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Apokálypsis; "y' Hoshua  Bible." © Michael Johnathan McDonald

Released: 24 March 2012, 11:09 a.m., L.M.T., CA; GC= DC/1° 57's., Studio City, Los Angeles, United States of America.  Uranus + Sun for 2012. Sun δ 1° 47 25 N,  Uranus δ 1° 09'36"N. 26 seconds of descrepency to conjunction to arc seconds. Nine seconds at sunset and still approching a conjunction to the arc second. Updated 3:41 p.m., same local and same day. Update, Nova Del 2013 on 29 Aug 2013.


  1. Introduction to the Bethlehem Star PAGEREF _Toc320366718 \h 1

  2. Textual Nativity Biasness PAGEREF _Toc320366719 \h 2

  3. Bethlehem Star Semantics PAGEREF _Toc320366720 \h 4

  4. Judicial Expression for expression of X. LXXII PAGEREF _Toc320366721 \h 4

  5. French Revolution and the Rare triple Conjunction. PAGEREF _Toc320366722 \h 6

  6. There are no such things as cycles. PAGEREF _Toc320366723 \h 9

  7. Geometry- astreology -005 B.C.E. Vernal Rectangle and diagonals PAGEREF _Toc320366724 \h 11

  8. The Gospel of Matthew: PAGEREF _Toc320366725 \h 13

  9. Her’od and Omens PAGEREF _Toc320366726 \h 13

  10. The Bethlehem Star and the Egyptian Stone. PAGEREF _Toc320366727 \h 14

  11. Temporary Stars and Two Year Time-Frames in Ancient Texts PAGEREF _Toc320366728 \h 15

  12. Matthew: Chronocrator Data, Local Bethlehem, Israel. PAGEREF _Toc320366729 \h 16

  13. Matthew: North Korea’s Contributions PAGEREF _Toc320366730 \h 17

  14. Matthew: Vernal Equinox and Frontal Stars of Aries PAGEREF _Toc320366731 \h 17

  15. Matthew: a Temporary Star PAGEREF _Toc320366732 \h 19

  16. Matthew Orders the Gifts in Relation to the Visual Stellium. PAGEREF _Toc320366733 \h 20

  17. Matthew : Symbolic Gifts as Hints to the Bethlehemic Star PAGEREF _Toc320366734 \h 21

  18. The Gospel of Luke: Plural Nativity Narratives PAGEREF _Toc320366735 \h 22

  19. Luke: Eclipse and Death of Her’od Governor of Judæ. PAGEREF _Toc320366736 \h 22

  20. Luke 2:1 A Disputed Census PAGEREF _Toc320366737 \h 24

  21. Luke: Cyrenius was in power under Augustus’ reign, not liked by Luke. PAGEREF _Toc320366738 \h 25

  22. Luke: Angel Gabriel ‘Annunciation’ and June. PAGEREF _Toc320366739 \h 27

  23. Luke: Jesus’ Christmas Birth. PAGEREF _Toc320366740 \h 28

  24. Luke: Jesus’ Fall Season Birth, Luke. PAGEREF _Toc320366741 \h 29


Patrick Schmeer alerted us via several lists and facebook groups that K. Itagaki discovcered a bright possible nova in Delphinus: Harvard online.

PNV J20233073+2046041

PNV J20233073+2046041 2013 08 14.5843* 20 23 30.73 +20 46 04.1 6.8 U

Discovered by Koichi Itagaki, Yamagata, Japan, using 0.18-m reflector + unfiltered CCD. This Nova was confirmed on the frames taken on August 14.750 UT using 0.60-m f/5.7 reflector + unfiltered CCD after discovery. Then CCD magnitude is 6.3. Also nothing is visible at this location on his past frames (limiting mag.= 13.0) taken on 2013 August 13.565 UT.

EXPLOSIONS: Nova Delphinus 2013 increased in brightness by about 100,000 times when
it reached a peak magnitude 4.5 on Aug. 16.

~ J2000 Elliptical Long: 13 AQU ( ) 33m – 37 m.

Sidereal to ecliptic about 1/2 position between the stars of modern capricorn.

At Brightest Optical Magnitude 4.3, at 5 U.T., 16 Agu. 2013, Gregorian Cal. and from Bethlehem For those interested in the Bible, the angles are OX, Human, Eagle and Lion ( Sidereal!)  -- these symbols are both found in the Hebrew and y'Hoshua testaments.

  Neptune to Ancha ( 3°29',a) and by projection to the ecliptic. Phoenix constellation.  Neptune to Ankaa as Near true ARC to Phoenix Constellation,  legend, rising from the ashes. Alpha Phoenicis (α Phe, α Phoenicis) 7:00 a.m. Bethlehem 15° 41'46" H7 speed 0" Lat. 40°38' 1" S, Dec 42°13'37" S.  = rel. descendant.

Ancient heliacal rising: alpha leonis, LION astronomy/astrology 23 Aug. 2013 (+7) , visable 11 Sept. 2013 (+26).

The tiny Dolphin floats o'er Capricorn, [ eastern half of constellation]

His middle dusky, but he has four eyes,

Two parallel to two.


— Aratus.


Greek fable asserted that this constellation repre-
sented the dolphin that bore Arion safe to land after
the sailors had thrown him overboard in the Gulf of
Corinth. The scene of this adventure was certainly
well chosen, for the Gulf of Corinth seems to swarm
with dolphins. I remember one sunshiny morning
entering the port of Itea on the way to Delphi, when
our little steamer seemed to be escorted by dolphins,
whose graceful bodies, visible in the translucent sea
at a great depth, rose in an endless procession to
throw glittering curves on the surface of the water
at either side of the ship.

Another ancient myth associates Delphinus with
Amphitrite, the nereid whom a dolphin carried to
Neptune to become his bride. (G. F. WAKFJJELD)

Nova 2013 Culmination  at Bethlehem, Israel

At Bethlehem near midnight on the day of its brightest optical mag, the Nova Delphini 2013 Culminates by PED. In the Bible, the three wisemen followed the Bethlehem star until it stood over the town of Bethlehem. Here, stood could mean culmination!

al cyone ( Zion ) trop. Gemini 0° 11' 8" H 12 speed 0" β 4° 3' 7" N δ 24° 8'42" N rel Ascendant.

The constellation of Capricorn is called the Gate of Heaven, all over the ancient text world(s).

Nova DEL 2013 Cul Bethlehem
on Fr., 16 August 2013
in Bethlehem, ISRL, 35e12, 31n43
Time 0:05:43 a.m.
Univ.Time 21:05:43 (15 Aug.)
Sid. Time 21:04:15
Planet positions Jul.Day 2456520.379748 TDT, ΔT 67.3 sec

Asc. Ushakaron ( 0°12',s), Atirsagne ( 0°20',s)
Desc. Arcturus ( 0°23',a), Dschubba ( 0°43',s), Zubenelakrab ( 1°24',s), Wei ( 1°45',a)
MC Armus ( 0°14',a), Dorsum ( 0°37',a), Albulaan ( 1°32',a)
IC Talitha Australis ( 0°04',a), Talitha Borealis ( 1°02',s), Acubens ( 1°15',s)

paran: Moon Regulus (Cul-Set, 0°03's,es),

Sun Zubenhakrabi (Rise-LCul, 0°03'a,es), Deneb Algedi (Rise-Set, 0°06's,np)

Sun to Great Attractor (Set-Cul, 0°11's,pb)

Nova Delphini 2013

Coordinates of Nova Del 2000

Position at discovery: RA 20 h 23m 31s, dec +20° 46m

Equatorial 2000.0

 RA or Longitude   DEC or Latitude   PA(East of North)

 305.87916667      20.76666667       0.000000    

 20h23m31.00000s   +20d46m00.0000s

 Ecliptic J2000.0

 314.68500500      38.80463649       17.406909


62.19902704       -9.42405672       56.132169

J2000 ( 13 Yeras ago)

Inferred light curve adjustment. RA 20h 24m 20.37s J2000, δ +20° 00′ 12.6″ ( position 13 years ago).

source: backman blog post on 2013 nova

Reached brightest mag on Aug 16.5 UT, max 4.3 optical mag.

Fermi Large Area Telescopes ( Fermi LAT) have discovered the normal high gamma frequencies  and we will see later if Japan, Russia or the U.S.A. picks up the neutrinos associated to the last huge neutrino explosion Nova 1987. detected all across the Earth by neutrino catching facilities. The famed 1987 Supernova we experienced an increase of neutrino bombardment.

 X-ray yellow signature, out of the ordinary x-rays from the space at RA 20h 24m 20.37s J2000, δ +20° 00′ 12.6″ J2000, and also an inferred signature at the same position. Adjust for precession.

classic nova light band

Discovered by: Koichi Itagaki (Teppo-cho, Yamagata, Japan), at mag 6.8 (Unfiltred CCD), 2013 Aug. 14.584 UT

Coordinates: R.A. 20 23 30.73  Decl. +20 46 04.1  (2000.0)

R.A. (2000)   20 23 30.73 
Dec. (2000)   +20 46 04.1

Nova Del 2013 is the brightest nova since V1974 Cyg observed in 1992. As from 122 years, 47 novas brightened to the naked eye, astronomers say.

