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Obama needed to create no jobs because all he did was print endless money which destabilized the world. There was massive inflation and the federal reserve pumping fake money into the system kept the Wall Street Casinoites in power and prestige.
Why do you think he was constantly on the golf course or on vacation? He never had a need to work!
Obama failure at job

 OBAMANOMICS = Zimbabwean Dollar Model.

Ben Bernanke ( appoint. Fed Res. Chair), who just ran from office to hide, printed $52 -$58 Billion each month, at least what is known publically, out of nothing. In fact, Obama is so happy, Ben told him you will never run out of money, why not just shut down Congress and gives everyone a trillion dollars. Obama said, I would do that but I'm not American. I only support about 1%10% of the U.S.A. Population and desire to see the other 90% in graves, and of course those 1%ers to confiscate their land and wealth at the same time, because I'm one of them with all my power and perks now.

President Obama has reported less than $1,001 in his savings account. -- although he reported $10s of Millions on previous tax returns. TheWeekelyStandard reports, with official documentation.

2015 24 th October: US lawmakers, RINO/DINO ( souless and avaritic 1%ers in power) Increasing the government's $18.1 trillion borrowing cap so that it can continue to pay the top 20% of U.S. workers for the Government $$$Millions in perks, vacations and pension fees. The Austerity plans were to hurt the poor In Greece so that the top 20% in Greece can continue to get paid large amounts of benifits. So it was like welfare for the rich.

world vs. U.S. Democrat 1%ers? ( by Arc Michael ( me) 04 11 2015, Burbank Ca. 1:57 pm upload 2:06 pm
Often superpowers get respect by funding other lesser developed countries infrastructures, but the USA is broke after Obama's fleecing of the treasury, and saying if you do not agree, you must be a racist or mentally ill.

IRS wasted $5.6B on bogus Obama stimulus tax credits: Audit

New World Bank, b/c RINO/DINO printed $16 trillion and destroyed the U.S.A. Dollar value worldwide, despite the bubble inflation, masking the real issues of real backing on currency.

so now countries have abandoned the USA, and the Obama foreign policy is to have Islam take over America and their Latin Brothers.

March 31 deadline, 49 countries along with Taiwan and Hong Kong had applied to be founding members to this new world currency system.

meanwhile, Obama will take vacations, call for Christians to be shamed, and then go watch basketball or football, do nothing failure  -- all he ever did was to print endless money, which made in 2013, a top Asian academic and leader to announce a new world currency.

Good Job Ofrado!

OBAMA PAYS TAX RATE OF 20%... You pay 39% -41%. April 2014. Obama has more than $10,000,000 and made over $1,000,000 ( the publically admitted too) and he pays less taxes than some one making $11,000 a year. What is the solution. The Courts Broke, Police Broke, Authority broke, must eradicate then, it is the only way to save Earth is to get rid of the liars, hurters and these murderers.

Obama More Than Doubles Public Debt... ( feb. 2014). Obama's economy policies, why he did not run a budget for four strait years is that he uses the Zimbabwe model of when one needs money, just print it, as much as you want like.


Obama at 41% approval Rating ( Gallop 18 June 2014).

  1. The imperial Obama administration thinks that giving away free stuff and creating takers is the trick. But he forgot the psychology of takers. Takers are only happy as long as they are taking. The moment you take from them, they get angry. Additionally, useful idiots are only useful as long as they are idiots. Then they get angry, too. Very angry. I submit that a psychological storm is brewing among King Obama’s most useful minions.
    Read more at WND, Gina Loudon 23 June 2014


Obama's behavior in his personal childhood was to a bully others and he  took more than his share. This is more close to who Obama is in reality, rather than the talking teleprompter of nonsense.

Obama’s economic models come directly from his school days smoking weed/pot/ marijuana. According to his beloved Choom Gang ( a disrespectful Asian slang for Pot smoking club of degenerates) Obama bogarted the weed, and his friends claimed not to mind – the island was full of weed, and some of the best in the world at that time. But this issue is not smoking weed, the issue is that Obama took more than his fair share, while he has made a career to telling humans to take their fair share and not bogart. This does tell us a scientific fact. Obama is a lying fraud from the beginning and has nothing to do with his semi-sad childhood, without both parents constantly in the home. This tells us why Obama who believes in the

Book of Life :1 July  2010 © Michael Johnathan McDonald

1 July 2010 © Bookoflife.org

Legend: Hussein implies Barak Hussein Obama II.

Economic Failure: Wall Street Advisor: Actual Unemployment is 37.2%... Jan 2014.


Gallop: Generic Poll Jan 2014, week3:

41.5% support Republicans

40.0% support Democrats


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  Explaining Obama's Fraudulent Birth Certificate By Moi & Experts in the field

astrologers need accurate data:


David Maraniss’s book ‘Barack Obama: The Story’ revealed the existence of the Choom Gang (Choom is slang for smoking pot): This shows how Obama deals with sharing, wealth, distribution of wealth and attitudes he brought to the highest office in the land.

Obama’s Mother lived in the Philippines , remained, and sent Obama to Hawaii to live with her rich white realities. Ob ama went to a prestigious white Hawaiian privileged school, Punahou School, founded 1841, where Raymond Boyer, known as 'Gay Ray', Tom Topolinski and other rich white kids, known collectively as the Choom Gang, a combined connotative South Asian lingo for a unique descriptive for ‘a weed smoking club or group of people.’ Marijuana is not the issue, a popular name a weed called throughout history by many names, alleged medicinal properties, used throughout history. The issue is Obama’s ideology in life of equality, sharing, distribution from the greedy and rich to the poor or under class. However, Obama seemed to bogart ‘weed’  a popular term for someone that takes more than their share of the groups’ proceeds or weed. This forces us to understand Obama is just another fraud, he even lies about equality, while taking more than his fare share in personal settings. The poor have gotten worse under Obama, not better and only a small population set of immigrants fared much better than the poor because of political racism where U.S. citizens whos grandparents worked hard, make little, saved for their children, are not being systematically overlooked, and on purpose, to give jobs to racist foreigners who beg and plea that they will eventually kill or throw-out every American family for the sake of LA RAZA == biological determinism of the brown skinned humanoid.

In Washington D.C., Insider Trading ( Federal Laws otherwise puts people away for years with large fines) remains permissible and fully legal, as The District of Columbia lay outside of the jurisdiction from Federal U.S. Gambling laws - as Wall Street or the Global Stock Market is a pyramid gambling scheme, only legalized with regulations and complex codes.

Here, according to Obama's Choom Gang member in biography:

'Barry also had a knack for interceptions. When a joint was making the rounds, he often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted "Intercepted!", and took an extra hit. No one seemed to mind.' Yet, this perhaps was a permissible rule, and also interjected by Obama who seems to have capitalized. Today, Washington D.C. is where one gets rich, and currently the city itself and surroundings is having a boomtown episode.

Despite hearing endless campaign cash and funding speeches Obama to me vacations, realized it's about having fun and screw everyone else, and just worked hard to get to the point of the ultimate ‘HIGH',   the highest office in the land, now a place to party.

Before Obama went to the Middle East to carouse around the Mujahedeen he attended another white privileged college just off of Mulholland amid the San Fernando Valley and Beverly Hills Los Angeles. Here he transfers to Columbia, at New York --- usually one can do this if they have not completed most of their undergrad units, happens all the time. He then goes on to Harvard J.D. Law at Harvard, and claims he taught at Chicago for 8 years – although the only credible documents seem to point to one year or even maybe one semester as an adjunct or Ph.D. student teacher. Nevertheless, Obama’s white and privileged white upbringing usually brings about thrusting one’s elbows into a group of stoners to bogart the weed.



Photo from HuffPo < no author mentioned >Vanessa Hudgens Jogs In Disney-Inspired Marijuana Shirt Posted: 01/30/2014 11:41 am EST | Updated: 01/30/2014 9:59 pm EST

    Economic Drug & Kill Government Program

However, tens of millions remain incarcerated for possession, sale and distribution of marijuana, tens of thousands killed in the legal ‘kill the poor’ War on Drugs platform. This was needed in Miami in the 1981 when Reagan sent the U.S. Military to get Rosella ( Cocaine Columbia, Queen who tutored Pablo Escobar in Miami) because she brought The Cuban Revolution to the shores and city of Miami; but the War on Drugs is a massive helter skelter program thereafter. It destroys millions upon millions of lives, while Hollywood, Washington D.C. are a wash in drug dealers to placate their drug takers. Bill Clinton admits he smoked pot hundreds of times but never inhaled. Obama was the first to openly admit he smokes weed or marijuana, he celebrated his pot club in his Hawaiian Middle School Annual Year Book – he could not hide it. Still, ‘Keep off the Grass,” was a Federally Commissioned study done in the 1920s-1940s but kept from the public for another 20 years. All these doctors and academics could find in all of history, and there is plenty of weed production in all of history was that it caused short term memory that would return after stop smoking and while taking heavy doses each day can but not definitely lower the sperm count. Otherwise there were no other harms it cited. Still, weed is federally outlawed, and prohibition happened when whites complained about migrant Mexican workers who were fond of the hemp plant. So it 'weed' banned over racism. Unlike alcohol, one can splash water on one’s face and come back to normalcy. Weed is the most powerful pain killer and depression stimulant – because there are a number of chemicals that achieve multi medical applications.

Why are our Washington D.C. Leaders Racist and Dinosaurs? Banning weed at the Federal Level was done solely for racist reasons, and progressives turned out to be dictocrats predicated upon White Heritage elite families – now turned Economic Elite against the Poor Class.

