Hello Google + ers: Social Media Release 03 01 2015 Welcome You can predict large wars into the future with 100% accuracy.
seal one is only authrotative by ARCMICHAEL as of 05302017ad and all others are Exploratory

Bullet Points: Instructions to this page found Seal 1 Michael Bullet Points 1 st March 2015 A.D. Gregorian modern. 2:00 p.m. NoHo, CA. U.S.A. Earth. The explanatory will be updated periodically as I have time. It will be of the utmost importance to understanding what will be happening to you. If you want to read up on me? You can find me in the Holy Bible. #Yeoshua #Second Coming is located at the King's Chamber at 3,000 A.D. #arcMichael However, Jesus reincarnates over and over and never reveals, only rarely for hidden purposes of #freewill #reincarnation is a real thing but not scientifically observable. No instruments can detect now, only the human intuition or senses. updated Yeoshua script 06102017ad 11:36 am‚ The City of the Angels! updated LAKEOFFIRE & SECONDDEATH 06162017ad
England IAM 02152018AD
$7 Quadrillion dollars richer today as the UK Blue Turban tried to Car Bomb Attack Me.
So I just took all of the UK’s lands. Operation #fu
$7 Quadrillion dollars TODAY. Feels good. 1:01 p.m. PST 02152018AD SheO
update Washington Monument March 5 2018 my birthday, about 51 51 deg Code #IAMTHATIAM ARM1y mainframe. 13 years left for planet Earth. #endtime real ≡ on. bozon elements are beginning to be mapped and go online from me.

Crucifixion Eclipse The Large Gizāh  Pyramid : Nostradamus’ Birthdate at Central Axis of Giza Pyramid :


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Apokálypsis; "Article VII."

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Released: 10 June 2013, 4:29 p.m., Studio City , Los Angeles county, United States of America. Begun: 04 h 50 m 51s, δ 21° 26′ 33.2″;  06h 37m 54.66s, δ 24° 56′  36.1″ ; 06h 00m 50.84s,  δ 23° 43′ 18.9″ ; 03h 58m 30.94s, δ 20°  54′  41.2″ ; 05h 19m 03.16s, δ 22° 43′ 18.9″ ( written June 2 - 6,  2013, will be updated) Updated 21 st May 2014. A.D, 03 01st 2015, September 15 2017 Yĕhôshúa, 27 2017 A.D. 7: 11 p.m. Sherman Oaks, 10 13 2017AD.

Topic:   S E A L S

 Michael ∑ Yĕhôshúa

Wars? Here is how to Predict them Scientifically w/ 100% Accuracy.

ψ versian 1.0 [ update 20 May 2014 v. 2.0]

Welcoming the  Apocalypse

As promised, here is a system to predict accurately all major cultural- group-potential shifts related to unnatural force. Periodically over courses of multiple reanimating my physical body and applying it here on Earth, I regain the knowledge of this matrix, and I keep this secret from all. But when I get angry, which is not often and it takes a lot and I mean a lot, I will release stuff like this and you will be destroyed by the knowledge of it. 04 April 2014, the new section, 2.0 I will be putting forth some future occurrences related to this matrix so all of you know when War comes and how it is related solely to math only and observation of that math , bring from the mind of the concept of the matrix in multi dimensional thinking to applying it to the physical realm.

So not to worry that humans will miss out, being dead I will bring them back to life so they can too experience Armageddon. This way there are no complaints that your generation had missed out on the big show. 

Alpha-Alpha particle survey of sky indicate why Taurus and why Scorpio, zodiacal constellations, have been seen to presage calamitous war.

This intense activity, related to astrophysics, demarcates the location in the sky which resides on lose boarders of what the Mayan deemed the Rift!

Rift Taurii Orionis


The photo depicts the rift Taurii-Orionis, I call the anti-Dark Rift section of the sky. The opposing rift would be currently near the winter months of the solstice. These alpha- alpha particles shine the brightest in the region of the Milky Way plane, and these two regions are associated currently to the constellation stars of Taurus and of Scorpio. When a combination of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn form geometrical relationships, we have war on planet Earth.  ( see list at bottom of page).


