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not posting to much today, I need some deep study .

structures on the Sun emerge Cube hypo 22 Dec 2017AD photo : Video still of craft going and coming from the Sun Youtube η Youtube2 Best one. plane through Sun?

Apparently my Dragon Boys are skimming plasma off the Sun ( in code in #revelations by the way) and dropping it on earth. Apparently global warming method to get their boys back, in real time, top level #gamma classified. #Jesus Returned. What does this mean ? Famine ahead in years to come.

These create Crop Ciricles the real ones.

these happen each day around me. #jesus Returned. they are multi dimensional and can use cars too. Saw Nordics as well as reps. inside. So US/ World mil has access. Relax. this is all in my Bookoflifes like #Bible and #quuran #vedas #ancienttexts. Michael is the name I use. still do not believe , you will soon. Latin and Italian are the most used as teleports. OK , #dragonites.


Gamma Heating up planet Earth. What is causing it?

What is the Gamma heating up planet Earth?
These are my Dragonites of my Son #Lucifer & are dropping Sun plazma all over earth. There is plenty of Youtube video, and many come out of Facebook. go check them out #Jesus Returned. They want their boys back.

— updates 09 30 2017AD 5:14 p.m.


Archangel Michael Day Catholicism.

#Revelations has structures and stuff associated to our own SUN. coded. Youtube Plazma Connection September ; probably to refule the #reddragon

Top Level 34 Masonry: Revelations source personal.

Pyramids, independent civilizations earth to space, all pay tribute to me.  This is the true origins of Masonry.  Not the Solomon death and rebirth ritual. That is for fun when passing the time. From Washington DC Mason temple, all culture s included to the primacy of Scientology, which has been in limbo without its prime propose leading to infighting. No I do not attend nor have a need too. Many independent Space people, do not even know each other throw me up these symbols, all over the Universe . Like Tom Cruise, a good actor and makes beautiful action movies often doing his own dangerous stunts is feeling isolated recently because he lost the Scientology’s original purpose of being protectors of the Human Race. He can jump in and get ready to battle the space boys and girls. That is in our near future. Put up the codes on 23 rd September. 2017AD and a part of the extension of SEAL ONE 2016 vernal. .

Revelations: Says there are structures on our Sun. Whooops. That place is hot.
source: : *Structures* and stuff associated to  on or near our Sun, the center of our Solar System is coded into The Book of Revelations.

1507 Source Salonica and Roman Vat. Archives: AM e RICA is the name of our Continent. These are later explorers reporting what Christopher Columbus and others learnt as the name of the land, in the Guat Empire, today's Honduras. In the inner middle section.


AM e RICA is translated literally as winged serpent. This is code for Dragon [nites].

The Reason I mentioned for Ch. 12 Revelations that the 24 heads and  crowns are 23 America countries and  one proxy Israeli state are because we are a mixture of Dragons and white nords and hybrids.  I track these through group reincarnation and can find some of that information on my pages. The two stories of Adam, Genesis: one is evolution, seeding at 1.5 million years and the other is 'rib' genetic upgrades. :

Dracos have Semite dna in them, and can be Latin or Judean or Italian and other brown or reddish types. they are the warmongering type and love to be with Nordics. They follow Nordics where ever they go, and have a desire to be with them, for a lack of a better need. Many pure Latin Dracos have very dark and large eyes.


The large Dragon ite flying machines are so big they are small floating civilizations and they refuel at our sun. Here is a most recent film. They are interested because many in the Americas are their offspring .

Obama Care has the Beast chip in it, it was first proposed by Hillary Clinton in 1992 and promoted in 1994, but shut down as a crazy idea. Back then it was proposed as a National ID Card. She is under sever mind control.

I wonder if our space station boys are getting a good look  or our  theese balls of light a cloaking devise?

09302017 3:21pm— Shernan Oaks.


