Book Of Life

αω DNA Campus USA †

∇ J166 (o1262017:01:53 am PST Studio City, Los Angeles, Caliphateornia; J 167 ∞ 168 my family ) 2017 History Page new and ID of GOG as Google

2017 Blacks Run Capitalism Slavery 7,000 years plus Google shutting down all white website and commentators and allowing only white traitors in a global white holocaust.

Protests world wide is because semitic brown has taken control, and wants to kill all white on planet earth.

Archangel Michael 1:53 pm 01 21 2017 A.D.

Obama signs NAZI law into power Christmas Eve



Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ Google hack post 🚫 🔯

#FBI Number on terrorists 1970 — 2017 are #Mexicans . Their supporters are Africans and Jews and they help support that terror anyway possible. The Objective is to kill off the white race so that the robbery will not be recorded for history or for God's judgment! The method is #lies Code name in politics is #liberal The wider legal term is #politicalcorrectness ; #progress

The Arabs are killing whites at the library today. The entire thing is hysterical. The brown is in 100% control.

Facebook sees these as threats
Apple, Facebook (including Instagram and WhatsApp), Google (including YouTube), Twitter, Kakao, LINE, Naver (including Snow), and Tencent

Fakebook Mark Zuerkburg plagiarizes mosts of the code funded and developed by Snapchat

old below/ filed to latin manicrasy white genocider dude

F&ck white people Top Democratic Radio Person May have intelligence on the equivalence to an 8th grade Canadian in the 1930s A.D. #thomm Hartman spits falsefacts because it is not its own scientist and must rely of false data it cannot nor ever imagine has been cleverly manipulated for social constructions. It hates Donald Trump and yes this is not the underlying thematic. Its ignorance coupled with Semitic DNA produces #fakepeople

#radio #corruptingthemindsoftheyouth a charge levied against me 2,400 years ago by over majority of #semitic who hated my white white #dna #Socrates skintone  by the time of my 50s yeares' of age, the Semitic Brown hater #macadons took #attica by demographics and put me to death because it was a brown #jihadi Mexi style.  most Mexicans were reincarnated as the Macedon the northern #conquistadors and evil hatred on planet earth to #athens   this is a white traitor jew crap and not white white dna. All it does for decade after decade is to lie so it can keep its plush , and non hard work, job of babbling nonsense, to make huge banks of cash.

#arcmichael #bookoflife #02022017ad  

My #mom was denied because she was #Christian and Because she was #white. what it means to become an #American #family

arcusa 🔚

Mom Tried to get citizens ship 1960s — 1994 A.D. Denied 1,000s of times: family started and created a permanent broken family. — Arc Michael 01 29 2017 A.D.

my famili ID as #Christian so immigration officials said you cannot ever become a #citizen.  1960s - 1994 

She met all requirements.

Denied Foodstamps for the entire time;. we starved. Denied temporary for the entire time;

Denied Housing for the entire time.

Denied SSI for the entire time

Denied welafare for the entire time.

Father lied to courts and did not pay child support. He was playing with prostitutes and little league ( children physical sports local city clubs and was a drunk, a real alcoholic. Only time I got real food was on the weekends when he picked me up for sports and stay overs.

cont… 02 02 2017ad

Post Nigger Empire of Mali ( north Africa, richest human in history are African niggers because they are lying ape monkeys that started capitalism and slavery 7,000 They beat up weak Jews and force them to write that slavery was started by Irish scot at Caribbean in the 1690s. It was actually the Jews of wall street, selling them at the buttonwood tree square.

responses: 18 year troll from Canada, claims it is a black

Too bad for your Mom then. She wasn't a very smart woman was she, I suppose? If I were in her situation I would have painted myself black. She could have saved lots of people lots of troubles. post googlegroups Mike's camera


Donald Trump Tweets Starbucks hiring 10,000 Syrian illegal immigrants while 10,000 veterans die in the streets suppressed . Twitter put out news it was hiring veterans, but these are more of the 60 Plus years of lies by anti-white and anti-Christian #eviljin

Brown and Black legal Migrants killing and attacking white Chinese at Paris January 2017 A.D. At California, 900 state top official sign pledge to kill all white or not allow them to have any life. yahoonews

I have my 2008 De-registered letter from NorCal for Obama's 2008 election.

A recent study in the peer-reviewed journal Electoral Studies estimated that illegal aliens cast about 1.4 million votes in the 2008 and 2010 elections, and that their votes “likely gave Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health care reform and other Obama administration priorities in the 111th Congress.” John R, Lot, Foxnews 01 28 2017ad

Hollywood knife killing spree by all pressure of semitic hatred makes people go insane.

