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United States of America 1947 : Roswell, New Mexico & N.S.A. Military Complex Commenced.

19 Sept. 2013. updated Alien Species 10 23 2017 A.D.

USA NAVY POILET: We better get ready, our US secret UFOS are no  match for the real ones we know about. This is a global issue. #arcmichael

#USA #NAVY POILET: We better get ready: our US secret UFOs are no match for the real ones we know about . "This is a global issue. " he says, #arcmichael The #illuminati and my son #Lucifer have the terrestrial lil crap UFOS that the #Pentagon controls. MY TEAMS ARE assembling to kill you all. white deplorable cracker = what the Pentagon has labeled me. SO I care less about your deaths. You have judged me falsely. #Michael #bookoflife

source Youtube currently front page linked.

DNA Alien Agenda: Revelations. & how it pertains to the global swamp.

So the decision between U.S. President  Eisenhower, Adolf Hittler ( born as)  and Aleister Crowley were met by white aliens  and Draco brown to black aliens. The later was picked and white dna is slated to be eradicated off the Earth, using white infected  KURU patients, like my Son Lucifer or the Beast  or the False Prophet, Obummer. They use these created mini black holes to hijack their minds and call for endless wars using lies.  

So U.S. or global  tax dollars pay for lazy 8 – ball drinking and crack or meth taking brown aliens you call Dracos or the luciferin infected Nephlehem, sitting in many underground U.S. bases or in Latin America and then you plan to kill all of us whites as your Luciferian Alien Agenda?  How about we delete your freaking Alien race, eh?


Two Huge U.F.O.s my peeps by our SUN. 12 27 2017 A.D. A armada of Ships by our Sun . CIA conspiricy theory meme created for lying 1967 A.D. document

Max Plank’s source of Quantum Physics came from a 2,000 Jesus Document on advanced particle physics. #lolz . Aug 29 th 2017 and coming from a SunLike Star. In Constellation of Hercules.  Three messages received by NASA and Russian’s Space Agencies.  This star is 95 Light years away.

SETI has announced the approach to the Earth of 3 very large, very fast moving objects. Has announced three large in mid September 2,017 A.D. lat 19 25 12, 98 46 03 dec 16 19 35, 88 43 10. photos . Max Plank E ≡ all at the smallest levels. Bible has this message too. Says Plank.

Moon Freeyways flying objects. #01062018AD . Ebe(s) set to guide Space X, secret NK Payload from Area 59 this weekend. #losAngeles : Moon Fleet Jan 2017 spotted. now residing hiding behind the Moon. three months. dimensional L Shaped objects and have full blown magnetosphere to  reflect space damaging particles. Images showed up on Google Moon, after disappearing the fleet showed up again and landed on the Moon. Norton's statements on 'disclosure would end relgion is very false." The real reason is they have free energy and the oil and electric companies survive off of ripping us off and forcing us to use bio fuels to warm ourselves. South Korea Sept 2017 light colums yellow and gold. Malcome Robinson reveals underbelly of UFO. Antartica Tunnels over 220 ft. high.

Lutetia is a large asteroid in the asteroid belt of an unusual spectral type. It measures about 100 kilometers in diameter It was discovered in 1852 by Hermann Goldschmidt, and is named after Lutetia, the Latin name of Paris. Lutetia has an irregular shape and is heavily cratered, with the largest impact crater reaching 45 km. A 62 mile Space ship has docked and is  there , hiding currently. Source ESA. NASA. megastructure published by esa ; Rossetta Space Craft photo. 2010 Osirus is an HD space imaging system. Photo was 1,730 meters.

NASA Chief Charles Bolden: Area 51 And Aliens Both Exist Aug 24 th 2017 A.D.  Told this to school children a 10 year old child asked? " but we are not hiding extraterrestrials, we only have conventional stuff, he cleared up. " Conspiricy Theorists, 1967 CIA doc do not believe Bolden and continue to believe he is covering up to force world to hell as he hides the free energy of space technologies.

