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tarja 4 th July 2003 A.D. norway

healthcare us history current Google a cesspool of anti moralists . Julian Assange offers job to fired Google employee who wrote anti-diversity memo. James Damore, the engineer who wrote the memo which went viral.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ Google hack post 🚫 🔯Beast WMD 1999

Brave New World or Satanic rituals are to abuse the children to make them want and desire evil . globalist 101 rothchilds training program. Rape, sodomize, beat, punch, and bruise and molest to sexualize it.  start when they are toddlers - Rothchild's ; Builderburg child rearing education for the elite. they are the #democraticparty of #Satanism . so what is your point?

William Binney, Technical Director, NSA; co-founder, SIGINT Automation Research Center (ret.)

Blacks force shame on whites

How Dragon works

#poll of #trump 38% weeks leading up to the Syrian airfield bombing of 23 Missiles ( Pentagon charged for 59, ripping us of f again) and after the #usaterrorist attack at Syria, looky loooky

HACK FINAL RUSSIA topic 4:30 pm 10 th Avril 2017ad

Syria nor Iraq have the capabilities to make Sarin. but at #area 52, aka Dougway, created 1942 abouts makes the world's source of Sarin. the pentagon just lies. Rebels or aka IS or Islamic State stock it for framing.


responce: update 04122017ad

  • +Worldowner u r slow it was actually 23, one fell into the ocean and the Pentagon charged us USA tax payers or population for 59 ( 60-1) at $1.5 Mil a pop + 8 Million per launch, about 100 million US dollars was spent to make #liberalGOP happy . One day you will learn the #fakemedia = #fakepentagon = #fakeedu= #fakehollywoodjews = same crap channel.



pre hack: leaks: A handful of CIA veterans established VIPS in January 2003 after concluding that Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld had ordered our former colleagues to manufacture intelligence to “justify” an unnecessary war with Iraq. Hillary Clinton and her Beast hubby joined team #bush and so we decided not to allow more endless wars and so we know the FBI, someone, masked, delivered to Assange DNCleak2 to try to stop the 70 years of fakewars and endless pain and suffering and no jobs.

last week of March 2017 Donald Trump began to push out the white people who ran his campagin and elected him as the Liberals have pressured him to their side.

Why do Israelites and Jews at CIA want to over throw Assad? Syria is not in the corpo #satanic global loop.


Eisenhower, Truman, Kennedy make Middle Class = 90% taxation on corporation.

Ronald Reagan gutted this system to 38 %, Bush Sr. lowered a little but Bill Clinton lowered it to 13% or lower, as the tax code for  the elite are 10,000 pages and the general populace gets four pages of tax forums. Why? Loopholes so that rich people can write-off earnings and thus ‘ keep them’ which was an establishment group think operation at Scotus and Potus and Congress.  Donald trump was told but decided to go to the Liberal wing of the GOP, we call them #rino  : Republicans in Name Only . Why? They vote secretly with everything the liberal DNC advertises.  Bush Sr. 41 ( 58 Continental congress counted), Bush Jr. 43 ( 59 Continental Congress counted), #barry Soteoro aka Barack Hussein Obama 44 ( 60 Continental Congress counted), Donald Trump ( Campagin on tea party populace platform) 45 ( 61 Continental Congress counted).


Top level Russian Hack #buzz & why #crookedhillary lost
GRU, formally KGB runs APT 28,29 which were involved in allegedly pings between a #Ukrainian bank and alleged a GRU unit, still masked, and all the howitzer computer sighting codes all allegededly claimed by the CIA as a Russian malware which #CIA says created 80% shut down of all Ukrainian Military Gunner equipment. The first investigation asked an anti-Putin Ukrainian Field commander what happened. He said nothing happened. The Gun sights were never affected by any malware or hack. A month later the UK #President uttered the same conclusions; as well as many Ukrainian Cabinet members.

[[ update 04112017ad Leon Panetta who ran #911 ' unhashtagged' said on television that Russian and Assad Syrian jets are the only jets allowed to fly over US ISIS camps in northern Syria - he is #satanic liar people ]]]

Phase #2: #CIA tells select house committee who just ousted Nunez over trying to drain this #WashingtonDC elite careerist swamp is told the #fakeintel by #ciafakeintel. They believe the GRU hacked the Ukrainian military, which is an act of war. So the establishment on the Russian investigation are keeping quiet because they have no Russian hack to point to anything criminal.

What they do have is Julian #Assange announcing he will dump DNCleak2, declaring this days prior on the social medias and Roger Stone then predicted w/us media coverage; and Stone gets prediction wrong, anyway;
so when these emails would be released by Wikileaks. #dumbasshillaryclinton believed Roger Stone ( served a short while under #Nixon) had hacked and gave the hack to Wikileaks because he was some type of Prophet. #dnc COLLECTIVE iq is less than 100. Zombies R US.

#FBI then said Russia had not hacked the DNC but may have influenced the Trump campaign. For the world’s information, and not counting the dozen coups, the United States of America since 1950s has led 81 separate Foreign State meddling in their elections , and so being a hypocrite is very high on our list.