Archangel Michael

At Brightest Optical Magnitude 4.3, at 5 U.T., 16 Agu. 2013, Gregorian Cal. and from Bethlehem = For those interested in the Bible, the angles are OX, Human, Eagle and Lion ( Sidereal!)  -- these symbols are both found in the Hebrew and y'Hoshua testaments. For much, much, more click on Bethlehem Star to your left!

At Bethlehem near midnight on the day of its brightest optical mag, the Nova Delphini 2013 Culminates by PED. In the Bible, the three wisemen followed the Bethlehem star until it stood over the town of Bethlehem. Here, stood could mean culmination!


Archangel Michael

AMUC y'Hoshua Astreonomy ( X-ray, Inferred, Positions) 29 Aug. 2013. click for large

This is what a projected elliptical-to-polar degree conjunction looks like, and are not seen as together. The photo is level to the horizon.

raw photo (here)

13/03/'12 Jupiter / Venus conjunction, only to the whole degree, 08:06:30 p.m. Burbank/N. Hollywood :: Venus 09 TAU26'19" & Jupiter 09 TAU32'22"; sidereal, post Hamal, Arities.  Venus' speed 1° 3'55", lat. 2° 4'53" N; dec (δ) 16° 36'28". Jupiters' speed 12' 2"; lat. 0° 55'14" S; dec (δ) 13° 47'39".  deneb, alpha  (α) cygnii, heliacal setting, cosmic star on this date. U.T. 3:06:30 (14 th March), S.T. 6:41:53.


HEROD TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE a HUGE 123 Minuet long darkener of the sky. today days date conversion to 23 March -0005 BC., N.A.S.A. Eclipse Server. Soros 61 |

123 Minuet Long Total Lunar Eclipse.

southern eastern skies for March ( Josephus eclipse was just before Passover) 23 rd ( extrapolated modern Gregorian, correlated to NASA ephemerides) - 04 BC

FROM ISRAEL, this TOTAL ECLIPSE AS described by historian Josephus agrees to his timeline.

4BC NASA ECLIPSE SERVER = 2 Total Eclipses and 5 Partials = phases of the Moon w/ Eclipse as 't' = total, and 'p' = partial.

Year New Moon First Quarter Full Moon Last Quarter ΔT

-4 Jan 2 15:42 02h57m
Jan 9 06:55 Jan 16 08:21 Jan 24 13:06 Feb 1 02:03
Feb 7 17:32 Feb 15 03:27 Feb 23 05:09 Mar 1 09:23
Mar 8 04:44 P Mar 15 22:45 Mar 23 18:16 t Mar 30 14:54
Apr 6 16:51 P Apr 14 16:57 Apr 22 04:31 Apr 28 20:07
May 6 05:57 May 14 09:16 May 21 12:29 May 28 02:29
Jun 4 20:00 Jun 12 23:11 Jun 19 19:13 Jun 26 11:13
Jul 4 10:55 Jul 12 10:34 Jul 19 01:58 Jul 25 23:05
Aug 3 02:28 Aug 10 19:40 Aug 17 09:56 Aug 24 14:26
Sep 1 18:09 P Sep 9 03:12 Sep 15 20:05 t Sep 23 09:02
Oct 1 09:15 P Oct 8 10:10 Oct 15 08:54 Oct 23 05:58
Oct 30 23:08 Nov 6 17:49 Nov 14 00:21 Nov 22 03:28
Nov 29 11:32 Dec 6 03:09 Dec 13 17:59 Dec 21 23:19
Dec 28 22:39
see Bethlehem star on directory links.
source NASA's massive eclipse server - archive, available to the public.

1) The 3 Herod successors seem to have started their reigns in 4 B.C. -- implying that Herod died that year.

2) According to Flavius Josephus, Herod died between a Lunar eclipse and the following Passover, and generally this has been accepted to be the eclipse of March 13, 4 B.C.

3) Luke refers to an enrollment decree by Augustus, which is usually considered to be the tax call of 8 B.C.

4) It is assumed that Dionysius Exiguus made an enormous mistake (6-7 years) in his calculations for the birth of the Messiah.

The 4 statements above are not only arguable but highly improbable, and it is easy to show that other dates closer to tradition (3 B.C. -- 1 A.D.) explain the evidence better.

click to enlarge The Bethlehem Star

conjunction #2 and #3 are seen at 11:00 p.m.

Photo: Winter Solstice 5 BC .  Chinese/Korean Chronicles of temporary star -- Visual Aid, Precessional Estimation, dynamic precession, wave form(s).

a Coin found in the first decades of 2000 A.D. has the Aries the Ram on one side of coin  and this is a symbol of Judea; and on the other side of the coin is the Roman god Jupiter. This gives us hints that astronomically, Jupiter is in Aries. We know by visual astronomy ( What you see is what you get) because of the triple conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, Jupiter will stay around the constellation of Aries stars from 6 B.C. to 5 B.C.

yhoshua Bethlehem Star Close-Up and Detailed: 4.62 MB

MORE: Photos y'hoshua arc(s)

Bethlehem is also a town near Nazareth.

Introduction to the Bethlehem Star

What does the 26th type Chronocrator, Lo Lang, the capital of the Hanic Korea, the semi-precious metal gold,  the ancient sky Eagle, Cammiphora trees (mo yao), a possible radio source point, Ali ibn Ridwan, Angel Gabriel, the sacred number ‘7’, a former tax collector, a nice guy, the Dark Rift, a correct Catholic assessment, spherical geometry, a nova, renounced pseudo scientists, gravities, astreology (e.g. the study of stars) , wise men, These Pleiades’, the modern computer, libraries, the large Gizāh pyramidial metrology, the Bosellia tree, eating spring corn, all have in common, and the Nova Delphini of 2013? 

I have no idea.

Anyway, these are all connections to the knowledge of the Bethlehemic star, a common name of the omen mentioned right at the beginning of the Christian Bible (commonly known as the New Testament).

Textual Nativity Biasness

There are two basic nativity narratives. First, the opening book of the Christian Bible commences with the Gospel of Matthew (née Levi, a former tax collector, thus literate.) and the nativity details. The narrative is curt and direct, there are no contradictions. Second, we have the Gospel of Luke. It remains problematic.  Luke, a nice man, has many Jesus’ running around: one born in the fall, one born near Christmas, one born before 3 B.C.E. and one born post 5 A.C.E. It is like a grab bag of mysterious cookies.

What does Matthew give us but a moving then halting star, understood only too wisemen? So let’s turn our attention to astronomy/astrology. The Gospel of Matthew mentions a singular star, ‘astre,’ as apposed to “astreres” the plural form of ‘stars’ in Greek. If we take this passage of Matthew literally, we can rule out the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction, and even the first of the triple conjunction, where Jupiter and Saturn are seen closely together in the sky (data below!).

Pseudo-scientist Johannes Kepler suggested in 1603 A.C.E the possible date resides around the Chronocrator Series. Pseudo-scientist Bishop Ussher reorganized Creation to 4,004 B.C.E. because he believed Jesus was born prior to 4 B.C.E. The Chronocrator takes place literally in -0006 B.C.E. (Gregorian, -7 BC astronomical cal.) two years before the Her’odian total lunar eclipse which Josephus claims ends the tetrarch’s life.

Any triple conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn are semi-periodic, but when Mars aligns with a relative alignment of Jupiter and Saturn, these become rarefied celestial phenomena. Yet, when tropical and sidereal correlate, this becomes sacred: On top of all of this evidence, the Koreans and Chinese star gazers and astronomers witnessed a ‘ temporary star’ for 70 days, such a rarified Biblical Number. The rare triple conjunction took place in tropical Pisces as well as Sidereal Pisces – things that cannot be said of all of these celestial phenomena over these millennia. How was it done?

There are 7 small-conjunctions of the Chronocrator Series from the previous triple conjunction in tropical Cancer -145 B.C.E. to -144 B.C.E. to the Piscean triple conjunction of -0006 B.C.E. A question arises why not have the wisemen introduce this triple conjunction as the sign? It is because this previous small conjunction does not hold the weight of the Pure Mutational Conjunction. We have the anticipation of the Age of Pisces, the triple conjunction is both sidereal and tropically sound, and Mars meets up with the post conjunction agents (Jupiter and Saturn) and forms a vertical – visual alignment in the late winter and early spring of -0005 B.C.E. These time-frames fulfill the intervals of the Exodus, the House of David and Solomon, and are not cycles but signatures.

In the ancient times, the zodical constellations of Aquarius and Pisces were viewed as one, and the Jewish astrological rulership was that of Saturn. Today, this does not apply, but this triple conjunction of -0006 B.C.E. took place therefore in the domain of the Hebrews. The Jews hold their services on the Sabbath, which was initially identified as Saturday or Saturn’s day. Therefore, why address an omen in -145 B.C.E if Saturn and Jupiter are transiting tropical Cancer? The Christian sign of the Fishes (Pisces) had a major triple conjunction and viewed as sidereally rather than the modern Aries point in the sky being codified as the new Vernal Signature that the world uses – and ironically was doctrinized by a pseudo scientist, Claudius Ptolemy, circa 150 A.C.E.