Other cultures too have their various identifications, all of them knew. Now no war can exist without your full knowledge.

The ancient Persian Royal Stars, circa 2000 B.C. ( modern names, formulhaut, α lower Pisces, cuts into Aquarius’ Human stars by projection, regulus α Lion, al debaran α Ox, anteres α Eagle) are normative times keepers that cut the equinoxes and solstices on a regular basis at the northern climes 3(0°) and 4(0°) where much of ancient historical civilizations resided.

This has been in part too I, and others, reincarnating into different ethnicities across the annals of time, and have done this stuff ad nausea. This also is why the Ox, Human, Lion, Eagle, found in the Hebrew Bible, y’Hoshua Bible, the front facade of the Cathedral of Notredame, Paris, The Cross at Hendaye, Basque region boarder to France, and many other places on Earth have been preserved for reincarnation retrieval in future embodiments’.

Modern definitions indicate a galactic plane (still not accurately known) where the congregation of gravity and particle activity coalesce into a ‘band’ which could be seen at night by, us, the ancients.

Here is the secret. The loose mean values of the combinations of Mars, of Jupiter, and of Saturn ( Popularized by Nostradamus at Spain a few decades after he left the Earth, many astrologers were employing these methods) have the sum value of the off-set of the Galactic Plane to our Earth at 26° and varying minuets. Michel Nostredame gives the formala hint in a public epistle: Que toutes ces figures ont iutemêt adaptees par les diuines lettres aux choes celetes viibles, c'est à sçavoir, par Saturne , Iupiter , & Mars ,[241] & les autres conioincts [...] first published about 1558 A.D. Nostradamus tells us he uses visual astrology ('cele∫tes vi∫ibles,' lit. visible universe), not tropical astrology, for his poems.

Astrologers stay far away!!! This is not astrology, this is astreology --methods employed by Biblical persons.  I have used this also in past embodiments, and revealed it for centuries; but this information-to-knowledge has been ignored by academia, has been ignored by governments, and has been ignored by the media.

Below is a visual of Lower Egypt at The Summer Solstice of the year of our Lord, 1536 B.C., with The Eagle on the eastern horizon, The Ox on the western horizon. The bars represent the pathways of the ecliptic for our planets passing (transiting) these monster alpha-alpha particle sections of our Milky Way Galaxy. At least now you have a visual to what is going on in your universe(s).

cbm wc

Almost all symbols are references to 40 north latitude and  symbolized by true visual methods. All constellation used are modern, measured from frontal to end stars only, and these angluarities of these seasons display strange geometrical arcs to these stars which place these bodies inside of the realm of the zodiacal constellations represented here.


Zodiac + /2 = 1/6; therefore half of the mean revolutions of 15y + 10x +1.25z = 26.25° yxz. This then becomes a mean scalar-spherical form of 26° 15' of arc found on the interior slopes of the large Gizāh pyramid (Oi v ii f ) in Egypt. This gives us a unique and separate system for time (space-time).

pre preasepe: Rise of Empires ( Han, U.S.A., Roman Empire rise, Egyptian Civil War, prime examples).

Ŧ Winter Solstice

7 vectors: 1/6 zodiac | + geolocal  40n  + + + + angle|season + time.

all 7 vectors match expotentially.

(⅔)  6 vectors match expotentially.

Ephem. PE 03 NASA, Mosh'ir analytical pre 1850 A.D.

Copyright © 1999 — 2018 Book of Life Michael Johnathan McDonald 


Event Location From To moders astro Percentage of the world population[1]
low deaths high deaths           significance
  hyades +     4936 BC   to appr. praesepe (~ WWI) in years Praesepe 40 north parans bos capricornus
    Im hotep + d'joser mastaba high rise 204 ft. 3300 BC 1,000s worker mummies found 2006+ 1,5 Million mummy ibid birds, + mummy baboons 1926 Imhotep statue found, near steppe pyr. largest building, mainstream, at this time.
  + sneferka   2771 BC      


(hyades) (vernal eqx.) Enterance Gizāh Pyramid (stone) 2625 B.C.