UFOs dropping plasma to make holes in Earth, warm it up. Nov 17 2017 A.D. My space men and space women from space dropping plasma to open up Hollow Earth b/c I called for an invasion. Sept. 23 2017 Jesus Christ returned. #arcmichael

non Human Reptilians, Billy Corgan on Howard Stern Shap—shifting non humans rule the Music Industry.

Oct 18 2017 A.D. From Vega in Constellation of Lyra. First Intersteller Object witnessed w/ modern tech

First detected by Pan-STARRS telescopes in Hawaii, they first designated this mysterious object as being Comet C/2017 U1, but because it showed no presence whatsoever of any cometary nature., the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planetary Center then renamed it to Asteroid A/2017 U1 Oct 18, JPL< Pasadena California issues a world wide alert of incoming crafts. Time of observation Oct 18 th. I call in Sept 23, 2017 ( on twitter, delete 24 hours later for world security purposes ' for my fallen Angeles to come help drain these other demons inside and on Earth controlling behind the scenes.

Annu Clan approches us Oct 2017 A.D. Mid Month. Sun NASA data streams. Video Oldest Civilization 3,600 B.C. Sumer Annunaki Annu na ki ( Annu = we come from heaven, na = We came to  ; ki = Earth). In Bible what dumb earthlings call UFOs or Aliens has been recorded 1400 Circa B.C. and not on Television in 1990s —2010s. Annunaki Annu na ki ( Annu = we come from heaven, na = they came to  ; ki = Earth)  12,960,000 is a number the Sumerians loved to divide.  If dividing these could be ancient ‘astre directions, secret codex’ . 35,483. years if we used 12… as days and devide by 365.24?

Grey Aliens lie and they lie to world leaders. They promised technologies but in reality, they lied and did not offer any. Instead the technologies we have came from craft accidents. Like the one in Roswell, NM. Grays took over visitations in the 20 th century and more prolific after 1940s. Operation Paper Clip sought to out do the Russians and grab the German Ashkenazi and white Polish secret base located scientists and employ them and give them amnesty and immunity from former NAZI prosecution. Parsons’s took to Pasadena California to open up a portal to Hell to engage in neo science of German Rocket advanced technologies just after World War II.

He took the V≡2 German Rockets and this launched the Apollo programs.  Before the Clandestine or Clementine ( to photo totally the dark side of the Moon) Aliens, my beyotches, told Apollo Astronauts, get off ‘Our ‘ rock and do not come back.  This then is co or argued with captured aliens and alien space brokers who agreed with Eisenhower and Hitler, as well as numerous other world leaders to abduct, report and take accounting of alien abductions and cross breeding. None of this fell through and the Aliens lied and many governments are in total fear and the Grey Aliens have chest built in electro pulse weapons, no  match for human weapons as they can flay one like a fish in an instant.  

Lyraens and Vegans ( dark with Afro genes, non-European, such as oval faces) make up planet Earth as the Majority of DNA base groups.—11042017AD .

Lyraens and Vegans ( dark with Afro genes, non-European, such as oval faces) make up planet Earth as the Majority of DNA base groups.  Vegan’s hair is black and as a mid-point just to shades of brownish colors.  Their skin is thicker and can stand more radiation from our Sun and thus tend toward southern Earth regions near our Equator. If mixed with some Nord, it can endure cold as a better survival than pure whites living in scando counties. Hairless, oval faces, skin is light brown to very dark brown and Vegans —11042017AD .

Evolution is black African or Annunaki ⟨ Nordic⟩ Fused with the Monkeys ‡ chimpanzees and ⁄ or orangutans.
Two genotypes: One group are non-human and the other group are human. Circa 400,000 B.C.

Alien Species 2017 Sept. Youtube

Council of Andromeda are invisible beings. I guess our souls in non-body form. location of Heaven ?

