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Released: 16 November   2011:  (7:12 a..m. Studio City, CA.), updated to current condition at 2:10 p.m., 16 Nov. 2011, Studio City.


Topic: The Jesus Period Eclipse


Article I, sec. ii, c

  1. Introduction: Christian Bible Solar Eclipse Scientific Data PAGEREF _Toc309215370 \h 2

  2. Introduction: Jerusalem Eclipse Conjunction PAGEREF _Toc309215371 \h 2

  3. Introduction: Magdalen Papyrus PAGEREF _Toc309215372 \h 4

  4. Introduction: A critical historical methodology PAGEREF _Toc309215373 \h 5

  5. Introduction: Roman Clock Time PAGEREF _Toc309215374 \h 6

  6. Introduction: Judea Clock Time PAGEREF _Toc309215375 \h 7

  7. The Shift of the Ages at The Eclipse PAGEREF _Toc309215376 \h 7

  8. 11 August 1,999 A.C.E. Maximum Solar Eclipse Signature PAGEREF _Toc309215377 \h 8

  9. Stony-Biblical Signatures PAGEREF _Toc309215378 \h 8

  10. The 1,999 The Omenic signatures PAGEREF _Toc309215379 \h 9

  11. The Hindic Conjunction PAGEREF _Toc309215380 \h 10

  12. Jesus’ Crucifixion circumstances at greatest eclipse PAGEREF _Toc309215381 \h 10

  13. Jerusalem’s magnitude at maximum. PAGEREF _Toc309215382 \h 10

  14. The Eclipse Moved Diagonally south-east as in 1,999 A.C.E. PAGEREF _Toc309215383 \h 11

  15. The Crucifixion Solar Eclipse that Darkened Mid-Day PAGEREF _Toc309215384 \h 11

  16. Matthew 27:45, 27:51-54 & Prime Sources PAGEREF _Toc309215385 \h 12

  17. Moon was approaching Perigee PAGEREF _Toc309215386 \h 13

  18. Jerusalem perspective from Quatar Maximum. PAGEREF _Toc309215387 \h 13

  19. Matthew states that darkness came over the whole land. PAGEREF _Toc309215388 \h 14

  20. Eclipse culminates at Jerusalem as First Star of Pisces rises! PAGEREF _Toc309215389 \h 14

  21. The Crucifixion Eclipse and the Galactic Center alignment PAGEREF _Toc309215390 \h 14

  22. Polaris Opposes the crucifixion Eclipse PAGEREF _Toc309215391 \h 15

  23. Acronychal Setting Star is Sirius PAGEREF _Toc309215392 \h 15

  24. Age at 33 Years old and what does this mean? PAGEREF _Toc309215393 \h 15

  25. Earthquake prediction to Crucifixion PAGEREF _Toc309215394 \h 16

  26. the greatest magnitude of this solar eclipse at Jerusalem – Earthquake PAGEREF _Toc309215395 \h 16

  27. Seismic actionary angles to the Eclipse PAGEREF _Toc309215396 \h 17

  28. Regulated- Uraniodic political executions PAGEREF _Toc309215397 \h 17

  29. Soros 62 Beginnings and Endings PAGEREF _Toc309215398 \h 17

  30. The path of the crucifixion eclipse PAGEREF _Toc309215399 \h 18

  31. The Solar Eclipse began at the North Sea PAGEREF _Toc309215400 \h 19

  32. Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and onto Romania, and passed Bulgaria PAGEREF _Toc309215401 \h 19

  33. Intersecting Topkapi Sarayi PAGEREF _Toc309215402 \h 20

  34. Directly over Tarsus, Saul’s Home City PAGEREF _Toc309215403 \h 20

  35. Eclipse Path of Lavant PAGEREF _Toc309215404 \h 21

  36. Arabian lands path of the crucifixion eclipse PAGEREF _Toc309215405 \h 21

  37. At Jericho. PAGEREF _Toc309215406 \h 22

  38. Jerusalem: Jesus Christ Crucifixion Eclipse Data PAGEREF _Toc309215407 \h 22

  39. Gizāh Pyramid Eclipse data PAGEREF _Toc309215408 \h 22

  40. 0029 A.C. E. Solar Eclipse Magnitude At these Gizāh Pyramids PAGEREF _Toc309215409 \h 22


Introduction: Christian Bible Solar Eclipse Scientific Data


Below is an elaborated explanation of the Biblical Crucifixion Eclipse, modern scientific tools used, and mentioned in the Holy Bible, both referenced textually in these Jewish and these Christian textual sections. Many academics and atheists of the last century and continuing will not like this discourse, because it utilizes modern scientific tools of authority and trained historical methodologies. The intention is not to make others’ attempts at disproving the Bible an embarrassment, but to consider our collective past in light of modern scientific methods. This page uses the most authoritative ephemerid in modern times. All facts can be checked by you with relative point and click computer skills. There is nothing here to hide, the Bible accounts of the sky darkening about the sixth hour to the ninth hour is accurate. The sixth hour of Roman Time Keeping Systems is equal to the mean of modern standard clock-time of 11:15 a.m. to solar noon. Keep that in mind and spread the word.


Introduction: Jerusalem Eclipse Conjunction


At Jerusalem at 11:38 a.m., local time (U.T. 09:17:04; Sidereal Time 15:42:42, 35e14, 31n46, Thursday, 24 November, 0029 A.C.E., Old Style Calendar ( Julian modern equivalent), the Sun is at a tropical location of 00SAG58’36”, latitude 0° 0’0”, and the Moon is at a tropical location at 00SAG58’36”, latitude 0° 44’54”; declination difference 43’56”; a total solar eclipse, at Jerusalem in path of penumbra, and entails about 91.2 percent of the Surface of the Moon’s coverage of the Sun and by its correlation to its covering up the Sun’s surface from the vantage point at Jerusalem at this instance, and will increase during solar noon and post-solar noon to about 94.4 percent occultation at Jerusalem. This is the only Solar Eclipse within centuries in both forward time and backward time which cuts a 101 % occultation path through the Lavant of the umbra, the local specified in the Bible.


