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4:23 pm ST LA #04172018AD DELTA FOLDER and index.

Area 51,2,3tc. Are fake ufo places and in fact underground canibolcities for the Illuminati, about 30  Million world wide, all child sacrifices. Pure Evil Revelations.  Why a rocket program if illuminati claims UFO access? Fake, they have none and got kicked off of the Moon. #looooooolzzzz ha haha ha It cannot get more comedic than thant, eh cabbages? 10:05 pm pdt . beta data time travel alter spy, pure evil.

So 2ho is in council that wob talks about on video?

 The #Illuminati baby– rapers have killed over a billion humans in modernity and #GOD has killed no one . 850 pm pdt #04162018AD a baby raper across the street just honked in approval they are so proud at abusing people who they see as animals. They, mainly Le Mule's canibo teams have honk codes, 1,2,3,4,5, etc and sharp or duration holds on the horns.

Le Mule has cannibal– jaw just like JPOD. 9:11 pm pdt #LosAngeles #04162018AD

I see and hear honks of 25 baby rapers out there, eh? 839 pm all FB I to illuminati are tacist criminals and subject to the Bible's laws. They have their own jesus and gods and nukes and poisons and rape alters worldwide. CIA or MEAMIC, it is everywhere. They are programmed not to believe but to do was their Councils canibols tell them to obey.. Google to Twitter to Facebook are Baby raping council experiments, When I was on Google prior to the election, child trafficking was the number one posts. 2- 10 year olds, dressed but all photos to these subjects and weird audiences. Oogoolying infants to ten year olds. . Now I just learned this weekend that Amy Mainzer and other Jet Propulsion Laboratory employees now engage in MK Ultra baby raping projects. About 30,000,000 illuminati or connective groups tethered to them as cannibals and demon infested bodies.

The Illuminati does not control me, they try to kill me and get attacked back, a zillion times harder and they still throw their 30 Million at me.   The Illuminati are not any Church or religious institution, they are Child Molesting and torturing Mafioso that forced their way into Churches and Institutions and the Militaries and hotels and prisons and local police stations.  They all have to kill a little child for entrance, all of them ; and they all lie and are programmed too and most of our visible above ground governments are full of these illuminati.  Their Councils, in Washington D.C., near the U.S. State Dept. are cannibals and witches and warlocks. In return, as “ Sell– Outs” they are paid off and cameras and movies shoved into their faces: VIP, Celebrity, Fame, Luxury, First Class, Comedy privilege. They claim they ran and funded both sides of every war since time began, under different periods and time-frames. So the Illuminati, not GOD, which is IAM has fulfilled any kill numbers as of yet. The Illuminati baby– rapers have killed over a billion humans in modernity and GOD has killed no one. Not yet. They are ruled by weighted and tall to thick bodies and have often larger heads or elongated or some off set mannerism. They eat humans and are in front of cameras and music videos and in your school books for worshiping. The people that are 'aware' and cannot do anything must laugh because it is so painful to watch cabbages destroy the Universe and the sheeples stare up like captured breeds to be slaughtered for food for another type of animal kingdom. 6:59 pm pdt #04162018AD


6:53 pm pdt Los Angeles 04 16 2018

The Baby raping Illuminati it is required programming for all military, kkk, mason 33rd, Yale club 2/33 and Hollywood actors and in the Academia and Institutional world, the judges and police and national intelligence agencies. All must be MK Ultra-ed. .

The Baby raping illuminati are deceivers and take credit for every white tragedy story of Hollywood or some person of fame. These are all lies and it and the truth is they raped or abused these people behind the  scenes and then their cannibal LAPD to Fed level would deny all of  these secret society ruling the streets and abducting  or poisoning celebrities and robbing them and abusing them, while turning on the charms of their  wicked ways. The way to find out are they are larger bodied, weightier and look like walking monkeys, no matter that their skin color appears.  Walking up to lib, just now a  large black Car with large evil suspicious looking money. They have millions of cannibals and rapist inside and operating at the U.S.A> and they have no jobs, got paid out by the Rapechilds.  So all day they hunt and do dope and then do all sorts of evil and if Cops come they shake a secret hand shake or say White Code. 6:44 p.m. PDT


