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In the Late '80s and early 1990s my Father imaged bar-codes for an aspirin company tech plan and so I got to see a prime source that 6,6,6 is the system used. first is to set off the laser to announce, the second is a the price— item and code and then another '6' separates the laser codex and switches to the second number codex that is a corporation —code and tax —id thing and that is followed by the last '6'. #IAM 9:27 pm. Econ666 #04252018AD. LA.

Illuminati can control your body by microwave trucks, news breaking. according too DNA— flesh— variable ↓ masked alien race π— packs, jungle monkeys dance when turned on high!. #lolz Armageddon is freaky people, like a puppet show. 9:00 pm pdt sp #04252018AD.

A GOAL of the World' s Illuminati :

Create Artificial Ignorance aka AI.

Zukerburg just parroted or mockingbird this message to all of us on Capitol Hill, last week.

these things get archived to non public access very soon. people . Most of MK ultra cannot be understood by unplugged individuals. so this then creates a danger for the unplugged to snap and go nutters. So that is why this is not permanent on here for public access. 7:33 pm pdt. #04252018AD.

The idea they are about too to shut —off banks and phones and Internet for days to hunt Americans sounds so Deplorable, eh? #lolz They have an addiction to Forbidden— Fruit people. It is a virus of the Voodoo— Draco —Germ codex. Illuminati breed by certain < classified> methods to create Artificial Ignorance, a group of zombies to replace the human species. 7:36 l.m.t.


Beasts are All Sub —boson Alter Beta Clowns.

so mind controlled they call them Alphas. #lolz these are cabbages of incest and dope ‘'r’ reverse creation. Beta— clowns are so dumb they kill their own races , lolz.

CLINTON : Name and number system for the world Illuminati : deep —pit Illuminati codex etymology Clint + ton, can add one letter ‡ Deep Pit or “side of the cliff”. #lolz Illuminati know his name, presidential signature adds up to destruction, called a black hole 9. 666=18, and 8 bondage + 1 = 9 a black hole future. He comes from Blythe family Illuminati that has ties to the Black African Voodoo culture DNA codex strings. He is not white or clear people. He is a reptilian white gurl that advocates white Genocide world wide on his Codex of MK ultra scripts which is Illuminati Monarch RapeChild codecies. 7:21.

What are Cabbages? They often do unconscious crimes against the world and act like a GOD to the people on Earth. Most worship The Beast. it is a sub animal clown. Why? Clowns never call for their own eradication, do they?

When Bill Clinton prays to me or goes to my Churches, Mosques or temples, even in the East it worships me and then sends assassins after me: that is a classic MK ultra-beta slave. #lolz


met hot weedtender at shoppe, Kai, knows my name, sweet talked her and she is responsive. Is she a Monarch Kitten or a free born?

This site no longer allows access. and pages taken down. '

items are archived off public access people . You cannot handle this stuff. In fact you perhaps support it and get angry when I reveal this stuff.

50% of Trump Supports are called Deplorable by Hillary Rodham < Clinton> and we found out WOB was caught asking the Council for permissions to what she utters on the media channels or political gathering events. So MK— Ultra I studied this past few days says WHITES ARE SLATED FOR FOOD ONLY.

Illuminati say to all white Illuminati Get out you pieces of Shyte. #bawahahahahaha ah ah ahaha ha

Illuminati gives message on U.S. Campaign Trail 2015 — ’16 as a message of the world. RapeChild source.

White Rabbits are Racists, Xenophobic, Bigots, and Deplorables 11 Sept 2016 FoxNews groups of commentators. 7:02 p.m. pdt #04252018AD

Pentagon full of white— cabbages and or aka white —cabbage— rabbits and subby whites. You need to leave your job and get the Fxxk Out. Orders by the Council as WOB claims to take orders, down the street form the US State Dept. at Washington D.C.