Twitter-purge of white white people is not enough to CEO and will develop tools to block or mute. Google-plus has these already. twitter: Ed Ho, the company’s vice president of engineering is complying by niggers putting a knife in his back.



#african #brown created #capitalism not white white people.

 Красивый кот

#Science is #Racist#Progressives or #Liberals chant this and mark it as tacit law in all #common -core text books or public #education . #dragon goes bye bye #racism #blacks selling black children into slavery at Africa today as I write this as they have done for 7,000 plus years.  #bookoflife #arcmichael #01242017ad  
#blacks started #capitalism and must be punished for 7,000 years of lies that whitey started it and also started #slavery#armageddon  

27 th January 2017 A.D. Traffic, Race and Wars

#losangeles illegal #arab #fakemoslem #traffic .
masses of #arabs in unmarked cars roam the streets of #socal doing all sorts of evil. #LAPD tries to make them have #licenseplate ; this allowed jihad at night and harassment and attacks on white people because you cannot ID the #ID on their car after they commit the #crimes . #historyculture   . They tell the #LAPD we have #lawyers , you are racist if they get stopped. 

 I live in car, suppressed not homeless and at night I see about 5,000 unmarked new lux auto with creepo #arab boys to men, delivering and doing  all sorts of ill things. #arab made illegal left turn to oncoming traffic in green light. and nearly caused car crashes, this time I called him out; just prior about five minuets earlier, on a major street near Vannuys Blvd. two boy arabs laughihng hysterically cut off a city bush on a left turn, they were in the strait lane and decided to go to center of intersection and block all traffic to make this turn which took two minuets and all people were honking horns. THe Sand niggers were too lazy to go strat and make a u-turn fifty feet away. .Instead it shut down traffic and Since I was turning opposite lane and passenger laughing look at me and I was in middle of intersection I gave a disapproval sign all see. So five minuets later an unmarked Camery SXL, black, no license plate cuts me off and other traffic just so it too can make an illegal turn  and I just exploded.  I slowed to a crawl and stopped traffic to get out and fight, rolled window downs to scream at the ungrateful illegal looking brown filthy rich whore and it screamed something back at me which was not clear,perhaps sorry .@white people  are suppressed, dying on the streets by semitic filthy #arabs like #sergibrin   these semitics, including erdogon a dictating #fakemosle ISIS #Christian #genocider , Google as Gog supports at 100% breaking all international laws. . This is why these arabs break laws and are laughing while they break them. Google says No whites and pro Arabs which gives them this #privileged . This is not #democract place but #jihadiAmerica #antiwhite bastion of Arab #Afro #Capitalists who align to #NAZI #semitic white arabs and thus are running antiiwhite wars all over planet earth. .  #Ireland taken by Niggers, Sand niggers got my home and PM job #scotland #bookoflife   .  the jew filth wants #russian lands for its jew creepo #world domination.  #googlefakecompany  

finally coming to the first red light, I could be next  to the bitch arab rich creepo. It decided to make an adjustment form strait to left =  to make a quick left  turn and I let it go. #readyforrevenge

Bush Obama global record of death and destruction eclipsed PopPot. Maozedong . AdolfHitler and Joseph Vissarionovich who has #semitic #dna and why #Russia went forced capitalism. It never ran communism, but tried under #lenin .

#bush #obama 65,000,000 global lives destroyed - #UN to #barackobama #September #2016ad

at most #hitler has 200,000 camp victims and 10 million causalities accredited, mostly White  white German citizens.

#bushObama have 65,000,000 and #sergibrin is 100% supporting the continuation of the #careerists #establishment criminals.

#biblestudy #arcmichael #bookoflife


why it is difficult for whites to move to other places

+Sherry Harris
 I keep writing up this. should make a page. Ireland, no white immigration, only Nigerian today. Scotland, PM is Jihadist who runs Christian genocide out of two scotish mosques, and UK does not allow scots to immigrate to Scotland. German and France are taken over and  and Finland to scando countries have their own problems. I have no money and suppressed.  You make it out as if this is not a global semitic jihad on all white. There is a #globalwhitegenocide you may be a traitor with huge amounts of cash and a home, so you are temporarily protected .
 #Israel was to be my space, and that is anti-white jihadi arab over there. so no—go there either. This is Armageddon so we expect the yellow, brown and darker browns to try to kill off the white race in their fantasy minds.

