bookoflife Journal 125 TheBookofLife –Apocalypse Begun on Vernal & topics from March 22th to 24 th 2016 ♦ Jesus Christ & New Years´ 2016 A.D.


Capitalism and Liberalism are pseudonymous

Dateline: 2008 - 2009 I was banned by their blogs ⟨ in–house UC consecutiveness to US system ⟩ because I said this same thing: liberals do not care about usa; & like capitalist‚ they see no boarders; and they care about yachts and greed and stealing from the whites and black Americans´‚ because they are Jews ‚ Moslems‚ Latinos‚ and browns as secularists or light skinned Arabesque features — akak as DNA Arabs.

CONTACT 1–855–245–4634 TO REPORT IRREGULARITIES OR VOTER FRAUD. The Trump Ballot Security Project

today 23 rd March 2016 A.D.: Apokalyptic Secret ™ Jews, Moslems, Latinos, Arabs, Secular or religious, including German Arab and Asian Arab mixers are all DNA ARABS and hate blacks and whites and have ruled America since its foundations. The Jews did Slavery, not the white people. We need Israel to begin to pay off Black African Reperations.

Apokalyptic Secret ™ Belgium Government is made up of Muslim⁄ARAB–SECULARISTS These Magistrate, like a Parliaments, are housed with 80% Arab DNA politicians; so Beligum politicans support Arabs and ISIS are Arabs. So that means these politcans sux– up to their own people; these same Arab Politicans, well they hate the White French and Native dutch living in the #caliphate de belge. So our own #nationalSatanicAgency a.k.a. N.S.A. is made up of German Arab Mixers and Many Arab DNAers who do not want to harm any Arab on planet earth: thus the Expansions of ISIS over two years. Of course, racial character will have them deny and target me for assassination. lolz.

More secrets: UK‚ France‚ and Sweden and (US?) no longer share Terrorist intel with the Top Politicians of Belgium because they leak this to the terrorists who had the bomb factory at Molenbeek, for the Paris equipment and this day´s attack too.

US authorities † no threat. Backlash; months before 9/11 authorities said no credible threats. but the Second Week of March ISIS called on its members to attack the U.S.A. like the Paris multiple attacks.

Confirmed: Belgium has produced some documented 40,000 ISIS Fighters since February of 2014 A.D.

An unexploded nail and plastic chemical bomb found after the attack at the Airport contained an ISIS Flag. 30 dead‚ 230 injured‚ updated.

MASSIVE INTELLIGENCE FAILURE € Why? These Terrorists were under surveillance for four months. Belgum ruled by Arabs & German Arab Mixed authorities allowed these Algerians, Morrocans and ISIS groups to do this murder spree‚ in my opinion.

LOCATION OF TERRORISTS: Molenbeek ⟨ pronounced Mol·en–beek ⟩ Capital of the European Union‚ Brussels‚ Belgum. The cite for the bomb making factories used in both the Paris attacks and this one. Explosion place: Brussels International Airport – Maelebeek‚; Metro Station & a near mile from the terrorist homes; and another location downtown‚ killing one person. Turkish and Moroccans‚ third generation Belgium Arab Semitic Latino Terrorists. that all went to fight Assad orver some suspicious claims of using chemical weapons < Maybe someone else?>, but These jihadis became anti–white radicalized; so they came back to home‚ their home‚ The European Union. ISIS radicalized EU born fighters now returned to Maelebeek with 90 Radical third generation Semitic Arab Jihadist. Some of these cells performed the Paris attacks; The down towns Brussels Arab community are today celebrating behind closed doors in Brussels. This has nothing to do with immigrants. This is a very sever culture clash.

Some senior ISIS person was killed when Paris ringleader´s safe house was raided by Belgium authorities this week ; ISIS senior had lived in Sweden, had lived in Paris and had lived in other parts of the European Union ; so they are all over the place. ISIS claims they are here in America. This attack was called in by Syrian Iraqi leaders of ISIS, this morning. This was not an ad hoc attack.

