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Nostradamvs: Dear Friends: X.LXXII

Nuclear Weapons: Biblical Revelation

Dear Friends’  program China's acquisition of technologies world  wide

Michael Johnathan McDonald

Dear Friends

Chinese History Essay Hist. 30 (Section) Honors

Professor Freibergs

 First released May 2004


  1. Dear Friends Letter
  2. Thesis
  3. Background of why (1840)
  4. Jiang Zemin Bio
  5. Military History better technology
  6. Bill Clinton bio
  7. President Carter and Chinese Premier Deng Xaioping pact
  8. Asian The Migration to Arkansas
  9. 1980s The Chinese move the plan to asset U.S
  10. Physiological developments of the two lions and training on politics
  11.  September, 1982
  12. The Plan
  13. 1990s  US–SINO Dear Friends Developed
  14. 1992
  15. 1993 Defrayment Begins
  16. 1994 Ron Brown the Letter and the Plan put into action
  17. 1995
  18. 1996
  19. 1997
  20. 1998 Burton and Cox Committees began
  21. 1999 Burton and Cox Committees Publicly released. Congressional re-restrictions on U.S.  High technology. July 1st 1999, a Heated discussion on the transfers to China.
  22. 2000 Defrayment ends. Global Significance
  23. Poem from 1568 France. Zemin Calls Bill Clinton his “Dear Friend.”


Dear Friend, I'm writing you about our meeting about the ‘plan’ - It worked! Thank you for all that you have done for me. I wish all is well and prosperous for you and your wife and family from here on out. You will be forever remembered for this.  Best regards, the King from Heaven....

Two lions were born in the same month of August and shared the same astrological sign, Leo, represented for kings. One was born in the eastern hemisphere; the other, born in the western hemisphere. They both would become 'dear friends.'  These two partiers were workaholics; they worked hard on their 'plan.'  However, the work they did is one that most people in history have not the privilege to have. That is to hold the balance of everyone’s life on planet earth in their hands. Oh, western lion, How is it that fragile ego allows compromise of common sense to creep in,  not unlike a demon bent on destruction who possesses the fragile mind, thus influencing him that fleeting thrill of being worship  is far greater than duty and safety of ones fellow man? Oh, eastern lion, How the past haunts your present; what is it that makes you strive for this correction. Oh man leading the men from the east...  Why is it fear of the past and pride for the future that mistakes you?

It all began long before the two lions were born.

1840 China Background of why (1840)

The Ching court sent Lin Tse-Hsu as high commissioner to Canton to enforce a decree prohibition on the Opium trade. China had became highly addictive and complacent under a few English's men involvement to exploit China’s resources.  Some of the  British East-India Company regiment and some of the Chinese leaders connected to the program (Not English people in general) began to become greedy.  The company had been harvesting opium in India and trading the drug for tea and other products on China's south side of the continent for many decades.

China before 1840 was completely closed, isolated from the rest of the world by emperoric policy, except for the limited foreign trade in the city of Canton and further back in history with boarder trade masked as tribute to the emperors. The Silk Road vein to the western world became past travel technology as shipping provided quicker results.  The Silk Road was many dynasties ago and China had isolated itself again: This policy work as long as foreign disturbance had not manifested on Chinese shores.

China, forced by some western powers including the English to trade, became a high topic of exploitation for the English trader monopoly company the East Indian Corporation. Lin Tse-Hsu was banished to Turkestan after implementing stringent enforcement on a ban of opium proclaimed by the Ching administration. The English, now pressured by domestic responsibility because tea was 10 % of the entire English tax base back home declared war and sent gun boats up the Chinese rivers and onto Peking (Beijing). The fact that Ching emperor, at that time, did not want anything from the British Industrial revolution, made paying for the tea difficult in silver ( the only currency that the Chinese would allow) The Chinese administration became scared and conceded to the British with more concessions ( in the form of treaties ports). Western Arms were technologically far superior for the self indiced closed society that had stayed out of the spear of influence of the west for many centuries.

Lin Tse-Hsu began a series of letters agitating the imperial government to adopt western technology. His pleas fell on deaf ears. It wasn't until a second conflict with England that Chinese officials began to take seriously the adoption of Western technologies. They had to cede eleven more treaty ports and other countries became involved in the forced opening of China.  Other things were bothering the Chinese besides opium. America and France were exporting Chinese nationals to America and France to work at what was no better than slave labor jobs. This was also do to the fact that the Chinese had made some bad imperial decisions that left many Chinese without jobs. Also, the fact that in Canton the British citizens could not be prosecuted under Chinese law because of forced treaties became a heated topic. The period of self-realization that China was slowly becoming were subjects of the west which became apparent in the skirmishes that began in 1856 and ended about 1860. Along with the second set of treaties further humiliated the Chinese who now had to recognize legalized opium and free and unrestricted propagation of Christianity in all regions of China.

This all came to a head as China's defeat at the hands of the English led to a self realization that, today the eastern lion reiterates over and over again. The solution of to the problem can be tracked back to some thinkers of the Opium war period and Self realization period:  Wei Yuan ( 1794-1856) had written this self realization piece  published on the Illustrated Gazetteer of Maritime Countries. This piece marked the first landmark event to the solution of China's problems. Yes, it is what Lin Tse-Hsu who was agitating all along:  '''Europeans had developed technologies and methods of warfare in their ceaseless and barbaric quest for power, profit, and material wealth.''' It is this key realization that born the 'plan' that we are interested in here. Although many implemented the plan, a few interruptions set the Chinese back many decades.

The last foreign ruling dynasty, the Qing,  had lasted 268 years, with a total of ten emperors. With its demise feudalism, which had lasted for more than two thousand years, was brought to a close. The nation had entered a new era - Republic of China (1911 - 1949). By WWI, the Japanese had invaded China and continued to force dominance upon the Republic with 21 demands or war which further stressed the need to acquire modernization to battle the said ‘barbarians.’ The west had brought over much technology over the 90 years that had passed since the Treaty of Nanjing.  It should be said that not all, or even most Chinese at certain times distained foreign influence. The fact is that in Shanghai, many welcomed the western city progressive civic structures and capitalism with open arms. It became what the Chinese called the World Center.  However, in other parts of China, especially the rule areas, the people felt left out. In Chinese history it is always the peasants who rise from the south to take over the reigns of China. The Chinese communists blamed capitalism as to leading to the crime wave that the city witnessed in the 1920s, but it was the failure to produce a police force to combat undesirables and not the blame of capitalism. During WWII the Japanese took one more liberty to bomb China while the west’s attention was diverted mostly on the other side of the world. Indiscriminate bombing further incited Chinese thinking to do what ever it took to ascertain the technology that would allow them to battle back against foreign aggression. Yet, one of the peasants rose up and side tracked China which lasted until the late 1980s. His name was Mao Tse-tung.  

History of the Importance of Military Technology

In history, from the earliest written records, one basic aspect ( Concept) of a victorious conqueror had always admitted about his victory, was that his war technology out did his opponents.

Form covert operations of Ali, and Mu’awiya to acquire Byzantium military technology while Constantinople and Turks were weakened after a 25 year war, to China's leaders making expeditions to the Tarin basin and western upper steeps to ascertain wild ' boodsweating' horses, to the Romans who resurrected a Carthaginian ship, the hunt for the upper hand on state of the art technology of their respected times changed history. After the Arabs had ascertained Byzantium war technology they went out to conquer the world. When the Huns journey to Upper Tarin plains to gather these sate of the art horses, because of their superior physics they produced the best calvarias to protect the Silk Road from barbarians. When the Romans dissected the sunken Carthaginian ship they produced a navy and conquered the Carthaginians. Hundreds of cases in history of groups ascertaining the high warfare technologies of their times allowed them to dictate their own destines 

Lin Tse-Hsu and Wei Yuan had agitated the imperial government for this advanced technology  and  China set new objectives for their civilization that has been the aim for the Chinese ever since.  Although, The nation had entered a new eras along with stumbling blocks - Republic of China (1911 - 1949) and Mao and Ding Xiaoping had their own domestic troubles, the right time and place was needed to set up this hunt and gathering of high technology that would forever change the face of warfare on planet earth for China. More importantly it would change China back to the most advanced nation on Earth ( Chang dynasty had smelting of Iron and types of allow many centuries before the western world) Although China had detonated the Atomic bomb, they did not have the means to direct it or deliver it with the ability to wage a thermonuclear war with the west. They needed the right man at the right time and the Eastern lion was up for the job. The 'plan' for the upper hand on state of the art technology to battle any aggressors had begun. The realization was about to begin. Dominate or be dominated. Many revolutions and wars eclipse China’s focus on this fierce new idea, and the campaign had to wait for the right place, the right time and the right people to push China over the edge. Yet, the Chinese had planned for this all along. They had kept striking while the fire was not hot enough in the west. Then along came the two lion who fueled the fire to roaring success and changed history forever. In this essay we will analyze the data and delve into history – a new history ---- many do not know about but , surely with China’s past of being conquered then ruled will play a large significance in the future of the world.(Make more clear)

China had made a pledge to over take British in technology within 15 years Mao proclaims during the ‘Great Leap Forward” campaign. Mao predicts China in the coming decades will surpass all other countries in technical achievement and progress. His words are more than a prophecy, more like an omen.

Jiang Zemin Biography 

Jiang Zemin, the eastern lion, was born on August 17, 1926 in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province to Jiang Shangqing, a Communist who was probably killed by Nationalist forces during the civil war. Allegedly, his family consisted of intellectuals: his grandfather was a doctor of Chinese medicine and famous painter, his father and uncle were "men of letters". Socrates had decried for the need of intellectuals in the government. The Confucianism exams had been disbanded for more than forty years as Zemin reached the age of twenty. “His father played no important role in his life. After his uncle's death, he was adopted by the uncle's wife. They were intellectuals ”(Gilley). Shanghai had been the premere city where the west concentrated their influence and people from the west went to get rich through trade and commerce before the crackdown by Mao. Jiang Zemin attended an American missionary school and learned English. He had been influenced by the west and was becoming an intellectual.

 Jiang Zemin was smart enough to be accepted at Shanghai University in 1945. He applied to become an engineer. Ironically, his Yangzhou-accent made him an outsider in the cosmopolitan capital, today Jiang is known as "the man from Shanghai".

Zemin knowing what was politically correct and to keep the Red Guard off his tail-coat participated in anti-Japanese activities and narrowly escaped capture by Japanese troops. Zemin was smart enough to know that the only way to get out of being a commoner and keep ones intellectualism was to join the very party that outlawed it.  He joined the Communist Party in 1946 and graduated in 1947 with a degree in electrical engineering. After graduation Jiang worked as manager of a variety of state-run factories  as part of the Mao policy of modernizing China without the west’s help which turned into a disaster. This would affect his outlook later on.

He served as the first deputy director of the Yimin No. 1 Foodstuffs Factory in Shanghai, then as chief of the electrical machinery section of the Shanghai No. 2 Designing Division of the First Ministry of Machine Building Industry. English played an important role in his studies. By the time Mao took control of the country Zemin showed his pride in the scourging of the right-wing elements in his society. All the while, he was a good student and […] in 1955 he was sent to Russia by his Changchun-automobile company for four months. He later became commercial counselor at the Chinese embassy in Moscow.  He had learned allot in Russia about communistic control and engineering. By 1956 he returned to China and rose to the post of vice-director in his company. Zemin could see the blunders of the communist regimes feel-good policies that were less then thought out. He tried not to he speak up against the party line. The people who did were sent off to indoctrination camps. By 1960s he had voiced some condescending views about the restrictive anti-western policies that had brought China into famine and unproductively. The Red Guard paid him a visit more than once, but he was more than patriotic for his country and the red Guard took note leaving him alone. He had made  a […]"heroic" contribution to the industrialization and his moderate lifestyle saved him from persecution. His career came to a standstill for three years.”(Gilley). The 1960s saw another contribution of a revolution by Mao who was one at heart. All Mao ever know was revolution and this was possibly the reason why he was not a great politician. He simply could not see when something was working that it needs not change. Change and overturning things was all Mao knew. Zemin was at the front of calling for limited capitalism. He had understood this by his university days in the historic western influenced city of Shanghai. He prided himself on being an intellectual along with his heritage. Yet Mao, now wanting more changes in society and fearing pro-western relations coming from dissatisfied sectors of the populace decided to once and for all end all referenced to history and who did what, where, when and how in Chinese history.

Mao had outlawed Intellectuals as his 9th Category in the Red Book that was called the stinking number nine category. Zemin  took part in demonstrations against the right wing during his mid-twenties.

