2930 AD


Jesus Christ Returned as Promised

What is left out of the Holy Bible are reincarnational soul – threads. These are too difficult for humans. Your mind is wiped when re entering the physical plane. There are processes of recovery but based on one’s soul structure.

Soul wave functions: very complex, only top mathematicians can figure the portal flows of energy. Started 10 19 2018 9:00 am ish, Utah, Salt Lake downtown.
Many other persons reincarnations I have done, yet never published because I AM Viewd by authority as a threat to The Beast, which is a two – dimensional carbon robot that acts and looks like a large human. †

2018 distant { threads to world unknown } Enki » later reincarnated as Marduke. Akkadians changed narrative. ‡ Marduke same astre scientists as Nostradamus] ‡

Atlantis: Pre – modern. ‡ keep secret, controllers of Earth do not believe in Lemuria nor later Atlantis ‡.

300 Descend from Mars ‡ F classified secret ‡

Textual Traditions: in Gilgamesh, IAM Enkidu. Sumerian. Where we get the term the SUN. see F classified.

Post flood

‡ ‡ [ Missing reincarnations , need to investigate ‡ ]

‡ ‡ [ Krishna = Vishnu 10th as Kalki ‡ ]

Abraham Bible

Abraham ‡ [ 2018 , investigating, have a feeling ] = Marduk an ancient connections and to end times ( period then ) . Worship of ba’al forces Abraham to leave Sumer. Old Age, Evil wind on last year of his life. on tradition, Marduk was buried alive inside the empty sarcophagus of the large Gizah Pyramid


{ Isaac ( not me ) , [ Annu, first born tether problems as Enki - still investigating ] .

Joseph, Israel's Son

Joseph ( Bible ) coat of many colors ( Age 21, May 1987) Time Travel. Canoga Park, after coming home from living in Montana for 1.9 years. Released fall - winter 1998 A.D. to 200 people in email. Random.

King David , Bible

King David 2018 [ very secret, very political, same structure reincarnation as Alexander II ] and empire changer ] .

Elijah , Bible

Elijah ( mentioned by me in NT to disciples )

Socrates , Greece

Socrates ( Greek, a Not believing in State gods ) ( Age 22, 1988).

Alexander II of Macedon

Alexander II of Macedon ( 2018 fall ) . This is revelation to me. , Father Philip ii, same as ( GB ) . At trial and prior told Athens I would destroy them, I kept my Promise.

Jesus of Nazareth | town was created a few years after I was born. Revealed 23 September 2017 on Twitter.

Jesus 2017 ( Summer of 2017, but had a feeling my whole life) . 12 years old, in upper room of 9211 Encino Ave. S an Fernando Valley, Northridge , CA. San Fernando , Los Angeles. first time read parts of Bible. Had a feeling I was in it. -5 BC, -6 Astron calendar, equivalent March 1 st, Gregorian modern extrapolated backwards. Time still unknown. [ keep secret] I never told of my birth-date for reasons of witches astrologers. Don’t use Julian Cal.

{ Missing reincarnations , need to investigate }

Michel Nostredame

Michel Nostredame ( 1988 ) summer , due to load of 1987 A Supernova neutrino load.

Georges Leopold Alexander Bizet

Georges Leopold Alexander Bizet ( 1987) late fall, due to load of 1987 A Supernova neutrino load. Perhaps assassinated by Illuminati because they wanted the money from Carmen | Revenge

Carter Baines Mcdonald

Carter Baines Mcdonald & Current reincarnation:: using Michael since age 15 years old. 1998 - 2017 , Sept 23: used code name Archangel Michael . Note. In The Bible I often use this name as a standard mask, communicating with others. Most of my reincarnations the State is opposed to me.

I only Save those that stand up prior to a crisis or conversion. You do not have to believe this, and can go pick your banker $ trillion god promoters as your salvation. Usury is banned. That means interests, stocks, stock market, futures ets … economic hegemony by privileged elite.

I do not care about dying, because I was killed by a bunch of black teens in Homeless jail at the age of 15 and did not want to return but was forced too with a message that " there is something that you have to do! " While dead, I protested but was forced back into my body. This told me that I was not in control.





















































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