kalki CHINESE SIGN MA μ #Horse φ Body Type ñ White–White † W H I T E H O R S E

Arc Michael University of California

Imbicile and Agnostic ⇒ pedagogical twelfth grade or lower.

Born at Japan white and former head of the History Department; early Japanese wood block printing feild.

Chicago School of retards: Early Census data analyses and tax records loosely connected to geographical boundaries. Has no idea how much people in history lie on these things over fear of basic gargantuan government intrusion.

Refashions < revisionist> Latin Arab history into modern day localized context. How will Latins destroy these white devils on the west coast? Excellent on Catholic Catechism Early Modern Age: Princeton. Failed to teach one basic historical principle. Latin Arabs do not share nor run multiculturalism at any time in history. These arabites of the Middle East while after invading Iberia, yes they do this as they did during the Abbasid and latter Ottoman states. So why argue they are a vital cog in an otherwise multicultural universe? He treated me as an animal. That is very racist. He is arab and I am white white. Thus the conflict.


There are masses of reincarnating groups of white–white D.N.A. people who were never a part of U.S. Slavery. Instead Arab white mixers made up the majority of blameites and even blacks owned slaves but I was targeted physically, economically, institutionally and otherwise by normative Political Correctness ≡ white–whitegenocide. My troubles with you ( hollingdummy) was you are a Arab white mixer and I am white–white.

But your school lies and claims only scot–Irish and Scandinavians were responsible for U.S. slavery. We do not arrive en mass until 1840s‚ Ireland´s famine period. These groups were bearly here in the beginning and Irish do not migrate until the potatoe famine and arrive en mass about 1840s A.D. But I suffered beatings and job replacement at the hands of your ideologies.

White±white philosophy to which I am a co founder too is used by Arabia U.S. Arabia the people who control MEAMIC to change the historical narrative and blame noord whites completely in all MEAMIC foundations. The Courts, police, central authoritiesare all on the Arab side and completely opposed to white white agency.

white–whites are the only racetype group in all of history ( this includes northern white white asians and Confucius ism

I suffered beatings at second grade level to the sixth grade level based on bussed in blacks from Watts and Los Angeles pumped–up on Robert William´s cassette tapes smuggled in from Cuba and played at Churches and assemblies or gatherings in Los Angeles that called for physical violence agaist whites. THe sytem you play by are based on unhuman practices.

Williams inspired the Oakland Black Panther movement in case you are still stuck on stupid.

Joan Didion was a dark Haravard novelist. I live in a 98% Arab area where there is not power sharing. It is all affirmative Action players and Political Correctness narratives  — based on lies.

Iran is Burbank; Pasadena are the Armenians, the qutaris and yeminites share Beverly Hills with the more populous Agnostic Saudi Arabian jet set princes who beat women , sending them in the deep of the night screaming in pain running down our streets after a vicious S/M castle Saud orgy. They love to hand women up by the ceilings and whip and thrash them to they bleed – something to do with their DNA for violence against women ( local news reports). Yes, it is racist too. they abduct the white women, have billions to pay off the Beverly Hills authorities and get away with murder. They can get away with anything because the Saudis hold massive amounts of U.S.A. debt, in the form of treasuries. This entire world is out of control. You people are such wimps you allows these abuses and even in my opinion celebrate them . it is too difficult for me to get along with this culture which the left and right political parties see human abuse as a normative and a civil right. Ronald Reagan was not a white boy, nor were the mixed arab bushites clans; Their best friends are Italian and Latino mixers because they are similar in DNA. I have had no one to represent my DNA side, since I have been able to vote. Right vs. Left means nothing to me‚ both parties are the same. About early 2006 and while sitting at a Moffitt computer I wrote DINO=RINO and began the anti establishment movement on campus. This evolved to the 1%ers and Occupy Wall Street movement because the establishment were liars and will keep lying and thus hurting people until they are totally removed from power. I was 10 years-old when Jerry Brown came into power and he is still my governor while I reached age 50 years old. That is pure abuse and nothing to do with democracy= power sharing. The television or media do not teach us about our leaders they keep us in the dark.

Euthanasian cults are not knew to history ⟨ 1850s, 1930s, 2010s⟩. Bill Gates ⟨ 1 Billion⟩ Ted turner ⟨ ? ⟩ and some Vatican Officials want to reduce the global population to under a billion‚ at least. How about eliminating the entire human race and start evolution all over? I bet people would be rather pissed at you dolts for not appeasing me. No one wants to wait another few billion years to get the primate ready for DNA manipulation. But I am prepared to take it that way. These demonic fools want to leave some humans alive. why? so they can abuse a whole new set of humans later?