Since these Illuminati took my parents and my life away. Targeted 24/7/365 since my Birth and my mom previously, I do not want to know any of these souls any longer for eternity. Hence the Bible's future windows. I reincarnate and these human –flesh– eating– Illuminati about three billion followers of all cultures and races also reincarnate too and I keep getting stopped by them from any life agency. So I AM taking matters into my hands and can do this all silently. They made it so I cannot come out and they plan some world Satanic Religion or their pedophile, cannibal cults, erected all over planet earth, perhaps called The Beast. I do not control this nor can stop this as I gave the world free will and it rejected it for fate. So burn baby burn.

6:48 pm pdt. 04162018AD


Donald J Trump investigation: SCOTUS passed 2000 AD it is ok to collude with any foreign State actors . See Impeachment Bill Clinton real Chinagate docs. The Muller viruses knew this the entire time. Why a sham? Illuminati are deceivers for the #BRcaliphates . The Illuminati are Atheists who hijack the world's religions to kill and abduct their children and make profits off of these mafioso sachems. The original illum projects were artists and scientists to get around Spanish Inquisition targeting, and then bankers took it over and made it a Child Sacrifice black– mail –cult full of cannibals and child rapers and torturers as molochian slaves. These in-humanoids get– off on harming innocents, all over planet earth. These are inhuman and usually have Germ viruses NAZI in them. They show fealty to an original Black Panther, Moloch out of Africa and put into the Levant, pre cannanite period. Voodoo remains the #1 backbone of all Illuminati houses on Earth and programs and people engaged in these clubs. Thus, Clears or near clears as super whites are the enemies of these illuminati clubs. #revelations #IAMTHATIAM

So ‘Q’ is KingQueer and Castle Online is Child –Sacrificer –community of illuminati and their US Army slaves? They envision China Lake as a world lake domain. Codex rapeititicus enfanticus 3:11 p.m. pdt #04162018AD. 'Q' USES mK ultra codecies I learned over this weekend. So 'q' is a false narrative by these deceivers. Therefore, no swamp drain for years and years. Donald J Trump is not in control, at all. 30,000,000 illuminati world –wide are an all had to child sacrifice to get in and be black mailed by the Councils of RapeChildren, codex 95% of all bank owned creature crooked– dna –cross, NAZI –reptilians. So the sub alters, like Henric Himmler’s son on the Special Chicken coup Council at Dragon headquarters all have demons set into their bodies, upon their own MK Ultra sessions. They have glitches and cross minded hypocrisy on the open channels. So child abusers rule our world governments and are wanting to make it a one world government of cannibals and deceivers.

The Keys to the Kingdom are mind control and almost all of Earth are asleep. That means they won and left hands–down resting upon your Master Beast's hand. Which when unmasked is a green or black reptile. Bwahawahahahahahah !

MK— Ultra trauma alters are GOP —DNC— UN 

The gov(s) is ( are ) full of illuminati and to get in you have to sacrifice a child and get it on vid or witnesses so they black mail you. Mueller's Daddy, both real and as a Master was co-founder of MK ultra. German ≡ Germ as in a virus. The NAZI are the illuminati. They swing Democrats but have masks at GOP top former POTUS’.

11:29 am pdt #04162018AD. NWO discussions. “Secretly is repugnent in an open society,” John F Kennedy.

temp bs 1 on 14 th april 11 18 am studio City. Ha, ha, How do you all like LOCK —OUT. Me and DON are going to do some Rope— a —Dopin' Codex secret.

THIS PAGE will be restricted soon.

Gamma Classified: Germ Virus Codex : Illuminati Mueller Germ and Virus Programming as co-founders of MK Ultra Child Sacrifice Cult 1952. in History books. James Comey FBI Reptile rirus codex . 200 mil, grey suits.

IAM Being Set up as a Patsy By a bunch Child Sacrificers, details my last 23 months of life.

Mafia is an acronym for Mazzini, Autofizza, furti, Incedenti, Avvelengmeni and translates to Mazzini authorizes, thefts, fires and poisonings.

an illuminati 33rd free mason. Führer Mueller's family worships this Illuminati head elected 1834 Giuseppe Mazzini. Yale became a first rate MK Ultra experiment.







