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|What is the United States of America?
A nation of Immigrants
ever wondered that no US politician has seen jail in 60+ years?
ℜ the entire US is a crooked pot of thieves.

archangel Michael CBM et al. ids through timeARC MICHAEL χBookoflife ‡FUN & SUN ΙHOMELESS

AntiChrist are Liars whose movements hurts innocents across earth due to their lies.

sandniggers in power are bullying whites over bigotry of their DNA corrupted souls.

€ George Soros – 1%er gave $700,000 to John Kasich of Ohio ∩R, NSA spook∩ because Democracy is all about Oligarchy supremecy of the Arab Foreigners controlling the USArabia⊇.

i love miley cyrus

arizona family Niggers call for killing and destroying all whites as Political atmosphere seals to end their abusive 50+ year gravy train.

NY Times: Obama Tells Donors It's Time to Unite Behind Hillary
ARC ∉ Bernie Sanders gave Hillary Clinton a pass at manhy of these 2015 – 2016 A.D. primary debates & on very serious social and legal matters and it is hurting him badly.

Bernie Goldwater: “But he called George W. Bush a Liar,” < thus he is an anti establishment candidate and thus disqualified to any of our local GOP NAZI Party. This video was live on Bill O´ Riely, theO´ Riely Factor 03162016ad. the Fox news host was drooling and in full love with the Arab Semitic demon.

Abu Nashr Saudi Royal princeling i Yemen the poorest and Amir Abu Ali al al haratpi of Yemen ( First generation of Muhaj DEEN ) Cole and previous uncessesful attacks on US ships just after the millenium turned.

03152016 A.D. Number One Reason No one returned to Moon is Moon Dust. It eats through three levels of Kevlar‚ & if inhaled will go through lungs and enter blood stream. Most likely the reason Jade Rabit ( China’s Lunar surface modual) broke down. Why? Many NASA space trips to the Moon had these same issues nearly killing some of our astronauts. The ionized shards are created by weathering micro meteroic weathers and thus create electromagnetically charge mini micro shards of glass. These are very dangerous. If one sees Jade Rabbit's out armore, there was none, it was exposed and so the dust could quickly get into geres and pullies and break the machinary , shutting down the first probe to land on the Moon since 1976 A.D. ≅

The jihadists of the Islamic State (Daesh) have released via the internet a short video documenting the burning of Christian books in the area of Mosul. <Angenzia Fidessource Agenzia Fides posted 03142015ad>.
The archbishop of Bologna‚ Italy‚ will propose building Mosques as Christians are no good according to the Catholic Church these days.
Cdl. Angelo Scola, archbishop of Milan – a cleric with similar sympathies

BUCHANAN: Cruz-Rubio-Kasich wimps absolve the rioters...

Ann Coulter © The Hill Reporting I'd like to see 'a little more violence' from Trump supporters

John KAISIK has aligned with Mitt < Canadian> Romney ≅ the establishment Spook.
Ben Shapiro on why he resigned at Brietbart News?

Saxe–Coburg–Gotha was our Royal family´s name then, until Sticky Vicky´s grandson, King George V, who was married to the German Queen Mary, changed it to Windsor in 1917. This was only because there was a good deal of anti German sentiment in Britain before the First World War. Queen Elizabeth bLue Turban

Þ Highest Historical Job Approval Ratings of the current latest POTUS´

þTruman 87%
þEisenhower 79%
þ Kennedy 83%
þ Johnson 79%
þ Nixon 67%
þ Ford 71%
þ Carter 75%
þ Reagan 68%
þ George H.W. Bush 89%
þ Clinton 73%
þ George W. Bush 90%
*just after 9/11. þ Barack Obama 68&

source: Gallop Presidential historical Polling gallop job aproval.

ÞLowest Historical Job Approval Ratings of the current latest POTUS´

Harry Truman 22%
Eisenhower 48%
Kennedy 56%
Johnson 35%
Nixon 24%
Ford 37%
Carter 28%
Reagan 35%
George H.W. Bush 29%
Clinton 37%
George W. Bush 25%
MPR source analysis

Marco Π Narco Rubio & Barack Hussein Obama have Dumbo Ears & thus cannot be trusted
⇔ Here looky
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book of life McKintre

Scotland taken over by Arabs, where can I go without Arab hatred against me?

‡ IQ USA Brown⁄Black < Semitic light skin ÷ Blacks around Martin Luther King decried the obvious. Blacks will never get along with Whites. So violence against whites are the only solutions for blacks‚ not discourse nor compromise. This then , should apply to whites, least the hypocrite blacks a taste of their own medicine. I do not care about giving the suppressed an upper hand, but Blacks aligned with Global Oil sheiks and international goons and Mafioso Government to criminally suppress innocent whites that had 100% no benefit form black slavery or were any part of slavery. The Institution of Slavery is so bad there are no records or forgiveness. Just kill them all . Blacks want me dead might as well as take action against their entire coded soul group. I can recode your souls so you go back into slavery for another million years.

Took a photo with me and a blood Moon
Orphan Abuse


Because of my father's attention when I was 14 years-old, homeless, I began to call myself Michael. At the age of 14 years-old, he claimed I needed to live on the streets to learn to survive.


I was killed in Athens 2‚400 years ago for being white and complain of careerist politicians fleecing the Athena temple secret coffers because foreigners had taken political control and were anti-white. Some 80 years after my trial and execution, Son of Philip of Macedon ii, Alexander took the remaining white Greeks as Military men and decided to leave Greece forever, he had enough with very dumb bullies that threw out the science people but took over all seats of power within Greece. Back then, it was white genocide and the same patterns are now visible today and reincarnation and same people doing nearly the same thing happen today like they did 2,400 years ago.


My opinion, voice, is 1 of 6.2 Billion people. began near vernal 24th, March, 1999 A.D. 3 oppositions = a triangle. Double blue moons in winter quarter(s) 1998 & 1999 A.D., the later a rare near horizon.
My Irish scot came in 1840s, they fought and died on Northern Battle field of Civil War. the blacks then spit on their dead bodies and today they spit and beat us up ,all day long. I hate this country, and I careless of its prosperity. It is a evil place of bigotry and hatred.
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