The poor can be defined as family and physical hardship or abandonment, and the poor had no medical so they turned to God’s natural remedies – so what did the rich elite class do? ( this implies all sub classes of Federally defined Middle Class). They banned it and began to incarcerate the poor who used ‘weed’ and this chart can be scientifically matched to the cross section of a massive increase in numbers in jail on drug offenses and the decreasing number of mental institutions and federal poor programs halted under Ronald Reagan.  All this did was push the poor and orphans from living in beds and getting help to metal bars and a life of racial indoctrination. Unlike reality, in California Prisons, which are most possibly like any other) have inmate codes to racially segregate, in spite of staff and programs to keep the general population integrated at some level. Therefore, Jail is not about rehabilitation or in general if one is an orphan who needs to take part in petty crimes, such as selling dope on the streets has absolutely no option to human rights. So in the late 1990s, academics and citizens began to notice this pattern of shifting without correcting the program. Here, pro-Marijuana activist are one step to correcting an old racist law. Then again, this exposes them to supporting human rights because they view the general people as human, whereas the elite, beit racial but always economical, do not see things in perspectives of a human community.

What is the War on Drugs? It is Like Prohibition, same outcomes:

During prohibition, the Italian Mafia and others became rich for supplying Washington D.C. diplomats, Congress, The White House and the courts with strong alcohol.  The public if caught imbibing would go directly to jail or pay a fine. The elite have always been the leading among us, and everyone’s view is away from that center.




Dec 2013-Jan '14:  After $4M Vacation, Obama lectures U.S. Poor on Income Inequality... Obama is a not a role model to his own rhetoric, thus he is telling us he is a dangerous fraud to the human race. Obama continues to live wealthier than almost all kings in all of history while making ‘austerity’ his program for the people. How can he call himself ‘hope and change?’ He did making him a part of Satan’s Army.


U.S.A. Growth 2.3% in 2012-2013

China Grwoth 11%  2012-2013

What does this mean Obama, the idiot? It means U.S. manufacturing is over there and not here.

Communist China (1949-1976) Mao Tse-tung Growth, mean 3%.  

Even Communist China had a better economy than the U.S.A. All Obama does is vacation, persecute Christians, kill world leaders against international rules, assassinate farmers and the poor in the middle east, he is a part of Satan’s Army.



92 Americans Out of Work, 10 Jan. 2013, Obama and Democrats and many Republicans in office want to give 12,000,000 -20,000,000 foreigners U.S. Homes and Jobs, hoping that this legislation would secure their reelection. The word on Capital Hilll is that the people do not matter 'first,' being re elected is more important, so hurting people in this process is permissible.

The Congress Approval Has been a grade of F- for two decades now, and there has been no revolution, thus there must be no hope.  Obama has done some good policies but he by no means brought hope or change.  Obamacare is an insurance racket, the U.S.A. already had Free HealthCare for all since the 1950s, I know I got a knee surgery from County USC Medical Center In DownTown L.A. in 2,001 A.D. So there is not much Obama has done but very bad things and little to nothing of the good things to off-set this. I guess Obama has lost because the Republicans, except for Obamacare, actually went along with his programs that all failed.

Obama's policies, not the MEAMIC history books or newspaper is the cause of this. All he does it take vacations and fundraise ( where he speaks from a teleprompter, perhaps he has no mind of his own). Jan. 2013 A.D.

Record Number of Women Not In Labor Force…
Growth slumps...
Slowest /in three years < now 7.5 years, updated>
1,500 people camp out for chance to apply for job.
'For Every new Job Added‚ Nearly 5 People Left the Workforce'
MSNBC: 'Awful,' 'Very bad,' 'Ugly'…

The latest update comes from a Dec. 5-8 poll. Gallup has documented a steady increase in concern about big government since 2009, rising from 55% in March 2009 to 64% in November 2011 and 72% today.


Record High in U.S. Say Big Government Greatest Threat | Now 72% say it is greater threat than big business or big labor

by Jeffrey M. Jones

PRINCETON, NJ -- Seventy-two percent of Americans say big government is a greater threat to the U.S. in the future than is big business or big labor, a record high in the nearly 50-year history of this question. The prior high for big government was 65% in 1999 and 2000. Big government has always topped big business and big labor, including in the initial asking in 1965, but just 35% named it at that time. ( gallup, 18 Dec. 2013).


Under Obama universities are funded less ( so less buisness talents), government workers are funded more, pensions, advances, just give them monies because you support my team, Obama intends. The rich and poor had been dividing for decades, but Under Obama it has speeded up to NAZI proportions. When France and England beat up Germany, they collapsed the German economy. So the only thing left to do was to print monies from nothing, and this caused vapid inflation. Then the entire German Economy collapse, leading to the Germans looking for a savior in the form of Adolf Hitler voted in democratically. Obama is printing money ( 2013 INCREASED TO $58,000,000,000 A MONTH) from nothing so the U.S.A. will never run out of funds, just the people around the world will stop taking U.S.A. currency or devalue it to include a standard billion dollars to buy one hamburger or a cheese Danish. When the German economy collapsed due to Military and counter espionage by France and England, one could see families carrying wheelbarrow full of paper monies to buy one loaf of bread. Obama is leading the U.S.A. into the same direction. He and Hitler were born with the same Chinese astrology sign, their mesmerizing speeches are but hatred but the people see it as calming and exhilarating rhetoric.


most of the time, Gallup has honest statistical math systems: Results for this Gallup poll are based on telephone interviews conducted Dec. 5-8, 2013, with a random sample of 1,031 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

For results based on the total sample of national adults, the margin of sampling error is ±4 percentage points at the 95% confidence level.


(2) 7th January 2013 Bookoflife.org: John Boehner, Republican, Speaker of the House of Representatives claims Obama threatened Him during his face-to-face economic  negotiations.


Obama a self described socialist, 10/19/1998, Loyola University conference speech “I actually believe in redistribution,” an audio recording , Obama, 10/19/’98, full quote in context, at Loyola Press Conference.

First what is the poverty line for a single adult? It is about $14,000 per year and below is the single person amount need for a redistribution of wealth, equally to all U.S.A. people, citizens and non-citizens for a single year.


This comes to $4,480,000,000,000 ($4.48 quadrillion) dollars in tax revenue need to support 320 million at the poverty level, per year.


Barack Hussein Obama Sept 2013, as in other months he believes this: 'RAISING DEBT CEILING DOES NOT INCREASE OUR DEBT'...


Barack Hussein Obama ii suffers from becoming a U.S. President too early in his political career. He should have waited four to eight more years before running. No matter if you love him, hate him or careless, Obama is bumbling through his two terms, and rich people that used to pay $20,000-$30,000 in their own health care costs will now drop to $2,000 a year which is the ultimate failure of Obamacare. Obamacrea favors the rich and taxes unnecessarily on the poor and lower middle classes. Obama has already exempted much of the rich and wealthy government and state jobs associated to Unions – you now the million dollar pension plans. they are excused by Obama and they are the only group of U.S. individuals that actually make good money any longer. Free healthcare, including free healthcare for illegals and poor had always existed since the finishing of World War II. You had to wait and wait a while in line to get help, but it was free and there is no evidence that now everyone will have to wait because of the doctors retiring because of low pay and lack of domestically trained nurses.

Budgets: 2008-Oct 17 2013:

Democrats have not passed a Federal Budget for 5 years and counting. Why? Well, because you do not need to report your activities on financial matters when you do not have a budget, Constitutional Law. Why would the Democratic Not Pass a budget? It is because one can embezzle trillions of dollars, because no one really knows where all of these $12,000,000,000 US dollars ( Obama reign only not previous, which today is at $17 Trillion, Obama just signed into law another $1 trillion dollars to be printed out of nothing, signed into law around 12:24 pm PST ( Convert to EST) 17 Oct. 2013,  have gone too. All we know is that people on Capital Hill are making $100,000,000s of dollars on salaries of $180,000 per year.  America is over and corruption has gripped Washington D.C.

passed by Congress 14 billion shy of 1$ trillion dollars in printed monies without backing or jobs to support it. So soon, the American dollar will be worth nothing.

$986,000,000,000 debt promoted by the Democratic Party and signed into law by Barack Hussein Obama at 12:34 abouts Washington D.C., which is the morning so 17 Oct 2013. Here is the chart. Anyone with the exact time of Obama's signature. I was watching news cable and they mentioned the time the signature by the US pres. The exact amount was $14 BILLION less than a full $1 Trillion dollars. so this is actually larger than the stimulates. At this point, in about 3 years, it will take $1,000 to buy a can of rootbeer or an orange crush soda. Going to a movie may cost you $23,000 dollars. The sky is the limit when Obama has money printing machines all over the white hosue working 24/7/365.2424! ;D

For example, Zimbabwe currency used to be $1 =$1 British or $1=$1 US Dollar in 1970s, then the leaders, zimbabwe left wingers like Obama declared, let us buy money printing machines and print at will, this will solve our cash flow problems. Today, zimbabwe currency = $1 US dollar = $100,000,000,000,000 ( $100 trillion dollars) – so Democrats keep printing money and docile repubs keep supporting them, including Ted Cruz, a leftwing wacko! The revolution with blood will come when the US poor and lower classes began to starve or get sick from eating poverty, GMO crap food.


The $12 trillion of [Obama created, as today 17 Oct 2013 $17 Trillion] outstanding government debt is 23 times the $517 billion Lehman owed  Bloomburg.com. It was the Lehman Brothers that kicked off the 2008 global financial crises.


