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Michael J. McDonald
Trop AQU

 New Galaxies

AMG 1 & 2 AQu


Catalogue (AMUC)

A1,A2,A3,A4, A8


A1 Color


Winter Sol(s) 1989-2162 A.D

large file: 600 dpi photogragh.


Comet 2012 SI

Position for most bright; trajectory  --day --29 Nov. 2013



A 10

Winter Solstice

1953.821026 A.D.

WS 1989-2162 with GC I1 arc



Copyright © 1999 — 2017 Michael Johnathan McDonald

#UFO case Barney and Betty Hill , 1950s, #UFO people said come from #Centaurs A. It is our #Oort cloud Neighbor. The Earth's Oort cloud and Centaurs' Oort cloud interlap together & w/ 3 Trillion rocky roids combined and something disturbs them, on schedule and sends #specie wipeouts ever 26 Million years , astronomy and science recently concluded. except for the UFO case. #bookoflife 14:19 #NoHo. here I show you our supernova that started out own solar system. it is the blue fuzzy thing, under ARC a. #AMUC #arcmichael #06272017AD #coolkids