The Biblical First Seal (1) Released 2013 A.D. by Archangel Michael

33,000 UN troops helped HAMAS builld Terror Tunnels for 5 years.

A break in GAZA: It gives a chance for Obama to send Bullets to Bibi ( CNN- 3oth July 2014). I found out today that 33,000 UN personal helped or oversaw the Hamas construction of 32 Terrorist tunnels. With a legal body like this, who needs Satan? ( Washington Post: 31 st July 2014).

Obama refers to himself as God, again!

Obama refers to himself as God, again! He was attacking a Christian. Obama has a habit of referring to himself as the Messiah or as god, the first time I remember was January 2008.

CBS: St. Louis:

Obama To Jesus Heckler: ‘I Believe In God, Thanks For The Prayer’

Kansas City, Mo. (CBS ST. LOUIS/AP) – President Barack Obama responded to a heckler in Kansas City on Wednesday, with Obama responding to the woman yelling, “Jesus is the Lord of Israel.”
“I’m sorry what you hollering about?” Obama asks the woman, as the crowd noise picks up to drown her out. He then casually replied, “I believe in God. Thanks for the prayer. Amen. Thank you

As Obama chuckled and continued with his speech to supporters, the crowd erupted in a chant of “We love you! We love you!”

Middle Class rose under 75% tax on the rich.

The middle Class fell under 38% now 14% tax on the rich.

Republicans have been the biggest liars of all Time. Democrats follow the Republicans because they are stupid

Do the math. Facebook

OBAMA: Muslims built 'the very fabric of our nation'...

Older Posts here ( Journal 41 for July 2014)

ISRAEL - HAMAS --web-page on HAMAS

Pakistanis Kill an Amahdi family, mon, children, in brutal ritual of none-Kabba-postings on social media. But the real story is Racial Intolerance and looting and robbery opportunities. The Kabba is the Allah alter, which is a meteorite and off limits to posting photos as the world will laugh at a  Billion people worshiping a space –rock, calling it Allah.

Caliphate Mobs Use Outrage as an exscuse for looting and murder for pleasure. What else do they have to do?

मत्तो विद्यां शिवाद् अस्त्रं लब्ध्वा वेद-मयं शुकम्।
सिंहले च प्रियां पद्मां धर्मान् संस्थापयिष्यसि।। 1:3:9 ततो दिग्-विजये भूपान् धर्म-हीनान् कलि-प्रियान्।
निगृह्य बौद्धान् देवापिं मरुञ् च स्थापयिष्यसि।। 1:3:10 श्रुत्वेति वचनं कल्किः शुकेन सहितो मुदा।
जगाम त्वरितो ऽश्वेन शिव-दत्तेन तन्मनाः।। 2:1:39 समुद्र-पारम् अमलं सिंहलं जलसंकुलम्। («=सिंहलद्वीप»)
नाना-विमान-बहुलं भास्वरं मणि-काञ्चनैः।। 2:1:40 प्रासादसदनाग्रेषु पताका-तोरणाकुलम्।
श्रेणी-सभा-पणाट्ताल-पुर-गोपुर-मण्दितम्।। 2:1:41

= 27 July 2014. circa 500 BC.

Quote:Bhagavata Purana
Srimad Bhagavatam

When the Moon, The Sun, and Brihaspati (Jupiter) are together in the constellation Karkata (Cancer), and all three enter simultaneously into the lunar mansion Pushya, the Satya Yuga will commence. This will happen on 27 July 2014, as the Tourist Attraction, the Gates of Hell, replete with statue of Hyades ( Greek lord of the Underworld) in southwest Anatolia ( modern day Turkey). In fact, SIRI, the new plagiarized Dragon software for Apple I-Phones, when asked about this date confirms it pertains to the Opening of the Gates of Hell. However, that is a real destination of an ancient city being currently uncovered by Archeologists, who found inscriptions to Pluto and other underworld figures, and a statue once ascribed to Neptune, now said, perhaps it is of the likeness of Pluto ( Latin), Greek ( Hyades) lord of the Underworld.

"Lord Kalki, the Lord of the universe, riding His swift horse Devadatta and, sword in hand, will travel over the earth exhibiting His eight mystic powers and eight special qualities of Godhead. Displaying His unequalled effulgence and riding with great speed, He will kill by the millions those thieves and rogues who have dared dress as kings." [SB. ]

ROLE: MODELS: What is Ameirca? "Cocaine Mafia = JLo's Birthday Bash. The Hip Hop Crime Country. -- LA TIMES.

NKorea threatens nuke strike on White House... -- Finally someone tries to stand up to Wash D.C. Terrorists.

