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Michael J. McDonald
 A 48 AMUC
M87 Virginis Elliptical Galaxy

 Vortex 6.6 billion times the mass of the Sun  |

λ  182.05829203 ( ~ 2° Libra    

β 14.41655904      

Catalogue (AMUC) 04


Massive Neutrino bombardment of Earth, Ends Atlantis

Neutron Star Explosion in Vella, about 10,000 -11,500 B.C. has an arc running through hydra and leo to the poles, which can indicate a Tiamat connection. The Leo Summer Solstice happens in the fourth century B.C. period. 10,000 -11,500  B.C. is the way out there. There was a period in the northern hemisphere, Montana, Indiana, the upper sections of the North Americas that had seen a massive bombardment form space objects that scientist claim around the time of this super massive explosion in space. It is not difficult to believe that some world catastrophe confirms a scientific view of a world reorganizing its waters and lands, and these periods coincide with the stories of Atlantis Sinking.

A 41 AMUC Supernova 11 th century
A 41
M1 Crab Nebula J2000 ~ 24° Gemini

1054 AD ancient astronomer/astrologers noted the appearance of a bright new star in the constellation Taurus (Bull). It was visible in broad daylight for more than a month before fading from view.

Massive Neutrino bombardment of Earth, Ends Atlantis

Vella Nova Remnent alpha – alpha particle

Neutron Star Explosion in Vella, about 10,000 -11,500 years this is its alpha – alpha particle spectrum, a hydrogen signature perhaps of the largest in the local universe.



A 41 X- Ray Supernova 1054 AD


A 41 X- Ray





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