I LIVED HERE age 16 years old, a boys home, at San Dimas, CA. Carter Baines McDonald

Subset elongated heads are lizard dna to pass over monkeys to in-humanoids, thus half human form and many without previous heritage knowledge and crazy ideas.12:48 p.m pdt. More written in my car and perhaps more dnaish evolutionus sensitive. GOG. T1. Just saw a brown typical llzard outside, have not seen one in decades. Cool.








Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars +

note there is put on purpose by me a coded language OK,, all most will not understand. Soon restricted as well

Mueller Are Germ Viruses. Illuminati codex.

1834 Giuseppe Mazzini, a Child Sacrificer and child abuser and demon was chosen to lead  the 13 Houses of the Illuminati.  Robert Mueller’s family worships the ground that Mazzini walks upon and loves that child abuse meme.

Mafia is an acronym for Mazzini, Autofizza, furti, Incedenti, Avvelengmeni.

A 33 rd Mason at Italy he is the one that formalized the Mafioso that wreaked America and forced electro shock on his daddy, which erased his mind and they put demons into the dna strands of the GERM virus, Muellers.  So programmers operate the Mueller Virus as a stop gap to hide the de evolution unconscious demon armies  associated inside of  the members of MK ultra as Illuminati.

1890s a huge wave of Italian immigration led to Mafioso taking over U.S.A. shadow government by 1930s, and running monetary help to the German NAZI who had Rothschild living in France at this time.

So vid dude says []  but I say Key is that the Illuminati mirrored or immerged with the Italia Mafia who was head of the Illuminati and at the same time  a 33 rd Free mason.

This would lead to Allen Dullas hiding in a secret bunker when John F Kennedy was shot. He was in deep fear as the Illuminati and Masons emerged to Black Culture to make it more strong to then abuse the white culture, because Italians are not white white at all and have DNA associations to Germ viruses. DNA. Not white at all but black dna codes immersed with white or yellow codex dna and an absence of clear dna.

Albert Pike a fat ass cabbaged KKK co –founder , a kookdom dolt, and worshiped by Comey and Mueller germ and viruses. He spoke of attack for Sept 11 2001 A.D. and these illuminati then planned and performed the collapse of the NY Twin towers, building seven and attacking the financial wing of the u.S. Pentagon.

Enter Molochism by Pike KKK Pukkus Virus

1871 published ancient rites based on molochism child sacrifice protocol  to be adopted to Managers of the Real ( OT BIBLE to Current). Hides it under some masked title. Moloch is a black afro dna masked as a yellow red or white, but is always the Pan Large weighted body these sissy mason gurls adore. KKK at the top, founders fled, was just a sissy under outfits to attack mean Dom daddy Afros, they knew, partied with and adored. Many were caught and sent to prison over sodomy illegal practice laws. Comey and Le Mule are worshippers of these Beasts. Why do you think they attack orange or clears like Don and IAM? Eh? These molochian demons are afro voodooers and inside of Comey and Mueller's families and them. It was all a part of their MK Ultra programming. These are fealty alters to D Afros. The KKK –sissy– squads created this Pleasure paradise of large phalace Afro worship and masked it as a racial divide thingy #LOLZ THAT is the power of Black Widow Control centers for ALL Alters, secret. In MK Ultra are the deep secret beta to Alpha pigeon Cages and alter systems. World Wide and all over U.S.A. at many secret locations.



Moloch was a black Afro Pan like deity

I had Aaron ban many Israelites over this new development, post Moses on Earth in body form. Racial Cross mixing is limited if not banned in my Bible. I do not use the Talmud because its origins are former reincarned Black Panthers. I DO not role that way, the illuminati open's mouth wide for this prayer to moloch, eh?


Black Panther large monster Moloch: Out of Africa.

to the Levant, then to Cannan


Moloch was a black Afro Pan like deity that migrated in culture to the Levant, then to Cannan and later Hittite. Black Culture calls the humanist form, Black Panther. This is the leader diety in all world illuminati houses.


