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IAM REBORN ananta ε gamma / [OI Article vii. sec. i, v ] Michael Jesus Returned Arc. Operation Immortality v ii u Water the life and dehydrationwhite genocide 1947—2016 fertility factors in all civilizations. Lyra and reptiles from outer or inner space. OI v ii v.∑ Beast DAE. ό αρχάγγελος

Usāmah bin Muhammad bin ‘Awad  bin Lādin 

Economy on Campuses United States.

why do you think Swamp politicians advocate for rich foreigners, there are some 100 millions that are richer than usa welfare queens and kings.— Arc.

Calpers, California State pension plan for careerist politicians have $550 Billion in their bank account but lobby Capitol Hill every day for $$ Billions more, because the ‘high life’ , the  jet set queens and kings of California, Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and formally Barbara Boxer, the more taxes the more lavish the pension slush dipping. #n.S.A. what’s up?   Calpers was always on Campus with lobbying or propagandizing the new recruits   ( Freshmen and fresh women) .

11132017AD. How was your Armastice 1920s > or VeterensDay? > 1950s, same holiday and celebration of war people , many forced by conscription for History.

TRUMP JUMPS TO 46% APPROVAL! ( 43 ) Bush Jr. had 26% approval in comparison.

#Trilaterals are three main units of western influence upon our world. The Royal Family of England, the Bush Family of America and one side of the House of Sauud = (1) Osama bin Laden’s original targets. They run child trafficking, drug running, gun running, weapons proliferation and corporation, private armies and latch on to Private Mafioso units, worldwide to run global 600 base hegemony, on your tax dollars and blood.
Texastan, Londstan, Sauudistan 1917 – 2017 R.I.P. #arcmichael #mason #level34 #bookoflife #chironia 5:55 PST #CityoftheAngeles

(1) Usāmah bin Muhammad bin ‘Awad bin Lādin

Texastan, Londstan, Sauudistan  1917 – 2017 R.I.P.


11122017ADI live in a city where noise makers run rampant. and no police will do anything. the police cannot read nor write either. Some dude has been outside for hours blowing people's ears away and just now revving his motor bike, to high pitched and block ear noise levels, and these people are by the millions. and no one will stop them, and no one cares, they run home and hide in their drug funded or child trafficking funded homes. This world is over, a spinning disaster.

Valley Vlg. 9:00 p.m. November 12 , 2017 A.D.

Massive Global warming meant Vikings could sail from the artic ocean on down the Volga all the way to the black sea, massive new waterways temporarily for 200 years offered a new avenue of global travel – expansion.


Jesus Christ  front gif 11072017ad


Monster stuff by our SUN. Nov 9 th 2017 A.D. Seti gets 100 years more funding. Tabby Star, variable luminosity at 22 day intervals. .

BIBLE IS REAL FOLKS . My BloodLine : My Mom is a white nordic and Dad is a scot— judean.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars + Islam' Θ Moti Israeli Messiah talk. What has been hidden? Israel ch. Ariel Hyde, KickStart : Ariel Hyde, KickStart & Peter Ahlman, “The Last Reformation in Sweden” Muslim conversion to Me. Nice. Hi Chaima. She nearly went to Syria to join ISIS, but Jesus Christ saved her! " Jesus started to do work on my Heart." You are a part of my Family. — Arc Michael

Israeli Pop Idol Star, Birgitta Veksler, Finds Jesus! Youtube

Sia: The Greatest

Willow Osborne – Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Isaiah prophesized and lived in the 8th century B.C. and the synagogues take out of all Isaiah 53 teachings because this chapter disturbs them greatly. Explanatories for ch. 53 begin around ch. 50 . Hebrews are hearing my call to rethink me as their warrior messiah because it is close to end times which is rather a signal of a serious change in Earth’s evolutionary or  progress from our first contact to this planet.


The mistranslation pertains to Israel believing it is the Servant of God , when the text actually alludes to a future Savior who will die for the sins of the world. The video is a 10 out of a 10 expertise by interpretation and an explanatory of doctrinal conflict. Video . It is in modern Hebrew with English subtitles.

—— Arc Michael 10292017A.D. 8:38 p.m.

Revelations Middle East and our Ancient Collective Mesopotamia: Iraq belongs to our world and not just Islam.  The Foundational Chart was preplanned, plethorically recorded and archived and handed down to US modern civilizationists.

