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.9:19 PST 18 th December 2016 .A.D. archived except for new adds on The Fruit of black brown supremacy @usa Journal 162 copy.

UK led by Touri brainus minimuses

predict any world leader new Δ dumb &*$# a Stan

us cops 12 12 2016 A.D. Obama legacy J 160 & Assange Missing Oct.& Spy Bills 2012 2016 A.D. & RapeCulture is Celebrate Diversity




While I bash Obama's policies, he entered 2009 January with a friendship outreach to V. Putin. Elected 1999 A.D. Head of Russia. Approval today is at 86% up 80% after the Election of fellow white human Donald Trump at the dismay of the Arab Semitic half white + semitic Arabites or #semitics . About 2013 A.D. WHEN #meamic created IS as an opposition to Shi’i–Russian influence‡, it got out of hand and became an Islamic State Babyrape caliphate; embarrassed Obama.; Russian friendship then deteriorated as Syria is an outpost to protect Iran, and Russia opened up to United Nations to fight the rebels ( Secret US, UN too dumb to know) called Syrian Rebels that the United States of America Congress passes quarterly budgets to run these Semitic Murderous games of slaughter Black - Flag movements all over the Middle east for Arabiite Superiority in all of the Levant regions.

‡ DNA is same as Scottish to German. White white DNA Russia gets along with Iranians. The southern Iranians are more brown types like traditional sunni.

‡ψ Shi’i— Sunni split are on DNA lines only and deal with Race. northern Arabs interbred with white white nordics for millenial northern Arabs interbred with white white DNA Noordics for some millennia. Southern Europeans , Iberian long term generations were and are predisposed  to Sunni Arabs because Aztec mix breeding with Spanish/ Portuguese, Italian and southern European arabites or mixed races produced affiliations to Saudi and Israeli arabites — as the Buddy–Buddy System Latin prefer them. This describes the U.S. migration scene as well. ∀The compartmentalism of the race groups tend toward colored affiliations.

Over centuries and & by  soul to physical incarnation standards, DNA of ashkaNAZI jews like #hittler ’'s family could have light eyes and dark features hair(s). Not fully a noordic white white. Kinda like James Comey, our current F.B.I. Director. He has Scottish noordic DNA mixed with Arabite DNA, at reduced levels to a majority DnA. About the 10 th to the 11 th Centuries, many Israelites move to safe zones in Germany , then called attentively Prussia but for a millennia after the fall of Rome were ruled independently  like small states, which would end after the 100 years war

Edit #2

Obama’s policies: he entered 2009 January with a friendship outreach to Vladimir Putin & Elected 1999‚ A.D. Head of Russia. Approval today is at 86% up 80% after the Election of fellow white human Donald Trump at the dismay of the Arab Semitic half white + semitic Arabites or #semitics . About 2013 A.D. WHEN #meamic created IS as an opposition to Shi'i Russian influence, it got out of hand and became a Islamic State Babyrape caliphate; embarrassed Obama.; Russian friendship then deteriorated as Syria is an outpost to protect Iran, and Russia opened up to United Nations to fight the rebels. Too Obama’s credit he really did inherent the Middle Eastern mess after ⇒ confirmed ⇐ he voted and voiced opposition from the onset. The unerving events of what really happned on 11 th September 2012 A.D. shattered Obama's domestic and foreign policies. Rather than face testimony∋ it will be two years later she decided to testify∈ Hillary RodHam Clinton left the country in mid November, after the election and disappeared and on Feb. 2013 resigned from the State Department for medical reasons, classified. Too Obama’s weakness he had John Kerry a Scull&Bones Bush asslicker walk into the empty job and ISIS was born 1 ,st February 2013 as an alternative policy to arming al quaeda or various rebel forces at Libya. Now it returned to Raqqa; whence the Iraqi Robbery by an AntiChrist Bush team , just weeks after the Invasion of Iraq, 2003 A.D. / #2