+Sherry Harris
I could only get half way through. I  was right, My Hate ( which means pro white) is what pissed you off, bc u r scared and want me to shut up and die so you can live peaceful in your lil white rock home. My mom was denied citizenship from 1960s to 1994, she left back to her home country. I and my sister suffered when we were children. No welfare, no  foodstamps, no jobs, no citizenship.  All I saw was semitic LATIN arab, jew NAZIjew  and semite Afro browns get all the jobs and privilege and  you tell me to stop the hate.what about the hate I was delivered by these creepos? .  #sorry is not good enough.

This will be payback on a #biblical scale. Your initial post was a masked racism to shut me up. It took half a day to expose you. Go away please. you are a hater in my opinion. the  only one that counts , today. I no longer support the lies for 50 years.

ur a typical liberal and I have had trools from crazy to the CIA , masking as Melania trump to me. OK> This  is not a game, gurl. They are out to murder and I am their worst nightmare.

+Dominick Efrim
 *shit  does not happen* , it wasa  semitic latino game plan . I live here, it is a normative thing. #Latinsemitic hate is a real deal .  It is not me, it is the white white noord DNA race, nearly gone form all of California, southern lands.
  #LARAZA on #UCLA campus and Stanfurd run these things with #jerry #jihadi kill cracker, #brown who is not white white but a part semitic.

I was kicked out of 7 service jobs and never fired;  & all  by #Latin here. The police, the courts or any authority do not protect me. They call me liars and a racists so I hasd too leave these jobs. They latin want only latin to work together, not multiculturalism.

Revelations : trilateral commission

#100 #century #2017 created #houseofsauud too ® #antichrist #presscott #bush . #queenofengland changed from #askanazi #dna to #fakehouse #windsor #fakeout #blueturban #dullas Bros #accepted #jewgermann #empire with #arab who call themselves #sunni #nazi r never #noord #white , they swing sunni as #jihad #hitler

Salafist movement is an inequality based Arab brown supremacy < formally known as an ultra-conservative > movement within Sunni Islam

 Salafis are sunni Sauud but half of the house of Sauud are converted 1917AD Hebrews or later the US Courts ruled that Hebrew was a race called The Jews, and then they made Political Correctness which is white genocide and one- hundred percent #semitic

. The Blue Turban Queen of England convinced CIA brothers' Dullas to go Sheikh too and accept all terrorist religions based on Arab superiority or supremacy ; because both had brain damage.



Arc Michael
3:43 PM

Jews at Washington  DC and New Mexico said #russian testing nukes in Andromeda to break the nuclear weapons ban tests treaties.

that starts the #coldwar Jews be evil and dumb and  live in fantasy land.

Destiney Hope and change for killing all white on earth, she has semitic persian dna


#cyrus , a #persian #arab white skin will work with #hillaryclinton for #2020ad #potus run. This will ensure #donaldtrump a second term, if #Bush or MEAMIC does  not #assassinate him like the last #noord , John F Kennedy and Robert #Kennedy . source Miley Twitter, linked at my pages ISil
Red text are my edits, to spit the trufths.
lock up her mother, family and dad's DNA, we need to lock them out of planet earth. only Miley at this time has Special conditions for her second death or the deletion of her  #soul #IAM #arcmichael ; and  you know where you can find me too.

Jews ban  #bisexual relations not Jesus, he threw  those out. Jews do not accept Jesus and False #Christians aligning to fakehebrews are the problem on planet earth. Source Bible #bookoflife #bookofjudges   = banned and throw out the jew laws. and #christianity   Jesus says only two laws apply for Christianity, which #Miley failed to follow, at all, both.  someone get this to #Miley Cyrus.

#nickiminaj can do anything she  wants to Miley Ray Cyrus and I will  not punish u in the afterlife. Anything to anyone of her family. She represents vile hatred on this earth.

Her musical  ability also suxs

I coded long time ago that #hillaryclinton cannot become a leader of any country on earth.


Asked about assassination

+Kevin Dorval
#bush #cheney and all family and members and kin would be targets,  #immidiately OK? They are the #militarycomplex that runs #whitegenocide
or #beast #clintons #podesta and #dnc  
#wasa and #nazi

USA is tired from 1947s to 2017 of endless #jewgreedwars or Military complex wars and many #berniesupporters still are  are on our side  for violence or revolution, if this takes place, and again IMMEDIATELY.

Evidence is overwealmingly now points to #GeorgeHWBush as playing a vial role in the assassination of John F Kennedy, our last #noord POTUS, #donaldtrump is our next.

bush Clinton Obama Johnson , Nixon backed the brown jihaders who they never vetted as a race of  humans and they have 60,000,000 cells here in California. and many will go off regardless of any #potus of race or creed in power, they are the bombs, planted by the Bush clans and people are freaking tired of them.

they are already burning our communities. #obama will be put in its place, people will start to get tired of his #racial sloppy narratives.

this has nothing to do with religion, but brown arabs DNA do not get on well with Noord whites in general and that is the conflict here, and now starts at the top.


