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Michael J. McDonald

y'Hoshua Arcs ( Greek, Jesus)

Trop AQU

 Y’hoshua Arc(s)


Catalogue (AMUC)

Y’hoshua Bethlehem Star


yhoshua Bethlehem Star


H-Survey Persei, Andromeda, Triangulum, X-ray


Y’hoshua wide tropical Aqu region


AMUC two Ancient Explosions AQL near alpha

1.16 MB

Famous Sources : region of Bethlehemic star recorded in 5BC and 4 BC by Hannic-Korean Astronomers

Nova Delphini 2013, Inferred 13 years ago

RA 20h 24m 20.37s J2000, δ +20° 00′ 12.6″

Reached brightest mag on Aug 16.5 UT, max 4.3 optical mag.

b09-backman info


hydrogen survey alpha aquila a massive vortex
The Large Ancient Massive Explosion


Alpha Eagle X- Ray vortices nova remnents

These Vortices near Bethlehemic star recorded in 5BC -- Vortice near al taire, spectrum obscured by Nova Remnent


Nova Delphini 2013, x- ray
Equatorial 2013.0

RA or Longitude   DEC or Latitude   PA(East of North)
305.87916667      20.76666667       0.000000     
20h23m31.00000s   +20d46m00.0000s

Ecliptic J2013.0

314.68500500      38.80463649       17.406909 
62.19902704 -9.42405672 56.132169


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