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Shock Poll: Donald Trump Earns More Muslim Support Than Rest of GOP Field Combined.
Marco Rubio is called for them to be an EVIL no life list. He loves agnostic Lation Arab Semitics‚ only.
Source √ The Council on American-Islamic Relations <CAIR> ; 2000 sample


hollywood Bullies of history & Politics

3rd in line to POTUS φ House Speaker Paul Ryan repeatedly declined to attack GOP front-runner Donald Trump today !

KKK ruled Democratic Congress for 50 + years " Obama honored this KKK Presence in the U.S. Government too

Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio Call Donald Trump a Con man ; and his followers as Anti American

Mitt Romney fired 100,000 American workers to make $19,000,000 profits‚ he is not an American supporter.

Hillary Clinton and United Nationsl OK´d working with alquaeda to oust the Libyan dictator.

we did we were there in November, boots on ground and by Dec, we had injured Bin Laden, on film too. Then the Afghani troops helping ( we paid) just took a CB call ( Both sides on the same channel too, that is how we know Osama bin Laden was injured) they got up and left, we followed and by time they get to Pak boarder, George Walker Bush called for a drone strike stand down; drones were not accurate, you need laser guided marine on the ground, during this period.

March 2016 Dump randoms

02 29a 2016 A.D. Leap day


02 29 2016 A.D. Leap day

take out the oligarchy

02 28 2016 A.D.

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02 25– 28 2016ad

℘ Erik Wemple & Jeff Bezos < Arab > claim Donald Trump will destroy their 1%er hold on the global economics and thus 'destroy democracy' — illustrating mental illness can be in control of #amazon and #washingtonpost.com ℵ pathological psychoses and damaged DNA come in the form of AntiChrist, represented by the controllers of the United States of American media

Marco Narco Robbed the Republican National Committee – indicating this #arab narcoamnesty lover is already a criminal in practice.

26-FEB-2016 23:00:39 43.51 -110.39 4.1 5 0 WYOMING < caldera warnings!

Oklahoma gets a 5.1 ricter scale earthquake on 02 13th 2016 A.D.
13-FEB-2016 17:07:06 36.48 -98.73 5.1 8 2 OKLAHOMA 5174207

This needs to stop now!
Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders will stop this $35 Billion Dollar Robbery

Zika Virus here in USA, already

Donald Trump Tweets and Posts, plans and programs to make America a home and not a foreign dumping ground for global criminals .

OBAMA: “We´re Leaving Behind a Sovereign‚ Stable and Self–Reliant Iraq”... — Barack Hussein Obama who prmotes endlessly that all white people are stupid.

02 24 2016 A.D.

Virginia Public School orders ·Allah is my God· forcing students to worship Islam

Africa Directory23rd February 2016 A.D. Bookoflife.org

Arabs and Africans Robbed America Blind Since 1950s A.D. & then falsely accused #white people

GOP leaders, you must do everything in your power to stop Trump = #washingtonPost run by #arab anti white Jeff Bezos who activily works slave plantations ‹ AMAZON › on ”Earth“ and is the world's leading wealthy Satanist.

Chomsky: Trump’s rise due to ∫ breakdown of society ∫


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02 23 2016 A.D.

Obama’s disgraceful decision to not attend Scalia's funeral just shows he is a bigoted broken family goonstrap

When Einstein told us that everything in the universe was energy from which all material things derive, it was now solved that all energy competes for life – and thus everything was demarcated upon competition, the root idea in our modern understanding of life. Thus the winner competes for everything and the most material positions gained will determine if your are the winner of the the game of life in the eyes of others. Arc Michael in unpub. material 10th November 2010.

Famous People Reincarnate all the time and may be on planet Earth at this time — Arc Michael 22nd of February 2016

Matteo Renzi‚ Italy's Prime Minister Endorsed Hillary Clinton today in hopes of a $135 Billion dollar stimulas package‚ just like Obama gave Iran‚ our money for nothing

Rhetoric × Obama vs. Trump. Comparing Islamist fanatics to conservative Americans, and implying that he is more comfortable with the former, is a favorite Obama tactic. New York Post.

TRENDS > Adam Smith Boris Johnson looks to take UK out of EU in 2017 Referendum — bookoflife.org

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02 21‚22 2016

γ POLLS : Russians wrote during the 9 months of intense Lenin Takeover of Russia, the French aristocracy did not see it coming either? Thus the popular term, 'the writing is on the wall.'
John Zogby predicted both Gore and Kerry wins, in order to get GOPers to stay home and get Democrats elected. But honesty has consequences. He no longer is trusted.
"Nate Silver predicted that Trump would never make it out of New Hampshire, and that Jeb would be the nominee. Jeb is out, Trump just took SC,[...]"

Q⊂ Donald Trump supporters, Bernie Sanders supporters, are reflecting, the polls tell us, a lot of middle-class anxiety in this country. How much of that is your fault?
A⊂ It’s legitimate criticism — Joe Biden

A Discussion on Gravity & Speed of light ⌊ ARCMICHAEL and other nice stuff
WWII left overs ¢ Obama has 10,000 USA tanks in in Norweigan lands < hidden in four large cave systems > to kill cracker ∇ White Russians
Marco Rubio Campagin Manager is Gay Marriage Activist‚ how is that conservative?
Homeless #whites everywhere
Pope ⇔ I watched the El Paso Papal Visit yesterday on cable and it was fun. But I do not agree with attacks on Donald Trump's message of securing < Associated Press 02182016 ⇔ our boarders against endless bigot & soft imperialism.
Vatican as a country runs the most restrictive Immigration policies in the northern – western hemesphere. Pope made a huge blunder going political without understanding it fully.

‡ ⊕Blog Posts Current 17 feb

17 Feb. 2016 ∑ Washington, D.C. to return to fedualism practices and begin to pay criminals not to be criminals. One space in EU is turning toward paying a living wage to all ‚ regardless of employment or not. This way no one is forced to live in the snow on the streets.
Roe vs. WadeΕ abortion SCOTUS destroyed US laws of freedom
Roe vs. Wade started this entire Oligarchy tyranny by SCOTUS and Washington DC. It destroyed the US Constitution & made federalism a reality for all Americans and took away state rights < which ′ was protected originally by the USA Constitution >. But most Americans don't have IQs worthy of him or real Judicial American institutional matters.
President Barack Obama will not attend Justice Antonin Scalia's funeral Saturday, the White House confirmed.
Why? President Obama "regrets" filibustering the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in 2006.
Trump attacks George W. Bush, South Carolina debates, and it was effective .
Black Dude Created United States of America Slavery by a very poor decision to align with the anti-abolitionists, the Patriots .

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