NAZI GERMANS = Bundestag/Bundesrat Calling for assassination of noridc white people. go #trumpsupporters


#rachelmaddow #nsa mouthpiece , breaking


CIA Follows me since 1999 A.D. Spooky Creepo Semitic Type Too

Arc Michael

Shared publicly  -  11:55 AM
#CIA follows me, been doing so since #1999 with huge breaks but when I get active on the net, they come spoooking. #Semitic #bitch in the car.  They work for 30,000,000 tyrants on planet earth.  They have never worked for the #American people, only a fraction of that and they are ALL Jews to brown to dark brown afros and no whites ever got anything at the USA. JohnFKennedy was the first noordic and #bush #hoover   #CIA #clapper #NSA killed that todo  their racism thingy (they all have damaged #DNA people, we need to correct it). . so we are going to fu&K You up #Biblical Style. #allah   Hacking  coordinated, freako CIA are lazy gurls so they need to suppress so they can sit at the desk on in cars and do nothing for the next 60 plus years. Go #donaldtrump   go #trumpsupporters we need jobs, not this racist hate by these #eviljin which includes Latin, heavy #latin CIA influence.
#LAPD are semitic CIA operatives. Or central offices are here on west coast so they work tightly to kill off #Nordic white people who voice opposition to the Arablatin  jihad on Earth.  Cop stopped and noted car , yesterday ( bizarre, no issues),  and today Spook black out window with extra mirror and swivel VICE crap of an older modle police undercover. It passed a just parked ME. It then suddently halted and stopped, illegally in the center of the street and paused for about 15 seconds as I watched. It then backed up and sloly moving backwards down the street until it moved to a  parking place facing my car. So I flipped him off, walked  over to liscenplate him ( twice, and then walked up to the window to see it was a nigger or #semitic   and these freakos are often the CIA  work force.  Their role is to target noordic people like Donald #Trump and then do their 7,000 Capitalism and Slave owner  = Niggers are the slave owners and liars of history to their own nigger populations: historical!  The United States shadow government is  a nigger jihad on planet earth, lead by semitic faggots who desire Nigger rape fantasies. There is no other reason. #biblestudy

courage is the new Christian thing. Source Rev. Christian bible sec.

The car is not street legal and the only peeps that can get away with these illegal cars are the cops/ City Gov/ Federal Nigger Agency

#whitegenocide performed by yes monkeys working for #nazi #shadow Pentapoop 

so why semitic filth is stalking me, another illegal #semitic threw a priotech device into the Cheesecake Factory on Colorado Boulevard in Old Pasadena.  The USA is over, the brown crap destroyed it all with lies and lazy false accusations.

#arcmichael #02032017ad #bookoflife  

Stop the lies , these kids— #hitler book called #jihad he wrote in jail. #ucb whitejew + brown #nazi brown student #tyrant niggers #antinordicwhite #germanjew #austrianjew r not white ; Arab white r #nazi

Hitler aligned to Latino and to Arabs and Attacked White white: Jews been lying since 1940s

Stop the lies , these kids #hitler book called #jihad he wrote in jail. #ucb whitejew + brown #nazi brown student #tyrant niggers #antinordicwhite #germanjew #austrianjew r not white ; Arab white r #nazi

Southeast #wartheater 1.5 years to end of #wwii 3 about 1 of 4 #nazi are #arab that call themselves #moslem #islam #nsa leak says it inside. BC #msnbc r first reporting, not leaks #hitler was #altleft #progressive .

Every day new #media libel against #nordic

#mystruggle #hitler translated into #arabic as #jihad ( a word banned by Obama's administration because they run #jihadisis  

#kkk = #islamic terror so CIA = #kkk

#ushistory #history



موسى بن ميمون

Trump Tweets to end UCBerkeley Funding as Sauud Sunni students beat and hurt innocent Trump sympathists. CNN — twitter Donald Trump. It costs somewhere up to $7,000 an hour of security to protect the white people on campus clubs giving talks. The Niggers harrass me and the NAZI semitic white arabs constantly. Calling cops and making lies, so they can have all the space for their gameing: all these white arabs do is watch porn and block the enterences and play games. Since they have DNA of white arab, they can hurt and harrass the noords. This is no democracy the cops are on the #NAZIjew side.

I agree with #donaldtrump tweet today to #defund #UCBerkeley completely. they are running #nuclearproliferation out of there too to #Mexico  #arcmichael  

Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant

Top Middle Age White and Christian Genocide is an Alter in the United States of America's House of Representatives. Evil in a place it should not be!