2:41 PST 12 21st 2016 A.D Tetherer to Events of the Bible Beast wife

How #benghazi and 2016 #generalelection tie together well. #crookedhillary falsely blamed an innocent Coptic Christian, southern California. For the entire #terrorist attack at #Libya that was #2012ad   for the 2015 - #2016ad election cycle, #crookedhillary again blamed 100,000,000 people of false crimes. Most whites had no role in slavery, so they are not racist. Most whites  are Asian to African to Middle Eastern, they voted too against #hildabeast and #billclinton aka #biblle beast started the war on terror by shooting 65 cruise missiles at aspirin factories and innocent people.   Why? Because it is  a stupid sex addict imbecile.  And these are the types of leaders that #ABC #CBS #NBC #NPR #CNN #FOX #MSNBC #KPFK and other information outlets love these false accusations and non democracy ways.   #hillaryclinton   is in the lake of fire with SC conditions for a #seconddeath thus deleting her soul. It is too corrupted to allow in our universe .

#waronterror #ushisotry #biblestudy #christians #fakechristians  

TRUE IS TRUMP 70,145,232 CLINTON 49,988,455 REAL COUNT: Finale TRUMP 70,145,232 CLINTON 49,988,455 REAL COUNT. No one came to Hillary Clinton rallies, and those that were promoted were photoshpped. to add in 1,000s of people who really were never there.

How DNC hurt white people

How #benghazi and 2016 #generalelection tie together well. #crookedhillary falsely blamed an innocent Coptic Christian, southern California. For the entire #terrorist attack at #Libya that was #2012ad   for the 2015 - #2016ad election cycle, #crookedhillary again blamed 100,000,000 people of false crimes. Most whites had no role in slavery, so they are not racist. Most whites  are Asian to African to Middle Eastern, they voted too against #hildabeast and #billclinton aka #biblle beast started the war on terror by shooting 65 cruise missiles at aspirin factories and innocent people.   Why? Because it is  a stupid sex addict imbecile.  And these are the types of leaders that #ABC #CBS #NBC #NPR #CNN #FOX #MSNBC #KPFK and other information outlets ; & these false accusations and non democracy ways.   #hillaryclinton   is in the lake of fire with SC conditions for a #seconddeath thus deleting her soul. It is too corrupted to allow in our universe .

#waronterror #ushisotry #biblestudy #christians #fakechristians  

The Fruit of black brown supremacy @usa

The Fruit of black brown supremacy are labeling innocent white white with slavery or jim Crow or implicit racism. White cab/taxi stop for white when white are drivers, blacks stop first for blacks when blacks are driving, you lying brown semitic. Don Lemon IMPLIED we must only have black vote in national elections because white are evil . Liar on CNN says Los Angeles is dominated by white supremacy, by population demographics. this is a lie, out right demographic lie. It is 89% semitic and those are not white. Bakari Sellers implies whites are evil too so they should not have any representation. He needs a bath in the lake of fire. Why? He does not study real history and therefore makes fake and fake claims. and being Godless means he can lie and have no consciousness effects form those antihuman behaviors.



#crookedhillary which Twitter banned and now stocks suffer for it, Her paternal name is Rod HAM.

lisc. plat  " 0 1000 "  #Armenian who targets me. His family or extended are uber rich, and these people are #antiwhite at 100% and  take up 1/4 of lib and will not tolerate white people. These are godless ones not the  good Armenians. I manage to take it while  he was inside. He jumped out, I walked away turning around saying, "so what, lets go!" he got on cell phone and called his assassination daddies or ladies. Staff are for these creeps and are also antiwhites.  My sin is I have white white skin and looks .

 staff are 95% Semitic and target me too, kicked out about 20 whites permanently since I have been here. #bookoflife #arcmichael #12212016ad  

what happened. I asked one of his lady study students to turn her I=pad or large surface computer away from my direction as the light glares were blinding me. this dude, erupted like a volcano on Antiwhite prelocutionary utterances. It rebuked I type loud. I did not respond to this, but later understood why. I do not type loud, I have no expensive quiet computer pad, just a cheap one. they do not type and study at #UCLA which is not having brown people kill white professors of late over, yes, racism. His people are about 20 of them, take up 1/4 of the entire library every day and do not study at #UCLA where there are plenty of buildiings. They take bigotry to a whole new level.


