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Davies Hall San Fran. Veronika, Bellerose/Moscow; Ming, Hong Kong/China; Michael Los Angeles, U.S.A. (Convent BSC), 2009

Michael, Mary Kathleen, [maiden name] BC, Can.], Kerri McDonald, sister, photo in England

Michael Johnathan McDonald, Baby Photo

Tolucalake United Methodist Church, a local Community Church, Next to Universal City, Los Angeles.

North Hollywood, December, 1999

Baseball, Basketball, and Football trophies; wearing Northridge All Star uniform. 9211 Encino Ave, Northridge, home shared with Mom, Sister and all ethnicities as friends and neighbors. Father had separated ( by the time I was 8 years old, and lived elsewhere, however he was involved in local community sports).

My families first home in Arleta, LA, CA.

floor plan

Holidays, Encino California, close to Mulholland Dr. on hill: Father, Paternal Grandmother, Virginia Fink (remarried name); Frieda V. Unterseher [ father’s grandfather, separated 8 wives, Clifford C. McDonald], sister and me.

Arizona Vacation with Sister and Father; Grand Canyon and I was a skateboarder; just starting back then.

Arizona Vacation with Sister and Father; Central Arizona and also by boarder on Cal/Arizona, two different fishing photos.

Alma and I, LAVC, June 2007; EOPS councilor and inspiration to keep going at school; the only person to know that I was homeless, living in my car while attending Valley College ( formally in Van Nuys, district changed to Valley Village, CA.)

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