DINO ≡ RINO — Democrats or Republicans in name only have gone Globalists since 1963 A.D.

Ronald Reagan was an arab. Bush family are mixed arabs. Ronald Reagan after the Lebenon barrack attacks turned away from supporting Christians in the Middle East to our current policy of supporting Arabs or Islam. < things that call themselves such but are not >.

Michael langtype
  1. Race type € White D.N.A. ⇔ northern white Chinese and partial Japanese and Koreans and Russia and some of the Caucuses and onto Balkan states and jumping over France and Germany and Spanish domains. Modern Scandinavian countries’ Scotland but not England, and onto Ireland; these and scattered 19th century whites in south Africa or Austrilia make up the whole small unit of white people on planet Earth . Typology white–white skin to blond hair and or light eyes in combinations þ noord as in pushed up to the cold regions of Earth by arab and black pressures of non–global cohabitation . exmp: IRA vs. U.K. London– northern Ireland modern wars ⇔ white white vs. Angelo⁄Saxon < arab dna> and shows this is purely a DNA function‚ and as the function of wars related to demographic natives.
  2. Race type ¬€ Black — scattered and congregated from Central Africa to South Africa historically. Typology gigantism and black–black skintypes.
  3. Race type ¬€ Semitic Arabs from the Middle East, Latinos, South Asians and southern lands of China. ÷ Dark skin types but not black— because the two races ≈ White and Black show cross breading body type and consciousness level variables: add in the top body shape of Caucasian to Asian and include gigantism and dwarfism, the majority on earth are Mixed race Arabs. Typology dwarfism and general mixed racec DNA skintypes
  4. Demograghic Global › 24% Ξ combination of white–white and black–black the only two root races .
  5. Demograghic Global ⊗ 76% Ξ combination of white–arab– semitic and white–black † Japanese often very white skin and very dark eyes and dark hair – a product of early intermixing and then some millennia of isolated breeding – this includes the historical hannic– Korean episodes of important civilizations for our world history.

    Mixed races are Angelo Saxon < white as Angelo and Semitic as Saxon ⇔ King Author ( circa 500 A.D.) a real white figure battling early England midlands with the Latin Arab and mixed race Angelo Saxon. Most of the French are mixed race and have been so since the post Frank period. d.n.a. shows us our natural enemies. Sunni vs. Shi´i relies upon whiter DNA: northern modern Iranians and darker Sunni Iraqi and Qatar ; these emirates’ and Yemenites — & completely absent of religious discourse.

    Latin Arabs a massive population and global group are not white nor black but have combinations of both to varying degrees. The Portuguese and Spanish sometimes in history interbred for various reasons, such as race relations of the 16 th century, countries wedded their princesses to foreigner princes to give a symbol too a potential cohabinationist relationship in economy, for power of institution. The Portuguese and Spanish have proximity and historicy to breed into a whiter type of skin tone over the centuries. Philip’s invasions of the world produced Dark Arab mongolids with Cracker ( Caucasian but Arab strained Spanish and Portuguese, white and black type interbreeding producing the modern Philippines‚ and its newer race group.
  6. United States of America post 1930s A.D. are controlled by working class arabs < Italian, Sicilians, eastern european nations during the hight of the Cold War and by the 1970s‚ and intensified by the 1990s they have taken #MEAMIC .
  7. Language ϖ ∃ masses⁄ urban culture ; Nigger = black ; Sand Nigger = Brown ; Cracker = white ; thus a limited truth domain b/c an absence of clarity.
  8. Popular MEAMIC : nation ≈ Black ‚ Brown‚ Olive or light brown skin to White skin types.
    1. Academic : type– names ⌊ Romans; Macedons; Ethiopians, the Hindu, fair skin ‚ dark skin‚ faceology‚ and these remain the most broad of all types of language discourse one uses to relay information.

Your anti–God Opinions & your own intellectual growth

Example ⇔ You plagiarize my Bible.

Evolution is set down in all Berkeley approved texts and U.S. academic literature but this was already written down in sequence 3‚450 years or so ago.

: My Mercury can slide up and down the Large Gizh pyramid passages, the planet has a correct angle from the Galactic Plane to our earth. Albert Einstein had a close one too but could not pull off this feat.
I ban astrology‚ I suck at it . My Catalogue runs strait­strict science at 100%. They use a system where if you jump ten feet off of the Earth your math system fails. My system can be used on distant Pluto without any corrections. There reference points are counted in millions of miles while mine around counted by 1000s of light years and further now.

