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Thrown out of America, not Legal. 1:13 p.m. #08132018AD.


My mom too. California = Liberal: #1 1960 - #48 2015. in all things Intellectual  and of commerce ; world wide. Then Jerry Brown & liberals took over , and then ... ? #1 1960 – #48! they threw her out after 40 + years' . Her name is  Mother  Mary in the Bible.

White careerist— racist are here perhaps other careerit or elite colors. Sleep Spot. 8:53 p.m.

You all colluded with Russia, eh Pompeo? 9:00 p.m. ?

This is why Putin lost 200,000 and his soul today. He works for the Department of Homeland Security and FBI. He colluded [1] with The FBI.

Investigative journalist [1] Jenny Moore was found dead in her room at the Radisson Country Inn & Suites in Washington D.C. on Monday. She had been investigating claims of alleged involvement of former President William J. Clinton in sex trafficking. Four weeks before her death, Moore had provided information from interviews with the alleged victim to the Department of Homeland Security and allegations against Clinton.[].

The #Strzok family hails from Poland. Heavy #DNA to #Russian He knows #Putin they colluded w. Bill, Hill, Georgeyz an Cambridge Analytica = Rape Child lkz

Russian Collusion : Thomas J. McInerney, b. 1965, Illegal, sD, CEO 6:38 p.m. #08142018A. blocks all color of Americans Thomas J. McInerney is the president and CEO of Altaba, and a board member of HSN Inc., Interval Leisure Group Inc., and Match Group.[1] He was the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of IAC/InterActiveCorp. He served on the special committee set up at Yahoo! to investigate the CEO misstated college degree. FBI CIA approves  ; they work for Putin.

George Soros just killed all people of #Hungary. thank him all. :)

3:33 p.m. 14th Aout 2018.

—Putin You are authorizing energy weapon in USA on Innocent Americans in planes, small ones!

Mueller covering for Putin #Confirmed 7:06 p.m. 14th Aout 2018!

Putin –We do not need your rockets no longer. : local Cal news

Putin did you put hit on U1 gurl? 2:06 p.m. bad move! We know what U1 is & is the walnut —sauce— Industry , an using black babies ! You are a racist ! How about 200,000 Russian sD. Why you running kill ops in USA ? We should launch war on you punks. Racist. ! Election –Meddling confirmed by V. Putin himself to white –bigot CIA FBI NSA et al. . Guilty. Putin best buddies are white supremacist outfit called Bush –Clinton CIA. #confirmed Putin workz for UK Pinder who kills black babies and black– Americans world– wide. yeah UK Russia are white supremacist bigots #Confirmed 2:26 p.m. #08142018AD.

Bigot White –Racist Collusion.

200,000 Russian sD. 2:03 p.m. #08142018AD

LEO LA NIGHT CREW 3:08 p.m. #08142018AD.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin , b. Oct 07, 1952 , Saint Petersburg, Russia sD. 3:53 p.m. #08142018AD. We gave you over a year to come clean. You failed. Killing Americans on our soil and abroad.

Putin ≡ pays for LaVoy Finicum 11/8/17 w/ 200,000 Russians deleted! 4:13 p.m. #08142018AD Plus : Russian Plane Crash Killed Two Clinton Informants — was ordered by Putin Confirmed!


Jacob Rothschild & all Rothschild are bigot racist whites, yeah, their entire business are 3,500 white #racist #bigots. [r] 1:06 pm 08132018AD Just like washDC or White ass Hollywood haters against Black and Mexicans. They aligned to Putin! #Confirmed

Russian Intel Chief... Cell That Was Running CIA And FBI #Confirmed 3:37 p.m. #08142018AD Capitol Hill Congress!

Jacob Rothschild & all Rothschild are bigot racist whites, yeah, their entire business are 3500 white #racist #bigots.

Attack on America 09112001: Russia Confirmed loaded Cruise Missiles with Clinton —Bush Crews.

4:15 p.m.

Pentagon bomb 09112011 V. Putin Involved  #Confirmed

Pentagon— bomb 09112011AD V. Putin Involved  #Confirmed

UK, Russia, Rome, Antifa Africa, Germany  all run with Leos CIA NSA FBI et al and want all black killed for globalist white supremacy an black baby harvesting for cerebral fluid . 10,000 follow me all over town. 2:50 p.m. #08142018AD.. OVER A 1.5 Y, No Lic s. Plate Illegal Armies in America.  300,000 in #LA.

