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[June 2011]

[June 2011]

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 Discourse on Earthquakes

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 Fardāyrīya Nostradamus

U.C. Berkeley Sather Gate 2010 January

Graffiti Oakland

14 th January 2010 ; 10:59am line 51 to Oakland;

Buss 1080. Disregard for public property and tax-payer issues.

Covent Berkeley

The Convent, BSC, 16 Jan 2010

Valentines Day

University of California, Berkeley

Display Valentines Day 14 Jan 2010

Berkeley Fountain

Upper Sproul January 2010

History Berkeley

break area behind classes U.C.Berkeley History Department in Bld


Strawberry Creek Under Sather Entrance to campus from Sproul


North Hollywood, this was renovated after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. The building sustained major structural damage as a result.

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