Time of first American Airlines terminal attack < 7:59 by eye witness looking at clock >at Brussels International Airport < three bombs, two went off >. More bombs went off in the subway systems and one down town, killing one person there. Reports that Arabs ruling EU tell police to not harras Muslim terrorists. This is not a joke. The real enemies are these Arabs in Magistrates and Parliaments all over the European Union. 8:00 am‚ 30 dead‚ 200 injured‚ ISIS claimed on social media quickly. Terror attacks will continue decade after decade until the ending of Political Correctness for the World; No chip in head or hand or unlocked phone will stop this phenomena.

Terrorists were not immigrants! Terrorists are tracked by Belgium authorities with surveillance for three months; however‚ these Terrorists were living in Brussels and lived near the bombings; so the Arab Latino Semitic ringleader was living under a square mile in downtown Brussels which was where these attacks occurred. 03 22 2016 A.D. Terrorist attacks happened so Belgium automatically suspected some nordic Blond‚ blue eyed Nordic Scots as they are framed by Political Correctness´ to be the only terrorists on earth. The reason they Belgium do not arrest Arab Semitics is that Arab Semitics control Belgium, so why arrests their people. As long as the Terrorists kill White in the name of Arab Semitic Jihad, then Political Correctness is working in the favor of the demons.

Judge Napolitano: four teams §New York Times§ interrogating terrorist ring leader he says some 90 ISIS infiltrated; Interrogation ∞ ticking time bombs here in The EU. these Massive Immigrants groups returned from ISIS Iraq and Syria and North Africa to hide amoung the refugees and then dispersed back to their homeland of to Brussels‚ Paris‚ and many other European cities. The Establishment is mad because they rely on these terrorist to keep them in power so they do not want the information out which is for the first time being deceminated live and reported upon; that ISIS has been infiltrating all open boarder western civilization lands since the UN and USA Obama admins destabilized the Middle East‚ a process started under George Herbert Walker Bush in the late 1960s.

Primary USA POTUS Candidates statements:
Arab (Rodham) Hillary Clinton always supports these terrorists. She hates whites and I think Bill Clinton is a Beast for supporting anti White, light skinned Arab, Hillary Diane Rodham, aka Clinton.
(1) “We need to import more Syrian refugees and allow immigrants form North African and allow them to relocate to the United States of America‚” Hillary Clinton 032212016 A.D.
(2) “ We need to lock down our boarder until we figure all of this out‚” Donald Trump.
(3) “ We must import more muslims, and keep vigilant against people who do these things,” John Kaisich ⟨ Ohio gov, R, estabby⟩
(4) ”We must accept all Muslims but only target the bad Arabs on social media, anyone calling for respect, we must target‚”
Ted Cruz. My opinion € Ted Cruz is part Arab DNA and also he is an establishment liar. Go Donald Trump‚ Go Ben Carson.

Israel funding anti white violent protests accross the globe

archangel Michael CBM et al. ids through timeARC MICHAEL χBookoflife ‡FUN & SUN ΙHOMELESS

AntiChrist are Liars whose movements hurts innocents across earth due to their lies.