Local NPR news in LA has reported (  17 Oct 2013) 6 Democratic city governors and 1 Republican city governor  of large main cities like Anaheim and Santa Ana, not small cities want to change the California Const. to raise the sales tax on all Californians to pay for rich retirement packages of less than $10 of Californians that work for the government. They have millions of dollars in pension plans, but are complaining that they feel suppressed and their human rights are being violated because they are asked not to ask for raises in such a bad economy. Why is this important? It is a critical sign that cities in the California financial market are running out of money to keep cities running. If the cities default, then chaos ensues. The reason why inflation is caused by these debt ceiling crises is  “let us print money from nothing programs,” it will lead to war.

A very bad Omen came when A stenographer for the House began shouting about God, free masons during shutdown vote just after the House finalized the Bill to go to Obama for signing. She claims in an Email to Fox News that she had dreams of God coming to her for two weeks, telling her to get up and make these claims: She said, this is not one nation under God, then went on about free masons, because the point is/was the greed, the heinous greed of Washington D.C. Representatives in a bubble of their own world, not caring about anything but being 're-elected.'

So this chart astreological is interesting.  ~ 12:34 am. Washington D.C. time, thus 17 Oct. 2013. Obama signed debt increase bill. $986,000,000,000 .
biggest problem? = 8 th house of shared resources, banks, lending institutions. Any lessons learned? I think not! That is the sign to tell you that things were not learned. We will have this same thing in about three months ( Feb. 2014). and again, Dem. faculty of Obama's admin will call the opposition Hostage takers, terrorists, the usual stuff found on blogs across the world.  
which I stayed up until 4:00 am to see  alpha leonis, it was beautiful , and Comet ISON is next to Mars at this time. In this $1 trillion dollar robbery chart, = 2 nd house of personal finances. So the destroyer has destroyed your finances, and it is linked to the 'little king' star, perhaps a clue to who was behind this robbery. al ghoul, the demon head cut of head star is on the 'masses ' cusp of the 10.11 th. = alpha = financial bullying. It cannot get better than this. = spica ( alpha virginis) is harvest. So this is our harvest, and that harvest was stolen, as in a robbery. Printing money from nothing leads to distrust of other nations and if they have a military they will use it to kill all your citizens. The reason the US can get away with this is that academics make WMD and the Milita omplex and this is used as threats to other nations to buy our fraudulent dollars.

pria'pus (hypothetical) the male version of sits at the PED to the massive vortex at the center of the Milky Way. I’ve linked this male version to desire or an uncontrolled desire , and this male version can be interpreted as a desire to throw the US financial interests into a deep black hole, never to see it again. It is no wonder for a short period, Congress approval had shrunk to 5% now hovering around 15% approval.  

Here is some advanced astrology. Mars and Venus over globular clusters = rare. However, there are three in Oct 2013, and these are the only occulations for Mars or Venus of GC in 2013.

point of observational data: tel Aviv, Israel.

Date (DMY) Hour, Planet degree Globular cluster, mag, elongation.

01 10 2013  04 Venus  0.61  NGC5897  8.53  45

23 10 2013  22  Venus  0.18  M19  6.77   47

25 10 2013  12  Venus  0.40  NGC6293  8.22  47

Yikes, all = money b/c rules



Horoscope Part II

Both Horoscopes are discussed, however the Mombasa is used mainly as it functions more accurately to current events in Hussein’s life and career.

Notes on Methodology:

A lack of a substantive interpretation of the 44th U.S. President’s horoscope nudged me to take on an attempt to clarify certain things. There were no in-depth, despite an Indian attempt which is rather good but the graphics poor and quite confusing, product that I have found.  So here is some textual commentary. Most people who cannot read an astrology chart and for the ones who can, can go online and produce one in a matter of minuets for visual references. Otherwise I give some of the data in astrological notation.  I do give the coordinates and two Hussein locality choices – there are two locations for the birth place and I provide here and with historical notes – these choices too choose from. I’m not very adapting too explaining historical star- interpretations but any use of them immensely in my portfolio of Barak Hussein Obama clarifies what rather traditional psychological astrology tends to miss the mark. In some sense this interpretation is not for novices;  but it is for persons who have some inkling and experience in reading or understanding astrology.

Powerful statistics for Hussein:

Part II

Barack Hussein Obama's APPROVAL SINKS TO 37%  ( October 9 th 2013).

The U.S.A. People understand Obama has lied ( alpha , Sertan , a.k.a. acubens) = liar. The N.S.A., modern F.B.I., modern C.I.A., circa 1947 A.D. has alpha , Sertan , a.k.a. acubens) = liars on a global scale.( U.S. government said the N.S.A. did not exist from 1947 -2007 A.D.). This means there was no real democracy. These alphabet agencies started wars around the world without a democratic vote. Obama continues these policies.

Added section 17 July 2010:

Obama’s Part of Commerce

Obama’s Part of Commerce is 00LEO11' and in the 12th house. It is opposed his Grand – Conjunction in the 6th house, representing point of demise (Saturn) and point of expansion (Jupiter). These lines of algebraic compilation are a part of a schemata attributed to bored Arabs who pushed astrological knowledge by ingenuity and by curiosity. To calculate the point of commerce, there are a few ways. One way is to place the Sun on the ascendant and there where the Mercury lies will be the degree and sign of the part of commerce.

Wall Street Advisor: Actual Unemployment is 37.2%...

The first thing we note is that it is in the twelfth house, and at a 150 degree position from its home sign of Virgo. So there is tension already in the way Obama seeks to understand commerce. Next, being the karmic sign and sanguine – in the 12th house, this is part of Obama’s lesson in life. There are no harmonic aspects to Mercury in Obama’s chart, there is however three strong negative alignments to his Mercury. First is Mercury as the part of commerce is opposed to Jupiter in the sixth house. This tells us that the native tends to gloss over contracts and legal documents. The native also ignores details that does not fit his preconceived economic ideology. This negative tension ‘can’ create economic disasters as a result. Since Jupiter is the strongest of the two opposing planets, the other being Saturn, it is the strongest. Jupiter in a natives chart as a part of Expansion ( so general that the sign and degrees must be applied) amplifies the negative part of Mercury because of the opposition.

The next position we look at is the part of Saturn, or part of demise. Mercury is also opposing this planet from the twelfth and Saturn lay in the sixth house. Thus, this part of commerce aspects which is negative again pertains to individuals who are suspicious of how commerce works. This tends toward rash actions, because Mercury is in Leo a fire – sign. This aspect to Saturn also breeds a cunning (liar) as part of the symbolism of the snake ( oil-salesman) in the garden of Eden. Thus these native tend to sell a family a-bill-of-goods. These types of commerce aspects show up in the traveling swindler. Finally, this aspect to Saturn from the part of commerce makes a native a partisan and owns a narrow mind.

The influences of the 12/6 axis and the part of commerce pertains to services, social issues, including slaves, bondage, incarceration, corporations who use economic slave – labor, and medical, health, and nutrition issues. Saturn as the cusp indicates a certain amount of ‘hidden’ injuries as a general concept that are difficult to diagnose.

Both Saturn and Jupiter are retrograde in the horoscope of Obama. Many expert astrologers who say the world implications and momentum of an African heading up the U.S.A. did not want to analyze the horoscope for Obama – thus they may lose customers who idolize his otherwise messiah-complex.

When Obama’s Sun rose over Mombassa, where he was born, Algol culminated with his Moon. This made Algol the Part of Fortune for Obama. The passion Algol gives-out is anti-herocial and therefore the passion to bring mediocrity is expressed as a powerful emotion to the native.

Obama has a supergrand – trine to his Algolian Moon and M.C. using the ancient system of Helical rising charts, known to be used in the ancient times, as well as some of the medieval times, because birth times were not usually known of leaders who did not broadcast them – nor were their archives or newspapers to access these informations. Algol prominent in Obama’s chart assures him he will have a portion of the population that will live-and-die breathing his causes and agendas.

Obama’s natal square to his part of commerce indicates complete or frustrated ignorance to how economies work. A decent lesson would be to return to school and read some diverse historians, such as a great Chinese historian, where one will find they commented that when the bureaucracy became to large, it became entangled and the economy suffered so the leaders, or new leaders gave back to the individuals their rights to own their own businesses and make decisions for themselves. This spurred on the economy until it recovered where the Chinese like clockwork, again bureaucratized the economy until it again at some future point in time stagnated. When the Democratic Party overwhelmingly defeated the republicans in both the house and the Senate and passed bills to pay-off banks, their special interest groups, their constituents, like the unions, the U.S.A. Economy began to falter because of this Chinese lesson of entanglement and bureaucratizing.

Obama’s natal Algolian midheaven star as his Sun rises connected directly to the British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster because on the day of the explosion and Algol rose with the Sun over the Oil Rig. One of the major stock holders sold a few-days prior to the disaster a huge portion of his stocks, he had learned that methane had began to become a serious problem. The key –point is that Algol is often lined to fire and secret sources have confirmed that a worker on the rig was told not to light up and smoke a cigarette ( perhaps they did not tell him about the excess methane for reasons of public panic) but he went ahead anyway and lit up his cigarette which caused the explosion. Since Obama has Algol in his chart, the world events under Algo affect him and his administration.


Aug 2013:

Added section 2 July 2010:

Obama’s 11th house progressed Moon while he is president.