2626 BCE Gizah pyr enterance, Saturn near true to beta persei.  

head stars cetii + ; bos cap.; ain al ra. regulus ? all souls associated to Earth

+ + (hyades) (vernal eqx.)

Han Beginnings yellow valley, China 2506 BC   ; pre preasepe  
paran beta persei ( MC to Desc) Ox, Human, Lion, Eagle as angles ~ 40 north or 4th clime. Sum. Sol.

+ ( post spring )


Battle of banguan China 2505 BC     preasepe  

(Sum. Sol.)


3,000 Battle of Zhuolu China 2500 BC   + + α lionis + M/C/ ; β Per. + desc.; post preasepe  
(⅔) (Ŧ) Hiak -Nimrod War   2493 BC   M.C. paran  asc.  
(⅔) (summer sol.) Hiak -Nimrod War   2491 BC   M.C. + paran al cyone Desc.  
(⅔)   + α scorpius M.C. (21 st august )   Akkadian I Sargonic unification of  Mesopotamia, ( Kish kings) Shumar, modenr Southern Iraq 2345 BC   PED al cyone The conjunction at the M.C. near true arc of antares, rare.
(⅔)  + + + (asc) + ( aut. eqx.)   Akkadian I   2345 BC   M.C. paran asc. pazan, n/e armus, dorsum capricornus +  al bul laan Aqu. + al cyone near I.C. praesepe just set a while before.

2151 B.C. greg, vern, ( hyades)

+ Guitains end Akkadian I Empire ('Aătar-annumîtum,' Venus [ishtar] Warrior~ Greek City of Athens, Athena equivalent) conflusence Adheim\Tigris, Gen:10.10 2152 BC   M.C. +  al cyone & Pleiades 12:08 p.m.
Ox approches, Human, Lion, Eagle as angles ~ 40 north or 4th clime. (vernal eqx.) + + Mingtiao  China 1676 BC   + β Per. + M.C. true ; α orionis  
Some Massive Natural Event causes long lasting rain in Egypt. Scholars at Chicago Oriental Antiquities want to adjust the Egyptian reign and historical time-line. Volcanic Eruption disrupts natural weather patters, causes fear, death and chaos. North East Africa and Middle East. Aegean Sea. Circa 1600 B.C. Luxor, Tempest Stela & Rhind Mathmatical Papyrus during Ahmose reign.   later on - male born were first to eat, laws of Egyptians. The rain-molded grain lay on top, they eat this first, they die, according to what Moses said would happen!

(Imad, true) 

Sum. Sol.

+ + (hyades)

Hittite Invades Babylonia Mesopotamia 1606 BC C. 1600 BC + end stars Aqu. + cetus  
pre head stars, rel. dschubba ( summer sol.) + + These Pleiades , α Pleiades or eta taurii

Expulsion of ‘Sheppard Kings’ (hyksôs)

Ahmose I

Canaan, Nubia, lower Egypt

1536 BC   + M.C. + + rel ; Eagle Asc., Lion, app. M.C., Ox desc., Human I.C. Chronocrator ( )   These Pleiades ; + M.C. app. head leonic stars

cut-off Tjaru ( Canaan -Egypt road).

+ desc. arc.


hyades + + + Thoth-Born, Tuthmosis I Egyptian Empire Lavant (2nd year is 1505 BC),  Nubia ( first year 1506 BC), Egypt 1505 BC   imad ophiuchii First mention of Israel
      tell megiddo 1475 BC      
(⅔) (vern.) + hyades, + Tuthmosis II   1458 BC      
(⅔) (vern 12:06:59 p.m.) + hyades +

ascending passage

Gizāh Pyramid (stone)


1457 BC   β Per.  paran α leionis asc. Key astron signature ; parallel sabik oph
        1456 BC   Chron bos capricornus, this year  
+ (aut. eqx.) + al hecka taurii EXODUS

Hatsheput + Tuthmosis III (r. 54y)

Egyptian Empire; conquest of canaan, prisoners.

