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IAM REBORN ananta ε gamma / [OI Article vii. sec. i, v ] Michael Jesus Returned evelations 05 10 2017 A.D. 03:54 pdt. LMT Sherman Oaks, Arc. Operation Immortality v ii u Water the life and dehydrationwhite genocide 1947—2016 fertility factors in all civilizations. Lyra and reptiles from outer or inner space. OI v ii v.

Pope Francis to Urge Priests to 'Find Wives' to Fight Pedophile Epidemic Neon Nettle

Difference between Angel & Demons Video Youtube accessed 11 06 2017


Lyraens and Vegans ( dark with Afro genes, non-European, such as oval faces) make up planet Earth as the Majority of DNA base groups.

Annunaki Annu na ki ( Annu = we come from heaven, na = they came to  ; ki = Earth)  12,960,000 is a number the Sumerians loved to divide.  If dividing these could be an ancient ‘astre directions, secret codex’ . see private file.

Vega (n) stem with Syrian races ( Arabs)

Annunaki Annu na ki ( Annu = we come from heaven, na = they came to  ; ki = Earth) Annu Clan approches us Oct 2017 A.D. Mid Month. Sun NASA data streams. Video

Oldest Civilization 3,600 B.C. Sumer Annunaki Annu na ki ( Annu = we come from heaven, na = We came to ; ki = Earth). In Bible what dumb earthlings call UFOs or Aliens has been recorded 1400 Circa B.C. and not on Television in 1990s —2010s. Annunaki Annu na ki ( Annu = we come from heaven, na = they came to ; ki = Earth) 12,960,000 is a number the Sumerians loved to divide. If dividing these could be ancient ‘astre directions, secret codex’ . 35,483. years if we used 12… as days and divide by 365.24 and put a radicand under 35,483 we have .51… Chiron’s half century orbit? Where 1 = 100 years.


At 51 years as the high mean value. The Century theme is inportant as one devides this numner by 500 and we get nearly precession and scaling it down, we have an estimate of half precession and times this by two after scale we have a full precessional number for US peoples living in 3,600 B.C. in north Iraq or Syria or south east Iran. Lolz.


Pizza Sales and N.F.L.

here this Pizza hut trolled Papa Johns and burned them bad. Papa John's claim that poor NFL PR led to loss in sales; Pizza Hut mean tweeted & a non direct response by them saying our 'sales have not diminished.' a burn. Hint, must be the pizza.

Vega was the first Lyrae settlements of humans 400 plus years ago. Then 200,000 We came to our Solar sytem, Lucifer was bred on Mars and then three giant mother ships were brought here and after poll shift  these got buried in the snow ice.

Mexican was harassing me with evil eye and after over an hour I decided to star him back down and whisper naughty words. I noticed lately many Mexicans appearing to look studfish or concentration on their selves often look or stare at someone and keep their eyes up into all others' business. After he noticed I was engaging he tried to not make it an issue and left after I moved my seat. U.S.A. is not a community and racial memes 24/7 and lying and demonizing innocent people for a cause celeb for under achievers makes life not worth living. And I mean You not living, because all I have seen my whole life is white attacking white to please said Foreigner or stranger in our midst.— Arc Michael 2:30 ish SheO 11042017AD.

BEAST Pedio Revolution

DNC Heads Killed Seth Rich, Book Claims by Donna Brazil who feared for her own life, even before the assassination was approved, she tells.

Obama tells white cop FU and he dies the same night, in perfect health. He arrested Malia who beat up an old white elderly church women.

( link to local news)

At around 7 p.m., local news stations began reporting on the death of a man named Patrick Farley. Patrick Farley is the name of the arresting officer who handled Malia Obama, and according to his wife on Facebook these two Patrick Farleys are one and the same.
Farley, a man who reputedly has almost perfect health, reportedly died in his bed of a “heart attack.”
Not a single news report to date has mentioned that he was a police officer or that he was the one who cuffed Malia Obama after she and her hate group attacked a defenseless old lady.

( link to local news)

Bush Criminal Syndicate: pen book to trash white people, Nov. 6 th 2017 A.D. Bush Sr. has been outed as a sexual harasser by four ladies, in the last month. Bush faked Iraq wars, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria and started ISIS with Deep State and harasses women and shot Kennedy as Classified withheld explain. Bush are not Christian, they are not Hebrew, they are Child traffickers and drug runners, as Skull&Bones has this as its Secret Directive.

 athiest kills CHurch people at Texas and he beasts his wife Nov 2017


Fractured Infant Stepson's Skull...
Arrested for Animal Cruelty...
Grandmother-In-Law Murdered...

Church was 50% Mexican Latino and Media is not reporting they too were a majority of the victims. Twitter leftists explode win applause to say thank you Devin Kelly, you did a wonderful job and Twitter is trying to clean these up.

Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, shot dead (at least) 26 people and injured 24 others in Texas.. Wearing black, tactical gear and carrying a military style assault rifle , he walked into First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs in Texas and opened fire.

Dutch Media stops Dr. Phil after 15 years because he had an escape child sex slave explain pedophilia ring on television.   Yeah the world is in very big country.

Nancy Pelosi ( fomer 3rd in line to POTUS (D) California, House of Representatives 25 years plus. announces Impeachment [ with no evidence ] because she runs Central Mexico Pedio Trafficking Rings with Governor Jerry Brown for decades. they are in fear. 11 06 2017 A.D.

Dutch Media stops Dr. Phil after 15 years because he had an escape child sex slave explain pedophilia ring on television.   Yeah the world is in very big country.

Hollywood Mafia Assets: New York Post 11 06 2017 A.D. Black Cube ( former Israeli Intelligent officers or grunts needing work) and  Kroll, of the largest private investigator – harassment business. Yep, these pukes came at me too. — Harvey Weinstine . To harass and bully and track Actors and Actresses and people like I that wanted to expose this to the world.

Antifa are Baby Rapers only, there only motive is to remove and Mike Pence and Donald Trump, not Paul Ryan, because the first two people are stopping the New Pedio World Order. Paul's wife works with Hillary Clinton to establishe the Devil world wide.

NEWSWEEK – Both former President Bushes had choice words for current President Donald Trump in a new book scheduled to be published later this month, with the elder Bush reportedly calling the billionaire commander-in-chief a “blowhard” and flatly stating he does not “like” him.

2:03 p.m.11032017AD #ArcMichael #BookofLife

witchcraft: Hillary Clinton is a long time member of a Los Angeles Coven. Bestiality = Beast Hunter Thompson ; George McGovern did human sacrifice.

Soros fund manager raped, beat Playboy models, $27M lawsuit alleges FoxNews

Howard Rubin, widely known as George Soros’ right hand man, has been accused of leading a “human trafficking enterprise” in which he allegedly raped, brutally assaulted and enslaved women in a $8 million Manhattan sex dungeon, according to court documents. Rubin received an MBA in 1982 from Harvard.

$8 million penthouse in Manhattan and paid women $2,000 to $5,000 for brutal sex sessions in a side room with ropes, chains and sex toys.

Ran Pedio Global, another buisness with two women for cover too. Source New York Post.

Lucifer my son and Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford ran call boy rings. I guess Jay E. Hoover started that program with my son :( There is a photo of Beast ( 666 William J Clinton), AntiChrist ( Bush jr,) and some pedio secret society handshake. Where Beast offers h/er lil finger to the handshake to say I like little noodles boys. Epic Losers.

John McCain Tells USA military NO MORE AMERICA FIRST , FUCK AMERICA. on video. He was independent, A former Democrat and now a Republican and tomorrow a jail bird hopefully. — speech to the U.S. Naval Academy. — By: Cillian Zeal on November 3, 2017 at 9:08am

Samurai Swords, Ninja gear and many forms of signs that can be used as weapons banned by LAPD and Los Angeles City Council. Breaking. For Anti American protests, following votes and agreements. Put into effect Immediately.  

Los Angeles Times Nov 2 nd 2017

EMP Drill Nov .4  to Nov. 6 th publically proclaimed, general U.S. Defense Dept. The Last Drill was 11 th Sept 2001 to fly jets around New York in case of jets flying into buildings or MIT manipulated Cruise Missiles. LOLZ.

60 meter amateur radio relayers ch. 1 broadcast 3:15 UTC ARRL founded 1914 A.D. 2017 ⇔ 3,000 skilled registered operators ::: National organization, membership; community. inter op channels for emergency information channels. ARRL Lobbies the U.S. Congress today. US Army MARS Military Axillary Radio System, NetCom.

Christian Black

——An electromagnetic pulse (EMP), also sometimes called a transient electromagnetic disturbance, is a short burst of electromagnetic energy caused by Nuclear Weapons or can be from our SUN or even a star exploding and this energy if strong enough can destroy electronic circuitry and instruments on planet Earth, worldwide.

AFMARS ::: AFMARS is an axillary amature radio force  for our AIR FORCE

Danger You can Piss Off My Fallen Angels, OK, you EMP and it affects their ships, even for a moment. you will pay a heavy price MilCom. #ArcMichael


BIBLE IS REAL FOLKS . My BloodLine : My Mom is a white nordic and Dad is a scot— judean.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars + Islam' Θ Moti Israeli Messiah talk. What has been hidden? Israel ch. Ariel Hyde, KickStart : Ariel Hyde, KickStart & Peter Ahlman, “The Last Reformation in Sweden” Muslim conversion to Me. Nice. Hi Chaima. She nearly went to Syria to join ISIS, but Jesus Christ saved her! " Jesus started to do work on my Heart." You are a part of my Family. — Arc Michael

Israeli Pop Idol Star, Birgitta Veksler, Finds Jesus! Youtube

Sia: The Greatest

Willow Osborne – Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Isaiah prophesized and lived in the 8th century B.C. and the synagogues take out of all Isaiah 53 teachings because this chapter disturbs them greatly. Explanatories for ch. 53 begin around ch. 50 . Hebrews are hearing my call to rethink me as their warrior messiah because it is close to end times which is rather a signal of a serious change in Earth’s evolutionary or  progress from our first contact to this planet.


