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Someone is peering, can you spot it? Of my first photo(s) from my Cannon S-80, bay area, campus.


Sproul Plaza, October 27, 2006

Cal Women's Soccer, The Oregon Ducks lost. October 27, 2007

Cal Women's Soccer, The Oregon Ducks lost.

Bears verses The Vikings, September 19, 2006. Memorial Stadium.

University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley, Sather Gate ( prior to cleaning).

Doe Library

The Bay, May 2006 , photo from San Francisco , Old Port.

Fall 11 Nov. 2009 Budget - Cut Protests. Most protestors are not students; California Hall, Where the Chancellor’s office and part time residence –if needed as a back-up. Students protest The Regents, the U.C. President, and Sacramento but ignore Obama’s anti-free market economic plan. According to Karl Marx, the only way to make money is by Free Market. There is no other way.


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