My Seal One will give you base 74 vectors at 6‚000 solar–year intervals. Einstein only used nine vectors. He was more interested in prostrating to F.D.R. and spamming him with letters begging the U.S. POTUS to build a nuke so he could become more famous . He claimed white or black holes have no purpose in the universe. However, vortices, the correct terminology are the engines of galaxies. He is held up as the agnostic pagan who destroyed God, by denying he has any role in our universe. His special relativity is being today overthrown and we still use Christian Sir . Isaac Newton’s gravity equations for all of our space travels.

UC Berkeley funding ‚ general fund‚as investment. John Brennen ⟨CIA chief⟩ did damage control: ”we cannot trust the info ” So no release. & Lindsey ⟨ whacko⟩ Graham co–author: The report shows a Saudi Royal funding of 911 Terrorists.” My studies show the culprits of both World Trade Center attacks were carried out by Iranian‚ cousins and some first generation Yemenites. So we all know now this was a wider join sunni – shi´i operation. Saudi Arabia now owns the California University at Berkeley. This a part of globalism, all feudal to dictatorial states implement the favorability of foreigners over natives due to power adhesive properties. I guess I did not look like the person to keep voting Democratic Party to keep you poor arese souls in wealth and pleasure < the campus is a utopia> .

Privledged Class are Arabs Χ USArabia

Usāma bin Muhammad bin ،Awad bin Lādin

He had little to no role in the planning and funding and training of the twenty 9⁄11 hyjackers. This country is a fraud. Saudi Arabia found young Yemenis boys who did not have good relations with their father and promised $500 dollars to their families in case of their demise and $50 dollars a month to go to a Afghanistan Terrorist training camp. If they agreed, these men would be flown to Saudi Arabia, board a commercial jet to Karachi and then be driven and finally walk across the Pakistani Afghani boarder. Obama knowing this but not telling us which is the POTUS job, he had his Bush CIA make northern Pakistan into a lunar landscape, killing scores of innocent people, targeting hospitals and schools - and these operators were kept in the dark at a Colorado facility which man’s these remote controlled killer drones; many of the young solders quit due to orders to kill here or there without any information provided to them . This was not hope and change but a Obama Bushism 2.0 policy which included Chelsea Manning exposing Obama ordering the murder of American and foreign journalists embedded there to cover the US- Drone Strike Carnage. So Saudis run these programs by funding them and U.C. Berkeley takes the Saudi Money and fires white people like me and imports your radical professors of junk science. Why should I allow this to exist?
white people are demonized in all academic college textbooks while brown to black people are not. Why is this? Because one racial group has most of the global energy the entire earth needs and this was kept top secret Þ kept classified until early 2016 A.D. ⌉. The Saudis accrued US–debt since Ronald Reagan and they threaten to pull your < US > retirement package funding, if exposed; so you have a home and huge amounts of cash ‚ I live suffering in my car and the dangerous streets of Los Angeles. And you want me to worship you people? This mystery unvails when we understand they destroy their historical reacords ashamed of what they did and how they acted;
Since Demons in power do not share, I choose not to share my universe with you: at least 950+ years. Some 850 years, others 1000 years.
I am giving these Christians permission to kill at will, with no repercussion from God. Why? These demons do not bargain, these demons do not listen. Real change is taking them off this earth.
Cotton Mathers < 1630s Colonial > is not the sole arbitrator on Christian ethics or on Christian science. He concluded Blacks are not wholly human but part animal. Black racial advocates conclude whites can be racists but blacks and all others cannot be racists it is biological. This is 2016, and the top tier–one niggers declarations and claims. They cite Thomas Jefferson as a racist because of his light skin color but Martin Luther King or even Malcom X⇒ both called themselves Racists but but these modern academic teir–one niggers claim they are not. the Sand Niggers eat this racial lie hatred up all day long and run white genocide at southern California. They latch on to the stupid niggers, as well as stupid crackers < whites > and run racist agendas and programs at 100%. Cotton claimed it was biological < today's DNA > that blacks are violent animals < he called them ' brutes ' > and other abolitionists said the reason was institutional racism. The stupid American indoctrinated DNA niggers do not see that African nations run policies of racism at 100%. The hypocrisy is astounding and