Northeast of Galilee about 100 miles plus, the umbra reaches a 101 percent coverage which became a major buzz in the ancient Biblical world; Tarsus, toward the arc east/north , for example was in the direct line of the path of the central eclipse – the sky became dark.  This darkness was of course accompanied by a reported earthquake. According to New Astrology (i.e. with the new outer three planets[1]), the seismic signatures are present on the day of the eclipse.


Three gospels, and the twentieth century discovery of a lost gnostic book, referred too in many ancient texts but determined at one of the Council of Trent(s) (circa. 16 th cent.) to be racist, the now called Apocryphal Gospel of Peter ( frag. I,V, 15-20), refers to the day about mid-day turning dark, for approximately Three Roman day hours, which was equivalent to two hours and fourteen minuets ( 2:14 duration for three hours and not possible for any such eclipse at one city, unless sever storm coverage was evident, a possibility). However, eclipses were often measured for the duration of given lands, not just a city.


But these are misreading of the ancient texts, so common place where persons try in one day to interpret some type of field of knowledge they were not trained into at all. One such person, an astronomer,  who made some calculations, some of them incorrect, and was a trained astronomer, mis interpreted these passages. The Gospels of Peter, before the Council(s) at Trent, were known to the early church members, long before Constantine, and even then this text was considered offensive and unreliable. The early Church father did the correct thing and banned it from the canonical volume. The astronomer should have known this, and used the words found in the three canonical gospels, instead. The three gospels do however state that darkness filled the land for three hours – which is Roman Time equivalent of two and a half hours , but they do not say Jerusalem. The fact that this eclipse passed directly through the Lavant at its central path, almost 102% occultation, are derived by me using all the tools from NASA’s website, using their ephemride! Anyone can use these as they are public tools, paid by U.S.A. citizens, and everyone can plot this eclipse themselves.


Saul, who became Paul (13 Pauline letters, Christian Bible, a.k.a. New Testament) was from Tarsus, the ancient Lavant. If he would have been at this city at the time of the eclipse, the sky would have become pitch-black, astronomical data provided below.  Aleppo, the ancient near-east trade junction of the world ( known by different names at different times), which had people from all over the world intersecting it daily, modern U.C. Berkeley investigations, these people at this location would have witnessed a darkened sky. Since no total solar eclipses  like this happened in many generations, this would have been major news all over the known world. The gospels writers, writing so many decades after the Total Solar Eclipse would have met many persons who had directly witnessed it – and this is why it was written that the darkness covered the whole land(s), meaning the traditional Hebrew lands.


Introduction: Magdalen Papyrus


According to the Magdalen Papyrus, P64, disciple then Apostle, Matthew, was perhaps the first to write about this compounded event, most placing the historical year-timeline to 66 A.C.E. Many have suggested that much of the Matthew writings on the eclipse came from a secular source, written in Greek form a Hebrew manuscript which had been composed five years after the Total Solar Eclipse (circa 34 A.C.E.).   However, the Synoptic Gospels, as they are known, meaning ‘seen together’ consist of textual parallelism and sentence structure, but their narrative arguments are radically specialized. Mark’s gospel was, by a majority of scholars, written first. Traditionally, however, Matthew was seen as the first gospel on the public trail around the near east, according to Ronald Allen Piper work, The gospel behind the Gospels: current studies on Q, vol 75, Novum Testamentum [ New Testiment], Brill, 1995. Piper’s view of tradition was that Matthew was the source, Luke dependant on Matthew, and lastly the shortest, was Mark – perhaps the shortest was dependant upon others being more complete, and thus a long third ‘seen together’ gospel would have been too obvious. Whatever the case may be, Jerusalem is not mentioned as point of the eclipse experience; but all over the lands of the traditional Hebrews was what was implied . If going by what these synoptic gospels are saying, then yes, the eclipse begins about Noon, yes, it covers the lands of Israel, and two of the gospels give the length at three hours and do not mention dusk’s twilight. This then could have only happened by a dark storm accompanied by the shock of the ellipse, and the subsequent earthquake recorded as corresponding to the spectacular events.  And, yes, dark clouds, and lightning have been recorded as coinciding phenomena, witnessed, and wondered right before earthquakes. And, yes, all three gospels mention the sky had darkened, but no mention of a solar eclipse.


Introduction: A critical historical methodology


A critical historical methodology is mutely appreciated, but an overly critical assumption pertains to a biasness. The astronomer, using one of the banned gospels, makes one of his main points that lanterns could not have been lit under the circumstances of the duration of the maximum of the eclipse. This remains a fallacy. A lantern could have been lit 15 to 18 times at Tarsus, if one could light a lantern at ten seconds, which they could achieve. If the sky is dark because of accompanied storm clouds, let’s say at Jerusalem,[2]  the ancients light lanterns anyway. The astronomer also claimed that at Nazareth and Galilee, the Total Solar Eclipse achieved totality, which remains another fallacy. Both places are well in the penumbra which begs a question if he is using the authoritative NASA ephemerides to derive his data sets.


The much later extra-biblical sources for this eclipse, by Eusebius (estimates 32 A.D.) must be taken into consideration with calendar confusions which by modern means of today’s confusions are by no less a phenomenal problem to the ancients. Also modern astronomers who take cracks at interpreting historical eclipses that are claimed three hours and often equate our modern time system to the ancients, and then will go proselytizing this erudite fallacy - it is main the reason that the Biblical narrative is under so much dispute.