Asiatic Empire Vassel State(s) ( Anatolia, modern day Turkey) 1446 BC   match 21 st decades 1-3.; β Per. I.C. Egyptian Imperialism ; Hatsheput, stepmother,  may have helped Israelites escape

Hebrews flee so Hatshepsut orders ships to The Land of Punt ( South Asia) to collect slaves.  e was head of military why she was regent.

Like the Age of Exploration, Magellan, Columbus, etc.. for the west, this was also a time of expansion, a period of breaking up and wars of religion. Notice a few hundred years, Monotheism has taken a hold and added to the cultural historicy of Egypt.    


front stars end stars   Sin ai ( Sin, Akkadian-sumer adopted, Moon rises in East over ai Mountains) 1432 BC   M.C. paran bos capricornus asc.  


Ahmenhotep II ; forced migrations of Asians, canaanites to Syria, Lavant

86,000 people transplanted from Palestine to southern Syria

1402 BC      
  (May)   Ahmenhotep IV (later Akhenaten)   1343   Moved capital to middle of Egypt, claimed they were Gods Egyptian Monotheism, a result of Hebrews in Egypt
So far first records of worker protests over food Drought periods

Ox dynasty

Ramesses (Ramses) I

Egypt + Imperial vassel states 1292      
    Ramses iii killed, palace coup, two heir wives court case involves one son by one of two heir wives 1959     Ends Ramses dynasty (similar to Islam)
(⅔) (Aut. eqx) + + + +


EXODUS III migration(s) to canaan + europe

Egypt + Lavant 1211 BC     Global Warming period
node receed from

Vernal eqx.

+ + + +

Egyptian Civil War North Africa 1075 BC   Hyades + ped. betelguse  
(⅔)  + α+ app + app by winter +  hyades End of Ten Kingdoms China 959 BC   + praesepe  
(⅔)  (autumnal eqx.) ????? + (Sum. Sol.) Israel vs. Egypt tell megiddo 609 BC   + praesepe ≤ 3°  

autumnal eqx.

= GC

Israel vs. Egypt tell megiddo 606 BC      

(430 vernal) +

β Per. post al hecka (antidarkrift, PED betelgase (430 vernal)



 Agean/Greece 431 Bc 404 BC +   Aqu  


+ + + ( Summer sol) Alexander iii, of Macedon, invades India South Asia 325 BC   + ; post Iman ophiuchii (~ modern Iraq/Afgh wars)  
(Sum. Sol)

Polybius (5,700)


Livy (8,000)

Battle of Cannae 2nd Punic War 216 Bc   paran al taīr Aql  

(⅔) +   + α scorpius   (vernal 189)



Yellow Turban Rebellion China 184 205 asc + rel. α orionis, true arc; ~ 3° bos capricornus 01.3%–3.1%

+ (21 july greg.)

(21 july greg.) Julius Cæsar/ Rise of Roman empire west Europe 46 bc   node app betel = 9/11/01  

(vernal eqx.)

Biblical: G-Cross Ox  + , Human + , Lion , Eagle

+ (vernal eqx.) Roman Desocration of God's Temple Jeruselem 70 AD 71 AD + β Per. + M.C. true  

(vernal eqx.)

+   Huns Invade West North bank of Danube 441 A.D. short term control hyksôs β Per.; Hydor; paran praesepe  α virginis desc. ws.
+ +   (1st August)   compliment Umyyād (Moslem, first wave) Empire + Empress Wu ( China) tryannical regin + Chinese Empire Expansion

Byzantine Empire + Northern Red Sea, Ethiopia Christianity ends,  Chinese exoboarders - expands empire.


