Stock Market Hits All Time High: the retardians and dumbomodiums agreed that during the first Great Recession,1930s AD, , no one would print money ( but as we know we came out of it fine, but this time is much different). So this time, the US main parties said let us print money from nothing and hopefully no one will notice.

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September 2012

New space Catalogue Archangel Michael AM CAT 01

AM CAT 02 ( 6 Oct 2012),

AM CAT 03  (23 November 2012)

AM CAT 04 (29 May 2013)

3 rd Oct 2012

Crown of Thorns,Y'hoshua ( Joshua, not Jesus') aquilae. Tropical Aquarius signatures

Hubble Images 2012 ( Comet Ison April 2013, between Mars and Jupiter).



A & MN APOCALYPSE BIBLICAL:  Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation."


 Apokálypsis: "lifting of the veil" or "revelation"


[Apocalypse | BIBLE: THE BOOK OF THE APOCALYPSE ( INDEX)] John of Patmos 13 September 2010

[Apocalypse | Souls Rebirth] Reincarnation 07 September 2010

[Apocalypse | Apokálypsis Rev 13: 18.] History of Number of the Beast History Rev. 13: 18  (18 September  2010).

[Apocalypse | Apokálypsis Rev 13: 14-16.] Barcodes and the Universal Product Code History Rev. 13: 14-16 (18 September  2010).

[Apocalypse | Apokálypsis The Apokálypsis Empire in Context ] The Roman state periods: Pax Romana & Conversion (01 October 2010).

[Apocalypse | Rome Empire Babylone 01 ]   Bible Narrative Connection to Revelations and the Archetype of Babylon (01 October 2010).

[Apocalypse | Apokálypsis Rev 6: 7-9. ]   Bible: Apok 6. 7-9 The Pale Green Horse  (04 November 2010).

[Apocalypse | Apokálypsis Rev. 18: 2,4.]   Twitter Plagues Tools For Armageddon  (15 October 2011).


[History/Apokálypsis/Directory/ A ]





[History/Apokálypsis/Directory/ MN APOCALYPSE BIBLICAL -SUB-SECTION:

Apokálypsis sub-section: X.LXXII 21st Century forecasts by seer of the 16th century.

[MNX7201]  X.LXXII  Apocalypse & Index : Academic

[MNX7202] Nostradamus X.LXXII Simplistic Explanatory

[MNX7208] X.LXXII Translation of Poem

[MNDFX72] Dear Freinds [May 2003 ; still formating and updating spelling and weblayout]

[MNRIX72] Index to U.S. House Committee on Campaign Finance Reform (1996-’97).

[MNAX72] Authors on Various Mysteries Topics which Include Eschatological Writings & End-Times ( + Nostradamus).

Views Academic

[MNAX72 - SN 2010] Newman, Sharan, The Real History of The End of The World: Apocalyptic Predictions from Revelation, Nostradamus to Y2K and 2012, 2010 ( Review). 29 Dec. 2010.





OI Article i, sec. ii

[OI Article i, sec. ii, a ]  Milky Way Galaxy & 2012 [ 29 October 2011, z e-lak, paran Mars]

[OI Article i, sec. ii, c ] Total Solar Eclipse Jesus Period [ 16 November 2011]

[OI Article i, sec. ii, c ] Chloë Grace Moretz & advanced astreology [ 29 July 2013].

[OI Article i, sec. ii, d ] Chloë Grace Moretz  ii &Movie astreologies [ 29 July 2013 + Aug 14-18].

[OI Article i, sec. ii, f ] Wall Street, Advanced Financial [ 08 Jan. 2014].

[OI Article i, sec. ii, g ] Racism In Panethnos  [19 Jan 2014].

[OI Article i, sec. ii, h ] Fathers the Role of the Husband and Children  [30 Jan 2014].

[OI Article i. sec. ii, i]  Marijuana, The War on Drugs and War on Health  [19 Feb 2014].

[OI Article i. sec. ii, j]  Mark Zukerberg | N.S.A. facebook [ 03 March 2014].

[OI Article i. sec. ii, k] MEAMIC @ Cal ( University of California, Berkeley members of Satan's Army).


IO Article 1, sec iii

[OI Article i, sec. iii, a ] What is life?  All life forms compete against other life forms for energy. [ 24 th October 2011, 9:51 p.m. Burbank, CA]

[OI Article i, sec. iii, b ]  race addiction 2013 July 24.

[OI Article i, sec. iii, c ] Global Climate Change - Racism, Genocide Program by White Elite Richys [ 21 March 2014].