In conclusion, on this opening of this discourse, The Chinese, and many other cultures in history, often more ancient than Jesus’ period have recorded solar blackouts lasting for hours, in their time systems which most likely were not like our modern time system; this is of course an impossibility for any total solare clipse; and therefore, these references were written by multiplying these combined cities  of which these eclipses had passed through in these ancient civilization’s domains. And of course, China’s domains have always been historically large.  In history, pillars had been erected  with inscription in pathways of eclipses as memorials, which are laid out town to town, meaning the eclipses are not localized time-signatures but a compound to a full exposure  of remembrance over any one civilizations’ land-mass.


It is the roblem of the historian and interpretation of how, us, the ancients understood our world. When the Jesus period eclipse did happen, and before solar noon which agrees to 11:15 a.m to solar noon by the term ‘sixth hour!’, the eclipse had not reached its geo-local- central-axis -Maximum, and would go on across the Arabian Peninsula and into India which lasted more than three Roman hours. The ancients were not isolated form the world, and modern studies being conducted by U.C. Berkeley interested parties are beginning to reveal how well connected to all civilizations, the world really was compared to dust a few decades ago, where it was assumed we all were relatively isolated in our own little cities. It was not a jump to conclusion this was an inspirational eclipse, at a time in western civilization The World seemed to be falling apart out of imperialism, greed, wantonness, murder and mayhem. Historically, most assumed this eclipse had not existed, however it existed and here below is the description and its linkages to interferential timing for human management purposes.


Introduction: Roman Clock Time


Roman clock time is not like today. It was divided into twelve sections from 7:33 a.m. to 8:17 a.m., local times, to 3:42 p.m. to 4:27 p.m., which is not even a half of a solar-day (i.e. 24 modern hours).  Under Mentuhotep III (Dyn. 11, mid-kingdom), the day-hour division was 24 equal hours, and this was not the case during the Roman Empire Period during the first century. Clock time would be read today as partial-hours, not as one hour(s) or 60’, etc..., and therefore as the Bible claims, hour 6 takes place prior and up too about mid-day, solar noon, and hour nine is the half-way point between mid-day and sun-set, and not at 3 p.m which is claimed all over the internet and by astronomer books, claiming they know history.


So, the hour of nine during the Hebrew occupation by Rome is equivalent to approximately in real geometry, about 45 degrees above the western horizon. Most people had no need to have clocks, they could read the shadows as they learnt this from birth, in school or private tutelage as well as the market place.


In the ancient times, eclipses were compiled for their totality over the lands, not a city, and therefore one and one-half hour would be the correct way to read the Biblical, prime sources, correctly. We know this because in China, India, Italy and other places of varying historical times, eclipses were also said to have occurred over periods of hours – meaning the writings were reflecting a large area of land that had time changes, as we know in our International Time differences delineate time to our needs.


Introduction: Judea Clock Time


Palestine (then Judea) was under Roman time reckoning, as well as many parts of the Mediterranean cities. These Roman soldiers said tertia horo ( hour three for the morning which is equivalent to 9:02 a.m. – to – 9:46 a.m.) The eclipse begins within this Roman clock system signature: (sexta hora, i.e. 11:15 a.m. – to – 12:00 noon), mid-day, and the Biblical prime source cite the final period as nona hora, the afternoon which is the ninth hour and is equivalent to 1:29 p.m. – to – 2:13 p.m., local times.[3] When you read astronomers claiming they are educating the public about the real time of the eclipse as it is conditioned upon ‘three hours’ and therefore the Hebrew Apostles are lying, they are in fact mis-reporting actual history.  Unfortunately, all over the world Churches and lay academia have falsified information being promulgated as truth – which to atheists is perfectly normal because of their extreme hatred of God. Now let us get into some very serious astronomy, as in the ancient vein.


The Shift of the Ages at The Eclipse


At this exact moment of the eclipse at Jerusalem, Sgr A* (1.0x1.0 arc seconds), the Galactic Center is culminating with 13 minuets of arc and approaching. At the anti-culmination lay the final Taurian star, al-Hecka (02’,s.), ending the Taurian Age, while at modern Dukan, Quatar (25.4681° north, 50.8228° east[4]) during Geo-Maximum, and from the reference point, explained below, at Jerusalem, Simmah, the frontal star of Pisces is directly on the Horizon, indicating the commencement of the Piscean Age.


On the angles at Greatest Maximum, at Quatar, at the perspective at Jerusalem,  The Eagle (Scorpio/Libra), Leo (Lion), Aquarius (Human), and Taurus (Bull), mark the symbolic signatures found in the scored line angles of the stone at Egypt, as noted in places in the Holy Bible. Before Scorpio and Libra were divided by the modern circumstantial constellations, this constellation was regarded as one, the Eagle. The stars in Libra were the Eagles, claws (ref. Claudius Ptolemy). The secret is that at some geolocals, the angles do not line up and some of the Libranic stars need to be incorporated to fill in the gaps of the spherical geometry. Nevertheless European medieval art work referenced by the moderns often leave out the constellation of Libra, not understanding history at all.

11 August 1,999 A.C.E. Maximum Solar Eclipse Signature


11 August 1,999 A.C.E. Maximum 11:03:05.4 (alt., 59.3), (azi 169.7), lat: 45.0759° north, long. 24.2983° east. Sibiu, Romania, which lay just outside the umbra, north of the center of the Eclipse’s maximum,  by the projected elliptical degree, measured from the pole the equator at 11:03:05 U.T. ( 2:03:05 p.m., local time partial at 99.9 % occultation, one minuet earlier), sidereal time 9:57:34, 24e09,45n48, The Eagle, Lion, Human and Bull are all present on the angles. omicron-1, (о) Atirsagne ( 1° 12’,a.), tauri is on the arc of the western horizon. Tropical signatures, which do not line up with our modern sidereal signatures, nor ever had they in the past, as we know little about precession, Einstein could not even figure it out, so do not blame Ptolemy who actually advocated for a calendar/clock from a sidereal perspective, consisted of  the: Sun  Leo, Moon Leo, Mercury Leo, Mars Scorpio, Jupiter Taurus, Saturn Taurus, Uranus Aquarius, Neptune Aquarius, Mean node Aquarius, Ascendant Scorpio, Midheaven Leo, anti-midheaven Aquarius , and descendant Taurus. In such rare cases, sothere, tropicality and sidereality signatures compliment there respective symbolism. This eclipse cut the upper Lavant, and bore across ancient Mesopotamia’s northern boarders at full eclipse occultation (~ 100-101%).