#moses banned the people of HAM. #crookedhillary Diane Rod ham is its name. I coded its soul so it cannot, and not in this lifetime, hold a potus position anywhere on planet earth. #hardcorereligion #bookoflife #arcmichael #12192016ad   in other topics and this for me: & Those bigoted arab semitics that are agnostic and not of  any #christian or religious ascription =  #Armenians that attacked me. taking photos of their #uber wealthy #benzos and lux autos. They have a problem of taking up 1/4 ( on extended family) of the public spaces and call for eradication of black and white respectively. they were physically attacking me and called them out for 'outside and for a real fight.' they left and sent a few gurls here today. But they will be back and I will not step down. They want all whites dead on planet earth and that means protecting you. #bookoflife their families are multi multi #millionaires and they use exclusively political correctness, racism ascriptions and hate and/or bully their way to the top. Just like #semitics have done throughout #history .  Maybe death, jail or something soon. These people are evil and will never love another #culture . Their #DNA does not produce such results. we need a serious global change of DNA for these hater creeps.  They look like hater latin, hater MoBros and hater Sauud Jewcrap. same dna, same hatred toward white or black races. Armenians sided with Islam against #Christians at #Anatolia ( Ottoman Empire) so when #Ottoman old guard genocided them, the Christians said , FU anyway.

Electorial College vote Dec 19 2016 A.D. It is finally over.

Vote is in Clinton lost more electors
304 Trump
228 Clinton
3 Powell
1 Kasich/ Paul

If done majority take all states, it would be 232-306

Trump lost 2 of his original electors
Clinton lost 4 of her electors ( link to data stream) googleplus trump the asian.

top intel on #Russia , #Syria , sauud and #USA in header codes. below. or click appropriately. #ushistory  


The term "Wahhabi"
Followers dislike the term "Wahhabi" as it was historically used by opponents (e.g. Sultan of Turkey) as a derogatory term. The term implies that they follow Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab, whereas they, in fact, follow many other scholars -- many of whom lived centuries prior to Muhammad bin Abd al Wahhab. The term "Wahhab" is derived from "Al-Wahhab": the generous giver, a name of Allah in Islam. Some Wahabbis take this as an argumentative compliment when faced with Wahabbi as a derogatory term.

Historically, members of this movement call themselves the muwahhidun (the 'monotheists'), or al Ikhwan (the 'brethren').

Wahhabism claims to restore Islam from what they see as as innovations, superstitions, deviances, heresies and idolatries in the religion. During the time of Ibn Abdul Wahhab, there were lots of practices that were contrary to Islamic beliefs, such as:


  1. Invoking any prophet, saint or angel in prayer, other than God alone (this is considered polytheism)
  2. Grave worship, whether to saints' graves, or the prophet's grave
  3. Celebrating annual feasts for dead saints
    Wearing of charms, and believing in their healing power
  4. Practicing magic, or going to sorcerers or witches seeking healing
  5. Innovation in matters of religion (e.g. new methods of worship)
  6. Erecting elaborate monuments over any grave

Ibn Abdul Wahhab sought to purify Islam from such practices with a "back to basics" approach. Wahhabi teachings are strict, often referred to with reservations as 'puritanical'.

Adherents insist on a literal interpretation of the Qu'ran, not unlike many Christian fundamentalists' approach to interpreting the Bible, and a doctrine of predestination that is no stricter than traditional Calvinism.


Fakenews Mainstream Semitic Hatred toward all whites on planet earth.

Washpo = #fakenews   by a #fakeceo who has his workers sleep in tents and RVs, as #Drugereport highlighted over the  2015- 2016 election cycle.  With photos and testimonies. this is a  modern #Slave #plantation owner and it is not white! OK mr and Mrs or miss #black or brown #african low wit. Only 1.5% of whites owned slaves on planet #earth . Germans are not white but cross bred barbarians as DNA tests show since the mid 20 th century. . #bookoflife #arcmichael #semitics coop white names and memes but are just filthy jew liars.
it produced 30,0000 fake  news stories about white people in the last few years. and without punishment for  its on purpose lies. Liars are #antichrists in the #holybible so he is one here.

beotch slave owner Bezos makes $1,000,000,000,000 to $2,000,000,000,000 every week but his workers live in the freezing rain outside in tents , slaving for his #Semitic greed. #religion #godless   r #Liberals  & liberals are liars and US conservatives are real liberals.