Republicans today Are LEFTLOONS and today, Leftcons are Conservatives.

Democrats use Presidential Lawsuits against republicans all the time.
Yet Boehner, John, came in as a Tea Partier and Switched lobbyist sucker Republican Evilbot.
So why care about what he does, these are low level intel humanoids.

The Republicans are on record saying that Boehner's : Lawsuit" should:
    1) Not be subject to the public review of the cost.
    2) Should be able to hire law firms that employ lobbyists
    3) Should be able to hire law firms that currently have a financial  stake in the ACA (can you say "conflict of interest").

Please re-share this far and wide to all you know who care.





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I.R.S. larger than WaterGate Cover-Up (full access)

1 st June 2014 - June 26 th 2014. ( morning and nightly newscasts) Broadcasting the I.R.S. Scandal on Major Media.

186 Hours of total News Casts time:
NBC: 10 minuets
ABC:  17m.48s minuets
CBS: 10 m minuets
Fox News: 30 minuets

NYTimes ( no coverage one piece 'no scandal, page 2, 4 weeks later)

Rep. Steve Stockman @SteveWorks4You

We just filed a resolution directing the Sergeant-At-Arms to arrest Lois Lerner for contempt. Statement coming in minutes.

1:43 PM - 10 Jul 2014


EPA tells Congress we lost all of our Obama Emails too

obama tells the world FU : 'So sue me': Defiant Obama taunts Republicans...

FACEBOOK Mark Zuckerberg Illegal manipulation study ( Los Angeles Times) with two major Universities reveals pushing false good news controls the idiot voters and commercial targets ( e.g. humans). The study was supported by N.S.A. who gave Mark $9 billion in 2012 for reserch into mass protests against N.S.A. not even the U.S.A. Pres. so someone behind the scenes is running the U.S.A. and its military bully complex.  Ties to Pentagon research on civil unrest?

Operation Blue Star 'Mark of B e a s t' on-line end of 2015, World Exclusive.

Hillary Clinton's Campaign strategy to continue Obama's Policies of 'Hard Choices."

In search of Obama's peace plea to Hamas

“Why isn’t Obama writing op-eds in the Palestinian newspapers that support peace?”

alert: 27 th Friday June 2014 Moon moves into Astronomical Cross w/ over

James Burnham in 1964 – “Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide.”

China political Officials Moved out for fixing country.

Gary 3 hours ago
The Chinese bureaucracy is enormous in size and traditionally prone to corruption. That was reported by Marco Polo of all people. Nothing much has changed. The various causes people in China have had to devote themselves too have added up to nothing more than propping up the emperor or the day be it Kublai Kahn or Mao.

Chinese Communist Party = FRAUD 1%er Control Freaks from Hell: Two year ago, a story circulated that the top 70 Chinese legislators had a greater combined wealth than the members of the US House and Senate, the President and Vice President, and the Justices of the Supreme Court combined.

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Who is Archangel Michael at Bookoflife.org?

UN deleting climate false data July 3 2014.

Here explorers write to New York Times that the Arctic was Free of Ice, no Ice at the Artic. The year is 1907 A.D. [note 1907] and the reflection is 1904 A.D.

In the emails, these UN-funded scientists talk about deleting data under FOIA request, faking data for journals such as Nature, conspiring to keep opposing science...

Obama denies American Congressman access from doing his job, are we hosting the Anti Christ or Satan himself?

Oklahoma Republican Rep. Jim Bridenstine revealed Wednesday that he was not allowed to view an HHS facility housing approximately 1,200 unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, on Tuesday.

“There is no excuse for denying a Federal Representative from Oklahoma access to a federal facility in Oklahoma where unaccompanied children are being held,” Bridenstine said in a statement.

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Well, it looks like Fox News asked all these immigrants to flood our boarders, they follow Bush family cries of come -on- in and take all the Americans whose parents and them built this country, times are a changing.

Time to get out Asians, Get Out Africans Get out Middle Easterners, Get out Europeans, because FOX new corp has demonstrated they are only for LATINO brown LA RAZA racists.

just go to their front page. RACIST FOX NEWS.


Music mp3 by Bookoflife.org

BUST: GDP Shrinks By Most in Five Years...-2.9%

The Era of the Limousine Liberal is Back, 21 June 2014.

New Political Party Divides: Gov/Corpo/media vs. the People = two party system. Eric Holder has announced that Tea Party are terrorist 'insurgence,' a term now adopted by mainstream media to denote Republican establishment being helped in the polls by Democrats to oppose Tea Party candidates, who are then deemed 'insurgents'.

breakthrough: Dying medium to small stars create H2O or water molecules vital to human and biological creatures.