The worship of vipers and snakes as Molochian masks


The worship of vipers and snakes as Molochian masks are all over planet Earth. Three billion support, world wide. Albert Pike fell in love with ancient literature dedicated to fake but real persons worship of beasdts, the black momba types and large phallace blacks. Edgar Hoover the first viper FBI pulled together the 33 masons to kill John F Kennedy because he threatened the large phallaces communitiies world wide, and by this time the BP entered the MK Ultra sites and flanked their ebntire life Josef Mengele was a German Schutzstaffel (SS) , operations. Adolf Hittler ( née) called Afros the jewels of the Dragon. That forces alter slaves Comey and Mueller to fall to their knees and open their mouths in salute of whenever Jay–Z or of P. Diddy enteres the room or any illuminati black member. #lolz you just cannot even make this up people. Afros are always first class to all illuminati but GOD. ha ha ha ha ! You can all blame Albert Pike, the truely lame cabbage murderer.

Knights of the Golden Circle are fealty to Dracos DNA strings.

Knights of the Golden Circle are fealty to Dracos DNA strings.  They worship Moloch and attack white and more notably clears. Yellows or reds or browns are Italian, never white white.  They like Germ viruses are yellow tinged at the mean core of populations.


Golden Circle plan was to incorporate Latin America and the  Caribbean and  U.S. southern Federation States. They DNC gimps and GOP gimps beta –alter– switches: performed this by allowing 70 plus years of unfettered southern Americanism immigration.

The Caribbean had those Molochian— types and so why not mask it as a Latin America program too?


Golden Circle plan was to incorporate Latin America and the  Caribbean and  U.S. southern Federation States, see Civil War history  legalese.  Not the whites but the yellows or Golds , most often a codex for Dracos. They created the Spanish Inquisition to torture whistleblowers to the Spanish Court and King. They hid the real facts and said to the world it was for outing non  practicing Christians. This was a masonic 33 Luciferian lie. It was used to kill any opposition to the Devil’s domain. Spaniard Golden world domain with Germ Virus backing; The Dracos  took the Vatican in 1524 and it was not until after the  American Reveolut9ioni that this sub virus ended by Napoleon’s efforts.  

Illuminati move into US Academia.

Founded 1832 Skull & Bones club 3/22 at Yale. CT and DT are its monetary bases in the Illuminati System, and after 1950s and MK  Ultra to the manufacturing of sex slaves for the secret government and  the public government and all private businesses , perverts and Sadists and cannibals.

Visual Codpieces of Sadists at the Visual level.

Pike, Mengele and Vega (SXXXFXVXMXHXC) and to some extent with variables  William Blythe ( Deep Pit)  have same structure of nose upward curve codex. See matches. These are programmed Sadists. However are terrible Protectors of the Realm.

I 'll look and see if the Clap at NutersS beta alpha Agency has it too. Looks like from my memory of on-line photos. Queen of Blue —Turban has it too and perhaps its first grandson.


For God, For Country and For Yale.” Motto saying when B1 and B2 and WOB with others attended.  This was a lie, they worship a pagan deity called Moloch, which is an original Afro giant, culturally moved to modern day Palestine, then called Canaanite or Hittite lands. Yale became a first rate MK Ultra experiment.

( some sources)

MIT Monarch Kook —Ultra lab

Much later The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and they put wings on cruise missiles during the early morning of 11 th of Sept 2001 A.D. They are fully blown Illuminati today; and as is Harvard University. The RapeChild ( Codex) as PB took over Cal, my last year, 2009 A.D. #Confirmed. the ultra and ' k' denote secrecy of the Pike cabbage Molochians. a symbol of Black Panther fealty and to kill clears and whites. They are programmed to submit.

What is a Council? A Shadow Government?

1:08: 20-25  “It is good to have an outpost to the Council” coded or slip of WOB to media, on video. This is evidence that the Illuminati and not any American politician is running the departments at Washington D.C.

——Location, not far down the street from the U.S. State Dept building at Washington D.C.

1997 Pike Moloch plan adopted to KKK performed structural demolition to blame a Saudi family's rich oil contracts while one of its sons was put on the Most Watched World Terrorist FBI CIA websites.