ConerStone: 31 st July 762 ; 2:40 l.m.t. modern Baghdad , Iraq modern Gregorian, extrapolated analytic Mosh’ir. N.A.S.A. PE03 corrected version. #Arc

2:40 p.m. 11:13:15 Sidereal Time, 11:42:40 UT, 42e25,33n21. Extrapolated and analyzed Gregorian modern to align to recorded star positions to adjust pre 1850 A.D. Mosh’ir analytic.  Text records have Jupiter placed just prior to the eastern horizon during the laying of the foundational stone  ⟨ top level Masonry ⟩  and this is where the giant gas space ship port planet resides in the special relativity space continuum.  I can run all Iraqi conflicts, kings and wars off this time frame, mainframe. However this is Biblical advanced scalar starlight maths, celeste viables ( visible universe or real  spacetime and inter dimensional scalar spacetime calculations. 9:21 p.m. Studio City, Pacific Time U.S.A. Gregorian Modern. Mason Scot Rite level 3, advanced and my own interjections with level 34, Universal Masonry. .

Iraq and Star Origins people and star alien mixing.

Osiris <Origins a reincarnation of mine at Egypt and beyond> go here at the Fertile Crescent and lower Iraq as these groups came from the Orion Star systems.  Alien plantations here on earth: US arabites and more notably mixed with Nordic and already crossed and evolutionary reptilians, at small quantities in the codex humanic.  


post 10 30 2017 A.D.

#Osiris Origins go here at the Fertile Crescent and lower Iraq as these groups came from the Orion Star systems . Alien plantations here on earth: US arabites and more notably mixed with Nordic and already crossed and evolutionary reptilians, at small quantities in the codex humanic.

at the early stages of our modern era ( modern history) the #Annunaki lived at the fringes of #Mesopotamia, northern areas. This as Bible Abraham later goes toward the Levant, migrations go toward Anatolia or today's modern loose boarders of Turkey and Syria. #Bible

Ancient Sumerian Zodiac list

The ancient Sumerians apparently did not notice the Pleiades as an important arbitrator of the human condition. They list six major zodiac houses and their ruling stars: Harbur, ( β ) Arietis ( staff of Orion ( 66.7°); Ellaser: the staff of Orion through Leo to Denebola ( 87.7°); Bad-tibira: Denobola though Boethos to Vega ( 46.7°)

Vega is said to be the originator of Lyra and Sirius cultures? — Arc

Operation Samson (Bible, he commits suicide by killing all ( 100) of his enemies ( Palestinians) . Called Operation Sammy (Israeli Military) is a final solution to being bullied by nations on Earth. That is found in the Bible, they launch all their weapons, all around them are their enemies, and they know by this act they are committing suicide, but the thought process is a psychological and individual need for survival. If they cannot survive they will take as many of those who deny them with them, into the grave.

— sounds like I after the world decided I was the enemy because of my white skin and peaceful ways.

Operation Secure the Realm was in the Hebew Bible too. Saddam Hussein , former ruler of Iraq, claimed in 2006 that U.S.A. was doing an operation to oust him called 'Securing the realm.' Also in 2006, The Iranian al-Mahdî Milirary took off and nothing happened for the nine years. At least not yet.



भगवद्गीता, bhagavad-gītā Google plus post. 11022017AD. Third video: a lightening bolt turns a stream into a boiling cauldron.

Roman Empire moved to British Empire and then To French Empire and then to German Empire ( third Reich) and then onto the Dragon Empire ( 1940s) a.k.a. U.S.A and now 5   eyes which make up white illuminati controlled desired lands. .

Bush Sr. & Bush jr. Laud Barack Hussein Obama as the best President and performed an outstanding job. To Donald Trump, they bash him in the Bush hit peice book on sale at the Crack House or Amazon, same ideas.

43 POTUS Bush jr. 26% approval rating bashes Donald Trump in new slander book and lauds Barack Obama as a true visionary and presidential POTUS. Donald Trump is not a president to George H. W. Bush who is today accused by four women ( Washington Post) of Sexual Harassment.

Yemen has Christians

Yemen has Christians and Bush, Queen of England, trilaterals ( 1917- 2017,8 end) and the bad CIA of Clinton, Obama  ( not the good CIA or good FBI) have a planned false flag to be blamed on Yemenis Christians because Deep State runs Child trafficking and they need Donald Trump out of office or 10,000s to 30,000,000 will be hunted down and murdered for Satanic Child Abuse, including consumption and dissemination of human flesh to evil demons posing as Politicians, US Professors, and scientists and Artists and Liberal Arts majors and bankers who are dumber than liberal arts majors.  Saudis are Anti Islamic child rapists, slave drivers, murderers, torturers,  and women abusers, Obama and Clinton’s role models and they are comprised of the richest humans on this planet. With accounts in the $900 billion, secretly keeping this hush and out of Forbes or other World Institutional tracking of personal wealth.  Bush suxs their cocks, because the Saudis are really Judeans with fake names and fully gay and pedastrist.

Donald Trump often does not go to his daily intel meetings ( JSOC) and claims they are liars. This is the U.S.A. I feel we need. A Critical look inside careerist super wealthy who run international child trafficking and run weapons and drugs for the elite.