 Mao had let all the children out of school and called forth a proletarian revolution for the young generation in 1966. Mao believed, since 1962 , that  a  creeping "capitalist" and antisocialist tendencies had developed in country. He finally figured out that to get the children to police the older folks and to bad them from education he could write a new chapter of ideas into their head. He sent them out to purify the land in what is called The Socialist Education Movement (1962-65). “Opposition came mainly from the moderates represented by Liu Shaoqi ( )and Deng Xiaoping ( ), who were unsympathetic to Mao's policies “(Poon).  Little is known with certainty about the specifics of Jiang's life during the Cultural Revolution (1965-1970) . In 1970

“ His comeback started in 1970 in the elite school of the First Machine Building department. Then he went to Rumania for two years and after his return to China he rose to the post of vice-director of the Foreign Affairs Bureau of his department in 1974. Another two years later, he became its director. After a year in Shanghai he returned to Beijing. In 1978 Wang Daohan was rehabilitated and Deng Xiaoping was in favour of economic reform. Jiang's career got a boost and travels abroad convinced him of the reform path as the right way to follow. A free exchange zone in Ireland and Singapore's Jurong industrial park made him propose - together with other members of the delegation - the creation of special economic zones in China ”(Gilley).  From 1980 until 1982 he was vice-minister of the State Administrative Commission for Import and Export Affairs. Zemin understood capitalism and he Xiaoping took noticed an agreed: This position also will lead to the expertise in which to play the Dear Friends” pathways to defrayal. 

“His speech in November 1981 in front of the Permanent Comittee of the National People's Congress convinced its majority. In the early 1980s, the reformers Zhao Ziyang and Hu Yaobang dominated the party. Jiang could rise up in the party's hierarchy. When Wang Daohan stepped down as major of Shanghai in 1985, he recommended Jiang as his successor. In 1986 Jiang managed to please everybody during the students protests. He did not crack down on them, although he did not appreciate their actions. The press ignored the protests. As a politician, Jiang always knew where to stand. He had a sixth sense for anticipating future developments. Zemin had cracked down on the press which, since then, has never ever dared to attack him again ”(Gilley).

“In 1987 Jiang become part of the 15-member politburo, China's center of power, and took over as party chairman in Shanghai. Zhu Rongji became his successor as Shanghai's major. The two formed an efficient team, modernising the country, letting foreign direct investments flow in and battling against red tape. Still, Jiang kept an image as "all show and no substance", "panda bear" and "flower pot". He was said to turn with the wind ”(Gilley).

Bill Clinton bio

Four years earlier Chang Kai-Shek’s wife had went to America to garner help against the communists. “We want a better world and we must have it,” she said. Mao had established a separate China and wanted to take it over and shut it down and establish a Lenin/Stalin type of Communism there.  Zemin was just reaching his twentieth birthday when the Lion of the western hemisphere was born.

[Bio] William Jefferson Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe IV in Hope, Ark., on Aug. 19, 1946. Clinton was born with the Star Algol in Paran to his Sun. Both Chinses and Western Astrologers consider this the most evil star in the heveans.

He was named for his father, who was killed in an automobile accident before Clinton's birth. Virginia Kelley, his mother, eventually married Roger Clinton, a car dealer, whose surname the future president later adopted.

In high school in Hot Springs, Ark., Clinton considered becoming a doctor, but politics beckoned after a meeting with President John F. Kennedy in Washington, DC, on a Boys' Nation trip. He earned a BS in international affairs in 1968 at Georgetown University, having spent his junior year working for Arkansas senator J. William Fulbright.  When Vietnam war draft came up so did Bill Clintons name. Bill Clinton went to great lengths to avoid the Vietnam-era draft. Bill Clinton failed to report to his duty station at the University of Arkansas ROTC, September 1969. Bill Clinton was reclassified 1-A on October 30, 1969, as enlistment with Army Reserves is revoked by Colonel E. Holmes and Clinton now AWOL and subject to arrest under Public Law 90-40 (2)(a) 'registrant who has failed to report...remain liable for induction'. Clinton would be a fugitive, although running for U.S. government jobs, until he receives a  pardon, with other fugitives,  on January 21, 1977 from Carter.

CIA stated that while the Beast was on his 1969-70, 40-Day Trip thru the then Communist Soviet Union he pick up his Communist Funding for his Anti-America Demonstrations in which he was a part of organizing the event for the Embassy in London, England. He was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford between 1968 and 1970. Clinton met some influential people from China while he was at Oxford. Some say this is the time that he ‘Turned’ into a Communist sympathizer.

The western Lion then attended Yale Law School, where he met his future wife, Hillary Rodham, a Wellesley graduate. The couple has one child, Chelsea.

Clinton taught sparingly at the University of Arkansas (1974–1976), was elected state attorney general (1976) still as a fugitive, and in 1979 became the nation's youngest governor and still as a fugitive. But he was defeated for reelection in 1980 by voters irate at a rise in the state's automobile license fees.  In 1982 he was elected again.  This time he reined in liberal tendencies to accommodate the conservative bent of the voters.  This is the time Bill Clinton's eyes were open to the realization by a few good friends.

Physiological of the two lion’s developments and training on politics

(((((((General Hist)Clinton taught sparingly at the University of Arkansas (1974–1976), was elected state attorney general (1976) still as a fugitive, and in 1979 became the nation's youngest governor and still as a fugitive. But he was defeated for reelection in 1980 by voters irate at a rise in the state's automobile license fees.  In 1982 he was elected again.  This time he reined in liberal tendencies to accommodate the conservative bent of the voters.  This is the time Bill Clinton's eyes were open to the realization by a few good friends. (((((((/General Hist)

Back to Jiang

Jiang realization began to move into the political circles of the intellectuals and to open up China to the west regardless of Mao’s vision. Many intellectuals had talked about ‘the plan’ going back as far as Lin Tse-Hsu.  In order to win the plan one had to accomplish this on many levels. One of these levels was import and export deals that were against China’s laws. The other was to gather western citizens in all parts of society and get them to sympathize with your plight to modernize. The third and most damaging was to seek out and find western traitors who would sell you the preverbal candy store.  Here Jiang was trained in the processes of secrecy and movement of what comes and goes and what is recorded and what is not. By this time that Jiang concentrated on the plan he had his eyes on the presidency of China. The supreme ruler and the euphonious attraction of power that Mao had experienced – yet this time he wanted to show the world he could stand up to them and not take any disrespect. As part of the Polite Bureau, he began a system of intelligence called ‘the plan.’ Xiopeng  and Ronjing (SPPSPSeelling here) had moved to modernize the west while lying to the public and keeping control of them. The plan was if the society could show improvements in the media on the economy and progression than that would appease much of the society to allow more freedom of its leaders to play clandestine operations overseas. Russian spies had infiltrated the United States for over the decade of the 1980s. But the 1990s would change all that. It was now China’s turn. And they started off at the right places.  The three went to work.

Jiang Zemin began  (1979) a program that involved San Francisco’s mayor Diane Feinstein. He started the first sister-city relationship between the United States and a Chinese city, Shanghai. He began to send out spies and agents. Diane was one of his first west coast assets. Business was the main theme and nothing underhanded then Zemin access into the American political system was part of the plan – even if Feinstein understood this or not. (Feinstein has maintained close ties with President Jiang Zemin and continues to travel to China nearly every year as her husband has sweeten deals so she can lay on expensive rugs. As a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, she serves on subcommittees on East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs, and International Operations.).

1980s The Migration to Arkansas

As governor, Clinton world opened up as he met some pretty impressive new friends while at England and Russia on the run from the Vietnam war and his protesting days. Some decided to pay Clinton all call now that he was governor of the State of Arkansas. At this time Arkansas was 43 state behind the most prosperous of the countries producers in jobs and was a quite little get away within the great land of America.  Chinese agent, Mochtar Riady an Indonesian billionaire had come to Arkansas in 1977 looking for opportunity in America’s business sector. Mochtar Riady was an ethnic Chinese banker in Jakarta. He was fortunate to know he was one of the lucky ones that could practice western ways and travel and do business with the west.  He started his financial empire with gun and drug running in the East Indies before World War II. Riady wanted to get a financial base started in this country and looks for a bank to purchase. He sought the help of Jackson Stephens to act as his agent.  A deal ensued in which Riady would purchase a 30% share of the National Bank of Georgia from (Carter Administration). Mochtar's son, was taken on, also,  as an intern by Jackson Stephens to learn the world of finance. Later he would say that he was sponsored by Bill Clinton (Schmidt & Weisskopf). The United States had heard of Mrs. Chang Kia-Shek’s pleas and opened up to the Chinese.

President Carter and Chinese Premier Deng Xaioping had made a secret Sino-U.S. pact "to setup, install, man, equip and service a series of SIGNIT (signals intelligence) sites along that country's border with the Soviet Union"(Smith a). This was strictly a business deal for the Carter Administration.  He had been hurting economically and needed to find ways out of the quagmire of the rating American  polls. Xioping had his eyes on Zemin as his successor at this time and pleased of getting key Chinese assets into the American most secret institution.  "The former official I.C. Smith, a veteran counterintelligence officer who specialized in Chinese intelligence, said the Communist Chinese had no political base of support in the United States. One diplomat, Cao Guisheng, a first secretary in the embassy political section in Washington, predicted that Jimmy Carter would easily be reelected in 1980. The Chinese government was shocked when Ronal Reagan was elected by a landslide. 'They just could not imagine the transfer power,' smith said." (China Threat Gertz p45 ??? What this for). The plan was side tracked as Reagan did not let Chinese into obvious influential positions of the American economy. However, Zemin and Xiopend did not stop contacting anyone to implement there plan. They found a willing partner in Lee.

Wen Ho Lee grew up in Taiwan. He moved to the United States in 1965 to continue studying engineering. He became a U.S. citizen in 1974, and in 1978 he took a job as a scientist in weapons design at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. Lee has lived a life of middle-class bliss in White Rock. Lee had established a local Chinese-language course. "He told me once that he was the local 'Dragon,'" Don says. "He was the welcoming committee," Don Marshall said who was one of his long time neighbors in White Rock. Lee was contacted by the Chinese plan and Ho Lee wasted no time  and transferred 70% of the 'legacies' info to China. (Legacy is the word for the master backup tapes  of American nuclear weapons designs Lees traveled to PRC nuclear weapons design laboratory on LANL business June 1986 was the transfer date. ). The FBI intercepted a telephone call in the early 1980s made by Lee, then a new Los Alamos employee. The call was to an individual at California's Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Laboratory who was suspected of giving neutron bomb secrets to the Chinese. In the call, Lee said: "I can help you -- I can tell you who ratted on you." The Livermore scientist's name is still classified.(Drudge Report 4/29/99) (New York Times 4/28/99 James Risen and Jeff Gerth). Meanwhile the Chinese had allot to do with figuring out the concepts of the new WW88 and WW70, two versions of the most advanced nuclear weapons the lab had produced at Lees oversight. Bombs were one thing, but to get the bombs to where you wanted them to go was another thing.  So instead of going to the top as they did with Carter, they moved their operations to some kep people in the Chinese gang called the triad who had found another will participant that could be a key in the plan.

September, 1982

When Clinton was elected again to governor he had much time to think about the problems that befuddled his state. No more could he go down the tax on tax road without providing enough high-paying jobs to subsidize a tax base. This is when he ran into the first of many of the dear friends.

Charlie "Yah Lin" Trie, a Chinese national who emigrated to Little Rock, Arkansas in 1976,  made five illegal contributions to Bill Clinton's gubernatorial campaign. The contributions consisted of five separate checks totaling $1,100. Bill Clinton's campaign acknowledged Trie's illegal contributions with five thank you letters and Bill Clinton, after returning to the governor's mansion in 1982, became a frequent guest at Trie's restaurant. (4b_trie.htm) Charlie Trie met Antonio Pan at Trie's "Fu Lin" restaurant in Little Rock. Antonio Pan, then an employee of a company called United Pacific Trading Inc. Bill Clinton had met Charlie and a long friendship continued from thence on.  While eating and entertaining himself in Charlie's restaurant, the confidence of trust grew between them, and talk was the type situated for national security meetings. Except this was huge business deals that small town boy, Clinton had only read in fiction novels. . This was all part of the plan and the eastern Lions had now been tutored by Deng Xioping to the operation of the ‘plan’ while working for the export and import division of China. Bill Became connected fast to all  kind of dark forces as operation Iran Contra was being hosted in Arkansas. All the machine shops for the guns and munitions were being produced in Arkansas, because it was still at that time relatively unnoticed by Washington. Bill Clinton was asked by the Chinese agents to get their people into key positions. In return they would hook Bill up with importing Tyson food products to China. This would be a windfall financial opportunity for Clinton to bring in millions of tax base dollars to his constituents. It work. What the Chinese asked him was to use his influence.