[OI Article i, sec. iii, e ] Atheism and Morality or Government Solutions [ 09 June 2014]

[OI Article i, sec. iii, a ] FireArms, Guns, Human Power & Control,Violence 2013 [ 9 th January 2013,  Burbank, CA].


OI Article ii, sec. ii

[OI Article ii, sec. ii, a ] Nostradamus Scholars who preinterpreted prediction: Nostradamus Predicting the Soviet Union’ Imperialism Called Communism – Seen Prior to the events by Scholars in our Modern Age.

[OI Article ii, sec. ii, b ] Egyptian Deity Horus and Astrological Terminology [ 13 Sept. 2011]

[OI Article ii, sec. ii, c] Claudius Ptolemy, Copernicus recordings of astronomy and the Star Regulus and the Basilide Movement, and Astrodienst conflicts. 07 December 2011, 2:10 p.m., Studio City.

[OI Article ii, sec. ii, d]  Precession Mean by Copernicus, one measurement. [08 Dec. 2011]


OI Article iii, sec. ii

[OI Article iii, sec. ii, a ]  11 September 2001 & 1999 [ Kalid Shaikh Mohammad added March 26 2014, main, written mostly in 2009, released September 2010 (chart updated jan '14)]

[OI Article iii.  sec. ii, i] Drone The Rise of   [ february 4 , 2014]. MEAMIC foreign policy change 2009, Jan – current. Just intimidate and murder to achieve advantageous extraterritorial contracts.




OI Article v, sec. i

[OI Article v, sec. i, a ]  The Stones at Gizāh & Its Star Angles of World Human Management 1 Dec. 2011 6:03 a.m. Burbank, CA..

OI Article v.  sec. ii

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, a ] Large Gizāic Pyramidic Metrological Relationships, Ancient Measurments [ for rel. 15 Feb 2012]

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, c ] The Stone’s Concaves  [ Galactic Center Release 2011]

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, d ] The precessional rates of Copernicus’ derived the mean-value and its alignment to the large Gizāh pyramid (Galactic Center Release 2011).

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, e]  The Holy Grail Stone: The Re Adjusted Measurements  & Stone & Apophis [ Galactic Center Release 2011]
[OI Article v.  sec. ii, f ] Epoch Yeshua 26° 10’ 18.03”  & Angle A, Copernicus, Piazzi Smyth, Epsilonic change  [Galactic Center Release 2011]

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, g ] Cross at Hendaye & The Pyramid Stars [Galactic Center Release 2011]

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, h] Crucifixion Eclipse, Pyramid Scored Stars, 1,999 Eclipse & Subterranean Pit  [+1° Galactic Center Release 2011]

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, i]  Stone: Scalar Systems, some ideas [ Winter Sol. Sundown, 2011]

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, j ] Elements : Signs of Apokalypse  [? Sept. 2013]. 

[OI Article i, sec. ii, k ] Kalki purana + science of the text. Islamic rise peirod Hindu- Arab- Reincarnation updates [11:24 am 18 Oct 2014 A.D., Studio City].

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, l ] Edgar Casey 1998, Return of Jesus & Pyramid Chronology. ( 4 th Jan. 2012, around  Sunset , 4:44 p.m. , Studio City, Los Angeles).

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, n ]  No scalar changes system: Raw Data & Pyramid Chronology. Nostradamus' BirthDate at Central Axis of Pyramid.

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, o] Who built the pyramid : A Dynamite boy blows up Sphinx, and Gizāh pyramids. 4 Feb. 2012.

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, p] 2001 A.C.E. Gizah Pyramid Date Fortold & Other Mysteries (date of release).


Pyramidial Astreological Matrix

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, q] The Large Pyramid at Gizāh Galactic Center Alignments B.C.E. section: Release cords: studio city, 18 feb. 2012, α Orionis Eastern Horizon. Belt-Stars Centered, Neptune moves into tropical Pisces..

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, r] The Large Pyramid at Gizāh Galactic Center Alignments A.C.E. section: Release cords: studio city, 19 feb. 2012, α Orionis Eastern Horizon. Belt-Stars Centered, Neptune moves into tropical Pisces..


OI Article vi

[OI Article vi.  sec. i, a]  666 Venus & Sun Elicpse of 2012 .  released 5 June (U.T. 6 th of June) 2012 at 6:06 p.m., Studio City, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.

[OI Article vi.  sec. i, b] Near-Earth Asteroid 2012 DA14 to Miss Earth on February 15, 2013 [17 Jan 2013].

[OI Article vi.  sec. i, c] (99942) Apophis = 2004 MN4 [ 17 January 2013]..