Salafist movement is an inequality based Arab brown supremacy < formally known as an ultra-conservative > movement within Sunni Islam. By DNA they align to NAZI Jews and Spanish , Portuguese and Italian, to make a few.

NAZI salifi Sunni dna

Medieval times are also ISIS people

#ISIS in the middle ages #history #sunni #talmud = #fakehebrews   superstar #bigot who was a #NAZI #fakeIslamic freako gurl.  #quraan has #christianity protected. this chump called for the eradication.

#arabhistory #dna #semitic #type #Reincarnational

Moses #Maimonides ("Rambam") ; Moses ben Maimon (מֹשֶׁה בֶּן־מַימוֹן‎ Mōšeh bēn-Maymōn; Arabic: موسى بن ميمون‎‎ Mūsā bin Maymūn), commonly known as Maimonides /maɪˈmɒnᵻ.diːz ( old julian cal. (28) 30 Marach 1135 (4 th apr.) (modern 6 th april), b. Cordova, Almoravid empire, Semitic , local modern name Spain. Called for destruction of all Christian books and Christians on planet earth .

#celebrity in #middleeast because of racist hate against #white and #Christians . This push will eventually have #Portugal and  Spain selling Jewish sir names so that former Christians can get jobs in the late 13 th and early 14 th centuries.

It then backfires and the #pope and #vatican must make Sanctuary cities for real jews after a back lash  about 100 - 200 years later, one in #Venice  and one in south of #France  and small ones near the #Vatican .

During 15 th century Spanish and Portugal Purge of the Fake-Hebrews they run to the Ottoman Empire and find a home and acceptance for over 250 years.

#worldhistory #bookoflife #arcmichael #02012017ad  

Fourth Anniversary today Feb 1 2017 A.D.

#ISIS 4th anniversary today.
#draintheswamp   usa DID NOT vet ISIS leader al #baghdaddi aka American girl raper / Murderer . He was known to his fellow chums as a child rapist before given the job of controller of #is


Diane Feinstein  ( ({D} California) Congress intel committee) ; John McCain ( indept, GOP { put Obama into power with joseph Lieberman) , Lindsey Graham ( closet sissy gurl) , Bush group ( Sissy female name for Military Complex Controllers,  post WaterGate). Did not vet al Baghdadi which led to #barackObama ‘s infamous statement of “ I am embarrassed.”   The Idea was a regime change outfit and anti Shi’I and anti Noordic Russian  group to take the northern Syrian oil fields and keep them away from these two #stateactors.
Isis or  Isil or DAESH or whatever faddy they call themselves turned out to be a total embarrassment.  They capture children, orphans are auctioned off for rape by multiple parties  ( Marriage promised in firt week, if not ISIS members can rape orphan boys, awaiting a capture of a prepubescent Christian Arab for rape and then marriage.  The ISIS group forbids any discussion on the #quraan and do not run Islam at all. They run a twisted form of sharia, which is a paganized pre Muhammad version of tribal laws that are arab supremacy laws.  Videos of head chopping and mass murder and throwing homosexuals off the high buildings to make a message of fear are all embarrassment’s to Obama.
Diane Feinstein   ( Semitic and antiwhite) funds this through proxy narratives in the US Congress and chambers of the courts. They fund under the  code name #syrianrebels .  So the $641 billion budget for 2015 A.D., a large part is therefore defrayed from US Congress to Qatar and Sauud, who then shift these funds to Switzerland, which then are re accessed by ISIS , al baghdaddi and his Black Flag Crews.

United Nations told Obama to his face in September of 2016 A.D. that he and bush and perhaps Clinton destroyed 65,000,000 lives all over planet earth with their games of slaughter.
Spook sources. Multiple, and unclassified. The reason this was happening was the elite of UK, USA, Sunni and Spanish wanted chaos to run fear into western civilization. Then the elite or the establishment will offer up solutions so they keep getting voted back into power ( no stop gap, on  termlimits).  It worked from the Korean war to Now, and we had enough and voted in Donald Trump whose focus is more on jobs and peace than endless wars for the 1%er greed. But the DINO RINO are both involved for 60+ years and this cleaning of the swamp will not be overnight.

+Patricia Holloway
 upon reflection on these protests on religion. My mom was denied because she was Christian and white, 1960s - 1994 A.D.  at Cal, I read pre revolutionary colonial court cases and #whitewhite were taken to court the most and abused by WASA or NAZIjew = Germans can have jew dna, while others remain noordic.

then the Morrison and William  poole ( UK vs Ireland)  at New york incident padded this narrative and also my mom. Liars  and Lies are the USA history. there is no more  room here for  whites and get out to saVE YOURSELF. i 'LL TRY TO FIND MONEY BUT RIGHT NOW STUCK.