7ppa780 black car & white supremacist Bush –Clinton CIA ( 1:30 pm NoHo) rep. Told Me, Fuck Niggahs! What else is new? sD visual. 2:03 p.m. #08142018A a white looking cabbage.

—How to start a nuclear war by #DINO #RINO White Supremacy Paper.

13TH : Q check NK Genocide Congress vote for GOP only. Why? Club 3/22 classic tactic. Starve Kim’s Masses then blame him for launching nuke strike at someone which is what the globalcalbualist want, badly. Check for scarlet fever, as well. 10:23 p.m.



—Here is the problem:

A Globalist white– racist –coup happening now. 10:49 p.m. Not nationalist. Some careerist blacks, not many. Technically all are treazon under Unite State’s Law. 13th Aout 2018.

Qanon — You Are Witnessing The Largest Mass Treason Event In Living History

Aout 7 2018 Google.

IAM Judean Scott. Mom was very very white white, dad looked like Middle Easterner after 10 mins in the Sun. Olive Skin, sister too. His pateral side came from Scotland via the Middle East. IAM not represented here because the Media, Washington, D.C. Edu, Judges, courts and councils are all Liberals: ≡ Globalists ; not nationalists. This pattern has gone on since 1947AD and nothing changes. So the solution is to remove the white people at all the top levels and put in the real Color Representation we see on the street. These careerst white and some black, been in a sort of power since 40 years plus need to be replaced by our new foreigner crounds, at ALL the top levels. Not traditional blacks , but the new immigrants.

Why? White —Racism at the top levels of UK, USA, France, Canada , Australia , and all over the planet. These people are not fixing our problems ;they are frightening each other to see who can last the longest in power, like 40—60 years and nothing is being done to help us with these fake investigations and 24/7 of media coverage of violence which is created by these fakeies or careerists in power for 40—60 years. 1:23 p.m. #08132018AD .

You Special Needs Council, what about foreigners replacing American families with jobs for 40 years in U.S.A. . You all need to get out of America too, now. Give it to Africa, Mexico, Germany, UK, South America, South Asia, ME now. get out you #cabbages

why no blacks on special council, Mr. Black on this board? Racism much?
where are the #mexicans, they represent a majority here in California since 2015. #white = #racist and I See a bunch of white racist names all over this U.S. white “Bigot foreigner relations council.” What about #democratizing your color board, there eh?


Office Name
Chairman of the Board David Rubenstein
Vice Chairman Blair Effron
Vice Chairman Jami Miscik
President Richard N. Haass
Board of Directors
John Abizaid former Commander-in-Chief, United States Central Command
Peter Ackerman founder, International Center on Nonviolent Conflict
Fouad Ajami professor in Middle East Studies, Johns Hopkins University
Madeleine K. Albright former Secretary of State
Henry S. Bienen former president, Northwestern University.
Alan Blinder economics professor, Princeton University
Mary Boies managing partner, Boies & McInnis
David G. Bradley chairman, Atlantic Media Company
Tom Brokaw former editor, NBC Nightly News
Sylvia Mathews Burwell Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Kenneth M. Duberstein former White House Chief of Staff
Martin Feldstein economics professor, Harvard University
Stephen Friedman former chairman, Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
Ann M. Fudge former CEO, Young & Rubicam
Pamela Gann president, Claremont McKenna College
J. Tomilson Hill vice chairman, The Blackstone Group
Donna Hrinak former U.S. diplomat
Alberto Ibargüen John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Shirley Jackson president, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Henry R. Kravis co-founder, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
Jami Miscik former Deputy Director for Intelligence
Joseph S. Nye, Jr. Kennedy School of Government
James W. Owens former chairman, Caterpillar Inc.
Peter G. Peterson chairman, Peter G. Peterson Foundation
Colin L. Powell former Secretary of State, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Penny Pritzker CEO, Pritzker Realty
David M. Rubenstein co-founder, The Carlyle Group,
George Erik Rupp president, International Rescue Committee
Frederick W. Smith CEO, FedEx
Joan E. Spero former ambassador
Vin Weber CEO, Clark & Weinstock
Christine Todd Whitman former Governor of New Jersey, former Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency
Fareed Zakaria editor-at-large, Time

What about #democratizing your color board, there eh?


Joint Cheifs of Staff is all white –white, eh? #Racist #Bigots. JSOC: Joint Cheifs of Staff is all white –white ‡ 70 years of white– white and no black, at the top, get these white– racist –punks out now. That is racism at the highest levels. 1:27 p.m. #08132018AD.