[OI Article vi.  sec. i, d] Catholic Church, Prophecy of the Popes, 2013 Cardinal College Election. [ 1 Feb 2013, ect...]

[OI Article vi. sec. i, f] Nostradamus Predicts Red Rain 450 Years ago, Scientist Fail to Predict it. [ 26 Sept. 2013, ect...]

[OI Article vi. sec. i, h] The B E A S T Apokálypsis  Bill Clinton's CIA files + [ 11 feb. 2014].



OI Article v.  sec. iii ( Violence on Earth)

[OI Article vi.  sec. iii, ii c]  Economic Celestial Coding (ECC) 03July 2013. Wealth + Avarice 17th January 2013, 8:15 p.m.

[OI Article vi.  sec. iii, ii d]  Democracy is only run by Transparency : In a democracy, you must talk politics because that is what democracy forms its justice out of and corrects its mistakes. The news media over the last 25 years has switched to headline celebrity news and suppresses any real discourse on politics. This attitude is always relevant in kingship or in tyrannies. ( 28 Aug. 2013).

[OI Article vi.  sec. iii, ii e]  Hollywood Violence,  Scientific ( June 27 th , 2013).

[OI Article vi.  sec. iii, ii f] Oil Wars [ 5 th September 2013] History of Oil Wars & violence in the Middle East, Modern Era.

[OI Article vi.  sec. iii, ii g] Apokálypsis: Ben Ghazī: attack kills U.S. diplomats, Hillary Rodham covers up, Barack H. Obama covers up. New York Times deceives the U.S.A. people and promotes racism against Moslems. 03 Jan. 2014. ( from earlier investigations). Transcripts show all knew 15 minuets into the attack, transcripts, redacted, uploaded 13 Jan 2013.

[OI Article vi.  sec. i, g] Illuminati Barvarian and Current [ 14 Feb. 2014 ].



OI Article vii

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, a] The Little Book, 20 May 2012: Revelations: 10:1-11; Jeremiah 15:16; Psalms 19:103; Ezekiel, 2:10, 3:3, 3:14.

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, b] Jewish Biblical Astrology, Elementary. Become a prophet. , 1 st July 2012, 5:49:30 a.m., PDT.

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, c] Y’hoshua Arc(s) [ Biblical] (AMUC) (15 Oct. 2012)

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, d] Archangel Michael Universe Catalogue (AMUC): objects A 1 - A 49 (15 Oct. 2012).

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, e] Rare Astrenomical Occurances File 2013 Lists. (27 April 2013)

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, e] Biblical War Code (June 2013)

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, g] NSA Astreology, Stars and Predictions. (26 July 2013).

[OI Article vii. sec. i, h] Genisis astreology. (19 Aug 2013).

[OI Article vii. sec. i, 1] 11 September 2,001 A.D. In Prophecy (12 September 2013 A.D.)


OI  vii sec ii ( Soul)


OI [Apocalypse |  Resurrection the Soul: past lives, electormagnetic coding. 14 April 2014, uploaded 4:11 p.m., SC, LA, USA. .


OI  vii sec xiii ( Soul)


OI [Apocalypse | The Number of the B E A S T  666, 616 : . 29 April 2014. .

Journal Index [ various uncategorized menu items]








[concepts] Western Calendar History, from ancient to modern January 2011.




Genesis: The Creation Story, In Scientific Explanatory Relevance to Modern Science. (6 Jan 2010).

Jesus Christ:

The Bethlehem Star ( 24 March 2012,  11:09 a.m., L.M.T., Studio City, CA; GC= DC/1° 57's.).

Israel Directory: Four Blood Moons & General Concerns. There is supposed to be a tetrarch of blood moons coming up in 2014-2015, beginning in April of this year. What does it all mean?

The Holy Bible


[ Ideas] Neferkheperurewaenre (Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten) (2003) Essay 18th Dynasty, New Kingdom [ Monotheism ].

[part I] The Large Pyramid Horoscope ( 08 Oct 2011). Is the Great Pyramid a Prophecy Machine?

[part II] The Large Pyramid Horoscope ( 29 June 2010). Is the Great Pyramid a Prophecy Machine?

[ concepts: Sothis Cycle ] : Sothic Cycle a Real Myth But Promulgated in Most Scientific Books. 29 January 2011.


Herodotus [One of the first historians of the Aegean Area]


[English ] Basic grammar

[Latin ]  Latin Directory


Education & Finance

Analyzing Assessment Testing, The No Child Left Behind Act, A solution to Hiring New Teachers, (essay, TTT) 5 August 2003.