Julian Assange for years and in resent TV interviews makes no political bias for his leaks. The #Democratic Party adored Julian Assange in the 2000s as he leaked the #iraq classified documents that showed Bush lied to go to war. They did not prosecute him then and so it was difficult not to kill him at London, due to such a non-bias track record.

Assange follows my suggestion of #DINO = #RINO. Michelle Malkin was using the term back in 2006 for republicans that voted for Liberal agendas. I started 2006 also to blog or reply to posts on media I was on with: both parties are the same thing, there is no right nor left . thus the #establishment narrative would become some catchword in 2016AD

ON Democracy Now today, I think this was not his first with Amy Goodman, he reiterated that the leaking of intelligence has nothing to do with right nor left parties ---- as the DNC publically accused Assange and Trump of colluding with Russia.

It has been 345 days for this #distraction of Russians influencing elections. Congress can do no work. All industrialized states perform influence, it is natural . No one speaks of $75,000,000 to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign by VARIOUS brown arabs that call themselves Muslims or Jews. Another fake charge was #Wikileaks published the Clinton Foundation documents, which Roger Stone had predicted. However, Julian never published them, he saves them for his trump-card ( no pun).

Hillary Clinton lost because she is a liberal arts dumbass . Her senior thesis was the benefits of having #Lucifer on your #jewActivist teams. However, there is a reality fact check to consider.

When we roll back video on the campaign trials of 1992 and of 2016 we see Donald Trump in the same locations giving the same speech pointers as Bill Clinton . Hillary Clinton was nowhere to be found. Often stumbling drunk into a van as was several related video, & on multiple occasions.

Hillary Clinton’s Comey blame: Hillary Clinton lay much of the blame on the FBI that came out a week or two before the election to say , they restarted an investigation of her. Hillary Clinton had the FBI pull in George Herbert #Walker Bush one week prior to the Bill Clinton vs. GHW Bush election ; and that doomed Bush’s chances,; he also being on television got wide exposure insinuating he was a crook too. ( #yesheis).

Hillary Clinton is a #hypocrite and believes her shyte does not stink when all other persons shyte stinks. At least the Berniesupporters feel this way. She lost because she is a drunked - up dumbass , liberal arts failure. She could only assent to power by allegedly killing whistleblowers ( 109 of them so far).

#usintel #spook capabilities. As encryption cannot be decoded in flight the #CIA developed a file put on your computer that sends them you un encrypted #email or computer files. I have on e on my computer and have taken it off twice and it gets back on so I leave it there. #NSA does 150. milsec burst grabes in midflight ; then re assemble one's data on their server. what am I saying. Encryption does not work when the public's computers are compromised. #NSA is now much small in funding than the #niggercia . the reason Truman and Eishenhower and Kennedy, all white people stated CIA is an illegal army is they are brown nigger lovers and as #bigots #usa is gone. people #trump is a bandied to get out if you're white white dna.

go #TRUMPSUPPORTERS #GOwhitepeople

#bookoflife #arcmichael #04102017ad they kick out white and Christian and intelligence out of UC Berkeley once that Arabs took over by funding majorities.


#CIA has a slogan : Create Chaos for us 260 families of Military Elite bankster-Corpos = #jewprofit . a bomb by USA every two minuets means CACHINNNG $$$$$ $$$$$ bomb = $= #CIA motives at 100% since 1947ad

responce to a #redline political post

doug, relax. #Obama was to bomb, but first for leagal reason he had to clear it with #nsa head at that time #jamesclapper who made the correct move and called it off, saying Russia or Assad did not chemical their people 2013 ad circa.


04 11 2017ad

Leon Panetta who was a leader in the #911 cruise missile attack on the Pentagon, clearly filmed now, argues that only Russian and Assad Military Jets can fly over #US ISIS bases and thus must be responsible for another #falseflag attack to get #wallstreet stocks booming so Gansta Niggah can afford another #Kilo before it goes out and abducts a white child for a voodoo cannibal rape ritual, which then the #liberalmedia celebrates as #multiculturalisml. #donaldtrump has been hijacked.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #04112017ad

04072017ad How Christian became a word

BEFORE Acts 11:26

  • roman semite soldiers called each person affiliated with Yeoshua as A #CHRISTIAN , which then was used as a code name for enemy combatant of the Roman Empire or its Judean proxy ruled affiliate. So when a state actor called one a Christian, that meant they needed to be crucified or killed.

RUSSIAN CHARGES by #DINO #RINO remain unsolved. Mystery to why?

341 days since the Russian influence the elections charges and no one has shown any shred of proof. These investigators included #FBI, CIA, NSA , and 14 other spook agencies and also mainstream New
York Review of Books and Rolling Stone magazine, Washington Post, NewYorkTimes, Chicago, 11,000 affiliates and even most on #foxnews. Not one shred of evidence. post 2:01 p.m. 04072017ad


New DRAGON EDRAGON FDROGON G φ DRAGON H Ξ Beast Chip and NSA ‚ FBI‚ FISA Court leaks on Donald Trump < 03222017AD two GOP house members told media publically they saw pings between Obama’s FBI and Trump Tower‚ multiple occasions and on multiple named sources . Dragoni 04022017ad 3:05 PDT. Sherman Oaks. C.A.

