Hex 42 00a0 इतिहास ? &   first two digits ; Gregorian Modern. AD

NSA/GCHQ Hacks SIM Card Database and Steals Billions of Keys

schemer link.

#confirmed they hack my phones , turn off sound, cut off calls, steal data!

The Intercept has an extraordinary story: the NSA and/or GCHQ hacked into the Dutch SIM card manufacturer Gemalto, stealing the encryption keys for billions of cell phones. People are still trying to figure out exactly what this means, but it seems to mean that the intelligence agencies have access to both voice and data from all phones using those cards. Me in The Register: "We always knew that they would occasionally steal SIM keys. But all of them? The odds that they just attacked this one firm are extraordinarily low and we know the NSA does like to steal keys where it can." I think this is one of the most important Snowden stories we've read. More news stories. Slashdot thread. Hacker News thread. Tags: cell phones, databases, eavesdropping, Edward Snowden, GCHQ, hacking, NSA, phones, privacy, SIM cards, surveillance Posted on February 20, 2015 at 7:51 AM • 130 Comments

IAM: traitors killing humans for perversion and profits

8:05 took direct energy weapon attack. Cabbage CIA nsaholes et al. The usual pedio- Creeps out side. Cops troopers stayed down the street. They play too. Like the children raw! I shot neutrino s at them with my mind!  Fled like sissy fags. 11202018AD. At shelter door. Why do they run like sissies dragon Intel? I see you revising mpg2? Haha . u missed out on a lot of realities. Sucks that you live in a dream world? Eh cabbage NSA. On your field and defeating you scum walleybags.


Jesus Christ #D

Sindone di Torino, Sacra Sindone, 3D χριστός ; < ˆ 5.916666666666666 f.t. = 1.9722222222222222 yrd.

It documents that Eric Emerson Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Alphabet – an American multinational conglomerate that owns a lot and among them Google – is working on “de-ranking” alleged propaganda outlets such as Russia Today, RT – the world’s third largest television network – and Sputnik.

Who is Eric ? one traitor who got billions targeting poor white people on social media to please George H W. Bush head of all US intelligence agencies , President 41, perhaps the worst U.S. citizen of all of American history. A Sell Out to his own country men. John F Kennedy asassination was a German operation to kill an Irish , first Catholoic President of U.S.A. history. Counter Punch

Nov. 24, 2017.

Personally he helped send foreigners after me to do me harm. Using Google plus which I was on for years . My files in track logs are all over the Internets . I was shadowbanned and never got a notice to halt. I replied to only one which was fake. On Google plus I was fighting children exploitation. I got a notice I was posting Pediophelia . I responded I was fighting against it. I was not banned or got another response. I want to fight Eric! Challenge him to a fight!

I deplore NAZI Germans! They were in the 1940s heavily involved in Pediophelia & witchcraft!

Eric Schmidt? He is one of the richest persons on Earth & was heavily involved in Hillary Clinton's campaign as she called to her supporters to target U.S. Conservatives! She has aligned her whole life to the fake Christian Bushes. She only advocates pure Leftwing politics and deplores Conservatives. The Clintons are very powerful hooking up with German Pharma conglamorates in 1993.

IAM a immigrant

Why ? IAM a Scottish ; MY MOM was an immigrant. Germans been here in the Americas since the beginning, TAKING settlements in the South. They became the KKK. The German NAZI were global robbers & perverted atheists . Germans destroyed Rome, not the Christian movement. Germans are named Germ. Because they are a virus , a disease on the human race!

Hillary Clinton is a German like her buddies The Bushes! Germans destroy everything on the planet they touch! Eric is a German too!

100% proof ♥ Lockeed Martin used directive energy weapons to make Donald Trump pay out $billions of Federal Emergency Funds to Gov. Brown & power player Nancy Pelosi. #confirmed in photo. Trees stand unharmed!
Lockeed Martin controllers are heavily Germanic and 57% polled in America believes there will be another worse Holocaust , perpetrated by the Rothschild Germans and their frogs at DARPA.

so evil are these Germans they use fake Jews to target real Jews. IAM a new , a Scottish Jew. Germans align to Dragons. These are fake Jews! Eric is not a Jew! That is why he came after ME. Tracks me daily. GOOG is not Russia! It is 🇩🇪! Proto Germans lived North of Isreal during the recording of the Old Testiment! 10:10 am MT. #11202018. -111w 40n.

