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Cal vs. Stanford  2007 Women's Volley Ball

27 September 2007, Stanford looking dejected, Cal up two games and winning in the third, but not for long.

27 September 2007, Excitement! Cal verses Stanford up two games and winning in the third, but Stanford would make an amazing comeback.

27 September 2007, Stanford does not like the flash of the camera, but announcers said do not use it while the ball is in play. Flash did not work.

The Forestry Major’s came out to harm the Stanford Tree, did not quite work out.

The Tree and the Dollie’s kept dancing between timeouts, and willfully, Stanford began to rally.

that did not squelch the spirit of Cal, they would go onto the championship rounds this year, and huge accomplishment and recognition for this team.

Some Worried Stanford Dollies (not for long), they were probably more into who wins and loses then most of the crowd (and our dance team too).

Arizona University, a victim of (5th ranked, at this time) of a 2008 Cal WV Team who looked the best out of the four years I followed the team.

Cal tied a school record this night, 10 consecutive wins. Go Bears! They crushed Arizona U, sorry.

Stanford WV 14 November 2008 at Cal

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