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La Raza

A Racist Organization, secret meetings on Public U.C.L.A. campus. A Notice.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter

22 Sept 2010

Uranus is there too, but just cannot see it because its light is too faint.

People's Cafe

Haight Street, in Ashbury district

Haight Masonic

I guess I liked signs this day

Phone body

Even hippies cannot escape a constant attent. to Smart Phones.

San Francisco Capital

Illuminated this night in orange.


Peace Love and Victorian Architecture.

Ironic San Francisco is built using Victorian designs and calls itself a progressive liberal city, when Victorian Times in England can be construed as highly Conservative Culture.

Self Explanatory

The Little Shoppe under the signpost, at this building is memorabilia, and tourist wares. There are a lot of shops, and eateries, but bring some money. Some places are expensive, but if you search around you can find cubbyholes where the locals play.


University of California, Berkeley

Looking westerly, toward San Francisco, Oakland to the left, but out of view.

Santa Monica Beach at Night


18 Sept 2013. very pretty
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