In case you all forgot: #USEMITE #DRAGON #WARMONGERING #DEMONS BC, #dino = #RINO

Moderator LOOKS LIKE 100% SEMITE


🔥🔥🔥Attention Owners, Mods. and members.🔥🔥🔥 I agree with the Pastor. Obama, Hillary and the media have portrayed us out to be a bunch of rascist along with Trump. We have got to set a better example. We are Americans. The color of skin doesn't matter. It's the Spirit that moves the skin that matters. PERIOD !! NO MORE RASCIST POST !! THANK YOU !!

  • wrong . white for millennia\ have not been allowed #identitypolitics. so get ready for global #Armageddon. lies by the colored people for centuries = " I t is not about the skin color,blah blah blach, ' Just filthy lies for centuries. Google webmaster team has a 30:1 ratio of colored or mix race to white. so #FU

    what Hitllery ( #hildabeast and her #beast #waronterror creator hubby) says, we do the opposite . There is no compromise, we drain the #swamp



Posted to Conservative America who lost almost all people and semites took it over and act like establishment  RINO
#conservatives are #Obama policies #DINO = #RINO google trump communities hijacked by #semitic filth.

United States of America taken over by same troll semite , code named Thorn who wears a mask. Talion Thorn a code and he is brown skin Semitic and hater of white people.


Google Employees hijacking names and libeling white people.

Google even takes real names and uses them posting libel, meaning the original human is no longer on google plus but Google staff are using his or her name to defame to legitimize the  white arab and brown jihad all over earth . Ron Russel one name.

John Houk
Let's Roll Trump Troopers !!News/Blogs/Tweets
Susan Rice is a typical lying Dem that unmasked Trump campaign staff names that did NOTHING illegal while using an investigation of Russian collusion/voting interference as a MERE excuse to politically impugn Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

Sarcasm on the Syrian Air field strike: no Hillary dropped off old gas containers to say, lookkie lookie, chem canisters, so Trump bombed them to help cover up Crookedhillary insatiable behavior to do crooked and insanoid, non-thought-out actions, all to benefit her bank accounts , off shore.

tracking GOG behaviors

when #government turns #evil #fakechecks never work. why is google doing this? wallstreet defense stocks explode on 26 missiles to Syrian airbase fields War makes #trillions for the 1%ers and they at #gog land, do exactly as Master #jewwarmonger directs them to do or they get 200 #CIA on them, paid for by the people that hate the CIA and foriegin illegal militaries that make money for 30,000,000 people on earth when we have 5.6 or so billion.

sarc / #andrewjackson ( ref. trail of tears) once said : " Native Americans were Europeans 11,000 years ago, they conquered peoples here and thus are illegal ; It is just a he said, she said, thingy ! . — joke. He said no such thing.

#foxtrainsalquaeda #Murdoch forced to party on sex and drugs. #cocaine is #Obama #bush #Clinton (s). Makes them totally do the insane things they do !!!


paradise island California


UR–Ban–ic Apocalypse Original sin



crude code mask – secerts of life :702pm 04052017ad

Gravity is all niggah particle composition.

energy = E = white dna
Niggers comebefore gOD = light in bible . see day 1



Historiography Swamp Persons


on Tomahawk to Syrian Airfield 04 06 2017ad

#ChicagoTribunefakenews ; wow, us tax payers paying millions for CIA Muslim trolls. on Gog ( Gogle() Google) #OperationFU

Hillary Clinton once again, we found out she's the one responsible for introducing the sarin gas into Syria.

USA FUNDED «CIA Trolls ( paid by usa masses) on US Citizen websites campaigning to destroy America,, Alert, this is an illegal army

Hillary Clinton once again, we found out she's the one responsible for introducing the sarin gas into Syria.


Russia surveillance accurate at 23 Missiles, I counted 26 but Navy admits some fell into the sea. Pentagon charged for 59 missiles. The profiteers are not me nor the masses but 260 Multimillionaire careerist jew niggers.

04102017ad —

#CIA bitch, they have $50,000,000 dollars budget to troll us #americans and start their #antichrist wars #profile #masked #IQ less than 100 points. #bookoflife #arcmichael #04102017ad it was in the news the #CIA, largest budget now is all over Yahoo, and #fakebook and Twitty as #CIA trolls to get the #arabbitches that have 90% BY cross or mixed race to kill off China WHITE PEOPLE, RUSSIAN WHITE PEOPLE, NORTHKOREAN WHITE PEOPLE, IRANIAN WHITE PEOPLE, SYRIAN WHITE PEOPLE FOR THE AFRO NIGGER DICK UP THE JEW ASSHOLE.

Cia ALWAYS EMPLOYS LOW WIT ANIMALBOTS WITH TWO LEGS = Yale admission accepts thee monkeys by the boatloads.

Democrats were already losing before they tricked their party to run #crookedhillary

try in the last 8 years, local, municipal, state -wide and national seats of power has gone all republican.

The Democratic Party has died, chumpy. Bush= Clinton, same elite filth.

u people ran an idiot establishment. Trump may be one but he campaigned on non-establishment.