Bill Clinton was used a character reference for Mochtar Riady who's newly formed The Lippo Finance & Investment Group asks Jimmy Carter's former SBA director, Vernon Weaver, to chair his firm? He is hired. The plan gets off to a good start. Zemin  “Elizabeth Mann, Arizona's most important business connection to Beijing, has risen to prominence through mastery of what the Chinese call "guanxi," the cultivation of contacts with powerful people.

She herself has been the subject of two criminal investigations. Mann, 46, was known as Ning Yu before she became a U.S. citizen in 1992. She is the top executive in Arizona for COFCO, a corporate giant owned by the Beijing government. It owns the COFCO Chinese Cultural Center on 44th and Van Buren streets in Phoenix.... her circle of financial influence  included Wang Jung regarded as the main eastern nuclear weapons proliferationist.  Wang Jun, was the son of Wang Zhen, vice president of China from 1988 until his death in 1993 (Note: A Chinese vice president's son who became a central figure).  A New York Times obituary described Wang Zhen as "a general who rose through the Communist ranks to become one of China's most powerful leaders and among the hardest of the hard-liners" (Kammer 4/4/99 ).

Concurrently, at this period he held positions as vice-minister of the State Foreign Investment Commission (until March 1982) and vice-minister of the Electronic Industry, a position he held until June 1983. Subsequently, he was appointed minister of the Electronics Industry (until June 1985) As a CCP Central Committee member now Zemin  will have one of his ultimate tests to show his strength to his comrades in office. One thing about becoming a leader was to show how one operated under extreme stress and adversity. Tiananmen Square provided the testing grounds for Zemin and he came out bruised but still standing.

Leading up to and during the Tiananmen Square massacre, when the military attacked student protestors killing and injuring upwards of 15,000 people, Jiang continued to press for economic reform, while calling for tight control over civil liberties and political reform. In June 1989, he was appointed General Secretary of the CCP.



The significance of the Tiananmen Square fiasco which brought Zemin both recognition from the top leaders and despise from the freedom students created a flood of dissenters who were well connected agents of Chinese espionage. Some spies defected right in Washington D.C. and spilled the beans of covert operations acquire top contacts in the U.S. business and government.

Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989

There was an enormous effect on Bush about Tiananmen and he set about denying any advanced technology to China. It hurt the U.S. economy deeply, but also affected his reelection chances. Chinese students chanted "Law, Not Authoritarianism" and "Long Live Democracy," and had felt the breath of Ronald Reagan and his great accomplishments on limiting government and letting the rule of law command a countries destiny. (Tin Nut).

Martial law still prevailed in Beijing and the eastern lion was at the command post. He had to crush it at its earliest time. PLA units clashed with students and images of young men standing and being crushed by tanks ripped hearts across the world.

When Zhao Ziyang was dismissed for his conciliatory attitude toward the democracy demonstrators, Jiang was given his post and made general secretary of the Communist Party(MJM). Deng selected Jiang as his protégé to lead China into the 21st century. After the Tiananmen Square massacre in June 1989, Deng dismissed leaders he considered too weak to maintain order. When Zhao Ziyang was dismissed for his conciliatory attitude toward the democracy demonstrators, Jiang was given his post and made general secretary of the Communist Party. “When Deng retired in 1989, he placed Jiang in the powerful post of chairman of the Central Military Commission. In 1993 Jiang was named president of China. Jiang's policy, like that of his mentor, is to effect market reforms while keeping the country politically and socially conservative” (CNN).

Dear Friends

In the early 1990s, the FBI came across evidence that amounted to a counterspy's worst nightmare: Classified reports showed communist China was running several ``assets'' - spies, in the vernacular - who operated clandestinely inside the U.S. government.

Zemin watched vary closely to learn. Deng was getting old, and he wanted to learn as much as possible.

One spy, however, was different from the others. He didn't work for just any agency. He had burrowed deep inside the U.S. intelligence community, meaning that the People's Republic of China had access to vital secrets.

The information was revealed to FBI counterintelligence agents in highly sensitive communications intercepts between the Chinese Embassy in Washington and Chinese intelligence officers in Beijing. The intercepts suggested the agent was supplying the Chinese with classified defense information.

The spy's code name was ``Ma'' - Chinese for ``horse.''

A Chinese government official who defected to the United States after the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989 also told U.S. intelligence that China had successfully developed five to 10 clandestine sources of information here.

The defector said these agents were known as ``Dear Friends'' of China. A term President Jiang Zemin used to Acknowlege President Clinton in the Historic treaty of September 1999. And one had access to the most sensitive U.S. intelligence data, known as Top Secret-Sensitive Compartmented Information, or SCI.

FBI counterintelligence agents' search for this Chinese ``mole'' led to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Pentagon's intelligence arm. A key suspect emerged: Ronald Montaperto. At the time, Mr. Montaperto was a senior DIA analyst specializing in ``estimates,'' or analyses, of matters related to China and East Asia. His job required making official contacts with Chinese government and military officials. In Washington, that meant defense attaches posted to the Chinese Embassy. Chinese defense attaches are officers who work for the military intelligence department of the People's Liberation Army's General Staff. One was PLA Maj. Gen. Yu Zhenghe, the air attache, who had developed a close relationship with Mr. Montaperto - close enough to be invited to his wedding in 1990. This hunt for a Chinese mole was rare for the FBI. Most of the other moles uncovered inside the U.S. government during the 1980s, in what became known as the ``Decade of the Spy,'' were spies for the Soviet Union ( Gertz) .

1992 Xiaping

” 1992 is also notable because it marks the start of the third stage of China's economic reform--the first two beginning in 1979 and 1984, respectively. The year opened with a clarion call by Deng Xiaoping to accelerate the pace of economic reform.

In his celebrated "Speech After the Southern Tour", Deng strongly berated the "obstructionists" who wished to cling to the old system, and called for bold, across-the-board economic reform in order to let market forces play a greater role in a "socialist economy with Chinese characteristics." The speech signaled a major change in the direction of the country's economic policy.

Immediately after the speech, a carefully orchestrated nationwide movement was launched to study the speech, and senior officials and researchers were directed to prepare a comprehensive program for the implementation of the ideas contained in that speech. Suddenly, the atmosphere changed. Reform came back in vogue, and officials at all levels and in all regions began actively pushing for reform” (Galenson).

September, 1982

When Clinton was elected again to governor he had much time to think about the problems that befuddled his state. No more could he go down the tax on tax road without providing enough high-paying jobs to subsidize a tax base. Along came another one who was now a part of the Zemin/Xiaoping plan.

Charlie "Yah Lin" Trie, a Chinese national who emigrated to Little Rock, Arkansas in 1976, (4b_trie.htm) Charlie Trie met Antonio Pan at Trie's "Fu Lin" restaurant in Little Rock. Antonio Pan, then an employee of a company called United Pacific Trading Inc. Bill Clinton had met Charlie and a long friendship continued from thence on.  While eating and entertaining himself in Charlie's restaurant, the confidence of trust grew between them, and talk was the type situated for national security meetings. Except this was huge business deals that small town boy, Clinton had only read in fiction novels. . Bill Became connected fast to all kinds of dark CIA forces as operation Iran Contra was being hosted in Arkansas. All the machine shops for the guns and munitions were being produced in Arkansas, because it was still at that time relatively unnoticed by Washington.

Bill Clinton was asked by the Chinese agents to get their people into key positions. The Chinese tactic was a bold in your face proposition.  In return they would hook Bill up with importing Tyson food products to China which would get his economic recovery noticed in Washington which meant if he could pull off a miracle in Arkansas that possible Washington would notice him for the run at the office of President of the United States.. This would be a windfall financial opportunity for Clinton to bring in millions of tax base dollars to his constituents. It worked. Clinton was extremely open to anything. He thought it was a win-win situation.  What the Chinese asked him was to use his influence to lessen security for future operations of acquiring high technology. A Former CIA Agent further stated that Clinton after his Anti-America Activities in England linked up with his Communist 'Control:'  This 'Control' well known in history as the older version of the code name now called ‘dear friends.’ The basic premises were the same in that it tries to convert any and everyone of importance to use them as a trophy for communism. “By 1990's, the growth and influence of human rights organizations was a new reality in post-Cold War politics and diplomacy. Most voices being ignored and put down in the media by the revisionist and the newly acquired controlled! (Tyler Ch. 8).

When Bill Clinton bit the bait, Zemin sent in the big guns. "Princelings such as Wang and Liu were after a unique technology transfer. Rich and powerful and successful, Charlie would say! These guys could help you Sir. And who was just up for it in that Little Rock Chinese restaurant! It was the Hope, the governor western lion was looking for. For the Trie bore many fruits, but none was supposed to eat of it! Yet the serpent in the garden was about to beguile the paradise with his fathers plans. Wang and Liu were "princelings" because of their family connections to the Chinese Communist Party. (Wang Jun who would play one of the main key roles at the White House was and is the number one nuclear weapons proliferation in the eastern hemisphere. ) Fu Lin was a place of intrigue and mystery. Here sat many nights the future king with his newly dear friends - princelings. His state would go from being 43 on economic prosperity for the United States to Close to number one behind California and New York. This connection did help the western lion get national recognition for his masterwork of domestic policy. For example, Jakarta ( J. Raidy) telecommunications magnate seeking a private meeting with President Clinton was discussed by the princelings to the western lion. They would help in his elections, and in deed they did.

Meanwhile the Bush administration blocked another sale of a vital supercomputer to China and threatened further sanctions if intelligence reports confirm China had broken its promise not to sell M11 missiles to Pakistan on December 5, 1992. “Beijing is hoping the U.S. corporate community will then put pressure on the White House to improve ties with China. "Let him put more cards on the table -- and we shall respond accordingly, “ Zemin said. Some of Jiang's assessments on the Bush administration were reflected in statements on the United States by Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji, who also attended the meeting, according to the source.  Zhu expressed frustrations with the U.S.” (Lam).

In 1992, after selling nuclear-war materiel to Iran, Iraq and Algeria among other countries, China signed the worldwide Nonproliferation Treaty against spreading knowledge about nuclear weapons to states that did not possess them. Three years later, U.S. intelligence discovered that the China National Nuclear Energy Industry Corporation, a Beijing-controlled operation, had sold 5,000 ring magnets to Pakistan, which is trying to match India's nuclear-weapon potential (Gertz The China Threat). William C. Triplett II, former professional council to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and coauthor of two books and the China, sees the battle over Chinese policy in military terms. Triplett Coined the term “Red tem” to describe pro-Beijing specialists- a play on the fact that most of them fail to recognize the communist nature of the PLA or go to great lengths to ignore it. The opposing group of specialists mainly conservatives, has set up what Triplett calls the “ Blue Team”  - analysis who consider themselves locked in an ideological struggle with pro-Beijing experts (Gertz The China Threat 46). The battle came to the front in late 1990 when the Pentagon described the differences over the China policies as “open political warfare” between key White House National Security Council and State Department. Triplett views the “Red Team” as nothing more than subversive. 

As Clinton was getting ready for the run for the office of president of the United States, in September of 1992 he reflected on his mission by publicly stating his objection: "I perceive the biggest threat in the future to be, as I've said earlier, the proliferation of nuclear technology, as well as other weapons of mass destruction, to other countries". He was already planning the next stage of his career. Where he learned the double speak draws back to “nice” words the communist used in their masking of ideologically. For example the Peoples republic of China is about as logical as calling the aired Sahara Desert a land full of water.  Americans got the message when in popular culture the term ‘bad’ now meant ‘good.’ Clinton began a policy called open government which was the furthest anyone had known of restriction with Janet Reno as hand picked by Clinton to stone wall, divert and suppress all important information which would later force and independent council because of policy in fact of non-openness. When the Chinese operatives became aware of how Clinton was beginning to use this communistic jargon, they began to boast that no one could touch them on any crime now they had their asset in the White House.

1992 Election Year:

During the 1992 campaign candidate Bill Clinton bitterly attacked George Bush's China policy. Clinton said, " in the three years since the massacre in Tiananmen square, the Bush administration has pursued an ill-advised and failed policy of constructive engagement with the aging leaders of China" (Timberlake 223). During the summer of 1999, President Bush fired back and said " if you elect Bill Clinton he will be known for the worst foreign relations disaster" ( Accredit mike). There prophetic words have come true.

