one to figure out the #usMILITARYCOMPLEX to which is an #darkenergy ATTITUDE OF send the poor sissy whites to die for rich nigger greed and Judean profiteers at desk jobs . #Niggers are so big they beat up whites communication problems at the dna level) and so the Judeans said, we can use them to get rid of this new white migration population. So you KKKers are seeing #hell OK?

This is why there is enmity between white white and WASA or ashkanazi white #KKK of EU German mixed white stock, Stupid KKK Killed white for nigger profits and that is banned by #GOD. all cultures.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #05202017ad I support taking down all confederate symbolism because they killed white for da #niggahs and #KKK are all going to hell for that blythe

#bookoflife #arcmichael now you all know why #UShistory is never taught at Harvard to preschool because #darkenergy is MutherFXXker

#cornelwest represents the fall of mankind. Absent of any logic, reason, love or compassion. Nigger greed is #darkenergy stringed. #wordtoyourdoom

Ransomeware is done by the Techie Elites just like Washington DC sends poor whites to die for easy nohow Jew and Nigger desk jobs.

Windows 10 was openly advertised as a hack window to steal your bank stuff by the Microsoft people because they laid a virus that did their XP in and no one had those codes. #Microsoft is a Mafioso criminal organization and put out these viruses to make billions in fixes like Monsantos makes the bad seeds and then makes the pesticide to clean those seeds, profiteering form both sides of the agri argument.

I blame black and Brown people and the weak white traitors who do their #master #slavemaster desires. #niggers run capitalism and slavery out of Africa as I write this and because they are demonic liars. and blamed innocent whites because niggers have no souls.


Hollywood, I LIVE HERE, what is it?

Hollywood Stars’ what are they in reality?
 Ancient Greek pejorative prefix δυσ-, (dus-) "bad" and ἀστήρ (aster),

the Hollywood Stars' are the DISASTERs and led to the world collapse.

they live in 20 room, $12 Million dollar mansions and do coke and booze and whore. 8 Billion live in boxes and do their bidding . the .01% Hollywood Stars’ point out the World’s problems are these 8 Billion box dwellers. So I take these chump inhuman soulless animals off our Earth, OK?  Maybe a few can stay at my deaccession. Otherwise, these are these cabbages and have no grace.


The Industry as they call themselves calls themselves the #coolkids. You are really mistaken, the real cool kids are my people of GOD. In the coming decades this will become very apparent to the entire Globe and populations, still left on earth.

Late night white genocide

10% white left on planet earth, the most suppressed group in all of Earth's history. .

CoasttocoastAM with Jewnoory and his sand nigger buddies who hate GOD
I stopped listening to coast to coast over 10 years ago. they are white geocoding sand niggers and who believe UFO s are here to wipe out the evil 10% white race and glorify the jungle monkey.

FU fantasists.


#zombies won, you have no army and they are not coded for teaching. #lolz.

people of #GOD being suppress, dance and enjoy the demise of the #wicked that falsely accused, abused and rape, beat, suppressed, stole and hated on us just for the color of our skintones with no rational argument to back up their collective hate. To #blackrace ; I had to run away at 14 years old and was abused because at the DPSS the niggers told my Mom over 1,000 different attempts, you are too white so we do not feed your babies.

I do not lie. see #bookofjohn 1,2 my authority yo, and to put you back into the earth, permanently . Moms told me to take out the trash so that is what I am doing. #arcmichael #nomoregrace gone, cut off, no negotiations. bye bye hater breeds. I threw out slavery 2,000 years ago, you and some afro white large idiots cannot read the #holybible .so not my fault you are too dumb to function. I do not tolerate hate just because you are too lazy to read, work and respect. now go back to your violent jungle monkey video games and gansta drug dance parties.

#sellsouts are going off this earth. that is final.


There is no Christianity, sayest tardo gurl

+I swear i will subscribe to this guy #Revelations tells me 30% or about that are non faithers and or too dumb to function. so that explains you. see ya would not want to be ya :) My people have kept the faith for 1.5 Million years. they get the Earth, you go back to the ground. My opinion counts, not yours :) Christian was a name made up by Semite roman imperial babyrapers to shame us because it meant go crucify that person,' when they called us Christians. So we change our name to We win, you Lose. so Call us that from all religions as I had set those down as well in multiple times and reincarnations.

So my armies are from all corners of the planet and in all cultures. It will be too difficult for the elite or even 10% to stop them.



Here is a frame I made today at 2:11 pm May 17 2017ad
#terrorist on #earth is #akbarbezos who takes active Top Illegal #Classifieds and #leaks them to the media and world to destroy #GOD 'S PEOPLE ON EARTH . #bookoflife #arcmichael #02:11pmLA05172017ad #estabbymeindabackcrews

#terrorist #jamescomey leaked topclassifieds to #terrorist #akbarbezos #spook


Voodoo end to USA confirmed

  • USA founder George Washington said in a letter to a friend that the black immigrants will destroy America one day. Oh well, another one bytes the dust :(



We do not need to be submissive to liars and bullies. Slaves are Afro brown to black dna structures, recorded across time. 48% of slave plantations were owned and operated by African blacks. US history does not teach the truth,. so we are not a country. #arc on #socialrelations

Arc Michael
all there is is to fight back and target and destroy and we are going to track each and everyone, in life or the after life so they do not pull this crap for over a millennia.


battle for earth


Irelandstan ( mid and central west african takeover)
Londonstan ( Northn Africa, South Deccan)
Instambuljihadi ( Turko Tatar Nomad shariah advocates: law is Brown supremacy and not a part of the #koran alternative #quraan
BerlinMohemetcity ( 50% of Germans under Hitler were Semite and this remains today with added 2,000,000 new immigrants that are sunni–like in just the last few years. .
Dubai ( aka US southeast). They purchased California , buying – off #jerrybrown a semitic #demonite #antiChrist
WashingtonDCstan ( 1`950s Jews took control , after creating illegal USemite Army called the #cia #nsa and 15 other spook agencies that works to kill–off all Christians and peaceful people on planet earth. That usually means the white white noridic or white asians or whtie Russians,
Party affilites: #judean warmongering halfwits; brown jihadi shariahites; Mexican antiChrist death promoters, and drug and rape children cultures. African anticolonialist qurater wits; any white traitor that will betray its own people for temporal power, like WASA Angela Merkel or Bill ( Afro dna white arab) and Hillary Clinton ( WASA white arab jew).


Beohnke, Robyn, father Richard I need off this earth and its seed please. I f you love me,. thank you, Takes its dna and record it


Banning of US Christians

Arc Michael
+Darrel D. I am all of you, just had to figure out who you all were but not the dark energy, they judge too but use #darkenergy lies on strings in Physics. OK, creepo . How about 20000 churches killing my #Christian whites including vets as they suck Agnostic immigrant cock. Want t to discourse on that, idiot. I have them 99% in my lake of fire, OK freako Gurl? so Christians allow Christians to die while they usher in Cartel Paco, #fu

that breaks both my state laws ( Community first before others) and my religious laws. #lovegod #1 and they do not so I do not care for them any longer. Please go tell them, OK? thank you :)

this also includes #blackchurches so they too are gong to the pit.


Here is a frame I made today at 2:11 pm May 17 2017ad
#terrorist on #earth is #akbarbezos who takes active Top Illegal #Classifieds and #leaks them to the media and world to destroy #GOD 'S PEOPLE ON EARTH . #bookoflife #arcmichael #02:11pmLA05172017ad #estabbymeindabackcrews

#terrorist #jamescomey leaked topclassifieds to #terrorist #akbarbezos #spook




Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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