perhaps biological as Mathers' claimed. I am sitting at a Baptiste church, an artery of mine for one meal once in a while, it has been around North Hollywood since the 1910s and is being held up by a few whites and a small community of black Christians. We budget in food for our local community, and some of the ladies do the cooking on Tuesday morning and provide showers, once a week. A long time Latino, south America and my buddy Butch <German arab white> were sitting together and a discussion of current Greek airport stiuation and the new immigrant child sex prostitutes‚ in full open working prostitute lineups at the airport. This black homeless dude got upset about our condemnation of child sex slavery. He demanded not to know and told us there is absolutely nothing wrong with abducting and raping children. And because of privilege blacks having priority over ideas in all aspects of U.S.A. life, there was no response to his claims. he won that moral argument. He won because U.C. Berkeley and Harvard teach the moral ineptitude of the white race, which is inferior to all the biological things of the black race. And you and all colleges run white genocide because of that and why the baby rapers of Islamic State are never said to be a moral dilemma on any News station. This medieval barbarian society is promoted by our top Tier one universities. You people are liars who leak info to what you do not like and then promote putting away the whistle blowers who do likewise. Arab Sand Nigger Obama already charged eleven journalist or whistle blowers with the 1917 espionage act which did not cover classified information because it was not developed until the 1950s. So your sand nigger is not as moral or more moral that Bush the anti-Christ crews. When Obama signs off on murders by Drone strikes the U.S. Military counts each casualty of an innocent as an enemy combatant to the sand Nigger can claim that Drone strikes are strategical and do not kill innocent civilians = about 5,000 so far. So these Nigger ideologues claims Niggers are superiority in DNA to the whites because they fight for citizen rights and whites go around and believe they own the world. The Iraq U.S. body count was 4‚790 people and Obama has murdered over 5,000 by drone strike with a 99% innocent casualty ratio. And how is this Nigger morally superior again? The point is this homeless black was disturbed to sit nearby where a discussion of ethics and morality were being discourse and he wanted it to stop. His excuse, it is better that he did not know. Why is this important? It is like no one in Congress will shut down Obama’s continuing bush torture programs, the congress continually says ‘we do not want to know’? So like this black dude‚ the Congress on torture and Gitmo and Syrian rendition facilities‚ if they know? Then they automatically become responsible so the more diverse ethnicities‚ like blacks in congress do not want to know. It is all about black power‚ the same charge as these niggers claimed started the U.S.A. So since 1964 A.D. and the assassination of nordic white John F. Kennedy; Harvard professors who were a part of the Johnson administration keep railing against white Russian as the global sole enemies and their arab superioriy — place on planet earth. Sand niggers and a nigger and a white Traitor ‚ Allen Dullas from his secret CIA bunker ran anti Christian white policies and claimed that “Vietnam < McNamara communicated this idea to Catholic Dan Barragan, Ploughshares movement 1980; he had met him> is like Mississippi and when the natives get out of control‚ we call in the troops.” The Arab Jews, antichrists, claimed this was their privileged rite, not the Christians . So to continue this global Arab jihad on all cultures, the Christians who mainly are white needed to be eradicated from all minds which started at the University level? In its place are black gods and Jew paganist ritualists´. Today blacks in power deem whites as animals and not wholly human. They run the religion of black gods, anti-white and anti-Christian policies at 100%. White genocide is a program adopted by Arab Jews or Latinos to appease these superior belief systems of Nigger lives only matter movements. They cheer every white death‚ even if at the hands of the same corrupt police they advocate against. This means in reality they are not human either but still holding animal mentalities.