The first of the 145-144 B.C.E. triple conjunction took place sidereally over the last star of Cancri, in the early weeks of October of -154 B.C.E. (greg. cal. used).  The next conjunction in the early week of December (greg. cal. used) the small conjunction has no modern zodical constellation sidereally perspective. Cancer is a small constellation and there is a gap before one enters the frontal stars of the constellation of Leo. The final conjunction in the later week of March takes place post Praesepe, cancri. Since the middle conjunction was not pure, meaning it made no zodical presence, beit modern or ancient ascriptions, it is doubtful that any wisemen would claim this was the Messiah’s sign in the sky.

Bethlehem Star Semantics

The Chronocrator Series was known some millennia before the Greeks archetyped its Hellenistic mythological term, the Great Chronocrator (i.e., a time delineator). Saturn being Chronus, obviously, and the ancients linking Saturn to a concept of father time – it is the slowest moving star in the ancients’ eyes – and the trigonic function of the phenomena when Jupiter meets Saturn in the night sky every couple of decades or so under a twelve –part segmented heaven, while moving ever so slightly backwards through the tropical zodiac, pronounces a visual phenomena and produces a time-keeping mechanism.

While the ideas are as ancient as the Neo Babylonian star catalogues, some Abassīd period astronomer/astrologers formed our modern understanding of the Chronocrator and in addition advanced these conceptual series of mystery. Māshā’allāh ibn Athari focused upon the Chronocrator Series and Abū  Ma‘šar codified the interpretational performances as well as general judicial astrology – to name only a few. These were two popular judicial astrologers of the European later medieval ages. As well these were the most understood astronomical and astrological texts of this time period.

The Chronocrator Series has seasons or themes, each coloring the historical period of its influence and at the same time interjecting familiar commonalities in all of the sub categories of the Series. Its sidereal synodic is not known. Fittingly, Kepler made the first printed suggestion at the Birth of Jesus of Nazareth as too applying the Jupiter and the Saturn conjunction(s); these ideas were well promulgated by mystics, such as Nostradamus – and openly in his published works. Here is one such formula below for an aggregation of cultural mixing in the northern hemisphere.

Judicial Expression for expression of X. LXXII

For security purposes this explanation is partially incomplete, historically that is, and these observations remain empirical over thousands of years and until our written record runs out.

So we have the expression of X. LXXII Nostradamus: [(M + X)(J+Z)(S+Z)] * (Pr)/(Yr) = (C=EW²). This is the control for which our claims come. A 4,000 B.C.E. – 1,999 A.C.E. represents the condition of r.

Mars (X); Jupiter (Z); Saturn (Z); where X is the zodiacal sign of Scorpio and Mars its coefficient, and Z represent the coefficient of the planets indicated to the zodiacal sign of Taurus. The Y year-dates below represent some of these occurrences in our collective history and therefore derive a confinement to a continuum to linear time and its properties consist of a variable.

(M) = Mars

(J) = Jupiter

(S) = Saturn

(X) = tropical 30° of Scorpio defined post-400 B.C.E.

(Z) = tropical 30° of Taurus defined post-400 B.C.E.

(Y) 1999 A.C.E.

(Y) 1940  World War II A.C.E.

(Y) 441 A.C.E.

(Y) 470 –see file huns/ justinian

(Y) 1205 A.C.E.

(Y) -442 BCE ( jan 5) ( this is the match closest to our 1999 match)

(Y) -1753 BCE

(C) Will represent a more weighted expression of conflict, but also as an interchange -- a broad meaning of interchange between cultures and ethnicities otherwise formally separated by geography. (E) Represents the modern expression to the demarcation of geo-location and is associated to the East. There is a large debate if Russians identify with China as the east or with Europe as the west (they still debate this today); here I place Russia into the direction of east for convenience – as in reality east and west Northern Hemisphere actually does not exist but within our logical parts of our minds). (W) is the opposite of (E) and represents Africa, Europe and later the Americas. We will treat Anatolia (modern day Turkey as a neutral zone).

(C) = Conflict to interchange of culture/ethnicities

(E) = The direction of East under my parameters

(W) = The direction of West under my parameters.

The last code is (P) which stands for Perpetual, and does not mean history repeats itself, it means ‘a continuum in a linear time-frame-complex.’ When Nostradamus speaks upon the expression ‘perpetual prophecies,’ he means ‘the future as fate in a continuum.’ Now we have our values set out for one of Nostradamus Judicial Astrological forms: 

So we have the expression of X. LXII Nostradamus: [(M + X)(J+Z)(S+Z)] * (P)/(Y) = (C=EW²).

French Revolution and the Rare triple Conjunction.

Rather the rare triple conjunction of Mars and Jupiter could be related to the judicial precepts laid out in On History Astrology. Ma‘šar writes on the Mars and on the Jupiter conjunction and relating this aspect to uprisings (cf. 2011, late winter – early spring) that a killing of a king (we can modernize it as a leader of a group or state) and an appointment of another, such as Robespierre who became for a short time a de facto ruler of the Revolution, and the occurrence of the dearth of many people.[1] Another example exposes a Mars and Jupiter conjunction taking place approximately in a relative cycle of about 22 Months. On 18 February 2009, preceding the foundation of the Tea Party movement in March of 2009, a Mars and Jupiter conjunction occurred.

A more modern approach is viewing tropical Chiron’s eccentric orbit, it produces riots and bottom-up uprisings each time it occurs in tropical Pisces. Both Engels and Mars’s examples of each of their first proletarian revolutions at Europe during the Early Modern Age all had ‘signatures’ of Chiron in tropical Pisces. Almost the entire 1960s had Chiron coloring the world protests while Chiron was in Pisces – and it currently has since this Arab Spring movement entered Pisces again, thus providing more data to this pseudo science, as real scientists make bombs, weapons of mass destruction, banks and corporations with patents and laws to suppress competition and to increase inequality, economically, socially and politically.

Dr. Lee found that 540 Years after the start of each Chinese Cycle [not well said!] the country becomes split between North and South, and the capital was shifted from North to South. Two of his dates are 3 years later than the Jupiter-Saturn Mutation conjunctions, hence the split occurs 543 years after the Mutations. The second order recurrence cycle for Saturn – Uranus is 1,088.72 years, or 24 conjunctions. Half of this is 544.36 years. At the end of 544 1 /3 years there has been a conjunction in each of the twelve signs and Saturn-Uranus are exactly 180 and 1 / 4 degrees from their initial position; thus the shift of 180 degrees suggests the “split’ of China. Adding 544 1 /3 to the conjunction of 1365 gives us 1919 [ Communist revolution , Russia in 1917? and the national movements in China and Japan]’ but actually because of the eccentricities of the Saturn-Uranus orbits, they did not reach the oppositions to the placed they occupied at the beginning of the cycle, until late 1911 or early 1912, which marked the Revolution of October 10, in the year of 1911 that brought into being the [ Chinese] Republic and caused the capital to be shifted from Peking to Nanking, and later let to the split between the communist North and the Koumantang South. In this, Dr. Lee appears to have identified the significance of the second order cycles of Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus; Mrs. Bradford, to have identified the meaning of the first order cycles of Neptune-Pluto and the two trans-Pluto planets postulated by the Richardson formula; and Professor Wheeler to have identified the importance of the first order Uranus-Neptune cycle by an astrologer, Margaret Morrell under “Research” in American Astrology Magazine, for April, May and June of 1939.

A Chronocrator conjunction is a frequent occurrence, mentioned in most texts of taking place every 20 years or so but this 26th type comes at 26 small conjunctions (e.g. 520 mean solar years, not a cycle or accurate) or its half-value (13 small conjunctions) and then when we add in a more rare phenomena called a triple conjunction, this signature or astronomical alignment then becomes ‘extremely rare.’ For those reading up on pyramidology of the school of thought that the large pyramid at Gizāh is a prognosticatory complex, the numerical figure of 26 plays a dominant role of its architectural metrology.

So let us imagine 520 B.C.E. or its multiform of a chrono-meano-value, to pseudo-scientists , David Davidson and Harold Aldersmith, that place the Exodus at 1468 B.C.E. or 2520 mean solar years from 0 A.K.[2] The connection to the birth of Christ is that the year 520 B.C.E. has an anno kalendarii (A.K.) signature of 3480 A.K. This then, I add into the mix that 515 mean solar years commences to the year of -005 B.C.E. (Gregorian, Christian Calendar). However, I use 1456 which subtracted by the summation of 3∙520 = 104. This remains close to the 103 value found all over the king’s corridor and other places at the large pyramid at Gizāh, and also found in Hebraic priestly courses.