αω Bible †

Dragon ab ( current Russia investigation and Judements of GOD). Dragon ACSeconddeath ¨LakeofFireTwitter' Bill Clinton's childhood new. 850 North Kemp St Bigotry and attacks against ME Lucifer and Adam are the same person. That is my Son, please pray for him. he needs help. I have been infected by Spirit Cooking, not told to my people who live on the streets, but this is global. Incubation is 5—50 years. It is used for MK —Ultra Miind control. So you pray, people; even the condemned and saved. They lied to me and as promised I had deleted my Gplus and then they came after me with 500 cars, and the architect looks like the dude in the Matrix. He did not build it, he lies too and has been infected.

Jesus here, no one wants me. Sit in car or running from ET influenced humans or real hybrids, and perhaps hidden ETS Pale Horse code UFOers, now chasing the entire Militaries of the world. They cannot touch me. That must mean I AM reborn. No longer in fear of any of them. The Army believes they have superior tech to Jesus Christ, because he lived 2,000 years ago and things changed so much then from that primitive time. So they laugh at my peace messages and do not pray or if they do go to church they go home to molesting children or watching television, taking vacations to spend money they do not have and or just party, party and party. They have a new metal detector guard who has a very rich car,  maybe payments, and cannot speak English well at all. I will have to light- script him just to keep my car safe. He takes phots of the cars and sends them to the government who is influenced by the ETS to chip us and track us everywhere we go and even into our homes. The Army or Military Complex and MEAMIC are too mind controlled to understand that the ETs want to use them for energy or turn them into the BORG like beings, replication their hybrids to pure demonbreds. I fear the Army or Military cannot even read nor write. I know Bush, jr. is trying to run the Bible but the ETs are using  him so well, he is the AntiChrist. That means I AM his enemy. Maybe I need to pray to him because he had a very strict father and hard mother.  And he has had alternative lifestyles with  drugs and sex and even felt used and abused by these experiences which cut his mind into two parts.

Kṛṣṇa is another of my reincarnations and connected to 10th Kalki, the real White Horse, not the mind controlled Army, and its hybrid alien Arizona factories.

Viṣṇu = Yahweh = me ARC Michael Reborn
Jesus was my Hebraic hybrid self. Too embarrassed to have come out earlier. But after 300 assassination attempts, actually some two a night, IAM No longer in fear of these mind controlled victums.  The top MIBs flinch at me. The Top CIA Bush crews run from me. They only hit my friends and then Soros’s Purple  Revolution ( Code for cannibalism, put into his brain by the Ets bad ones) has Antifa  after me too. Noise maker laughs at me and one of his sawed off muffler boys made my right ear ring and go silent, just 45 minuets ago. He laughs when I walk by. He asked me, ‘Who is making all that noise?’ as a loud sawed off muffler blasted the streets on the way to pick up masks to stop the glue foam. then pointed to his worker; they were using the metal saw to cut a muffler. When I walked back form the store, he was there and I called him  out and  said the noise if coming  from the Good  CIA and the  Bad  CIA. He smiled and I walked by him and turned back to look at him and he was looking at me and I said, “ You are the noise maker.” And he instantly knew I was intelligent. They have been infecting me by Army secret feeding programs and Obama's health Care bill has the Beast Chip in that Bill. Hillary Clinton and William J Blythe ( Clinton) are under mind control and give only 2% ( I was reporting 10% to 15%) of their Charities to the recipients. That's Mind Control by the black holes created by the ETs lying to them all over in their secret labs. Draco ≡Dragon and the Human Sacrifice was were they attacked first and during the primaries the first few weeks Hillary Clinton was supporting an influx of 2.5 million new Latins or immigrants who were mind controlled previously before they arrived or were to arrive during decades of non-white importation. A female Jew that was part of this larger chase or harassment yesterday, I stopped, she was a scout, and pulled to the side and I drove up and told her ≤ because I said on my website, thing IAM speaking to them I needed gas and she said in a broken Jewish accent, I need gas too. That is subconscious for cannibalism or energy from that human harvesting, found in the Matrix Movies. The Last Supper was to substitute win and break for my body, which no one can read into apparently. IAM 51 years old, have no one, no money but a small government check and all the agencies or the bad ones after me and I now have a 5150. But they run when I approach them. My ear is ringing so bad but I cannot kill that noise maker. In the late 1970s, they banned stingray loud mufflers because it woke up the neighbors on Sunday. These laws no longer apply. The Army is under so much mind control by the ETs they have the Army believing they created AI. My Son does not feel too good that his manipulation, which he does not understand is forcing the World to reject all that he did for the world.