Obama’s natal Moon is nocturnal, so it has double power. It is over the P.E.D. of the passionate star of Algol, and this gives emphasis to the emotional responses of the characteristics of the eleventh house placement -- which is diurnal and is in the public sector. a kep phrase for the eleventh house is ‘Social affair.” The Moon in this placement intends a person who likes to experiment on large groups of people. If unstable, a certain ‘madness’ can accompany this position if in affliction. A madness comes in affliction, and can show-up as one-upmanship, a trait Obama appears to be suffering from in view of economic criticism that the American Recovery Act did not produce any jobs, but in fact the U.S. is still losing jobs as of July 2010. Currently the Moon is approaching a conjunction to the progressed position of Chiron. However, too, the Moon is in opposition to the progressed North Node, Uranus and Venus.

This ‘madness’ can prove emotionally unstable, perhaps, a person that wallows in guilt privately, or a person unable to escape from their woundedness that Chiron brings, a type of lesson to not wallow in self pity. Obama does not like being attacked for his operations of human social engendering. One such engineering is not taking care of the U.S. boarder, and claiming that the U.S. is unable to arrest illegals and deport them. Today, illegals cross the boarder and go directly to welfare offices and receive cash, food and employment benefits and their records are not usually recorded. They can go to any county hospital and receive all of the medical treatment any rich person can pay for, including heart transplants. It costs the U.S. trillions of dollars, but like during the 1950s, and the Decade of the Wetback, Washington D.C. special interest groups pay-off U.S. senators to ignore the problem with brown-paper bag monies.

In 1954 Dwight E. Eisenhower had to combat this same problem. Farmers in California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas sent their brown –paper bags to Washington D.C. to pay-off congressmen to ignore the economic fall-out of U.S. citizens losing jobs to illegal immigrants that were mainly crossing over the boarder from the Rio Grand. The economic affects reached the ears of Washington D.C. in what became known as the ‘Decade of the WetBack.” From intense opposition, Eisenhower order the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service ( INS) to arrest and deport these illegal farm workers. he sent out 1075 boarder agents and about 650 state and local officials also took part. They extracted illegals for mainly four states, Arizona, California, Texas and Nevada. On a daily average they arrested about 1,000 to 1,100 illegals who were mainly from Mexico. Mexican authorities at that time cooperated with the U.S.A. Eisenhower then had these illegals put on buses or rails and sent deep into the interior of Mexico so it would be difficult for them to return. Compared to today, were only a small fraction of violent criminals that are illegal are deported to boarder towns and within days are back into the U.S.A. and at the welfare offices. Since the Mexican and Latino voting block from decades of illegal immigration and three amnesties are now citizens and vote, the Democrats have aligned this voting block to their Democratic National Party. They lure the immigrants with free monies, benefits and union jobs on U.S. tax-payers expense. This permissive and illegal Democratic Party mission that defies Federal Authority set up by Eisenhower to arrest illegals, allows the Democratic Party to cater to Latino votes and change general elections. On the other hand, La Raza, connotatively meaning the Race of Latinos as a superior race of humans to all other races, now have bases on campuses of all major U.S. colleges and universities and the A.C.L.U. is their spoke person for complete freedom to cross the boarder and take over America.

Today, we have ICE, the equivalent of those special agents that Eisenhower set up to arrest and deport illegal immigrants. However, ICE sits in their offices and does nothing. The illegals are at U.C. schools, on street corners is large gatherings and work in many retail chains -- most using falsified social security numbers in which the Democratic Party has set up special bank accounts for the collection of these taxes that are not returned to the illegals. Eisenhower had over 1,000,000 illegal immigrants arrested and deported during what was called ‘Operation Wetback.” However, there were about 500,000 to 700,000 who left out of feat back to Mexico. From about 1944 to 1954 Mexican illegal migrations that crossed the Rio Grand escalated to 6,000 %. Los Angeles pays out about $350,000,000 per month to illegals in social benefits (this includes medical, food, cash, employment). La Raza employment establishments in heavily occupied districts of Latinos will not hire whites or blacks -- most in retail establishments. However, they will happily take your business. So the issue that Obama cares about me or the millions that are like me is a total lie. His former reverend Jeremiah Wright preached the destruction of the white people as a mission to accomplish, and Obama admits that he was schooled by him for twenty-years and is very grateful.

Obama is very passionate about completing Reverend Wright’s agenda. Obama’s 11th house progressed Moon while he is president seeks to add to this particular motif. The emotions of social retribution that Obama adheres too are evident in his workings as the 44th U.S.A. president for change and hope. His pastor hopes that all the white people die and so we know how grateful Obama is on this issue. Since Obama’s natal Moon is linked directly to Algol, some say the most evil of all the stars, it carries its starry-expression to the management of the greater group-masses of Americans and illegals that Obama oversees as a directive. At any time Obama can have ICE arrest the illegals, but that is not his plan -- too uphold the Law of the United States of America.

I used to stand out on the corner paint stores before the injuries to my leg where I need an operation and now with my eyesight destroyed by the Berkeley Eye Center I cannot work, witnessed for over a decade how Democrat Los Angelinos would pick-up the illegal painters and pay them under the table to escape California and federal laws. They usually by- passed me because of the color of my skin. If they chose not to pay an illegal, which sometimes happened, they knew the illegal could do nothing about it. The police had special order number 40 where they could not ask nor arrest any illegal, but they certainly were not going to advocate for their payments if they were ‘stiffed.’ Also, if the illegal fell off a ladder and seriously injured themselves, these Democratic homeowners knew they did not have to pay them severance nor compensation. It was here that I began to understand ‘real’ politics. Like the Democrats of the South in antebellum times used free black-slave labor, this was exactly the same thing, to a lesser extent. Most of the jobs I was picked up for were Republicans, and they paid about minimum wage, but at least I had some money instead of nothing. This practice of Democrats picking up illegals still happens today. I would say it is about 90% Democrats and 10% Republicans – republicans being more aware of laws and obeying them compared to Democrats who use irrationality such as they need work to – too skirt the laws and protect themselves and payless. Obama stated in a speech on the final day of the month of June of 2010 that illegals are in fact future citizens. The Moon in the eleventh house has a tendency if heavily afflicted to illustrated activists who rebel against the existing structure – thus ‘personal’ revolutionaries. The Moon in this house is all about activism in a social setting.

The eleventh house moon is also an indicator that the native is ‘extremely’ ideological. Despite the dishonesty of Obama’s claims that he is not ideological and that his media cronies ‘parrot’ his every utterance, he is almost fully-functioning ideologue. Along with the affliction to the Moon creating the ‘madness’ scenario, Obama will lack self-control.

Now that we link the Moon’s opposition to Venus in this progression, he cannot fail to stop his ideology of spending the economy out of existence. Timothy Githner, his economic mastermind is bent on the notion that government taxing and then spending it rather than giving the money to the people to spend it on their meritable skills is also illustrated with the Moon’s position in Obama’s eleventh house in that he cannot escape these moody and emotional friends he surrounds himself with – and is a structure outlined in his horoscope which shows that most of his planets are in the west where he relies on others and is not a born natural leader.

A nocturnal Moon is powerful indeed. It represents someone that is feminine, responsive ( in which Obama is), indirect and impressionable ( Jeremiah Wright, Jr’s influence on Obama’s outlook on ethnocentrisms). What is disturbing is that Obama’s Moon will conjunct Chiron on 11 July 2010 over the eclipse. But the worst is yet to come. From fear from the public in which the state of the nation, the direction of the country and the approval of the Democratic Party are at all time lows in American history, he will cut-off all access to truth and communication from July 2010 to July 2011. THis is because his Moon begins a long and drawn out opposition to his Pluto, in which is connected to Thuban, a star of celebrity in ancient days, of the constellation of Draco. While Many of the 1961 natives born have Thuban and Pluto, the combinations of stars-to-planets and stars-to-angles triggers the more personal to global apparentcy ( my word, as apparent). By cutting-off communication to what Obama is secretly doing it will appear as emotional manipulation of the media, in which is most likely to manifest as his Moon makes forty-five degree aspects to his ascendant and medieval axes.

So Chiron and Moon make a conjunction before the Opposition begins to wax; its long road into the mid-aspect phase around December and then waning into next July, the year of 2011.


Dragon Star

July 1 st 2010

Obama has so many demonic stars that it is overwhelming. He has Algol connected to his natal Moon in P.E.D. He has alpha star of Hydra, called Alphard, connected to his Sun –which rose after his Sun.  And he has Pluto connected to Thuban’s P.E.D., the alpha Dragon Star. So what could go wrong? We know that Satan’s marked character is a liar, the father of lies.