In December of 522 B.C.E., then in March and then in July of 521 B.C.E. we have a triple Chronocrator Conjunction in Virgo, an Earth element.  Like the Earth Chronocrator that demonstrated the rise in Europeans and Democratic United States of America, so did this period see the rise in new forms and ideas of statecraft. After a massive supernova recorded all over the world and seen for two years, a new Earthly Chronocrator commences with its unbroken section of a chain of small-conjunctions, in 1,007 A.C.E., and tropically pure element of Earth until 1186 A.C.E (European Crusading period). In the late winter of 1226, the Air Chronocrater Series commences.

The final Erath Chronocrator series of Hellenistic period took place in March of -363 B.C.E. The approximately 70 interval (69y + 3m)  to -423 and the end of the year B.C.E. exhibits the triogon for the -363 B.C.E. This is called a Trigonalis or Nostradamus in French called it a trigon. These ending small-conjunctions of a triple element, therefore, exhibit cultural, hegemonic and general geopolitical change. If you are practicing to become a seer or a prophet, one will notice that white Athanian rule and a commencement of a new culture and statecraft took shape, namely in the Macedonian immigration to Greek city-states and eventual hegemonic conquest. Likewise, Latin Americans will exhibit the same habit or tendency to the lands of the United States of America during the same window.  The 28 th of May of the year of 2,000 A.C.E. final Earth chronocrator was also accompanied by a rare 26 type of alignment (e.g. a stellium). This alignment happened around early April (examp. in tropical notation the 6 th of April, Gregorian, Studio City, Los Angeles, CA., U.S.A.: Mars 10 TAU 33’54”, Jupiter 10 TAU 26’05”, Saturn 16 TAU48’01”; > 06° 21’ 56”).[3]  This provides a signature that is not a cycle, and changes the interpretation. The following year we had a world changing event called nine-one-one, popularly. 

The month of March 54 A.C.E. ends the final small conjunction of the watery triogonalis series for this period, and thus for this particular series a 1251 year interval. The intermittent watery trigon commenced in late August of 571 A.C.E. According to tradition, recorded by the Muslim Astronomer/astrologers, Prophet Muhammad was born in this year, and the small conjunction takes place in the first deconate of Scorpio and thus the ascription that Islam’s ruling planet is Venus. Yet, this is tropically assessed. I have not done a sidereal sequester yet.  Therefore, Friday, the ancient traditional week planetary-day appears as a royalty of Venus. Certainly, by Livy’s time, deconate ascriptions changed and what we think as a tradition may not be universally accepted. 

We had another triple conjunction from the years of 1980 to 1981 in the ‘tropical’ Air Chronocrator, which ingressed to the tropical Earth Chronocrator Series. The world took issue with Iraq and the Middle East and has yet to resolve its fundamental differences between what is self preservation and outright stealing of Middle Eastern resources for western political expediency. When linking this ‘signature’ to the age of information, modern communication and a plan to globalize the interconsecutiveness of information commenced, and will last in the scalar form of this ‘ingression’ for about 180 years.

The next triple small-conjunction of the Chronocrator Series, tropically takes place in the years of 2238 A.C.E. to and 2239 A.C.E. and this is followed by another triple small-conjunction for the inclusive year of 2279. This, tropically, are water element small – conjunctions and these two triple- conjunctions are just post to the projected-elliptical-polar degree of the Winter Solstice Alignment to the Galactic Center, which is dated as 2226 -7  on the king’s floor inside the large pyramid at Gizāh, which commences the second low portion of the corridor. because the Solar Disk has a diameter about one-half of a degree, and precession as of now is set at 00.922” these small conjunctions will happen when the Sun’s disk grazes the P.E.D. of the Galactic Center for decades.

There are no such things as cycles.

From the ancients to the modern astronomer/astrologers a practical idea for pedagogical applications ascribes ‘cycles’ to these astronomical phenomena. There are no cycles, and Māshā’allāh ibn Athari and Abū  Ma‘šar while teaching in their prefaces or openings for pedagogical reasons speak on ‘cycles’ as a mean value, if one reads their books to the end they admit there are no cycles. How do we know this? As in basic physics there is a perspective problem. Tropical time is kept by measuring the daylight to the nightlight on Earth and measuring its cycles from common points such as these solstices or equinoxes. Sidereal time is kept by witnessing the movement of the distant stars upon the phenomena of multiple motions of the Earth’s spinning and directions and tilt, and thus multiple times are working all at once – but of course for civil management we choose one system over the others.

Here are these sequences of Jupiter Revolutions, but not a single one aligns to a sidereal position when taking into an account arc minuets. Tropically, Jupiter’s revolution, called a cycle by standard academics repeats tropically every 11.87 years (Julian Day Sideral Position Year).

Sumerian Astrologers were very interested in the means of cycles as a function for some sort of mathematical principle. David Brown  argues from his work, Cuneiform monograph 18, Mesopotamian Planetary Astronomy-Astrology (Styx Publications , 2,000 A.C.E.) “After 427 years Jupiter once again performs the same heliacal event in the same place in the ecliptic. The cycle repeats.”[4] I find no evidence this exists and the data below is provided by me and from what I read of this work, Brown accepts the ancient postulation without performing a standard scientific observation and giving others a chance to see the aggregation of the data. The sidereal interval if using whole degrees, at least in this case, Jupiter accomplishes this feat in 415 mean solar years.[5]  Therefore, to achieve the claim by Brown for 427 year cycles, we need to add one more fictitious Jupiter revolution, as a whole integer of 12y. 

(2010) Jupiter is at 26 degrees Aquarius, 35 minuets.

(2022) Jupiter is at Zero degrees Pisces, and 46 minuets.

(2034) Jupiter is at 4 degrees Pisces, and 57 minuets.

(2046) Jupiter is at 9 degrees Pisces, and 2 minuets.

(2058) Jupiter is at 13 degrees Pisces, and 17 minuets.

(2070) Jupiter is at 17 degrees Pisces, and 42 minuets.

(2082) Jupiter is at 22 degrees Pisces, and 11 minuets.

(2154) Jupiter is at 20 degrees Aries, 06 minuets.

(2437) Jupiter is at Zero degrees Pisces, and 34 minuets.

In this case alone, 415 / 11.87 = 34.9620893. Therefore, a near 35 integer results, and which is the distance of the rise step at the south end of the Gallery inside the large pyramid at Gizāh.

So those that argue well there were triple conjunctions prior to the -0006 triple Chronocrator Series, why was the -145 to -144 B.C.E. not preferred. Well, here is the reason why. Even the Chronocrator is not a cycle at all. Still Brown may not be wholly incorrect. The 427 year cycles he observes discoursed in the cuneiform astronomical/astrological tablets take place when the precession occurred at a much slower rate. Therefore one such Jupiter longitudal match could happen at the 427 interval. The position of the riser step in the Gizāh pyramid is stationed during our quicker and modern precessional ratio. However, this paper is about the Bethlehem Star so let’s get right into its details.

Geometry- astreology -005 B.C.E. Vernal Rectangle and diagonals

At 6:06 a.m., Pyolch’ang-Ni, modern day North Korea, 39n17, 126e26, the AC at 28 PIS 16’-9”, M.C. at 29 SAG 04’11”, the Sun at 29 PIS 27’32”, 21 March -0005 B.C.E. (gregorian cal.), there appears geometrically a rectangle and a cross of two diagonals. On one edge of the rectangle, the mean node is over Botien, arities, and the Moon is in a relative true arc to alpha (α) Pleiades’, al-Cyone. The Korean nova is approaching culmination. Mercury and the node and Moon form one short side of the rectangle, and the other known planets during this time are between these two points in the sky.

If using New Astrology, a part of the inclusion of the most recent planets or planetoids, Neptune and Pluto[6] form the opposite short side of the rectangle. When Mars is added into the fluid historical motions of the Chronocrator or even the geometrical relationship to the single planets of Jupiter and Saturn these become more specific time-management systems.

This 26 th type of Chronocrator stellium had an absence of a sidereal zodiacal perspective. However, it occurred by a true arc through the constellation of Cetus. By a visual sighting at night this alignment appeared between Aries and Taurus. It is a reverse order to the same type of 26 th stellium for -005 B.C.E., in order of the Gifts reported in Matthew. Here it is Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in a natural motion, where as in -005 B.C.E. the stellium occurs as the order of the gifts in Matthew: Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

The Bethlehem Arc (derived from fudging Flinders Petrie 26° 18’ 9.6-7” 19th course of the pyramid’s passage slope(s) ; it is actually about  26° 30” n/e at the vernal shadow of the pyramid) derived by an angle of the large pyramid at Gizāh at the Vernal Sunlight, casting of rays and shadows. This gives us another hint at the rarity of the numerical signature of 26 which I elaborate in my OI Section V series on the large pyramid at Gizāh. Many slopes of the interior passages of the pyramid have the numerical value of 26° + m/s. or accompanied geometrical expressions.

Some 2,080 years is the theoretical function in a tropical setting for four rare 26 Chronocrator series or 2,075.694514 sidereal years. The external slope of the outside of the large pyramid at Gizāh gives a hint at the natural progression of these things, at 51°.  Some of these special chronocrator types are not 26 small-conjunctions but can have half-times (13 small-conjunctions), indicating again, there is no such thing as a cycle, only relative cycles.