When the Nazi Party gained full control of , they discontinued the use of the red, white and black flag in favor of the flag of the Nazi party, which featured a black swastika.  Germany then hated white DNA. After the Third Reich, Germany did not return to a tri - color flag, one section had been white. Instead it adopted a flag without white colors to mask that the NAZI atheist pervs had never left seats of global hegemony!

World Atlas NAZI control the worlds' Media, Militaries, Academia, Institutions, Banks, Marxist Globalist Corporations. & Most of the Internet. It is a rigged system of leftwing - globalist abuse!

♥ Salley Yates Antfa is designated as a terrorist group. Thanks for being on top of this! They are made up of heavily German agents.

♥ Gen. Michael Hayden can you alert to ♥ Adam Schiff's district is infested with Antifa.! The Aztecs DNA are CIA. Vetted. Not the Spanish. Why?

Think Bohemian Grove Sacrifices fealty culture! Aztecs went to jungles to abduct other tribes and bring them to the elite cannibals, masked as pleasing the gods; when in fact these elites drank adrenochrom because they were demons, not humans.

INTELLIGENCES AGENCIES are fleecing America blind. How much did LM make? Do they get a cut from the Emegency Funds? NSA beleive they are POTUS. America over. Tortured by military Aztecs supporting Bush Germ Warfare daily here. Cannot have a day of peace!
How much did Hillary get? Or Brennan? George H. Walker Bush & Clinton still run all Intel agencies. Media colluded to cover up massive crimes by German anti-Semites: Bush/Clinton cabal.
Adam Schiff is also German, as is Michael Hayden who remains quite!
9:07p.m.mt. -111w, 40n. Update 9:12 p.m.

Democrat Harry Reid LA Times .

The federal government has been grossly irresponsible in its neglect of mounting immigration problems, even as these problems place unbearable burdens on states like California. It is regrettable that states have reached a point where the only avenue they have for justice is the courts. It is even more regrettable that this Administration and this Congress stand by and allow the federal courts to the nation's immigration policies.

Taxpayers simply cannot continue to sustain new populations the size of San Diego or the state of Nevada every year. California is sending up the red flag tat Washington should heed.Unprecedented demands are being placed on job markets, schools, hospitals, police, social safety nets, infrastructure and natural resources. Unlimited new arrivals pressuring these systems threaten to overwhelm them. Latimes. Los Angeles.

Russian Investigating new leads; Jcor. or RS ? gets leak head-up from radio NY host. How? Doc visits white h. logs two times or more weeks prior to ( Sr) Russian hack - leak . this means white house has SR under surveillance for over a month before that same doc. Goes to hospital as SR is still alive. RS gets head up from NY radio host. How does this Radio host get that info before RS? 7:44 #11182018AD. Investigation going well.

Old hlxs does copy leak to JA. Why he hesitated to pub. This was ordered by wxh. ? For security and tracking reasons. u Jclp. U were under orders. I agree some ru person s are twisted. Did fp. ( mycodes) leak ? u should m/ codes ! Hope u relay quietly to lemule. Keep True / new code \ out of loop.
u can break that key. I know you can.
Clinton was investigated for 3+ years. I'm fine with Org. Plan to keep it going. GOOG is moving to minds.com in Aug. G+. Closes. IAM off that site. Hate it. Russian claimed immigrant cries on film .GWP. My mom was an immigrant. IAM not crying anymore. M/com is a Russian site. Uses new ES codes. So that's where they are headed.

Updated ( 8: 31).AM 8: 16 am 18th.

Kuru is spongy brain disease, eating human parts: equivolent to mad cow! Diseases. Kuru is a very rare disease. It is caused by an infectious protein (prion) found in contaminated human brain tissue. Kuru is found among people from New Guinea who practiced a form of cannibalism in which they ate the brains of dead people as part of a funeral ritual. They called the disease kuru, which means "shivering" or "trembling." Once symptoms [...]. NPR . Today: symbolism. They handed out many of these new shoes to the homeless; at a Thanks giving event. Will hand out more on Thursday!