#NSAkeyloggerand sync kit on my computer slows it down they like to peer through eye cam ( I have it uncovered) so they can jack-off, the only thing this illegal military ever has done beside middle in every country's foreign affairs’!




  • 340 days now and #Comey FBI said Russia did not influence, any thing about the election. but #cnnfAKE NEWS AND #washingtonpost keep saying the Russians influenced and we must oust trump.

Air Field Bombardment cost US taxpayers $100,000,000.oo US dollars. It did nothing but send Defense stocks soring upon news of #wwiii.

Russia 23 Missiles, pentagon 58 missiles , who lied and who had to pay for the excess waste? I counted 26 but #navynsa said a few fell into the ocean.

deep state charges $1.5 Million a pop for Tomahawk or Cruise missiles .

al nurse chem storage was bombed by convential bomb, no Syrian army knew that #usa HAS chems stored there to fakechem and get USA military more richer by #wallstreet defense contracts and stock surges

dougway or area 52, created 1942, creates the Sarin used that killed those people, forensics explains. about 200 or more milies south west of Salt Lake City, Utah.

reporting 5 days afte the event:

"Our U.S. Army contacts in the area have told us...There was no Syrian “chemical weapons attack.” Instead, a Syrian aircraft bombed an al-Qaeda-in-Syria ammunition depot that turned out to be full of noxious chemicals and a strong wind blew the chemical-laden cloud over a nearby village where many consequently died. This is what the Russians and Syrians have been saying and – more important –what they appear to believe happened."

this story has remained consistant from day 2. source

Doug Nunya
of Let's us roll trump troopers, a major contributor to the Google trump online campaign sides with Islamic state now, and these politicians:

+Darren Chaker wow doug is a big #Islamic state and Hillary Clinton supporter wow, Van Jones, Chuck Shumar, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Bush Jr, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, NSA, Miltary Complex, CNN, all praised Trumps attack on white assad in support for ISIS brown crap. FU


9th Avril 2017 A.D.

#RINO = traitors and many cannot see that #trump betrayed us with 4 Goldmansac appointees, 60 Billion increase for a few rich Navymen and more endless wars to kill the #whiterace fuck you colored #DNC supporters masked as #trumpsupporters go die now.
big #Islamic state and Hillary Clinton supporter wow, Van Jones, Chuck Shumar, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Bush Jr, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, NSA, Military Complex, CNN, all praised Trumps attack on white #assad in support for ISIS brown crap. #FU

  • +Ruben Stevens Sarin is made at Area 52, more secret than area 51. They ship these to Rebels ( #RAQQA ) that many are alquaeda or #ISIS, et al. descriptions of antiwhite jihaders = US white European Military commit suicide because USA military is Islamic state now in power . Assad forces on the ground bombed an Al nurse storage facility that they did not know housed chemical weapons. that blew up and killed scores of innocents. Rex Tillerson two weeks ago at Syria told Assad to his face, Trump has no plans to oust him. so there is not proof that Assad is a nutcase, he is not losing the war; he would not have gassed his own people.

    Even when Red Line was crossed in 2013 and Obama said, let us start bombing ( another fake chem attack to usher in regime change) James Clapper called Obama and said we have no solid source that Russia or ASSAD USED ANY chemical weapons, and there goes your #redline

    #donaldtrump . and yes I do trust donaldtrump. he destroyed little and made the #deepblowgov a little richer this week.


    but do not praise this attack. it has blow back potential

link to google plus post #donaldtrump Let's us Roll…


altyria valenci

is a CIA NSA BEAST troll as their are 200 on Google plus being paid by you to attack all Americans. Also a Semitic

Just warmongering capitalist voodoo animals.

Social media tells us about racism
yesterday, not just the establishment was crowing and cheering the bombs as wall street stocks shot up on news of new contracts to make bombs hit the airwaves, the #niggers flooded social media enthralled, overjoyed and in a banter of celebration that usa launched pretty fireworks on the television, their only source of entertainment as they are lazy niggers on welfare.

FUck the niggers to hell, so 1000s of years supporting the GOd MArs.

niggers fuck up everything good in the universe.

so yesterday, out of all responders, the niggers were the most with Hurray, bomb bomb and more bombs.

fuck the nigger to hell. 04082017ad

USA practices Multiculturalism which produces these axes.

USA practices Multiculturalism which produces these axes.


wallstreet defense stocks explode on 26 missiles to Syrian airbase feilds —— ECONOMY OF NIGGER GLOBAL KILLING HATE ON world PArADe

update 04072017ad Noonish:

if Trump is not smart enough to see the evidence of this false flag by our own shadow gov, then there was never a use to put him into power?

Niggers jump no the Shadowgovernment bandwagon, yet as always
Steven sedberry how about send only black, then deny them vet service as blacks done to whites for 70 plus years? blacks sat at desk jobs for 70 years, while poor or homeless whitey crackers died for nigger lazy welfare. FU

USA niggers did this

event: chem attack in northern Syria kills 12 people and again, media blamed white people and Assad, who does not back the U.S.A. monetary system.



