Chào buổi sáng = Good Morning.

np.lexity = N.S.A. spy snooper program on your computer. (BM3 NASA COORDS)

“There is no America! There is a cash machine.”—Michael Savage

""Reporter says John Kerry answered ‘Allah willing’ – in Arabic- when asked if nuke deal would happen""

(John Kerry, the whore who could not say no to wealth and power). bizpacreview. 03 282015

Obama breaks U.S. Law and Orders Hillary To Wipe Her secret Armageddon apocalypses Server from her home. No one will do anything, the U.S.A. is over since Bushes killed Kennedy and all Americans voted to kill browns in the ME so they would not have environmental disasters in their 'American Dream' gardens.

Hillary Clinton was ordered by U.S. Congress to turn over Server data, she then said "Well nope, I will erase it!"


RNC: 'Even Nixon didn't destroy the tapes'...

New questions about Huma's special status...

Private Emails Reveal Secret Spy Network... ^ | March 28, 2015 | self
It was revealed today that Hillary's server was cleaned and I started wondering more and more about 9-11-12. We still do not know where she, Obama, the CIA Director, or the Secretary of Defense were during the "riot". We still do not know who really gave the stand-down order that resulted in the deaths of Woods and Doherty.

PEER REVIEWED SCIENCE JOURNALS NOW CONSIIDERED LIES, Propaganda, fakes, politically datafied.

Saturday, March 28, 2015 11:18:53 AM · by tje · 5 replies

The Washington Post ^ | March 27 | Fred Barbash

Obama was working to replace foreign Christian leaders with fully-fledged Caliphate-seeking Islamists

Barack Hussein ( Anti Christ) Obama actively campaigned to elect Islamic defender Raila Odinga in 2007, without Obama he would not have gotten in the vote was close. This is anti Christ dude, Odinga, killed 1,000s of Christians on Obama's orders in 2008-'9.


Obama worked to get anti-American leadership in Iraq.

Obama worked to get anti-American leadership in Egypt.

Obama worked to overthrow a tamed old fart and put Islamists in Libya.

Obama worked to provide nukes to Iranians.

Obama worked to overthrow a pro-security government in Israel.

Obama has bent over and grabbed the ankles for the Chinese in Asia.

Yes, he is the worst occupant of the Oval Office.

Ever. - posted on Saturday, March 28, 2015 11:45:03 AM by SoFloFreeper


USA leaders say Love does not exist. Academia  says there is no scientific proof  of  LOVE. These are your enemies.

-- Am 03 27 2015

Here is what are common Love is on the Earth:

Augustin Cebada, Brown Berets; "Go back to Boston ! Go back to Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims! Get out! We are the future. You are old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you. Leave like beaten rats. You old white people. It is your duty to die. Through love of having children, we are going to take over.

Jose Pescador Osuna, Mexican Consul General, "We are practicing 'La Reconquista' in California ." = he is an anti Christ, the DNA of native Californians and general westerners of North America have DNA of Asian, not latin/arab.


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Arc Michael
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#futurelives I have been reincarnating over and over and have seen no change in bully humans. Big bonned w/ fatso bodies, or super tall and muscular beat up and dominate the weaker. So in the Bible, Jewish, it says no killing. But this takes away the weaks' chance to stand up for themselves. So God says, you will no longer be punished, ever, just stand up for yourselves and do not allow the abusers to push you around. Stand your ground, and you will not go to hell. For the rich that suppress the poor and kill them, you go to the lake of Fire.

This thing about bullies and preference in America or the world, they rule, is not longer valid as an excuse to say we need the world to continue so we need to suppress the poor into a slave class.

For example of bulllies. Liberal democrats say all wars are religious. This is a lie. all the ME wars have been so US Libtards will not see an oil spill from a train wreak and so they vote for thier people to have the Poor US men and now women go kill foreigners so they can have oil spills in the ME and not see it here, and they have no problem with killing Arabs, Asians, Blacks, so they can be destroyed by the weak now and they will not go to hell.

Barbara Streisand, and et al privledged elite are all 'guilty' of killing millions by voting and supporting for wars in the ME since 1947 A.D.

This means the Soccor moms to are as guilty as Satan for driving their kids and hating on the poor, calling them conservatives when in fact they support and vote in the leaders that fund these military operations to hurt foreigners by destroying their families and killing so they do not have an oil spill in their town. These people, millions upon millions are no different than Hitler. You all are guilty of myriads of 10,000s of murders and destruction of their homes, family and animals and lands.