"When researchers made their way to those villages in the 1950s, they found something disturbing. Among a tribe of about 11,000 people called the Fore, up to 200 people a year had been dying of an inexplicable illness. [···]" 2016 uploaded Youtube . Here claimed an epilepsy, Hillary Clinton " shivered" uncontrolled! 1, 000s of persons made video with strange references to her having a rare disease!

September 6, 201611:23 AM ET. NPR.


Matrixkeys: 1:00 - 1:10 p.m. MT -111w40n

Disclaimer : Do not click on this interpretation or proceed further. It may be fantasy and not what the writers and producers understand as made. I do not want to be accused of promoting a false interpretation of the 1999 AD Movie the Matrix. If you use any of this You must cite this page and website for your teachers or professors of your pages. Copyright #11162018AD

The Matrix Keys × loaded 2:22 p.m. M.T. #11162018AD -111w 40n






250 miles from Yellowstone caldera which runs toward New Jersey. ♥ Liberal Scientists were drilling holes in the US supervolvano. Two years ago, 2015AD. Bushes, Clintons & Obamas know about it but remain silent! They, these people globalists like Bush, Obama, Facebook secret controllers , Google leaders, many others around the world in power :UK Canada ILLUMINATI MAY DROP NUKES TO SET OFF A CHAIN REACTION.

1:41 p.m. M.T. -111w 40n. #11152018AD.

11152018AD 1:14 PM MT. They may beleive this will cool the planet, but it will do the opposite in the coming decades. Some of these demons are only in this for the blood sport! Some for profits from a market crash!

CUT Globalists may have nuclear submarines or Missiles to target American citizens by creating a Giant Killer Wave, six stories high on the East Coast. They are protecting Hillary Clinton from this Fake Russian Investigation. Also to nuke Yellowstone . 250 miles away to safe zone for the first few months.

Marco Rubio Changes HIS MIND but not anti-Trump George Bush, Nationalism is better for U.S.A because 220 Countries run Nationalism. And U.S.A. wants to end Empirialsm: Like invading Iraq to take their oil? Bush did not instal a democracy, he installed an Iranian monocultural government! Not diversity! Bush hates Trump' s diversity programs. Like Hindu, Asians & Africans into the FBI or local governments. Bushes wanted Geb Bush German or Hillary German and to install more of the same ol' , same ol'!

7:10 a.m. Bush 41 believes "History" books in the future will shed a good light on him for killing millions to increase his family's wealth.

In 1993 Hillary met some foreigners who are very powerful pharecutical People who made a deal with her because she became powerful . Allegedly they made a deal to support her financially in return for powerful favors. In turn these hidden powerful forces wanted to instal her as President one day. This way she could pass secret legislation to flood the American pharmaceutical market with many pills, of this or that that really were never tried and tested. Allegedly a deal was made to have her installed as a future POTUS. Many of these secret players are alleged to be remnants of Hitler's NAZI regime, living all over the Planet. They are so rich they may have nuclear weapon submarines to nuke the oceans to create a tsunami to target America. This is of course, alleged.

These secret powerful pharma people contributed $100,000s to her New York campaign, & $100,000s to her first Presidential campaign ; then believing it was her turn in 2016AD they contributed over $7,100,000 million to her election campaign. Because she did not win, these powerful forces that banked on a $10,000,000,000 winfal from here being elected as POTUS ( She lost to Donald Trump), they still demanded their $10 billion dollars $$$$. So Hillary Clinton is in trouble.
9:03 a.m.m.t. #11152019AD. Yellowstone

NAZIs on Hillary Clinton's campaign just put a Jew away for 40 years in jail because he helped Donald J Trump in this 2015-2016 Election cycle. Russian Investigation

Washington (AFP) - US President Donald Trump on Thursday launched a fresh attack on the Russia investigation, branding it a "disgrace to our Nation" a week after he fired his attorney general, raising questions about the probe's future.

"They have found no collusion and have gone absolutely nuts. They are screaming and shouting at people, horribly threatening them to come up with the answers they want," Trump wrote on Twitter.

"They are a disgrace to our Nation and don't care how many lives (they) ruin."

Source: Yahoo.com

For example. Michael Cohen is going away for 40 years in Prison because he paid zero taxes on a set of designer Beverly Hills Dress clothes. How many people have skipped their taxes on the IRS forms? Half the country. However because Hillary Clinton is in trouble with pharma , secret CEOs, very powerful and Michael Cohen, a Jew, helped Donald J Trump on his campaign, the Fake Russian Collusion plan was to target all people who supported Donald J Trump.