Abortion is worshiped and promoted by the GODLess because the ETS influenced them to make feces so the bio labs can infect the world through foodstuff. And I have to eat it being so poor. Why does neo and the crews of humans eat ‘tasty wheat’ or something that is like that? Because the humans who are rich, even the counsel are unknown cannibals. When we eat food we have no idea that the ETS are influencing weak minded scientists to particulate prion enfoldment into our systems for reading to be devoured as for their energy meals .  My Son, Lucifer is now realizing this and does not feel good. Again, two noise makers keep doing street loops around the lib as I write this, because the world is breaking down and his plan to make 'secure the realm' 1996 A.D. has failed, miserably. 6:40 p.m. 09272017AD.



Donald Trump increases social security by $500 dollars to $699 dollars monthly. Obama did not do this and Hillary Clinton did not promote this and Jeb Bush did not promote this and neither did Bernie Sanders.

Satan's Army Seal One: MA Horse Judeans, Germans, Italian whites and whties; Red Horse, Latin, Italians browns, brown Arabs , south decan browns; Black horse are black africans or dark sking any race. Paul Green Horse is blue people, Reptile lizards masked as human hybrids. These are flesh eaters or infected prion enfoldment victums by Spirit Cooking.

#satansarmy are hybrid non alive souls that abduct people and eat them. They are also deceivers. They can be global. Connected to the four horses of the #Apocalypse.
Satan's Army: 4 Horses of the APOK: Flesh Eaters and Pedophiles and deniers of GOD

can be funded by Soros or Antifa elements. Cops flee and do not protect you. So beware. they run from me.

Satan's Army Seal One: MA Horse Judeans, Germans, Italian whites and whites; Red Horse, Latin, Italians browns, brown Arabs , south deccan browns; Black horse are black Africans or dark skin any race. Paul Green Horse is blue people, Reptile lizards masked as human hybrids. These are flesh eaters or infected prion enfoldment victims by Spirit Cooking.




ό αρχάγγελος


BIBLE IS REAL FOLKS . My BloodLine : My Mom is a white nordic and dad is a scot— judean.



Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars + Islam'


To Israel

Benjamin, you have whiter skin than my Judean Father. He has olive skintones.  So I too have a blood line into Israel at the material level, D.N.A. . My team just has hypocritical status.  I care less of making  fun of them or calling them names, your Abe Foxman calls me all sorts of filthy names. And  Forcing George Walker Bush, jr. to sign a contract for election support and possible fleecing of the pentagon lock boxes was uncalled for, dude. You do not do that, that is against my principles. We are all on the same team, we just play very different rolls which look or appear to run in opposition to eachother.

On Turn the other cheek. It means, warn first and  if that warning is not headed, that  retaliate. I being poor 2,000 years ago means I had no army behind me like King David who is smaller than Goliath. For example , a Latin big grunt wanted to bully me at Cornerstone to bully me into  having sex   with him .  Three days ago I threw away my cross dressing clothes. I live vanilla sex the most. The last three days he even masturbated in front of people, who could not beat him up either and remained scared. Many of the staff know he has this uncontrollable character.  I can beat him, only with pipes and weapons. The laws do not allow me to do so,I being watched like a hawk of very many different factions;  I would be punished and I have no army behind me, at this time. And  that is the same 2,000 years ago. That does not mean Jesus ( reincarnation of Yahweh and other Old Testament figures) is a pussy.