Obama’s Pluto is over the P.E.D. of the Dragon alpha star Thuban. For 2010 in the Summer the progression is at 08VIR37. Alpha Draco is a pale yellow star in the tail section of the Dragon – it is associated in most cultural myths – and has been linked to ad nausea as ‘Satan,’ ‘Lucifer,’ or the ‘evil one’ in the Garden of Eden. Thuban’s Longitude position for 2,000 A.C.E. is 07VIR27. Obama’s natal Pluto position is 06VIR57’39” at 12n33 and at the domicile ( house position) of 7.01. Since the seventh house is our house of marriage and since Pluto represents more of a global perspective, our world married Satan. Obama is the first president to have Thuban conjoined to his Pluto. Thuban’s historical astrology interpretation, including Ptolemy’s interpretation – but even Babylonian sources -- confirm that Thuban is the holder and distributer of money. Since money rules the economy or world, Thuban’s control usually meant power. So how Obama handles this power represents our global economy. Obama stated in his biographies that he had spent twenty- years in the pews of former Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr taught that white people were the devil, created by a white devil and bent on killing of all colored people -- that was their only aim in life. So Obama’s past represents a character construction of his current rule. As illegal immigrants poor into the U.S.A. looking for work and grouping with anti-Americans to take over the controls of the U.S.A. Obama stated in a speech on July 1 2010 that he cannot control the boarders and he is suing Arizona that passed a law to uphold a previous federal law of arresting and deporting illegal immigrants. Most of the reality lay in that illegal immigrants are mainly Latin Americans, and most of the new voting block is Latin and the Democrats have appeased this group to win office and keep control of power. So Obama does not follow U.S. Federal Law because he and the Democratic Party would lose a large voting block. The case against the illegal Democrats is that they control most of the blue-collar jobs, and even the black community is angry too. On all the American campuses racist clubs called La Rasa are allowed public and private fund access to recruit their ethno racist group. La Raza, mean ‘the race,’ and in connotation it means ‘the superior race.’ When Barry Goldwater voted against Civil Rights, the blacks who were formally Lincoln Republicans switched sides and the Democratic Party, the party of NAZIS and racists started to cater to blacks because of their increasingly political power in the communities as a voting block. Now that many Blacks because of sports or hip-hop are multi-millionaires and leaders in various industries, the new minority to appease is La Raza. This is why Obama is suing Arizonian. He wants the Racists to vote for the Democratic Party to keep him in power because he has Thuban as his power behind the coveter of the golden apples. The Dragon in the Garden of Eden (today’s White House and America’s lands) is the possessor of the Golden Apples. Only with Thuban, this possessor distributes the golden apples to his demons.

Thuban in Ptolemy’s virtues insist that this star bring good fortunes. When Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron were in the third deconate of Aquarius, they traversed Alpharaz, the Alpha Star of Cassiopeia – which is popularity. Neptune is transiting Obama’s ascendant from May 2009 (months after he was elected) and will continue into 2011. The Global Popularity of Obama was immense across the Globe. He has been called by Arabs, Chinese, and Europeans as the Messiah. He will bring hope and change to the world. But in order to understand what was wrong, we listened to his campaign speeches and fundraising speeches. On Millionaire Row in San Francisco, he implied Christians were evil, calling them ‘bitter and clinging to their guns and Bible.” If Jesus was correct, false Messiahs’ will arise toward the end times. Most of the world is turning away from religion and clinging to lust, greed, wantonness, violence, and narcissism.

Right now the Democratic Party is emboldened to global corporations. A decade ago the Democratic Party was identifying the Republican Party to global corporations. However, Obama made his Democratic Party pay-off the C.E.O. of Wall Street, the Insurance groups, the government unions, and corporate banks. Almost all of Obama’s cabinet members have worked or work for Fannie Mae, including his Supreme Court Nominee, extremist-leftist Kagan.

When the British Petroleum Oil rig collapsed into the ocean of 22 April 2010 after exploding on 20 April 2010 (at that latitude, Algol was the heliacal star rising that day, and also was associated years before with the massacre of Columbine High School), on 5 May, Obama turned down B.P.’s request to have the Netherlands provide the state of the art oil cleanup – ocean vessels. Obama and his administration (specifically the State Department) finally admitted 28 June of 2010 that over 30 countries had offered to provide state of the art clean up tools for the massive oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Obama admitted on 29 of June that he had finally accepted five countries. Canada ( boons), Croatia ( technical advice), Norway ( state of the art skimmers), Japan ( expertise technical) and Netherlands. On 5 May, Netherlands told the White House they would offer their services for free, and still Obama believed that the clean-up was solely on the shoulders of B.P. who was trying to cover up the spill because their stocks are linked to insurance and investment groups that British Citizens use for retirement funds.

Clinton is South Africa enjoying the World Cup had issued a statement far from Washington in the last week of June of 2010. How about the U.S. Navy. In fact, the U.S. Navy has had equipment from day one, but Obama has refused to allow the Navy to help in the cleanup. He also ordered Louisiana Governor Jindal not to break federal laws and prepare for oil to hit the shores of his state. Video of the National Coast Guard blocking Jindal’s efforts in videos made the Obama media machine to recognize that this was going on and could not as they usually do cover up their secret operations. The U.S. Navy had always been prepared to help and the question to why Obama has been controlling media blackouts and not allowing help has led to the obvious – he is in partnership to these global corporations.

If you know history, it was British Petroleum that asked the U.S.A. CIA to overthrow the Iranian government. Now Obama is entrusting British Petroleum to put dispersants called Correx into our ocean and not tell us what the compound is made of. In fact, this compound can kill living organisms up to five feet under the oceans mud floor.

Some of the most rabid leftist media personal will always say that these facts are made up and anything that is bad for Obama was a conspiracy made – up by the right wing. When Chinese leaders told Mao Tse-tung that his insane policies will killing millions of Chinese peasants, the rabid employees of Tse-tung said they were rabid capitalist roaders and making up lies and they need to be executed – in which Tse-tung gave the go-ahead to silence them. One of the leftists irrationals of why Obama did not accept the Netherlands superior equipment is that it does not meet U.S. environmental standards. These skimmers soak of the surface oil and put back 99% clean sea water and absorb 99% of the oil. The U.S. environmental standards are 15 parts to a million that can be put back into the Ocean. It is almost insanity that Obama used this excuse to not allow cleanup for the first two months while the oil spewed from the bottom of the ocean, being live on video as the world watched. One questions these ‘evil’ stars in his horoscope and asks what is going on with the ‘help the planet’ and we are all together.

We may look to the transiting planet of Neptune which is all ideological, in which is par the course for Obama. Obama sees the world solely through ideological lines – despite the claims by his cronies in academia that he does not. His cronies mix-up foreign policy ideology with overall domestic policy. Leftist academia has a strong commitment to generalization as Saul Alinsky, Karl Marx and William Ares the terrorist promotes political change. The U.S.S.R. called it propaganda, as did the NAZIs. In order to win control of a state one must use the media and all availed conduits of academia and communication to lie and twist the youth’s mind into pretzels. The history books are full of pretzel authors and today certain histories are told to be fact when in fact there is not facts but propaganda circulated. There is proof to this too. During the second public debate with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama said the Bush Doctrine was the doctrine used to invade Iraq. Wright said this is not true, you do not know your history. Obama said, no you do not know your history. The Republicans made the doctrine to invade countries and force democracy onto them. At also all Colleges and Universities they teach that Franklin Delano Roosevelt drafted the ‘spread American Democracy by military force. In fact, we have this Doctrine written in Roosevelt’s own hand which anyone can view, it is even on the web. But Obama sees the world in black and white. Democrats are all good and Republicans are all evil. There is no such thing called the Bush Doctrine. There may be proof that Obama learned his history from Democratic Underground propaganda websites that promote falsities in order to pretzel the minds of the ignorant voting block. Wright was correct and knew his history. The CIA, and America have always since the time of F.D.R. used the U.S. military with bases around the world to force democracy as the intending new order of the ages. Obama’s ignorance is legendary. He is an extreme ideologist and an epic narcissist. He is the first generation X president, and this generation has many psychological problems dealing with reality. It was in the later 1920s, where the first secret clubs began to ponder propagandizing the school curriculum. This plan did not begin to go wide into the classrooms until the 1970s. This was when Obama went to school and was pretzeled. Obama does not know history nor I believe does he really care. All he needs to understand is his Reverend Wrights mantra that all white people were created by the Devil and their sole existence on this planet is to kill all non-white people.

In astrology , these ancient themes of these stars were created. They were not observed, omenized, or recorded in social observation in the late twentieth century or the early twenty first century. Obama’s stats of Algol, Acubens, Alphard and Thuban, represent a changing America where evil has seeped in and is corroding democracy and turning toward Corporate Democracy – which is not democracy at all – as the government under Obama seeks to tell us what to eat, what medication to take – ( that is making us sick so we have to buy it) – how to think, how to speak, how to act, how to conform to federal mandates, how basically do everything from awaking to going to bed, and from birth to death. That is not freedom by the antitheses of it.

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had the whole paradise thing down; they had all the freedoms and choices, save one. Now with the trick of the Serpent, we perhaps reversed this trend to only have one choice, and the no more of all the other choices.

The Democrats have pet policies such as Gay Rights, abortion and so on. However, they are not divorced of Corporate Globalism which leftists had consistently confessed was the sole evil of the Republican Party. Gay Rights and abortion have nothing to do with global corporations and its suppression of the majority of the working class of the earth. Obama’s and the Democrat hand-outs of the billions in stimulus were only to his voting block, The CEO of Wall Street, Banks, Labor Unions, and Insurance companies. The Stimulus is viewed as a widly failed economic program. Obama claimed that in 2010 ( after changing his mind many time that it would instantly work) that the public would see the job creations in the summer of 2010. While census jobs are only part-time, and most going to his labor unions, the economy had not recovered its over 10 million jobs lost. The government claims 8 million but does not count the people who are on perpetual welfare or no longer are looking for work.

When Ptolemy states that when a planet is conjoined with Thuban; if Mars reaches the descendant then that person can either burn in a fire or be publically executed --umph. Obama’s progressed Mars reaches his progressed Descendant in year 2025.