Avril 9 th 2017 A.D. 3:06 p.m. PDT

#spook on ground #USintel anonymous says bomb conventional hit al nurse et. al. ISIS chemical wearhouse that exploded killing children, partly staged after the fact. Trump watched Tv #FAKENEWS , REACTED, Ivanka called him, said, OOooooowww ! THe poor children, white #assad must be evil. they are hurting my niggers and sand #isis niggers, I love them." #ivankatrump is not qualified to make any of these judgments. #rextillerson too weeks ago at Syria told Assad, Trump administration has no plans to oust you. So he would not chemical his own people. #Russia says it only tracked 23 Missiles, and Pentagon charged the American public for 65 Millions at $1.5 Million a pop, plus #Multimillions = $100 million dollars for a #fakenews reaction.

#Syria #Armageddon

A nutty long time street poor jew told me, jews are the superior race because God told them but they do not accept the bible that says God kicked them out,. that is a mental liberal cross black to white dna issue

ANTICHRIST AS A FUGATIVE update 7 th Avril 2017ad

Not sure if this connection will be validated at some point in the future, but I recently read that Barack Obama fled Washington D.C. this past Friday (10 March) traveling to New York City, Omaha (Nebraska), San Jose (California) then to Hawaii and onto Tahiti (French Polynesia, where it’s nearly impossible to extradite from) keeping him ahead of investigators from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)) of the US Department of the Treasury (DoT) seeking to interview him about one of the largest drug busts in American history occurring in the Caribbean aboard a fishing vessel named the Lady Michelle. Now if this is true...could that explain why he might be there and suddenly stopped promoting "his agenda" here in the U.S.? If this investigation really is looks like he's been "trumped!" Guess we'll have to wait and see what comes of this. The drug bust was in plenty of articles but only one site talked about the "O" connection. source post

Arc —The two top customers of illegal narcotic cocaine are Silicon Valley and Hollywood Jew Pizza Empire. So these two media and high tech industries use cocaine and Obama sought to buy their silence by getting them each tons of contain, in the multi millions of dollars. It was busted at a U.S.A. port and Obama is now a fugitive. REPOST FROM ANTICHRIST OBAMA

world war i was faked too to make jew profits

+DEPLORABLE JiMiZnHB #ISIS said in march they were going to do a false chem, got the inside channels.

u be an idiot.

  • Arc Michael's profile photo

Arc Michael
World war I is now being analyzed that it was created by Wallstreet jews. the world is starting to see jew avarice patterns. they sit at desk job for entire life, play golf, go to movies while poor white die for jew Nazi jew greed. It is over. #NSA CIA are illegal armies and fbi


Kennedy chose no war, he was killed. #DonaldTrump is trying not to have Bush crews #assassinate him or the #Beast Clinton crews; & this is high tech survivalist attitudes by #donaldtrump . if we watched the first weeks, all of our things he did for us that we wanted but the courts struck them down . in other words, one person shut down 280 million voices. he then asked us to help, but most ignored. Common folks. DO YOU BELIEVE HE WILL SIDE WITH #ISIS ?

#bookoflife #arcmichael #04062017ad even WWI was run by wall street, the jews laugh at us white fighting to die for their luxury and avarice.

Swamp Persons appeared in the media during Ronald Reagan’s terms. Nixon's henchmen in Watergate were called Plumbers, a few were holdovers of the John F, Kennedy conspiracy — real

« State actors domestic and international all held a belief that John and Robert Kennedy would create endless Jew Wars over at the middle east and flood in cheap labor ‚ & south of the boarder too — all the while being Semitic–bribed E.U. styling— long time ⇒ 1950-∃ corruptocrats had Tutored  

our †dragonites!⇔ … ∧ »


1947 N.S.A.

PLAN⊄fuck the white and plug–in brown

# One Objective: Create the Godless Semite State of Ash–ka–NAZI DNA!

# One Objective: take MEAMIC

POST MEAMIC takeover

## One Objective: blame white people, blame white countries, plausible deniability, as sanctioned if used to suppress the white underprivileged class.

⊂ never report –1965 onward– black on white crime in both DINO RINO ∈ all television and major network news. 

MEAMIC Military Entertainment Academic Media IndustrialΘ Complex

origins Hanic Korea, south west of modern day north Korea Capitol.

積屍氣 recorded circa 150 A.D. based upon 150 B.C. to current recordings and drawing upon 3,000 ys. of earlier scare source , including Dragon bone reproduction < earlies Asian or pre hannic writings‚ Yellow area are composed on animal bones, which lasted much longer then forage materials or brittle clay. Jishi qi

Exhalation of Piled-up Corpses

known in middle age Latin as the Mangre

Origins of political blood?

recorded circa 150 A.D. based upon 150 B.C. to current recordings and drawing upon 3,000 ys. of earlier & scare source(s) , including Dragon Bone reproduction &lt; earlies Asian or pre hannic writings, Yellow area are composed on animal bones, which lasted much longer then forage materials or brittle clay.
Exhalation of Piled-up Corpses
Manger— to the Han and Pan Han islanders this place is known as the  Ghost Chariot: all cultures say that souls come to earth from here, as in a cradle they are kept. The ancient  Chinese observations come down as a great chariot  - perhaps the bright Cancri Stars and just off center is a cluster of fainter stars, about 200, and during the mist and other high altitude weather phenomena, these 200 stars appear to move back and forth in a cradle within a greater chariot. These the Chinese said were newly awaiting born souls , awaiting their turn to come down to earth and be materialized.