There are 1,509 mean solar years from the 26 th type of conjunction of the Jesus period Chronocrator signature and the birth of Nostradamus who was born under another 26th type of Chronocrator. [was this a triple?]. which took place a year later in 1504 A.C.E.  So, there are no cycles because between these two 26th types of conjunctions, and there remains 571 mean solar years between them, not 520 mean solar years. Yet, going back to the slope of the pyramid there is a discrepancy of 51 years. So by converting this interval using the Biblical scalar methodology, 51 solar years creates 51° degrees of a slope of humankind progression. Yet, this would be type casted as a college level astrology, most if any can contemplate these complexities.

However, this paper is not about judicial astrology it is how ancients think outside of standard state controlled academia. The idea that the Maji are not looking for a semi-rare triple conjunction, but a Biblical Signature of a pure stellium with Mars in the aspect to the relative Chronocrator Seires.

The Gospel of Matthew:

Her’od and Omens

Her’od’s reign in part takes its traditions from the contemporary Roman Empire. At this period, some prominent Roman ruling families all had or were connected to court astrologers, and Roman Caesars were elected at childhood based upon a litany of potential omenic propositions in their horoscopes. One of the first enquiries of a potential Caesar or Councilor of the Roman State was to see if the ruler of the second house was found to be posited in the first house. This denoted a person who would be surrounded by fabulous amounts of wealth. When Her’od is hosting the Maji he calls for his own group of astrologers, psychics, and magicians, thus indicating he and these persons are searching for astrological omens so well established as a part of life. This then indicates that the star of Bethlehem are wandering stars (planets), and if tradition is correct, the Roman court astrologers watch only the wandering stars and have no idea about Aries as the first sign of the Zodiac.

It is not until circa. 150 A.C.E. that Claudius Ptolemy reorganizes the astronomical sky calendar and places the frontal stars of Aries at the Vernal Equinox to commence the official Zodiac and Astronomical measurements for historical purposes. In the month of March of -005 B.C.E. (greg. cal, -006 astronomical cal.) Jupiter and Mars make a conjunction at relative zero Aries or Right Ascension zero. At this point the natural sequence is in order, Mars, Jupiter and following Saturn form a relative stellium and previously the Chronocrator’s trigon is water sign of Pisces or the religion of the seas – indicating global aspirations.

Judicial portents stir us to understand that a watery Piscean trigon of the 1524 A.C.E (Chronocrator: 31 January 1524 A.C.E., α 22:44:51.671, long. 157.8°, elongation 18.9°). Mars, Jupiter and Saturn stellium happens as France is discovering the New World, the upper east coast of north America, including the later named New York, and later in the century the city of Henripolis (i.e. the city of Henri II, King of France, modern day Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, circa 1550s)[7] globalization takes precedence to the Judicial meaning. 

The interval is 1529 (mean 20y ∙ 26 = 520y, so 520y∙3 =1560y). There are 93 small conjunctions making this Mars, Jupiter and Saturn stellium a 3.576923077 of a 26 interval value.  If rounding off, we have three 26 cycles and one half (26∙3 +13). While most astrology utilizes tropical accounting, Nostradamus sidereal astrology places more weight upon visual astrology, thus this 1524 Chronocrator Conjunction in tropical Pisces was actually visually over the Constellation of Aquarius, the traditional water sign.

The Bethlehem Star and the Egyptian Stone.

The whole values of revolutions applied to Jupiter 11 years, Saturn 29 years, and Mars 2 and ½ year [8] provide us with a lower passage height of the large pyramid at Gizāh at 42.5 B” for the King’s corridor. When adding into the Mars, Jupiter and Saturn fractions into one single and mean circuit this value equals the height of the Queen’s chamber’s passage [9] (43.4 B” Petrie’s measurement, in D.D. & A.H.), thus indicating, again, the pyramid incorporates these Mars, Jupiter and Saturn relative alignment phenomena.

Now after the wisemen visited Mary and baby Jesus, Matthew tells us they decided to leave by a different road rather than to return and to report to Her’od of the location of the child. So, this indicates that the star of Bethlehem is such of an ancient omenic tradition.

The Olmecian and Mayan standard universal calendar(s) also applies to this rarefied astronomical geometry at the heavens. A Mesoamerican 260 day calendar incorporates a mean value of the Chronocrator with the temporary inclusion of Mars as a stellium:  These Maya universal standard calendar(s) and Creation Mythos Metrological History: (20 ∙ 13) + 26 = 286 = pyramid’s off-set as a pure integer. We know by tradition that a sibling of the large pyramid at Gizāh lays in the west. We also know by modern assessments that many of the larger Mesoamerican temples or pyramidic complexes are oriented toward the cluster of stars known as These Pleiades’.  

Temporary Stars and Two Year Time-Frames in Ancient Texts

The 27 May -006 B.C.E. first small conjunction of the Bethlehem star is seen conjunct in the eastern quadrant of the early morning night sky. Matthew 2:2 states (Luke reports the same observation), the wise men first observed the star rising, thus confirming the first small-conjunction of the Chronocrator Series.

Matthew 2:3 states, Her’od summons his magicians and scholar priests to enquire about this sign and where this potential rival threat can be located. Matthew 2:7 further states, Her’od ordered the wisemen to tell of the exact time of the star. Nothing is mentioned, so it is assumed at Matthew passage 2:16-17 that Her’od had learnt this star had a two year period.

Her’od orders these wisemen to go to find the boy, and so they left and followed the star until it stopped (Matt. 2:9). Well, stars do not stop so the implication is that this astronomical aspect stopped. In astrology, this means the star finished its influential aspect and no longer is in aspect. A Tasir, perhaps, using Abassīd judicial astrology circa 10 th  -11 th centuries. This direction comes by the way of Platonic Direction of the Rays (D.O.R.).  The idea of portents to the rise are influenced or realized at culmination because it is geometrically sound and logical. The Hon Han-Shu temporary star between February and April – 0005 B.C.E. can fulfill the D.O.R. prescriptions. However, at certain visual times, the Chronocrator passes visually from East to West with its mid conjunction a little west of culmination at Bethlehem.

The commencement of the  relative alignments of Saturn and Jupiter span a space of over one year in a relative tight formation and two years for a relative loose formation. This is confirmed by the later Matthew passage 2:16-17 that Her’od had learnt this star had a two year period.

The pervious triple conjunction of -145 B.C.E to -144 B.C.E took place in tropical Capricorn. Prior to this triple conjunction, the -522  to - 521 B.C.E. under the tropical location of Virginis gives us a time-frame that these are not frequent but semi-rare.

This paper argues that a more rare phenomena of the planet Mars joining in proximity to an alignment with the post triple-conjunction Chronocrator of Saturn and of Jupiter to give us a period that places us in the proximity of the nova near the Dark Rift (e.g. a Mayan term for nebulae or dark gaseous regions of outerspace), positioned below the famed constellation of Cygnus’s rift boundaries. The first radio source discovered by modern astronomers was located around X-1 cygnii.

Matthew: Chronocrator Data, Local Bethlehem, Israel.

First Conjunction: 27th May -06. Jupiter and Saturn tropically at 20 PIS 55’52”. 11:00 a.m. Not visible till the morning hours, right before sunrise, direction due east. Chronocrator Sidereal, relative conjunction to Kaht piscipus.  Simmah piscipus (Pisces sidereal) has a relative alignment to the western Bethlehem horizon. Geometrical shape, a kyte and a T-Square , with a relative Lunar-solar conjunction as its handle. Not visible at literal conjunction. Visually, Saturn and Jupiter appear next to each other when calculating latitudes and declinations of these two wandering stars for Bethlehem. This is the only conjunction of the three that visually appear almost together.

Second Conjunction: Catholic Archangel Michael Day of the Year, 29th September -06 B.C.E. Jupiter and Saturn tropically at 17 PIS 24’48” retrograde. 8:30 a.m. [10]  Angles at ‘00”’ arc seconds, Lion M.C., OX, DC., Eagle AC. and Human I.C. Sidreal, Han Ophiuchii at AC. (Scorpius for zodiacal position), llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis relative to I.C., Hyades on western horizon, Bow of Orionius approaches the western horizon. Chronocrator mid point, Linteum-Kaht ( just Kaht notes). Visible, north-north-west, quadrant hororary at first visibility, overall direction of this Chronocrator small conjunction, east to west.

Third Conjunction: 03 December 06 B.C.E. modern calendar.[11] Jupiter and Saturn tropically at 15° PIS 33’43”. Sidereal, linteum, piscipus. 4:44 p.m., Simmah culminates (‘02”’ arc seconds discrepancy) but conjunction occurs 4:29 p.m., U.T.  14:08:12, S.T., 21:15:50, Saturn 2° 30’50”S, Saturn δ 8° 03’27”S; Jupiter 1° 27’00”S, Jupiter δ 7° 05’16”S; Lunar tropics, 26 TAU22’10”, sidereal, Solar over Facies, lunar over al-Hecka, Venus and Neptune in relative alignment to Dchubba scorpius.