Vega was the first Lyrae settlements of humans 400 plus years ago. Then 200,000 We came to our Solar sytem, Lucifer was bred on Mars and then three giant mother ships were brought here and after poll shift  these got buried in the snow ice.

Refugees fled to Orion and to the Pleiades and places near Hydes.

Vega (n) stem with Syrian races ( Arabs)

DNA button gif Bookoflife.org Origins of Humans: Vega as Lion Lyrae origins, and then reptiles immigrated and created a refugee crises: So humans go to Centaur A., Sirius, and Orion to the Pleiades and places near Hydes. . Eventually around 200,000 ago my son Lucifer comes to Earth. Some humans inhabit Mars.

A jaw thrust forward gives on a reptilian look ( African black Annunaki creations). The Chin/ Jaw area   As opposed to  downward which gives it an insect look.

Atlans are underground knoms.

Cetans : Cetus are as high as 12 ft. and we learned that low gravity planets can grow a humanoid much larger due to low gravity.

Eva– Borgs are servants to the Grey Alien Race. So robots serving robots. Classic. Nordics came pre 1950s, and then Greys became the most seen or known. But all have been around for millennia!

Iguanoids: goals ≡MK ultra and Mind Control of all species. Orion with tall greys. They look like iguanas and Mexican.  They are always advocating for endless immigration to civilizations already built. They like witchcraft and drinking human or animal blood. They act like Latin peoples. Most have adopted west African type of voodoo culture, came over in ships some 400 years ago. They believe you are a racist if you do not die, give up your job and train them for it, and buy their narcotics and child prostitutes.  Where they reside. Hollywood. Hollywood is America’s bad dream. It was started by non-white immigrants who believe in raping white girls to give them Oscars & these species believe this is how business should be conducted. Apologists claim these beings do not know any better. Not intelligent.

Janosenians or Janoans: human like and colonized other planets in the past.  Janus is the Mythos God ⟨ 750 B.C. Rome ⟩ that was the supreme God of this time and also a home door GOD. He or she looks both forward and backward in time.  SO these Aliens or home species are forward looking progressives. They like to plan out our future based on mistakes of the past. often spelt: Janosians.

Korendians: Bootës: Child Race of the Arcturians: Assistance. To ascension.

Lyrans : Lyra : Cat like and Human like features. Just here to observe. They reached a high level of civilization but had to leave their planet over in-flighting. Lions battling Lions who aligned with Reptilian travelers. they then fled to the Pleiads. Many came at the period of Lemuria and Atlantis and have evolved past the warmongering iguana stage or reptilian or worse the Greys. Lyrans are considered whitey's galactic cousins. Once the Reptilians took over the homes of Lyrans, they were kicked out of their homes. After fleeing Lyra they also went past the Aldebaran system and to Hydes, which is in the middle of the modern Taurus constellation. It is the underworld in Greek Mythology, where Pluto reigns supreme. Greys battle Lyrans even until today.

Veggans were refugee and docile that fled from the Reptilian —Lyran wars. They help work with other refugees like councelors. They look like dark skinned Deccans or India's people of the darker skin looking type. They now inhabit places in the Pleiads.

M.I.B. made by Draconians. bio–synthetic, appearance fake or terrifying. Made two flinch a month ago. One very very tall one, took a few eye disengagements but it finally flinched. goals or objectives: to intimidate UFO eye witnesses. These are my beyotches. :)

Blue Moon– Eyes, Live in Earth. A part of the Ancient Vedas. Blue blood is an oxygen disorder and common in history.

Mothman created by a rich prankster at London, Early Modern Age. He delved in scarying the ladies and gents.

Nagas: dinosaurs’ evolutionary hybrids, 7–8 ft. tall, green and blueish scale skin, like reptiles. Live in Earth. some say descendants of bi–pedal dynos. perhaps a mating mistake?