Stony-Biblical Signatures


For example,[5] this discourse was released when Libra, Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius and Leo stars are all on the angles. The date is 16 November 2011, Studio City, California, 118w24, 34n09, 7:12 a.m., local time, 15:12 U.T., S. T. 10:59:48 ( Alcyone is on the western horizon at 11 minuets of arc and separating; Dschubba is on the eastern horizon at 1° 45’,a, and some of the Libra stars are also on the horizon by an arc. Fomualhaut is on the I.C. arc at 22 minuets and separating., Scheat as well as 1 09’, and approaching, as well as the Aquarian constellation ( Gizah pyramid star) llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis with 1° 38’ and separating. Rasalhague is on the ascendant arc at 14’ and approaching.  


The Sun is in a relative alignment to Zubenelakrab( formally a part of the claws of the Eagle), angles in the house circle as four minuets and separating, the true angles, sidereally that is would be a relative conjunction at 4 ° 36’ and approaching.


Pluto has a relative conjunction to Polis, as this is about the same aspect for the Crucifixion period, with 2°57’ and separating. Mars is nested between Regulus (3°04’,s.) and Shir 4°14’,a.) Leonis.


Betelgeuse, at Studio City, graces the anti-culmination at 2:10, local time, 22:10 U.T., where Mars is at 02VIR50’52” and Jupiter is at 02TAU50’48”r. Alpha ( ) Lyra, Vega, is the Heliacal Rising Star, which cosmically rose at Studio City on the 18 th of November (+2) and will be visible on 4 December 2011 (+18). Mirfik, ka-Hercules would be the helical rising star if it would have become visible, but it does not, and it goes cosmic 5 November 2011 (-11). Rigel acronychal sets 23 Nov. 2011 (+7), and is near the descendant arc – which places Tuarian Constellation and Orion’s Rigel by a near paran to the western horizon.  Capella, alAur, acronychally rose 11 Nov. 2011 (-5). 

The 1,999 The Omenic signatures


The Omenic signatures are thus: Saturn, close the descendant angle is conjunct to Atirsagne, within 02’, and separating. Mars, is conjunct Zubenhakrabi with 12’ and approaching, as well as approaching a rising on the eastern horizon, and Venus which is approaching culmination in a short while is conjunct to alpha (α) cor lenois ( Regulus, Leo) within ten minuets and separating. Epsilon Carinae ( not seen at the northern lats at this time) was directly squared the mean node.  The Royal Air Force, RAF, working by the orders of Her Majesty’s Nautical Almanac Office remained it Avior ( not avoir!) in 1937, as was alpha Pavonis, peacock, which opposes the true node with seven minuets and separating. The eclipse completes its shadow at the Bay of Bengal, one of the most fertile trading and living areas of very ancient times.

The Hindic Conjunction


Its central path, just below Vadodara, modern day India, (mag. 100.08%, max. 12:31:44.5, at alt. 014.9° the central path of the eclipse passes in 1,999 A.C.E. and directly, south-south west, at Surat, modern day India, as well as the 0029 A.C.E., the Crucifixion Eclipse, which had passed at the central path of the eclipse at Surat.


Jesus’ Crucifixion circumstances at greatest eclipse


Besselian Elements: circumstances at greatest eclipse: 9:24:46 UT, and instance of 12:15:21 TDT. Three gospels claim, and Old Testament, Book of Amos, claims (a) the eclipse occurred around solar noon, this remains a fact.  The Bible mentions that this eclipse covered the Hebrew Lands, emphasis on Traditional lands west and southwest of ancient Mesopotamia. The eclipse passes directly through the Lavant, confirming the Bible. There are no other total solar eclipses comparable for a century in either direction of time, and further too. This remains a fact, using modern NASA ephemerides VS0P87/ELP2000-82. The modern Dukan, Quatar, region was a part of the out-cast lands that Hebrews had adopted after many cultural wars during late Mesopotamian periods, under a different moniker. The total solar eclipse magnitude converted to a percentage of 102.17%. This path-width was 109.2 k.m.


Jerusalem’s magnitude at maximum


Jerusalem’s magnitude at maximum is 92.1% and with maximum obscuration corrections this amounts to 94.4% (although, astronomer Mark Kidger ((pub. 1,999, a paper) places it at 95%, also in his book, The Star of Bethlehem, pub. 18 October 1,999).[6] At Gethsemane, however, the magnitude at maximum is at 92.2%, corrected to 95%. At Galilee, at maximum at 8:44:16.7 U.T., the magnitude occultation is 94.7%, corrected to 96.9%, and at Nazareth at maximum it was an even 94%, corrected to 96.1%. If it was a cloudless day, the sky would not have turned dark! If there were clouds, and even dark rain clouds, the sky would have definitely turned ‘very’ dark! One thing must be remembered that this solar eclipse was rare for this region --, today known as the modern Arabian Peninsula -- during this Biblical Period. This event was probably very surprising, unbeknownst to many people of such things as total solar eclipses, and therefore startling to those directly under the umbra. And finally, these events were recorded about a half-century after the event and they are still very accurate accounts of what happened.


The Eclipse Moved Diagonally south-east as in 1,999 A.C.E.


This total solar eclipse moved diagonally south-east through the Arabian Peninsula with its umbranic arc about fifteen miles from Istanbul, formally Constantinople; and preceded from Berlin, passing it close to the central line of the path and the same for modern day, Kiel and then Flensburb, but ending in south Asia. If the hypotenuse were on angles A and B, and thus describing the path of the total solar eclipse,  then Jerusalem would be angle C. of a triangle (Greek, trigōnon) --  if looking form the celestial pole to the celestial equator and the apparent path of the umbra.