The mistranslation pertains to Israel believing it is the Servant of God , when the text actually alludes to a future Savior who will die for the sins of the world. The video is a 10 out of a 10 expertise by interpretation and an explanatory of doctrinal conflict. Video . It is in modern Hebrew with English subtitles.

—— Arc Michael 10292017A.D. 8:38 p.m.

Revelations Middle East and our Ancient Collective Mesopotamia: Iraq belongs to our world and not just Islam.  The Foundational Chart was preplanned, plethorically recorded and archived and handed down to US modern civilizationists. 2:40 p.m. 11:13:15 Sidereal Time, 11:42:40 UT, 42e25,33n21. Extrapolated and analyzed Gregorian modern to align to recorded star positions to adjust pre 1850 A.D. Mosh’ir analytic.  Text records have Jupiter placed just prior to the eastern horizon during the laying of the foundational stone  ⟨ top level Masonry ⟩  and this is where the giant gas space ship port planet resides in the special relativity space continuum.  I can run all Iraqi conflicts, kings and wars off this time frame, mainframe. However this is Biblical advanced scalar starlight maths, celeste viables ( visible universe or real  spacetime and inter dimensional scalar spacetime calculations. 9:21 p.m. Studio City, Pacific Time U.S.A. Gregorian Modern. Mason Scot Rite level 3, advanced and my own interjections with level 34, Universal Masonry. .

Iraq and Star Origins people and star alien mixing.

Osiris <Origins a reincarnation of mine at Egypt and beyond> go here at the Fertile Crescent and lower Iraq as these groups came from the Orion Star systems.  Alien plantations here on earth: US arabites and more notably mixed with Nordic and already crossed and evolutionary reptilians, at small quantities in the codex humanic.  


post 10 30 2017 A.D.

#Osiris Origins go here at the Fertile Crescent and lower Iraq as these groups came from the Orion Star systems . Alien plantations here on earth: US arabites and more notably mixed with Nordic and already crossed and evolutionary reptilians, at small quantities in the codex humanic.

at the early stages of our modern era ( modern history) the #Annunaki lived at the fringes of #Mesopotamia, northern areas. This as Bible Abraham later goes toward the Levant, migrations go toward Anatolia or today's modern loose boarders of Turkey and Syria. #Bible



भगवद्गीता, bhagavad-gītā Google plus post. 11022017AD. Third video: a lightening bolt turns a stream into a boiling cauldron.

Roman Empire moved to British Empire and then To French Empire and then to German Empire ( third Reich) and then onto the Dragon Empire ( 1940s) a.k.a. U.S.A and now 5   eyes which make up white illuminati controlled desired lands. .

Happy Halloween

4th September 2017 A.D. Massive, massive UFO near our own SUN. NASA

Love & Faith makes the world go around.

    • Re: Reputation

That depends on your interpretation. As I see it, the Intelligence Community feels the need to routinely reassure people that they still don't respect the law or civil rights. If they don't regularly reiterate their lawlessness and hostile outlook, people might forget and assume that the Intelligence Community had seen the error of its ways. ( link) ( DNC Secrets)


Christ 2017 Mystakes? ( this is duplicated on OI v ii v

M5:44 Prince a literate controller of a group of ISIS workers or soldiers. Evangelized
Some posted their contrition to Mathew 5:44 : which  calls for forgiveness and empathy toward your or one’s enemies. This is  rather hard to handle for materialists.  There is a reason I gave command for my Church ( Catholic Rome) to be the authority on Bible interpretation  and we awaited to Paul of Tarsus reincarnated as Martin Ludder ( Martin Luther Protestant reformation main period) commanded the Bible should be read by all , individually and interpret it yourself.  Why does this matter because this saying by me does not mean to allow people to shit all over you, nor does it apply that idea or action.