Nordics: 5.4 to 7 feet and look like white humans with blond features and light eyes. Pleiads Star Cluster or inter–dimensional home spaces. They use quiet ships so your ears are not damaged like jetplanes at 300 ft. above one's head and ears 24/7/365 at 60 plus a day. hearing loss. I saw a triangle about 600 ft in July of 1,999 A.D. with another homeless dude at Beamin Park, Studio City, about 9 ish. Did not think anything of it, and the ship which had headlights or viewing windows was silent and darkened the Moon and Stars as it passed silently overhead.

Mantis: Insectoids and known for their healing abilities and propagation of healing techniques.

Pleiadians : human like and been here as guidance counselors since time began.  White features and blond and blue or blue green eyes. & guiding in human spirituality.

Procyonians:  Procyon and have concern with the interference of Grey Aliens who are trying to create a super race of hybrids between humans and Greys because Greys are really dumbasses with high technology. Apple's Siri is the AI of the Greys in our future or past . they like to give us Humans or GODs, guidance and protection.

Reptilians Alpha draconi which is actually a very close Star system.  Behavior as irreverent children, destroying and destruction.  These are shape–shifters and most notable for warmongeries mentalities.  They are most associated to the darker skin human races on earth.  They are described in our Bible as Beasts.  They  are thusly then, non human peaceful like creatures.  Their endorphins are  triggered upon hurting others and causing them pain and they suck it like a vampire does a victim.  They are human flesh eaters and voodoites in likeness and are anti–Religious and engage in black majic.  They love to hang around Hollywood, California or Washington D.C. They have a pattern of always following whitey all over Earth. They are only known for surface knowledge to the very educated and very smart. But to most unplugged–in they seem intelligent. Reptilians are evolutionary bio humanoid animals and survived Lemuria , Pacific Ocean, and Atlantis, atlantic ocean catastrophes. Many are red skinned and migrated throughout the Americas. Most humans nor histories realize that native American tribes, red or brown or yellow were a very aggressive warmongering misogynist collective of reptilian tribes. European Colonial histories describe a native American tribes are men playing or warring and women doing all the home chorses and building homes. So men were only there to take naps, play and party and when needed fight a neighboring tribe. They loved like the Preditor movie to skin scalps as trophies of their warmongering conquests.

Sirians are from Dog Star Sirius and some say comedians come from its companion star, Dog Star Sillious. It has been a common meme since ancient Egyptian times and adopted by many native African tribes due to locality of Egypt and Ethiopia and foot travel of our ancient past.  These people are here for guidance and help.  The Star Sirius is one of the brightest Stars in our collective Night sky. Healing, protection and guidance.

Teros, south Asian looking aliens that can come out in the public and look human. They claim they come from planet Jamen, form the Constellation where Arcturus resides.  They are often bullied  on other planets and fled to earth for protection. I protect them.

Ummites are descendants of the  Lyra race and like the human race ⟨ we come from Dog Galaxy Centaurus A ⟩ took a signal from here and investigated it and came to Earth.  When we arrived a part of our crews landed and breeded on Mars too.

Greys: Z2 Reticuli, 5 ft. tall on average. Like Aztecians. They are the most numerous like the Latin Races or brown races.  The Orion 7ft tall Greys are hybrids. 3ft tall Bellatrax Orionis system. Their skin and bodies have sever morphological radiation damage. In the Bible, these are the fallen angels and the mediums that are spit out. So they are souls which are being punished. They are damned and have no good intentions with humans. Their plan is to cross breed human Nordics so they can regain a sense of life from constant confusion and surface knowledge.  Human governments are terrified of them. They have blue electro pulse weapons attached to their bodies to burn or harm humans and the only defense is ME. Use my Jesus Christ name at them. They flee. History: Known instances of contact. They lied to Eisenhower and to Hitler. Both were duped by their faux promises. They promised to tell them of their cloning or their abductions, which they did not do either; and in exchange they granted “limited’ technologies, which they promised more but never delivered. Roswell NM, crash was actually where humans got fiber—optics and nigh —vision and other other worldly technologies, & not from any lying Grey idiot. One interview, A grey gives a false prophecy and this alluded me to understand they are delusional and cannot read nor write well . I guess these tall Orion hybrid talls fit into the Washington D. C. elite perfectly.

