Go Ben Carson, to me, he won the debate. He wants to focus on America, not foreign stimulus packages so the Barbarians do not strike.

Democratic Party is for colored people, get out white witch! Racist white witch Hillary Clinton taking jobs from the blacks, die now ok? 12 22 2015 A.D. 4:44 Pct

Whatever comes out of the mouth of establishment has been proved for 60 years to be lies. It is a time for a real change.

Hillary made it clear this will be Bill Clinton's third term. debate 12 19 2015 A.D.

9/11 mastermind and attacker came to America on J-1 student visas.

Guy that collects your personal info and decides if you are a terrorist : John Brennan, current head of CIA converted to Islam while stationed in Saudi Arabia.

USA 1950 IQ= Rank #01 in World. ( white People liked)
USA 2014 IQ= Rank #19 in World.
( white People hated)

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