But since 1917 The Western Countries have placed agreements with prominent Arabs to control the Gulf Oil sites, leading to Iranian revolutions, Iraqi Wars, Sauudi wars, Israeli Wars, Palestinian Wars, Egypt, Syria, and Libya ( the richest of Africa , dethroned by U.S.A. Shadow doodoos, and of course Afghanistan, for the Skull & Bones directive: Child Trafficking and Drug running are their underground funding rackets, approved by the U.S. A. government careerists in power to play their liberal arts games. Most of the people I mention are in fact Liberal Arts school alum and not a first rate College. I do not or ever count lawyer ship  linked to a school. So William J. Clinton ( J.d.), Hillary Clinton (J.D.), and Barack Obama ( J.D.) are the lowest degrees for any type of lawyer and Bush jr. went to Harvard for the Economic School which teaches Anti-Americanism to its philosophy = take care of international shareholders before the good will of the American people is a staunch rhetoric at this once prestigious college, called Harvard ( John Harvard). Bush Sr. born as George Walker Bush only went to Yale, the liberal arts college of the Ivy League schools. That term comes form the sports leagues who could not  compete with div. 1, 2,3  because nerds are more book worms than athletes.  So in the 1990s. Bill Clinton built up the Saudi Military to the sixth most powerful force on planet earth and currently they are running 900,000 genocide of native Arabs at Yemen, ,while 14 prominent princes have been arrested, one of them is Alwaleed, the King. The reason for renewable energy and the move away from Sauudi Oil or Iranian Oil will shift power into our world soon. So it is about a century and Chiron has its double passage over the same sidereal positions, relative to its 2. Year variable orbit, still not fully understood as of yet.

Vietnam was to replace France

Edward Landsdale , Architect, Controller George Walker Bush, sr. Both were on scene at Daley Plaza on Nov. 22. 1963.

Vietnam was to replace France as hegemony power and take away the $2.4 Trillion Dollars sea access if Russia was to form a military base there and this was always unproven.  Today that South China Sea access is about 4.5 Trillion dollars annually to whomever control access to these seas and China has built floating military  bases to prove how affectual  these water avenues are to commerce.




Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Love One Another

2.84meg photo of Venus below Mars as These Morning Stars. 10072017AD.

TO MUSLIMS & CHRISTIANS Love one another

Actress Kristina Cohen says Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick raped her . Danette Chavez


U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg, blocks further investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.


Current Events:

N.A.S.A. reports a new study shows that a new source of volcano under the ice caps are the reason the poles are melting. A mantle plum lays under a significant part of Antarctica. ( bookoflife link). 7000 mph snake filimint explosions on our Sun, rare b/c UFOs sucking off the plasma for dropping it on Earth and to refule their planet. OK?

N.A.S.A. reports a new study shows that a new source of volcano heat under the ice caps are the reason the poles are melting. A mantle plum lays under a significant part of Antarctica. 150milwats per square meter. Yellow stone has mantle plumes at 200 miliwatts across the Wyoming and small parts of Montana land. About 70 volcanos and some as high as 13 miles high lay below the Antarctic Ice Sheets. . youtube. My views are my space boys are sucking plasma off the Sun and dropping it on Earth to warm up the poles to get their boys out of the ice, been that way for 400,000 years.

Sherman Oaks, California ( BookofLife): 140 women sign a letter accusing the Entire California legislature of Sexual Harassment for decades.  Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, two time governor Jerry Brown helped cover this up for over a decade.  #California #sexualharrassment #LAtimes source of info. #Michael #bookoflife #11092017AD

The letter was originally signed by 140 women who work in state government and politics, and The Times has been reaching out to them and others to learn more. — Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, California , U.S.A.

Now, after years of unsubstantiated rumors about Louis C.K. masturbating in front of associates, women are coming forward to describe what they experienced. Julia Wolov, left, and Dana Min Goodman said they felt “paralyzed” during an incident with him in Aspen, Colo. Credit Emily Berl for The New York Times . Louis C.K. stand out because he has so few equals in comedy. A group close to McConnell that spent millions of dollars to oppose Moore in the primary called on Gov. Kay Ivey (R) and the state party to investigate the allegations.

Russian lands, eastern slavs, bellars, but later ukrainian, more 16 th cent. stuff. Russia had its lands fought over by Mongols and Arabs for centuries but lost it in 1245 to a son of Ghenghis Khan

Military Nov 2017Texastan, Londstan, Sauudistan  1917 – 2017 R.I.P.


Moon over LA and photo old of Bay Area Berkeley Campus by Michael Johnnathan McDonald

bookoflife 11 02 2017 A.D. Moon




“As a person puttinng on new garmets, giving up the old ones” ≡ bad social habits for example— The Warrior Arc Michael 11132017AD 10 10 2017AD † Isaiah 26 & Bhagavad₋Gītā, Kṛṣṇa, Yĕhôshúa

ARC November 07th—12wlfth 2017 A.D. California






United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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