The Crucifixion Solar Eclipse that Darkened Mid-Day


With modern science there are no disputes to when a possible candidate for an eclipse which darkened the Middle Eastern skies at mid-day and then lasted to about mid-afternoon had occurred. There are no other solar eclipse candidates for three decades in either direction of the mean-year-date of 0030 A.C.E. In addition, these sources are not only post crucifixion, three gospels mention the same Roman clock time durations, plus insurmountable historical commentary both religious and secular over the centuries, but also some Biblical pre crucifixion mentions, found predicted in the Jewish Bible centuries prior to the event. While there are in fact come candidates of lunar eclipses in our eclipse candidates for three decades in either direction of the mean-year-date of 0030 A.C.E., we stay close to the sources which state that of the sunlight as being blocked,  which could very well be the signature of a Solar Eclipse or some dark cloud cover or a dust storm.


Matthew 27:45, 27:51-54 & Prime Sources


Matthew 27:45, 27:51-54, mentions the darkness arising at the sixth hour ( begins about 11:15 and onward and too about midday as the day started at sunrise and the ninth hour it finished, which would be a quarter after midday. Mark 15:33-34 (38, temple curtain torn) claims the same and most likely was the last of the three synoptic gospels produced; it starts about the sixth hour. Luke 23:44:45 also claims that this darkness begins about the sixth hour and continues to the ninth hour – we are speaking in Roman Time, not modern time! In Biblical exegesis, we understand that three of the gospels, here mentioned, were working from a single source, compared to the much different gospel of John.


What concerns most Biblical scholars and persons concerned is that the crucifixion is said to have happened around Passover, which takes place during a Full Moon. There are three bloodred full moon eclipses beginning in 30 A.C.E., but lunar eclipses do not create darkness over the land, in which all these references here are speaking of the land becoming dark, in a literal sense. Most commentaries, church figures, and lay persons take these passages as allegories to a dark time in Hebraic history, and certainly they were sad times as Roman Imperialist Greed made war, created mass death, to rob the treasures of Jerusalem.


I arrived at my findings without any knowledge of precursors to a potential solar eclipse. I just went to NASA’s Eclipse website and with the advent of the Geo-mapping I found the only possible Solar Eclipse.  Soros 62. However, after peering at the Wikipedia page on the Crucifixion Eclipse, I found that astronomer Mark Kidger had identified 24 November 029 A.C.E.’s Solar Eclipse as the only potential for its proximity to Palestine. He is therefore correct.  The webpage claims he derived his hints form the banned Gospel of Peter. He claimed that only 95% of the Sun was covered up so there would have been no visible darkness at Jerusalem without the aid of dust storms or dark clouds, which certainly are always possible known to the region. However, let’s check the data and shed some darkness on this eclipse.


Moon was approaching Perigee


Yet, when regarding the traditional lands of the Hebrews this solar eclipse passes directly over it, meaning the umbra (the dark shadow) had passed over portions of traditional Israel where people who were outside that day had certainly witnessed a major Solar Eclipse. Jerusalem was certainly in the penumbra portion. However, this solar eclipse was a rank-one solar eclipse as the Moon was approaching Perigee (363,104 km; 225,622 miles, the closest approach of the moon toward the Earth!). I calculated its radius at 0.51085, which entails that the diameter of the Moon was almost 32’54” as the Sun’s diameter is about 30’ arc minuets. When the Moon is at an apogee, and its ranking is at four; its diameter is about 29’26” or having a radius of 0.4907.


Jerusalem perspective from Quatar Maximum.


At maximum (at Quatar in relation to the vantage point at Jerusalem!) the separation between the Sun and Moon are tropically eighteen minuets and forty-six seconds. The central path of the eclipse has well passed the Lavent and is moving onto the eastern lands.  Without factoring in the Moon’s perigee- diameter inflation, at this moment (8:44.11 U.T., 11:05:07 a.m.), the Moon is covering the Sun at 83.34% at Jerusalem, and waning in occulation, which does not describe culpable darkness without the aid of a dust storm or dark clouds. When factoring in the true angle for an approaching perigee, fifteen minuets and fifty-two seconds (- 02’54”), this figure increases to about 85% of the Sunlight being occulted by the Moon. Yet, the conjunction has not been taken place at the vantage point at Jerusalem; the conjunction takes place about one hour and twenty-three minuets from the maximum at Quatar.


Yet, the gospels tell that darkness came over the land, and Israel considered its land in a rather from a subjective viewpoint.  The eclipse’s umbra does pass north east of Galilee, and in Mark, the same chapter at subsection 41 these women, Mary Magdalēne, Mary the Mother of James, and of Jōsēs, and of Salōmē who came to see Jesus were the same women who had followed him at Galilee. These statements are found in the proximity of the passages of the darken sky commentaries, and as also mentioned other persons who came to the crucifixion from Galilee. At Galilee there was no totality as Kidger claimed. However, at this location the darkness index remained stronger.


Matthew states that darkness came over the whole land


Matthew states that darkness came over the ‘whole land,’ not just Jerusalem. This, statement, however, is accurate. The eclipse’s umbra (meaning darkness) passed over northern Israel. This is equivalent to U.S.A. citizens claiming that North America belongs to them and therefore the North American natives during Total Solar Eclipse(s) over lands of North America are not in their lands. The Romans were occupying suppressors, and Jerusalem was not seen by Hebrews as their only home. Modern day human-haters of other types of people claim this eclipse did not happen as the Bible says, it did not happen in totality at Jerusalem, thus the Jews are liars and or stupids'.


Eclipse culminates at Jerusalem as First Star of Pisces rises!