26th Stellium: February to April -0005 B.C.E. (-6 B.C. astronomical calendar). Visual alignment a near vertical stack of the planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Matthew: North Korea’s Contributions

Nova ( new star): late winter to early spring between lead stars of Capricorn and end stars of Sagittarius, more toward Capricorn, between alpha (α) aquilae and beta (β ) aquilae.

Source: Hon Han-Shu,

(data testing): Pyolch’ang-Ni, 39n17, 126e26, -0006 B.C.E. astron. cal., -0005 B.C.E. Christian Calendar, Gregorian, 1 March, 4:00 a.m., L.M.T., (ancient local Lo Lang) Dorsum rises, the Moon has a true arc over alpha (α) Leonis, Regulus, the I.C. has Hyades, and the M.C. has the Persian Royal star of Antares, alpha (α) aquilae and beta (β ) aquilae are rising. A temporary star is cited between, al nesr al-ta’ir  and beta (β ) aquilae , called al-shain (Arabic, al-shain, the peregrine falcon) in Hon Han-Shu for the period from late winter to early spring of -0005 B.C.E. 

(data testing): At Bethlehem for the 26 March -0005 B.C.E. (-06 B.C. astronomical calendar) and alpha (α) aquilae, al nesr al-ta’ir, (Arabic the flying Eagle) is close to the M.C., being therefore above one’s head at Bethlehem.

The Eagle aka al 'ta'ir. multidimen time code

y'Hoshua Arcs ( Greek, Jesus) Space Photos of the Blue Region at the time of y'hoshua.

region of Bethlehemic star recorded in 5BC and 4 BC by Hannic-Korean Astronomers

Matthew: Vernal Equinox and Frontal Stars of Aries

Yet, when Mars meets up during the winter of -0005 and into the early springtime, the planets move over the frontal stars of Aries. This fulfils the Aristotelian cosmic philosophy on astrology that an end has come and a new beginning has commenced. The alignment during the winter –early spring of -0005 B.C.E. ( has a vertical signature, the planets looked stacked upon each other. This gives us a hint since we are at the latitude of Bethlehem that these planets are not in a projected elliptical degree conjunction. However, according to our ancient Akkadian, Chaldean, Neo-Babylonian star and accompanied omen catalogues, alignments at the true visual arc at any local are ‘game changers.’ Perhaps it remains a bias or nasty habit of scholars overlaying their modernity with ancient ideas.

One such case has a scholar argue that this Korean and Chinese nova was not really visible, especially in the Moonlight because Romans recorded only the vary bright celestial phenomena. However a true assessment entails that Romans had their heads down, making swords and shields and military weapons and also looking down on the corpses they were creating during their imperialistic ways. The Romans at this time are not engaged in astronomy or high civilization, but are conducting a brutal ‘barbarianic’ campaigns in a total avarice climate, a change that commenced after Julius Cæsar’s ethnic genocidal campaigns. The western or more commonly called by Chinese and Korean historians, the late Han period witnessed high civilization in the local we today call North Korea.  The Romans are continuing the fall period of the Republic and have moved into a tyrannical chaos phase. How a white western academic, especially a atheist or a skeptic will claim that the Koreans and Chinese cannot even see the star they are recording? The problem remains persistent, many of these usurping academics want only white people to be the first in everything, thus no Asian could tell the truth, a conspiracy must be taking place.

Finally, the first conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter and viewed from Bethlehem at the point of the conjunction to the arc second, Simmah resides on the western horizon at Bethlehem. This is a frontal star of the constellation of modern Pisces.

Gospel sources: Matthew, he was a former tax collector and perhaps very literate. His diction is superb, and his nativity narrative is non contradictive. Luke, a nice man, appears to be writing after Mark and Matthew, and some of his claims have not been proven or disproven; but since the 5th century A.C.E., during Dionisius Exiguus (e.g. he places 1 A.D. as the birth year). Exiguus made a scribal error and his actual year he intended to promulgate was -005 B.C.E., 25th of December ( old Style calendar). During the 5th century A.C.E. most scholars placed the nativity scene pre -004 B.C.E. Invasions by various groups over 1,000 years destroyed ancient records and texts, only a few saved by the religious orders of the medieval period of European times. Science reliable records are destroyed and not brought over by the Orthodox Church to Italy during the proto-Italian renaissance period a mythic tradition had Jesus being born during 2 or 1 B.C. and being crucified at 33 A.C.E. These observations hold no textual weight; they are not mentioned in the Christian Bible at all.

Matthew: a Temporary Star

There are multiple copies of The Chinese chronicle Ch’ien-han-shu (Chinese History of the late Han) written by Father Bon Baos, heavily contributed by son Gu Bao, contributions by sister Ban Zhao, and finalizer Ma Xu), for example, records that a new star was sighted near Theta Aquilae in March of 5 . B.C. and remained visible for seven days.[12] Still others have a new star with a tail cited around alpha and beta capricornus, from the dates of 10 March to 27 April.  Some copied texts have this temporary star passing with 70 days a between alpha and beta centaurii, but this surely could be a scribal error.

Tse-tung, H.’s translation of the nova’s passage appeared in the Journal of the Soviet Astronomy, vol. 1., p. 161,[13] as follows, second month, second year of Ch’ien-p’ing [ -0005 B.C.E.]  , a comet appeared near ch’ien-niu and was seen more than 70 days.” Tse-tung’s transliteration is suspect because Chinese and western texts call these temporary stars, ‘stars with tails.’ And Tse’tung’s biography of Yen Kaung, in Hon Han-Shu, for +29 A.C.E., near Hercules’ constellation reports a temporary star[14] and is discussed as having a tail of two Chinese feet (periodic measurements for the later or western Han period).

The most authoritative translation and analysis comes from H. Tse-tung ( Harvard College, Cambridge MA., online archives, translation and analysis of Korean and Chinese astronomy, during the western or late Han). This nova or called a temporary star was seen by Korean and Chinese star gazers appears between α and β aquilae. The trick to authorizing a confirmation retains that alpha and beta capricornii are just to the right of the visual arc to α and β aquilae in the night sky.  Tse-tung gives the visual time frame as only from February to April, with no dates. These dates one hears on the internet are others trying to make a guess to what calendar was used by a period of metropolitan and cultural cross-mixing of civilizations.

During this period, Capricorn and Aquila are both asrtron (i.e. constellations) rising in the east and moving toward the zenith meridian at Bethlehem for late winter and early spring. At 6:06 a.m., Sun to AC discrepancy 1° 38’ 39”, if using a Majic paran (e.g. the Sun rises, so what culminates, one such paranic option) at Bethlehem for 26 March -0005 B.C.E. (-06 B.C. astronomical calendar) and alpha (α) aquilae, al nesr al-ta’ir, (Arabic the flying Eagle) is close to the M.C., being therefore above one’s head at Bethlehem, but cannot be seen due to the light of the Sun. However, if these are Maji, they use parans and not just visual accompaniments to their omens.

For 26 th of January -0005 (greg. cal.) at 6:00 a.m., local time, U.T. 3:39:12, S.T. 14:18:01, Bethlehem this nova if it could be seen would be visible about 10-12 degrees above the eastern horizon. The Sun is still well below the horizon, but the glimpses of the twilight are apparent at this time. At 6:00 a.m., local time for our accounting not Roman clock time,  at Bethlehem, The Sun tropically is at 04 ARI 33’54”, the eastern horizon is at 03 ARI58’52” (discrepancy 55 minuets and 2 seconds or arc), al nesr al-ta’ir has a near culmination with 29 minuets of arc and approaching the M.C. The idea of the Gospel of Matthew proclaims the Maji followed the star until it stopped over the nativity, and thus we use Bethlehem.

In the Jewish Bible, in Numbers, a soothsayer, Balaam prophesied that a new star would come out of Jacob, and have The Scepter as a sign. The star, al nesr al-ta’ir  and beta (β ) aquilae , called al-shain (Arabic, al-shain, the peregrine falcon) are visual situated between the zodiacal constellations of Capricorn and Sagittarius. The ancient term, The Scepter, symbolizing the ruler’s authority is a reference to Jupiter, and Jupiter is the traditional and today’s rulership of the constellation of Sagittarius. In the ancient zodiacs, Capricorn was combined with Sagittarius. Another example was the OX, which was a combination of the stars of Aries and Taurus.

Matthew Orders the Gifts in Relation to the Visual Stellium

Matthew does not tell his audience where the Maji come from nor how many persons but supplies a set of unique gifts which are coded expressions of the colors of the visual planets, called stars prior to the Early Modern Age. The key is that there is one ‘astre’ but this single star has three agents. Matthew lays out in order the colors of the gifts and these apply to the visual heavenly colors of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars.

Matthew : Symbolic Gifts as Hints to the Bethlehemic Star

The Maji bring the baby Jesus and his mother gifts, of Gold, of Frankincense and of Myrrh (Matt. 2:11, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars.). The Bible chooses not to specify the number of foreign visitors to Her’od’s court, the number of three comes from the three gifts presented to Mary and baby Jesus at Bethlehem.