In Beijing, when Ambassador Stapleton Roy heard the “coddling tyrants" line, he had a terrible feeling that -- if Clinton got elected--it would become the emblem of a new confrontational China policy. (Tyler Ch. 8). Roy, an American citizen had grown up in China and had fallen in love with its people. He spoke all fluent Chinese dialects and understood like no one else the plight of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  “Roy had even defended Lord when the Bush White House turned against him over the Fang Lizhi dinner invitation “(Tyler Ch. 8). Winston Lord was rewarded for his defection from Bush camp with a job of supervising China policy as assistant secretary of state. Winston Lord was sworn in as Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs on April 23, 1993 (Tyler).

Roy was doing everything he could to convince the Chinese leadership to fallow Bush's road map to recovery. Bush pressed for opening up China to discussions on basic human rights. Zemin who was admits the ‘plan,’ could not change course now. Everything lay on the table as the western lion rose in the polls in America. The apple cart was Clinton. Bush had stopped all trade of advanced military and high-technology equipment to China. Clinton had already provided sweet trade deals of Tyson Foods ( From Arkansas) and other deals, by allowing illegal to work cheaply so that China could afford the America chicken  - that pleased Zemin.

James Riady and his wife Aileen, while citizens of Jakarta, personally contributed $450,000 to the DNC and various state Democratic parties in the weeks and months leading up to the November 1992 election including a $200,000 contribution to the 1992 Presidential Inaugural Committee ("PIC").

President Clinton makes the following statement regarding Most Favored Nation status for China : "Rather than leading an international effort to pressure the Chinese government, the Bush administration has coddled the regime, pleading for progress but failing to impose penalties for intransigience," - September 15, 1992 Clinton said "…And I perceive the biggest threat in the future to be, as I've said earlier, the proliferation of nuclear technology, as well as other weapons of mass destruction, to other countries. - September 18, 1992. 

 The U.S. Presidency.

Bill Clinton was the first President in modern history not from an established American family, meaning that financial backing from the American companies and families was limited. To raise money Clinton had to work outside the American tradition. His establishment of being a part of the 'Dear Friends' movement allowed him to receive these funds. His next mission would be to set up the promises of high-technology to China if he would become the 42nd President of the United States because he was part of the plan now.

In October, 1992 amateur videotapes show Charles Yah Lin Trie leading a delegation of Arkansas state officials on a trip to China, during which Arkansas officials tell Chinese officials that "Clinton's policy for China could be influenced, certainly by people sitting at this table." (American Investigator 4/28/99 Scott Wheeler). James Raidy would pick him up in a black limo and hand him one million dollars. “This is for your campaign,” he said. Clinton a virtual nobody had to rely on foreign campaign cash – he was disliked by much of the established right-wing in America. Zemin and Xiaoping understanding this sent in the money.

By October 5, 1992, Ng Lap Seng, a Chinese asset  brings $44,000 into US from China for the Clinton next phase. Zemin behind the plan helps set a Chinese Resources Bank based in Hong Kong, as a place where the transfers will take place and money will change hands.  The commercial arm of China's ministry of foreign trade and economic co-operation is a front for Chinese intelligence according to Defense Intelligence Agency specialist, Nicolas Eftimiades. Days after Clinton was elected in 1992, China Resources purchased 15% of Hong Kong Chinese Bank which is owned by the Lippo Group, and "Dear Friends" the Riadys.

Zemin sends $5 million in a series of wire transfers from the Peoples' Bank of China, from one of its apparent subsidiaries, and from another state bank (NY TIMES 5/12/99 TIM GOLDEN and JEFF GERTH).

On November 3, 1992, fate falls upon the dear friend and secretly Chinese officials have the party of their lives. They have finally waited for 200 plus years to get the right 'assets' into the right position -Bill Clinton elected president of The United States of America.

The Two Lions waist no time. Riadys enter into a partnership with China Resources (Holding) Ltd. To jointly own and control the Hong Kong Chinese Bank just two days after the election results.

"The Riadys consolidated their ties to Chinese military intelligence on November 7, 1992, just two days after Clinton's election to the White House, by entering into a partnership with China Resources (Holding) Ltd. to jointly own and control the Hong Kong Chinese Bank. China Resources has long been identified by U.S. intelligence as a vehicle for Chinese military intelligence. U.S. government investigators say the bank was later used to funnel Er Bu money to intermediaries in the U.S. for campaign donations. TAS has learned of a separate joint venture between the Riadys and China Aerospace International (CASIL), known as the Shanghai Commercial Investment Fund." – (American Spectator 8/99 Kenneth Timmerman).

(?????????)Arkansas' state auditor wrote requesting a photo opportunity with the president April 14 on the behalf of the visiting PRC Delegation.  “I fully recognize the trade potential and contribution to Arkansas by such a venture. I trust that your expansion to China will continue interaction and trade between Arkansas and China. I know you and your company can serve as a Bridge of goodwill and exchange of mutual interest and benefits between Arkansas and China” [ -BILL CLINTON Exhibit 6 - Dan Burton ] April 13, 1993 Exhibit 7 – [The event is being promoted by Chrlie Trie. the PRC Vise Minister will meet the president who warmly accepts him. $80,000 plus more money from the Chinese agents are given to the Democratic National Committee.(/??????????) 

Jonny Chung attended some type of small business convention in Little Rock on November 20, 1992. It was at that time that he met and spoke with Hillary Clinton  (Burton).  

Clinton began to plan. He received untold trillions of dollars and the Chinese if he sells them  American military equality. The CEOs of the largest American private aerospace lobbied for business with the new president. Physiologically Clinton was no match for a real American loyalist . In his communist upbringing by the man he thanked as his mentor of the popum during his historic innogranation. The Communist teacher who Clinton one said he owed him his life. In return for appeasing the Chinese and his own ego for communistic views he thought that he could pay-off the national deficit and bring to America more the 6 million high-paying tax based jobs.

The western Lion had a few obstacles in which some key assets who suggested he could get around them by some backroom underhandedness. He was prodded by China. First, the public knew that it was illegal to export satellites to China. This was because U.S. satellites carry sensitive chip and technology on board that could be duel-used in military applications. This meant that satellites were placed on the Pentagons and State Departments ' Munitions List" , meaning that these are items that cannot be sold to anyone at all! Second, China could not target missiles to the US.  How was the western lion, now king of the western jungle, able to hide China's rapid progress if, or when, the defrayment begins to occur? The later concern was fluffed off and the plan went immediately into action. 

Jiang Zemin has become the leader of China and his men are in place in the White House.

The Communist Party's eight-member Central Military Commission (CMC) heads the People's Liberation Army, which includes the PRC's army, navy, and air force, as well as espionage operations conducted through the Second Department of the PLA. The CMC has a powerful bureaucratic status roughly comparable to that of the Politburo Standing Committee and the State Council. It meets regularly to address administrative matters and to formulate military policy and strategy ( Cox Report).

Ronald H. Brown's appointment was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on January 21, 1993. Immediate past chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Secretary Brown brought a wide range of experience to his post. Formerly a partner in the Washington, D.C. law firm of Patton, Boggs, and Blow, Brown also served as Chief Counsel for the Senate Edward M. Kennedy. Brown spent 12 years with the national Urban League as deputy executive director, general counsel and vice president for its Washington operations! As the Secretary of the Department of Commerce  head he is responsible for the administration of all functions and authorities assigned to the Department of Commerce and for advising the President on federal policy and programs affecting the industrial and commercial segments of the national economy. The Western Lion called in Brown to served on the his  National Economic Council.

The FBI and the NSA ( no such agency) had uncovered plans of covert operations of many spies in the U.S. that could already be working in key government positions. Unlike the McCarthy area, know one in congress knew or cared. The defected agents told of embassy to Ministry of State Security headquarters in China had recruited them as ' dear friends' with a plan of acquisition of high-technology. They were told to contact Americans in the west with offers of the program called dear friends. They offer included ' what do you get if you are a dear friend.' 1. Inside trade info on China bustling market. 2. trips to China. 3. Business opportunities to make tons of cash. 5. Prestige-building to access to Chinese officials during these visits. What Chinese wanted in return were extremely sensitive military intelligence. Note: CIA/NSA have concluded that China agents prefer to live in Boston instead of Washington DC, away from the U.S. counterintelligence.


The container vessel, the Yinhe ( pronounced Eeen huh ), was registered to Chinese Ocean Shipping Company, China's state-owned shipping monopoly. It was getting ready to sail from a pier at the port of Dalian in northeastern China. The document indicated that the ship was going to deliver a large consignment of thiodiglycol and thionyl chlorids to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas. The first chemical is the base for mustard gas and the second a building block for sarin, the nerve gas. In late July, Fake called the president's national security advisers to the White House, and they unanimously agreed that Washington should show its resolve. They recommended that the president approved an aggressive program of naval surveillance combined with urgent diplomatic demands that the ship be subjected to research. Zemin called Clinton and told him to stand off for many days, in which time was bought, masked as a deal for inspection agreements. Bill Clinton put out the word that a few voices in the bureaucracy made the point that the United States was risking a full-blown confrontation with China over a single piece of evidence.

The Chinese decided to go public on August 8, accusing the General Public of the United States of harassing its cargo vessel.

" The ship was forced to be adrift on the high seas, subject to such extraordinary activities of interruption and coercion, including the pursuit and photography by satellites and U.S. warships and military aircraft on the high seas," the statement read (Tyler 397).

The official Chinese new agency attacked the " utterly unjustifiable bulling" by the United States. Qin Huasan said publicly that despite Chinese reassurances about the Yinhi's cargo, the United States " chose to cling to its unfounded information in an attempt to sow discord in the friendly relations between China and other countries concern " ( Tyler 398-9) As soon as the Chinese went public with these statements, Roy knew that the chemicals were not on the ship anymore.

Zhang Tong, the president of China's Great Wall Industrial Corp., the producer of the Long March (Missiles), announced that his company had inked a huge deal with Motorola back in April.

September 1993, Silicon Graphics chairman Edward McCracken (a big DNC donor) met with Clinton. Clinton announced sweeping liberalization of computer export standards, allowing computers of up to 194 MTOPS to be sold without a license. Until then only machines with up to 12.5 MTOPS - the power of a 486 chip desktop PC - could be sold without a license. These are computers that can electronically mimic a thermonuclear attack. C. Michael Armstrong (Hughes) wrote Clinton explaining sanctions against China hurt U.S. companies (Los Angeles Times, 10/3/93). Also in September, Juliana Utomo reported a loss of one million dollars and Lippo companies agent, John Huang signing all three checks gave $15,000 each to the DNC with a thank-you note from Huang to Al Gore's chief of staff for arranging a meeting with Gore was also presented as evidence (Testimony before the Thompson Committee). Then September 17, 1993 Clinton begins a series of Executive Orders to out smart the law so that sensitive military technology could be transfer to China and North Korea.

He begins with  Executive Order #12863 - 9/17/93 which revoked EO #12537 - 10/28/85 that established the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB) and EO #12334 - 12/4/81 which established the Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB). These boardsd set up by him allow him to run a more quite operation because the congress was delving into matters related with China’s human rights records and how they wanted to deal with trade issues and trust issues in regards to exports.