Mathers´ biological statements on race are 100% accurate. The Angelo Saxons are not whites; not pure whites like these Kennedys. They are mixers with half arab DNA, Saxon, and half white, DNA Angelo. So the Arab D.N.A. is what is corrupting the Bush group’s minds and being promoted in all top acadmeic institutions. When at Nuremburg, the international community put N.A.Z.I war criminals to death for just scribbling on a piece of paper, "Ignore the Geneva Convention on torture crimes" we celebrate in academia < Harvard, Yale> the Bush Torture policies by not complainig and Barack Hussein Obama ii’ s continual torture practices. It was not Obama who led the charge to close and end torture by Mike < KPFK, Pacifica and his 600 lawyers> who has forced the Supreme Court to end this extraterritorial torture prison. Your niggers are not morally superior and just go along with the Arab mixer Bush doctrines on we own the world. so since U.C. Berkeley is a part of the global nigger initiative , you need to get the arab Latinos and all arab jews and arabs out of your school and all white looking freakos and give it to street niggers or crack heads and give them the nuclear weapon controls. They are your people who are advocated as superior in all things‚ including DNA; and the whites? these Nordics are now the animals and marked as unwanted on planet earth. I grew up in the 1970s and until now have never had one white privilege thing happen to me in all my life. I was being beaten savagely by Watt and South Central blacks since the second grade, and it has not stopped. They never were punished because they had the privilege. I want series revenge‚ because you animals do not care at all and nor will you change. Your rejection of Christianity has left your souls wide open and a myriad of demons now inhabit it.
When I was in Dandelet’s classes I was taught whites are shit and arab Latinos are superior in every way —it was just white devil revisionism that created this lie. That supposition sounds like the modern black racist nigger party's proclamations! My grandfather came by the way of Chicago to Los Angeles, a part of the immigrants to New York who moved to northern Midwestern towns and cities and ignored the southern historical Arab white mixer who ran slavery in the south. He nor my family had anything to do with Mathers’ ideas or southern white racial Identity Politics, something you establishment run ad nausea. When was there ever a democracy? This country has moved away from any progressive politics, it just changed the DNA line of control. When all the whites are removed from the U.S.A. it will crumble under its own lies and weight of attrition. Just like Athens did when I was Socrates. Alexander of Macedon‚ ii‚ did not spread Greek democracy, he took the remainder of the whites and left with no plans to return to a ideological bankrupted arab niggger controlled Greek system. The Modern Spanish Portuguese and inbred Latinos today are the same reincarnation group as the brown like Macedon´s, who cut the grass back then as they did to day. They lied to take power away form whites at Greece and today the Latinos are doing the same by lies‚ even with Dandelet´s classes and all over the U.S.A. Even today we have a nordic white overall police department overseer because the arab latins and arab Italians who ran Los Angeles and Orange Counties acted like Mexican corrupted officials for the last twenty years with Angelo Saxon yes managers. They needed some other ethnicity to stop the massive corrupted abuse systems of putting innocents away for decades and planting evidence, mass murder of the homeless which included many whites who had zero policy records and captured on video and no courts or juries would convict out of fear these Mexican police would raid their homes and falsely charge them. He is like the last of the whites here in power and after that this city will be Mexican corruptocrat 101 and turn the southland into a barrio of 1%er cartellers and oil sheiks with 99% of the masses living in non fixed boxes paying the brunt of all incremental taxes to keep the rich in power. So I experienced my civil rights violated daily while attending Cal and you need to pay heavily for your lies. I define Antichrist as a liar. You are liars and thus anti–Christs and you are the problem and not the solution.
The establishment of U.S. Academia are mainly for experience government workers to continue the jobs of POTUS. Hillary Diane Rodham is a mixer arab and not white. To you because you do not have DNA that capable of dividing details and thus are ensconced with generalizations, she is your candidate for the establishment and any non-establishment person is the enemy of America. Hillary claims she was broke in 2000 when she and the Beast left the white house. They now have jointly $240,000,000 dollars. She wrote her college thesis on someone who claimed Satan was their patron. She is second in command to calling for murdering of individuals by drone strikes after Obama’s authority ≡ 60 day windows after confirmation by potus 44. Again the U.S. Military claims innocent casualties as enemy combatants to cover up Obama‚s murderous tracks. Many being slaughtered are Christians too. Out of Scotland, my heritage home, run by arab PMs, two mosques run Pakistani suicide bombers to target Pakistani Christian communities as a retaliation for ARAB mixer Hillary Clinton and Arab Barack Hussein Obama’s Murderous rages over there with Drone strikes.