#whitegenocide WashingtonPOST 2016


FakeIslam 1917 A.D. Global Changes

Ibn Sa'ud

Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman ibn Faisal Al Saud (1880 - November 9, 1953), also known by several abbreviated forms of this name, or simply as Ibn Saud was first monarch of Saudi Arabia. He was born into the House of Saud (also Sa'ud), which had historically maintained dominion over an area of what was then known as Arabia called Nejd.

He was born in Riyadh. In 1890, at the age of ten, Saud followed his family into exile in Kuwait following the conquering of the families lands by the Rashidi. He spent the remainder of his childhood in Kuwait as a "penniless exile" [1].

In 1901, at the age of 21, Ibn Saud succeeded his father, Abdul Rahman bin Faisal, to become the leader of the Saud dynasty with the title Sultan of Nejd. It was at this time that he set out to reconquer his family lands from Ibn Rashid in what is now called Saudi Arabia. In 1902, together with a party of relatives and servants, he recaptured Riyadh with only twenty men by assassinating the Rashidi governor of the city. Ibn Saud was considered a "magnetic" leader, and many former supporters of the House of Saud once again rallied to its call following the capture of Riyadh.

Arab DNA that call themselves Jews, but same as Sauud DNA.

White Genocide are embedded Laws in US Culture and Government programs. white idiots have no idea.

 I never go on #fakebook 's website knowing that #markzukerburg fake name to hid  his Semitic DNA is a #fakehumanbeing . He did a federal crime and #fakemedia #fakenews #fakegov all gave him a pass and rewarded the #semiticbigot  


Irgun, shorthand for Irgun Tsvai-Leumi (also spelled Irgun Zvai-Leumi), Hebrew for "Military-National Organization", was a Zionist rebel group that existed in the early 20th century.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 2005 accessed.
The Haganah (Hebrew: "Defense") was a Zionist military organization in Palestine during the British mandate of Palestine from 1920 to 1948. The Haganah later became the Israel Defense Forces—Israel's army.
The predecessor of Haganah was the Ha-Shomer (Guild of Watchman) established in 1909. It was a small group of Jewish immigrants who guarded settlements for an annual fee. At no time did the group have more than 100 members.
The Arab riots of 1920 and 1921 made it clear to the Jewish leadership that they couldn't rely upon the British authorities for protection. Ha-Shomer was not enough, and in June 1920 it was disbanded and the more centralized and organized Haganah formed.
During its first nine relatively quiet years, the Haganah was a loose organization of local defense groups in the large towns and in several of the settlements. Led by Yisrael Galili, the Haganah was mainly a civilian organization, fully subjugated to civilian leadership and heavily influenced by the Histadrut.
Following the Arab riots of 1929, that left 133 Jews dead, Haganah's role changed dramatically. It became a much larger organization encompassing nearly all the youths and adults in the settlements, as well as thousands of members from the cities. It also acquired foreign arms and begun to develop workshops to create hand grenades and simple military equipment. It went from being an untrained militia to a capable army.
In 1936 the Haganah fielded 10,000 mobilized men along with 40,000 reservists. During the Great Uprising 1936-1939, it participated actively to protect British interests and to quell Arab insurgence. Although the British administration didn't officially recognize the Haganah the British Security Forces cooperated with it by forming the Jewish Settlement Police, Jewish Auxiliary Forces and Special Night Squads. The battle experience gained in the Great Uprising was to become very useful in the Palestine war 1947-1949.
In 1937, the most right-wing elements of Haganah branched off for the second time and formed Irgun Zvai-Leumi, more known as just "Irgun". They were discontent with the policy of restraint when faced with British and Arab pressure. Irgun and their off-branch the Stern gang was to become renowned for their clandestine combat methods.
To appease the Arabs, the British severely restricted immigration to Palestine in 1939. In response, Haganah started to organize illegal immigration and demonstrations against Britain. It set up the "Organization for Illegal Immigration", Aliyah Bet, which worked through bases in Switzerland and Turkey.