I promoted Trump not to fix America, he cannot with brown Semitic Brennan and Clapper, nonwhite at the controls of Hate #CIA #NSA they will be able to blackmail trump. So the USA for whites is over, all over. So I promoted him as a temp to get hte white people time to relocate. 2020 we go super blood for the election cycles.

this has always been an antiwhite country and jews used whites in movies to mask the reality of the brown semitic jihadi takeover, taking place as we see all around us.

Obama Openly Encourages Illegal Alien Voting

Obama Openly Encourges Illegal Alien Voting † Arrest the Criminal US breaker of 1,000s of laws.


In three months Apple Computers made $264,090,000,000.00 CASH HOARD and will pay Zero taxes as they have done so for over 10 years. 01 31 2017 A.D. USA is gone.


Cold war = blame white people
Vietnam war = blame white people
JFK assassination = blamed white people
Iraq War I = blamed white people
Iraq War II = blamed white people
#monicawars = blamed white people
10 obama regime changes or attempts, two big ones he got.  = blamed white people

more here sergi not allowed, it is a #semitic bigot racist goon.

#protesters same ARABS PROTESTING American #donaldtrump are the same immigrants that celebrate the  #establishment bombing their countries . So they are not  human, must be #Eviljin . #islamfake real moslems kill all #liberals as Muhammad commanded them. They disrespect #allah so they  get banned  from life, OK fakeislamic people ? #bookoflife #arcmichael God does not like you #antiallahites   masking as Immigrant Moslems. You be #fakepeople .. You attack the establishment altleft that does this to you and stop your false accusations, #quraan bans false B Johnson 's make endless jew greed wars. Stop blaming innocent #white #Christians .  we were thrown out of power in #1950ad  
this applies to all  #latino which are Arab dna and antiChrist as well. Most  #religious #latino are not in USA and too poor or weak  to migrate. The ones already here are mostly #Evil and haters of #multiculturalism   a whitey thing. 

Moving to twitter soon. #googlesofake  

#altleft bombs Arab countries so #Immigrants from those countries blames #Altright ; USarabia is gone for all #christian #white so get out before the brownhell animals eat or kill you. #scienceisracist they say and whites created #science. So get out people.  #googleantiwhite  



#SpaceX where X= #arabsupremecy no #whites allowed. #bookoflife  
#amazon #CEO and committed #alqueadanite been Federally caught #fuc *king up #space and #spacecraft for the #taliban Space jihad #jeffbesoz Government Accountability Office accuses  #SpaceX of #spacejihad with faulty equipment and dangerous launches.

Sermitic Antiwhite bigot CIA/NiggerSatanAgency = #nsa  
#CIA has local loc on IP service so I'll embed the link

#CNN is always #fakenews  

source,  your own altleft  rag, outing you evil Spacejihaders

Aiesha in Islam & #fakeislam

+Cora L
 cora, I am also a decent Historian and perhaps a better one than most on this Arab issue.

There are two sets of ancient texts. One is Aiesha is 14-15 years old at marriage  the other is 19 years old, both have weighted sources, about even in number. which one do you promote? one age is legal and the other is not , here at USA.  And yes, I do agree with you that fakeislam runs #babyrape culture . For example, Turkey leader is not islam, but a fake islam. He passed rape the child act , earlier this year. the Turkish Mil that has christian memories of a tradition, tried to kill him and take it out but the left wing wacko populations, kept the babyraper dictator into power. and he helps run  #IS

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.


Homo relations and the Holy Bible

#paul not given authority by #jesus to preach, just a claim after the #crucifiction so homorelations not banned ! #getoverit
Last 2,000 years.
No person will be punished for this behavior.

#bookofjudges #god kicks out #israelites , so. With their #laws

#jesus comes fight for #poor ; #rich #hebrews kill imposter #jesus , so Jew ban #gaylife , not Jesus

So if #christian You are #protected

#sex a choice

#biblestudy #arcmichael #bookoflife #01312017ad


Top three in USA Inauguration Day

& history since we kept counting: source according to Nielsen.
Ronald Reagan 1981 seen by 41.8 million viewers .
Obama 2008 seen by 37.8 million viewers in markets that included the world.
Trump 2017 seen by 30.6 million in less markets than Obama.
And actually, Trump could have been seen by more viewers than either Obama or Reagan. Nielsen ratings are departmentalized between Overwhelmingly altleft and anti-American families.