Army is ruled by white careerists’ who support this fake –ass investigation to buy time to see how they  can deny Mexico or Africa in top positions of the U.S. Intel and active military command. They are our new population and do not need mentoring or training. 1:45 p.m. Get those  white captains and white  ass generals out; they are destroying America. No more Powels' or Obamas' mixed breeds but African black– Africans and new migrants.


Clinton Foundation: real celebrity world –wide but the two that run it are white– white and careerists too. 1969AD they are beginning their power plans and they too are destroying America with their white– looking –skin. a bad symbol. What about African charities by African American business men, instead? Eh? You #racist Clintonites. You hang with white ass white Hollywood, photos galore. These are your white –white buddies. You have only a few black lawyers but that is not at the top. Who runs global charities, blacks now because they or Mexicans or Latin or Italian or South Asian or Middle Eastern are our new U.S. populations. You are causing trouble by your white symbolism, always the topic of the news. this white or that white and it is destroying America. 1:51 p.m.


When Black– Box came after me, my first reaction were white and gold or yellow– skin types, at 99%, only black LEOs which had no control over the situation were on scene. That is a private contractor and misnamed, and should be white –gold –box. You need to get your filthy racist asses out of all countries. You are racist and white. Bush and Clinton have nearly legally 'decreed this unwritten law.! Action. not words.

You are destroying the world, not just America. : People Black– Box is misnamed and an out of work Ex or not, Israeli military squad. I call them the best in the world. That is not the issue, they are white in general views and support this fake investigation and are destroying AMERICA.


It is like the exodus ; the 1% are 99% white– white Bigots  and white– white Racists ; UK, Germany, Swiss, Netherlands, U.S.A. and Iran and even Rome— banking, Edu, Institution,  all of  these white EU racist— bigots who are causing the world trouble, killing and covering it up and falsely blaming others because they want to remain in power like kings, forever.


I AM NOT GOD, just a son of man. GOD is black, black. so put him in power everywhere. You racist —white —bitches. Governor Brown and Gavin “white honkey” Newsome , Jerry Brown ‘s protégé are white, get out you racist—bigots! White white boy Brown was governor when I was 10 years’ ol’. IAM 52 years ol now:  White at the top  of California for 70 years and it has gone from  #1 to #49 and perhaps to the worst in our world. Why? White —cabbages careerists continue to rule like kings, rigged elections, etc.2:22 p.m.


Get the network news too. all white CEO's out, replaced, because they destroyed America. White racist bigots in power for their entire privleged life. 2:31 p.m. pdt. #08132018AD.


What is the connection? White privileged culture.

Nearly Every’ Top Official At DOJ & FBI Have A Sickening Connection With The Clintons! – Devin Nunez, general observation, no details. 13 aout 2018. A.D.

Clintons are white white. Problem solved! get these bigot racist white careerists out of power all together. Rumer has it that all they do is order blacks and foreigners to do this or say that so they can keep their globalist white privileged idiots, most of the Intelligence and Military top brass, in power forever. ! RACIST IF YOU ASK ME?

2:52 p.m. pdt #08132018AD.


OP; robe a dope is over. Start phase one. 7:37 p.m. 13th Aout 18

OP phase 1: California is phase One. Here is why. [part ii]! #Bond here. #Q
Black into DOJ. Get mogudishu security like Obma’s first two years and  have them surround our  new Conservative and vetted as one and  not a scarlet feverite.  Do not fire Jeff Sessions ; Prosecute him for Insubordination. An Excuse to escape the replacement clause! This allows California to start it off because what happens either in NY or at Cal, always goes nationwide, historically data has concluded; & in many genre, even political. Ask Obama? he has a connection.


Go after GOP and D Feinstein, first. Do not focus on others as these are side– by –side revolutionaries, one a globalist and the other are nationalists. She already has poor California approval but we know they or US DS Californians can steal this in a variety of rigging, already accomplished decades ago, Q.  Three Congressional Investigations concluded Bill Clinton and his wife were moving nuclear— weapons or allowing this to  happen for all that Cash. 7:01 p.m. I vetted the culprites by the 10,000s and they are all white supremaciests and Marxist Globalists. They move nukes only for one reason, the cash! updated 7:41 p.m. #08132018AD.

—Cal Primaries: These white —supremacists blocked at Los Angeles County Antonio Veragosa voters by suppressing 200,000 and that was white supremacy at Brown and at Newsom's level, Q. That is pure racism. check Wat— Fienstine knows, she is on the top level of Intel Committee for elections. Or ask her 20 year Chinese Spy and his ten buddies. ! 7:11 p.m.