Location of PlutoΩ cancri zodiac empty space

Bush Births: Clinton aspects and Hillary Diane Rodham celestial phenomena.





RINO = DINO but almost social media must be filled with anti-Americans – defending one side here or there without knowing facts, reality or history.

+Brian Hoenig so why did Bush only allow #familymembers of #binladen to be allowed on a jet and in the air, when no one in ALLL of America was allowed to get on any jet? have an good ideas?

u sound slow? #dino= #RINO both parties swing the same way.

+Arc Michael We as a nation on paper for over 150 years have been occupied by the Vatican and their Central Banker side kicks, you are only quoting a fraction of the bullshit that has gone on involving this country.
31s arc– world is over, this is the smartest on the social media. sad?

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Arc Michael
+Brian Hoenig u may need medical attention. central banks are on 20 year leases, globally. until 1950s, jews took USA and then said, no review, just make them permanent. You may need an IQ above 25 to converse with me, there. ?


3:19 pdt, pm, April 5 th Let's Roll Trump Troopers

Doug Nunya arab brown latino and African brown cops in California, the rest are jew white arabs will not arrest these people. You need a federal army or #Nordic #scando #Slavic white people, not enough in USA, only less than 10%. Donald is Nordic white, and why he is getting it from all sides = all of this hate is all bigotry for power. I have no solution. whites need to leave the #USa as the #dna of brown is antiwhite ( historically) by codon

right now a brown or white arab jew rebellion against ALL white on earth is taking place and mexico has its agents in our #Sacramento #seats of power.

I repeatedly called for cruise missiles into the Mexican parliament, but people want #falsefixes , like political band aids. We have had that for 70plus years and it does not help to change, zilch. Nada, nothing!

So we only #draintheswamp

we have good local cal radio they are writing sanctuary city rules inside other real state bills and will follow NEVER trump, period. this is all racist and why Armageddon is a global color war. I cannot call the cops: white Nordic and orphan . they turn on me, have done so and more white are killed in #socal historically by brown cops than brown cops kill black or brown. So it is hell on earth. already. No Mexican comes to a white side of things for my entire life. They all laugh and have been siding with lationarab= Moslems and siding with afros to kick out all whites, and even colored Christian nationalists.

You need serious war maneuvers here. bandaids will not help. they will draw first blood.



Source of illegal leaks, today in media, announced it was Obama’s right hand man: Susan Rice. Her father works for the Mullahs of Iran and lives in the rich district.
Susan Rice's father was the head of the IMF ( world bank) she asked Obama if he could print money for her pops, like in the billions. It was so Fun Obama said #illuminati are brown or yellow semites and not nordic. She is 100% semitic and her father lives in northern Tehran, a neoiraniancon district of the Capitol of the Shi’i.

Immigration Spiritual reality

#JESUS DID NOT RUN from government corruption to another country and call those people corrupted and order and protest those citizens to move out in collusion to the #fakestreammedia and #fakeusgov. #arcmichael #bookoflife #04022017ad please teach correctly. thank you.

to the lake of fiire 1,000 sc

BibleStudy in third person.

  • Jesus threw out the #Judean law codes so for the last 2,000 years, #humanslavery has been banned by GOD and not followed. Also antihomo is also banned by Jesus. Key. Paul of Tarsus was never given permission to #proselytize ; that was later at Jerusalem, first council ( unofficial count). #paul of 13 Pauline letters found in the #Christian Bible did nothing,, wrong, ,but just mixed up the outdated #Judean codes and mixed them with Christianity, pre-burgeoning then.



Illuminati directly tied to wiretaps and surveillance on Doand Ttrump

6:01 PDT p.m. Sherman Oaks, C.A.

#Susan #Rice directly connected to the Mullah #Iranian #illuminati confirmed. and now accusations of wiretap, surveillance on non #fisa approved #American citizens. #arcmichael #04022017ad #antichrists righthand man = #ricesusan who believes white are evil like #Obama. her #jihadimom works at #spookcentral and does #whitegenocide

go #donaldtrump #gotrumpsupporters

Source of illegal leaks, today in media, announced it was Obama’s right hand man: Susan Rice. Her father works for the Mullahs of Iran and lives in the rich district.
Susan Rice's father was the head of the IMF ( world bank) she asked Obama if he could print money for her pops, like in the billions. It was so Fun Obama said #illuminati are brown or yellow semites and not nordic. She is 100% semitic and her father lives in northern #Tehran, a neoiraniancon district of the Capitol of the Shi’i.

U. N. Council & Barackis Opeacenikis

' Terrorists Are Our Freinds'

27 Sept. 2012

•Susan Rice's Father an officer of the Federal Reserve and World Bank.

•Susan Rice's Mother a Senior Vice President of Control Data Processing.