Progressions of the Moon

Obama’s progressed Moon as of July 1 2010 is at 02PIS49 (11h) and his progressed Chiron is at 03PIS03. Chiron represents a ‘crossing over’ in a general thematic. When Obama claimed that illegal have the same rights as U.S. citizens and that he is going to sue Arizona for trying to uphold federal law, the crossing over of American’s sovereignty has ended. If Thuban, as Satan, is the great liar, deceiver and and Algol in Arabic literature is the prankster, or it Internet language ‘the troll’ -- creating chaos for personal pleasure, Obama has reached the heights of the Great ‘water snake’ – another name for the Draco constellation in history. In September of 2010, on the first of the month Obama’s Moon will be at 05PIS22. On November 1 st of 2010, Obama’s Moon will progress to 07PIS52. It will reach exact opposition to Thuban and his progressed Pluto in this month. In December of 2010 his Moon will be at on the first again 09PIS06. On June 1 st of 2011, Obama’s Moon will progress to 16PIS34 which will be the cusp of his progressed 12th house. Obama’s natal Uranus is conjoined to the descendant ( I use Mombasa Hospital because it rectifies a more accurate description of his life’s journey). This tells us that we will remember Obama toward the end of his life as someone that changed things. Obama’s natal Moon is close to the I.C. ( or anti-midheaven), so this also represents what star is connected to his Moon will reflect how we see Obama after he has died. If Algol is represented as its P.E.D. of his Moon, then we will remember him with passionate ideas (it is in the third house) on how to change rulership of states. What is clear is ethnarchy, or rulership by an ethnicity and a monarchy which is masked by Marxist-socialism. Obama’s passionate ideas came instantly as he took office. He told America his role was to ‘teach us,’ to ‘correct us,’ and that he would do this by ‘teachable moments.’ In sidereal astrology, Obama’s sun is in cancri (Cancer) so his motherly affection to correct the children is a part of his character. Obama is teaching Americans and the World that White People are all evil and logically they must be overthrown, suppressed, and as La Rasa native claim to die. But is this not change? If we listen to Ptolemy then we can see the character of the personal soul of Obama by the representation of his Moon. According to Ptolemy, Perseus is like Jupiter and Saturn. It is said to give an intelligent, strong, bold and adventurous nature, but a tendency to lying. One-hundred days into Obama’s tern in office, they ran a multipage data-fact collection where their newspaper illustrated over 100 promises of Obama that were broken - -claims to his constituents on the camping trial in which to formant votes to win the general election. There is this myth that all politicians lie. The Democrats promote this lie too. Bush 41 (41st President of the United States), lied about raising taxes and the whole of the United States almost went into meltdown mode. Not because of the taxes per say, but because it was a broken promise first promoted by Bush as a promise of his presidency if they would elect him.

Still after all the lies and robbing the poor to pay his rich crony cooperationists, Obama’s key-supporters the rich as well and white collar academics will write the history books that everything Obama has done was perfect and he was the messiah. Obama came and destroyed the evil white man. Now the world will live without wars and in total peace and harmony.

Qalb[u] Al-´asad, meaning 'the heart of the lion' is also very prominent in Obama’s horoscope. It is linked to his Node, Uranus and his descendant. Regulus which is one of the most used stars in history, and made up The Behenian fixed Stars ( used for magic in the European medieval and Arabian classical age(s), one of the four Persian stars of ancient times) perhaps is shown to have importance to his Uranus as it progressed over it as he is the leader of the U.S.A. With Uranus, there the native is seen as changing things too much, and fall is indicated of popularity. The native may even be despised by his former friends.



Hussein Obama and the U.S.A.

Obama’s progressed Moon to conjoint his progressed Chiron soon in his eleventh house – which means it is a public house meaning it should affect all in the U.S.A. Perhaps, we all will learn something about our president’s past or secrets he has not spoken to us about – or there will be some weird revelation due to his personal quirks. This Deepwater Oil Spill with the projected hurricanes for this summer and the fact that he allowed PB to build the rig in October of 2009 ( when the building took place) and when Algol rose over the rig as the heliacal star on the day of the disaster, will take a tool on him personally. He may not outwardly show it, but Joe Biden gave a press conference and stated that the 8 million jobs lost under the Obama administration will never come back – ever – which is a reversal to what Obama claimed in early 2009 when passage of the Economic Recover Act ( The stimulus) that the jobs will kick in during the summer of 2010.

The Yod of Hussein's Horoscope Progressed on General Election

Added, 27 June, 2010:

For the U.S. general election of 2012 ( 7 November) Obama’s progressed horoscope will have a Yod configuration associated to his Moon in the 12th as the pointer and to Pluto and Uranus as the sextile. A Yod configuration is a rare astrological aspect in that if forms a single planet with a quincunx to two planets in sextile to each other. The great mathematician, Johannas Kepter, first proposed a quincunx as a viable astrological aspect – of which the degree aberration is 150 degrees. The Midpoint of the sextile, in Obama’s sixth house will be a sensitive point. The closest horoscope article to this sensitive point will be his progressed sun, but it is about nine-degrees off so perhaps this sensitive point can be calculated to multiplanets -- which I have not done yet. The star which will influence Obama’s progressed Moon and the ‘Yod’ finger of this aspect will be Algenib, λ Pegasus. Ptolemy states that the stars in Pegasus give caprice and bad judgment.’ George Noonan, in his work of 1990, ‘Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology” intends that these stars in Pegasus indicated for individuals if they show up in their horoscope or another chart that vanity linked with aggressive ambition colors the native’s character. News pundits are already speaking about having a president who filled his important cabinet positions of persons who if they were historians would have G.P.A.s in the Ds and Fs ranges. Obama likes to link himself to past presidents of the likes of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln, to name just a few. There has been no indication he has the stature of these past performers and it is very much likely that he aspires to be like these personalities rather than the embodiment of these persons, part deux. However, most of the officials of the Democratic Party and members on Capital Hill profess that Obama is the most intelligent president in the history of the United States of America.

The lesson of this Yod will be also a collective one. It will ask if the American public still wants a mediocre president based upon the color of their skin and not their competence in leadership skills. Is change at such a price that the U.S.A.’s economy must suffer and people die because of no money for doctors and no money to eat healthy --- because their are no jobs? This national twelve present unemployment rate does not reflect that most jobs now are part time, and persons are now joining family-to-family and bulking up in crowded dwellings to pay the overall rent. However, the rich and wealthy will still have no problems getting by and having a rich life.

One of the synchronicities of Obama’s horoscope and the progressed horoscope of the U.S.A. indicates that Pluto is approaching Zosma, a star on the back of Cor Leonism, and is indicated of ‘suffering’ sometimes at the hands of others, situations that are out of ones control.

In the progressed U.S.A. chart for the year of 2021, or roughly next decade, the Pleiades will be approaching the U.S.A. Midheaven ( I use John Hancock’s, American Independence Chart, as many others do; and I use 5:00 pm according to recorded documents!); at that time as well Pluto’s transit will be closing in on the natal Pluto of the U.S.A. chart within a few years.

It is known that while during the G.W. Bush years Europe elected very left wing leaders and spent massive amounts of stimulus packages for social welfare in which after Obama was elected and the economic fallout over Greece and Portugal they have elected right-wing leaning leaders in Germany, France and now England. Obama, while at the G8 summit in Canada in late June of 2010 proposed that Europe keep up the stimulus spending to which they revolted. Obama will kept up the spending programs in the U.S.A. even though the C.B.O. and most economist see the rising deficits will destroy the next generation of Americans which these astrological forecasts represent in their foreboding signs. In fact, the U.S.A. progressed chart will have some debilitating transits coming in the next decades. The progressed Moon will be conjunct Mars in late 2012 on the 2/8 axis ---- both in the second house which rules economics. This aspect portends the death chart of the U.S.A. in 2025 when the Moon will later be in opposition from the eighth house to the second house Moon, as the Pleiades culminates with Uranus of the star Ain. First in 2020 – 2021 the Moon will conjoin the progressed Pluto in the fifth house giving rise to the birth of evil to the boundaries of leadership for the U.S.A. However this is presaged by 2017 when Zosma will rise on the ascendant of the U.S.A. chart which indicates great suffering. The U.S.A. at this time will not have control of its own destiny. The Greek mythic god, Janus, in which we take the term January from, indicating the god that protects the sacred doorways – passageways to the past and the future – is such a doorway that the U.S.A. will pass through as Uranus completes its passages through the progressed tenth house in which it is traversing at this time.

Obama represents the first non-total European ruler for the United States of America. Patriotism comes with identity politics, in which Europeans founded the U.S.A. and battled different ethnicities and geostates that were non-European. As the demographics of the U.S.A. become more dominated politically by non-European individuals and groups, patriotism will lose out on its allure – thus institutions and traditions will be demoted and fall away to a new creation of some made – up tradition which will be such an illusion that it will not stick in the psyches of the citizens leading to a slow fall and eventual end of the U.S.A.

Now if you go to your local tier I professor of history, economics or political science, they will tell you otherwise. With the defeat of the traditions and conservatism of the U.S.A. the world will end all wars and conflicts and peace will reign on Erath because the U.S.A. has shown in the past it is the number one fomenter of global conflict. I do not agree with this assessment because I spent too much time reading historical periods in which ethnocentrism is an issue in every empire or state in history – long before the U.S.A. was even a concept to the framers of the U.S.A.

The Yod in Obama’s chart communicates an odd-ball situation. To Americans, they must choose between Change and Hope that Obama promoted but did little to deliver and his promise to recontinue his course of action for the coming next term of the office of the U.S.A. president. Again, the issues will be the same. If a native does not vote for Obama, then they are a racist or a lap-dog to racists. That is the end game and its power is overwhelming, thus there is no way to defeat such primal aggressive agency. In fact, history proves astrology and astrology needs little to do as the course of action is reflected by the Janus syndrome.