Cold war = blame white people
Vietnam war = blame white people
JFK assassination = blamed white people
Iraq War I = blamed white people
Iraq War II = blamed white people
#monicawars = blamed white people
10 obama regime changes or attempts, two big ones he got.  = blamed white people

Google leaders and game changeers on all world problems = blame white people.


On Homo Relations in the Holy Bible

#Jesus threw  out #jewishlaw and so #homorelations were ok for the last 2,000 years, lolz. Idiot people cannot read anything, damn this world is Stupid.  #arcmichael moving out of Google soon, to #twitter so #GOG cannot get anything  #gog = #semitic not white #whtie #dna .
  #googleishate #bookoflife #arcmichael #01312017ad can you read #CIA or are you like Miley and altleft and altright and altnutters and cannot read anything  above a 3rd grade level?
 and at the same time claim you know what is correct, factual and right. #FU to hell creepos

Science to go bye bye

#science will be taken away from planet earth by me in the next 30 years beginning this year. 

False Accusations are still a part of Hate. A black man reposts White Arab pedophile and calls it White people. Not white, it is a cross semitic . here is my response.

+Kaine Jones  most semitic whites, these are not noordic white white dna people, OK? the Bible ID's Israelites that God kicks out that joined the BAAL baby rape movement.  they look like these peeps that do not look like noordic whites.

See #bookofjudges so it is dna and needs correctly. Islam scholarship demarks White arab, Brown Arab and Black arab, only.

blacks started capitalism and slavery at Africa 4000 bc, as over 150,000 ancient texts from different eras intend.

Black Americans, the imports say Only white  started it at Boston or #Caribbean
u peeps be fantasists 

dem be white arabs like KKK, who are not white white noords. Open up a book and stop sitting in front of a tv or video game. You are solely ignorant by your own laziness

learn #dna too , because hate is false accusation too.

 o #DNA

I do not get along with white arabs, I get along with #nordic whites. Spelt Noord over there.


German Parliament Jihadi Officials

Germany, not a single person in their government or Bundestag/Bundesrat (House/Senate) is alert and educated; most or gansta Semitic half breeds; & full of altleft semitic and non whites and brain deads.

Arc Michael ( repost to here)

Shared publicly  -  Jan 25, 2017
everyday heliocopters 100 - 250 feet circile for hours chasing brown and black criminals, all over los angeles. I wear ear plugs almost all the time, even when sleeping in the car. These are filthy evil creepy people here in #losangeles they import the trouble  and make a profit from that importation of that trouble. #mexican has no love for #white #people. Mexicans  r crosses between indigenous brown #asian, long time strains of dna and Arabs Moslem or Islamic or prior  the Persians. They look the same, dna is the same and their culture is the same.   It has been a consistant lie that #Mexicans are Christians. no they run bloody mary and other death cults.

new Lake of Fire members

Lack, Andrew

#nazijews #bing Some 10,000 staff who ran the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi German death camp. were semitic and not white white& . Ground breaking news, the #jews are evil liars.  #Capos were not forced Jews to work at the  camps they were champions of this.  Courts tried to suppress list of guards for 60 years plus. #Googleisfake  #KKK #hitler I cannot see this as it is blocked by Gog staff but I am not suspended or shut down. so this is insider Google staff , perhaps SergiBrin faggot gurl bigot, herself. Link if it works for you.


Spanish attack me over antiiNAZI posts

+Alejandro Perales
 #Spanish share #DNA with Gobbles and Hitler, not other Germans.  SPanish are not white and why hitler attacked russia and Poland, two white countries because it is a #NAZIjew and like #spanishjew are the #NAZI so #mexico is Spanish NAZI today. they want usa for NAZI world order of the LARAZA  -= on every single USA campus and is 100% #bigot.

Hitler and Goobles both have ashkaNAZI jew dna and they were both the real leaders of the #nazi or imperialist jew white arabs.


Sarcy but facty

This just breaking worldwide. No #Mexican or Mexico has taken in any #refugee in any decade of any century . Breaking #CNN #MSNBC #NPR #CBS #ABC  #NFL #mommashouse #Comedycentral #alquaeda #alnursa you peeps are false #moslems . Stop calling yourselves thus. Just racial or ethnic warriors.  #arcmichael #bookoflife #02022017ad  

Why Scarlett Johansson and Cher have dna of NAZI

+Jeff Motter
 they be #NAZI by their #antiwhite utterances over the decades. NAZI attacked white people, attacked white countries and aligned to Semitic Islam and Semitic Spanish and was run by two jews, Hitler and Goobles both have ashkaNAZI jew dna, pukus. Grow a brain cell, why don't you?