When Susan Rice lied to the U. N. Council that the attack on Ben Ghāzhî was a ‘spontaneous protest’ triggered by the two hour earlier Protest at Egypt ( Egypt have been protesting for over two-years, so nothing new – until Cable News Network (C.N.N.) broadcasted a old (June 2012 You-Tube) trailer of an very low-budget documentary critical of Islamic radicals ( most Egyptians or Mideasterners have smart phones nor computers to access You-Tube, but most public establishments and private residents get C.N.N. ( they broadcasted this old video for 24 hours to, in my opinion, incite World War III to blame the Christians – to which Democrats would carry out a systemic global eradication of them – in order for them to reach their dystopic desires!) and Obama triumphed at the secret intelligence – the best the U.N. has to offer the world.

Arcmichael post 04 03 2017ad



02 29 2015 A.D. Ted Cruz: ' I don't think I've ever seen an Hispanic panhandler ' same here too #bookoflife #arcmichael #04022017ad #IRS admitted to destroying hard drives and yet no committee because it swings #alquaeda or #Taliban or #ISISpelosi gangs.


Dragon Population Lies

The Dragon lies continue


bookoflife animation gif arch


Burka is bondage attire out in open, started 1000 s of years ago. #arab like public bondage #bookoflife


Maxine Waters: ‘Obama Has Put In Place’ Secret Database With ‘Everything On Everyone’

wire taps and spooks 03262017ad



 Donald Trump immigration enforcement contact


#multiculturalistic #WORLDCHURCH #blueturban approved for US government by the #cia IN THE 1950s, later 1960s implemented. Similarities to the #deccan (s) early 16 th centaury as Hindu and Muslim clashed over land, agency and citizenship to their vast districts #southasianhistory

elements: how to run the #shadowgovernment

#Sikhism = like #shariah law, but south deccanized or bengalitized, origins 1203 – 4 A.D. muslim invasions into the south Deccans

#bookoflife #arcmichael #04032017ad
#blueturban #Nostradamus


7 th April 2017 ad


+Victor Sias Jr. trying being suppressed and being forced to live on streets and no jobs as blacks with #PC and privilege destroy innocent white victims lives, driving in their $350,000 cars and $250,000 bling, by the Millions, going to their 8.5 bath, $7 Million dollar castles in the Hollywood hills. so far a 71+ year program.

words of wisdom

USA is the only one at the UN security council to say Israel does not genocide Palestinians. DINO RINO both do it

Wall Street Crash coming up

+Roland Mösl yes, the US economy is due for a large correction after Bush and Obama fleeced the coffers


Nigger hate is constant

  • +david williams FU nigger, they are white - Cracker people. Niggers hate Chinese white, north Korean white, Iranian white , EU white, USA white and south American white. any more questions? #identitypolitics from here on out. ONLY! Arc— profile photo shows he is afro dark, dark skinned. they hate white and jump for joy at each white person killed. link


Niggers killing Crackers

Condi Rice ( #stanfurd ) = Mushroom clouds by Saddam Hussein, Colin Powell: " full blown #WMD by a jeff spacoli 1960s Volkswagen, proof. #niggers killed Kennedy = #FBI Jayedhoover is a nigger, meets with assassination teams the night before as pointed out by US officials born as, and the nigger that betrayed cornwallace to with the American revolution,

you fucking niggers need serious reincarnational #punishment

Niggers killed Malcom X and MartinLutherkingjr because there are a bevy of elite rich niggers working with NAZI behind the scenes to be more nigger dominant and #whitegenocide


#bookoflife #arcmichael #04072017ad

James Armistead Lafayette (December 10, 1760 – August 9, 1830) was an African American slave who served the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War under the Marquis de Lafayette. As a double agent, he was responsible for reporting the activities of Benedict Arnold – after he had defected to the British – and Lord Cornwallis during the run-up to the Battle of Yorktown. He fed them false information, while disclosing very accurate and detailed accounts to the Americans.


inserted update:

Voter laws #NewHampshire 7,000 out of state Driver Lisc. used, #voterfraud. #MichaelFlynn has List of #pizzawideopen and first ID'd ISIS is CIA. TRump had to get rid of this hot potato because he lied to #mikepence , the Special Prosecution claims ( no evidence) but the Pizza is so vast we cannot do anything abrupt but must chip away and ID first. #Texas wife who turned her pedio viewer husband this week to authorities ( had 50 images of files of child sex) on his computer and some on his hard drive - thank you.
North Texas Regional Forensic Computer Lab in Dallas where it was analyzed

#GHWB was mad at the wife who reported this.

#arcmichael #bookoflife #09082017AD


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Real Love



Use Government #laundry through private real-estate holdings , argued good for the state of #Arkansas #beast idea of #vincefoster complaints to close family and associates: the Clintons use government for their own personal gain. If they have time, they will do their jobs . Dude this is the #1980s and you #DEMOCRATS ( nothing to do with #democracy, never a mention of poor in 70+ years) ran #crookedhillary and #johnpodesta ( been there since the Clinton's mid terms) and huma the first #beast knees in White House hallways #iranian #jihadi #intern = Huma #Mahmood #Abedin ; she likes #shariah which is #brown #supremacy #legalese. When the Muslim State the #Ottomans ran #multiculturalism ,they ran no #shariah courts, state-wide for that very racial purpose.