As George Noonan put it best, the Medieval Age had individuals connected to the stars in Pegasus which emphasized that mediocre people with intense ambition became leaders of countries or towns and chaos and stupidity reigned supreme. Thus the Bible is of a note here. Since the world is full of evil, then evil people do lead the evil places. It is almost as if the joke that God played on all of us is what it is – a cruel joke. The earth is evil and mediocre individuals will great ambition lie and take over the leadership places and create havoc and destruction.

July 7 2010 added

Mercury is moving through Praesepe so any ideas placed forth at this time will be affected by ‘blurred vision.’ Obama is suing Arizona over a bill he has not read, and a bill which reinforces a federal bill already in place. This indicates that Obama has broken his oath of office, and has gone against the will of the people. According to some mainstream polls, some 95% of the people with over 2500 persons polled are for the Arizona Illegal Immigration Enforcement Bill – while Obama is against it. This dereliction of duty will one day hurt Obama who appears to be favoring all countries ( except Israel and Europeans countries) over the U.S.A. – that’s to make them rich, technologically progressive and to bring down America so that it makes these countries appear to rise. Chiron and the Moon progressed in Obama’s chart are having their meeting in the 11th house. Natal Chiron will be progressing toward Obama’s natal ascendant. On 4 November 2010, The transiting Saturn and the transiting Moon will be in Obama’s eighth house. During Obama’s election Saturn was in the seventh house and in a trine to its natal position which was very beneficial. Pluto and now the node are in the tropical zodiac sign of Capricorn, thus they now have transferred into Obama’s eleventh house. Also in late October and into November of 2010, Mars will be transiting the first 10 degrees of his 10 th house, and thus it approaches ‘the little Mars’ which is also in his tenth house. Mars and Mercury, such a powerful oration area because it is over Spica begins to move away. And the star Diadem begins to move away from the progressed descendant.

Mirach, a beneficial star which is over the ascendant for Obama during the mid-terms begins to leave in 2012, still in location to be a rising star on his progressed ascendant. This star is Beta, Andromeda. This star is heavily idealistic in its coloring of the native.

Added 14 July  2010:

July 30th Saturn is at Zero Libra, Jupiter and Uranus at Zero Aries.

Natural and Human Disasters Forecasted, Jupiter/Uranus --Oppose Saturn -- Soon Mars too, Square Pluto . If Obama and the other world leaders honesty try to love humanity rather than their special interest, then these will be abated. However, Obama's astrology chart illustrates a spoiled rich kid (he went a rich private elementary and secondary school, paid for by his white grandmother). He happens to dislike private and freedoms associated to democracy, and rich academics spoke of him as the messiah who would bring peace and prosperity. He has done neither, calling Al Qu’aeda racists only after they bombed some Uganda world cup viewing venues, but never spoke of them as a racist organization when they bombed the New York with jet airliners. People are starting to wake up and understand Obama's evil astrology chart, and himself as a political hack who admires Mao Tse-tung ( the champion of the rich elite of China, b/c/ they suppressed the poor -- like feudalism ) who was anti-business, anti-freedom, and anti- intellectual. July 201`0 poling shows that 74% support Arizona and Not Obama and Eric Holder suing Arizona over illegal immigration. Obama wants anyone to come to the country and get free money and medical and social services so that they can vote democratic once the Democrats vote amnesty giving illegal the right to vote in American elections. This is because once the left has alienated the already democratic voting block by promising them things that the Democratic Party cannot deliver, they must search out their next victims. The Obama administration is like the ‘destroyer’ and the Republicans are the fixers. Is it fate that all these bad astrological symbols in the sky are evident when Obama is the president? For those who are very bright, these influences in the sky also affect other cultures. China’s economy is bombing, and they allow private business free reign. This free reign is a republican idea, which is the enemy of the Obama destroyer administration. Destroying things, a popular Rock-n-Roll concept, is a lot of fun. Obama is having the time of his life destroying the U.S.A. Obama’s approval ratings are at 40%, the lowest yet and this implies some center –democrats are taking things hard. They told America to vote for this hater of America and prosperity would reign, no-longer would there be racism – the post-racial president- and that peace would reign around the world.

I on the other hand had noticed that Obama was speaking smack – hatred discourse during his campaigning and stumping across America. I instinctively understood history, how Mao Tse-tung had talked smack, and other despots and failure government leaders. The left went bazzoinkers loving the way Obama dished the Republicans, just like Mao Tse-tung gave speeches against intellectuals and capitalist roaders before the mass genocides in China took place. It may be a good thing that a Republican is not in the controls of the USA at this time. The sky is horrible, but Obama’s actions make it that way. He chooses to make ‘identity policies’ his number one concern. You will notice that the left is not as outraged at this PB oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico as you would think would happen if this occurred under Bush or any republican. This shows that racism and politics had not progressed under the Obama administration and the earth will likely wind – up in a global nuclear war in the future.

Sirius and Phact will rise with the Sun on 30 July at 40 north, where New York is and Toliman will rise about 5- 6 days later. Acubems will be the setting star over New York around 27-28 of July. We are all waiting for the capping of the Deepwater Oil Well, and the sky does not look good. But if Obama stops his identity politics we can abate these negative influences. But will he? He seems to be a spoiled rich kid who got everything and is quite a racist crybaby.

Added section 20 July 2010:
Here are the mundane aspects of the houses of Obama:

Aquarius on the Ascendant: The native is very positive and sometimes blunt; the native sometimes has uncertain, sudden impulses; the native has mental fantasies.

Pisces on the second house: These natives experience difficulties and sorrow through money. This does not mean the native will be poor. Quite the contrary to its general implications, sorrow or difficulty can apply to the aspects if forms to other planets in other houses. In his case, the partner with Mars in the seventh and to the group, Saturn’s position in the eleventh; so difficulties and sorrow can come by the way of money issues to personal friends or open enemies and to large groups representative in a wider context. Pisces being the karmic sign and being in the house that denotes the issues of money, they problem with how the native projects financial solutions to the fifth house, the house that ‘creates’ what planets and signs are influenced in it. Here, the ruler is Jupiter which is the traditional location of the planetary ruler, but Venus is exalted and actually in the natives’ fifth house. There is a trine of the exaltation of Venus in the fifth house to the modern ruler of Pisces, the planet Neptune in the ninth house. Neptune in the ninth house offers the native an illusion of accessed higher knowledge. If the native is not careful, they can idolize a potential ideology, perhaps, Marxism, or Maoism, or a part of these ideologies of communal organization philosophy – which is a primitive anti-progress philosophy which Chiron as the first – house major symbol represents a backward motion from civilization to primitive solutions. For example, localizing economy and foodstuff distribution, ending the U.S.A. international business sectors to reform as local community business sectors; an easier way to think of this is rather than progressing in a modern culture, a push back to hunter and gather – which is more localized – is a commodity of this house and its influence. Obama Hussein has a fixed star of Scheat ( P.E.D.) as his second house cusp star, indicating that Obama has to really think genuinely and uniquely in creative and artistic formats to solve the financial issues. He cannot keep relying on Marxism, or his advisors that are Marxist economics to solve these things, he has to ‘open his mind,’ which is difficult with a third – house Taurus sign

Taurus on the cusp of the third house: Natives with the cusp of Taurus on the 3 rd house usually have set ways and mindsets that are formed in early influences, such as educational social paradigm ( Khanuan revision on Scientific paradigms’) . At Harvard, the social framework taught during Obama’s school years were diversity not unity are valued as virtuous goals, rather than meritocracy. Meritocracy was built upon illusions it is taught at Harvard which gave rise to ‘robber barons,’ a Marxist illusion which has seeped into mediocre academics. The Taurian third cusp individuals are not Marxists, but they are set in their ways and opinions with little to no openness of others’ view. When I grew up at school, I and my classmates were told to see views from other peoples’ perspectives. Therefore a more sound judgment and analysis can be achieved for fairness outcomes of opinion. Taurian third cusp individuals have a difficult time achieving this, and must work to fight their urges to believe in the mis- knowledge that was ‘trained’ into them. This is because modern academia is mainly a propaganda institutions in America, Canada, as well as recently England -- and has been in some times France, Spain and Southern American institutions for a long time. The social paradigm taught to Obama by the elitists and rich professors of the Ivy school intends that middle class and poor European cultures are inherently evil and must be annihilated and other cultures to take over America to correct the ‘sins of the father,’ ( See my writings on Herodotus) . People will tell me this is not true, but I tell you I have first hand knowledge sitting in the University of California, at Berkeley classes listening to professor after professor teach this paradigm. This social paradigm, the worship of mass murderers like Mao Tse-tung is a ‘gold – standard.’ This is because these mass murderers were anti-common people, elitists or ideologically just as the elitist minded Karl Marx and his best friend a bourgeois Frederick Engels were in a historical context. What they wrote about was not what they actually were in real life. They were promoters of elitism, like the feudal lords of the European middle ages. This is why Obama tries to go out into public and pass himself off as a commoner, when in fact he went to a prestigious private school in Hawaii and then on to elitist colleges and formed close friends among global filthy rich elitists. Obama has no idea of the common man. Obama’s great grand trine with the Moon close to the P.E.D. of Algol is at 3.89 in the third house. The Moon is nocturnal giving this placement extreme strength, and exaggerating the natives closed mind. Obama is typical of a brained washed Ivy league or elite Tire I institutions – everything that has been negative in history is due to the Republicans or conservatives. When attending Cal, there was no discussion that any liberal throughout history had done a single thing wrong, they were treated as perfect messiahs, constantly persecuted by demon conservative or U.S. republicans. Again, people think I’m lying but I’m not. I experienced it for many years, first hand.