Annunaki #bible are an Herododian marriage narrative. Like England and France in the middle ages or Spain and England or France of  the Early Modern Age, these governments often wed princess to a foreign prince in hopes of stopping endless conflicts. Earth's first human location: Mesopotamia, northern fringes. Sumer, base 60 Math system our world exclusively uses for astronomy and time management are the Annunaki who in the Bible came down to Earth and mated with our local women. Anu the Supreme God becomes Annubus, the First Egyptian Supreme Deity , depicted on funerary tombs of Ancient Egyptian princes and  kings and commoners. Dna: A cross between a Prince of Orion and Dog Star, Sillious or Sirius B . Once on earth, they interwed and said to have become a race, called Sumerians. The famous words like Summer and Sun derive from this race. They are interested in all things. The Sumerian gods became the Babylonian and Egyptian gods and claim they own the human race and Sumerian texts claim they created a reptilian slave race, a native evolutionary animal humanoid to work as slaves. The Orion tall Greys want to control all and the Orion Prince in the cross breeding wedding forces us to contend with the Devil on one shoulder mentality and the Angel on the other shoulder mentality. The forbidden fruit. To know good & evil. They are scientists and real deities, of the most intelligent. As I have said, the Draconian races follow whitey and over to Orion, the alpha Dracos , a sub group of them have serious conflicts with Annunaki. It is akin to the endless charges of baseless in-flighting socially about racism and a part of the under world Matrix History battles on Truth. These Orion, the alpha Dracos are linked to wars and to secret societies of ill repute. For example, there are good Masons and bad masons.

Are not dracos niggahs? they hate cracker annunaki with a passion.? both vie for control of evolution and destiny.

Telosheons : looking like small whitey nuns. They live in the hollow Earth section and want to restore goodness and love. They are a part of the Order of Melchizedek. Melchizedek, Melkisetek, or Malki Tzedek, is the king of Salem and priest of El Elyon mentioned in the 14th chapter of the Book of Genesis, Holy Bible. He brings out bread and wine and blesses Abram and El Elyon. Space ports connections: Saturn bases, Arcturus bases and Sirius Bases. Recently The Cassini Spacecraft NASA, before its demise had imaged a port to Saturn, where the rings were gravitationally pulled back for space ship entry. They can access other dimensions. So like some of my Apostles.

Alpha Centurions live under water or in our Seas. The most famous was the Betty and Barney UFO incident.


sources and commentary: Youtube “These Are The 13 known Extraterrestrial Races Living On Earth” and not true. Aliens , most of them do not know of other races and some are at war for millennia and all of them have no idea of Reincarnation nor the second dna set, I use for  time travel . This leads me to a conclusion they are no smarter or dumber than humanoids on Erath. More species youtube

Alien races from A - Z, youtube; Annunaki claims youtube. composed 10212017AD #arcmichael #bookoflife


N.S.A., C.I.A. ( Modern) formed during Acubenic Plutonic Energies, the most dangerous.


astreological interpretations:

N.S.A., C.I.A. F.B.I. (modern forms) 1947 A.D. Pluto reaches alpha cancri α . = a potential global & underworld deception.

Roswell 1947 A.D. = (M44) praesepe = a large buisness industry.

1947 Giants came to Earth and say they we want to stay on . Planet, ethiric world . Locus

Roswell,  New Mexico, U.S.A. 1947 A.D.

