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Friday 09 th December, ten minuets after the Library closed, Burbank Police pulled up and harassed me, yet again, same cop that almost shot me, three months ago just up the street from the Burbank Buena Vista Library.  They had already carded me, knew me, track me and use helicopters to chase me down, as I have archived. This was yet again, pure racial targeting. There was a white jew old lady who  entered the Library and began to scream about she pays taxes and does not want to see poor people, white or black and she will put pressure on the authorities. She lives in 5 bath house to herself and is super rich sinner with wealth from killing human by fake jew wars.  So white traitors like Brain who works at the library and is the one that tracks the unwanted Americans ( White or black, #brownsupremacy is performed, be  it illegally but tacitly understood by all) .  These are all DNA damaged bigot brown supremacists.


The Burbank Police see the worse and most serious crimes as white people wandering around their California homeland. Here is proof that they have citizen pressure on police to kick out the white people that do not look like sand niggah slaves. Semitics Like Rick Shore are sand niggahs and not white at all. They never explicitly cite any crime. Since thursday I have not seen the homeless black man around, at all. his belongings are still here and some New York white homeless showed up over a month ago and he sleeps next to the black dude. But we do not speak, at all to eachother.


Reason why? Door was open, so they pulled over to accuse me of being a terrorist. The cop lied about why he pulled me over and I challenge him. He said he was white, I said no, you and your partner are not white white. He then said, he was mixed, with [ arab DNA]; and I told him I am white white and why he targets me. He puked out: " Call Donald Trump." a real response. He accused me on not living in Burbank, I gave him my Drivers Lisc. He repeated over and over by screaming, " I do not believe you are not a criminal. " !
The same back up guy and cop harassed me and his buddy was the one to stop the gun triggered large and tall ignoramus from shooting me. He kept asking what weaopons I had and how many narcotics I have in my vehicle. He would not shut up and so I spoke back to him. I rebuked, A ‘ll I have seen are whites being kicked out of the Library over false charges. He repeated, Call up DonaldTrump. These are AshkaNAZI jews with light skin and look like white arabs as the Middle Eastern scholars tell us they are in reality.


Niggers *Brown people will complain until entire universe is filled with dark niggah matter and no white light ever shows again.




2008—2016 Worst Economic Job Performance by Leadership in any history books. Basically the leaders borrowed and paid off gangsters and thugs at the top of the Earth food-chain. It was led by a jew Semitic African Brown Sand Niggah: OTurdO.

8:08 pst evening. 12 08 2016ad

#establishment spent $31 $trillion over #antichrist #obama 's period and paid back only $20 trillion US dollars. making Mr. #semitic sand Nigger #obama the worst economic president of all time, earthwise too. that is one dumb ass #niggah , eh? #GDP ( Congressional Budget Office data used only!) My interpretations are clear and true. No #fakenews #clintonrapefoundation shyte, eh? #bookoflife #arcmichael #12082016ad Obummer GDP% = 1.5% and all communist world leaders of the 20 th century had at least 3.0% lolz. #barackhusseinobama was always a #hustler #liar #nojobpotus = #strawberrywhore who robbed whitey and others of US citizens because sand niggahs are all #hiphop gansta #whitegirlrapers eh Mr Shithead #Ofucker ?

If you did not bow down to the establishment lies you were destroyed, called all sorts of false accusations. These animals #semitics were rejected by God in the #bookofjudges so #christians #moslems and others of #god 's people read your BOOK. the rulers on earth are all #semitic like #obama and are truly stupid and aggressive dangerous animals. #whitegenocide  Arc — 12082016ad

#revelations new qualifier for Christians , Buddhists , Islamites and Confucianites, and the very rare still practicing #yahwehnyites are #courages ( pl. ) against the #Evil antichrists or #eviljin , etc.....

Churches read this page moved this morning to here. archived #fakenews here & #wikileaks is gone, taken over by M-15, and M- 16, in Oct. 2016.

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Orgy IslandJournal new Revelations Beast

soros funder of hate

: CEO threat to kill Donald Trump

Team #beast φ fake news new

#altleft = 1963 , December ---- nov 8 2016

PoliticalFactoid: #altleft needs #safespace away from #white people or Christians

as America Browns, so drops its national IQ

1950 = world IQ tests US = Number one, smartest in the world, we have white people
1955 jews move in and by 2016, the IQ global test has US at 21st  place and not number #1 as we are ruled by Semitics. Get it?

1860 Census on Slavery

#1860 #Census on #Slavery
28% blacks, free, owned black slaves and plantations. 40% #Semitic jews , whitish to olive to brown skinned jews, not white people that  owned slaves and plantations; and for the same  1860 census of  only 1.5% #Noordic whites owned slaves; And yet,   noordics get 100% blame for all slavery in the global textbooks.