Sept 2,000 A.D. page 60, but entire white paper is Operation New Century influencer. All of it was written by Illuminati members, B1jr, Chen , rummy, et al femalian evil jin spirits. Total meme was to leave a focus behind for the 20 th century of any COLD WAR and now focus on China, as a potential new Superpower.

The Club of Rome

Strategy for Survival Project.

How to make the cannibal and child abuser Illuminati world community survive. ?

1973 the Club of Rome ≡ Illuminati House, not Vatican peoples. They use the Bible and codes to mask their cannibal desires. Wars create orphans and displacement and it is easy if you control authority and country's leaders to pick up human foodex. This club represents too cannibal old Italian Illuminati houses.

Strategy for Survival Project masked as a Bible GOD hijack by Molochians.
Subjects in Pike's books to be fluid but they used the Bible ( they are child  sacrificing Atheists people and  Sadists) as a scape goat or a plan because they were not ingtelligent,. they raped children for a living. Babies are currency in the Illuminati People. Why WOP and RapeChild buy out most orphanages and direct import and export on all systems of Child Services. The Comey and Mueller Viruses are adapt and accept as alter slaves themselves.

Pike  and his Golden KKK—beta Girls used the term 10 Kingdoms, found in the Book of Revelations. That is a hyjack by athiest clowns. This was to divide the world into their control sectors of child trafficking purposes. That is always the overall game plan. They had no depop on their minds. updated 2:14 pm pdt #LA. #04162018AD.

GOD outlaws Oaths for any secret Society

How to spot fakie , fakies. ! :)

GOD outlaws Oaths for any secret Society: source is Holy Bible. So Free Masons are illegal, and thus deceivers. Club 3/22 only accepts Free Masons. Period.

10 World Unions for RapeChild Monetary Control.

NAU is just a format started in 1972 to adapt Godless baby raper Caliphates into 10 child abduction centers.  So this is traced to Pike  and not my Bible as the bible is false to all Mason Free or oathers, or contractors  , period. My Bible outlaws oaths for secret societies.  One has to sacrifice a child or kill a teen to get into any Mason lodge of oathers such as the 33 rd Masons or Freemasons, same child abusers and murderers and drug addicts and pervert sadists and beta sub alters.

Secrecy and of Mind Control to feed on flesh in wars, endless wars and Empire


IAMTHATIAM embodiments. partial list.

I reincarnate into many Israelite families in old test, born as Yahweh, had many Islamic reincarnations, pre and otherwise, one as Muhammad the  commencer of this movement and Jesus Christ too and Socrates and Osiris and Hercules and the  list goes on and on and on and others Vishnu ( sub kalki)  and An of  proto sumeria.  #IAM u people are dumb and mind controlled by illuminati 2:26 pm pdt 04162018AD.


5777 Calendar al CIone

While revealing many reincarnations I did not reveal my Jesus Christ reincarnation until 23rd of Sept. 2017 A.D. I did this without knowing the calendar date of 5777. This was the year for the stars in the heavens to reflect ch. 12 of the book of Revelation. SC codex.


Social Illuminati Sites on-line: Programming

Morris Greenburg and David Rockefeller rumors is that Mark NAZK Burg , ceo of Facebook is actually not Zukerburg, the ‘z’ is an [ very secret]  assassination coded for Darpa to name their alter slave.


NAZI :::::: GERM Warfare VIRUS mind control.

MK ultra kitten , Rachel *MAD DOW* as confidentially a MAD COW. Totally glitches and programmed to deceive.  

Examples: MSNBC sD complex Hayes , Christ is NAZI Germ virus codex


National Beta Complex ≡ NBC


Pope is an illuminati baby raper to his buddy the  black Pope, so this explain it all: Gallup: Drop in U.S. Catholic Church Attendance Under Pope Francis Sharpest in Decades These are baby raping Catholic Diocese and white baby rapers in US Churches as well as Illuminati infiltrated these weak demons which are Dracos. Whites and Clear have no part in the Church, only the Swiss guard which should not  protect demons in the first place. 9:00 pm pst #04162018AD.


FakeNews Oligarchs

*O le GOG*  tells all what to do. #lolz a Darpa MK ultra-experiment gone awry #bawaha hahahaaahah haaa 9 :15 pm pdt #04162018AD. a honk, 2xs. eh. ?