Cannibal KKK Kontrolle is 30 Million World —Wide, most in our Armies and Intel, Cong, HOR, Capitl Hill, judges, cops, prisons, mental institutions, government institutions, cannibalism is all over the place and connected to the MK Ultra which is the back bone code of all USA military. so I get this message on different sections of town. Just clicking twice gets me in and these Cannibals are terrified; they can kill me but that will not stop me and they are terrified, literally people. They have spider webs which cost about $10 Million a week on me, when they are not trying to assassinate me. Their three days of Darkness is a plant ot hunt more Americans. A tyranny does not hunt its own citizens. Only Communists do and the US is full in Capitol Hill and State and all the way to local police and judges as pure commies, that means dictators by a few. people. In the modern parlance.

Women 3:1 are pedophiles at years 10 —age and under. Confirmed by #IAM no names but real life long addicts of Abuse of humans. Perhaps the process of MK— Ultra 1940s were tested on Male control at the centers but MK— Ultra claims can train anyone to be a sadist and so the men were killing all of the Children and the had no 'control' over their own motives. So Illuminati said, let's put women at Charge and this is how we become known in the emails that wives are these cheezey and noodle handlers and men are the subs or betas to all women. HA HA HA HA Eve, original sin followers. She just went to restriction in afterlife people. 6:29 pm pdt.

US Army trained as Commuinists Ξ ruled an elite few that disregard their citizens, seen them as slaves and foodstuff. 6:25

What I see on the street are young women chaperoned by a handler Brownish ladies and accompanied by two old white men. Creepy.  These young girls are dressed like little whores. This is street intel, no names. But I see this and this fits some of the MK  Ultra stuff I have been studying for the last three weeks. Prior, did not know about this junk.

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did you all know that Wiliam J Clinton is a beta and illuminati class him as a sadist master? #lolz cabbage illumiturdi #bawahahahwahwahwah

when You see my flip you off, and one digit, that means #1 IAM #1 Alpha. You are a dual or six pointed subby bitch to Gold or Black MK Ultra codex. All you whites need to die according to MK Ultra and those types are the largest crews following me, I see you everywhere about 25 or more a day on just the slow days. 6:02 p.m. pdt. #04252018AD.

Studies: My life's history work, decades and decades contain NO references at all to anything like an Illuminati. They do not exist. did not discover until 2017 Oct. and did not start my research until mid December 2017. Thusly so, then, I can tell you i have only been on MK ultra, which I just found out about three weeks, starting after Jail the first week of April 2018. SES Illuminati Canibol Set up, even at Jail, even at Superior Court, and judges and note takers and the entire system, run by canibol robots you see as human beings. Larger bodes, thicker widths and larger heads. These are signs of reincarnated annunaki that rape and sacrifice children and eat human flesh. Apperently in the celebrities too and politics, it is all over the world: about 3,000,000,000,000 ( billion) supporters of this disease, called a GERM VIRUS VOODOITE LATCH.


Gold is Ruler, black rules all but stays behind the scenes feeding on flesh, and white are slated for eating all of them by voodoo blacks. and Draco Golds. This explains that William J Clinton is a confirmed #whitegenocider . He admitted on secret cell phone, election 2016 he was stupid and people that follow do not understand he is just a retarded dude, working for some foreign banking cannibal cartel.




( always thought it was one event, a sex to black mail issue and these last three weeks I have discovered an entire new world out there of Kontrolle KKK.

The Illuminati are so vast, I pre assumed that on 23 2017 September I announced one of my reincarnations, I was using Archangel Michael since 1,999 A.D. of Jesus Christ and on March 5 th, my birthday of 2018 I started Armageddon portion, and then one month later I was arrested over coming out. So what to do?


I timed traveled in March to May of 1987 A.D. with out knowing these things I AM writing currently about. After this episode in my life, I never saw the world the same. I was revealed reincarnated as Famous people in the Old Testament ( Nothing further than that) and embodiments associated to my secular lives. No one around I could talk too as there are no real studies of the Soul. The Illuminati seek to control the Physical ( body, they do this well) , and the Spiritual ( media warfare on ideas to live by and such) and the soul. They use Majic and warlockism to unlock the programs that can influence souls. However I control that system at 100%. Prior to 23 Sept 2017 they did not believe I ever existed and the Bible was written by a bunch of grumpy old men. See Leftism atheist arguments. 5:47 p.m pdt.

