01232016 A.D.

Journal 118 Bible Archangel Michael

Origin of Modern American African Black Slavery
Language¦ Non Academic‚ Strong‚ and 100% Colloquial
Stop blaming Christian whites TownHall 23jan2016.
1470s West Coast Africa ⌈ Sand Niggers sail into port‚ ask Nigger what is up? Nigger says‚ “trade human niggers to sand niggers.” So Nigger goes deep into da kongo and take young niggers and sells them to transportation niggers who then take them to port sale niggers who then action them off to highest trading partner‚ the Sand Nigger. Why b⁄c dat iz how Niggahs Roll! The Sand Nigger shackles the Nigger and takes it to Lisbon ‚ Portugal‚ a modern metropolitan Sand Nigger abode. It there starts the public sale of the Nigger to other sand Niggers. The Neighbor Sand Niggers‚ see this as a win‚ win ‚ proposition to have these Niggers work on plantations for Jew international trading companies. So Spanish Sand Niggers sail to West Coast Africa and they too meet the Nigger connection. Now whites need to sue all Niggers for damages.
No nigger is taught in school their origins of being sold to sand niggers by niggers.
Niggers lie‚ people die ∅ I was told by my roomate in college who was black dude‚ & he got Affirmative Action‚ his black family had owned a plantation of black slaves that his graduate buddies knew but did not know me. He never mentioned it to me ‚ I had found out right before I had moved out after the first year at U.C.B. Older enter student, for my first year I chose a graduate house due to housing with older persons than undergrads. The Arrogance is unfreaking believable. He had told me that I was a slave holder and pressed the point because of my white skin. And he assumed so because I had white skin‚ but his family was not because he was black and for the fact he just never mentioned it. Embarrasing? He got a $160,000 free school money grant he did not have to pay back because he was a Nigger with Affirmative Action. I never seen that money‚ I never received white Privilege nor Affirmative Action. This practice of lying has body structure relationships.
1470s Nigger created the term Race because these dumb big boned uncivilized bullies made sand nigger women drool with envy. So Nigger said it was superior because it had huge nigger dick.
Niggers do not do science but they fake it and now teach our children falsities‚ twisting their minds and creating walking zombies.
þNiggers lived alone in African because no one liked them. They were just bully liars. þNiggers imported by Sandniggers & screwd up white people’s lives. þ White People built their civilizations‚ They did not need help by the Niggers. þ Corpo Sand Niggers disagreed and saw huge profits in exploiting Nigger labor. þ Corpo Sand Niggers Therefore brought Niggers to the shores of Whites þ Some whites got greedy and were cunned by these Sand Niggers and Niggers þ Most whites had no involvement with Niggers in all of history but are convicted of being perpetrators of racism .
Niggers hate The snow the the Sun and white sandy beaches. According to Niggers these white things are racists.
Pax Hispania → Philip III‚ Negro Slavery Programs are performed by Sand Niggers and whites begin to be cunned into global corpo profits.
Being tricked into accepting blacks into civilization is like the Original sin of the Bible. The western White person will not be able suppress the Nigger lies

Semitic are Brown people.

And we also have light skinned Jews Mixers. They have already taken over the world and are the chosen race. Now bow down.

Semitics run white and black genocide programs across the annals of time.

 Wood “ origins citation only for ref. the map from Berkeley class book, my annotations

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Who is Archangel Michael at Bookoflife.org?

http://www.wnd.com/2014/10/court-sides-with-irs-in-tea-party-targeting-scandal/ 22 Oct 2014

UN deleting climate false data July 3 2014.

Here explorers write to New York Times that the Arctic was Free of Ice, no Ice at the Artic. The year is 1907 A.D. [note 1907] and the reflection is 1904 A.D.

In the emails, these UN-funded scientists talk about deleting data under FOIA request, faking data for journals such as Nature, conspiring to keep opposing science...

Obama denies American Congressman access from doing his job, are we hosting the Anti Christ or Satan himself?

Oklahoma Republican Rep. Jim Bridenstine revealed Wednesday that he was not allowed to view an HHS facility housing approximately 1,200 unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, on Tuesday.

“There is no excuse for denying a Federal Representative from Oklahoma access to a federal facility in Oklahoma where unaccompanied children are being held,” Bridenstine said in a statement.

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