Often astronomical symbolism weighs into the unconsciousness of external reality. Some Forty-four minuets and forty-seconds after maximum at Quatar, the Sun culminates at Jerusalem, being occulted by the Moon. When the Eclipse culminates at Jerusalem, the tropical separation is 08’06” (eight minuets and six seconds of arc). There is about 89% of the Sun covered in the umbra section south-east of Jerusalem, near the borders of modern day western Iraq. The frontal star of Pisces, Simmah, is on the eastern horizon, thus its paran to the eclipse.  The symbolism of Jesus’ connection to the age of Pisces remains solid. Although this is by the arc perspective and not on the elliptical intersection, where the large pyramid star signature llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis is directly upon the eastern horizon at 90 degrees to the mid-heaven. The anti-culmination signatures are the belt stars of Orion.


The Crucifixion Eclipse and the Galactic Center alignment


At Jerusalem, the Galactic Center is about one degree by separation, which places this eclipse into the path of the Dark Rift, preceding the Tea-Pot, Sagittarian stars. Thereby the anti-galactic center and the dark rift sections of the Milky Way could well be seen at midnight, proving another dark and ominous metaphor spoken about in the Bible. Tropically, the Galactic Center is at 29SCO26’27”, latitude 5° 20’51”. However, when the Moon and the Sun make a tropical conjunction, thus 00 degrees, 00 minuets, and 00 seconds over Jerusalem, the Galactic Center is culminating within thirteen minuets of arc.


Polaris Opposes the crucifixion Eclipse


From an elliptical perspective our modern day pole star (not actually at the celestial pole, but close, had a signature of Polaris 114° 08’, a, and the Sun 0’12” in opposition to the Eclipse at 11:05:07 a.m.


Acronychal Setting Star is Sirius


The acronychal setting star is Sirius for this eclipse, which took place cosmically on 22 November, two days prior to the eclipse. Sirius was important in some period of Egyptian culture because of its annual proximity in the night sky as well as its apparent magnitude, still evident today.


Age at 33 Years old and what does this mean?


There is a total solar eclipse over Mongolia, and it finishes in the Arabian Peninsula in the year 1 A.D. This provides us a hint that something was wrong. 1 A.D., pertains to the estimation by persons living a long time after the Jesus epoch who assumed he was born during this murky eclipse. For a long period of time, it was estimated that Jesus was at the age of 33 years-old, during his crucifixion. The Anno Domini era only came about during 525 A.C.E., proposed by Dionysius Exiguus (c. 470- 544 A.C.E) and he used to identify his Easter tables. In the Gospels, Jesus does not mention to celebrate his birthday, so this explains why there is no recording of it, for reasons that will be explained later. However, Exiguus was not precedential; it was Emperor Diocletian who assumed this year was the same year-distance to the councillorship of Probus Junior ( Flavius Probus), he having no ability or credibility, but a Christian Persecution record.


Venerable Bede (b. circa 672, d. circa 735 A.C.E) first used A.D., in his Historia ecclesastica gentis Angolurm (731 A.C.E.), and a tradition was born. Only recently in modern times have more scholars accepted that Jesus would have been born between the Gregorian Christian years of 6 through 4 B.C. ( 7-5 B.C.E. astronomical years!). The age of 33 was just an esoteric numerology tradition, because scholars had assumed Jesus died between the years of 30-36 A.D., and more weighted to the year of 33 A.D. However, the thirty-three was also slated as the age-distant argument; being Jesus was crucified when he was around the age of 33 years-old. I chose a chart of later winter to early spring, for -5 B.C.E. (-0006 astronomical calendar), which means that in the year of 0029 A.D, the period of this eclipse, Jesus would have been numerically 33 years-old. For those who do not know of the color signature of the Bethlehem star, it is yellow, white, and red, respectively. I will write about this soon.


Earthquake prediction to Crucifixion


Yet, to figure out if this was indeed the eclipse mentioned in the three –same-source canonical gospels, we turn to the Hebrew Bible’s mention of an Earthquake prediction. The Book of Amos is often considered a prophecy which speaks of darkness arriving at mid-day, and with the Book of Zechariah, an accompanied Earthquake. There have been much studies of Earthquakes, accompanied by the New Astrology (e.g., the studies of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Astrologers have found disproportional large or mass killing or destructive earthquakes when Uranus has a major angle involved with the luminaries or other outer traditional planets (i.e. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn). My earthquake study is weighted toward sidereal applications, but some commentary on tropical positions do in fact show that a weighted potential of devastating or historical earthquakes do have Uranus as one of the key-signatures.


the greatest magnitude of this solar eclipse at Jerusalem – Earthquake


At the greatest magnitude of this solar eclipse at Jerusalem on 24 November 029 A.C.E., Old Style calendar, 11:05:07 a.m., local time ( not to be confused to our clock time, the sun is approaching culmination, and though not to use, back then it seems mid-day!), 8:44:11 U.T., Sidereal Time 15:09:44, 35e14, 31n46, The Sun is at 00SAG57’12”, Moon at 00SAG38’26”. Mid-heaven at 19SCO56’05”, Saturn at 07GEM44’30”r, Mars at 11LIB15’50”, Jupiter at 25AQU36’25”, Pluto at 05SAG59’04”, Mean Lunar Node at 09GEM36’35”, Mercury at 14SAG48’15”, and Venus at 15CAP04’29”: the tropical earthquake actionary signatures are there as well as accompanied sidereal signatures I found in my earthquake studies. Uranus is trined to the eclipse, and sextiles Saturn which opposes the eclipse and is conjunct to the true lunar node!  Mars is trined to Saturn and the node and sextiled to Pluto, and Mercury but is sextiled to Uranus – while Uranus is actionary to the eclipse and to its opposition of Saturn. The increase of the large magnitude of earthquakes, predicted by me and others in the field, inquizzically understood the approaching hard angels of Uranus to Jupiter and then to Saturn.