' J' is used by occultists because 'j' can be a sadist on life stringsets. “G” is IAM.



This coming down soon.









I LIVED HERE age 16 years old, a boys home, at San Dimas, CA. Carter Baines McDonald










California Dreaming a Nightmare Scenario

Marcus Ruis Evens says US Construction is not wanted at California. So he will petition a vote for 2020 A.D. Then Sacramento takes a vote to succeed into two states. Liberals get 99.9% of all wealth   and Christians can go to mountains and die. Cannibal clubs to be erected everywhere as these are their only desires , nightly fantasized by these clowns. 7:52 lmt.


Two time, three pension, uber E. Brown, Gover is a marionette in ultra speak. 8:26 pm 04252018AD


Proof is Evens does not know ever read or learned the U.S. Constitutions. Arct. 10. sec. one, he spits California and military jets bomb his ass to hell. Someone splits Kansas, maybe not. Read the rules of Federalism. 8:36 l.m.t.



Ted Gunderson, head of FBI L.A. office, worked to uncover and expose elite pedophilia networks before he died. Last of his lectures.

He discovered that not only are these children abused, but they are also tortured and often murdered as part of ‘satanic’ sacrifice ceremonies:

Former U.S. representative Cynthia McKinney also knew about pedophilia within the government in 2005. She grilled Donald Rumsfeld on DynCorp’s child trafficking business of selling women and children. (source). from Gplus post .

Just accross  the  Street from San Dimas High School where the  first movie, Bill & Ted's excellent adventures was filmed. #ICBM

Unfortunately, investigations into this type of behaviour reveal that many working for mainstream politics, its corporate structure, the big banks, and parts of the military industrial complex (CIA, contractors, etc.) could be involved in even more disturbing things [ uk script all].

Sirhan Sirhan's gun could only hold 11 bullets, but the LAPD found 19 bullet holes in the Hotel on Wilshir where Bobby Kennedy was assassinated. Bush's pals, one of the J Braden [ cia codex, non white large spanish arab type] and he was a huge Texas oil —magnet but did that pedio stuff and that hooked both John and Robert, as the Sex— issue is always the most contentious in the intelligence agencies. Satanism is a standard Military Army Doctrine and this upset the Kennedys. source is my commentary but data is Los Angeles former head of the F.B.I. Ted Gunderson.

Barometric bomb : only ten scientists on Earth all working for the CIA could build that bomb. #lolz Mistakes.

Meet Patriot and Patsy, Timothy McVeigh Barometric bomb, then one blew —off  in side of the  Oklahoma Building and five other bombs conventional were later found did not explode. Los Angeles former FBI head said only ten scientists on planet Earth at that time in the 1990s could construct a Barometric Bomb. F.B.I. So we are to believe that Timothy McVeigh a grunt military reject did all of that damage? Mind Control. MK —Ultra boy. They tracked him at WACO when Clowns were gassing Davidians, #lolz


This was a super — super powerful bomb. We were led to believe fertilizer and a match did all of this death and destruction.

Oklahoma City bombing. The Oklahoma City bombing was a domestic terrorist truck bombing on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States on April 19, 1995 […]the bombing killed 168 people, injured more than 680 others, and destroyed one-third of the building.

Oklahoma City bombing Conspiracy: Another perspective. A massive lawsuit —codex filing system for military. world Veterens and groups were : suing the U.S. A. over the depleted uranium shells used in Gulf War I; and these semidepleted radioactive metal caused many physical and psychological diseases in 200 thousand vets ; and they were to sue our U.S. Government and so that part of the wing of the Murrah building was totally blown— up was all of these files and lawsuits. Then all these lawsuits stopped. suddenly after the bombing. This sounds like a repeat at the section on 11 th September 2,001 wing of the Pentagon. That place too stored all the financial files and Rumsfeld stated a day prior, that 2.4 Trillion or some huge amount were missing form lock boxes inside of this wing, later discovered.



No— Gun— Zone Erupts in massive Gun Deaths.