690 A.D.   This rare alignment appears just pre and inside the P.E.D. boundaries of the head stars of scorpio. Battle of Sebastopolis (692), Leonitios vs. Muhmamad ibn Marwar ; European Jews ordered enslaved by Latino-Visigoth king
(⅔)  (vernal eqx.) 13,000,000[17] + + β Per ; 36,000,000[18] An Lushan Rebellion China 755 763 + M.C. paran praesepe Asc. 05.5%–15.3%
(sum. sol.)

(relative α scorpius)

Charlemagne Europe vs. Middle East/Africa

Europe 778      
  Crusade(s) Key Astreological

β PerM.C. true.

Reason: pre-Ottoman Turks incursions into the Holy Lands, destroyed 675 year-old Jerusalem Christian Cathedral.

(U.T. 20:11)

03:15 p.m.. NY.NY 05 March 1087

  α leonis rel. to ascendant as Chronocrator culminates with β Per  
1,000,000[35] 3,000,000[36] Crusades Holy Land, Europe 1095 1291 praesepe 0.3%–2.3%
(vernal eqx.) + β Per   Battle of Ghazni, of Talakad, (of Ager Sanguinis, 1119)

Afghanistan, Sourh Decan ( near Sarmada )

    Islam Invasions to South Asia Muhammad Bakhtiyar - India, Bengal 1204 1206    




Mongol conquests Eurasia 1206 1368 Mongol Empire 017.1%
(⅔)  + pre. (vernal) Alauddin Khalji (1296-1316) south decan Oşmān ( founder of the Ottoman Empire 1307   true arc desc. + β Per P.E.D.  
(⅔)  true at M.C. (vernal) + hyades Khalji dynasty Expansion, South Asia Malik Kafur raids on Hoysala and Pandya 1311 1310   + hydor; G-Cross  
        1333   MC + β Per arc 1/2 asc/ic on arc, ws.; pluto body of cetus; chiron moves into const.  
( vernal); earlier in year   Ming prepare dynasty change China 1339   + + conjunct. & trines to + + (Imad Oph); + Pleiades  
(⅔) see 1339 AD 30,000,000[5] 30,000,000 Late Yuan warfare and transition to Ming Dynasty China 1340 1368 Ming Dynasty a part of the Mongol movement. 06.7%
(autum. eqx.)

+ β Per desc. +


    1352   + Chiron ; belly cetii  
15,000,000[15] 20,000,000[15] Timur-e-Lang (like Attila) Mongalis – Islamic Steepe and northern Middle East empire, later South Asia 1369 1405    
    Tamerlane (Timur) invades India with 90,000 cavalry and sacks Delhi India 1398      

50,000,000 genocide, displacement, disease.

+ β Per.PED   + (vernal eqx.)


Latin Empire + pre Mughāl Empire America(s), South Asia, Khyber Pass 1500  current head stars scorpius ; ankaa Phe + true M.C. 30.0%
    Mughāl Empire India, northern 1526   super chron 1524  
2,000,000 4,000,000[32] French Wars of Religion France 1562 1598 Religious war 0.4%–0.8%
(⅔) + (end stars scorpius, asc)   pre Qing vs. Ming + 30 Years' war  China , Europe 1606   + + hyades; β Per paran desc to M.C.  
25,000,000[6] 25,000,000 Qing dynasty conquest of the Ming Dynasty China 1616 1662 Qing Dynasty

MC + β Per arc 1/2 asc/ic on arc, ws.; ( see 1333)

(⅔)  3,000,000

+   β Per.PED  (vernal 1618)


hyades, ws.

