journal 142 Antonio Villaraigosa pale green racist LA RAZA member who claims to LA RAZA his club that all whites must die

The Southwest Council of La Raza (SWCLR) was founded in 1968 and with funding from—amongst others—the leftist Ford Foundation, it quickly became the National Council of La Raza (NCLR). La Raza means “The Race” and it began as a Mexican-specific organization. The group’s motto is “Everything for The Race. Outside The Race…Nothing!” La Raza is a hard-line Marxist organization and it openly expresses hatred for white people. Even Marxist Cesar Chavez talked against the group when he commented “I hear more and more Mexicans talking about la raza—to build up their pride. Some people don’t look at it as racism, but when you say ‘La Raza,’ you are saying an anti-gringo thing, and it won’t stop there. Today it’s anti-gringo, tomorrow it will be anti-Negro. We had a stupid guy who just wanted to play politics with the union, and he began to whip up La Raza against the white volunteers, and even had some of the farm workers and the pickets and the organizers hung up on La Raza. So I took him on. These things have to be met head on. On discrimination, I don’t even give the members the privilege of a vote, and I’m not ashamed of it. No, the whole business of discrimination can’t exist here. So often, these days, the leaders are afraid, and even though they feel strongly against racism, they will not speak out against it. If the leadership is united, then it can say, ‘All right, if you’re going to do things that way, then you’ll have to get rid of us.’ You have to speak out immediately, the first time.”

Judge Curiel is a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association. Most of these attorney groups claim they have “no affiliation with NCLR). However, they seem to follow the same tenets as the national group, including but, not limited to support for illegal immigrants (specifically Mexican, Latino, Hispanic) entering the USA.

Continuing to flout US law, Judge Curiel, also, gave US school scholarships to Mexican illegal aliens. An Obama-appointed judge who won’t obey laws he doesn’t like. Hmmm. Sound familiar? And has searched naturalization records but could find none showing that Curiel’s parents who migrated from Mexico were ever US citizens.

Yes, folks. It appears Mr. Trump is correct. And who is the real racist? To me…it certainly doesn’t appear to be Trump. sources 1


06 03 2016 A.D. &Armageddon γ Prieuré de Sion

Christian Rosenkreuz Journal 142 Armageddon & Bible Archangel Michael

Villaragosa from my long time assessment runs #white noord Genocide Political, economic and institutional policies.
Antonio Villaraigosa has shown no love for humanity‚ he is a bigot & an antichrist
Bigot Antonio Villaragosa publically on MSNBC to be only for #hillaryclinton Arab and former Los Angeles Mayor who turned California south land into a third world city June 3 2016 A.D. Seal One Year
neoliberalism DNC

1993–1999 A.D. Doing Nuclear Weapons Buisness are the CLinton´s forté

Chris Hayes is a mixed arab white but has white privledge. Get him out and put in black host or very dark skinned host NOW!
France reacts to Arab influx by establishment  leaders
Antonio Villaraigosa; 41st Mayor of Los Angeles; In office July 1‚ 2005 — July 1‚ 2013: run white genocide and racist bigot member ofLatino hate group at Valley College and UCLA #LARAZA— all white and are racist in history a fact.
Arab Asian Latino Media calls this Arab Middle eastern white boy— the United States of America is out of control.
ABC‚ NBC‚ MSNBC‚ CBS‚ NPR‚ CNN‚ only Bernie Sanders tweeted his condemnation of violent Democratic Latino Party Members assaulting American citizens. ””
MSNBC 06032016 The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell begins to masturbate on television when he sees Americans being beaten and pummeled by Latin Arabs or Hillary Clinton's voter base. Then the video turns to Latino Trump protestors and his fear on his face was real.

Latin Court officials leak illegally info on Donald Trump — New Mexico governor and Judge go after white Donald trump because they are bigot racist Arab Latins who support ISIS. but lie to all about it.

  • Hillary Clinton Laughs at Latin Arabs beating and pummeling white American citizens.

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