BabyRape Assassinations at Germany by Afghan refugee.

#babyrapeassassination #brown rapes white and then kills it to hide its #eviljin #desires   #paulryan and #altleft = #DINO #RINO want babyrape culture as it excites their lil;' clitties and they get big oil paycheck brown bag special interest for providing white girls to #brownbabyrapers #bookoflife #arcmichael #12042016ad  



update 05112017ad

#jewcop chased me for 4 miles last night, hiding behind me and its face. It trailed me, and then did hide and seek. When I did a maneuver , went strait and suddenly turned left. I CAUGHT A GLIMPS OF THE SKIN COLOR AND RACE = a brown jew. accelerating so I will not see its face but I made an aggressive move to stare the fucker down. I am tired of the Judean filth, which includes all #Latino and #arab or brown types and mixed races of brown Japanese , south Asian and all forms of afro dark skin. All are going of the earth by #2060ad ; but for a select few that are hand picked by me.

7% of world population are white and they are the abused race on planet earth. the abusers are #1 Jews : Latin, Afro brown, Asian Brown, South Deccan Brown, Arab Brown and Mixed race yellows.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #05112017ad

BookofJohn 1,2, gives authority. You all had multiple reincarnations and were exposed to #love and you rejected this for global #bigotry, chaos, constant false blaming and physical #abuse, which includes #rape and #murder. we cannot teach you, you are #CognitiveLimitative and thus your abuse must end and you will not do it so I'll have to do it for you all.

#lga1230 #arcmichael #05112017ad #bookoflife #Christians #moslems #krishanites #confusianites

1st amendment was made by founders for whistle blowers ≡ its prime function. Not if one could shake double DD breasts on live TV? in 1947ad #NSA destroyed the first amendment .

here is a photo of a white arab with blondish hair and blue eyes.

Headed by Chief Rick Shore [ fake name of EU, looks Middle Eastern and anti white white


googleplus post

#race #white or light shi'i types, many in rural northern Iran have heavy #noordic #dna from centuries of mix-breeding = sometime migration, some times war and forced marriage to a foreigner soldier.  #sunni   & as   ^  #Preferenced at USA for the last 60+ years as the only desired  incoming ideology, and suppression of #christianity ; The skin color is the issue. Even white white noords, blond and blue/green eyes do not get along with German white with dark hair and blue eyes or dark eyes and blond hair. the confusion is why Germans coalesce around other like DNA types.
#bookoflife #islam has the same issue as Northern Whites with southern European browns, such as quasi Christian Latino or Italians ( #Churh ) did a fine job, it did its best.

^not a verb but I make it one here.



#intelreport #spook  
#Pentagon: #USMilitary Complex under #Obama the #antichrist   spent more in U.S.A. history arming #Sunni   #Islam . 49 Separate Arms deals to  Saudi Royal Dictators at officially $1.5 Billion in arms sales is rather false. Pentagon since 2001 September has been missing combined with theft under Obama and  Bush to $7.4 Trillion dollars.

read more here. US History GUS22


#cops #heliocopters and being #whitewhite is a #sin at #saudiMexico formally known as #losangeles #celebrities r sissy fags that dwell in the #burbs away from civilization. They are #liberal use more than the poor and hate and kill for laughs. Their only purpose is to hurt others and make false movies, with false narratives and real vivacious lies because the #dna OF the cross breeders fucked up planet earth.  this is important to here
 a new study that was backed by Yale and other mainstream big college campuses claims now 1/2 of people's recall or memory are made up illusions.  this is a very scary cause or concern. These are then type-caste as real; #zombies #bookoflife #newpage #nsa lies and cnt' read Engwiiish, well. #arcmichael

the SUNNI SHI'I SPLIT IS DNA & not hereditary. that was an excuse to mask the painful realities of racial famile relations to a community. Prophet Muhammad for a short space unified the two colored arab prongs

shi'i or sunni by color definitions.

always blame the russians, the jew controllers say, they have white white people; they are a threat to #USArabia where white people are on Patriot ACT Terror lists for being well, #white they spend multi millions tracking us whites, all over earth, they are in deep shyte fear of us, because we have love in our hearts. something they never knew. 

ccrazy people. Jefferson won after electorial college change.

I am scared the black man is still misssing after three days

ARC 082

arcmichael real photo of 911 pentagon missile.

Bush white arabs wtih white relatives but arabites and hate Noords ; semitics dna are evil toward whitesdiscorse on the bigot semitic mixed cops with ashkaNAZI dna

#crookedhillary to lake of fire



Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

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