Chinese 20 year spy is with Diane Feinstein & Is with  Robert Mueller at  Californian #Confirmed. Mitch McConnell’ is wife is heavily involved in defraying nuclear— weapons technologies and other duel - use State Dept. munitions list material for over 20 years. .This is all connected to California Q. And why we start here. Clinton first week in office moved Commerce and killed a black man, Ron Brown to change the munition list restrictions from the State Department to the Commerce Department. That is murder, Q. of a black Afro. American Conservative, Q. These are globalist criminals. Think, access in political high levels to easy Flower Child cash cows. Then to the white supremacist fake charity Clinton Foundation. 7:45 p.m. pdt. 2018 Aout 13. Robert Mueller is in California, Q, Running the entire legal cover for this defrayment to China CIA and all for the cash. We have letter from CEO mil corpo claiming this is such the case. 7:47 p.m.

Put him under investigation. He is GOP, so that is a safe thing to do under a GOP POTUS. 7:26 p.m.

—Mueller was so popular with Deep White Supremacy State a few days after September 11, 2001 attacks, white former Potus, Bush sr. (1)put him in as lead lawyer on the 911— Fake— Commission. White Supremacy to cover up the white supremacy —crimes, an odd repeated symbolism in this fake Russian White —bot Investigation. (1) by commanding his son like a robot puppet. 7:27 p.m.

911 Commissions Robert Mueller 3rds Top Legal findings.
Mueller top legal finding was aluminum jet planes fly through 14 tons of Steel , unscathed, as the jet's front —end comes out the other side, all in —tack! & this is all on videos world —wide, recorded. Q. This is a world criminal.


Start with DOJ black and black protection army for the blacks and get black Conservative lawyers and all sorts of helpers. Make Washington D.C. also pay for it all.


Q, California has a lot of secrets.

/off.OP phase 1: California is phase One. Here is why. [part ii]!

— B



Use racism v. racism.

Cal. Now. If Eric Holder , now in Cal’s seat where Mueller once ruled in the late 1980 to early 90z ; Hold him accountable to nationalism an show him the China white wide  Open & of the 1998-99 real impeachment of Bill Clinton. If not, put him under investigation with a new black DOJ. Use racism v. racism. 8:25 p.m.

1980ss: Chinese 20 year spy is with Diane Feinstein while Robert Meuller is lead Californian top– lawyer for the cover and hidden management of the white supremacist club you all call Deep State.  Massive China Wide Open ( no longer Chinagate), three intelligence committee findings and 141, 140 Hillary and Bill Clinton taking  the 5th for those committee interviews or sessions has Mitch McConnell’s wife deep inside the duel use Nuclear weapon technology transfers began by Bush 41 when he took his Skull& Bones to meet Mao face to face, as two scarlet brothers would meet one another. This took on a new dimension under the Clinton Terms. Because of his sexual laissez faire, Bush sr. easily black— mailed him and he too became a Swamp Zombie.

Donald J Trump do not blame China, it is  the rich  landed families that control their own ChinaCIA deep State;


I see Care Cal Care now & w/ other FBI white white racist and also UK Illuminati Racist following all the time. 8:26 p.m.


How to start a nuclear war by DINO RINO White Supremacy Paper.

#Confirmed the U.S. Senate that on both sides voted to sanction and starve to death the North Korean people so Kim will feel pressure to launch a nuke, all have scarlet— fever.  The Swamp is massive and deep and on all sides. 6:56

Q check NK Genocide Congress vote for GOP only.  Why? Club 3/22 classic tactic.  Starve Kim’s Masses then  blame him for launching nuke strike at  someone which is what the globalcalbualist want, badly.   Check for scarlet fever, as well. 10:23 p.m.




Yahweh reincarnation ≡ ME.

— same height, 5,11, same face structure, same nose, creepy.   #08082018AD thank you all. love you. file 08082018





Resurrection. A  possibility that Plutarch and Herodotus are the same soul. Investigating & could be other famous writers or powerhouses of information dissemination.   

























Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

GUZ 24 Jul 26

— . Cut off! Nibiru & False Prophet 08082018.






top university on planet earth according to dept , inside secret spaces. all call this the new Alexandria/ word 3.57 upon laser damage and outting. I said to grad gate keeper, I believe in GOD ( did not tell them it was me) they sabotaged, as they are program to take out God's people and put in robot baby rapers because  Rothschild took it over in 2009, BP, documented by me on campus too, students were very very upset. crowds not seen since the Free Speech movement on lower and upper Sproul. MJM updated and found card today. 04092018ad


⇓ Ocasio-Cortez: When you know your community, it gives you an edge to win.












Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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