Meanwhile, The Congress was going over the US Arms Control/Nonproliferation Sanctions Against China "…1993 Prohibition of the export of Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) items and US government contracts; China criticized the sanctions on the grounds that they were based on inaccurate intelligence -Imposed pursuant to the 1990 Missile Technology Control Act -The US Under Secretary of State for International Security Affairs determined that China's Ministry of Aerospace Industry and Pakistan's Ministry of Defense had engaged in missile technology proliferation activities -Imposed against the two entities and their subsidiaries, etc., denying export licenses for items in the MTCR Annex for two years, and denial of US govt. contracts relating to the same items -Also imposed against Chinese govt. organizations involved in development or production of electronics, space systems, or equipment and military aircraft -Imposed against (Chinese entities): -Chinese Ministry of Aerospace Industry (MAI) -MAI subsidiaries sanctioned: -China Precision Machinery Import-Export Corporation (CPMIEC) -China National Space Administration (CNSA) -China Aerospace Corporation (CASC) -China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC) -Chinese Academy of Space Technology (CAST) -Beijing Wan Yuan Industry Corporation (BWYIC) -China Haiying Company -Shanghai Astronautics Industry Bureau (SHBOA) -China Chang Feng Group (Pakistani entities): -Ministry of Defense -On 1 November 1994, subsequent to the 4 October 1994 US-China joint statement on missile proliferation, the US State Department determined that in the interest of US national security, it was essential to waive the sanctions against the Chinese Ministry of Aerospace Industry and all its subsidiaries -Sanctions against the Pakistani Ministry of Defense remained in place Waived 1 November 1994; Sanctions against Pakistani Ministry of Defense expired August 1995…(August 24, 1993 - Congress.)". 3

Clinton made a maneuver forever listed in the annals of democracy as a brut force move to skirt the law represented by the people who the House of Representative and Congress represent. He simply moved the jurisdiction of selling controlled ‘munitions list’ items from the State Department to the Commerce Department nullifying all the laws that ban the sale of these restricted items to foreign companies (MJM). He did this through more executive orders.  This key move put China into celebration behind close doors. The eastern lion was now at the point of getting everything he wished for. All he needed to do was come up with the funds to pay these companies. It was well known that half of the budget of China had gone to the military during these few short years that the defrayment took place. Premier Zhu Rongji would think about cutting back the government officials jobs by one million to save money (Liu 72 c.). Also, the Yinhe flack had turned American eyes against harassing anymore Chinese ships the Chinese used this opportunity to pick up much needed liquid funds by selling some of their older technology to Khan, the father of Pakistanis nuclear program and other countries ( Iran, India e.t.c)(MJM).

Raidy’s conglomerate companies began to pour in the defrayment funds orchestrated by Zemin and the newly defined Central banks of China that were for hiding transfers between government civic funds and military funds. China military budget was half of their yearly economy figures. They had returned to Chang Kai-sheks state military vision, yet this time it was for the big weapons.

Bernard Schwartz CEO of Loral, C. Michael Armstrong CEO of Hughes and Norman R. Augustine CEO of Lockheed who lobbied the former president to no avail had found a willing participant in Clinton. Bush  would not allow the Première U.S. companies to sell ‘munitions lists’ high-technology to China. However, when Bill Clinton signed thank you notes to each of these people ( see FOIA Docs) the go ahead for the trade was now a trade secret. These men knew nothing but the glory of their companies and fame of hobnobbing with other influential. These three big  CEOs began a campaign to influence the ever so will president to sign that executive order and grant permission to sell their high-technology products to China.


"The Hua Mei deal was where it all began," ..."When one of our clients asked us to check Hua Mei out and we discovered COSTIND was behind it, we told them there was no way they would ever get U.S. government or CoCom (Coordinating Committe on Export Controls) approval to export. The technology was extremely sensitive, and the Chinese end-user was a known government collection agency. COSTIND has always been on the watch list." ... and on meeting with Chinese officials in Hong Kong in October 1993 "When I brought up the problem of export approvals, they just laughed," he recalls. "They boasted of their relationship to Perry and to John Lewis," –( The American Spectator 8/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman) While in Beijing, Secretary of Defense William Perry announced that the People's Republic of China had agreed to cut back on underground nuclear testing. Clinton gleefully announced to the congress that the Chinese were now cooperating in a new regime under Jiang Zemina and that lifting the ban on exporting U.S.-made supercomputers to communist China was good idea. Many in congress knew little about computers and thought these small items were like internet devices. They paid no attention. The Somalia disaster had deflected much of the nations attention and was a black mark on the presidency foreign policy in regards to fighting terrorism. Basic news like  October 7, 1993: John Huang sent a letter to the Office of the Vice President, thanking the Vice President's Chief of Staff, Jack Quinn, for meeting in the White House with Shen Jueren, the Chairman of China Resources. China Resources is a PRC-owned entity widely reported to serve as a front for Chinese intelligence services. China Resources is also an important Lippo partner. Although not confirmed, It is believed that Vice President Gore met with Shen Jueren in the White House and also exchanged words with him at a subsequent DNC event. (http:4a_riadyhuang.htm)

China was literally infiltrating American politics. It became even more dire.  John Huang was being appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary for East Asia and Pacific International Trade Administration at the Commerce Department by Bill Clinton. The ‘assts’ program became multi faceted affecting Mr. Armstrong who wrote “a terse letter to President Clinton..., first highlighting how he had done what the president requested by supporting his economic and trade policies and calls for looser export controls. "I am respectfully requesting your involvement to resolve the China sanctions," Mr. Armstrong wrote, noting that he had spoken to a Chinese official who informed him Beijing was "positive" about the idea” (Washington Times 5/18/99 Bill Gertz).

Bans on components for China's nuclear power plants were lifted by Bill Clinton, Deals with Australia to build a small water reactor in North Korea; Hainan Island military complex completed with state of the art radar technology by Hughes and Loral companies. Loral began to sell satellites as did Motorola. These satellites have duel-technology in them, meaning they can be used in application of building a thermonuclear guidance systems for ICBMs.

NSA Director Adm McConnell gave Ron Brown the NSA okay "to begin exports [computers] only days before President Clinton met with Chinese President Jiang Zemin" (Charles R. Smith Softwar 7/26/99)

Hundreds of Chinese and Asian ‘assets’ began to pour in millions and millions of dollars to the DNC:

Abdulshafi Ahmed Abdulshafi,Bin Yueh Jeng ,Bradley, Terri ,Brotonel, Marcelino V. ,Brown, Michael ,Chen, Gin F. J. ,Chen, Simon ,Cheng, Zhengwei ,Chi Rung Wang ,Chiang, Charles T.,Colon, Gilbert ,Crespo, Reynaldo B. ,Delvalle, Jacob ,Dinata, Ridwan ,Djojomartono, Sylvana ,Elnitiarta, Jessica ,Elnitiarta, Yoahan ,Esparragoza, Richard ,Foung, Manlin* ,Fried, David,Garcia, Manuel G. ,Gearhart, William ,Gandhi, Yogesh ,Grigsby, Calvin ,Hill, Nolanda ,Ho, Man* ,Hsia, Maria L. ,Hsin Chen Shih ,Hsiu Chu Lin ,Hsiu Luan Tseng ,Hsu, Judy ,Huang, Jane ,Huang, John ,Hubbell, Webster ,Hueutsan Huang* ,Hwang, Steven ,Hwang, Woody ,Indians, Arapaho/Cheyenne ,Intriago, Charles ,Jen Chin Hsueh ,Jie Su Hsiao ,Jimenez, Mark ,Keller, Len ,Kronenberg, Duangnet ,La, Kent * ,Lai Bun Tsun ,Landon, Joseph* ,Lay Kweek Wie ,Lee, Na-chi "Nancy" * ,Leonardo, Louis C. ,Lin, Mike ,Lum, Gene ,Lum, Nora ,Lunetta, Carmen ,Man Ya Shih* ,Mapili, Maria ,Middleton, Mark ,Narvasa, Gregorio ,Ong, Bie Chuan ,Ramirez, Ruth,Remedios, Raymund Dos ,Ruiz, Juan L. ,Sanchez, Enrique , Seow Fong Ooi ,Sheng, Jou ,Shu Jen Wu * ,Sioeng Fei Man, Siuw Moi Lian* ,Tahir, Jane Dewi ,Trie, Charlie ,Wang, David * ,Wong, Larry * ,Wu, Irene * ,Yee, Melinda ,Yi Chu * ,Yue Chu * ,Yumei Yang ,Zhan, Keshi * ,Zie Pan Huang *  Millions poured into the DNC. The Chinese officials quietly told each other we have someone who we long have awaited for a great King from heaven who will defray us the goods ( regarding Clinton and his administrations directive).

Now President and the Chinese "Dear Freind" program was in full throttle. Clinton got what he wanted attention that he failed to get while he was a boy and recognition from his superiors who were established American families. He had claimed he did more for American than those who came before him.

(???)One of Bill’s own things was he convinced himself he was a  cover was to announce to Congress that if the Americans cannot sell to the Chinese of this new frontier market that the Europeans would step in an fill the shoes. Although, this could be a real economic threat, it was not for the Chinese when dealing with sensitive high-tech military technology. Only the United States ever had what the Chinese Military wanted. The United States Military is and was the far more advanced then anything that the Russians, French or England had. In addition the technology they wanted was not allowed to be transferred under international rules in the first place and American intelligence and England intelligence was focused more on economic competition then on the growing threat of world terrorism. France or Germany could not have gotten away with defraying sensitive military technology without these two countries crying out to the world. This economic talking point allowed Clinton to calm his mind if he ever got caught. He could just say that European nations were ready to sell to the Chinese if we didn't first. This was not the whole or accurate truth. So Clinton sent a letter to Brown on what the plan  was without telling him about the 'real' plan.

The memorandum directive read to the Clinton insiders: "Having worked toward passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement during most of the first year in office, Brown is expected to focus his attention in the coming year on increasing U.S. exports. This will be done through two means: one, the Clinton Administration 's National Strategy with the aim of total exports exceeding $1 trillion and the creation of 6 million jobs by the year 2000; two, a new Administration initiative designed to improve American industry's international technology competitiveness. Brown has also been and will care and “reinventing government" plans. "

The western Lion will receive information from the eastern Lion when and where he will contact his wife (Hillary) to set up the U.S. businessmen with details of the plan without telling them of the real plan because she did not known about the plan. Only this propaganda from the two lions that if the U.S. did not sell them this technology that the Europeans would and the U.S would miss out on the economic windfall that the opening of the new frontier of the Chinese high-tech-market would do for America.

The Western Lion headed for Silicon Valley to meet with the heads of California high-tech community.


1994 Ron Brown the Letter and the Plan put into action:

On August 1994 previously classified documents showed that PLA General Xu Huizi (Tactical control officer of Tiananmen massacre) visited Washington and Bill Clinton. Secretary of Defense, Perry stood in the rain to meet his guest at the Pentagon entrance. Upon his arrival, General Xu received a nineteen-gun salute from the U.S. Military honor guard. Bill Clinton, for obvious reasons, kept this a secret and it was not announced to the public (Timberlake 154). Perry had revealed that he led a delegation to China in 1980 to began "to discussions on military technology cooperation." Perry's host in Beijing was General Liu Huaqing, Lieutenant Colonel Liu Chaoying's father. (Timberlake 154). Perry told General Xu that his visit had " great symbolic significance." Perry pledged to Xu that during his upcoming visit to Beijing in October 1994, he "will brief the PLA on the U.S. strategy and plans for the years ahead. Zemin was the official civilian head of China, yet, in the modern China officials can have many job titles and duties as was the case in Pre-Hitler's Germany ( Timerberlake 155).

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In 1996, Wang Jun became known to Capital Hill as a  controversial figure after he met with President Clinton at a White House reception for political fund-raisers. Clinton and him had been planning ever since they were introduced by Charlie Tire. At the White house in 1996 the Associated Press reported that they served him the traditional coffee in the morning meeting set aside for dignitaries.  Wang's visit caused a furor, not only because of his political pedigree, but because it was arranged by Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie. Jung the well known nuclear proliferationist drove a permanent wedge between the Republicans and Democrats that has lasted ever since. At this point an unknown judicial watch firm switched from monitoring WhiteWater and turned its attention to leaked Republican allegations that something fishy was going on in the top sections of out government. A very small few independent people across America began their own grass roots investigations into this tie. This would become later known as Chinagate a term not aptly original in its usage. 

A.M. Rosenthal, the retired executive editor of the New York Times said " Never in American history has this country  beem so influenced by a foreign dictatorship."

As the Chinese general Ji (General Ji Sheng De, the head of the military intelligence of the People's Liberation Army, which is the equivalent of our CIA) then head of the Chinese intelligence said to Johnny Chung when he passed a $300,000 dollar check “we really like your president, we want to see him reelected 2.” This is in 1996 ( Ch. Smith and CoasttooastAM).

1996 1996-1998 A team headed by Loral (Hughes in attendance) produced a technical report identifying a problem in the flight-guidance system as the cause of the crash in February 1996 (Long March.)

May 11, 1996, it [China] promised not to do it [nuclear proliferation] again. Mr. Clinton's speech said nothing about China's nuclear deals and treaty-breaking -- or what the C.I.A. told Congress in June 1997. The C.I.A. reported that during the second half of 1996, after the pledge to the U.S., China was still the "primary source of nuclear related equipment and technology" to Pakistan. Also, said the report, China is the world's "most significant supplier of weapons of mass destruction-related goods and technology" -- which means nuclear, chemical or bacteriological (The New York Times 10/28/97 A.M. ROSENTHAL).