Thursday, 1:44 p.m. M.T. #11152018AD. Is19a Retour.

Bill Mitchell: "One idea to prevent vote fraud would be to inject federally traceable "Key" ballots into every state election. After an election, the feds could trace these "Key" ballots. If a statistical sample of the results do not match up with actual results, it triggers DOJ investigation."! Twitter

11 09 11


also December 19 - 23 2018 because often used are ancient calendars or the modern liturgical. March is counted as Month #1 : UPDATE 11132018ad 1:04 P.M. m.t. -111w 40n
chatter is that Globalists rich fake scientists are blaming it on incoming dark matter which they do not even know what dark matter is to them. It is invisible to them. So New York and New Jersey could come first 2018 and second the west coast. 2019. People may wake up after this event because they do not appreciate Donald J. Trump has already stopped a North Korean nuclear weapons attack on the U.S.A ( leaders of North Korea are globalists and work with other globalist entities, we tried to unify them but the Globalists took over again and are now in full control.). Globalists call him a racist and a NAZI. Rather he is Scottish, and not of German origins .


[ redacted 2:24 p.m. ] these globalists to attack America and globalists ( Media, academia, US liberals and fake Republicans) are defined as traitors, terrorists with automatic imprisonment up to 5 years in jail.

1:11 p.m. mt #11132018AD -111w 40n.

Globalists ( foreign collusion) are terrorists and up to 5 years automatically in Prison

Sources are Patriot Act(s) 1 2001A.D. & 2 ( 2009 A.D. January). & U.S. Constitution.

1:09 p.m.

( Youtube.COM and Internet hosts this short animated film ) My Pet Goat 2 ( 2006, edited to 2012 ) has false data. It is a bragging rite of The Illuminati and a slant on how they plan to destroy the world. 9:23 is a symbol plastered across numerous commercials, Movies and media for decades. That date , Confirmed is September 02, 2019. You can treat this information as you want, fact or fiction ? However this is a date that The Beast, False Prophet and their frogs will nuke the oceans and create Tsunamis to wipe out New York or also California at the same time. The Illuminati , False Prophet or Masons or the Beast, whatever have no control on numbers and they love to make them tricky to find out the code. 09 02 2019 are three places of the 9:23 code. 09 = 1 placement, 02 = second placement, and 2+0+1 +9 = 12 and then convert into a single digit , becomes 1+2 = 3.

#11092018 for example equals 11 09 11 or 2:92, subtract 60 and get 2:32. = 3/22 Skull & Bones code .

These numbers do not belong to them, they have no domain for them. Numbers belong to all and I AM not Illuminati, nor a Free Mason nor a Skull & Bones member. I never went to Yale. They denied my application. They made a huge mistake. I went rather to The University of California, at Berkeley, called in the hallways on campus the Alexandria of the West. Modern Age. Secretly.

1:33 p.m. Salt Lake, Utah, United States of America, M.T. #11092018AD.


Louis Lefebvre began production on I, Pet Goat II in 2006. By 2008, he had established his studio, Heliofant, in Montreal, Quebec, employing various 3D animators, and the Tanuki Project who scored the film. Lefebvre predominantly used Autodesk Maya, V-Ray, FumeFX and RealFlow software for rendering sprites and animation.[1] I, Pet Goat II was released on June 24, 2012.


Louis Lefebvre gave an interview where he claims his source was a channeller sent to him but this short film left out many realities. The name of this channeller still remains unknown?


Wikipedia My Pet Goat 2.

Google Youtube: Government Free Masons or Globalist Elites have the Tsunami on the 2013 $100 Bill Decoded: New $100 Bill Reveals Tidal Wave To Hit New York City: Published on Oct 19, 2013, AkyasEasu

Mark Zuckerburg, birth name is a Germanic name not Zuckerburg approves child exploitation.

Facebook Continues Child Exploitation

The "sale of a child bride to be held on its site." - CNN. CNN . "Facebook said the post was taken down as soon as the company learned of it, but that wasn't until after the girl was married." - CNN World #11202018..


More to story

"Activists are concerned that this auction -- for which the father reportedly received 500 cows, three cars and $10,000 in exchange for his daughter -- could inspire other families to use social media sites"











































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