Seismic actionary angles to the Eclipse


In my sidereal study of astrology, Polis and Spiculum ( the sideral position for this Solar Ecplise), Regulus, Facies all are parts to a wider compendium of signatures in earthquakes.  While the time of the most maximum at the eclipse over Jeruselem, the cor leonis, star, Regulus intersects the western horizon, as the bow-tip of Orion anti-culminates, for those interested in Orionic mysteries. Markab (1° 27’, a.) or alpha (α) Pegasii,  is on the ascendant arc. Uranus and Saturn are both are 33 minuets separating by 60 degrees, indicating a very tight aspect between two historically angled earthquake signatures. Both make actionary angles to the Eclipse. There is absolutely no doubting the earthquake narrative in light of research of the circumstances of historical seismic astrology.


Regulated- Uraniodic political executions


Uranus passing Regulus demarks assassinations or the conceptual idea, such as political persecutions and political executions. So the mundane sidereal astrology signatures are there to affirm a political assassination, and this does appear to be a relatively wide but an angle aspect of this eclipse. 


Soros 62 Beginnings and Endings


Soros 62 remains the culprit, its greatest eclipse magnitude taking place at 12:15:21 TD (gamma 0.7424), duration of totality of covering the Sun was 01m59.2 seconds, making this eclipse the highest rated Total Solar Eclipse with a rating of ‘+,’ yet one of the shorter durations of the series.  While the sky had darkened considerably at Jerusalem, the darkest area ran toward the East beginning the totality about modern day Quatar. While it moved toward Western Syria, the outer skirt of the totality shadow umbra passed Hims to the western portion, earlier to the eastern portion it passed Ar Rutha, and its line intersection to the Mediterranean passed Latekia, and its partial shadow was well visible in all of Palestine and the Levant.


The first of this Soros 62 Solar Eclipse series happened during -0890 B.C.E. (-891 astron. cal., 14:07:11 TD, 22 May [?]), and its location was the Antarctica with its axis over Afghanistan’s relative land position. The last in this series of eclipses happened in the year of 372 A.C.E., 17 June, 22:13:25 TD, when in the last five decades Christianity had significantly changed from a underground movement to a state accepted religion (circa 325, Anatolia, Nicaea). Its axis runs relatively passed San Francisco and Los Angeles, United States of America.


The path of the crucifixion eclipse


The path descends from above, as does the 1,999 Summer Eclipse; however, I have traced it backwards at first glance.


The path of the crucifixion eclipse! This was a shorter total eclipse, nevertheless a total eclipse of the 71 eclipses of this series of all different types. There were 27 total solar eclipses in this series (38%), and the crucifixion eclipse is numbered 17 (24 Nov. +0029 A.C.E.), and its sequence number is 04847. Its path width is 109 with a total central duration of 01 minuets and 59.2 seconds. This happens at modern day Quatar at latitude 25.4654° north; longitude 50.8187° East. The Universal Time is 09:24:45.4 ( date equivalent astrological chart).


It finishes at Zayü in the modern day Tibet Autonomous Region,  in south Asia, and preceded directly through Dibru Saikhowa National Park, and previously passesd the city of Dibrugarh. It passes as a cord toward North Lakim pur, directly; and passed almost directly through Rajib Gandhi National Park. It previously continued its path directly over Hatsingimar, and, prior, through the Ganga River at Rajmahal. As a cord it passed Barhi, northeast of Padma’s center, and previously passed directly over Barhi Dam Reservoir (Dhuma). It preceded directly over the Satpura National Park and then followong a passage of about the half-point of the Indira Sagar Resevoir. The eclipse preceded directly over Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary and , prior, it preceded to a direct pass over Surat ( India), over Shetrunji lake, and had passed just below Bagasara. Prior, it traveled an upward arc over the ocean and passed previusly over al-kamil, and prior directly over Sanaw. The modern boarders of al-Bruaimi and ad Dhahirah region the Moon’s direct path intersected the northwest to al-Qua’a of the modern day United Arab Emirates. Then it moved previously and directly through Nabit al Usayl, Quatar where it had approached totality, already mentioned.


The Solar Eclipse began at the North Sea


The Solar Eclipse began at the North Sea, lat. 58.6312° north,, long. 2.1094° east, where the path of the central eclipse began with its magnitude at maximum of 100.05%; with an altitude of 000.1°, and an azimuth of 132.6°. The eclipse follows a path over Denmark, with the path of the central eclipse moving just over Heikendorf, then Malente, then passing into modern day Germany’s boarders and in the direct path over Süsel , then intersecting Zum-Petersberg just prior to passing directly over modern day Berlin, Germany, intercepting Leipziger, Str., between, Friedrichstraße, and  Charlottenstraße. , the passing directly over 52.3039° north, 13.7331° east in the direct path, just east of the reichskanzlei ( Reich Chancellery) where Adolf Hitler made his underground headquarters, called the Führerbunker  ( of the 52 30’42”n. 13 22’55”), with a magnitude of 100.6%; it proceeds as a  cord just passed Jessern, Germany, then passing over Heinersbrück, then continuing directly over Forst ( Lausitz) with a magnitude of 100.7% occultation.


Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and onto Romania, and passed Bulgaria


The Eclipse continues its central path intersecting modern day boundaries of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and onto Romania, and passed Bulgaria, with the northern umbra limits just a few miles south of modern day Bucharest, and its central path just under a mile north of modern day Giurgiu. Then it passed directly over Razgrad, then just south of Shumen, and then following directly over Ravda, before passing over Cherno More, section of the Black Sea. Next but not in the direct path of the eclipse but its lower-latitude limits of the umbra, it passes Istanbul (formally Constantinople, other names prior, and extremely important place, even during the Persian-Greek alliance to dominate Sparta’s allies, after the Peloponnesian War(s).


