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AntiChrist are Liars whose movements hurts innocents across earth due to their lies

Wuhayshi traced the genesis of the 9/11 plot to both Osama bin Laden and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), who would come to be known as the “mastermind” of the operation. Buisness Insider Military and Security. 02102016A.D.

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We are a nation of diverse immigrants that all want the same job; we all hate each over. No union, a total collapse, brown hegemony ethnocentric power for the near future and thanks DNC and RNC both are the same at 100% just crooks.


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Book of Life † white people are the weaker race and Semitic people þ Latinos, Jews, Moslems, Arabs of secular, brown South Asians, Brown East Asians are agressive groups which do not run any Democracy in history. They believe Government is the only solution to all problems in life.

This lifestyle demands a small oligarchical ruling elite to push trickledown welfare on and underworking population. These are the third world models of petty dictators. Macro⁄Micro–aggression to Violent Protests and Rioting achieve the welfare state goals. While brown and blacks rose in power with violence and by the numbers‚ whites have not fought back ‚ due to the rich elite who are traitors to their own race. They keep the deception going.

. In addition‚ larger bodies of all colors and types rule over their weaker counterparts. This means big boned ‚ fat bullies‚ & which are some 90% in power world wide will never solve our most pressing problems‚ power is a drug which the weak cannot battle without technology or smarts. Those traits are corralled toward the fat bully control. they will however destroy earth by their low intellectual claims that they are superior by natural laws and therefore are chosen by nature to rule over the weak – the bullies will destroy all weaker components of life. In an unfair and brutally hard world‚ what is the point to politics? The black opposition gang to Martin Luther King, Jr.— they liked him, they just believed his method of Gandism or nonviolent protest gets no results‚ well — They are correct. The blacks and whites are shot by police and the evidence is overwhelming, and no police persons do any major punishment jail time. The system is rigged for cops to keep down the starving masses while Obama and the GOP import every rich immigrant that continues these big bullied hate the poor programs on U.S.Arabian soil.

Then there are factors that whites tend toward non feeling science whereas the darker the skin tone the less intellectual and more emotional physical life is preference. That is why U.S. Blacks believe Science and biology are evil programs to suppress the black intellect. But the big bullies control the authority and death structures and so there is no longer hope for love and kindness and humanity. IN fact, UC Berkeley my school banned the term humanity because you need intelligence to analyze, another NON SAFE Space for blacks. Austrailia Tim Fisher < Obama's Gun Confiscation Platform > then prime minister in 1996 when a mass shooting took 35 people's lives he confiscated all the guns but he himself in 2016 admits he is in fear and own guns, while he had took them away from his own country men.

Civil Rights Blacks want you whites to show them how to run a civilization‚ then go leave the lands‚ leave your homes‚ jobs‚ career work and go die. Tools by big bullies to force your submission relate to lone antedocs for one persons' story† which then are propositioned to mean the enitre whole of society. This is not science and it is pure evil.

Blacks and Democrats believe Government is our only solution. That is why it allows the U.S. Government to invade other countries and take its resources and when a blowback occurs, terrorism in all its shapes and sizes‡ German Semitic Arabs‚ Latino Semitic Arabs; BLacks and Semitic Arabs <Jews.Moslems, Secular> blames the country's peoples it has invaded as EVIL, as the Bush family – D.N.A. Arab German provided the U.S. Arabian Narrative and accepted by both major and even independent parties of the United States of America. Blacks seem to hate, have hate in their soul, they take energy form the Middle Eastern conflicts and then claim Civil Rights belongs only to the Nigger, as they call themselves. I cannot live on a planet of bully hater big boned blacks who believe EVIL ( centralized national Government) are its only proposition to life itself. I live in Los Angeles, I see about thirty luxury auto mobiles an hour and blacks are inside them. I and many whites, including veterans, are dying on the streets as Mr. & Mrs. Blacky demand more and more economic strangulation against white whites, not German Arabs. Since blacks do not do science, they cannot see the hypocrisy.

67 Individuals 2016 Hold 50% of all the global wealth; Some $7.4 Trillion US Dollar equivalent are in off shore tax heaven bank accounts; Some 708,000,000 ( 708 million) People own 99% of the entire wealth on Planet Earth. Blacks allow this because of their lack of civilization so they approve of larger government expansions. This keeps those elite in power across the globe as they support the welfare and social structures by socialism ∝ Institutional Racism.

Furthermore, Blacks or Arabs cannot figure out the color line. What is black and what is white? U.S. Census says all Jews, Moslems, Arabs. and most Latinos are white, which is socialism and incorrect. There are no Jews or Moslems these are Arab traditions from the Middle East that latch on to religion ♣ a set of ideas in which to conduct a collective lives for a group of people. ¢ Blacks believe Money grows on trees at Government farms. So there is never a shortage of it. To understand Chapter 8 of Das Capitol by Karl Marx you must be a scientist and blacks abhor any relationship to science as it is not a safe space. Speak about a movement against segregation; by 2014 A.D. U.S. blacks began to call for safe spaces which are another form of segregation. They want to have their cake and eat it too and not allow anyone else to partake. We often call this a form of hypocrisy. Obama the anti white broken home boy runs these anti white policies and thus is a hypocrite. He hated his own mother who had thrown him away to his grandparents.

Where to draw the color line so we can appease the blacks who call themselves a community of Niggahs? Blacks beat people with violence intending that only the middle box, black, represents all blacks and brown box and white box are all white and the enemies of Black community. This view intends the animal human cannot nor ever get along living side by side over a long period of time.
 color of the skin
Blacks beat me up and my family believing I or they had something do to with Slavery or I benefited from white privilege. Both are lies to me personally and very disrespectful.