Thirty Years' War Europe 1618 1648 approch praesepe (~ WWI) 0.5%–2.1%
(⅔) (aut. eqx.) des arc     1619     ≤ 3 ° al hecka + M.C. paran β Per. desc.  
(⅔) (sum. sol.) + + (flank hyades )     1648   MC paran vernalis piscipus Desc. +  
3,000,000[28] 4,000,000[28] Deluge Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 1655 1660 Second Northern War 0.6%–0.7%
    British Empire India 1698      
Mars , Jupiter Saturn , with mid focal on  IMAD ophiuchi. interjected data, not pertaining to this topic.     1755      
+ + antares april 21, 1780

alcyone + node

    1780 AD      
(21 April) (21 April)     1780      
    French Revolution     1789 1792 transits praesepe, see WWI  
(vernal) + β Per. PED

French Revolution  


Bonapart soldier 1795   + bos capricornus; praesepe + hyades + post α leonis  
(⅔)  April 21 greg.* + +     1795   post α lionis; Chiron appr. α lionis; paran acubens  
(⅔) + β Per (11th house). PED.   French Empire 1799   M.C.  paran asc.  
(⅔)  (21 st April) +   French Empire 1799   MC + β Per true + ( rel ) + β Per rel. true. M.C. paran α Can asc.  
( after March)       1802   Chron qusars lionis  
[citation needed]
7,000,000[24] Napoleonic Wars Europe, Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean 1803 1815 Napoleonic Wars casualties

+ + hydor aqurii (vernal)

[dubious ]
[dubious ]
Shaka's conquests Africa 1816 1828 Ndwandwe–Zulu War 0.2%
400,000 800,000 American Civil War United States, Confederate States 1861 1865   0.03%–0.06%
(vernal) + hyades     1863      
( sum. sol.)

(autumnal eqx. 1853)


+   ( sum. sol.)

  Hyades  + (autumnal eqx. 1853)


Taiping Rebellion China 1851 1864 body cetii, near mira cetii 1.6%–8%
8,000,000[19][20] 12,000,000 Dungan revolt China 1862 1877 Panthay Rebellion 0.6%–0.9%
300,000[40]  ( 1,200,000[41] Paraguayan War South America 1864 1870 Military history of South America and Luís Alves de Lima e Silva, Duke of Caxias 0.02%–0.08%
PED + GC PED + + haydes franco-prussian war   1870 1871 + GC ; paran sinistra ophiucii (MC-IC, 40 n)  
(winter sol.) + β Per.   Asia 1893      
5,000,000[citation needed] 30,000,000[citation needed] Conquests by the Empire of Japan Asia 1894 1945    
by desc arc (winter sol.)     1896   M.C. paran β Per. + gorgones by arc Asc; + ; dec arc  
(feb 21)     1897   near bow of orionis  or PED al debaran + ; M.C. paran asc  
  (vernal) 500,000[37] ~ pre   + β Per. P.E.D. 2,000,000[37] Mexican Revolution Mexico, United States 1911 1920 Pancho Villa and Columbus Raid; Jupiter at head stars 0.03%–0.1%
(vernal) +     + rel. β Per. true.    pre -Worldwide 1912      
α  scorpius haydes (11 sept.) World War I Prelude Worldwide 1912  

34 north used.

00° 00′ 31″ cancri


  +   + + ( winter sol.)

+   al cyone, pleaides, eta World War I Worldwide Ŧ1912      
+ just post & true arc at rise in east (winter sol. 21 Dec. 1912). haydes ( 1914 vernal)

{ + ▲ sextile 3° 50′ greatest separation, 11 sept. 1912, 1:43 pm lmt, UT 21:43 gc=asc,sc}

(winter sol. 21 Dec. 1912) eta taurii +.


World War I (High estimate includes Spanish flu deaths)[14] Worldwide 1914


1918 World War I casualties

uranus approch bos capricornus

studio city 143pm al tair mc true

Ŧ1912 + + galactic plane

[citation needed]
9,000,000[21] Russian Civil War Russia 1917 1921 Russian Revolution (1917), List of civil wars 0.28%–0.5%
 interwovenscalar,  jup rev sub-scalar, w/ midpoint at 2001 A.D.   World War II   1939 1945   End of sub-scalar, 2060 A.D.

  compliment(vernal 1942).