Intersecting Topkapi Sarayi


At an early modern age, Topkapi Sarayi (Topkapi Palace), the mid-phase period of the Ottomans, a building complex for the sultanic residence ( appx. 400 years), the magnitude was 99.8% occultation at maximum at 08:30:27.5 U.T., alt 25.4°, azi 158.2°, the lower umbric borders at the Bosporus straits, magnitude 100%,  lat. 41.0741° north, long. 29.0542° east,


It continues with a slight curvature where it hits land again at Anatolia, modern day Turkey, passing directly over Ayvalik Court Drive,  a few feet north of the cross section of Defne Court Drive, at Kumbaba Mh,  Meşrutiyet. The central path then follows to pass over Yassibağ, north east of Izmit,  then passing the south-west suburbs of Sapanca. The central path of the eclipse follows a cord to just above Günyüzü, then just south of Özyurt, then to a little north of Hacimusa, then onto the modern day borders between the province-districts of Ankara/Konya about south of Haciömeroglu (mag. 100.9%), then the direct path cuts the Böllük Gölü, then passing into the borders of province-district Aksaray and Konya, just prior and after Kōseali, and then following its passage past north-east of Ereğli ( mag. 100%), the direct path over the north-east section of Beykoy, at 101% magnitude.


Directly over Tarsus, Saul’s Home City


The most prolific content in the Christian Bible is from Paul of Tarsus (13 Pauline letters). The path of the Eclipse then follows the directly path of the central eclipse directly over Tarsus, maximum 08:40:55.5 U.T., alt. 031.3°, azi. 166.3°, duration at this period is 1m35.7s, lat. 36.9247° north, long. 34.8843° east. The total solar eclipse then moves across Bozdogan, and then over the last section of the Anatolian mainland just south of Karşiyaka, then passing over the Mediterranean Sea, where it intersects the Lavant at lat. 36.0619° north, long. 35.9543° east, at a magnitude of 101% in the path of the central eclipse at maximum at 08:43:12.9 U.T., alt. 032.4°, azi 167.9°., which is still a part of lower Anatolia, and just about nine miles at the closest intersection of modern day Syria’s borders. The ancient and famous trading depot, Aleppo, lays a little north but due east, about 70 miles. At north-city section of modern day Aleppo, the magnitude at maximum is 0.991% , and therefore if the sky was cloudy, the sky would have been extremely dark and Aleppo’s modern position lays about, 30 miles from the upper umbra. For instance, al-Haffah has a magnitude at maximum of 100.3%, thus total darkness, which must have scared these generations in the path of the umbra because there were no other comparable total solar eclipses during this period.


Eclipse Path of Lavant


The cord of the lower umbra passes the intersection of the modern day border of Jordan, Syria and Iraq, inward toward the central path at 13.08 km, or 8.58 miles, lat. 33.4062° north, 38.7776° east, mag. 100.3%, duration of totality 1,14.2s, at Maximum 8:50:07.6, lat. 35.7°, azi. 172.7°.


The Eclipse passes modern day Kastoon Dam, the lower third portion, and then passes north-east as 2,000 feet of Dahr al Kabir., where the magnitude is at 101%, total darkness, at 08:44:28.2, alt. 33°. azi 168.8°, duration at 1m39.4 seconds. The southern umbra passes two miles south of Sukkarah, Syria.


And the relative arc intersection at lower umbra toward Jerusalem at 33.3214° north, long. 38.6389° east, mag. 100%, with the distance to Jerusalem at 360.65 km, 224.10 miles, maximum 08:49.51.3, lat. 35.8°, azi. 172.5°. This would be at 11:10:46:40 a.m., local time.


At al-Zarqa, lat. 32.0896°, long. 36.1615°, alt. 36.5°, azi 168.3°, maximum at 08:45:47.8, the magnitude is at 94.1%.

Arabian lands path of the crucifixion eclipse


The Moon’s path then directly passes Hafur, al-Bāţin, where it moves northwest toward the Iraqi modern day boarders at latitude 29.1905° north; 44.8352° east, altitude 40.1° and Azimuth at 184.7°. At this point the shadow of the eclipse can be seen in Jerusalem. When the Moon passes over Ar Rutba, latitude 33.0271° north; 40.2814° east, altitude 36.3°, azimuth 175.4° the eclipse can still be noticed in Jerusalem. When the Moon passes latitude 34.6332° north and 37.7243° east, the time is 8:47:15.9 U.T., the altitude is 34.3°., at modern day Amman, 93.6%.


At Jericho


At Jericho, at 08:44:40.6 at Maximum, alt. 36.5°, azi. 167.2°, the magnitude is at 92.7%.  


Jerusalem: Jesus Christ Crucifixion Eclipse Data


24 November 0029 A.C.E, Total Solar Eclipse, Soros 62.  Old Style calendar equivalent to Julian (not Gregorian Calendar!): Jerusalem’s latitude data for eclipse 31.7655° north; longitude  35.2029°[7].  Start of eclipse form the vantage point at Jerusalem at 7:22:13.2 UT, altitude 29.4°, azimuth 145.4° ( spherical geometry, i.e. the difference of - 180° ^90°!), its ending of the eclipse at 10:12:02.2 U.T., altitude 36.7°, azimuth 192.4°. The Maximum eclipse portion at Jerusalem is at 8:44:09.9 U.T., altitude 36.5° and azimuth at 166.7°. The magnitude at maximum is 0.921 (which is kind of annualarish). Maximum takes place at 11:05:07 a.m. local time at Jerusalem. The Roman Time system of the sixth hour takes place at 11:15 a.m. While not exactly accurate, the Roman time system is fluctuating system and we are entering late fall with shorter sunlight-signatures making 11:05 a.m. the prime candidate for the sixth hour as the gospels, the authorities texts report.


Gizāh Pyramid Eclipse data

0029 A.C. E. Solar Eclipse Magnitude At these Gizāh Pyramids


At the large Gizāh pyramid, about the capstone, the magnitude is 82.1%, at 08:37:45.2 U.T., alt. at 36.9°, azi. at 160°, lat. 29.9791° north, 31.1247° east.




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[7] note fractions here.







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