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July 12, 12:10 PM 2001 North Hollywood

L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy deffraieur
Resusciter le grand Roy d' Angolmois
Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur

Archangel Michael BookofLife

Nostradamus 1999 Prophecy:

FAQ X-72 A

All this is not much of alarm to most people who said that arming the Chinese military in exchange for 6,000,000 jobs and $ trillions in revenue was good for the United States of America under Bill Clinton's foreign policy in the 90's! Stapleton Roy was right in the thick of it! A key player dealing day to days with the Chinese politicans. And he may be the one who knows what the Beast was doing! But as Nostradamus said, Did we resuscitate a great Beast that concord most of then known world in the 1200 and 1300's, called Mongolians? (1 )

Everyone knows that the Clintons are just downright sleazy as a matter of law. So columns about Clinton chicanery purely to demonstrate that they are ne’er-do-wells are as superfluous as columns about the antics of Jeffrey Dahmer to prove he didn’t exercise sound dietary habits.

I do want to talk ever so tangentially about the Clinton scandals, however, for the limited purpose of examining the runaway hypocrisy of that amazing conglomerate of people known as the Clinton defenders, enablers, supporters, apostles, disciples, enthusiasts, apologists, groupies, Clintonoids and 99.9 percent of Hollywood.

The truth is these people -- the Al Hunts, the Chuck Schumers and the Joe Liebermans -- have no standing to criticize the Clintons for their misdeeds any more than Dr. Frankenstein had to condemn that mindless monster he created for killing innocent people. They all helped to create the Clinton monster.

I call him "The Beast!" Yes the Biblical one! This Beast was worshipped eveywhere accross this world! His image adord! He started what he called anew covenent. He wanted to change a long standing American standard not to cottle tyrrants! He even attacked Bush Sr. in charged that turned his candacy around that put him ahead of Bush! Yes he was called the comeback kid! But, the " Coddling Tyrrants" conjured up by his campaign staff sealed his nomination and the Presidency! The brakadge as to tradition had began! Pluto had transversed th e American Ascendant.

Nostradamus used the word ''Deffraieur.''
Defrayer: 1.) To avert or appease by paying off.
2.) To pay or provide for the payment of in money or its equivalent; To reimburse.

Francis Bacon~ Archaic version: To alienate sacred office of Church.

Translated to the office of the United States: To alienate the sacred office of President of United States of America.

What the connected archaic verson and the more modern interpretation have in common is, that in baneful street language and back alleyways in this world, a usage come to mind. He was a ''sell out,' backstaber, ' betrayer to the group!

This group being the most just and sound group to ever inhabit the world! This group were superstars.

Heaven associates this with Demons, and if that person gains emmence power as Clinton has done, then, he can be given the title of " The Beast."

Because the proper useage in Old French in 1500's France was, a " person who was recieved cash to transfer goods for damadge of another in a backstab of loyalty!"

This ''King Leader'' called a Roy in Old French, will come and Deffraieur to resurrect the King Leader of Pan Asia! Who are Tyrrants! In a amnesty internation reasurch paper on June 7th 2001, that said, that China has exicuted 1,781 people ( Web Site ) in the last three months! "At least 2,960 people have been sentenced to death and 1,781 executed in the last three months of China's "Strike Hard" campaign against crime," Amnesty International said today. That differed with all countries combined in a time frame of the last three years to date! The London-based rights group said China has put people to death not just for violent crimes, but also for bribery, embezzlement, fraud, pimping, stealing gasoline, selling harmful foods and drug offenses.! China is not dealing here with a full deck of cards! They are tyrrants through and through! And Clinton coddled them in swadling garments of technology, signing the most advanced satellite waivers after every Justice Department and State Department and Pentagon offical cried, No! No! Don't do it! we know $100,000 of dollars came in just that same week from Loral one of the benefactors of the waivers and made huge profits selling to the Chinese their dream Global Positioning System, (GPS) that puts them in position to pinpoint accurate nuclear attached warheads to rockets to hit with pressision anywhere in the United States! Thus China now has a fully loaded blackmail card to play when and if they get a real winner in office who wants to dominate the World, akin to Ghengis Khan aspirations! " One world , One ruler under the Sun!"

Alll branches of government new this would happen! But so many made Clinton the Monster some felt they were the Doctor working on Clinton Frankenstein! If any one reads what Clinton was doing in 1994-5. He said he could bearly see strait! That he was asked to attend 5-6 nights a week fundraisers to recapture the presidency in 1996! Stumbling upon himself in his own words! The Beast could not run a country with a forethought and descression! It was sleepless nights and sometimes up three days and nights in a row! The American President was a walking Zombie! Zombie are not good at foreign policy! They do not have the time to think out the logistical and practical applications involved in sound reasoning! Frankensteins do not make good reasoners! They listen to their master tell them what to do! ( intense Chinese meetings in the Oval Office in 1994)

This waiver that started the whole process off was in July 1996! This occumpanied $100,000 check from Bernard Schwarts the CEO member of Loral Communications and Aero-Space Co. That specialize in the Highest techology in satellite and Communications in the world! The Chinese jumpped for joy! they would get what they wanted, the ability to kill any adversary accross the world with the pin-point presision of the apple of Guillians head!