I was murdered by blacks at the age of 15 years–old. Why? Because I had white skin tones; and could not escape the homeless jail facilities in El Monte where I was housed for running away∞ A locked down facility and beaten viciously daily∞ But My people were never slave holders. Blacks told me I was a liar. But Blacks are the liars. So what to do? This false racist beat me up crap happens each lifetime and I want it to stop. So I plan on earthquakes and tsunamis , floods, comets, asteroids, gamma burst beams and quasar directed beams so that I do not have a planet full of lying imbecilic retarded violent thugs beating me and destroying my life over their non–science lies. Do not help blacks any longer. If it is not a part of your job description, tell them to F*&K off and die. They are murdering liars‚ thugs, hypocrites‚ stupid and violent Mutherfu◊¢∇rs‡ as the mother of Ferguson MO told the media about her youth son going to riot and beat up whites after a white Cop shoots a thuggy black who was never charged even by Eric Holder who came down from Washington DC form the Justice Department. He could find no wrong in the shooting of a violent black robber.

I was put to death by Arabs and Niggers on many occasions. So this stuff will keep happening until I go violent as Malcom X declared April 1965 A.D. the only way to gain power is to have whitey build civilization and then take it by force using traitor wealthy whites. After the black takes power; After population domminence the Blacks are ordered kill all the whites; & was Malcome X´ s only message to blacks.

The proof is that blacks are calling for safe spaces on college and work place environments , away from white ‘reason,’ white ‘ logic’ and white ‘ science’. They‚ the blacks‚ do however dominate the emotional sphere, the music and sports exertion. brown race the largest
Brown people have a mix of black and white DNA. They are confused so they lash out to whom they represent.

 barack Hussein Obama ii a rich black dude who spoke hate at me and disrespected my Irish scot  people on many occasions. Blacks call these people white for socialism purposes × Institutional racism for privilege to the black community only. Blacklivesmatter says KILLALLWHITES and Obama champions these racists who are a large group of vicious bigots. These black bigots have homes, and families and a career, a job they cannot be fired from . They are jealous or some are envious of Jew boy Arab Mark Zuckerberg’s $1000 Billion dollar a year paycheck for his criminal activities. They want some of that bank? To get it, like the Semitic Sicilians they believe all money and land on earth is theirs to be had, they just need to find a way to take it from you. These mentalities were imported 1920s– 1950s and totally destroyed the fabric of morality, stealing from the Christians. So since these are also called Italians the Roman Church has not come to Christian white defenses, rather harboring and protecting their criminal native elements.

The Bush family came from Prescott Bush who funded and allied with Adolf Hitler. His son George Herbert Walker Bush married Barbara; some say that self-proclaimed Satan, Allister Crowley was her real father. He was a Satanist and also a spy in military matters. Herbert Walker moved away from the East Coast to Texas to start his plan to take control of the U.S.A. Military and move away from blacks in the north east and also move away from Irish scot whom were always by DNA much more intelligent than his half Arab German mix DNA strains. The Bush family moved into government secret service and a tall Bush rose through the ranks of some Texas CIA and FBI institutions. They taught him energy controls the world so to be a part of that committee you have the most power on Earth. So the bush Semites, who Jews, Latinos and fake Muslims who think they are Muslims all rally around Bush because Hitler in reality killed whites over Semites at a 10:1 ratio. Hitler’s own book he wrote in jail, translated into proper Arabic means ‘JIHAD.’ So these Bush GOP famed and well supported German and Brown Arab group are not supported by White Evangelicals who believed the Bush GOP has abandoned them, send them to die on the battlefield < Meddling, Wars in Middle East or Earth for U.S. Energy and allied energy needs >for Jew Arab Latino Greed. Now these Satanists have the nuke bombs by the 10,000s.

book of life McKintre

Scotland taken over by Arabs, where can I go without Arab hatred against me?

‡ IQ USA Brown⁄Black < Semitic light skin ÷ Blacks around Martin Luther King decried the obvious. Blacks will never get along with Whites. So violence against whites are the only solutions for blacks‚ not discourse nor compromise. This then , should apply to whites, least the hypocrite blacks a taste of their own medicine. I do not care about giving the suppressed an upper hand, but Blacks aligned with Global Oil sheiks and international goons and Mafioso Government to criminally suppress innocent whites that had 100% no benefit form black slavery or were any part of slavery. The Institution of Slavery is so bad there are no records or forgiveness. Just kill them all . Blacks want me dead might as well as take action against their entire coded soul group. I can recode your souls so you go back into slavery for another million years.

Took a photo with me and a blood Moon
Orphan Abuse


Because of my father's attention when I was 14 years-old, homeless, I began to call myself Michael. At the age of 14 years-old, he claimed I needed to live on the streets to learn to survive.


I was killed in Athens 2‚400 years ago for being white and complain of careerist politicians fleecing the Athena temple secret coffers because foreigners had taken political control and were anti-white. Some 80 years after my trial and execution, Son of Philip of Macedon ii, Alexander took the remaining white Greeks as Military men and decided to leave Greece forever, he had enough with very dumb bullies that threw out the science people but took over all seats of power within Greece. Back then, it was white genocide and the same patterns are now visible today and reincarnation and same people doing nearly the same thing happen today like they did 2,400 years ago.


My opinion, voice, is 1 of 6.2 Billion people. began near vernal 24th, March, 1999 A.D. 3 oppositions = a triangle. Double blue moons in winter quarter(s) 1998 & 1999 A.D., the later a rare near horizon.
My Irish scot came in 1840s, they fought and died on Northern Battle field of Civil War. the blacks then spit on their dead bodies and today they spit and beat us up ,all day long. I hate this country, and I careless of its prosperity. It is a evil place of bigotry and hatred.