Myrrh in the ancient times grew from a semi-arid region of the North African desert and around the Red Sea. It was cultivated by Egyptians during the period when the Hebrew were said to be held captive servants during the Ramicide period of Egypt. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory mendicant and was specifically used by the Egyptians in funerary rites, and a burial spice (John 19:39) referenced in the Christian Bible.[15]  It comes from the Cammiphora trees, and the Chinese were cultivating mo yao [16] for millennia, known also to them as a beneficial mendicant. The color of Myrrh is reddish and represents Mars’ natural color in the night sky. So we have one down and two to go.

Frankincense in the ancient times was known to treat depression. It is a resin form the Bosellia tree, but can also be found in various forms in North American conifers with slightly different chemical makeup. Its smell is sweet and is pungent when consuming it like incense. The North American conifers give a color of amber to dirty white when dry and from the Bosellia tree the color remains more of a whitish hue than tan or rather a Navajo white. Frankincense represents white because from our atmospheric vantage point, the color of Jupiter is whitish. So we have two down and one to go.

Gold speaks for its self. Gold has its own elemental chemical properties, long has been associated to privileged, royalty, wealth, and good fortune. When recorders write about prosperous periods of cultures and of regions, they speak of passing through a ‘Golden Age.’ Gold takes a long time to form naturally in the Earth and Saturn was known as the slowest moving body in the night sky to the ancients. Chronus (Greek for Latin Saturn) represented father time. When one looks into the night sky, Saturn’s color appears as gold or a yellowish signature. So we have three down and no more to go.

To affirm things, they are in a natural order from Earth’s perspective (Matt. 2:11).

The Gospel of Luke: Plural Nativity Narratives

Luke, a nice man, has many Jesus’ running around: one born in the fall, one born near Christmas, one born before 3 B.C.E. and one born post 5 A.C.E. It is like a grab bag of mysterious cookies.

“[W]e [Maji] observed his star at its rising [e.g. in the east; context:  Maji addressing King Her’od]...” Luke 2:2. This passage parallel’s Matthew’s, such the ascription it is a part of the synoptic Gospels.

The Gospel of Luke contains the nativity under Her’od and under Cyrenius, as either  < -0004 B.C.E. | > +0006 A.C.E. The later held the legate of Galacia < -0004 B.C.E. The common Christian Bible, Canonized, commences with the Bethlehem star (post genealogy) narrative of the nativity, Matthew 2: + opens the entire narration of the New Testament with the nativity circumstances and its sign. Matthew was a former tax collector so his mind was sharp.

Luke: Eclipse and Death of Her’od Governor of Judæ

The majority of opinions claim that Her’od passes around the spring of 3 B.C.E. Christian cal. [17] , later 750 A.U.C.,[18] 4 B.C astronomical cal.), and Cyrenius’ does not ascend to the legate (governor) of Judea until 6 A.C.E., and this has an astronomical calendar discrepancy of 10 years.  Luke’s admittance that he is the late writer on these events, he implies to Theophilius,  confirms to his audience that other texts are already circulating of these events of Jesus of Nazareth’s life; therefore, we assume he mixed-up some of his facts, innocently. The point of contention is not Cyrenius’ governorship of Syria but the census or registration for Roman vassal taxing purposes conducted under Cyrenius’ during his Galacia genociding period.

Finally, a total lunar eclipse happens, Soros 61, 23 March -0004 B.C.E., NASA) as Josephus reports, portending to Her’od’s obituary. Atheists, Skeptics, and Debunkers claim that lunar eclipses are frequent, and they are, so no one can pin point a perspective date of Her’od’s death. Again, it matters not if one has multiple Ph.Ds or is held in high community esteem, there are no eclipses to choose from at all – only one happened that fits all the empirical criteria from a perspective of Judea for decades in both forward and backward in time.

This eclipse occurs on March 23 rd of -005 B.C.E., astronomical calendar, -0004 B.C.E. for the Christian Gregorian calendar. It occurs tropically about five degrees and fifty minuets or so, post alpha (α) virginis, Spica, and the eclipse is seen as a blood moon in the east. At 10:21 p.m., local time at Bethlehem (and the greater Judæn countryside) the eclipse is seen about 26 degrees above the horizon.

Thus, this Soros 61 eclipse, at direct maximum, east South Asian continent, about 100 miles south of Bengal, had its maximum at T.D. 21:17:09, totality 102 minuets, partiality 222 minuets, an umbra magnitude at 1.8080, and a partial magnitude of 2.8170. The Moon passed directly through the center of the Sun’s disk, and thus a portion of a real lunar blood moon eclipse could be seen at the early evening at the Levant.[19]  Finally, it is not hard to imagine that Josephus, who wrote decades later, perhaps consulted a lunar ephemerid. However, if one believes Josephus, then Her’od does not live past the winter portion of -0003 B.C.E. Gregorian calendar, and thus the birth of Jesus takes place prior to this period.

On the internets, many eclipses will be debated, not applicable, thus the Bible is full of lies or innocent attempts at an analysis. These eclipses do, however, exist. The total lunar eclipse of 14 th of April of -0004 B.C.E. has a umbraic magnitude of 1.7906, making it a prime candidate for a blood moon, but this eclipse happens about 100 miles off the coast of Brazil, hard to see from Judæ.

The ‘partial’ (e.g. not total!) lunar eclipse happens 13 March of -0003 with its central axis around modern day Liberia, and Sierra Leone, about Monrovia, Liberia, modern day Africa. Its umbraic magnitude reached only 0.3577 and thus remained undetectable at Judea of any eclipse significance.

I always read in many Atheists, Skeptics, and Debunkers and even by standard scholars proclaim the ‘entire Bible’ must be a lie because of the birth discrepancies found in the opening sections of the Gospel of Luke. It appears that Luke is of the last constructions of the synoptic Gospels, so we will use Matthew.

Luke 2:1 A Disputed Census

I hear arguments that Luke 2:1 says Augustus issued a decree that a census should be made of the whole inhabited world. There was no such census and thus the Bible is full of lies. But here is a suggestion to the Atheists, Skeptics, and Debunkers – learn to read. The Bible says, following Luke 2:1 at Luke 2:2, This census, denote that this demonstrative adjective, ‘this’ identifies the original ‘idea’ of a census by Augustus – takes place in the future and not by Augustus. Therefore the Bible implies Augustus had the idea but was too busy to implement or needed to wait for the Curia-bureaucracy to promulgate it and it happens, therelater under another roman official.

The Bible states explicitly that this census did not happen under Augustus’ period of rulership, the first census was conducted under Cyrenius (Publius Sulpicius Quirinius (Cyrenius, si-ré – ne-us, b. Lanuvium, district of Roma, 51 B.C., d. 21 A.D. aristocratic family)! This takes place in 6 A.C.E. (A.D.), Cyrenius’ first year as governor of Judea and, he ruled until 12 A.C.E. (A.D.), a long process of political and military ascendancy. He is legate and genocider from -0005 to -0003 B.C.E., sometimes at Galatia! Luke’s inclusion was perhaps a not well like Roman ideologist.

Augustus orders a census at 28 B.C.E., 8 B.C.E. and 14 A.C.E (astron. cal. used). Like modern times, when census’ are planned they usually take a few years for the bureaucracy to promulgate them. The inscription known as the Lapis venetus claims Publius Sulpicius Quirinius (Cyrenius, si-ré – ne-us) issues a census but no date appears on the inscription. The Gospel of Luke provides the hint. It claims Augustus orders it but it happens later under Quirinius, and he does not achieve governorship of Judea until 6 A.C.E., which makes little since, because Luke also narrates Angel Gabriel informing John the Baptist and Jesus’ parents of being with children during Her’od’s governorship. Most assume Luke makes an innocent mistake. Quirinius only has Jerusalem register and not Galilee, the local Jesus spent much of his time during his ministry period.

Luke: Cyrenius was in power under Augustus’ reign, not liked by Luke. 

Cyrenius as a military genocider of the Roma murder machine already conducts a killing spree at Judea during Her’od’s life time. Cyrenius is mentioned in Luke 2:2 as governor of Syria, not Judæ. Skeptics, debunkers, and atheist, most academics then say no, the Bible claims Cyrenius is the governor of Judæ, thus the nativity takes place, post 6 A.C.E.

Therefore, most children texts places this Biblical narrative of the Birth of Jesus out of context to the entire other birth narratives found in Matthew, and Jesus would be in his early to mid twenties at the time of his crucifixion.

Even Luke explains in the opening statements of his Gospel that he is a later recorder of the events of Jesus, he relates to his audience, Theophilius. This explains the mix-up as he states that King Her’od is ruling when the Angel Gabriel announces to Elizabeth that she is carrying a child, the child becomes John the Baptist. Then Luke explains that six months later, the Angel Gabriel visits Mary, the future mother of baby Jesus to announce she too is carrying a baby boy. Does this mean Jesus was born twice, once in the B.C.E. period and once in the A.C.E. period? Is, perhaps, Luke speaking of Jesus’ doppelganger?