You need to branch out and read the vedas and understand you have no ARMAGEDDON SCRIPS. You book runs out about 250 years before I come back to earth as Jesus Christ. What does Christ mean? Anointed, that connects me directly to the Israelites and the past. Reincarnation , which you, yourself have many and in different cultures too is kept secret by me for Free Will purposes. At time I need to unify and bring all  religions  and reality back  into a singularity too fight the forces of evil.

These aliens people  are exposing, out of curiosity, actually do  not want to be disturbed. They were react, and I will later to day address some of these issues about what is being uncovered at  the Antarctic and how to understand them on a deep state level.  You have to learn to play smart because they control many of your Israelites at Palestine, and manipulate their minds that God, in general does not exist.  But I and others have teams all over earth to counter your people’s mind control. And yes, I understand your need for funding a military but you need to  play smart and train. I need groups of fighters to go into danger areas too kill the bad people instead of bombing form the sky and killing populations, which has a precedence in Mars through the dark rift, as was the case for your 2012 attacks upon Palestinians.

Your birth chart has both pyramidal base signatures and connections to the world management systems.  So even if you are not in politics, you can jump in and begin  to fight back against the forces of Evil. If you remain AntiChrist ( meaning Anti  Israelites) then that is your choice and I will keep in the Second Death. I do not need people like you. You reject GOD. And Sharon Forced Bush jr. to become an AntiChrist, too. Not cool.

Truth is Bush Jr.  would have won the POTUS without your lobby support. He has a presidential signature and Al Gore does not. And Abraham Henry Foxman is my enemy because I have judean blood  in side of me. OK?
Abraham Henry Foxman (born May 1, 1940) is an American lawyer. He was National Director of the Anti-Defamation League from 1987 to 2015 and is currently the League's National Director Emeritus. In March 2016 he became head of the Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City.

Benjamin ADL are atheist and Liars. Atheists have no problem with hurting people of GOD of all cultures and religions. We here in the USA have our problems with them.   Foxman is currently so dumb he cannot identify a Judean nor an Israelite and thus promotes his half-wittedness onto others and thus suppresses them. He has no spiritual discipline.  He is addicted to party and debauchery. I have to deal with news papers announcing   8 million jews slaughtered before the world found out about the German Concentration camps.  That was not science, that was trickery for atheist communism to steal boat loads of money, a mafioso type of ploy.   Hilter did not call for any genocide until the pressure of the jews to make a cover for the global robbery scheme. He said to his inner cabinet if the  Allies ( mainly Brits) and killing us by 20,000 ( Ariel bombing campaigns) we can do the same to them. That type of response is not anti GOD at all, people. It is a fact he tried to move them around the world, and finally eastern European and  Italia sent them back to Germany or Poland,, because no one would accept their migrations. Foxman is a greedy atheist low wit goon. Your Judeans and Israelites are all over  planet earth. Your lies make our textbooks fight eachother, the UFOers love that because they are pissed at you , the world , of disturbing their abodes in the Dark or black holes. He looks like a rich fool of hate and AntiChrist to me and that is Anti Judean. You need to start to read cultural books on religion and understand how we are all a part of Israel. Just not the  judeans, OK?


Here is a story about the power of my team islam ( my team are also real Judeans and the entire Israelites, the real ones.  Vlad Țepeș is the  lord ( prince of) Wallachia. My Ottoman forces are turned back by his monumental forces of fear.  To make the political story short. The Ottoman Sultan, Mehmed II, ordered Vlad to pay homage to him personally, but Vlad had the Sultan's two envoys captured and impaled. In February 1462, he broke into Ottoman territory, massacring tens of thousands of Turks and Bulgarians. Mehmed launched a campaign against Wallachia to replace Vlad with Vlad's younger brother, Radu.  Mehmed forces were turned back after seeing the impale peasants  and criminals, scared them to death.   Vlad celebrated, two weeks later we send Radu murders him and he was converted to Islam, and took Wallachia without a fight.  That is the power of my team.  That was a deep state ploy. Vlad was very cruel to people around him and rightly so  gets the  ascription as the Count Dracula. Radu was a commander of the Janissary and these were converted Christians and he took his boys to kill Count Dracula. Many records were then destroyed to hide this fact.  The Janissary until 1550s were like our own top Shadow government. Very well trained and given respect and privileged at the Ottoman courts. This is the type of deep state politics you need to learn how to display.