Russia Video of Re opening the Christian Russian Church after 100 year of atheist misadventures

Putin speaks on the messages of The Bible. Win. Western leaders swear fealty to Atheist and call for attendance at Churches of Satan. World Gone INSANE. USA always  wants to attack GOD’s lands. Period , end of Story. post Youtube 10 mins starts


old and archived here, below so can remove

GOP Lawmaker has an attraction problem to his disease.






ALLAH or IAMTHATIAM or The LORD. Same person. Not different.

Lord Evelyn Rothschild ≡ Hyjacked the position of GOD.







Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Muhammad was on of my reincarnations.

CNN and NPR and ESPN rating tank 25% in the last quarter due IMO  to fake news promotion.  They lost trust with their audience promoting nonsense over two full years now in regards to Russians or some influence that put the NON Voted potus by Bilderbergers rejection into the White House, the Holy Temple. Newsbusters.



OP MK Le Mule Delta Pigeon cages for timeframes.

LE Mule's seed erradicated 2029 #Confirmed. 10:44 p.m. #04162018AD. How about a little grey suit, no sex organs and a slave for 100 Million years. ? sounds like a good punishment plan to me. #win Judgements of souls go through eyes, so cannot escape. LS secured by ME. only mainframe. FBI Comey, FBI Mueller = Illuminati 2022 — '23 separation, split. deprogramming. #Confirmed. PU goes Goat by true visual. long known and locked out on my site. Dragon bites as well 2022 for alter Lemule. Mueller is stepping all over our civil rights. He goes after people and things not a part of the investigation, and breaking attorney client privilege shown to his Illuminati gov buddies but not us people of GOD. To join the Illuminati you have to have killed, called a sacrifice of a little child Most of the U.S.A. government are Illuminati. Judges, cops, prison and their top leadership, gangs and governments and politicians. So they cannot fix your problems, they torture and kill children for a club membership. World will be over by 2029AD, you can thank all these Illuminati. I AM not a member.

Robert Mueller and Comey and Satanists and MK Ultra armies sent assassins at me. These are mafiosos & not democrats. They have code word #CODE WHITE to get them out of trouble with any police or a secret handshake that notifies the cops they are VIP. #LOLZ epic failures. Robert Mueller's parents perhaps tortured him like the MK ultra programmers do to all their victim alters. So he just a sissy slave to bankers and laughs all day long and does 100% nothing. he has a team of sub illuminati slaves, in two buildings that do all the work for him and just sits their all day and stars into the walls. a Robotiic Cabbage.

Fail. cannot await till illuminati are all off this earth, every last one of them. MK Ultra failed and produced deamons, everywhere. 11:14 a.m. PDT. I never in the eternity of this universe want to see these illuminati or their souls ever again. sDs, all of them.  The illuminati disgraced our universe.

11:15 am pdt pm #04162018AD


I Program to fail but win anyways by default. It is a rigged system on both sides, in reality. Fun to watch behind the scenes the Dominos fall, eh?

Revelations Secret for today:

What are the Rothschild’s like ? They invite you to your own birthday party, bring supplies and cake  and eat all of the cake in front of you , laughing it all up. Yuk, Yuk.  Some of them may beat and rape you too just for good old fun.  They control most of planet Earth, &  U.S.A.  controls nothing.










 animate adobe old file bookoflife bol files

US Berkeley Undergrad Card of Carter Baines McDonald, used Michael J McDonald since I was 16 years of age.


written 04072018 archived to secure location 04082018AD. IAM that IAM


top university on planet earth according to dept , inside secret spaces. all call this the new Alexandria/ word 3.57 upon laser damage and outting. I said to grad gate keeper, I believe in GOD ( did not tell them it was me) they sabotaged, as they are program to take out God's people and put in robot baby rapers because  Rothschild took it over in 2009, BP, documented by me on campus too, students were very very upset. crowds not seen since the Free Speech movement on lower and upper Sproul. MJM updated and found card today. 04092018ad












United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D. Online as AM 29 th Sept. 1,999 A.D. Online as JC 23 Sept. 2017 A.D. et al. reincarnations of very influential figures.

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