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FUN FACT: Michelle Obama ( I support her meals plan) has 56 slaves that you pay for because she cannot figure out how to tie her own shoes, she needs help. ( ref. 56 personal assistants is a little like Queeny stuff, not a democrat at all , more a dictator in denial!). How many slaves you own? I bet Barack Obama's father who smuggled white women to the western nations was just a DNA clown for his slave owning son, Barack Hussein Obama ii.

100 US senators = 1943 A.D. for 65,000,000 us people = census.
100 US senators = 2015 A.D. for 311,000,000 *US People* = census
They cannot do their jobs, too many people, too many problems.


Senator Cotton thinks gay community needs to get “perspective” cuz “In Iran they hang you for the crime of being gay.”

Update, Miley stormed Cotton's office. Whaaaats Uppp? :) Thanks Miley.

For voters, here are the short list issues: Single payer tax bracket at 38%. Marriage partner tax bracket 15% ( on my deductibles).

For voters, here are the short list issues: Single payer tax bracket at 38%. Marriage partner tax bracket 15% ( on many deductibles – both Obama and Romney’s tax returns show a plethora of 14% & 15% tax brackets; Greedily driven, they both took them every time! & even though both pulled in multi millions over the course of years! SIN = Avarice). Gay couples both have to pay the 38% single payer tax bracket. If two people are a couple in an union, then they should be able to have these same ‘privileges.’ One can witness good Americans, though , complaining to these non males, & Arab born, a system wide racial policy to tax to Christians, Jews, Seculars and non-Arab Moslims, today’s social tax equivalent to $300 dollars a month, if you are employed!!! If you call that unfair, the U.S. gay community 'is' in favor of  state sanctioned same – sex marriage (  U.S. had a history of denying all cultures, interbreeding, see advanced Social American history departments, at your local schools’ libraries.). A marriage argument to these isses are not any different than .  Although these jizya or jizyah (Arabic: جزيةǧizyah) comes after Muhammad, this is a racial issue tethered to economic needs of a dominant Arab brown skinned class. Modern White Dumb big boned bullies in Academia are appalled but never mention their white races slavery of blacks or even the 200 years the white Nordic Vikings (et al white  groups)  enslaves whites, and blacks in the upper climes of the western hemisphere 800-1000 B.C.E. Obama has been in office since January 2009 A.D. and has not once moved to promote Same sex marriage. As an adjunct professor ( not hired, just temporary graduate students teaching the underclass -- a normative practice at Tier 1s.) he argued against Gay Marriage on his final exam for the students, giving them extra time if needed because of commute delays at Chicago's traffic. When D.R. Hope & Change does not support your 'liberal' system, you know you have a losing cause. But in reality, Gays can marry themselves, they need no authority or paperwork, just do not allow the state to be involved. Put everyone on single payer no matter what social status.

Vanessa Hudgens, a former Disney employee, prodded Disney execs in 2011 A.D. ( interview 'Advocate') to embrace an openly gay character; "[...] Society is a lot more open than it used to be, so I don’t think there’s a better time than now.” - Then a Disney's youth sit-com Good Luck Charlie introduced a lesbian couple ( Jan. 2014 A..D). Miley *#Tweetvolt Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) office with phone-jams, after reading an article in a left-wing rebel online Academia fav, Think Progress. I bet if you knew how to think regress then you would not make so many mistakes in the progress department. But I diverge.

In God's world everyone is bi-sexual. The matter to everyone is if they approve or act upon these impulses or have had them repressed is another matter, altogether! Take it from Bruce Jenner ( top level Decathlon, champion, I was there on the second day, saw him live in the Coliseum, bear U.S.C. ), he has the money and some support to transgender to a women, yet his has children and still loves women in a sexual manner --- that is a bi – sexual.

For the Biblical narrative of why Moses outlaws (e.g. Arron) homosexual marriages are rather a high academic or leadership decision that most cannot comprehend due to limited mental capacities to 'understand.' During Exodus, less than 200,000 enter the desert for a generation of growing babies, to form soldiers because the world (Middle East at that time) was full of warrior tribes, not gay love sissy fests. If you read the exodus sections, the Israelites are passing by or around numerous hostile and organized militia from desert tribes, and they need males and homo men do not make soldiers, they make whooopy. In status societies, for example, the 17 th century Frenchised Ottoman Administration, pedastry ( like modern UK parliament or US Capital Hill) was outlawed by understood to be wide spread ( for a few decades!) and as well as Homo opium Coffee bar gay hook-ups, all over the Ottoman Moslem Empire. It was tolerated because the Human condition supports bi- sexuality, and most world leaders of our past, always had a knack to fetter out theologians and top thinkers to form their ‘ complex ‘ state decisions. Even in the 15 th – 16 th cc. Muscovy (pre Moscow Russian period) the Kings of Rus’ argued that Russia needs men and not homos to colonize Siberia and expand westward and southward toward Europe and the Middle East. Most start up nations disapprove of inter race marriages and all forms of sexual unions outside of a traditional adult female and adult male. When states go Statis, as the U.S.A. is now, just like the Eddoko period of the Tokugawans ( Japan!) homosexuals were preferred artists and culture icons, whereas the first few leaders forbade these practices for the land owners and warrior classes.


Daily Ad Budget: (04 21st 2015 A.D.).
Wall Street Journal $813
New York times $161
Google (us CORE) $106,457
BUISNESS.COM (sold $8 mil in 1999) $9,202
Amazon: $1,023,405
Yahoo $4,348
Nextag $16,485
Target $229,751

LA PACIFIC DEVISION, Samuel Arrlington, 52, with mental illness, who refused to sign large umbrella ticket, so officers killed him. He was beaten by Police since 2011 A.D. so this was a planned killing like Kelley Thomas , Orange County, who was confronted by Police for over two years before Romos went LA RAZA and killed him over his white skin color.



Position: 04 19 2015

I was at NoHo park and a Mexican said to me to get out, I looked EU or Canadian. I hope there is a God to kill all  of them, because all they done in history is go around the world and kill innocent people for greed. La Casas  @NewWorld - 16 th century claimed that Latins killed 150,000,000 people; the most in all OF HISTORY.  so we need to put the entire race on trail for  their sins. (read more). - GOD. All I hear are these Latin or Mexican migrants speak on the evils of whites and the solution ot have browns take over global world control.



“This program had to touch 58 counties, 11 federal agencies, all medical carriers and all advocates. To have a system that would be integrated seamlessly—somebody must have been smoking something if they thought that was going to happen.”


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