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In 1950s #SCOTUS passed a law calling #jews a race of people. Not the #Bible . but #atheist wackos on a bench. 

Donald Trump Bio 2




the election means nothing. this is not over. They people Bush Hillary been in power 35 + years 1981 = 2013. time to throw out the bums

1981 to 1989 Vice President ( defacto POTUS)
1989 to 1993 POTUS 41
1993 to 2001 ( defacto POTUS = Hillary Clinton
2001 2009 George Walker Bush. Jr. (Hillary US Senator)
2009 - 2013 Hillary Clinton US State Dept. Foreign Policy.



#USA Population divided by percent of #Congressbudgetoffice #CBO data of foreign #VISA


3,184,597 = entire USA voter fraud, as of 10212016ad. not real people it takes 35,000 000 to win electorial and the establishment demons have 30,000,000 registered.

#trump represents traditions of th e last 150 years and Hillary supports globalist measures.

Southern White Pussy Problem

#whites , they are doomed in western hemisphere . You are watching the last of the last generation.
 white white southerners all called McVeigh a anti American, but he was a real #Patriot .  the arabs white that founded #USA said kill gov officials, all of them if gov gets out of line. so white boy McVeigh listened to violent sand nigger ( US Founders) ideas and blew up gov people. and  families. The #KKK said he was a bad person, whites on west coast, said let us fight with him because he wants #williamjclinton in #prison but white #KKK sotheners betrayed  us intelligent west coast whites. so we laugh at your demise now.

now they cry and complain about #hillaryclinton   = white southeners are pussy weaklings like Ted #nugent observes of southern whites.

Get your heels on for your arab monster Cock sissy whites, get off earth you filthy betraying ignoramuses.



Christians are False @USA

#christians are false now. Cannot read a #book #biblestudy just go away, most voted for #antichrist and did it #twice , that makes you false Christians.  too stupid serve the #lord   now get to your Arab #baal worship centers, you #false #Christians . In book of Judges God Rejects the Jews, says you can try again. But Jews never tried again, they cross bread and intertwined Baal and Satan movements and worshiped the beast.  So Jesus came and said FU #Jews , and so they put his white butt to shame and torture.  He told his followers two laws, and US Christians and  jews do not follow these at all. Bye Bye #satan #USA and false Christians.
 You have a date with a #lakeoffire #bookoflife #arcmichael #10252016ad

#fdr in a last ditch tried to make this a christian nation but the 1960s the whites were assassinated ( #POTUS ) for sand and  full nigger glory to USA preferred  privileged #race .  These #arabs started #USA and will end it in a lake of fire and half of it drowned into the ocean. #God hates you false Christians.


Arc Michael


Mexican are Semitic Arabs same as Jihadi Terrorists

ARC 082

Latino Bi%ch said " Donald Trump is not a human [ being]!" AC360 , 10 13 2016ad #CNN



Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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