These arabs jews were kicked out of London in 1917 A.D. and fled to Germany, and the Queen had to change her Arab Jew name to Windsor to hide this fact and why many Islamist radicals call her mummy. Her and her arab son had white lady Di assassinated, poor William had to read this from a letter his mother wrote of this scenario in May of 2016, a letter just rediscovered and it must have been hard to confront the bigot Prince Charles. This describes why London is now run by An Arab faux Muslims. This David Hollinger, an Angelo Saxon does not teach this truth but forces us to read other arab white mixers like Joan Didion who through all California whites under the buss claiming by implication they too are just animals. Then Germany tried to boat their jews to America and we rejected them and so did South America and so Hitler arose to power and then the Jews fled Germany to America and now they taken control from comedy shows to the U.S Senate. It was Joe Lieberman < arab light skinner > who was Obama´s Senate sponsor and it also was Chicago Jews that put him into power to keep the white genocide afloat. That was the establishments ≡ Jews arabs last ditch to keep control‚ funding Palestinian and Christian genocide‚ worldwide. So after World War II, Germany had gotten rid of their arabs < Jews> but the U.S.A. took them and allowed them to continue their white genocide here on U.S.A soil.

The 67% U.S.A. 2010 A.D. Census is 100% false and horribly corrupted by Sand Niggers. These included Middle Eastern and Many South Americans and light skinned arab white mixers, which are not nor ever will be white people. So Robin Einhorn´s books on the U.S. census in relation to tax distribution and geograghical devide are false too.
The black homeless dude who did not want to know? Well this is a common trend for blacks and for arabs and arab white mixers. When Obama met with Timothy Geithner < Republican> in his first meeting he told the republican I do not want to know about banking or wall street history. Why? Same as this black homeless dude, it creates a responsibility and a moral action , thistly. The Homeless black did not want to hear that children abused or raped have emotional and physical disabilities due to those rapes and child abuses. His own mind was convinced his sexual desires for children and raping them was his civil right as a black man in America. Obama did not want to know of Wall Street or banking abuses that Timothy was to share, because it would give Obama a moral dilemma with his policy of create no jobs and print 12.5 trillion dollars to pay for his pet racial programs. This created the worst economic climate in U.S.A. history at a staggering 1.5% GPA, and even communist Mao Tse-tungs’ average over his life was assumed at 3% GPA both very lousy economic records. The Reason for the economic climate is that both parties allowed Obama to get away with these elite economic policies that favored only the 1%ers. Obama did not want to know history because it creates responsibility upon his part and both he and Hillary were drunk or hungover on 11 th September 2012 which why the Benghazi thing exploded; Hillary fell asleep and refused to call in back up and chose to call in a rescue unit and go to bed to sleep off her drunken lifestyle. She is the one being promoted by long time Harvard establishment professors and their opposition to all other options.
Richard Dawkings, United Kingdom, the held up quintessential agnostic who calls himself‚ incorrectly an atheist‚ he is currently battling Islamic families in his cultural sphere. He is slated for the Lake of Fire. He claims in part victory of ridding Europe of Christianity and its moral elements. So with no one left to challenge he takes on the Islamic fronts of Europe. Dawkings love the Daesh crews because they are not islamic at all, they are fatherless or trouble youth and baby rapers‚ a culture of agnosticism who incorrectly use shariah laws, now even a part of the Qu´ran. . Islam in the Qu´ran are restricted on killing Christians for political motives. Israel nor Saudi Arabia has not help on of 1.2 million Christians displaced or murdered in the Middle East since AntiChrist Obama has taken control of Earth. All these groups are arabs and why attack their fellow arabs? Daesh published in 2013 Baby raping manuals for both male orphans and female orphans and as permissible and even encouraged for psychological motives. ISIS or Isil or now stylized as Daesh lure disaffected youth with a stable paycheck‚ a child bride or prostitutes and ‘power’ over others‚ which attracts these arab youth all over earth — because they have no job opportunities due to the MEAMIC 1%ers who stole all the money. It is well known that the top 10% only put back 15% of their earnings back into society while the middle class puts about 95% or more back into the economy but they have been decimated by these avaritic Hebrews fake Jews and DNA arab economic terrorists. So these youth have no outlet to work or even have a glimmer for a future.

whites inferior race now claims UC Berkeley

The war on Christians has become so hungry, you are running out of White males that have begun cannibalizing their own. Now White fags are racist if they don´t want to suck black penis!
Plausible deniability was sanction by the nsa in 1947 and this describes why all academics blame falsely white Scandinavian or Nordic whites as the sole problem for all crime, racism and racist policies.
U.C.L.A. campus shooting murder by Asian Indian named Mainak Sarkar: ⊥ arab dna, the television had a photo and kept calling him a white supremacist. He has dark brown arab skin! When, yeah, some of killers acquaintances gave dark brown skin photo of him and media said he was Irish white to your face. the zombies are here and on live television. What is post racism? Hollinger is a mixed arab white and thus confused.

Sign of Apokalpyse ≈ Since USA have zombies on our television 24/7365 who claim dark brown Arabs are rather instead some white white Irish scots or white white swedes! — One knows Hell Demons are on the planet and Political Correctness < run by arabs or arab mixers > teaches that for all unknown problems one should ALWAYS point the finger at the natural enemy of the SEMITIC ARAB —the white white man. FU!
white people lost already. we need to relocate on earth and set up perma boundaries of following latin me arabites who stock us like wild animals.