U.S.A. Liberals ( no right wing ever in America) have gone NON MORAL, so sex, drugs and hate on others is the new POTUS way, they lie if they say they are not doing this. they corrupt youth not me.

DEA had 'sex parties' in Colombia...


PAPER: Snowden and Hillary Broke Same Laws...

Fox News ( libtard) Sean Hannity creates Spring Break Law of anti-Fun, aof nti Freedom as laws now enforced showing how distrustful and hateful rich KKKers can be in our time and to our collective traditions.

The No. 2 official at the Homeland Security Department intervened several times" from the Los Angeles Times said that Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and a brother of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Hillary are running secret immigrant ponzi schemes to bring in illegal foreigners. The Visa employees got blamed for following orders. ( LA TIMES ). Also to day, Obama ran away from a ObamaCare celebration event, perhaps to go play golf, as usual. Also, today in Los Angeles Times, "+ Secret intelligence files held by Yemeni security forces and containing details of American intelligence operations in the country have been looted by Iran-backed militia leaders, exposing names of informants and plans for U.S.-backed counter-terrorism operations, U.S. officials say!" I'm sure the top brass were desert golfing, to mirror their beloved NBA cheerleader and prolific golfer, the Muslim Kenyan POTUS.

Everyone is leaving the Obama White House, last few years the top chefs and curators, and people, they just do not like him. Now the took out by force the florist. New York Daily news reports.. ( Pres approval 45.1% - 51% disprove of job performance as of 2015 March 24 th, RealClearPolitics).

San Fernando Valley ( North Hollywood, Balboa, Sherman Oaks, Studio City) are in a war at this time. ( Los Angeles Daily News).

F E I L D : C A R I N A ( southern hemisphere X- Ray Vortices)

Meredith Shiner ( Yahoo News pioneer) wants celebrities lives to be the first thing you read and understand as knowledge and the last thing you read and understand as knowledge on Yahoo's servers. It is about control, their own voices speaking in the place of God. The news is run out of Silicon Valley. Facebook, Twitter, MSNBC, Yahoo and Google all run the same narcissist teams to bring you the news. In other words, there is no choice they all are on the same INTERNET news-teams. After listening to Shiner's world views pumped into your system, you will become like her and think like her, that is the news demi-gogs.

Utah brings back Firing Squads for death penalties. Sounds good.

The Magdalenian Age took place 19,000 to 11,000 years - Neutrino bombardment, supernova vella circa. 11-10 B.C.

Let us leave the GOP to the ashbin of history, please!

older posts very important March 2015 A.D. some of my past lives <- March 2015. Three of my reincarnations. 

Blood Moon #2 me too in perview.


let us tear this place down

As promised here is how to do things as well as the ancient prophets, predict wars in advanced or backwards, at 100% competency.


What are Climate Deniers? People who do not believe that Latino baby butt farts are a danger to this Earth.

Neil deGrasse Tyson slams GOP climate deniers: “I thought as a nation we were above this”


This is one of my past lives. Discussions released on my birthday for this life 03 05 2015 A.D.

Alexandre César Léopold Bizet Commonly known as Georges Bizet.

Gassonet: scientist, creator, and day labor in the medicinal field.

03 18 2015 A.D.



- Born 2.6 milies from down town Los Angeles .

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    The Judge that allowed Garner's Killer to go Free will now be put into Stanton Island, US House of Congress as a pay back for a good job at killing, as Bushes say, the Niggahs.

    BOL A | "Gender equality is your issue too. Because to date, I've seen my father's role as a parent being valued less by society despite my needing his presence, as a child.[...] Emma Watson ( Brown U, undergrad degree). The Importance of Parental Wisdom and Guidance ( women's role in society CGM March 2015 interv.)

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    Bobby Jihdal ( Hindu) is the only choice for U.S. GOP ( Rhoads scholar to England, not a community organizer or C.I.A. Bush Family. I'll take Colin Powell for any party to run for President.

    GOP TO ATTACK THE MIDDLE CLASS & POOR from 2015- 2017 A.D. Message to the Americans, these are super criminals of all time in all of history, they need to be eradicated from the planet if it will survive. DINOS + RINOS = U.S.A. ruling party, and these people are no different than the policies of Adolf Hitler. They go around taking lands, oil, minerals from the poor across the earth by propping up puppet dictators and causing 1000s of years of Karma and hatred against the skin color of those that rule over them.

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