Western Civilization 101

Western Civilization Part One

[2010 January: note new research from a Kenyan anthropologist intends that primitive but effective aerial weaponry – such as the bow-and-arrow and spears are evident in new archeology finds dating from at least from 150,000 years ago; also modern genetics assumes that while the primates recommended by Darwin as our our ancestors in which today we know that matches intend a  90% similar D.N.A. structure, the on-and-off switches of the D.N.A. for many genes defines a different approach to demarcate our stupendous differences; it should be noted that we as a human population only recently mapped the human genome – we are only delving into the surface realities of our genetic makeup as a shared species on planet Earth; will try to update these early beginnings soon.].


Medieval Period


Pre & Early Modern Europe

France 16th Century People/Culture

[F 16 Index] Directory, France 16th Century people

[F 16 01] 16th Century France People and Times

[F 16 02] 16th Century France People and Times

[F 16 03] 16th Century France People and Times

[F HOV 01] Royal France, The House of Valois

[F 16 ASTRE] 16 th century Astrology & Science [ 09 Feb. 2014]. 16 th century Astrology & Science ideas

[F 16 ASTRE STARS ] Elucidatio fabricć ususq[ue] astrolabii & analysis  [ 11 feb 2014]

Salon-de-Provence, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur, France

Michel Nostre Dame (1503 - 1566)  [MN]  LES PROPHETIES (eds. 1555 -1605)

[MN01] MN 01 A L’INVICTISSIME TRES-PVISSANT & tres chrestien Henry Roy de France Second, Michel Nostradamus Son tres humble & tres-obiessant Seriteur & Subiet, victoire & felicité.

[MN02] MN 02 As Cćsarem Nostradamum filium Vie & Felicité

[MN03] MN 03 Av Roy par Vincent Sčve

[MN04] MN 04 Nostradamvs Originals Les Propheties, Centvrie I

[MN05] MN 05 Nostradamvs Originals Les Propheties, Centvrie II

[MN06] MN 06 Nostradamvs Originals Les Propheties, Centvrie III

[MN07] MN 07 MN06 Nostradamvs Originals Les Propheties, Centvrie IV

[MN08] MN 08 Nostradamvs Originals Les Propheties, Centvrie V

[MN10] MN 10 Nostradamvs Originals Les Propheties, Centvrie VI

[MN09] MN 09 Nostradamvs Originals Les Propheties, Centvrie X



[2 July 2011] Michel Nostradamus: 354 Years, 4 Months a fardāyrīya. Barack Hussein Obama II’s Saturnine fardāyrīya; Climates and Sources-- NOSTRADAMUS III. LXXVII.

Sec 1  fardāyrīya Nostradamus

Sec 2  fardāyrīya Nostradamus

Sec 3  fardāyrīya Nostradamus

Sec 4  fardāyrīya Nostradamus

France | Nostradamus] Nostradamus study into tropical astrology [ 09 Feb. 2014].

USA [1990sX.LXXII] groups.google.com alt.prophecies.nostradamus [ 5 th March 2014].

European Renaissance

Italian Renaissance Art

[IRA01] Italian Renaissance Art

Introdcutor to Art history definitions,

and a quick outline to historicism.

[IRA02] Italian High Renaissance Art

Italian Renaissance Golden Age

[ER01] Italian Renaissance [ER1]

Italian Renaissance Topic & Lists; questions, hints, people, places, ideas.

Topic List Archives of Italian Renaissance. The frirst page to understand the basics of the Golden Age thinking of the Renaissance period. How does it affect our future and our past?

[ER02] Italian Renaissance [ER2] (09112008)

Florence, Florentine Governance, Jacob Burckhardt, Historiograghy, and the Op-ed Piece, questions and concepts about the rebirth of western civiliztion.

[ER03] Italian Renaissance [ER3]

Machiavelli , The Prince Italian Renaissance:  Niccolň Machiavelli.

[ER04] Italian Renaissance [ER4]

Baldassare Castiglione, Il Libro del Cortegiano, 1528.

[ER05] Italian Renaissance [ER5]

blank or old moved to #1

[ER07] Italian Renassiacnce [ER7]

Northern Italy & Roman Renaissance Art and Architecture

Various Topics, Michelangelo, Titian, Venice. Giovanni Bernini, Vasari, Donatello  


Northern Renaissance & Reformations

Counterreformations, Liberalizations, Insanitations

German Reformaton, Holy Roman Empire

[NR 01] Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus

Doctrinal disputes take second precedence to the first precedence of unity of the entire Christian people.