Obama runs Bigotry by Race Czar Al Sharpton who at Dean College‚ NJ‚ 1992 calls on blacks to kill whites and police officers on video. He picked the Racist Bigot over Civil Rights leader Jessie Jackson to whom I approve of his social management skills. Louis Farrakhan‚ another Chicago Native could have been Obama’s Race Czar but even this nation of Islam leader believes the black race is controlled by U.F.O.s .
Ted Cruz switched from pro–immigration to anti–Immigration after Donald Trump trounced him on Super Tuesday‚ March 2016. This has been many, many months, some 27 contests and it took Ted Cruz that long to move to this immigrant position. Cruz on the attack blames Donald with funding Democrats that are pro-Immigration over the course of decades. However, Donald Trump was not an official politician. He gave opinions, but we all give our opinions. If Donald Trump wins, and does not build the wall, shut down the fleecing of the U.S.A. currency and corruption, then the masses will get rid of him too. About 40% of this country is being swindled by the other 60% that are anti Americans‚ and are here only for the job‚ taking the U.S. corpo money.
No other country on Earth allows unfettered migration. Mexico jails Hondurans and Guatemalans ‚ etc… if they migrate and deport them the first day. The U.S.A. allows latin Arab Rapists and Robbers to get no time in jail, but allow them parole and many go on to murder generational Americans and when Americans complain, the Media and Washington D.C. call us all racists and bigots. Mexico´s presidents call us racist for our immigration policies while theirs is on the books as the toughest in the world. This means that Latinos have serious brain damage. They lie and do not stop and thus hurt people. The violently protest ( 1970s=’80s) and disrupt society with stopping work days to protest for more Mexican or Latin illegal immigrants to replace Whites and blacks with their homes, jobs and bank accounts.
Hillary Clinton as Head of State and Barack Obama as head of the U.S.A. ran torture, Pakistani Genocide‚ domestically white and class poor genocide‚ and both banned whites or Christians. So Hillary is very angry at Donald Trump because he does not want to import Isis barbarian baby rapes and mass murderers‚ Hillary does want them flooding in to keep her in power. She has been in power since 1960s. Many Bernie Sanders white supporters may not and most likely will not show up for Hillary Clinton because she ran white genocide and denying whites jobs was one example of her and Obama antiChrist and racial policies.
Haim Saban duel US⁄ Isreali citizen has $3 billion; he is the biggest funder from the Israeli lobbyist to bag Hillary Clinton as his burka wife. Saban is ranked by Forbes magazine as the 143rd richest person in the United States and has called on all Whites to be erradicated from Earth, by lobbyists, think tanks, controlling the media to twist the minds of the masses to support Arab Jihad all over Planet Earth.
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ArcMichael 2016 03202016AD Living situations and survival.

Some Arabesque mixer German Arab DNA bi&‰h is trying to target me over racism and bigotry‚ while I am very hurting financially and down. I just turned 50 years´ old this month and have no hope and am assaulted by LatinoArabSemitcs daily‚ even if 50% DNAers with some Nordic in them too. They permanently hurt me ( after I came back from school) and robbed me by false promises and allowing them to borrow on my school loans and or government check. The boehnke’s call me liars so I do not bring it up and just let all go but this bitch is forcing Sandra to rethink moving out of the home because she cannot stand Robin, a daughter of Richard’s former wife(s) and says horrendously hateful and dishonest things about her and me.

The place I pay rent to take a shower and eat ⊆ I sleep in my car⊇ has had about 30 people come and go over 16 Years. I was absent for 5 years but on breaks form school, I would stay at the Boehnke House ( not bunk) in this sirname. Prussian German Mix, there are only a few families with sir names with boehnke ancestry. Richard Boehnke worked as a box boy for Gelson’s union,so he had no need to learn to read nor write. But during Americas boom period, he was able to purchase a home. But over time he had mortgages. I knew Richard and his wife, third wife? ,Sandra since 1999, but in 2005, when I was accepted to UC Berkeley, they saw an opportunity to rob=peter=to=pay=paul. I had received loans and this was more money than I have seen my entire life. So they asked to borrow to pay their mortgage. So in 2005, an oral agreement between Sandra and me occurred. But Richard knew about the schemes. And he was often angry with her but he accepted the idea of scamming the unfortunate because they have little tono rescores in court of laws. Plus he looks Arab, she looks white, she is Russian heritage. I really only did business with her but both were concerned as I occupied a small room near the kitchen and would be going away to the Bay Area.

Richard Boehnke pressured his Son, Wade to assault me, in which after his vacation in the summer of 2011, he shoved me so hard my left leg was permanently injured. I have overheard him tell his son never to do favors for anyone, not even friends, but charge them. If not beat them up. When I returned, Sandra did not pay me back. She moved me back into that small room and at the same time, Wade got a job close to her home, and so he planned to stay some week nights, and was angry that I had that room. But his father did not tell him ( maybe he did?) I was owed money but I was not paying any rent. I paid thousands into the Boehnke house mortgage but got no pay back, but Richard must have told his son to take any advantage to attack me looking like an Accident. Or the DNA of Boehnke’s is so damaged, Wade was I will beat him and rob him too. I have no one in society protecting me. The police run white genocide , the courts run white genocide and the society runs (pc.aa) WHITE GENOCIDE.