Gemini on the fourth house cusp: These individuals usually have two different types of parents, have two homes, have relatives in homes or are close to associating their lives, write letters to family members from their homes and conduct many community things from home.
Gemini on the fifth house:

Cancer on the sixth house: Fond of Food, growing through services, likes change of work.

Leo on the seventh house: The Natives often marry above their rank, or a the marriage partner is of a fine and noble rank. Well this applies to Michelle Obama who comes from a wealthy and elitist family. The sixth Leo-on-cups house native demands loyalty, expects his friends or associates to regard their entire loyalty to themselves, regardless of life or death.
Vigo on the eight house cups: This native is practical with his partner’s money, and needs much convincing before the native is interested in any psychic or any occult issues.

Scorpio on the ninth house: Educational past and academic records usually kept a secret. There are secrets to these natives’ pasts that they do not want to publicize. Ninth house Scorpio cusp persons usually are enemies of ceremony, of traditions and have or had litigious careers. Since Sagittarius pertains to laws, customs, and traditions, and Mars the ruler of Scorpio likes to destroy and wreak havoc on anything it touches, natives with this placement seek to overturn traditions. These could be traditions that worked in the past or not.

Sagittarius on the tenth house cusp. These natives are ambitious to rise in public office. These natives aspire to become not just community players and co-operative players but stand out and do the leading while others follow like slaves. This is the anti-communal sign, here in Obama’s tenth house. These natives with Sagittarius on the tenth house, an angle house, tend to shove laws down the throats of others, even when democracy is against the implication of these rules and regulations. This is a type of little dictator position, masking under co-operation lies. These natives tend to have well – proportioned bodies, are excitable, verbose, and are finally slow to sense the attitudes of others. Sagittarius’ natural house is the ninth house, which is a house that does not like to be out in front of the public or in public office because it does its best work behind the scenes, in methodical and deep understanding. Out in front here in the tenth house, the rashness, overconfident, I’m write and you are not, or more aptly, ‘ I know what is best for you and you do not so I will force it on you’ –e.g. the bully, is indicative of this placemat.

Sagittarius on the eleventh house cusp. The native will have loyal friends, gain through strong friends, and become leaders of organizations, and also have many gay friends. These natives can have strong influences on masses of people. Obama Hussein has a double strong eleventh house. Ptolemy relating what the Greeks proclaimed the eleventh house is the house of a good daemon. Jupiter which rules Sagittarius and Obama’s eleventh house is influenced by his natal Jupiter in his twelfth house – in which Claudius Ptolemy again related the Greeks positioned the twelfth house as the placement of the negative daemon. Obama Hussein’s natal Jupiter is in Aquarius, which was Saturn’s ancient home, or one of two. This sign with Jupiter indicates the native has a ‘splendid imagination. ( Juliet and Derek Parker, ‘Parkers’ Astrology’ (London: Dorling Kindersley, Ltd., 2001, 2 nd ed.), p. 352.’ More surprisingly, the Parkers explain that Jupiter under Aquarius fateful gives the natives ‘no lack of originality.’ Natives born under this influence will be ‘humanitarians’. Jupiter in the twelfth house indicates a ‘great dedication’ to their chosen vocation, and often ‘can also be reclusive [... as the native] needs to work alone.” (Parker, p. 355). The Sagittarian on the eleventh-house cusp will be ambitious in matters of group things. Obama’s major influence of the eleventh house is his natal Saturn. Here is someone that may have original ideas, or this is an perspective of a holograph which is general with Uranus. Saturn here intends that a native can become closed minded upon foundations of learning at a young age. In general history, not astrology, the concept of the radical Marxist believed in indoctrinating the young to social revolution, or perpetual street chaos and mechanism of change. This was what Obama was raised upon as think-method. Usually as students all are indoctrinated by the elite privileged philosophers in higher academia, most without this placement at birth grow-up and the illusions instilled in them are stripped away by reality. Saturn as the karmic inhibitor of this house, before the Olympians overthrew the Titans and Uranus replaced Saturn as the ruler of Aquarius; Saturn bearing on the native is intense. It may be speculative, but Obama may not be able to view things from multi-perspectives. One of the historical confirmations of this was the reputed statements by Obama intending that throughout history all negative things associated to life were caused by republicans and their ideas. Usually the individual recourse to following others, even though they are incorrect and the native can realize that, may only be a way to feel comfortable – the oft- misery loves company. This is due to fear, in which republican concepts of responsibility to the individual (opposed to the state as Obama internalizes with Marxism, Maoism, Stalinism, Hitlerism), freedom to risktaking, individual ingenuity, freedom of speech and expression, and freedom to live life and be happy are things that Saturn in the eleventh and in the sign of Aquarius might place fear into the native. The native might not be able to escape and thus turn to his Mars sign, which influences communication in Obama’s case, as Scorpio is on the Gemini/ Sagittarius axis. to cover up his own fear which results in mistakes. The native with these placement and cusp may have a ‘obstinate and rather cunning streak.’ (Parker, p. 367). ‘ The inner authority voice will tend to say ‘ Do as you like – I don’t care –please yourself.’’ ( Parker , p. 367.). These natives must take some time to themselves and not try to govern others, which is the perversion of this sign when the native tries to help too many people or place too much caring into their vocations. This cause, according to Parker with these placements, can lead to psychological conflict which must be resolved. Parker asks to ask the native if their parents were ‘cold,’ ‘perverse,’ or ‘unpredictable.’ Obama’s father divorced his mother at the age of two, and was a notorious drunk and womanizer. The father was rather cold to Obama and was in this regards perverse in not providing his child with a proper father-son relationship. It is under this sense that Obama seeks to help others or tries to force others to become like himself, eternally trying to fix things when one person cannot do it while their are a president.

Capricorn on the twelfth house: Natives should not be in government. They may have karmic disasters.

Career for Sun Sign Leos and Aquarian ascendant people: Jobs that pertain to originality, research and scientific vocations. This does not apply to politics. These natives will do best in careers that exemplify innovators, scientists, research and design, the airline industry, astronomy careers, astrology or jewelers ( Parkers, p. 242). In sidereal astrology, Obama is a Cancer and his prominent constellation of for his ascendant is in fact Aquarius. The Parkers suggest careers that are changeable, sometimes erratic careers and sometimes eccentric. Good choices are an ‘Architect [Obama is trying his best to be an architect of a New Change and Hope America], physical therapist, meteorologist or curator.’ (Parkers, p. 241).

Chiron in Pisces and in the first house: This is rather a lengthy discussion, and I have addressed it in a large paper I may put to print later on rather than for free on the Internet. But elementally, Pisces as karmically applied, linked to Marxism and to the socially turbulent 1960s – the entire world youth protest-revolutions—is indicative of Chiron in Pisces. Personally, this placement of Chiron in the first is powerful. It makes the natives wanting to desperately help-out and this can cause a suffering to family obligations.

Obama’s Mercury is under the Sunbeams, thus he is weakened with intellectual abilities. His Mercury is heavily afflicted as well. Mercury is also associated to the radical part of commerce. That issue is covered in another writing. Obama Hussein’s Mercury is not under a constellation of the Zodiac, and is tropically set at 01LEO14’59” which is a barren sign and being a fire sign adds to the already interpreted stubbornness of the natives intellectual processes.

(2) 7th January 2013 Bookoflife.org: John Boehner, Republican, Speaker of the House of Representatives, claims Obama threatened Him during his face-to-face economic  negotiations, December 2012. Obama yelled at Boehner there are no spending problems, to shut up, and keep quiet. Boehner then conceded tax hikes on the poor (Obama’s plan) and many in his party became outraged at cowering to Obama’s Angry Face. Obama carries himself as a violent bully, totally confused and convinced that whatever he believes at any moment is the truth of all-time and to question or softly counter his point of view is considered treason.




the bulk of this was written on the time stamp. Only updates with news links I placed when I had time.

The U.S.A. has not been happy under Obama, it has been a  contestant fight and constant sarcasms used by the left which is an excuse for dangerous bullying. Why is there no hope for the world? I lived for more than one year in a Berkeley U.C. Co-op, and it has full of diversity. All form my knowledge voted for Obama in the first election ( when I was there) and I was terrified. These people were bullies that this Obama was about real Hope and Change, when I knew he was not or never to be the way these people had thought. I stayed away from their shaming party , the party to elect Obama, a Democratic Party celebration at the Co-op. I knew he would be a disaster on all fronts, but bully and hatred kept me from enjoying my 'self.'  I bet many of these idiots are now complaining, the ones that were not given MEAMIC contracts.

These kids come from privilege, most of them, even the foreigners with no real citizenship, they are all over campus, and the campuses do not follow Federal or State law. IN fact, I won two small, very small scholarships, and the second one was robbed to give a foreigner with a privileged upper middle class family more money. So they defrayed without my consent In Financial Dept to the rich kid. So the poor kid gets an award and Berkeley financial department steals it and gives it to a rich foreign, non – citizen kid. Every turn I’m getting screwed over by my state when my family built this and held no slaves. Since I had white skin (the arbiter of worth, according to Satan’s Army, Obama as a member) I’m supposed to be a slave to the colored or die, one of the two, and these are the only options. Now, many of the 71% are still EU whites and so they are probably finding out what I understood before the world criminal usurped the office of the U.S.A. president, and all those who voted for him. Obama has led the U.S.A. away from the last shred of Democracy, and turned this into a Banana Dictatorship of the upper middle military and academic and government classes.