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  • Republicans are trying to "out lib the libs" and trying to beat the enemy by becoming the enemy. So now the two partys are in a hard foot race to see who can flush what's left of America down the toilet .

    Ted Cruz privately apologized to GOP senators Tuesday for interrupting their holiday schedules .. thus he is not an Ameircan but a 1%er loving traitor. One in Five U.S. post 1980 birth year - citizens live in poverty.

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    After Obama released top Taliban Terrorist from Gitmo, he goes and kills 141 Children for fun |

    Police Murder unarmed and innocent Homeless man for fun ( warning graphic murder) J30

    Block A | "Gender equality is your issue too. Because to date, I've seen my father's role as a parent being valued less by society despite my needing his presence, as a child.[...] Emma Watson ( Brown U, undergrad degree).

    Block B Liberals Come Close, But House Passes Government Funding Bill 219-206: 67 Republicans voted no, while 57 Democrats voted for the bill. The Bill gives CEOs power to tax the people to pay for their vacations and billion dollar lifestyles. the Bill passes $1 billion for illegal immigrants so they can take your home, land and jobs, so get out now. The Bill totally funds OfraudoCare, a tax break on the rich and tax burden on the poor and lower classes, all to the benefit of the 1%ers.. It also allows a printing of $670,000,000 Million dollars out of nothing so inflation will follow and hurt more of the orphans and homeless. Republicans Establishment and Democratic Establishement End Democeracy and give it to the wealth. The controversial $1.1 trillion spending bill carries a hidden clause that allows wealthy donors to begin spending more than $1 million each election cycle.