Banned to the Lake of Fire 12 20 2016 A.D.

ROBERT B. REICH is Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley and Senior Fellow at the Blum Center for Developing Economies.

NAZI name Robert Put out video and arguments to destroy all things White white DNA. He supports Arms for Profit, US MEAMIC, supports Hillary Clinton, voted for her and is a lying German AshkaNAZI jew mixed Demon on planet Earth.

My school taken over by Brown DNA bigots force weakelings like German NAZI Rovert Reich to cow-tow to brown supremecy programs. That is why he called for the destruction of all things #donaldtrump


BibleStudy: googleplus post Arc Michael 12 20 2016 A.D.

#biblestudy what are #Satanic #Semitic #Supermecites ; a new generation of SS NAZI like labor force fascists.  #israelis today hate #God and says #micha ( #hebrew Bible) is full of shyte. #theyneedpunsihment they are in fact just #godless warmongering orgyites. #bookoflife #FU #nsa = #Satanic #Semitic #Supermecites
  #georgesoros while young was a committed #NAZI solider. today he says #hitler is his best ideologue because Hitler supported #Islam and hated #Christians.  Germans have NAZI jew DNA, so they support Islamic Jihadi on all whites, and there is your secret to the world.


others on Hillary Clinton's loss

Had she been elected, Hillary Clinton would have opened the floodgates to Muslim migrants originating from high-risk regions, including Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Her loss in the general election serves as a sobering reminder of how the United States narrowly averted disaster. Googleplus 12 20 2016ad

#beast does Twitter

#beast @williamjclinton attacking white people and Donald Trump on twitter yesterday and today. He is mad he cannot use white house as his personal #whorehouse  


12 21 2016 A.D. WhiteGenocideWorldWide

#ireland being taken over by #nigerians where in #USA we call them #niggers   where on earth can whites go. They are taking norway, sweden, Germany, France, Netherlandic places and UK is already gone and two mosques at my place , #scotland fund Pakistani Christian genocide, and the mayor or PM loves it and is radical #sunni Fuck USsatanism that promotes these semitic fuckers, to kill the white race. Germans are not even fully white, but ashkaNAZI jew crap, and why NAZI killed whites and freed the jews.


Taxable fads

what are taxable fads? we had some very cold dec temps here at #la #losangeles   & historically. #globalfreezing the new taxable fad. replaces the other taxable fad, Global  warming. lolz. whatever is wrong, the elite government leeches want to tax it to pay for their larger salaries and pension plans and free stuff. They are the modern robber baron thieves, worldwide.  #bookoflife #arcmichael   #12202016ad #taxablefads  

Washington Compost @fakenews 

southern poverty law center is made up entirely of KKK and brown africans that fuck those niggah cock craving KKK. Both groups are #antiwhite DNA groups.

Palestinian Scholar website has URL of RAPE embedded in it.

#ireland being taken over by #nigerians where in #USA we call them #niggers   where on earth can whites go. They are taking norway, sweden, Germany, France, Netherlandic places and UK is already gone and two

Pentagon: Germanic Scumbags ruling NAZI style with brown jihad on whites like Hitler did, he killed whites and saved browns

Islamic state defeated at Aleppo by White white Russians and Syrian citizens. Pentagon is in mourning and very upset that white white people killed their brown Bush sissy rape caliphate at Turkey. ( link to mainstream media report on this, minus the real Pentagon intel).

#iran is not happy with Bush German Control of #MEAMIC because #Bush ( #Sissy name) #pentagon is #IS and #syrianrebels is US tax funded which are anti Iran and #AntiWhitewhite people, run by Semitic cross jewgermans at Pentagon. We need to rid earht of German scum #NAZI = #IS Nazi  always aligned to #brown jihaders and bombed white countries.