Republicans Slime Tea Party in Mississippi Primary as KKK, Racists, NAZIs, so never vote Republican again.

Because of Mississippi’s Republican Senate runoff crimes by Thad ( six term, never wants to leave office) Cochran's dirty tricks to get reelected over his Tea Party challenger, I ask no one vote for anymore establishment republicans, just stay home or write in other candidates.

Thad Cochran put out Fliers with the help of GOP in Washington to call Tea Party ( Many Christians, Real Americans) KKK, Racist, Nazis, so he could beat Tea Party challenger in the primaries and he did. So I will no longer consider any Republicans for government, die America. These people in office are 'establishment ' haters. I hope Satan kills them all.

This after Thad Cochran reportedly relied on 25,000-35,000 Democrat votes to pull him to victory in the June 24 runoff.


GOP-E Thad Cochran cemented the meme that TEA Party people are racists.

If the GOP Establishment fought as hard against the Democrats as they do the Tea Party, the GOP would control the White House and the entire Congress.

The Cochran campaign is reportedly asking county clerks not to certify the voting rolls until the last day possible so that the McDaniel people will not be able to look at the rolls and challenge them.

There may be a vote recall, so many voting violations, but still no one goes to jail for Crimes in America. and now black Islamists working at McDonald's are beating up white mothers and their children and no one cares. Police stupified.


The Republican establishment spent upwards of $23 million in outside money to beat back challnges to incumbents in about 20 races around the country, according to a study done by Politico.

Nearly a third of the establishment money has come from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

EPA tells Congress we lost all of our Obama Emails too

Dick Cheney Admits he was President on 11 Sept 2001 Attacks

President Bill Clinton in 1992, 1993 was the Guy who helped the Republicans destroy America by joining NAFTA and the WTO. By joining these two trade organizations Bill Clinton allowed every company in the USA to move millions of middle class jobs offshore to China, India, Mexico and Japan.

This allowed every Corporation in America to save trillions of dollars on manufacturing labor cost. There by causing millions of middle class American workers to lose their jobs, lose their houses and their families are still sleeping in the street because of Bill & Hillary Clinton.

Then of course once these products are manufactured offshore in China, India, Mexico and Japan, these same companies was allowed to import these products back into America without paying one penny of import Duties or Fees.

This is exactly WHY AMERICA IS GOING DOWN HILL and will continued going downhill till America drops out of these Trade Agreements.

Every one of these politicians knows exactly what the main problem is and exactly how to solve it. Every one of these politicians is complicit in the total destruction of American and should be put on trial for TREASON by the American people’s Court. All of these politicians must be removed from office any way possible. If these politicians are allowed to remain in office America will end up of a third world country.

Then President Bill Clinton in 1998 out did himself by causing the biggest DEPRESSION in History that started in 2008. I am sure Hillary being a smart lawyer as she is helped him with all his under the table monetary deals.

How did Bill Clinton ever do that?

Bill Clinton was the guy who once again sided with the Republicans to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act in 1998.

For you people who never heard of the Glass-Steagall Act. The Glass-Steagall Act was passed in 1933 because it was found that most of the banks that went belly up in 1929 stock market crash did so because it was proven that most of these bankers used bank deposit money to invest in the stock market in the 1920s.

Once it was learned that most of the Banks was closed because they used all the bank deposits to buy stocks and lost these deposits during the 1929 crash that cause the Great Depression. The American Congress then passed the Glass-Steagall Act that placed a wall between the bankers and Stock market and told the banks they couldn't use American bank deposits to gamble on stocks on Wall Street. If the banks wanted to invest or gamble money on Wall Street stocks and derivatives then they must use their own money and was not allowed use Bank deposits.

You see once the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed the bankers can use all the depositors’ money to gamble on the Wall Street stocks and derivatives and if they made a lot of money then all the bank executives would be awarded Huge Multi-million Dollar Bonuses.

But, if they lose all the depositors money then they go to the Federal Government and tell the government the sky is falling and ask for a Big Government Bailout just like they did in 2008 and make the American Tax Payer pay for the lose.

Now it’s 2014, six years later and we are still going downhill. We will continue going downhill till we pull out of NAFTA and the WTO Trade Agreements and reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act as is was back in 1933.

If you want to see America totally destroyed then you should vote to elect Hillary Clinton as President and let her finish the Job that Bill Clinton and she started in 1992...


Pretty much every time a rich person sneezes, a banner headline sprouts.

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