Ng Lapseng owned many  buildings in Macau and Hong Kong. For some of the DNC-donors, he had set up adult night clubs at his Fortuna Hotel in Hong Kong. Ng Lapseng one of the Triad members who was loyal to China, even understood this " not all of the Triads are bad," Xiaopeng said. "Some of them love the mother land"(Timperlake 91). The Triads were the Chinese counterpart of the U.S. Mafia. Even the Mafia had some loyalty to America. Trie was also part of this organization, yet Zemin knew how to exploit them be joing forces with them.  Ng transferred by wire anywhere from $1.1 million to $1.5 to accounts controlled by Charlie Trie. How Ng met trie is unknown, but perhaps it was through mutually shared Triad connections. Of this amount, at least $645,000 made its way through Trie to the DNC as illegally laundered campaign contributions. Ng visited the White House twelve times. Ng also attended Presidents  Clinton's Gala birthday contributing, this time checks, instead of wiring, of $118,000, on August 17, 1996. Ng would continue sending cash, checks and wire money to the sum of 1,333,000 accounted for funds.( Thomson Report at 2525/Dan Burton - Joseph Lieberman/Timperlake 97). Ho was a companion of Ng also handed checks to the  DNC. For example, one check was $250,000 according to MSNBC ( The online NBC Newswebite). Ho may have given at least $500,000 for one event a lone ( Washington Post, April 28, 1997/Timperlake 99).

September 1997 republicans had discussed why the White House and Free and tenet in the FBI had stalled the investigation. The simple fact that no Democrat in the Senate or NSA, FBI, or wanted to discuss this matter. The fact was a political bomb so powerful that its disclosure of the truth would damage to the world. How could America let the Chinese influence our politics, steal, buy, and infiltrate our most sacred of buildings- the White House and the four national nuclear laboratories. Also, the FBI was infiltrated by Chinese spy's such as Ted Sioeng who had recently fled. His infiltration was widely known and kept a secret which now , after being reported caused a minor shake up at the FBI. He had contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the DNC. His personal contacts with The Clintons; and vice President Gore would shock the nation. Sioeng organized three major fundraisers at which sat at the head table Bill Clinton, according to the CIA information given by the Thompson committee, Siong (a) worked the Chinese Military, (b) Communicated frequently with the PRC consult in Los Angeles and (c) traveled to Beijing frequently for briefings with CCP officials( Thomsan report at 964 Timperlake 101).

As 1997 rolled along Ted Sioeng's family left the country. Only his sister remained taking the 5th in the trial that the media blackout. However, this did not stop the money from rolling in. New organizations under new names showed up at DNC functions. The fact that the high-technology was still being made then transferred played heavily in a choice for the CCP not to give up buying their politicians. Zemin heavily over viewed these functions and the Messenger "was Yah Lin " Charlie Trie," the Triad ( "four Seas" faction)  - CCP asset. According to the Los Angeles Times, Tie said that Clinton was like an old Friend ( Lao Ke): "When the two would meet, the two men embraced like lost brothers" ( Los Angeles Times, December 18, 1996. " Loa Ke" is a Chinese term for Familiarity).

Meanwhile, continuing to recoup their heavy financial loses to the American companies and the DNC Chemical precursors, production equipment, and production technology are sent by China for Iran's chemical weapons program including a plant for making glass-lined equipment. Violations IIANA, AECA, EAR - are heard on the senate floor and no sanctions are implemented( - Congress). The same thing applies when intelligence tells congress that China sold C-802 anti-ship cruise missiles and C-801 air launch cruise missiles to Iran.

Back at China, Zemin awards Lippo (Riadys) with an  agreement for a $1-billion deal to manage and expand a 1,200-megawatt power plant in China. By June 1997, Some Americans become concerned that we were helping the PLA to improve weapons design, missile targeting, and nuclear simulation. House voted to restore licensing requirements on HPCs. But the measure was ultimately defeated under intense industry and administration pressure. - (The American Spectator 5/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman).

Yet the congress was still concerned as few Americans voiced their opinions as to  what was going on. The TV remained blacked out, but the good old grass roots of newsletters and talk radio began to ask questions which promoted the Congress to force out of the administration some type of answers. Who were these people? Where did they come from? What was their purpose? July 9, 1997. Former DNC finance director Richard Sullivan, testifies before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee that John Huang was hired after both Bill Clinton and White House approval.

Janet Reno under Bill Clinton's full control said in July That the Justice Department " will distanced itself from Sen. Thompson's assertions that China had a plan to influence U.S. elections." In other words no follow up to the story. These decisions would eventual prompt a independent council, and hire a puppet named Kenneth Star, who would fear for his life and find nothing wrong in all of Clintons actions. Clearly Clinton's flaunting in front of Congress and the Judicial Department his Chinese relationships and the obvious millions that were pouring into the country for both business and the DNC scared anyone who wanted to rock the boat, per say. This was in fact the main source of the economy. Over 6 million jobs were created from business CEO's all the way down to the deliverers and the nuts and bolts manufactures. Trillions of dollars pour into the economy making it appear as if California was in its second gold rush period. Hughes and Boeing and many other jobs connected to the manufacturing of the high-military-technology was planned, administration, and put together in California. Silicon Valley made the radiated hardened Chips. So much money flowed into Silicon valley from Chinese cash for technology that many twenty-something students began a Dot.Com crazy that was reported after the fall of the stock market that an invisible bubble had created the money to funds these projects. The fact that the fall of the stock market coincided with the final restriction of Bill Clinton being allowed, by executive order to allow the American firms to sell this ' munitions list' technology to China was the real cause of the bubble - and not some invisible entity that is recorded in history. Greenspan acknowledges it and will not talk publicly about it.

By December 5, 1997,

Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.) issued subpoenas for a memorandum FBI Director Freeh sent to Attorney General Reno recommending that she seek appointment of an independent counsel to investigate Clinton- Gore campaign finance practices. Dan Burton  was taken to scolding by the news media who branded him a neo-conservative who was on a witch-hunt. To the media, he was called all sort of names that sound like school-bully-fodder. At this time the stock market continued to claimed to new heights and Clinton weekly stressed he had created more jobs ( Chinese Military defrayment to be exact) and paid down the debt. Unemployment was low and people had money in their pockets. The media portrayed each person in America as unconcerned with any conservative witch hunters who manage to accuse the president of anything. At this point in history Clinton was closed to being worshiped, not only by his own people, but the world, and specifically Zemin and  the CCP's inner meetings.

Early in 1996 Jiang Zemin, on several occasions, on the need to "talk politics," said that "he wishes to rekindle the ideology struggle and purge the pro-western influence in China" (Liu 89). With the deterioration of Deng Xiaoping health Zemin began an indoctrination of the Chinese arms of the military. In creasing the military was his prime objective. Xiaoping has been credited with placing the economic strength first as his agenda while he ruled. One of the key moves initiated by him was to centralize the banking system making it easier to direct funds for quick decisions. 

" In the past decade or so, the policy clichés mouthed by the Chinese leadership are : ' The need to maintain stability outweighs all issues.' ( wen ding ya dao yi qui), and ' Eliminate sources of instability at an initial stage' (Liu 60).


By early 1997, the Democratic National Committee ("DNC") had returned close to $3 million in illegal contributions, much of the funds facilitated by individuals with extensive ties to the People's Republic of China ("PRC") - namely, John Huang, Charlie Trie, and Johnny Chung. In February 1997, the Washington Post first reported a link between foreign campaign contributions and the People's Republic of China:

Again in April 1997, the Washington Post reported that "top" Chinese officials approved plans "to attempt to buy influence with American politicians" and the plans continued through 1996 to the present.

Unlike the Senate investigation, the House investigation scope was not limited to the 1996 campaign. The Committee was able to examine a pattern of conduct which began in the 1992 campaign cycle with such key figures as DNC Finance Vice-Chairman John Huang as well as the Indonesian millionaire James Riady. Both were long time friends of President Clinton.

Because of the unprecedented lack of cooperation of witnesses, including 120 relevant individuals who either asserted Fifth Amendment privileges or fled the country, both the House and Senate investigations were severely hampered. In addition, the stalling tactics of the White House and the DNC, as well as the total lack of cooperation from foreign governments in obtaining bank records and relevant witnesses, limited the information available to the Committee. Nevertheless, both the House and Senate "followed the money" and uncovered extensive evidence of foreign money being funneled into campaigns and learned more about key individuals such as James Riady, John Huang, Charlie Trie, Antonio Pan, Johnny Chung, and Ted Sioeng. These individuals all had high level access to the Administration, including the President. They also had established ties to the PRC. Due to the lack of cooperation, many questions remain about their conduct and contacts with senior White House and DNC officials. (Burton. Interim Report of the Committee on Government Reform and Oversight Campaign Finance Investigation and Related Matters)

The report was explosive. It talked about things only detective books and Sherlock Homes could muster up – yet, this was for real.

In 1998, President Clinton, once again, used stonewalling by refusing to release a 700 page report prepared by Rep. Christopher Cox and his bi-partisan Investigative Congressional Committee. Much of that report was finally released but heavily redacted to the Congress. The full 16 volumes were buried deep in the NSA and will never be released. The parts that were released spoke about U.S. firms helping China develop missile, satellite, communication, military chip technology, super computers ,  and global navigation/tracking devices to steer nuclear missiles to their intended targets.  The key points in the Cox Report showed three distinct periods: 1. The beginning was approval of technology transfer by high Government officials; At the middle (use of Government bureaucrats to set up transfer with the purchasing nations); 3. And the end (where US manufacturers and their research staffs actually trained foreign personnel in addition to assisting to set up production facilities in these foreign nations). The report concluded with the fact that before Bill Clinton came into office that four out of five ICBM launch attempts could not even take off. By 1996, China had reached the point at being able to target the western coast of America and reach targets with a single warhead, with a plus or minus range of five miles. By 1998, the Chinese had perfected their ICBMs to accuracy of that of the United States and could launch multi-warheads on one single thermonuclear ICBM and theoretically take out Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle with an accuracy of 200 yards in each city.

Dan Burtons investigation concluded that Bill Clinton efforts received $44,000,000 plus million dollars from the Chinese between 1992-1997. ( See: HOR Committee Investigation DAN BURTON)

In May 1998, the New York Times reported that Johnny Chung told federal investigators that he funneled tens of thousands of dollars from a Chinese military officer, Liu Chao-ying, to the Democrats during the 1996 campaign. Chung said the money came from the People's Liberation Army through Liu Chao-ying, a Chinese aerospace executive whose father was a senior Chinese military officer. The Committee developed extensive information regarding Chung's Chinese business contacts and activities.

Finally, the failure of the Attorney General to follow the law and appoint an independent counsel for the entire campaign finance investigation has been the subject of two sets of committee hearings.

FBI Director Louis Freeh and the Attorney General's hand-picked Chief Prosecutor, Charles La Bella, who wrote lengthy memos to the Attorney General advising her that she must appoint an Independent Counsel under the mandatory section of the Independent Counsel Statute. As part of the Committee's oversight of the Justice Department, the Committee subpoenaed these memos, and held the Attorney General in contempt for not producing them or providing any legal basis for this refusal. Until an independent counsel is appointed in this matter, the American people cannot be assured that the same standards of justice will be applied to the President and Vice-President as apply to every other citizen. Nevertheless, the Committee continues to investigate and review the numerous outstanding matters that remain in carrying out its mandate (Interim Report of the Committee on Government Reform and Oversight Campaign Finance Investigation and Related Matters).

Cox report

By late 1998 Representative Christopher Cox, California Republican, had put the Clinton administration on the defensive over China influence into American politics and acquisition of our most secret military technology.  The Cox Report, as it was referred to,  covered many aspects of the defrayment of American technology to China. The full report was 16 thick volumes in its completeness. Eleven heavily redacted Chapters make up the Congressional and Public report. These Chapter include: 1 - PRC Acquisition of U.S. Technology, 2 - PRC Theft of U.S. Thermonuclear Warhead Design Information, 3 - High Performance Computers, 4 - PRC Missile and Space Forces, 5 - Satellite Launches in the PRC: Hughes, 6 - Satellite Launches in the PRC: Loral, 7 - Launch Site Security in the PRC, 8 - Commercial Space Insurance, 9 - U.S. Export Policy Toward the PRC, 10 - Manufacturing Processes, 11 – Recommendations.

