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Apokálypsis; "Article V."

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Released: 14st December 2011:  (SgrA* + Sun = alignment, at western horizon. Studio City, CA., U.S.A.).


Topic: Stone & Apophis

 Archangel Michael

The Holy Grail Stone

The Re Adjusted Measurements

  1. Reality of Existence: Large Pyramid at Gizāh & Fate! PAGEREF _Toc311642379 \h 1

  2. Kufarious Ascriptions and Gang Tagging PAGEREF _Toc311642380 \h 1

  3. Enochian Tradition PAGEREF _Toc311642381 \h 2

  4. Units of Measurement PAGEREF _Toc311642382 \h 3

  5. 99942 Apophis NASA/JPL the asteroid and the Gizāh Pyramid  PAGEREF _Toc311642383 \h 3

  6. Height of the large pyramid with Cap Stone PAGEREF _Toc311642384 \h 4

  7. Julian Year and 360° PAGEREF _Toc311642385 \h 5

  8. Base of Platform in Pyramid Inches PAGEREF _Toc311642386 \h 5



The Minor Planet Center has classified 2003 UX34 as a "Potentially Hazardous Asteroid."


Rev. 2:17: The new name written on the Stone.  Most modern interested parties regard the Biblical identifier of the Stone in the midst of Egypt to be the fabled Alter of Adam or God, as associated to the large pyramid at Gizāh. Current models of Asteroid SB45 Apophis 2027-28 pass Cairo’s local as long as it sneaks into the key-hole by its earlier approach, an impact is possible.  Note, the large Gizāh pyramid is actually at lat: 29°+ north and the Galactic Center arrived at δ -29°S in late 2011; so it is time to get this ‘stone’ aligned to our Universe.


Reality of Existence: Large Pyramid at Gizāh & Fate!


The Large Pyramid at Gizāh claims to have a hidden chronology of the future. If so, this intends no free choice, free will, and absolute fate. This view tends toward academic science that regards mathematics, and even in physics, gravity, as fatefully controlled by its own laws and principles. To claim The Large Pyramid at Gizāh is not fateful implies that all the attempts at chronologies remain a fallacy argument.


Kufarious Ascriptions and Gang Tagging


The Large Pyramid at Gizāh academically is traditionally associated to Khufu, a leader of one of the dynasties of ancient Egypt. However, there remains no record of him building the complex. One opportunist primatologist who needed funding, conditioned first on proof that a pharaoh or king of Egypt had marked the pyramid, painted Khufu’s cartouche in one of the upper chambers above the king’s tomb – apparently he painted it backwards, in a corner and upside-down. Academics seized the opportunity to claim authorship of the large pyramid at Gizāh based upon modern tagging practices.


To date, there has never been found any king or pharaoh buried in any of the Egyptian pyramids. Most Egyptologists intend this result can be traced to tomb-robbers.


Most Egyptologists and Pyramidologists also intend that The Large Pyramid at Gizāh remained sealed until the Islamic civilization period of the ninth and tenth centuries. However, there are three red granite plugs blocking the entrance to the ascending passage toward the grand gallery and evidence shows that pink-cement or bonding material implied either a correction of the building architecture during the late building stages or to ‘reseal’ the pyramid from further intrusion.


Enochian Tradition


In esoteric and non-canonical Biblical Books, Enoch claims that Adam had the pyramid built or others for him and it was to be sealed until a time when it was needed to be deciphered. John Greaves[?], prior to Napoleon’s expedition to Egypt and North Africa, took the first attempts at measuring the large pyramid and later Sir. Isaac Newton’s physics confirmed some interesting measurements found by these early attempts which begged to differ that   so much effort went to construct a building with so many cosmic mathematical equations and formulas, then why would a pharaoh bother and not leave a lasting inscription of his concern or posterity?  


Tradition has the Grand Gallery was used as an astronomy viewing center while the building was still in construction. The problem in deciphering such a complex details a static to dynamic formula(s), where the raw data can only suggest by first observation a mean-value. But what needs to be considered is that tropical time or our modern system of time bases its measurements upon the solar-system ecliptic, the Sun’s ecliptic as viewed by us on Earth, intersections of two equals and two extremes. This solar-system time is reliable, and equinoxes and solstices happen like clockwork over the centuries. However, humans started to look outside of their local solar-system – that is to say, to the stars and sidereal astrology/astronomy remains the most ancient of catalogues and of interests to us, the ancients. Since stars and galaxies, nebula, clusters, and other phenomena of stellar space are light-years in distance and follow their own paths and orbits, these measurements are not realizable like tropical time – they encompass the mysteries of the universe, such as what is Gravity?


Units of Measurement


An Astrologer and an Intellect, Sir. Isaac Newton first promoted the pyramid inch (working from knowledge of Greaves) to be associated to the Earth’s radius. However at that time the French had not sent out their royal academy’s surveyists to measure the world. Newton suggested the Earth looked like an egg, as so did we of ancient Egypt (e.g. the cosmic egg).  Since Newton’s time, many went to Gizāh to survey the pyramid to observe if these stupendous claims of some mysterious chronology proclaimed a merit of sorts. Therefore, to debunk these theories, Flinders’ Petrie set out with the most advanced techniques of his time, to debunk these chronologers. Flinders’ Petrie, acting as a typical opened mind scientist reported at least six major surveyist findings, with the attention to all the different proclamations. This appeased the atheist and mediocre academia that the pyramid must be nothing more than an elaborate tomb of some powerful ruler of Egypt’s ancient past. No-one could agree to a unified chronology.  However, despite the historical process of academic ridicule, others continued to survey or to offer interpretations.


