On KPFK radio today one of  the top Latin Representatives says  implies all whites must die after the Gov. statistic shows  Latin Americans will become the majority of American population by 2043 A.D. She called all whites racist and other bad names and as a representative; the entire Brown race is insane. She demonstrated the Latins have no understanding of powersharing or multi culturalism and it is the evil white race that wants homes and jobs and this is pure evil. I am not making this up either.

U.S.A. Government Lies on Racial Makeup

White Category includes Jews‚ Arabs‚ Middle Easterners‚ South Asians of light skin‚ Mixed German and Italian and no mention of Nordic or Irish scot or Scandinavian break downs. Why? There are none.

White Genocide KPFK. 01 11 2016 A.D.

01 11 2016 A.D.

Emails Leaked by FBI to Press show Hillary Tried to make war to push Israel to bargaining table.

Hillary Emails NSA Hillary Clinton considered a secret plan created by her advisers to clandestinely foment unrest among Arabs in Judea and Samaria, in order to push the Israeli government back to the negotiating table. source is Israel national news


Terrorism happened because sometime around the 1950s our USA land oil & top crude had dried up and we used loads of it prior to industrialize Japan and the Great War and World War II. The United States chose not to off shore drill for oil or frack any shale; & this was not a technological possibility in the 1950s. So we as the U.S.A. went to the Middle East. We took their oil by tricks, by coups, by treaties and by puppets and lied to the world and public, classifying almost all truth and created chaos all around the world for rich beautiful women to drive expensive luxury automobiles. So these people come here ( To the U.S.A.) to kill us and in my world view, they have a right. But Obama, like Hitler and Mao Tse-tung (confiscate form the City folk) wants to take US Citizen Guns away to leave the USA open to mass carnage.

The arabs that shot up a Paris music hall had three guards , all were told never to have a gun. that was staked out. that place had 150 dead, and one handgun would have stalled or stop that. IMO.


Star Wars Mythology

Episode 7 made clear Sith are the poor and suppressed‚ slaves and the Jedii are corpo gansta comedy central Hollywood Zionist  heroes of film.

& that is why Darth Vadar is never said to be of pure evil; but the battle worn hero still has some good in him. We can therefor apply this logic to all human forms. For example, Lyndon Baines Johnson would be a Jedi knight and Martin Luther King, Jr. would be a Sith activist lord.  The Murderous and horrible tax robbing  Sicilian La costa nostra would be a Jedi group and Robert Kennedy would be a Sith lord for trying to bring down the REPUBLIC/Empire Jedi Council.

ISIS are the Sith Lords fighting the Saudi Jedi that suppress their people , cut off gay heads, and activists heads and force women to be raped and beaten by Machivsmo Arab styli' !

Hitler was a Jedi master fighting the  evil Sith empires of France and England. Churchill was a Sith Lord, and NAZIs were the jedi council.

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