[NR 02] German Reformation: Martin Luther

How to Understand Liberalism in the Age of Emancipation from Collective Responsibility and Collective Community.  Free-Will Debates and Attacks on Character.

[NR 03] The 14th century and the Seven Sacraments [NR 03]

[NR 04] Reformations Timelines [NR 04]

§ Salvation history

[NR 05] Pre-reformatins & The Catholic Community Program

1300s-2000s, different reformations, social gospels, & John Calvin

Northern Renaissance, France

[ER06] French Renaissance [ER6]

Françios Rabelais, Gargantua and Pantagruel, Italian Renaissance:  Role of the Humanist in our World, is a Humanist agenda a Negative Endevor?,

What is wrong about proaction ideas? Sarcasm, Witticism, and Resentment

Northern Renaissance, England

[ER08] England Renaissance [ER8]

Utopia, Thomas More Fictional Communistic State, used the New World (South America) as a model.

Renaissance Pan Military

[ER10] Italian Renaissance [ER10]

Wars of Italy ( Spain, France, Italy), Gordon Campbell, Oxford U Press.



[ rome ] index Directory to Rome, Culture, People, Traditions, Historiograghy, and Sociology

[ rome ] BloodLust: What types of individuals reincarnated into the Period of the Games of Slaughter?

Kievan Rus', Muscovy, & Russia

Kievan Rus' & Russia

Medeval to premodern

Russian intro

[RU03] Rus' & Russian Chronology

Ivan the Terrible (not the main work, these are notes)

[RU01] Ivan Vasilievich and Joseph Stalin connections?

Russian historiography of the sixteenth century.

Sergei Fedorovich Platonov

Text 1974 chapter 1 and intro Ivan Groznyi

Andrie Kurbskii & Ivan Vasilievich (forgery, considered only a second hand source)

[RU02] Muscovy & the Mongols

Mongol Conquer Russia-- who were they, what did they do?

[RU04] Russia terms sixteenth century

Chronicle Variants of the Sixteenth Century

Rus' & Russian art and architecture

Origins of Kievan Rus' State & Mongol-Tatar & Rus'

[RU06] Rus' seventeenth century

People, Culture, Cites, Towns, Expansion, Foreigners, Slavery, Art, Thought, Expression, government, and whatever else makes up an energizing civilization. Imperialism: Subjugation of Siberia. For the 1600s Imperialism of the former Khanates, and Ivan The Fearsome, see RU01.

[RU07] Rus' Synthesis

Rus Architecture, Art, Synthesis

[RU00] Vladimir Putin 09 Aug. 1999 A.D = 6,6,6  & info [ 27 March 2013]

Middle America



[GU 01]  Advanced Mayan Calendar Astronomical Coordination ( 14 Oct. 2011).

[GU 02]  Maya Site of Tortuguero 2012 Calendar History (09 Dec 2011)


[Cuba ] Raul Castro Government Reduction and Economic Boom. 2012-2013.

South America

[SA 01] South America The Arrival of the Aztecs

[SA 02] South America Inka

[SA 03] South America Teotihuacán

[SA 04] South America Encomieda

[LAT I]  Mexico Directory EthnopureRacism : A Look at Corollary Immigration Laws and Civil Rights.

[MX 01] Reconquista -- 2080 Reconquista: The Nation of Aztlán .


[Maya & MesoAmeirca] 2012 and its source: Only one stela perhaps hints at the 13 th baktun. 19 October 2010.


United States of America

North America [U.S. Colonial History =USCH]

[USCH 01] Miss'tuk Origins of Colonial Wars   (First Native American Indian War, c. 1610s-1640s)

[USCH 02] United States of America Early (currently not linked)

[USCH 03] Colonization of North America

[USCH 04] Colonization Part Two of North America

[USCH 05] Historical Society of Pennsylvania 1827

[USCH 06] Benjamin Franklins Learning Experience (2003)

[USA/ 1940] Franklin Delano Roosevelt Satan's Slave [ 19 March 2014, 2:23 p.m. Sudio City].

[USA 1947] United States of America 1947 : Roswell, New Mexico & N.S.A. Military Complex Commenced. [ 19 Sept. 2013].

[USA 1963] United States of America coup détat :

John F. Kennedy: 22 November 1963: Dallas Texas, Daily Plaza.+ U.S.A. Military Complex  + Allen Welch Dulles.

John F. Kennedy Assassination Page A Military Complex and Assassination / Coup détat Findings.

John F. Kennedy Assassination Page B Lee Harvey Oswald

John F. Kennedy Assassination Page C Evidence of Assassination.