+   hyades + + +   World War II Worldwide 1942 appr. praesepe ( Han orign wars) World War II casualties and Second Sino-Japanese War[4] 1.7%–3.1%
At Vernal 1942 we have Saturn PED beta persie ( added emphasis with Uranus relatively speaking from our perspective nearby, and of course the usual suspects, Mars and Jupiter are aligned to Taruian stars.  β Per + + + =

The 2001 A.D. Vernal again has Saturn PED beta persie, and while NY, NY on Vernal 2001 has it near the ascendant ( thus personal) , the 1942 has it near the 11 12 th cusps, indicating a broader masses scope.

advanced Biblical Astron: The 2001 A.D.. , Vernal 1942, and The Crusades all have β Per + . Any questions retards? 1942  

Both set off unique long lasting wars, realignment of the war axes, the first the Cold War 1952 U.S.S.R. a game for two whitey powers to control earth. and then ‘Terror’ War, this time from the sky. This war will use technology, information at a more disturbing consequence to the human condition.

Special this matches New York, NY, Vernal for 2001,

Saturn to beta persie

400,000[29] 4,500,000[29] Korean War Korean Peninsula 1950 1953 Cold War 0.1%
1971 feb 21


1971 feb 21 MC β Per , approch escalation


Vietnam War Southeast Asia 1955 1975 Cold War and First Indochina War 0.08%–0.19%

(vernal 1971 A.D)

feb. 1971 A.D)

 2,500,000 as genocide

(vernal 1971 A.D)

MC β Per. 1971 A.D)

10,000,000 escalation sent troops to Vietnam in 1971

The Great Proletariat  Cultural Revolution Against The Capitalist Raoders China 1965 1976 Mao Tse-tung natal oppos. β Per  
1,000,000 3,000,000 Nigerian Civil War Nigeria 1967 1970 Genocides in history 0.03%-0.09%
600,000[27] 2,000,000[27] Soviet War in Afghanistan Afghanistan 1980 1988 Cold War 0.012%–0.04%
500,000[38][39] 2,000,000[citation needed] Iran–Iraq War Iran, Iraq 1980 1988 Al-Anfal Campaign and Invasion of Kuwait 0.01%–0.04%
2,500,000[22] 5,400,000[23] Second Congo War Democratic Republic of the Congo 1998 2003 First Congo War 0.06%–0.09%
1,500,000[27] 2,000,000[27] Afghan Civil War Afghanistan 1979 Present Soviet-Afghan War, Taliban Era, and NATO Intervention. Death toll estimates through 1999 (2M) and 2000 (1.5M and 2M). 0.06%
    X.LXXII Nostradamus   1999      

compliment ( 21 st May )

+ +++   Iraq ( Nov '98, Clinton issues ex. order to oust Saddam Hussein 2000   bos 2.5°; End of Earth Chronocrator
Sumer Sol. + + β Per. PED     2000   bos capricornus  
  haydes +  β Per. (vernal) Iran-Saudi Attacks New York, Pentagon (link ksm) 2001 11 sept   0.01% U.S. pop.
    ascending arc to bos frontal chambre kings floor Gizāh Pyramid (stone) 2001 11 sept    
45° eastern horizon counter-parallel to beta persei ( Satan Star)   New York, NY 2001  Vernal * The Sky Lord hyades = lit., sky will burn.  
    Iraq War II   2003      
My chart + w/ USA (LMT 5:00pm)  to 2012 A.D = M.C. True al cyone ( Zion) for U.S.A. Biblical Astron scalar        2012     Extreme Advanced Scalar interwoven Biblical.
at frontal stars.    stone   2015 21 Oct    
Winter Sol.   Stone ante chambre  Granit floor, w/ K-floor  2015      Ŧ
antib/b=v=b/antib Transference brain codex for BOZON at the source code.