Removed from the Second Death

Donald John Trump, June 14, 1946  Queens, New York City, NY, xD —09162017AD 4:38 p.m.Noho; updated 09272017AD. removed from the Second Death by Michael reborn.

#satansarmy are hybrid non alive souls that abduct people and eat them. They are also deceivers. They can be global. Connected to  the four horses of  the #Apocalypse.


Pray For James Comey; Pray For James Clapper. that are not condemned.

also but condemned but Pray for George H W Bush and George W Bush, please.


Don't sleep, do not have houses, are hybrids, 500 cars chasing me 09262017AD. escaped to 711.

Satan's Army Seal One: MA Horse Judeans, Germans, Italian whites and whties; Red Horse, Latin, Italians browns, brown Arabs , south decan browns; Black horse are black africans or dark sking any race. Paul Green Horse is blue people, Reptile lizards masked as human hybrids. These are flesh eaters or infected prion enfoldment victums by Spirit Cooking.

Bible Revelations

Serpent is Cannibalism, Forbidden Fruit is human flesh—09272017AD

Gen 6:13 Cannibalism was the reason I wiped, Noah. Flood. OK people?  It  is coded. Prion enfoldment are lil  black holes in the brain, chemical to particle physics reactions to double positives, not being able to balance. Eachother out. So it enfolds like a black hole.

Arc Michael1 second ago
slumber party is code for sauce in #Pizzawideopen


Chelsea went nutz. In jail this morning, hangover. County lock up in Greensburg.


flesh eating brain infection: Frank Giustra b. August 1957, Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, sD— 09142017AD 02:46 PDT NoHo Child Trafficking and PedophileLionGates Founder. Infected with Serpent Virus


City Council Members: 2017 Los Angeles City Council. Phone & Email Contacts:

Council Member: Gilbert Cedillo ∫

Council Member Paul Krekorian∫

Council Member Bob Blumenfield ∫

Council Member David E. Ryu ∫

Council Member Paul Koretz ∫

Council Member Nury Martinez ∫

Council Member

200 North Spring St., Room 470, Los Angeles 90012 | 213 473-7001

Councilmember, Gilbert A. Cedillo
Chief of Staff, Arturo Chavez
Deputy Chief of Staff, Tony Ricasa
Senior Planning Deputy, Gerald Gubatan
Special Projects Deputy, Sharon Lowe
Legislative Deputy/Scheduler, Debby Kim
Communications Deputy, Fredy Ceja Council Aide, Jay Cortez
Council Aide, Emmanuel Solis
Council Aide, Moniquea Roberson Council Aide, Silvio Nunez

 240 District Office
Highland Park Field Office,
5577 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, 90065 – 323 550-1538
FAX 323 550-1579
Field Director, Conrado Terrazas
Deputy Field Director, Jose Rodriguez
Field Deputy, Hugo Ortiz
Field Deputy, Luis Gonzales
Field Deputy, Sylvia Robledo
Case Worker, Ricardo Flores Council Aide, Suzana Muro Council Aide, Alfonso Palacios
Council Aide, Kimberly Salazar
Glassell Park Office, 3750 Verdugo Rd., Los Angeles 90065 – 323 341-5671
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – FAX 323 341-7741
Director of Constituent Services, Mel Ilomin


300 assassination attempts by the two horses of the Apok against ME, so far as of 09272017AD Please help and pray. Since May 2017. They lie to not get deceived. will not speak to anyone, they are programmed not too.