Holy Bible:


Section post Aaron & Moses. God Rejects the Israelites, they intermixed with Baal African brown Canaanite Traders and connected to shipping cultures at the Levant.  God says, well I will give you one last chance, I will send a redeemer. Micha , a minor prophet in the Hebrew portion of the Bible says God will send someone but Jews today ( a made up court case race) and control Tel Aviv and Israel say God is a fucking Liar. Therefore the people called Jews today are not God’s chosen people.

What is the Idol Worship today of Israel State Godless? Weapons of War for morbid carnal desires and hate, frustration and fear. Both Beast, WIlliamJClinton and an AntiChrist George Walker Bush, Jr. Tried to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as it means peace and four major religious sections dominate the tourism and worship centers, OK'd by me. Israeli academia teachers false history and false science. The snobbish erudition makes little sence when they cannot even create peace just over their walls by deplomacy. They, rather, are armed to the teeth with $30 Million quarterly payments and a year end budget for their goverment welfare system to import Semitics and erradicate white white people, off the face of the earth. These groups, a plenty, and are called Zionists ⇒ Godless’ Moraless’, ethicaless’ cretins of “ Me important‚, you never are” filthy DNA that has infested our world. We call them world wide #liberals ⇔ #r ·#lie· #bals. These Baal worshippers are evolutionary enthusiasts.

αThey worship large phallace ritual groups and are most often associated to , on average, African large bodied evolutionary humanoids. Although, rare, there are very large phallace on the white white side, but then look again to see some Baal evolutionary DNA mixed with these super large Noordics.

WISE is much less than Understanding. Discourse on levels of knowledge.


A&E to do a biodoc on KKK

 3:19 PST Dec 19 th 2016 A.D.
#KKK #history   for A&E because you are semitic liars. number #1  - #BLM kills more than #KKK in one week, then all of USA history. Those 5,000 + plus murders in the south of blacks or african browns were for all murderers by Semitics and Brown #africans and sparsely or not at all  linked to the KKK. number #2: most founding members left as it was a joke system . In reality, KKK members wore sissy outfits underneath and dated #black men ( court cases show)  with large phallaces.  By 1920s, Second wave got more broad and a message of nationalism hood.  we then saw about 20,000 hoodless or hooded on the capitol mall, marching peacefully. Then they tried to get into power and then #gayhomo #jayehoover an african brown and head, first head of the #FBI (no pun intended) convinced Ronald Reagan to target Christians because they  are opposed to #BAAL babyrape gay brown culture, very historical too. So #FBI and Reagan defeated the white nationalists, the #GOP cheered and backed brown foreigners for privileged ;  and the  KKK  have now gone to another level or part 3 and are suppressed . Only about 2,000 members are really active in isolationism. Otherwise, they are gone and like all #semitics . They lie and lie and lie and call #Noordics KKK  when the DNA overwhelming shows #AshkaNAZI   jew strains in most of the KKK lineage . and Southern lineage.  Dylan Roof, pictured here, shot up a Charleston Church and surviving black members all say F&%K WHITE PEOPLE and #Jesus was black, & so  he does not care about white people. Yes it is on tape and interview. #arcmichael #12192916ad #bookoflife   

updated from another page, corrected a few spellings. – Arc

Rachel Maddow MSNBC cheers on TV as Ankara, Turkey, Gunman utters her expressions as he kills a white Russian.

MSNBC Creates riots by lies at Ankara , Turkey, riots three days and blames falsely white whites

#russia #gunman used #rachelmaddow quotes and utterances. #MSNBC killed white #russian long time ambassador who spent over a decade at #northkorea and was never shot. #bookoflife #fakenews kills innocents #whitegenocide #rachelmaddows is uber antiwhite and is herself non white, but a #WASA = White arabite and why she hates white white people all over earth and blames Chinese white and Russian white for all evil she does, as she supports Bush, Cheney, Hitler, Castro, Mussolini and other despots. #dnc are these ideologies. #bookoflife #arcmichael why they hate God because Bible says USA = #satan now we know why. Thus, #takeitout  

#proof 10 regime changes under #obama or #rachels ' master. Syria was one of them and 2010 A.D. CIA began to bomb Allepo and Russia only joined to counter attack in 2015 A.D. Rachel Maddow blamed  Russia for 6 years of bombing campaigns when it was  the #USA #CIA secret Military conflict the #popefrancis told us at Congress arms both sides to make huge profits to support MSNBC and other Murderous NAZI Jew Demonoids. #bookoflife #arcmichael #12202016ad  

'You haven't succeeded once': AP reporter grills State Dept on lack of progress in Syria = #meme to #fakemedia = #fakeusgov because syrian rebels are ISIS members used by #CIA milcomplex bush gurl groups of oil dominance.