The Cox Committee report and other federal investigators estimate there are as many as 3,000 such Chinese "front" companies in the United States

Christopher Cox (R-Calif.), who headed a Congressional investigation into Chinese espionage, was not as savagely abused by the media as Dan Burton who headed up the campaign trail of the Chinese to the President. Anyone who spoke that this president did anything wrong was branded as anti-American by the media and some type of nut who should be thrown out of the United States.

The report included some of the princelings and “F. Michael Maloof, chief of technology security operations at the Defense Department's U.S. Threat Reduction Agency, has been investigating Wang's activities for more than 18 months. He has no doubt about what Wang has been up to.’Wang Jun's operations are part of an overall Chinese system that is integrated to target and acquire militarily critical technologies’ Maloof said” (Carr & Kammer ).

1999 All Hell Brakes Lose

Section Ch. Proliferation of Older technology and need to recoup large amounts of cash that was used for the plan helped smaller countries enter the nuclear weapons era. For example, January 3, 1999, the National Security Agency reported secretly within the U.S. government that discussions were underway  between China and Iran for the sale of Zirconim alloy production so that Zirconim  sheaths can be used on fuel rods on nuclear reactors. Form the nuclear reactors are harvested old spent fuel rods which have changed chemical compound and can be processed into nuclear weapons grade plutonium. China continued to sell titanium allow designed for missiles. these shipments of these materials and others for use in nuclear weapons and missile  programs were shipped aboard a North Korean Freighter. When the White House was alerted by the NSA, in typical fashion the western lion ignored the intelligence. (Gertz. Betrayal 157).

Although, it was not two individuals alone that had contributed to the defrayal. It was the Chinese Army and some prominent figures in our most sacred companies that we must lay some of the blame or, in case you approve the credit.

The CEO of Hughes C. Michael Armstrong who is currently the chairman of the board of Comcast Corporation engaged in an extensive lobbying effort to have satellite and space technology removed from the oversight of the State Department and Defense Department and put under the oversight of the Commerce Department. In that effort one of the items that he wanted removed from what we refer to as the munitions list, which is again an item of military technology that would be controlled by the State Department and the Defense Department was radiation harden computer chips. Now those of you that are not aware of what that is, this is essentially in the same kind of computer chip that you have in either your laptop or your computer system at home, except these have been especially built to withstand intense radiation. The only theoretical use for these in commercial applications is either in very high altitude satellites or nuclear reactors. The military on the other hand uses these exclusively in things like nuclear weapons, as well as nuclear command and control systems. Radiation hardened computer chip technology is a requirement for fighting a modern thermonuclear war. China did not have this capability in 1996. With the successful lobbying of C. Michael Armstrong and Bernard Schwartz of Loral corporation, computer radiated harden chip technology was transferred to China and they are able now to construct and build their own radiation harden chip systems. It is an requirement for a modern global thermonuclear force. This is essentially a technology that was directly transferred ( Deffraiuer), directly to the military application pointed at you and me (America). And the net result I can give you and example of the result: In 1995, Chinese ballistic missiles aimed at the United States could land perhaps within five miles of their intended targets. Today because of the transfers of advanced computer chip radiated harden computer chip technology the Chinese lave the capability of landing a nuclear weapon within one-hundred yard radius of their intended target.


So are technology made more accurate for them to attack us and kill us?


Not only did it make them more accurate, it enabled them to engage in a global thermonuclear war. Without this chip technology they would not be able to communicate (high satellite GPS), they would not be able to guide their missile systems in a nuclear context, and they certainly could not wage a thermonuclear war with the United States. Today because of this technological transfer China is at the state of the art level. They can wage a global thermonuclear war and retain that command and control, guide their missiles, guide their bombers, with devastating accuracy and we have people like C. Michael Armstrong to thank.


When C. Michael Armstrong ran this lobbying effort he was not only successful, he was so successful that the Hughes Corporation was charged with 123 violations of national security involving transfers to china and to the Chinese military. Hughes plead no contest (Guilty) to all 123 counts. They were fined a record fine and they are now unable to engage in external transfers of technology. Without the direct oversight of the federal government, and in this case, it is one of those unfortunate things – you are not going to see anyone put in jail for this.


This is only one of the dozen different types of technologies that he lobbied that needed to be taken off the munitions list and aloud to be freely transferred to China. C. Michael Armstrong and the Hughes Corporation one of the most devastating technologies that they transferred was the missile nosecone design software. They not only transferred the technology directly to China, but they even showed the Chinese how to use it. That missile nosecone design technology has enabled the Chinese to go from a hard single warhead on top of their missiles to now they have the capability of producing and deploying multiple warheads on a single missile, meaning one missile could theoretically take out Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.


This comes up over the years in talk show discussions why don’t we have some protection, we as a people, the citizens, the government have some protection against an individual working for a private corporation doing something like this. How do they get away with this?


Well, the way C. Michael Armstrong and Bernard Schwartz and others got away with this is that they coughed up ( Contributed) huge donations to the Democratic National Convention DNC.  A good example is Bernard Schwartz of Loral, who also engaged in the very same operation, radiation harden chip technology and satellites, satellite encryption, direct transfers of advanced navigational and radar technology right to the Chinese military. Bernard Schwartz probably donated somewhere in the order of $20-30 million dollars in hard core funds to the DNC during the 1990s. In fact, despite his company going through its second bankruptcy sense the year 2000, Bernard Schwartz donated over $3 million dollars in hard core funds to the campaigns of Hillary R. Clinton and Al Gore and would be donating money perhaps to this new soft money setup that we have an arrangement in essence to avoid the campaign finance reform.


Putting those guys in jail doesn’t really work. This would set off a western world wide panic in that an American president armed a potential harmful anti-western nation with the capability to wage thermonuclear war with the United States. But, what you can do is simply not invest in their company and not buy their products. One example is that Bernard Schwartz of Loral, in 1996 the Loral company was selling (their stocks) at $72 a share and it is currently in its second bankruptcy and is selling approximately at .30 cents a share. So the people who did the invest their money into Bernard Schwartz lost out big time and they can thank Bernard Schwartz for loosing their money on these Chinese deals because the government does not want to due business with Loral simply because they do not trust them, and the same thing happened with Hughes.


This was not a singular effort. Many letters to Bill Clinton by Bernard Schwartz CEO of Loral, C. Michael Armstrong CEO of Hughes and Norman R. Augustine CEO of Lockheed and there all thanking Bill Clinton for transferring the oversight of satellite technology to the Commerce Department. In 1998 the congress finally got wind of all of this and after we have been investigating this nearly two and a half years and they overrode the executive order (March 1999) issued by the White House and transferred the oversight back to the State Department and the Defense Department where it currently resides today. And to give you a comparison in contrast ( to this administration) at no time during the Clinton administration were any sanctions imposed on the Chinese government, or the Chinese military for coming to the United States of America to purchase this advanced technology. They were encouraging, they were helpful, they were helping donate money, again, illegally into the DNC. As the Chinese general Ji (General Ji Sheng De, the head of the military intelligence of the People's Liberation Army, which is the equivalent of our CIA) then head of the Chinese intelligence said to Johnny Chung when he passed a $300,000 dollar check “we really like your president, we want to see him reelected 2.” This is in 1996. Now the contrast here is the current Bush administration has imposed sanctions against the Chinese army companies, such as, China North Industries that proliferate ballistic missiles technology to places like Iran. They can no longer do business in the United States. That is costing the Chinese army in the general hundreds of millions of dollars (Because they take our technology and proliferate at a profit to other countries) because they sell commercial goods here, and used to sell commercial goods here in the United States at your favorite outlet such as Wall Mart and K-Mart, Now the other thing that has happened is that because of this current Bush administration has imposed sanctions against the Chinese government, we cannot sell them advanced space and satellite and rocket-missile technology because of a ban in place at the moment, and I can tell you right now the guys at Hughes, at Loral, at Lockheed, at Boeing, and at other places have been lobbying congress and the White House heavily to get rid of this export ban. You must realize that national security is not a priority at the corporate board level.


That is really a terrible thing to contemplate when you are talking about American companies. I guess maybe it is naive for Americans to think that American companies would sort of put US first, but the truth is not true (Smith R., Charles).

The 1999 Decision has damaged manufactures, subcontractors, consultants and even university researcher's, they have run afoul of the new law, a Los Angeles Times reported in March. The decision in March 1999 has had a huge effect of the US economy. The stock Market has been falling slowly ever since this happened.. Truly the selling of the thing that is in the sky was a big part of the US economy during Clinton's reign.

In nearly two years since Congress imposed additional export restrictions on commercial satellites, “the U.S. share of the global market has plummeted from 75% to 45%, according to the Satellite Industry Assn, a Washington-based trade group.”  Effectively  the US stock market and US economy slowed it down. Their is talk about easing the restraints to boost the economy back up, the report said. But at what price to our national security? “ This marks the first time that the U.S. share has fallen below 50%, with the preponderance of the impact falling on California's long dominant spacecraft manufacturers.  Industry and military experts warn that further erosion of America's decades-long dominance of the global satellite industry poses a serious threat to this country's long-term commercial and military competitiveness” (Los Angeles Times).

March of 1999 Capital Hill finally placed a stop on satellite technology transfers. Wall Street had a mini-but- significant crash. The Stock market continued to slide and never gain the high it had peaked at this moment in history. The public began to wonder what was going on and question began to be raised. To divert attention, Clinton had planned to attack Kosovo in a three month bombing campaign that killed 11,900 plus innocent people because of errant bombs. The U.N. did not support it with a resolution and the media grabbed the headlines that kicked off any what-so-ever- coverage some people were making about the Cox report. Silicon Valley in one day was laid to waste. No more manufacturing of chips and small parts for the orbiting-global hardware to China. The Los Angeles Times lamented that many of the people in California businesses communities continued to want to keep selling the duel-use technology to China.


July  1st 1999


Republican representative from Pennsylvania took the floor July 1, 1999 and spoke to the Committee on Armed Services. Although the meeting was over specific encryption technology sold to China, the emphasis laid on the entire defrayment of high-technology transfers to China.


But I do have a separate question that I would like to ask, and this is an opportunity that I won't have again. It is also a security issue. Attorney General Reno, I have been in support of across the board efforts to strengthen the position of our law enforcement agencies, the FBI and the Justice Department on a wide range of issues. For seven months last year, I had the honor of serving on the select committee looking at exports to China from the U.S. commonly known as the Cox Committee. I saw much of the evidence that has not yet been made available to the public that has been gathered by the CIA, the FBI, and other agencies, and I sat through countless numbers of hearings and countless proceedings where the issue of whether or not our security has been jeopardized was raised.

    As you well know, the votes in the Cox Committee were unanimous. Despite some of my colleagues on the other side trying to distance themselves from the report or portions of it, there were no 8-1 votes. There were no 7-2 votes. Every word in our final series of findings was gone over and every Member had to agree before it was passed. And so the document was passed at 9-0 with no dissensions and no abstentions and there were no dissenting views expressed by Members of either side to our findings.

    And our findings were severe. The security of this country has been severely harmed by the transfer of technology to China, severely harmed. And it is not just as Bill Richardson has characterized it, a problem with our lives. That's a relatively—I won't say a minor problem, but that is only one small portion of what we looked at. Because we looked at high performance computers, we looked at encrypted software, we looked at machine tooling, we looked at space launch capability, we looked at missile technology. We looked at not just proliferation of this to China but then China to other rogue nations like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, North Korea (CIA).


However, Clinton was unfazed and so was Zemin. They spoke over the phone on what to defray next and Clinton had said well we have advanced electronics for fighter jets that we could sell you and so the Zemin order was put in.

Chinese military sources (July 20 1999) revealed they are now fielding large numbers of neutron bombs. Moreover, Chinese officials implied they would use nuclear weapons, if need be, to take the island nation of Taiwan. No super-power has openly threatened first-use of nuclear weapons since President John Kennedy faced the Soviet Union over Cuba in 1962. In response, the Clinton administration opened the way to transfer advanced electronics from the F-15 Eagle and F-16 Falcon to the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). The Clinton offer to upgrade Chinese air force fighters includes avionics, computers, heads-up displays, secure communications, electronic counter-measures, night vision equipment and integrated fire control systems. What the Cox Report did not relay to the American public was that the missile was in a box mislabeled as "Machine Parts." What the Cox Report withheld was that the airliner was owned jointly by the Chinese government and Clinton buddy-billionaire, Moctar Riady. What the Cox Report did not release was the Chinese missile was bound for Israel and was to be upgraded with stolen U.S. Sidewinder technology”  (Smith b).

