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Planets 7:58 pm

Saturn, Mars, Venus, and the Moon over Los Angeles, CA. USA.

7:58 PM 12 August 2010

Eclipse 26 June 2010

Eclipse 26th 2010 June from Los Angeles-- Over the southern Pacific at 12:06 am LMT.


Los Angeles Subway. The construction company stole $19 billion dollars and no one was prosecuted – pay-off to officials (LA TIMES). They saved money by skimping on the concrete, thus the subway is unsafe for large earthquakes. There were plans to keep building but the Federal Government matching funds did not like the theft of their contributions – so they halted it. It should have gone to Santa Monica, all underground. But the Democratic Party was running the city, somehow large amounts of money usually disappeared during these ruler ships.

13th Friday

U.C.L.A. Friday 13 th 2010 August

Saturn, Mars, Venus, Moon, western sky.

7:52 pm Los Angeles California USA

I’m around the building of Royce Hall and looking westwards.

Moi 13th Friday

Standing in foyer of Royce Hall and looking stupid as always.

1400 Haight

1400 Haight San Francisco

1500 Haight 600 Ashbury

90 degrees Fahrenheit beautiful weather; This courner is famous. Hippies still here. -- 13 October 2010

a little boutique

Haigth Ashbury District

Positively Height

Haight Masonic

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