John F. Kennedy Assassination Page D 16th Century prophecy of Assassination.

John F. Kennedy Assassination Page E Hoover & Johnson Motive of Assassination.

John F. Kennedy Assassination Page F
John F. Kennedy Assassination Page G

John F. Kennedy Assassination Page I MEAMIC: United States of America Academic Entertainment, Media, Military Industrial Complex members post 1945: origin members. Coup D’état model used successfully & Identically to Guatemala and U.S.A. Dec.28 , 2013.

John F. Kennedy Assassination Page J Evidence, more evidence of MEAMIC.

John F. Kennedy Assassination Page K Program K to assassinate anyone, no leagal qualums.

John F. Kennedy Assassination Page L  Richard M. Nixon WaterGate & Bay of Pigs. 21 Feb. 2014.

Bill Ayers.Megan Kelley & Weather Underground, social protests and violence in opposition to state sponsored war games. [1st,2nd July 2014].

Violent Protests in World: Bill Ayers., Dinesh D'Souza , Megan Kelley Fox news transcripts. [3 July 2014].

[USA 1963 Oswald, Lee Harvey] A Case for Lee Harvey Oswald. 13 Nov. 2013.

[USAGE 01] General Elections for 2012 United States of Ameirca

[USAGE 2003] Documents New World Order explains Gulf War + Iraq War II. [28 May 2014].

[USAGE 2012] USA Race  & Elections  2012 [ jan. 2013]

[USAGE 2013] C.N.N. Schools Terrorists on How To Make Pressure Cooker Bombs, live Cable T.V.[ 22 April 2013].

[USAGE 2013] NSA 2013 Data Collecting and Spying on U.S.A. and World Citizens without Consent ( 24 July 2013, vote record).

[USAGE 2013] GLAAD a Terrorist network of intolerance and vicious hatred against bi-sexual and alternative lifestyles.

[USAGE 2014] Discrimination Law vetoed in Arizona was an international atheist corporation coup, designed to secure child slavery in foreign countries. [ 28 Feb 2014].

[USAGE 2014] North Carolina (R) outgoing Richard Burr, member of MEAMIC works against Veterines. [ may 2014].

[USAGE 2014] Hillary Rodham Clinton Sec State Hillary Clinton and Bowe Bergdhal , 12 missing soldiers + Five Usama bin Laden generals.. 
[USAGE 2014] Hobby Lobby Supreme Court & Lies and Media's War on Women. [ 16-17 th July 2014]

[USAGE 2014] Democratic Mid-Term Strategy / Washington Post 09 04 2014.

[USAGE 2016] USA Race &  Elections  2016 [ jan. 2013]

[USAGE 2016] Anne Coulter Fall From on High [ 11 july. 2013]


United States of America as SuperPower (1950s -1990s)

[GUS01] The United States of America: Rise to a Global Super Power

[GUS02] The End of American Apartheid? USA Social Space: Laws & Rights 1950s-1980s

[GUS03] Qualified Democracy , Franklin D. Roosevelt, Rise of the New Deal, New Deal Opponents & Competing Versions of Democracy

[GUS04] Oakland California, Civil Rights & New Liberalism , Oakland and the 1960s-1970s

[GUS05] United States of America 1960s-1970s Great Society -- New Leaders

[GUS06] U.C. Berkeley & Bay Area 1960s -- Social Revolution

[GUS07] Middle Class Era, Black Liberation, and Decolonization 1960s-1970s
[GUS10] Office of War Information 1942  How to understand the sacrifice of the New Deal Thinking.
[GUS11] The War in Vietnam
[GUS12] United Nations a world watchdog and a global community ethicalist [ 06 Aug 2014].
[USA |CA] Poverty in general and Californian Poverty and the Elite Rich Corrupters of the youth. [ 22 Jan. 2014].

[USA |CA] citizenship Californian granted automatically by 3 time Califoria Gov. Jerry Brown, June 2014 Executive Order. [21 June 2014].

[USA | CA] University of California, Berkeley Blog Archive [ 2 July 2014].

U.S.A. 2010s:

[gamma| 01|bio| glen beck] Filthy rich Glen Beck goes LA RAZA for attention and denies Yeoshua on Immigration [15 July 2014]

: Nuclear History

University of California, Berkeley: 300 Million Volt Synchrotron Microfilm

University of California, Berkeley: Rad Lab Notes

John Yoo U C Berkeley torture memos


U.S. Health Care | U.S. Political Science

[USA HC 01] The Summer of Discontent 2009: A Disaster Presidency in the Making.