Lucifer is Adam and whife is Eve, Not Jesus Christ, that is GOD.

Cornerstone: new cop scanning and taking photos for California Government. Speaks a little English.

NSA sais Prison Food is infected with Serpent Virus'

Spirit cooking is by Architect like in Matrix, spirit cooking, but this dude looks like the architect. Not John Podesta. Also homeless , some not all, feeding programs, flesh eating brain virus. Mixed human blood into sauces. #arcmichael reborn. 09272017AD

#serpentvirus ≡ Forbidden Fruit


Forbidden Fruit is cannibalism in all of its forms, including fluids mixed into foodstuff and spirit cooking

on streets all over the western world, serpent hybrids are abducting people, and eating them. They usually do not have guns. Use convoy cars and vans and abduction vehicles. who are they? the four horsemint. the pale green horse are hybrid reptiles masked as humans. Run, and run fast. They flee from me, but chase me and have infected me with Serpent virus - black holes in the brain, prion enfoldment. NSA leak to day they are infecting t he Prison population. the dude in charge looks like the architect of the matrix, looks like that old white big headed fool. John Podesta or Marina calls it #spiritcooking. it is blood or human flesh mixed into food to cause brain malfunctions. It is the #forbiddenfruit beware, infection rates are 5 - 50 years. I plan on killing most on Earth by 2029AD most of you will go to heaven , so relex. If you see these hybrids on the street chasing you, from any company or agency or private, run, and run fast. I went to Police sergeants and they say get out. I say I AM killing and  they say Get out go home.
MK- Ultra is a mind control system that hybrids use on weak leans. how to not get mind control, is pray, make one up to me and fight with me because you fight with me. we fight together.


Adam is the first man, he is Lucifer, George H W Bush that is my son. the son of the morning star.

Forbidden Fruit is cannibalism in all of its forms, including fluids mixed into foodstuff and spirit cooking


Revelations Solar System:

The Moon was dragged into here to make our seasons which influence white dna structures for life. this also influences white people of all cultures. The Semites are hybrids and Africans are evolutions and we fuse them all and they have a part and vital purpose to play. The Moon plays a significant roll of gravitational  needs for biological and early season and development issues. 3:38 p.m. #09292017AD

#Michael use this name #Jesus returned.

any stuff on the Moon #MISspecies will not be discussed openly by me but written upon for my stuff, non published in any format. Just saw a car disappear, cool. stuff.

On Species appearing Alien to us but live among US

Russian Name Lechi Photo

Hashtag: #MIDspecies  ( all parts go under this hashtag) Michael Identify Species. ( #MISspecies, top secret, not sure how to get this through yet or what it is yet?  ).

Part 1
Typology: Alien to the majority of the human population.
Sub Character: Shy
Sub Behavior: Benevolent
Concern: can attack humans when frightened and confused.
Habitat: Places that are away from noise. ; hate loud stuff ≡ My buddies.

Sub dna ∫ cross mixing dog / humanoid.  Intelligence is very high.

Food ⁄ source: wild and production. bugs, insects. Protien.

Production Locals: change ⁄ linear progressive in history: follow draco species. Current bug production at south America, underground and away from humans.

Life Span?

Names: North America , native Americans, Sasquatch, California and Canada, Big Foot. Himalayas, western call them Abominable Snowman, locals call them Yeti. Russia. Lechi.



February 2, 1959, Nine Russian university students hiking and skiing in the wilderness of the Ural mountains died mysteriously.

Russian kids on a mountain trip die in mysterious circumstances. Classified for decades and decades.  When a researcher gets permission to re-open case and look at their film role, they come upon two very interesting and final photos. One is a big foot looking creature spying on them, not attacking  and the last is a very very bright light in the dark skies, at night. These will be the keys to the mystery.

