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Michael J. McDonald
Blue X-Ray Vortices

 The Galactic Center, Mars, 44 Oph, and Washington D.C. western horizon in alignment for the 2012 General Election, the 44 th U.S.A. President re elected to the office of the U.S.A. Presidency.

Catalogue (AMUC) 03


Armageddon and Future path of Earth, Winter Solstice perspective.

Earth's Future

Virgo M 104 ::: The Dark

Bands of  Dust equivocate

our own bands of dust from the

Milkey Way. To the proto Maya,

these dark bands or patches in

the night sky represented The

Dark Rift!

Ultraviolet Survey of Universe

Dark Rift tutorial , visual


Barack Hussein Obama II ( astronomy/


Asteroid 1930 Lucifer

Asteroid 1278 Kenya

Asteroid 26955 Lie

alpha cancri , acubens


Israeli War with Islam,

Hamas, proxy Iran, et al.

Mars enters the Dark Rift

on 16 November 2012 and

exits the 21 st of November

2012. Between these dates,

this war took place.

2012 November 16 th -21 th position of the planet Mars

Mars Path of Dark Rift, Israeli War with Islamic Middle East (Hamas, backed by Iran)


Barack Hussein Obama II Inaugural 2013

Astrological symbolism of the anti Christ ( 10 th cent. to modern viewpoint by astronomer/astrologers, the best of the best intend, from Abassīd astronomer/astrologers to middle Age and modern age astronomer/astrologers.  


CI 0024+17 Pisces

Galaxies in mullti- Rings

Nasa Claims this is dark matter.

advanced camera, 2004, Nov.


Equatorial J2000.0

RA or Longitude

DEC or Latitude

α 6.64870833

δ 17.16222222
RA 0h26m35.69000s

Dec +17d09m44.0000s

Ecliptic J2000.0

λ 12.98670555

β 13.10429461

PA(East of North)



Uranus' position 2 May 2013

(2:20 PST)

~ RA 00h38m36.89s

~ Dec +03° 25 24.6

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