Turn the other cheek does not mean  role over and play the victim. It means warn that person first and then ‘that turn’ means you will change from forgiveness to pro action to solve that abuse.  Did you forgive your parents for accidently having you, yet?  I bet you have.
Then there is another mistake or non-elaboration to which the Church was useful in these measures.  The time I AM confronted by Empire Officials to snare me with the ‘who do you serve, the State or God’ ( yourself) ; I divided it and told my followers to follow state laws, which was a mistake or just needed at that time. But when States like the U.S.A. and Israel do not follow their own Constitutions or Laws, these propositions by me are cumbersome to outright morbid for my followers. A case in point:  I lived in a country my whole life that has not follow justice laws, which it promotes endlessly through Media, Entertainment, Education, Institution and Industry.  For example, some banker steals $3 billion, he goes to jail for one year and a half and keeps much of that fleecing. In comparison in the same year, some poor person steals $100 dollars and goes to jail for 10 years ( longer than  most 2nd degree murderers).  Another unfortunate may have one felony and is busted smoking a weed joint without a license and he or she goes away for three years. I think at this point we can say, just forget that teaching. You do not have to give to the State what is theirs when they are hypocrites and do not practice what they preach.

10 28 2017 A.D. Studio City, Los Angeles, California. #arcmichael #bookoflife #10292017AD



Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Love One Another

2.84meg photo of Venus below Mars as These Morning Stars. 10072017AD.

TO MUSLIMS & CHRISTIANS Love one another

Lucifer my Son caught now with four charges by former women calling my Son a GROUPER. 10 30 2017D

Leaked by Congress $10 Million Dollars to GPS Fusion Law Firm at Washington D.C. for the Fake Russian Dossier to libel and defame Donald Trump in the run up to the 2016 General Election. Obama leaked info he paid into it too but only $1 Million that he manage to launder from our collective Fed Reserve.

three years of fakenews about Russian collusion with Tea Party Donald Trump and 300 assassination attempts on me by Child Traffickers’ that were former US top Officials and POTUS' and Hollyweirdos: when John  Podesta and Mark Zukerburg meet personally and cut deals to put fake Russian adds on #facebook and then blame us and try to kill us.

Two New York Detectives Are Charged With Rape and Kidnapping— New York Times. NYPD, so these are covering up for Podestas.

Congressional committees are a joke” – Loretta Lynch, Oct 2017 – Washington Times.

George Clooney called Donald J. Trump sexist and racist so a women came out to say that George Clooney sexually harassed her and used racial slurs. youtube Yahoo News.

Paul Ryan helped fund the fake Dossier, epic loser.

Hillary Clinton says she has no knowledge of the Fake Russian Dossier but also stated she forgot to erase her emails showing a funding stream to a Washington D.C. Law Firm called Fusion GPS.  For $9 Million U.S. dollars and in those emails show Obama contributed $1 Million U.S. Dollars equaling $10 Million U.S. Dollars. (1) Fusion GPS already testified and admitted to receiving funds by these two mentioned above.

ISIS helped out with funding by the C.I.A. as early as its creation. FOIA docs, Judicial Watch. 11012017AD



Moon over LA and photo old of Bay Area Berkeley Campus by Michael Johnnathan McDonald

bookoflife 11 02 2017 A.D. Moon why I cannot get a job I am not wanted on Earth, so why should I allow you also?

bookoflife 25th of October 2017 The City of Angeles photo 20thh of October


“As a person puttinng on new garmets, giving up the old ones” ≡ bad social habits for example— Arc Michael 10 10 2017AD † Isaiah 26 & Bhagavad₋Gītā, Kṛṣṇa, Yĕhôshúa


Direct Sale 2010, trans. 2013 to V. Putin leader of Russia , #Uranium #WMD
Signed off by Barack #Obama; OK’d by Bush Sr. Approved and rewarded $147,000,000 to #clintonfoundation
Sample hand delivered by Robert #Meuller to V. Putin
Source: Israeli Intelligence forces , remains hidden.
Anti Israelites Clinton made $147,000,000.oo deal with Putin
#Michael #arcmichael #bookoflife #USSenate

never reported to Congress or FBI .

#goDonaldTrump #goIsrael

#JesusChrist returned. Los Angeles 15:00:00 #10302017AD

#antifa and #blm #blacklivesmatters has approved this #revelation.

there is no evidence that #RobertMeuller did anything wrong other than follow his job. :) People— Corpo State Business tend to test or want samples before they make a future large Corporation decision.

Hillary Clinton says she has no knokledge of the Fake Russian Dossier but also stated she forgot to erase her emails showing a funding stream to a Washington D.C. Law Firm called Fusion GPS . For $9 Million U.S. dollars and in those emails show Obama contributed $1 Million U.S. Dollars equaling $10 Million U.S. Dollars. #RobertMeuller was hired four days after 11 th Sept. 2001 as a top US committee function lawyer and these Clintons were already playing #pay4play for over a decade before he even got his top job . So he is not involved. #Michael #bookoflife #arcmichael #10302017AD 7:02 p.m. #SheO

source Googleplus post by me Link

ARC October 29th—30th 2017 A.D. California UC Berkeley Campus





United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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