Publius Sulpicius Quirinius, according to Flores, Erich S. Gruen argues in “Expansion under the Empire under Augustus” [20]  and addressing a period around 12 B.C.E. Quirinius curries favor with the council meaning a favor by Augustus; Josephus “Antiquities of the Jews” book XVIII reports under Quirinius the census is added to the state/region of Judæ. This indicates human subjugation.  

According to Justin K. Hardin, “Galatians and the Imperial Cult (Mohr Siebeck, 2008, p. 58) Quirinius starts to ethnic cleanse indigenous populations around Galatia and Cilcia, from the years of 5 B.C.E. to 3 B.C.E. Under a legate by the council and Augustus, Quirinius had authorization to ethnic cleanse and force populations into the Roman monetary system, which plans indicated a potential revenue pool by taxation of foreigners and control of their lands.  Under these circumstances persons that remained alive could be taxually enslaved, and this was the Romanic plan of these Roman barbarians. Central authority taxation always brings a need for a state to conduct a census or registering families.

It is not until 6 A.D. (not 6 B.C.E.!) that Quirinius is appointed legate powers to Syria, and Judea at this moment is decided by Roma that Israelis are now economic and forced pacifist slaves tot the Roman Empire. Quirinius giving a census to gather potential tax victims of the Roman military state so they can pay more soldiers to kill more innocent indigenous people now incorporates southern Israel, the tribe of Judah (only two tribes at this time in history). It is understandably; in light of the ‘origin of the Jewish Occupation’ that Quirinius’ name appears in the bible for a millennia of condemnation.

According to Raymond E. Brown (22 May 1928, d. 8 Augustus 1998), American Roman Catholic Priest and Biblical scholar, among other things, argues more historians believe Luke is mistaken, in regards to the birth of Jesus and, the census and Quirinius ethnical subjugation leadership appointment over Hebrews.

According to David Davidson and H. Aldersmith the census did not bring Mary and Joseph to Jerusalem to register but indigenous Hebrew tradition. The inns were not full of people at Jerusalem because everyone descended to account for their families in the Roman census registers, but because there are an often festival which brings in foreigner traders and a cosmopolitan vacation destination. Her’od loyalties to Rome were shadow by a megalomaniac pathology to make the coasts of Judea a thriving international trade juncture and to cosmopolitanism a rather recent heterogeneous historical location of Judæ.

I hear arguments that Luke 2:1 says Augustus issued a decree that census should be made of the whole inhabited world. There was no such census and thus the Bible is full of lies. But here is a suggestion to the Atheists, Skeptics, and Debunkers – learn to read. It says, following Luke 2:1 at Luke 2:2, This census, denote that this demonstrative adjective, ‘this’ identifies the original ‘idea’ of a census by Augustus. But the Bible states explicitly that this census did not happen, the first census was conducted under Cyrenius (Publius Sulpicius Quirinius (Cyrenius, si-ré – ne-us, b. Lanuvium, district of Roma, 51 B.C., d. 21 A.D. aristocratic family)! This takes place in 6 A.C.E. (A.D.), Cyrenius’ first year as governor of Judea and, he rules until 12 A.C.E. (A.D.). This places out of context the entire other birth narratives, and Jesus would be in his early to mid twenties at the time of his crucifixion.

Luke: Angel Gabriel ‘Annunciation’ and June

Angel Gabriel visited Mary at the ‘sixth month’ (Luke 1:26) to which under the Roman calendar widely in use for all civil time reckoning intends the month of June. Gestation therefore places the birth in March. The Catholic Church places the Feast of the Annunciation (e.g. Angel Gabriel visited Mary to announce the gestation period) on the static calendar date of 25 March. The New Years Day often changed in history from either the autumnal, winter solstice or the vernal equinox, and during the centuries after Babylonian captivity, New Years was in March, but by the time of the Roman Yoke, New Years was set as 1 January of each year and so the sixth month is June.

A normal gestation period accounts for nine months, so 12 - 6 +3 = March. Since the ancient Egyptians at some periods of time celebrated the New Years’ at the autumnal equinox, and a tradition of the creation of earth happened at the autumnal equinox, the Catholic Church took for tradition that Hebrews living under the Roman Yoke recorded their histories by tradition – but this not the case at all. The Gospel writers were not Priests or connected to the Jewish councils or archivalists, and thereby no influence intersubjected traditional time references into normative civil calendar recording. Luke 1:26 states the Angel Gabriel visits Mary in the sixth month and before the calendar name changes by the Romans, June was called sextus (sixth). 

Luke: Jesus’ Christmas Birth

Does this place Jesus’ birth in the fall or close to the winter solstice? How about using some Roman Clock Management Systems and reading the text critically?  

Luke 1:5 states Zechariah (father of John of Baptist) was a priest of the course of Abijah (Abia). The Arronic Priesthood has 24 courses (or governors of the temple or sanctuary), chosen by democratic lot of all the potential Hebrew families and chosen numerically, as well. The course of Abijah defines the eight course, and in 5 B.C.E. the first of Nisan begins at sunset on the calendar equivalent of 9 th of March, old style calendar. D.D. & A. H. argue that “From this date to the sunset beginning 15 th Tammuz ( when the course of Abia began) was an interval of 103 days, bringing us to sunset 21 st of June (Julian), and the course of Abia ended at sunset beginning 1 st of Ab, that is, 5 th July (Julian). The narrative of Luke i, 5-23, therefore, falls within the period [of] 19 th [of] June (Greg.) to [the] 3 rd [of] July (Greg.), with verse 23 ending at the beginning of [the] month V (Ab) to early in [ the] month [of] X (tebet).”[21]  This gives the Christmas Date as month X which is December of the former Jewish Calendar adopted during their captivity at Neo Babylonia. However, the confusion over Elizabeth and Mary is evident.  

The trick here is to perform some real science.

I did the Crucifixion eclipse plot by the NASA solar and lunar eclipse website and aligned up the ancient Biblical and non-canonical texts to the claimed time(s) mentioned and they were all Roman calendar and Roman clock-time keeping. This hints that Jews had a traditional calendar but lived, learnt, practiced, absorbed, and communicated to others by Roman time management specifications. I find it suspect to gage a month of Birth, therefore, according to the already problematic Luke narrative on the period of John’s fathers’ priestly course. However, let’s take a try.

Luke: Jesus’ Fall Season Birth, Luke

If one reads the texts critically, that is to say carefully, there is no mention that Zechari’ah was in the process of serving his Abi’jah commitments and to its relation to the time frame of the gestation period for Elizabeth, his wife. Angle Gabriel shuts up his vocal cords without a time-date specification to the period of the birth of John. “After those days [ John is mentioned already at home, having some time before finished his  Abi’jah commitments] his wife Elizabeth conceived, and for five months she remained in seclusion” Luke 1:24. This tells us nothing of a date at all.

The reason people provide circumstances as a textual birth date in the fall, for example, details poor academic qualities by these academics.

Thus, the implication links the end date of Abi’jah commitments to the date of the birth and the next Biblical entries are subjected to a Jesus time-frame for the annunciation to Mary of being found with a child, “In the sixth month [...Luke 1:26]”angle Gabriel arrives at Nazareth and addresses a virgin. If we take the Abi’jah completion as the birth of John, who would become John the Baptist, and we overlay the ‘sixth month’ mentioned biographical-chronologically in the Gospel of Luke, this forces readers to interpret that in December-January the annunciation by Gabriel to the virgin takes place and nine months later (gestation) the nativity scene commences in the fall season.

This helps the confused academics construct a narrative that Jesus was born with the Sun transiting the zodiacal constellation of Virgo. You can find this claim in a myriad of fields of disciplines that sub-characterize the Biblical nativity narrative. However, the Bible says nothing of the sort just mentioned.

The Bible does not say, heay!  look, the birth of Jesus is six months after the finishing of the Abi’jah course, and six months later Gabriel annunciates to the Virgin, therefore the birthdate happens in the fall season. The oldest copies of the Christian Bible to our modern day variety say nothing of the kind and with no traditional Jewish hint to the actual month or season for the nativity. If we take Luke 2: literally, and use the civil calendar of the Roman time management system, the sixth month is June, thus gestation places the birth in the late winter to spring of the following year.

To make matters worse, pagan historian Phlegon (period of Hadrian) wrote that an Earthquake at Bithynia, and a total solar eclipse took place around the New Years’ of 32 A.C. to change of year-date of 33 A.C.E. during the months of March to April.[22] This then created a fallacy that the crucifixion must have taken place at the Jesus age of 33 years-old, placing his birth about 2 or 1 B.C.E. and therefore further subjecting Ph.Ds. to more subjugated and inaccurate knowledge. There are no solar eclipses darkening the Levant for centuries in either direction, using the NASA website tools; but the Bethlehem star relates to either 2 or 1 B.C. and these things are not questioned by academics but taken purely on faith and agenda. Since all religious, academia intends, are pseudo scientists, then Phlegon the pagan must always prove superiority, his case academically. NASA’s website must be lying then, obviously.

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