#clintoncash #beastofBible #hildabeast #bookoflife #arcmichael #04052017ad

the real estate investments of Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton and their associates, Jim McDougal and Susan McDougal, in the #Whitewater Development Corporation, a failed business venture in the 1970s and 1980s.

vince foster was Beast's childhood sandbox buddy

#whitewater where it all started: " #Vincefoster found out the real idea of what the Clinton's saw as a Public Service to a community of Americans. #mommy always taught me government is for us special people to receive big brown bags of cash, all for me, me , me! That's what mommy jew taught me!" = #hildabeast Hillary called him to take a ride to a park, meet him and he was found by police with two fatal head wounds, declared a suicide before his Body was found in the Park Too. #fakemedia has always been there backing up the #estabbymeindabback crews. #bookoflife


AND even more reprehensible is the Left Stream Media either didn’t report on Ly’n Rice or defended her for doing nothing wrong while simultaneously still stick to the UNPROVEN – ergo lie – accusation the President Trump colluded with the Russians to defeat Crooked Hillary in the 2016 election cycle. leaning right link

Some things Never change


lied to world on multiple occasions, and mom is a top NSA Iranian triple agent. her daddy was IMF ruler illluninati. dude just face it, no one ever has gone to jail ever in my lifetime and even 20 years prior .so usa is all corrupt, gone, cannot get it back. thugs and white traitors, even at EU took the brown bags of cash form Latino Cartellers and Arab Oil Sheiks,. I am banned from Scotland because of my Nordic Scottish dna. if you speak farsi or Arabic, you get paid to go live there #FU the world is over, gone


2006 UC Berkeley Moffitt computer DINO ≡ RINO

April 6 th POLITICS USArabia

Who is George Soros.?

is a fake name white jew and not a nordic white and hates white and aligns to jew white arab


The Democrat Party use to represent Liberals, Socialists, Government workers, in other words, millions of people.  During the Obama years, they only represented the rich in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and the media corporations.  Since Hillary's defeat, now the Democrat Party only represents the desires and wishes of a single

…George Soros.  If they do not follow his every command, he will have them replaced, in the next election.  Soros no longer wants the USA government to function, so he commands the Democrats in the Congress to do exactly what he says, on every issue.

Isn't it interesting, the Democrats imagine the strongman Putin barking orders for Trump to follow, when in fact it is the Democrat Party that is commanded by the Hitler of our times, billionaire George Soros. ——anonymous long time, alledges lives in Mexico.



Arc — on the other side we have Robert Mercer, a tech dude, gone billionaire; a revolutionary coder. He is a billionaire recluse but funded the anti Russian UK coup. He is thrusting out Steve Bannon or conspiracy alert' so it appears. officially: Trump’s strategist threatened to leave the White House after clashing with Jared Kushner. Rebekah Mercer is Robert's wife and Steve Bannon works close with her.

Secret NSA Russian Policy

left wing lunatic is running our Russian Policy. why Steve Bannon has NSA conflict issues.
this left wing idiot gurl is brain dead.
Evelyn Farkas was once considered the most senior policy officer for Russia within the Pentagon, and she is now apparently defending the leaks that have been coming out of the Trump White House.

Now an MSNBC analyst and senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, Farkas has "advised three secretaries of defense on Russia policy," according to a senior defense official quoted in Politico. She has served on the Council on Foreign Relations and the Senate Armed Services Committee, among others, and was executive director of the Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism in 2008-2009.



Simas and Obama controllers

David Simas, who is now CEO of the Obama Foundation, is close with DNC Chairman Tom Perez and has been in regular contact with Sam Cornale, a top adviser to Perez. A source who has been involved in the transition said Simas has provided strategic advice on hiring decisions. The new chairman has asked for resignation letters from most DNC staff as he begins the process of building his own team, although so far the DNC has only unveiled its communications team  the hill 04112017ad


+toney kitts more false histories too. why u do not show us your profile photo, because you are antitrump and CIA has 200 faggies like you, and no one that campaigned for trump on these boards are here any longer, Just me, fucker and few others; RINO = #liberals and that be Bush and you and your gayrape nigger parties. You are trying to get #trump and his people assassinated because niggers rape children and you do not want someone in office that is against that, neh #CIA #troll. ? #arcmichael #bookoflife #04112017ad

cross dressing photo ; 11 Avril 2017ad

#crossdressing #vice surprised me last night. heavily armed, undercover car and Semitic brown Asian ( no whites are left in power, even at the police stations at #socal. many white homeless now cross dress to keep the police from abusing or killing them. #technically still a virgin on both sides. #michaelkors dress was sitting on a rack at a local thrift shop in perfect condition. Did not have much money but splurged on $18 plus the 9.25% state tax to get it. The fabric is tremendous. Now sure what retail costs but over at #seaofshoes #janealdridge is already a Mistress at fashion 'finds' at non traditional #fashion outlets.

when Cops roll up and they see you crossing, they may laugh a lot but it does keep them at bay. The City council, three weeks after the election made it illegal to be homeless again = #corpo making money off the poor by ticket and jail fine enslavement. #FU we take out the #dragon OK?

#bookoflife #arcmichael #04122017ad


SCOTUS scalia assassinated by Crooked #hildabeast #beast




Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



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