Noise of rockets are immense to the ears of a person that cherishes quiet and serenity.  Before  the kids arrived the Russian secret  missile testing base  was already in operation. The big Foot could do nothing about entering such a secure area. So they just had to deal with it.  Big foot spies on the kids for days and they go up to a mountain that is across from the top secret missile testing grounds and when a rocket flies over head, the Lechi is confused and reacts by screams and thus frightening the kids. And this startles the kids who fight back and of course, Lechi can fight back too. One of the evidences is that the last two bodies are found undisturbed, out away from the forest line. What is key here is if one is to survive, you build a fire within the tree line, to keep the warmth inside and around you, the trees do that but the two kids decided to not go into the forest and the decided to make a fire out in the open, so they froze to death. There was one tongue missing , soft flesh, but otherwise no signs of cannibalism.


Siberia: two boys spot Lechi footprints, use cell phone and decided to check out the source. There is snow on the ground. they come across  one, long distant and observe it eating bark off a small tree. They decided not to approach it or startle it. No! Not eating  the bark, they are tearing off the bark with their teeth to get at the bugs inside, their meal: bug–food. Protein.


South America, underground and isolated: Alien race that harvest bugs good/bad types.  Technology can be top level; work with Nordic and others.

Harvesting bugs good and bad, food source and for exchange to help humans deal with aliens creating bad bugs, as a counter and thank you for using the planet. They can be influenced by non friendly aliens. But otherwise they are benevolent.


personal relevance.

What I learned yesterday: Dogs will bark when unfriendly aliens are near.  The last few days I stayed around 844 N. Kemp st. dogs were barking non stop, very loud and for hours and  hours. I understand by my youth that dogs bark about 30 minutes before a major Earthquake, but Earthquakes were happening in  Central Mexico , not in the SoCal era, nor did they arrive.  Last night, a rep. walks down the alley toward the street I AM at near the lib, sidestreet.  Two  couples are enjoying the summertime warm night, embracing and kissing and I Am organizing  my living  space ( Car).  It walks around the corner and on the sidewalk,  approaching the kissing  couple, I  stare it down, but with love and it signals me with a downward point, it acknowledged me, and I waved and it nodded back and turned looking back strait forward on its walk routine, in recognition.  I do see Hollywood and Obama’s teams harassing me and he knows he has reps working for his detail and in full knowledge.  What is a connection to this part 1? On bigfood Dog/ Humanoids? They all do have parts of reptile dna, in them and the Dog  is benevolent, while Reps. can be benevolent or in more often the cases anti-humanoids in regards to noridics and other cross norids with other parts of dna. 11:12 .am. Sherman Oaks, Cal. #bookoflife #09302017AD #MIDspecies #Michael

How Dracos Operate: Economics:

How do Draco’s operate. Create a problem thus profit from it, then manage the problem and profit from it, and then solve the problem or not allowing destruction of all things but still with a mindset of profits.  Use superior mind control on humans.


Mt. Adams/ECETI suacer garage upstairs near top. base above 12,000 ft. Not easy to access. two openings are always open, and garage is thus inside. openings kept clear for entry. Star Wars stuff. :)


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Fort Benning is in central Georgia not North Carolina. I know because all infantry soldiers go to Boot Camp at Fort Benning Georgia and I was in the infantry. And the yellow patch with the horse on it is United States Army air cavalry which are based in Texas. 1,500 soldiers board alien craft to get infected.

Space X taken out by UFO on HD TV or mind control on our US government, like Flight 800. That was mind control too.

#prayforObama he is under Mind  control people. his agent was correct. the CIA was killing blacks but that was too because they are under mind control by the black holed demons. the four horsemen. the pale ones are the outerspace who have descended to earth. This is not the first time, when Flat Earth philosophy arrives it is because of the dementia demon RED DRAGON. The black holes were first done on Latin Countries, more GODless and liking children sex and brought that to the USA, but it already infected Hollywood and most of our institutions.
#arcmichael #reborn. Yes, I have been infected too by a  non  good feeding program set up by mind control, to infect the world's population too accept deviance as a norm do the UFOs can come and eat your brains.