Satan's Army ≡ LAND BEAST Seal One: Horses can be good or bad, just like up in space. Teams are mixed races. MA Horse Judeans, Germans, Italian whites and whties; Red Horse, Latin, Italians browns, brown Arabs , south decan browns; Black horse are black africans or dark sking any race. Paul Green Horse is blue people, Reptile lizards masked as human hybrids. These are flesh eaters or infected prion enfoldment victums by Spirit Cooking.
300 assassination attempts as of 09262017AD;
constant drone and ; cars followers;


Light≡ antigravity . cool solution :) 7.54% white left on earth. There is no such thing as Dark Energy; it is invisable light energy.
DNA of Beast– AntiChrist Teams are Four Hourses in Seal One : White people, any race, Red People like Arab, Latin, Hebrew yellow and white traitors with brown mixes equals red, and africans as Black Horses who are economic in mind control. @LOVE #COMPASIONN #LABOR #CONNECTION = “RIGHT” FORCE LIGHT

WHITE RACE : ≡ 745 000 000/ 6 000 000 000 000 ≡ 7.53% and the Afro Dark Skin erradicated from CIA >

Judeans by dna codex for 1‚500 years will hold no economic power ‚ whatso ever and ever. No Italian‚ Latin ‚ mixed race ashkaNAZI above 17% will hold any banking or economic decision making. Seal One Judgment .
SEAL ONE COMPLETE SD people list 2016

Isaiah 3: 1 ; I take away my support from Israel and Judea personally.
Jesus & Muhammad the Prophet was a White Arab, ME people!
Jesus is Me returned. I use Archangel or Arc Michael or Michael in this life until 23rd Sept 2017, then I announced on twitter I was Jesus Christ returned and I no longer care, I will be bringing the fallen angels to earth from that date onward with 1260 days. Then this starts Tribulation .
⇒Illuminati cannibals . American families
1. Land Beast ARMY One & George Herbert Walker Bush,b. 12 June 1924 Milton , MA. 71w04, 42e15 removed form Second death 09282017AD sD ; Lucifer, my son who is he in human form and was Adam, the first man: updated 09272017AD

2. Ocean Beast William J. Clinton sD William Jefferson Blythe IV [ most often as III], Jr. Born at Hope Hospital, Arkansas, Monday 19 August 1946, 93w35, 33n40 officially as 8:51 A.M. LMT ( UT 14:51) Sid. Time 6:26:04 [ or 666] sD

Barack Hussein Obama ii, Kenya near Mombasa Hospital 1961, 39e40,04s03, Time 7:24 p.m. L.M.T.,Univ.Time 16:24, Sid. Time 15:54:38, Second Death , sD

 ISLAM replaces Judeans on IS≡REAL NSA ≡ BEAST SEA
Sea ⇒ Masses; populas
2017 September 27 th 2017 A.D. Arc Michael Reborn I got inflected 09 26 2017AD on purpose. The architect ( ref. Matrix, creator of the Matrix, lies but is influenced by ETs, he is the hybrid head of Earth’s et influence) was sitting starring as I ate human sauce on barbeque Chicken. No More Fear of anything Jesus Returned CH. 12 Revelations: Archangel Michael Day 29 th 2017 A.D. no more hate≠ only Love

34 north 2020 Chron al ta’ir aquilae. Mon. 21 st Saturn trop. 0.5 Aqu. but visually, not in the region of stars of Aquarius. Uranus, eastern horizon and Pluto at culmination form a loose paran.

21 st Gregorian modern, 2016 August ,  true north lats.

β Per + +

in the circlet piscipus ( related to yehoshua)  

Approach solar alpha leonis.   2020     sinister ophiuchii, Ŧ

  approaches Hydor aquarii.

≈ P.E.D. al ta'ir aquilae        2020  Dec   sinister ophiuchii, Ŧ
  bos capricornus (ped)   winter         2027
#2027AD Judgement Top Level Earth gone underground
—Arc Michael
hyades  spring ‡END TIMES    2029  END OF BELOW OF EA