[USA HC 02] The Summer of Discontent 2010: Democratic $5 trilllion national debt Created.




[ US HEALTH CARE ] HR3200IH Health Care (United States of America , HR3200IH Health Care, August 2009 , History media, rhetoric, observation).

[ US HEALTH CARE ]  House Health Care Bill 29 October 2009, 453769|4 (Passed & sent to Congress, absent Fed. funds for abortion).

U.S. Economics

[US ECONOMICS] US Civilian Unemployment 2009

[US ECONOMICS] United States of America -- Global Economy & What is the Gold Standard 5 September 2010.

Santa Clara College Study

Democrats and Republicans in Anthropology and Sociology: Lotta Stern, 10 October 2004;  99 : 1 Democrats to Republicans at U. C. Berkeley.

University of California:

[California, U.C. Berkeley ] Why Does U.C. Berkeley Promote an Unscientific Astrology Experiment as Proof that Astrologers are Mentally Insane? 6 September 2010.

[USA CALIFORNIA] F. B.I. California Democratic Party Running Guns out of Newark, NJ, Chris Christies' state ( he is currently a governor). Leeland Yee was perhaps at a time the second most popular Democrat in the State of California. [ 29 March 2014].

U.S.A. Presidents

[OBAMA] 44th President of the United States of America Barak Hussein Obama  Media, History, disunity.

[TEA PARTY 01 ] Tea Party 01

[TEA PARTY 02]  Tea Party 15 April 2010; San Francisco, California Photos, San Francisco, California.

Barak Hussein Obama II 44 th U.S. President of The United States of America

AFRICA/ Kenya/ U.S.A.

Pseudo Science according to Establishment

[AF Kenya Part I ] Africa - Kenya  Directory : Barak Hussein Obama II Horoscope : A Mysical Look into his soul.

[AF Kenya Part 2 ] Africa - Kenya Directory : Barak Hussein Obama II Horoscope : A Mysical Look into his soul.

[AF Kenya Part 3 ] Africa - Kenya Directory : Barak Hussein Obama II Horoscope : A Mysical Look into his soul.

[AF Kenya Part 4 ] Explaining Obama's Fraudulent Birth Certificate By Moi & Experts in the field : courage .

[AF Kenya Part 5 ] Barak Hussein Obama II 2012 achievments, 13 March 2012; sec. ii, 31 March 2012.

[AF Kenya Part 6 ] Barack Hussein Obama II, $11.2 Trillion in new National Debt 14 June 2012, noon Burbank.

[AF Kenya Part 7 ] Barack Hussein Obama II: beta persei in Finance House, Epic Fail so far ( 30 April 2013).

[AF Kenya Part 8] Barak Hussein Obama II Horoscope VIII (originally a  part of main body of Part 1).

[AF Kenya Part 9] Barak Hussein Obama II Horoscope IX (tyrannical government rise under African President)
[AF Kenya Part 10] Barack Hussein Obama II Golf, Vacation, History of Office Protocol + when War is On.



Arabian History





[AH01] Arabs in History (general)

[AH02] Islamic Law

[AH03] Muhammad The Prophet

[AH04] Usama bin Laden

[AH05] Arab 101 short list [ contributions to our world ]

[AH06] יִUsāma bin Muhammad bin ،Awad bin Lādin ( b. March 10, 1957, Jiddah, Saudi Arabia, d. 8 December 2001, Tora Bora mountains, died of natural causes).

[AH07] Afghanistan War & Hillary Clinton & Barack H. Obama  killing soldiers for politics. [ 07 Jan. 2014]
[AH08] Saddām Abd al-Majid al-Cikriti Hussćyin [put in by C.I.A., given Bio/Chem, assassinated by U.S., Iraqi Assassination Act by Bill Clinton's signature 31 st October 1998 A.D., released 20 March 2014].

[AH 09] I.S.I.S. Saddam's Baathist army upset that Shi'i leaders after the U.S. withdrawl became hardline sectarians, pushed Sunni out of government jobs, thus the I.S.I.S. is a reaction. [18 June 2014.].

[AH10] Iman Mahdi prophecies of the period just before end of days judgement. [ 28 June 2014].

[AH11] HAMAS ideology: No multi culturalism, no Christianity, no Buddhist, no Hindus, no white people, no Asian people, no African black colored people, no South Asian people, no one but aggressive brown Arabs who identify with a culture of blood lust. [9th July 2014.]

[AH14] Hamas Mobile Aug 2014

[AH12] Islamic Movement Uzbekistan IMU [ 17 July 2014].

