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Armageddon Arial Virus Testing by US Jets

Normal contrail

The Bete Perseus is on the ascendant at 5:13pm today. all these clouds are made by a U.S. airplane. This photo was taken in the early morning, Venus and Mercury had just risen --after the Sun.

Sherman Oaks California Flag

All these clouds were man made by Chem Jets

27 October 2010, afternoon. The heaven spraying began and Pluto/NNode opposed Moon and squared Saturn, and T-Squared Uranus/Jupiter: A bad Omen for the USA. This spraying started, at least from what I had witnessed in LA, in 1999 under Bill Clinton's Regime.

Studio City Chemclouds

Marfik Rose today

Studio City Jet Painting of Heaven

Man made clouds. No clouds in sky in early morning, but after Jets had laid some chemicals

Voila' the government makes clouds. It would be nice if they told us why, where, when, who and how? But you know they like infecting people with disease as they have admitted infecting blacks with syphilis, admitted during the Obama Regime. 2010.

See how the contrail dissipates quickly?

27 October 2010

cloud machine turned-off, so a normal contrail at this time. One minuet earlier this jetplane was making long contrails that turned out in these photos as huge, massive and expansive matters -- clouds of some sort.

East chemclouds

Morning chemical clouds, today 27 October, continued into 28th, were made by planes.

11:35 a.m.

27 Oct. 2010, these clouds now are spreading and forming weak-but expansive formations. These clouds were from the earlier photos taken in the morning, Planes lay these chemicals out over the Pacific Ocean and the wind-currents direct them over the land.

Sherman Oaks

The clouds thin-out, these are not natural clouds

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