The United States of American surveys of the Earth’s Polar Radius (1906 & 1909) were the data used for Flinders’ Petrie to align the pyramid inch, of 500,000,000 Pyr. Ins. (above value 1P”=1.0011 British Inches).[1]  Everything that Newton proposed about the shape and circumference of the Earth turned out to be correct. And because of gravitational vortexes, the Earth bulges at the Equator and therefore flattens at the Poles. This reality had a need to be understood before an accurate Polar radius could be attempted.


99942 Apophis NASA/JPL the asteroid and the Gizāh Pyramid 


According to one model when Apophis makes  the closest approach to Earth will be headed over the Cairo area. WN5 SB45 Apophis 2027-28. Apophis can pass by a key-hole (appx. 400-900 miles Keyhole) which causes gravitational resonance - space with Earth’s gravitational forces – resonance boundary – and this then can be the next pass attraction to slam into Earth. On the 30 th of December of the year of 2009 ,  Russia called on the international community, US, China and Russia to help send Rocket to Apophis and nudge it off its course. Recalculations put the asteroid at 1- 300,000 to less of 1- 250,000 chance of hitting the earth. Currently it is behind or in the Sunlight so the next study times will be in 2012 and 2013.  However, if the world delves into another global war during this period, attention may not be that important. A Keyhole pass in 2029 would lead to a 2036 impact – yet we do not know its true course and an impact could be for 2029 A.C.E.


The 1998 KU2 asteroid is 1 1/2 miles across, closely watch this one. Only 1.3 % of all asteroids are classified as F-class. Recent impacts: Impact/Sudan, 7 th October 2008, at 27,739 mph, 2008 TC3, first tracking, was about 12 hour warning, it reached about 130 feet, and exploded like an hydrogen bomb before it hit the earth. Scared the locals, they thinking it was the end of the world. It had diamonds, meaning it probably was involved in a space collision with another asteroid; quite possibly it was a piece of fragments from 1998 KU2.



Height of the large pyramid with Cap Stone



Height of the large pyramid, suggested with its Cap Stone; one suggestion gives 5813.235565376; thereby ∙ 4 = 23,252.94226.


Therefore, √π∙5813.23556³ = 3.48199911. Or [√5813³]/366°=[?]. That is to say, Gizāh Pyramid JPL 03 Precessional Model Intersections: Each Age (12 divisions) = 2,047.97875 years! Gizāh Pyramid JPL 03 Precessional Model ‘Full Precession” = 24,575.745 years.



[√5813. 235565376³]/366°= 1211.004611; Therefore times 2 = 2421.86201.


[√5813. 235565376³]/365.2422= 1.213.517189.


The Date of the Distant of Creation of the Our Planet.



Will return to this at a later date.


Julian Year and 360°


The Julian Year at 00° 00’ 50.438239” ∙ 360° = 05° 02’ 37.77... The offset of the pyramid to north is said to be 6° degrees. However, over the centuries natural disasters can move the earth below the pyramid. John N. Stockwell [2] suggests the rate of precession at 25,694.8 years, which is what the base of the pyramid at the platform level derives by a division of two.


The Julian Year at 00° 00’ 50.438239” ∙ one of Copernicus’ precessional rates of 25,800 [+days] = 361° 28’26.5”.


The Julian Year at 00° 00’ 50.438239” ∙ Gizāh Pyramid JPL 03 Precessional Model ‘Full Precession” = 24,575.745 years = 344° 19’17.3”


Base of Platform in Pyramid Inches


D. John and Morton Edgar suggest the base can also be an estimate of the precessional revolution. 12,847.1764 pyramid inches. This then doubled amounts to 25, 694 [5 for the Julian calendar mistake!]. So this is 194 years more than one of Copernicus’ suggested precessional rates. According to the cubit measurement the base resolves to 36,5242.335 or moving the decimal a near tropical year of 365.242[2]... In contrast to sidereal astrology, that is to say the varied movements of stellar bodies light-years away and in their own orbital and galactic pathways, the tropical intersections remains the same for these centuries. The reason that equinoxes or solstices are not always on the same calendar day for each year is because of the Orbit of the Sun and its barycenter(s) to other solar system bodies which make small anomalies, already known by the ancients – by empirical measurement.



[1] Diagrammatic representation of Professor Petries [sic] Reconstruction, and of the New Construction of the Great Pyramid from Petrei’s survey. Plate XVI ( Countdowntothe Messiah website, accessed 12 December 2011),available from

/Plate_XVII_2000.gif ; Internet. note, one can get Petrie’s work online, though he gives many figures of former expositions and measurements, and had an interest in debunking the chronologists.

[2] John N. Stockwell, (accessed 12 Dec. 2011), available from ; Internet.





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