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Gonzalo Cureil is a bigot and racist San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association a real American traitor. Racist bigoted judge in Donald Trump case is a legitimate racist U.S. District Judge #Gonzalo Curiel has been linked to #elchapo and Sandniggers at use keyloggers to jack off nightly. #LAraza is worse than NAZI and is all over each US campus college. LARAZA = sand niggers who kill, rape and murder and run crimes because their own people are corrupted in the so yes, there is a conflict of interest here and every white that attacks Donald Trump needs to be taken out of their homes and careers and laid to the streets of perpetual homelessness. . Startting with sissy gurl and leftist goon paul ryan. would say imo ha ha crackers are imploding.

Gonzalo Cureil Bigot tied to mexian mafioso and elchapo & arab antiamerican invasion force –

Next is Frexit and then onto Repubexit and Demoexit and SCOTexit?

now donald trump can say I have some video proof that arab Latinos are just rapists and murderers. Now it is on film. These arabs are proud of their culture.


#Jews are arab DNA
Moslem ME are arab DNA
#Latino are #arab DNA
#Pope is Latino Dude so he likes his  MoBor #Arabites ; can u blame him? #bookoflife #arcmichael the damage of dna allows him to correlate any of the  #Christian Crusade(s) and a mentally ill young male family rejects cult which robbed banks and got US backed funding  and equipment. and all  bent on pedastry and abduction of orphans and children ; Vatican councils are also heavily arabite: so this also explains  =  kinda like the #vatican covering up the child  rapes by mostly Arab #DNA clergy and not white white.  There is no comparison Pope #Francis #06272016ad  

The first crusade turned out rather brutal which is the only comparison Pope Francis could have made between #ISIS or  #DAESH of ISil or IS or whatever #blackflag they name themselves' & and the first Crusade. These barbarians 1st Feb 2013 announced its visible creation —  they are just mis adventurous youth gone murderous and rapiod insane. The majority are illiterate and come from broken families. So the family unit is to blame and that is assaulted by the Political Capitalistic Machine.   #Commoncore should not be allowed near Italy.

#dnc platform Hillary approves: Jail anyone who denied what the government says. We will start on jailing global warming deniers. sounds like the #flatearthers from 2,400 years ago are BACK! what makes me nervous are romney and bushes will vote #crookedhillary and believe 100% in the #democraticparty platform. #bookoflife  06272016ad.

  • The San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association is a member of the La Raza Lawyers of California, affiliated with the Chicano/Latino Bar Association of California.
  • On the website of the La Raza Lawyers Association of California, at the bottom of the “Links & Affiliates Page,” the National Council of La Raza is listed.
  • The website of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association is joint-listed as San Diego’s Latino/Latina Bar Association.
  • On the “endorsements” page, the combined website lists the National Council of La Raza as part of the “community,” along with the Hispanic National Bar Association,, a group that emerged with a changed name from the originally formed La Raza National Lawyers Association and the La Raza National Bar Association tracing its origin back to 1971.
  • La Raza, Spanish for “the race,” also has roots in the early 1960s with a “united front” organization, the National Organization for Mexican American Services, NOMAS. The group initially was funded by the Ford Foundation, and subsequently by George Soros’ Open Society Institute and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.
    Read more at Jerome Corsi

    Mumia Abu-Jama on why Clintons run black genocide he will vote #trump

    #Abu-Jamal has thrown his entire weight to vote Donald Trump help end <& Beast = Clintons the beast's wife> enacted anti black legislation: putting a black person away for 25 years for smoking a joint. I agree 100% with #Mumia Abu-Jama . Van Jones will be voting #blackgenocide and we took him out of of his Czar position at Jim's site & getting #Antichrist to notice and thus the next day firing the half-wit ⊆ just moving him to another position⊇ out of Obama's cabinet, .he was putting up signs when up at the ; so we took them down and Jim posted them and Obama´s top handlers were blogging and we blogged back and they were embarrassed that they had hired a dictating communist bigot to a Cabinet position. So we removed this bigot.

  • laraxza hater
    POLL: Hillary beats Trump in Mexico, 88%–1%...
    May 07 2016 A.D.

    Will #crookenHillary marry her long time Arab Companion?

    Lebonese Iranian lover of hillary clinton
    H. Clinton Received 1.5 Million FEWER Votes in 2016 than in 2008 — Dems Down 7 Million Votes

    My Ballot Box Experiance

    ballot box 0950194a ( and surrounding districts, Burbank CA) near NBC and Disney studios, across the street = about 50% of Republican voters were given Provisional ballots ( never counted, ,no matter how much they lie) because many did not secure their voting credentials. You need to get your addresses on the registrar books . Illegals given ballots and no ID or questions asked . A DNC jew dark troll was overseeing and laughing when white people were denied. I went in like last time with murder on my mind. I did not get my ballot official sample in the mail, and the radio claimed if you do not have it, ,even on registrar you cannot vote. My name has been on this district registrar since 2009 and I was told i COULD NOT VOTE in the last midterms because I was homeless. I threatened to kill all at that polling station as an Iranian,, illegal ,non-citizen was the head of the voting table. (? yes, non us citizens can make money working the California polls, Barbara Boxer, a sicko bigot 's program . My name is on the registrar and I threatened to kill them all. I was then given my proper ballot and voted. This time, again, had no official sample ballot but had ID with address and DMV and mail by banks sent to this address,. I had all this with me. I started talking my problem while waiting in line, and challenge the Latino head there at the table about being denied even though I am a 3rd generation Losangeleno . Voter suppression is a real thing, 2008 reg at Oakland, CA, the bay area deregistered 150,000 republicans √ ( took voting rites away) ←. Paul Ryan daa bitch does not care nor mitchy poo and we need these establishment globalists out since they run white genocide by never standing up for us whites.
    #GOP .com has no mention of #donaldtrump at any link, at all. He just got 1.5 Million more votes than any GOP in history and this #POS gop #establishment are nothing but a few arab white satanists bent on permanent war economy ⇒ body bags for your masses and big fat stacks of cash for their sacrifice in rituals #bookoflife #arcmichael #06082016ad
    one primary to go and Donald Trump has 1,536 Delegates.
    #keylangs #NSA/CIA run wars in Middle / South #America to force mass migrations which are their voting populations to keep them in power. this is #edu #SATANISM 101