Significance and End:

There exist 4.5 million documents in which an extremely small portion has been released. For example, The CIA has declassified all export/import data for all countries in the 1990s. This, for an investigative type of person can have access to raw ‘general’ data of and what was exported and imported. This includes military sales including battle ships, fighter aircraft, communications and high computer technology. Although, one can sum up the amount of high-technology that left the country to the entire countries listed, one cannot access any data for the periods of 1993-2000. This country is China. The information has been highly classified and will not be released, even today, upon further notice. So far reaching was this trade of high-technology and military to the world that in 1999 alone, there was $6,216,712,000 worth of contracts according to a CIA report issued by the Pentagon and the Defense Foreign Military Sales Contractors records (Federation of American Scientists CIA Doc.). So powerful was this economic engine that Alan GreenSpan in his public meetings and all the yearly World FACT books refused to discus Chinese high-technology trade in any meetings with the congress. He simply said that this area was off-limits to everyone.

In the very small amount of press coverage of this incident an Associated Press article led off with “A 20-year veteran FBI agent went to court Friday seeking the right to report to President Clinton and key members of Congress what he considers serious and criminal misconduct by federal workers during a top secret, undercover national security operation.” When one works for the FBI he or she gives up their rights to go public – a law that should be amended in my opinion. In fact, the very next paragraph summed up why their were not others who, concerned, came to the table to alert the public: “FBI Director Louis Freeh and Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder have denied agent Joseph G. Rogoskey permission to relay his allegations to Clinton, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and House and Senate committees that oversee the FBI.” So tight was Janet Reno and Clinton that they hamstrung the FBI by political pressure of funding to keep this deadly quiet.

“I seen Clinton turning over key nuclear secrets to foreigners," Rogoskey told the court. ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN all decided not to touch the political worldly bombshells of this story. So hot and explosive that world opinion would condemn the U.S immediately to exile among the other nations, because of their leader status in fighting for moral and ethnical policies. Nuclear Weapons Proliferation is the furthest from these two  ( Things???Need word) Like Russia, that put a concerted effort in guarding their high-technology away from other countries, regardless of some extremism political spin.

It was now an insider that was crying out to a world. This was not a judicial watch or a political faction looking to smear their enemy, but a genuine insider going public. Rogoskey  further spilled the beans: “[…] that the trillions of dollars that poured into the US economy was Chinese and foreign business deals for US high military technologies […](Sniffen AP) . The FBI spun the allegations and the media did what it always did under Bill Clintons presidency.

Against the Constitution of the United States of America the western lion did what he thought best. “Some say Clinton did sell nuclear technology to Chinese officials over his stay in the White House,” the ultra left winged Associated Press so mildly put it.  Kenneth Star who was himself scared of the Chinese who had gone to kill Johnny Chung, and placed a hint in his final report on the Clinton Administration. Without commenting any further upon the investigation, he led of the book with 100s of people who had died mysteriously who were all connected to the scandals enveloping the Clinton administration. Star made no accusations or comment. He put it there as a clue for the public to know one day about the true history and the powerful regimes that threaten families and relatives who happen to go against the two great lions.

The Lions spun out of control that is still rhetoric used to day in many history books. It is said about envisaging history that it takes a while for the smoke to clear before one can see a clear picture.

Sixteen of the 17 most significant major technology breaches revealed in the  Cox Report were discovered after 1994. The notion that Presidents Carter, Reagan  and Bush knew the extent to which China's efforts to steal U.S. nuclear and military  technology were successful is fantasy[...](Inhofe).

In the fall of 1999, President Bill Clinton endured something to which he was not accustomed -- a member of the news media challenging him with tough questions about issues of concern to the American people. WorldNetDaily Washington bureau chief Paul Sperry, then a reporter with Investor's Business Daily, went toe-to-toe with the president during a picnic on the White House south lawn. The widely publicized confrontation caused Clinton so much consternation that Sperry was subsequently banished from the White House (Sperry).

His volcanic temper, hidden so well from the public by his handlers, erupted less than 12 inches from my eyes. […] pulling up square in front of me, and demanded, "Like what?" Clinton shouted.

"Well, like illegal money from China and the campaign-finance scandal ..." Sperry said.  Clinton angrily deflected all questions about the Chinese issue. He got up and in Sperry’s face as if to fight and eye-to-eye with the reporter. Very few had challenged Clinton in this manner. Clinton turned beat red and barked incomprehensively. “He clearly doesn't want to talk about the mother of all scandals -- Chinagate. Two women -- one from AP, then another from CNN -- rushed up to me. Both asked what got Clinton so angry. "Why'd he turn so red?" asked one (Sperry).

Chairman Mao rode to a different tune, some historians’ say, after he assumed power. He was not politician but a revolutionary at heart. He was unable to govern and was poorly educated. Zemin was educated. During Mao’s later years as a Chairman it came more evident as he silenced his opposition that he wanted no more communism but dictatorial power of China for  himself.  This also affected Chairman Zemin. “Jiang's dynastic ambitions first became evident a couple years ago, when he ordered that his personal office would occupy an entire floor of the Army's new headquarters building. Last year, he took delivery of the multi-million dollar -- and thoroughly bugged -- Air Force One” (Wo-Lap Lam). The importance of Zemin is honored in the Chinese Constitution; a privilege only held by Mao Tse-tung and Deng Xiaoping, has boosted him into the record books. This eastern lion will long be remembered for his heroic deeds considering who’s side you fall on. On the omen side of things, Genghis Khans was resurrected in 1999,  an image pledge to the Chinese,  of his heroic courage to conquer the world. His efforts have not been forgotten and some pine his significance with a secret longing for another Genghis to appear.

Since March 1999 until April 2004, high-tech computers were forbidden from China in any type of trade deals. Yet, the Chinese do not stop sending delegations to Washington to lobby for easing the licensing of these technologies. Bush has never been linked to accepting Chinese cash, although, the dear Friends program has gotten to many in the congress, including Senator and Democratic presidential hopeful, John Kerry. For example, In 1996 Kerry met with Liu Chaoying, the daughter of a powerful Chinese military official who also doubled as vice president of a subsidiary of the state-owned China Aerospace Corp", documents surfaced in 2004. Johnny Chung staged a fund raiser "at a Beverly Hills hotel that raked in $10,000 for the senator Kerry’s  re-election campaign" (Smith c). The Chinese have used a policy that Mao did with the Russians when he got nowhere in land negotiations talks in Moscow with Stalin – that is to send more political savvy representatives to sweet-talk the administration. It could work this time for the Bush administration.

President Bush and Commerce Secretary Donald Evans met with Chinese Vice Premier Madam Wu Yi last week on trade issues such as advanced U.S. computer technology. Commerce Secretary Evans promised to ease curbs on exporting computers and other technology that could be used in Chinese weapons development. Wu also stated that China suffered big losses years ago when the U.S. government terminated satellite launch contracts that had been reached between American companies and the Chinese government (Smith Chinese Army Buys U.S).

Time will tell if The Bush administration goes along with selling advanced technology to the Chinese. However, to the scale Bill Clinton allowed the technology to flow out of the country can never be surpassed in American history. Why, because they received almost all of our secrets.

China's Long March 11C rocket took off Sunday, April 18, 2004,carrying its "first nanotechnology micro-satellite" and a mini-satellite ( Associated Press China's Long March). So advanced is this technology that the west is in deep fear. These satellites , still in the beta test phase, can latch on to any foreign satellite and release a charge that will disable the foreign satellite. War is proceeding into space and the Chinese are doing this with out technology.  They have dissected all the material that was sent over and now produce their own versions, but knowing the Chinese they have already began work on improving out systems. Like the resurrection of the Carthaginian Ship, they will out pass America in technology. Like, the early Muslims the ascertained military technology from a weakened empire then were poised to conquer the world. Like the Han venturing to the far west Tarim basin to ascertain wild Blood sweating horses to protect their economy, the Silk Road.  This movement is , and was earth shaking for the west, who in the next 10-20 years will need to confront the Chinese because they will one of the be leaders of the world. War is entering space, or the final frontier, and as history shows us who ever dominated the technology sector and has the ability to hold on to it with out selling it to another rival will dominate earth…then… the heavens. The Chinese have said that all their rulers have had the mandate from heaven, or more properly, that they were from heaven. Now the Chinese are on rout to return to heaven, with a little help of some friends.

Personal Significance:

The fearfulness that these two leaders will launch us into the first global thermonuclear war is of no regards for me, nor you. Many factors need to be in place for a dire decision to launch a full offense thermonuclear strike against America by China or visa-versa. The fear lies in the instability of China’s history of being taken over usually from the north by a foreign people who may not have the where –with-all to understand the importance of the having ones hands on life and death (The nuclear arsenal) of billions of people.

I personally became involved, in the summer of 1998, through a book that was published in 1568 by publisher named Benoist Rigaud. He had published a French man’s poems that had something to do with foreseeing the future of the world. The man had told a two world leaders who meet in the Seventh Month of 1999. One would come from heaven or had to do with the sky and the other would be resurrected. The were both called with the adjective great. The key words in the poem laid on two key words: defrayment and war that reigned by fortune.  I noted that the original seventh month during 1550s in France’s civil calendar converted to our own American calendar of September 11, 1999. I watched and I waited. Living in Los Angeles, being one of the key places in the world for the first information of critical importance, I had already heard about the  defrayment of nuclear weapons technology to China. I knew already, then, who was involved. There was no surprise when Clinton made a special trip across the world to talk face to face privately with Jiang Zemin, in Auckland New Zealand at the Asian Pacific Summit. The poem had pointed to two great lions who were to meet and somehow were implied as friends. Why else would one resurrect the other? The date was September 11, 1999, when they met face to face. It was also the date of the poem. I wondered at it all.  I watched the wire ( News Wire) for the dialoged. Clinton was there; Zemin was there; also, to help China join the elusive club called the World Trade Organization. Before Clinton was ushered into the top secret meeting with Jiang Zemin reporters questioned some of his motives. Even in the Summer of 1999 top Chinese officials had publicly voiced taking back Taiwan by nuclear weapons force. America who had signed an agreement many year earlier were politically tied that if attacked by anyone the United States would have to defend her. When Clinton was asked about his relationship with China and especially Jian Zemin he responded:  “My message is that our policy has not and will not change. We favor one China. We favor a peaceful approach to working out the differences. We favor the cross-strait dialogue. Our policy has not changed and it will not change” the president stressed (CIA Set 11 1999). Of course not!  I understood now that the poem must have meant these two men. This was a poem great significance in our collective history. This was a poem about two friends; Two friends that made a difference in this world. One fragile ego had allowed the compromise of common sense to creep in; the other had allowed fear of the past to pride its future. I began a vigorous search which brought me to uncover what that poem meant and what that significant time in history this had meant for the future of mankind. This is only a small survey of what happened during this tumultuous period in earth’s history.  However, the realization hit home, for me, when the press reported that day, after interviewing Zemin about the meeting, the President of China was asked how he felt about his relationship to the President of the United States: Zemin said, “I consider Bill my “Dear Friend.”



Dear Friends....




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General Note: Many Photos of Bill Clinton and Jiang Zemin together



Zemin Bio Notes:

He is married to Wang Yeping, his high school sweetheart, who formerly headed a Shanghai engineering research institute and the couple has two children. Jiang speaks Russian, English, and Romanian; he reads French and Japanese. His hobbies include reading poetry in English and singing American songs from the 1940s.



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* Granted Immunity after pleading


[[[[As Xiaoping tutored his protégé Zemin, he would never know that would be Zemin who would leave the economic policies]]]]




NOT LINKED TO A PLACE: . [Peasrson Education 'William Jefferson Clinton '2000.2003. infoplease>2004/cbio]


Notes For Awall


The First Pardoned Federal Felon ever to serve as President of the U.S, Bill Clinton receives pardon on January 21, 1977 from Carter.


Bill Clinton fails to report to his duty station at the University of Arkansas ROTC, September 1969.


* Bill Clinton reclassified 1-A on October 30, 1969, as enlistment with Army Reserves is revoked by Colonel E. Holmes and Clinton now AWOL and subject to arrest under Public Law 90-40 (2)(a) 'registrant who has failed to report...remain liable for induction'.

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[/Notes for Awall]



* Bill Clinton's birth date lottery number is 311, drawn december 1, 1969, but anyone who has already been ordered to report for induction, is INELIGIBLE!


* Bill Clinton runs for Congress (1974), while a fugitive from justice under Public Law 90-40.


* Bill Clinton runs for Arkansas Attorney General (1976), while a fugitive from justice.