The Beast daised and Confused, with so many nights rasing money for the leagal funs and the DNC, issued his reasons in a stupor of tiredness!

" I think the decision was the correct one," he said, " It was based on what I thought was in the national intrest ( jobs - economy) and supported of national security!"

With the comment, "I did not have sexual relations with that women", that will be one of the Beasts epotaphts!

He was lying as well in this statement as well as most of his life in his "habitude sale"! Sure he sould be! He went out with the young women rasing money to fund his lawyers to fend off the State department and Pentagon going burzerk over that he was out-right arming the Chinese military to be a SUPERPOWER that will eventually tell us their human rights abuses are ok, and your American Bill of Rights are wrong! And if you do not like it! We can play with you on your scale!

You have just now been breifed into the insights of the resusitation of the Mongolodains.

French Translation to English Over view and in depth translations of the words.
FAQ-X72-A Questions and answers about basic Nostradamus and Origins of the prophecy.
FAQ-X72-C Technologies Transfers The reason of the booming US economy.

  1. Sate Department to the Commerce Department
  2. 1999: Pushing for stricter controls on U.S. satellite exports.
  3. Schedule of planned military-to-military visits to the United States by PLA officials.
  1. "We really like your president." Chinese leaders and military.
  2. Wang's ( Chinese for French word 'Roy' ) White House visit was "clearly inappropriate."
  3. Wang's other PLA-owned $23 billion financial powerhouse CITIC has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in the U.S. bond market, to fund PLA firms and helping China's international weapons sales.
  4. The Konformist ''Beast of the Month,'' Wang Jun, July 1999
  1. Bernard Schwartz, CEO of Loral Aerospace, went to China with Commerce Secretary Ron Brown.
  2. Bill Clinton determined it was in our national interest to arm Red China.
  3. "PRESIDENTIAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MISSION" for Red China. Schwartz actually carried papers of authorization from his friend Bill with him to China.
  1. Based on the true story on David Schippers Book "Sell Out "Ch. 8 Stonewalling"
  2. Beast had all the FBI files in which to destroy them, if they opened their mouth!
  3. The Frog Reno refused to provide them.
  4. Beast taking money from Chinese businessmen and Military for his personal use
  5. We know this is the game of the Beast's system here. Setting up Kenneth Starr's office for prosecutions of people who leak information out to the public.
  1. Eighty one pages of sheer terror. Chung's damaging disclosures.
  2. July 1999: Johnny Chung, a Clinton fundraiser who admitted to funneling money from the China's military to the Democratic National Committee to help Bill Clinton.
  3. July 1999: "…Citing the testimony of Nolanda Hill, the business partner and mistress of the late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, testified that "they were meeting with Chinese agents of espionage to plot the destruction of this country."
  4. July 14, 1999 STATEMENT BY THE PRESIDENT Federal Government to Combat the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
  5. July 1999: "Hughes values the development of mutually beneficial partnerships with China and hopes to continue providing assistance, expertise, and resources to Chinese universities and institutions for the research and development of advanced technology," declared Dr. Wei-Yu Wu.
  6. "Asserting that President Clinton may have committed treason," House Majority Leader Dick Armey said.
  7. Trulock's testimony.
  8. .A General Accounting Office (GAO) report indicates that both the Clinton administration and Congress knew for more than two years about the sort of poor security which may have helped the Chinese government obtain nuclear secrets from American weapons laboratories.
  9. Kenneth Timmerman credits President Bill Clinton and William Perry, his second secretary of defense, with taking a decaying Cold War military machine and turning it into a first-rate, post-industrial military superpower.
  1. Deffraieur: Clinton recieved $44,000,000 million dollars from the Chinese between 1992-1997. Trillions of $ dollars, in business deals to China from private Co.
  2. $200 million of Motorola secure radios for the People's Armed Police, the Chinese "Gestapo" that executes dissidents and runs the "Lao Gai" prison camps.
  3. The media blacked it out. But under the freedom of information act, these documents and eye witnesses reached a convincing evidence to all of this.
  4. The Mongolian Empire stretched from Hungary to Korea. It included most of Asia and extensive parts of eastern Europe. It was the second largest land Empire in human history.
  1. If the X-72 brethren did not want to influence the Democrats, then why bother to give money at all?
  2. Clinton and China.
  3. In hushed corridors on Capitol Hill the word "treason" is being muttered.
  4. Waiver on satellite exports was influenced by Chinese contributions to the Democrats in 1996.
Astrology of X-72
  1. Temujin Universal Ruler Proclamation.
  2. Boys of Mongolia in 1205.
  3. Nostradamus Astrology, by Archangel Michael

Coming Attractions: Stapleton Roy and Mr. Wang. Both names translate to the French word for King (Roy) in the prophecy. And both were major players of X-72. Stay tuned!

Archangel Michael

David Limbaugh
Charles R. Smith
U.S. China Military Joint Defense Conversion Commision
Bill Gertz Washington Times
Yearly Reports File

1) Curious that this word is an exact anagram of the word " d' Angolmois" in the prophecy.

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