[AH13] Fareed Zakaria & the Palistinians [18 July 2014.].






[OE01] Ottoman introduction

Background Needed to Understand the Basics of the Ottomans in History

[OE02] Ottoman Terms and Language

Relative-Definitions, suggested readings, government system-concepts, understanding basic terms and discourse.
[OE03] Ottoman Laws and Governance Codes

Three distinct types of Laws are generally covered in their concepts, not codes.

[OE04] Ottoman 17th Century

How did Governors, Political Officers operate and feel under their Empire?
[OE05] Ottoman 18th Century

What is the Tulip Period? Why did the Ottomans Accept French Architecture?

[OE06] Ottoman Culture and Commerce

Commerce, Religion, Cities, People, Social Life, Making of a Civilization.

[OE07] Ottoman Patronage of Süleyman ‘Kanuni’

Süleyman, Change of Government System, Patronage, Education and 16th Century Ottomans.

Ismā’īl, Shī’ī state, Le Nouveau Chez Café.


History of China


[CH01] Chinese introduction

11 Dynasties, two semi-modern forms of government, general list of topical significances.

[CH02] Chinese beginnings

Mandate of Heaven, Unification, What is Space?

[CH03] Chinese Han Dynasty

Buddhism, Taoism, Han Dynasty.

[CH04] Chinese Sui dynasty

[CH05] Chinese Tiananmen Square

Students and Government officials and the Dreams of Democracy

[CH06] US- China KMT, Roosevelt and Joseph McCarthy

U.S.A. China intervention 1941-1946 (research paper - four page limit).

[CH07] 21st Century Information Imperialism

[CH08] Timeline of Chinese History

[CH09] Religion Creationism, Astrology/Astronomy Ancient History

[CH10] Mao Tse-Tung Dictatorship of the Peoples Democracy ( May 2010 ).

[CH 11] China modern Chronology 20 th cent.

[CH 12] Chang 3 Yutu Jade Rabbit Moon Rover Photos and History 2014 April.


History of South Asia

[IN01] India Authors Historiography  1200-1800

What are authors and historians saying about South Asia?

[IN02] India Dynasties

Colored Chart of later Dynasties, notes as miscellaneous

[IN03] India's Ruling Ideas or Ways

[IN04] A Hope for Goodness  (2005)

[IN05] AVATAR  (09032014 3:20 pdt): Bhagavata Purana and White Horse, Hari Kalki, returns during epic Global Change. Astreological celestial coding.



History of The Japanese  

[EP01] Tokugawa - Edo Period I
[EP02] Tokugawa - Edo Period II
[EP03] Tokugawa Edo - Period Women

[ME01] Meiji Introduction

[ME02] Meiji - era - I
[ME03] Meiji - era - II
[ME04] Meiji - era - III
[ME05] Meiji - era - IV

[JAOI 01]] Japanese in the age of imperialism

[JP 2011 Great Japan Earth Quake] Discourse on Large Chilean modern & axial astronomy Earthquakes; Kashmir and 1554 similarities to 2010- 2011 quakes; and the scientific data fields. 15 March 2011.

[JAPAN WHALE TRADITIONS]: Whale Southern Seas, Australia Racism against Japanese. 1 April 2014.

Society: The effects on Multiculturalism 2010 Europe and World 16 October 2010

Biographies and Actors/Agents

Google + Science and Information Control by Wackos.



[ University of California, Berkeley, Tracking children over 20 Years to Reveal Behavior Traits to Link To adult Political Persuasion. A first of its kind study 24 July 2012.

[ Econ Theory  corps state intervention] Dual Transition : Political Liberalism and Globalization The Only Path to World Tolerance

[ Poli Theory ] Democratic Talking Points

[ Poli Theory basics ] Political Science Basics

[ poli theory illustrated ] Comparative Politics
[ poli topical theory 20 c. ] topics : Theory of Revolutions of the 20th Century Part One

[reovultionary20thcent_5] Linguistic Analysis and Political Inquiry (utterance).

[reovultionary20thcent_6]  Noncognative Language and Political Inquiry

[reovultionary20thcent_7]  On Science and the Study of Politics, Definition

[reovultionary20thcent_8 ]  Benito Mussolini’s Intellectuals

[reovultionary20thcent_10 ] Foundations in Hegel and Marx

[reovultionary20thcent_11]: Matrix Study Guide State Movements 20 th century sub - devisions.

[reovultionary20thcent_14] Giovanni Gentile: Philosopher of Fascism

[reovultionary20thcent_15] Various Ideas on 20 th century state movements: Plus, Catholic Church identity with the left

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