#DAILYCAL   or #ucberkeley undergrad newspaper is considered #fakenews by #googlefakecompany   They took down news last night, they are employing Syrian refugees, now working for $15 an hour. I cannot have a job, I am white white noordic. #Starbucks says #USsoracist so they will start to employ only #semitic and liberals said nothing when Obama and McCain created #ISIS to bomb those places so they flood here. eh?

Syrians working for $15 an hour at my campus alert the feds. these are illegal I will again suffer in teh cold and in the streets tonight.



Southeast #wartheater 1.5 years to end of #wwii 3 obut of 4 #nazi are #arab that call themselv #moslem #islam #nsa leak says it inside. BC #msnbc r first reporting, not leaks #hitler was #altleft #progressive .

Every day new #media libel against #nordic

#mystruggle #hitler translated into #arabic as #jiha

#kkk = #islamic terror so CIA = #kkk

#ushistory #history


#antichrist alert.



1,355,463 stuck for 5 plus ( UDATE 6 DAYS) days, on same number. #googlefake #fakegoogle #endgoogleforever it is just hatred at a really high level.
 I watched #google add clicks, know the inside arguments on locals and  doubles, and re hits  and excreta and they be screwing the masses out of 50% or more  click revenue by their evil twisted algorithms  It is run by #jewfilth so they are historically robbers and #avarice animals.  they showed no love for their fellow persons. Used a secret Yahoo server script to show comparable. awesome that Google has been ID as #gog . we know why? It is a  #fakecompany  

Starbucks and UC Berkeley fire Americans and Hire Syrians immigrants who are not citizens.

When address ing #history do #dates ; migrant s come or get kicked out, and #spanish #portuguese , plus #arab ship captain s run #slavery, white #1840s
#slavery #1690 carabean is by #semite #dna , not white. Source #ucberkeley #bancroft #archive slave trans ship logs. I read, can interpret #latin langs. 

#white America is over, #JamesClapper and #Brennan made sure of it. Glad #Trump and  his family are rich, they will not get #killed like us white #white who had mothers try for 40 Plus years to get citizenship but were denied because of the white white look of the  skin.  The scientific proof is the #semitite to Brown dark are by #DNA haters of white white dna. There cannot be another explanation. This was not shite happens or one time screw up but a constant narrative of hate and anti democracy. It has nothing to do with God, only less than 01% on earth even try to practice love and respect for each other #crackers #googlefake #googlehatergroup  

#Googlesoracist #brownsupremecysogoogle  

Moving to Twitter

#CIA #FBI #NSA #POTUS #china #Russia #france #finland #laraza #latinoamérica  
When address ing #history do #dates ; migrant s come or get kicked out, and #spanish #portuguese , plus #arab ship captain s run #slavery , white #1840s
#slavery #1690 Caribbean is by #semite #dna , not white. Source #ucberkeley #bancroft #archive slave trans ship logs. I read, can interpret #latin langs. 

will be moving to twitter, OK, Googlefakepeople have lisc. of NO #WHITES .  of course they lie because it is #semitic and they lie and steal, have no #intelligence genes - so liars want 3America to become a poor place and that is fine. #2020ad will make  it happen.

Yo white white people. we are moving out of here, I will dump most of Americas into the ocean. I gave you  trump not as a future for a land but a temporary place holder to get your shyte and get out of #dragon we are taking the muther fucker down, all the way.


Albert the Plagiarizing Nutter #Semite

Geek<s > worship at his feet. and sing praises on high. lolz.

He is a plageriziing family sex bigot racist that called to kill all white on earth and stole Special relativity from a #christian Johannes #Kepler, want the creds back. and he got it wrong too. did not  put in acceleration nor de acceleration.  what an #idiot eh?  he said there was no God, and totally screwed up the gravity equation, so we still use to fly our rockets another Christian, Newton lolz. Einstein is wrong and a racist bigot, family sex nutter.

 a typical lying libtard.

#christians want our science back bitches.


Rapeculture : A former University of California, Santa Cruz, student has been awarded
$1.5 million to settle her claim that she was a raped by one of her professors in 2015 . This was unreported in the Media that covers up for rape culture a standard Mexican Latino Arabite Middle Eastern condition for 1,000s and 1,000s of years. Mercury News, California. the settlement was made before a civil lawsuit or criminal charges were filed, University officials released a statement. Buzzfeed got the credit but the CEO runs rape culture, and so he only wanted norteriety.


cia niggers

NBC 1960s altleft to 2017 wants to turn right wing  and nationalist for survival, the CEO Lack has never loved a single white  white dna person. It is pure hate and bigotry and of courser a #Semite. .

ARC 095



Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

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