Praesepe (M44) influences of the 6th Arabic Moon Mansion Al Nathrah: The Gap or Crib. Causes love, friendship and society of fellow travelers, drives away mice, afflicts captives and causes their imprisonment. [c.f. COW * Robson*, p.71]. = praesepe, true. According to Vivian E. Robson, Praesepe forumalates these starting of large buisnesses. The Unidentified Flying Object (UFOs) or the Summer of 1947, nine UFOs were spotted just out over the mountains of Washington's  Mt. Rainier where the news from this we heard the first coined words ' flying saucer(s)' used in the popular sense became an industry in-and-of-itself.

1947: Pilot Kenneth Arnold sights a series of unidentified flying objects near Washington's Mt. Rainier. It's the first widely reported UFO sighting in the United States, and, thanks to Arnold's description of what he saw, leads the press to coin the term flying saucer.( Long, Tony, "June 24, 1947: They Came From ... Outer Space ?" Wired.com, c.f. Source: History.com, Project 1947).

pluto  ( ) = praesepe cancri = Summer 1941 A.D. = World War II, and Summer 1947 A.D.   =  the signature of alpha cancri, acubems or Sertan, Satan. Here, = Praesepe = Big Buisness.

beta persei (PED) M.C. paran western horizon arc-line + alpha lower piscipus . Lasting emotional and obsession devotion to origins and family matters – such as are they are parents?

hyades ( or Hell or the Hellen underworld) = (war in general) death, murder and assasinations.

= galactic plane = anti dark rift section of the sky. just prior and above al hecka taurii.

superparan: Roswell

superparan: beta persei (PED) M.C. to western horizon, alpha (α) piscupus australis + + kit alpha. + eastern horizon, asc. alpha leonis . = powerful + emotional+  long lasting memories or long lasting fame + felt on a personal level.



Rosewell U.F.O: Event 7 July 1947: did not become a famous event until 1978 when a young physicist became interested in the case and began to interview people. After this media, television, print, and story tellers launched a series of 'we are not alone' ideas into the general populace media. 

On July 8, 1947, the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) public information officer Walter Haut, issued a press release stating that personnel from the field's 509th Operations Group had recovered a "flying disk", which had crashed on a ranch near Roswell. Later that day, the press reported that Commanding General of the Eighth Air Force Roger Ramey had stated that a weather balloon [ used to recover sound waves of Soviet nuclear tests]  was recovered by the RAAF personnel. A press conference was held, featuring debris (foil, rubber and wood) said to be from the crashed object, which seemed to confirm its description as a weather balloon.

However, because of the vast use of weather balloons, even the Japanese and almost most industrialized nations, balloon debris littered the earth's lands. Finding deflated and collapsed balloon debit on earth’s surface was no rarity in the decade following World War II.  Something happened at Rosewell on 7 July 1947 that spooked a lot of people.

In 1978, physicist and ufologist Stanton T. Friedman interviewed Major Jesse Marcel who was involved with the original recovery of the debris in 1947. Friedman and others helped start the modern media U.F.O. craze. by intensive scrutiny. 

N.S.A., C.I.A.,F.B.I. Modern Versions + Military Complex.

The Rise of the Military Complex by Legal Proceedings.

National Security Act ( N.S.A.) of 1947: An Act to promote the national security by providing for a Secretary of Defense; for a National Military Establishment; for a Department of the Army, a Department of the Navy, a Department of the Air Force; and for the coordination of the activities of the National Military Establishment with other departments and agencies of the Government concerned with the national security.


alpha cancri, α = a power to bring hell to earth and to the family and to the home.

hyades  = focused action upon bring hell on Earth, by actions of dealing directly to the underworld.

delta (δ) Cancer: With Saturn: Untrustworthy, dishonorable, low morality, bad habits formed early in life. [Robson*, p.144.]

Enacted by the  80th United States Congress Effective July 26, 1947 Citations Public Law 80-253 Stat. 61 Stat. 495 Codification Title(s) amended 50 U.S.C.: War and National Defense U.S.C. sections created Chapter 15, § 401 Legislative history





Anne Wright, Constellation of Words (COW * ).

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