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Obama said in his SOTU speech, if you do not agree with his policies, you are not an American and you are very 'shameful' person; those are very strong words.
Words almost mean the same thing. b⁄ c socialist and capitalist are the same thing. socialism is institutional racism, and capitalism is bigger boned and larger bodied people win economically.
LATIMES homeless funds 2016

FDR to JFK was 70–90% tax on super rich, ∞created middle class∞ .
Reagan to Ofraudo destroyed all of this stuff.
R u like retarded or something?
Tax rates on super rich are almost 0%
I hate walking zombies.

Book of Life † white people are the weaker race and Semitic people þ Latinos, Jews, Moslems, Arabs of secular, brown South Asians, Brown East Asians are agressive groups which do not run any Democracy in history. They believe Government is the only solution to all problems in life. In addition, larger bodies of all colors and types rule over their weaker counterparts. This means big boned , fat bullies, 90% in power world wide will never solve our most pressing problems, they will however destroy earth by their low intellectual claims they are superior by natural laws and therefore are chosen by nature to rule over the weak. Then there are factors that whites tend toward non feeling science whereas the darker the skin tone the less intellectual and more emotional physical life is preference. That is why U.S. Blacks believe Science and biology are evil programs to suppress the black intellect. But the big bullies control the authority and death structures and so there is no longer hope for love and kindness and humanity. IN fact, UC Berkeley my school banned the term humanity because you need intelligence to analyze, another NON SAFE Space for blacks. Austrailia Tim Fisher < Obama's Gun Confiscation Platform > then prime minister in 1996 when a mass shooting took 35 people's lives he confiscated all the guns but he himself in 2016 admits he is in fear and own guns, while he had took them away from his own country men.


“Since Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty in 1964 and established his “Great Society,” the federal government has spent over $22 trillion in entitlements and grants for programs that have made little to no progress. And in all that time, poverty has never been driven below 10% of the population.” — Most of that money was distributed to foreigners to win their votes to keep both party careerists in power for 40+ years. The U.S.Aarabia is out of control‚ it is too far gone. white genocide is a result. The Democratic Party are international Globalists and only care about stock portfolios and raping the white women .

GOP are liars and evil‚ they need to be permanentlyh ended ‚ imo

[A] white genocide

[B] British Parliament Demasculinized | ⟨ Anti White Leaders ⟩

[C] GENOCIDE ℘ Level A ⟨GLOBAL ANTI Caucasion by Semites and blacks⟩

[E] ARC MICHAEL : 1981 -2 A.D. Band Music Boys Home ⟨ run away at 14 years-old & events+⟩.

[O] 850 North Kemp st. Burbank, Cal. neighbors use lazes and military lamps to harass and injure me on a regular basis, creating a terrorizing environment. These people are anti social.

[P] 08082015 Police Chase me from sky and earth , 45 minuets for being white skinned, IMO.

[T] how time works, a graghic explanation 0306/7 2015 A.D. Quantum Mechanics/Time

ARC MICHAEL 1987 K ( Time Travel + Visions + Nova A 1987)

ARC MICHAEL K < Treatment of Humans Has Consequences>

[F] ARC MICHAEL < personal photos rainbows>

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book of life McKintre

Scotland taken over by Arabs, where can I go without Arab hatred against me?

IQ USA White Race #1 § 1950 A.D. Global Ranking ‡ IQ USA Brown⁄Black < Semitic light skin ÷ IQ rank 19th and falling fast b/c forced immigrants § 2013 ∫ why? The immigrants keep the robber careerist politicans into power and these patterns are visable in all societies.

Took a photo with me and a blood Moon
Orphan Abuse

Women Politicians after 1960s too and not only men, they´ll came to power with no money and then became $50 Million dollar landed elites.

The staggering precedent for all states’ politicians to stay on capitol hill payrolls plays a ‘direct’ correlation to massive amnesty programs to show an inverse relationship to the domestic chaos between the 10% top classes and its 30% service and government related classes verses the struggling classes and all divided over 17% of all major U.S. cities have foreigners employed in U.S. major public and private businesses, which include a large portion of government paid positions and retirement packages, medical benefits, job and family preferences and social domestic privilege under Affirmative Action and the anti-white agenda of Political Correctness.

$22 trillion dollars spent on illegal immigrant privledges so the careerist politicans could remain in power. I was beaten my friends killed, guns in face on streets by these hordes of Latin bigots. the mexican VISA website, officeal US Mexican policy is anti white, at 100%. There people are making these trillions of dollars. There are about 10,000 non speaking illegals in California state jobs shoveling making $80,000 with the attitude all white must die now. I hate USArabia. Arabs rule it because they are greedy wall street capitalist goons. They import bigots and have done so and send whites like the Bush clan did to die for Jew Arab Latino Profits. Marco Rubio is a part of this bigotrty anti Democracy and anit Powersharing conspiricy. – CBM 01152016 A.D.


Because of my father's attention when I was 14 years-old, homeless, I began to call myself Michael. At the age of 14 years-old, he claimed I needed to live on the streets to learn to survive.


I was killed in Athens 2‚400 years ago for being white and complain of careerist politicians fleecing the Athena temple secret coffers because foreigners had taken political control and were anti-white. Some 80 years after my trial and execution, Son of Philip of Macedon ii, Alexander took the remaining white Greeks as Military men and decided to leave Greece forever, he had enough with very dumb bullies that threw out the science people but took over all seats of power within Greece. Back then, it was white genocide and the same patterns are now visible today and reincarnation and same people doing nearly the same thing happen today like they did 2,400 years ago.


My opinion, voice, is 1 of 6.2 Billion people. began near vernal 24th, March, 1999 A.D. 3 oppositions = a triangle. Double blue moons in winter quarter(s) 1998 & 1999 A.D., the later a rare near horizon.
My Irish scot came in 1840s, they fought and died on Northern Battle field of Civil War. the blacks then spit on their dead bodies and today they spit and beat us up ,all day long. I hate this country, and I careless of its prosperity. It is a evil place of bigotry and hatred.