Robin, Wade and Richard Boehnkes have olive skin and arabesque features, as many German mix ancestries do exhibit. I now, just this last week see it as pure racism and bigotry. I pay rent, live in my car, so not there, and have a space for my clothes and belongings on the floor of the den. The Boehnke’s make money off me; they have never done anything out of LOVE or respect. I was fine with that but also in a desperate situation. Living in a car and having shower access once a week was too difficult for my posture. And the YMCA will charge me about 50 dollars a month, but that is for limited by daily shower access. No places to store anything to survive. So if she forces me out, calling the police who will tell us to separate, I will die on the streets. And I do not plan of dying.

So After I was injured, I was pushed out of the room and onto the den's floor. for a short time I lived in a trailer outside, which was good for me as I had to allow my leg to partially heal over a year, then I was back in my car after the neighbors began to blind me with 600 wat led military flashlights, the kind that blind. So I have been in my car for 6 years after school and the driveway, and Wade’s sister is now living with her two children because Richard destroys cars and left one car and so Sandy does not want him to work, so she can have the car, thus they needed to bring in some rent. They have always refused me a room, even at a much more higher costs than previous tenants. to be continued...

continued … Laughlin NV. Or sometimes to Sacramento area for a social club, the house is empty for about three days. The last time, in March, they left on school days. I smelled hard liquor emanating from the Kids Room, she was on the computer and talking loudly, on the phone at 11:00 pm, both nights the Boehlke’s were gone. I have not mentioned this, but I overheard Sandra this morning say she allows alcohol but in moderation. I first noticed she had hard liquor breath weeks prior but I had no evidence of a problem. That is very bad parenting and mirrors my hell I went through as a Child with two alcohol parents.

Robin Skylar, married name, has a damaged Arab DNA makeup. I can hear well, better than most. And even in her room I hear her say to herself, she is one of those types of people that speaks what she thinks, and only a little filter. She wants Sandra and I dead, and she even instructs her kids to make mischief so she can start drama and get her father to kick both of us out. She is semi illiterate and very narcissistic and self serving .

book of life McKintre
Scotland taken over by Arabs, where can I go without Arab hatred against me?

‡ IQ USA Brown⁄Black < Semitic light skin ÷ Blacks around Martin Luther King decried the obvious. Blacks will never get along with Whites. So violence against whites are the only solutions for blacks‚ not discourse nor compromise. This then ‚ should apply to whites‚ least the hypocrite blacks a taste of their own medicine. I do not care about giving the suppressed an upper hand, but Blacks aligned with Global Oil sheiks and international goons and Mafioso Government to criminally suppress innocent whites that had 100% no benefit form black slavery or were any part of slavery. The Institution of Slavery is so bad there are no records or forgiveness. Just kill them all . Blacks want me dead might as well as take action against their entire coded soul group. I can recode your souls so you go back into slavery for another million years.

Took a photo with me and a blood Moon
Orphan Abuse
N.A.T.O. ≡ Northern Arab Transitional Organization : Purpose of Life is to rid the world of the white race.


Because of my father's attention when I was 14 years-old, homeless, I began to call myself Michael. At the age of 14 years-old, he claimed I needed to live on the streets to learn to survive.


I was killed in Athens 2‚400 years ago for being white and complain of careerist politicians fleecing the Athena temple secret coffers because foreigners had taken political control and were anti-white. Some 80 years after my trial and execution, Son of Philip of Macedon ii, Alexander took the remaining white Greeks as Military men and decided to leave Greece forever, he had enough with very dumb bullies that threw out the science people but took over all seats of power within Greece. Back then, it was white genocide and the same patterns are now visible today and reincarnation and same people doing nearly the same thing happen today like they did 2,400 years ago.

The belief in Jesus (and all other messengers of God) is required in Islam, and a requirement of being a Muslim. In the Quran, the second coming of Jesus is heralded in surah Az-Zukhruf as a sign of the day of judgement.


My opinion, voice, is 1 of 6.2 Billion people. began near vernal 24th, March, 1999 A.D. 3 oppositions = a triangle. Double blue moons in winter quarter(s) 1998 & 1999 A.D., the later a rare near horizon.
My Irish scot came in 1840s, they fought and died on Northern Battle field of Civil War. the blacks then spit on their dead bodies and today they spit and beat us up ,all day long. I hate this country, and I careless of its prosperity. It is a evil place of bigotry and hatred.