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1971 Sylmar Earthquake, this lasted 1:43 seconds, it was big.

1971 Sylmar Earthquake, another photo set. Mon went shopping for groceries the night before, everything came down to the floor. Fire Marshalls red-tagged home at 11:00 am, had to leave, dam was leaking and threatened to flood the S.F. Valley below.

Father/Mother at 9211 Encino Ave., Northridge, CA; Forth of July Street party, Scott Becker, early friend, dressed up for Halloween.

Desperately poor, living in this car, at North Hollywood YMCA, photo of Father, Sister, I and adopted daughter (Kelly) by father and third wife (actually only admits to second wife), at Sherman Oaks apartment of my sister.

Margo and Ann, two of my Mon’s sisters, have cousins and nephews, mainly in Western Canada – where my Mother was born, growing up with a Native Indian Tribe the Quaqutals (sp?) –she spoke their languages, as we as five different languages, but only an 8th grade education before she left her home, came to U.S.A. in early 20s, met father on Campus of U.C.L.A. Me nude below with Rodney the Raccoon.


Kelly, Father and Moi, Chatsworth, CA. His home.

Sister at dog show, one of her Whippets, named Diva, a Champion show dog.

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