Black GMC that has been chasing me since May 2017AD is 7UNA947 ca? plate, followed by 7SU6084; saw at 10:17pm for ID at Fulton and Riversidedr. 09262017AD

Black loud SatanArmy = 7WGCY36, noise maker. + 7XOT123 chevy + 6PTU615 Honda black chasing me daily too. + 4NON859 Camery Black, 11:11 pm, fat girl, mexi girl and whtie ANTIFA.

Satan's Army Seal One: MA Horse Judeans, Germans, Italian whites and whties; Red Horse, Latin, Italians browns, brown Arabs , south decan browns; Black horse are black africans or dark sking any race. Paul Green Horse is blue people, Reptile lizards masked as human hybrids. These are flesh eaters or infected prion enfoldment victums by Spirit Cooking.


cannot get access to pay for my server. Lost their email and never used secret words, too easy to break. How can we hook up, they will not even use my email for a recontact? So it ends sometime on the Oct mid month. 6:51 p.m. 09272017AD

astrology: Moon over pro 2017 Antichrist Chart, 26 th 2017 Sept. by true arc over the western horizon, and added on over the Galactic Center : they came after me with the Bush jr, Team. Huge teams. Pray for him, he is under mind control by the ETs. He does not even know it? Copters circling outside for the last 20 minuets.

I need to love my Son Lucifer. He needs help with many issues. not hate.


300 assassinations attempts by all these militarizes and social militarily! And I AM alone, with nothing. no support but for a government building which is poorly funded because the ETs want all the economy. I message Sandra at Mass . USA to pray for me, so tired and must eat poisoned food, again. No money and sick, constantly sick.

Satan's Army: 4 Horses of the APOK: Flesh Eaters and Pedophiles and deniers of GOD: typology, white, brown—red and Black, and Hybrid Reptilians , pale no sleep, never and eat human flesh as fuel. Help us Government, we love you.

Code Fallen Angels. This is what they do ( BC Footage). We need help fighting the fallen angels. In multi dementia forms. Forbidden fruit ∝has been solved, it is man eating  man, a trick by the Beast serpent. Beast being non-human.

∝ Mind control is all over our Government. #pray people that is our only hope. I can fight them, you cannot. #arcmichael #reborn. but they do not want me, yet?

it creates bottomless pits, we call black holes, can be monsters in space or just as tiny as a few atoms or 1,000 of atoms, in our brains and then develop to larger holes. These portals are because of lack of restraint of our desires. So we need to start to pray, even for the condemned.


FORBIDDEN FRUIT IS HUMAN FLESH or HUMAN BLOOD IN FOODSTUFF: REVELATIONS. Called Spirit Cooking. Pray and run away from the hybrids out on the street abducting and eating people. They flee from me. But no you people. I will fight for you , and you can fight for me and we can win.

I have been infected. they sent UPS Gov car to 844 kemp showed up un announced. Gov silver car, waved and he waved back. he is infected. pray for him. Went into house to get something, out in a few second. left, I AM out of that house people and they do not talk and they are deceivers. Pray for them people, they need all the help they can get. Run from them, they flee from Me.

Help people 12:00 09272017AD Arc Michael Reborn.

ufos everywhere


Jesus Returned AMUC October 1 2017 A.D. Los Angeles


Van Nuys Callifornia destroyer Ch 12 Bible Revelations


armageddon  white nazi attacking  whtie  nazi

Dad and Mon of Archangel Michael, nee Carter Baines McDonald. Richard and Kathy, my mom chose to use her middle name after cliaming to be  kicked out of Canada by her father




mexico-18-woman-found-in-chiapas-victims-of-sexual-exploitation plus 41 more Immigration of Chiapas says. 2017 8.2 quake








United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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