Finally: Ankara, Turkey: ISIS's maga zine, renamed, called 3 months ago for attack on Christmas venue with a massive truck. accomplished. #erdogon helps publish this magazine. Erdogon is MSNBC favorite buddy.


PIZZA is not a building or a restaurant. It is a Elite 1%er reference to child porn and more secret, abduction to satanic rape and Aztec Human sacrifice rituals, loved by almost all #liberals .

#PizzaGate #MAGA #TrumpTrain #draintheswamp #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #PodestaEmails #AmberAlert #ANON #Anonymous #Pedofiles #TrumpTransition #Savethechildren #DCPedos #ChildProtectiveServices #DOJ #CIA #FBI #NYPD #HSI #CPSdestroyschildren #CometPizza #KanyeWest   #HillaryClinton #JohnPodesta #TonyPodesta #AndrewKline #DavidBrock #ArunRao #BarakObama #MarianaAbramovic #SpiritCooking #JakeTapper #BillClinton #MSM  #JeffreyEpstein #LolitaExpress #OrgyIsland #GeorgeSoros #TerranceBean #AnthonyWeiner #HumaAbedin  #MediaMatters #SaudiArbia #BachaBazi #Syrianrefugeecrisis #HumanTrafficking #Childtrafficking #SexSlaveTrafficking #LauraSilsby #OPDeatheaters  #Haiti #ClintonFoundation #PaytoPlay #Satanism #Ritualabuse #Brainwashing #OperationMockingBird #BlackOut #FranklinScandal #PeopleofMassDestruction #TheBushFamily #HumanRightsViolation #CospiracyOfSilence #InnocenceDestroyed #MissingChildren #AndrewBreitbart #BillBowen #MartinBurns #Georgia #Senator #NancySchaefer #Wikileaks #JulianAsange
#OpenBorders #Immigration #BorderPatrol 


Jerry Brown , Gov California, new member of The Lake of Fire

#fakeislam at #caliphateornia and head #sultan #jerrybrown been in power since I was 10 years old, and runs Antiwhite establishment programs for #sauudi Arabian bigot baby rapers and Mexican drug cartellers. He allowed over 3,000 tunnels from Cal to Mexi boarders to get the young children to geeks at #siliconvalley aka as whore child house of meth and  coke. #lakeoffire member, he took $1.6 trillion from Obama for renewable #energy and gave it to the #terrorists   He is filthy rich careerist and is also a gov in Roman History too, a bad one too.  He is the one that wants to succeed and call himself the first king of #califateornia #bookoflife #arcmichael #12202016ad  

his last name is #brown and that is what he did to #califormia turned it into brown jihadis la raza baby raper child sexerrs and Godless freakos of hate and violence. led by Godless jews at #hollywcreepo  

#beyotch= gurl faggot threatened to align with #mexico to form a Military to succeed and take USA for brown jihadis, global. this is not joke people. It is a sixo in the head.  It detests anything #Trump or white white dna. It calls on all browns to take white jobs  and brown see him like Hitler, a savior to their death culture, godless people.

Bill O’Reilly: ‘The Left Wants Power Taken Away From The White Establishment’

Fox News Bill O'reilly takes heat for White privledge Cable news show segment. 12 21 2016 A.D. from ultra leftwing antiwhite Huffington Post. However, I want him gone for supporting semitic bush sissy group antiwhite genocide programs and antiwhite Ronald reagan programs. He and Foxnews support both Godless antiwhite bigots. So I say end FOXnews by 2020 A.D. it is filthy semtic jihadi machine.


he is a liar because FOXnews also wants all whites to die that are not traitors or temporary employees with a short amount of time left on earth.

ARC 092





Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

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