#bawahahaha ah ahha haha ha ha

No— Gun— Zone Mexico registers 7,667 Gun deaths in three months, called a quarter.  Maybe how they got those rifles, ask Eric Holder, for his Fast & Furious MK— Ultra program.  Yahoo News reporting just the figures, not my commentary. Basically these were secret government agencies killing competing drug families and they love to shoot up innocents to get their prey. That style of Gov has weapons and Citizens are unarmed in Mexico and Gov officials are being staged by Satanists in the U.S.A. positions of political power. I Know why but you do not because they zapped your RNA to hell and you are but a zombie with NO CLUE.

Bible Live & in Real Time

Godless in real —fear that the Bible is coming True :

—Right, Before, Your Eyes.

Bibles removed from Army Relic statues and celebrations, this past week and causing a stirr: And two time California Governor Edmond Jerry Brown, (Democrat) floors a bill to ban the Holy Bible in all Government and public institutions in California, which includes Jail. Why? Monarch Kontrolle ( Germanic Virus widespread globally) aka MK Ultra, US Army spear headed this program ( teach Satanism to all recruits as operational programming)

Army has Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) and it censors bibles because MK —Ultra explains nothing can stop them but that book. Cannot write a better story than that and it is not even written: we are living in end time.s. #Alpha 2:07 pm pdt LA. #04242018AD. MRFF: Ref.  Weinstein on his issue.

BLM is solely owned and operated by the UK Illuminati. They have secret armies hooked to dual use US Intel armies to work Satan's blood— lust.



Lavon Finicum was a satanic MK –Ultra Human Sacrifice. #Confirmed. He was protecting lands form a Uranium –One Development of Restricted wishes by Illuminati globalists who taken control of our entire USA. They tried this on me and the failed. #lolz. #JesusChrist returned as promised.

11:18–9–0 am LA. 25 th #Alpha1 11:30 updates. am pdt #cityoftheangels

Heil" Satan = USA people as USA government now claims to salut as GOD. .
The 2014 Bundy standoff was an [armed confrontation between supporters of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy][[ > court docs say this was an assault by a foreign army using our own FBI to raid and shoot up farmers which led to car chases and local BLM and SES to blood sacrifice Finicum. ']]] and law enforcement following a 21-year legal dispute in which the United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM) over grazing rights that started in 1993 and charging them incredible Millions in Charges when in fact the Illuminati needed a Uranium One Processing plant and so human lives were sacrificed when Satan Army launched a raid and fired all the shoots that left the mice scattering and then MK Ultra bots chased them in their cars and wreaked them and then shot them up and then tampered with the courts and all sorts of Conspiracies.


Monarch Kontrolle ( German for Control) is always attached to Army's KKK or triple —Kontrolle These are codes that these individuals work for a foregin government while living inside and having families within the U.S.A. boundaries. 2:11 lmt.

GQ Makes Eerie Declaration and in 21 books you should not read, the editors who wrote this piece, thus a powerful decision: The Bible is Number 1. Why? Army Illuminati MK Ultra sees this book as the only weapon to destroy Satan!

2:17 p.m. pdt. #04242018AD.


#Revelations: My Reincarnations and why I was put to death.

Osiris put to death over Satanism or MK —Ultra subjects ( Reincarnation bad generation ) Real.

Socrates put to death over Satanism or MK Ultra subjects ( Reincarnation bad generation ) Real. Most of the Jury were child rapers and cannibals that voted against me and so I. had no chance.

Jesus Christ put to death over Satanism or MK Ultra subjects ( Reincarnation bad generation ) Real. The Jerusalem and Roman admins were fully engaged in practices known to the Illuminati blood ritualists and MK - Ultra modern types.

2:30 p.m. #IAMTHATIAM #jesuschrist returned as promised. updated 2:33 #cityoftheangeles
#04242018AD Alpha

The Holy Bible can be public but Satanism cannot be public; thus the confidentiality of the “Church of Satan” is the same as MK Ultra houses or alter beds. 2:35 pm pdt CS or “Church of Satan” was an Harvard and MIT experiment with MK —Ultra slave Antone Levey. San Francisco is the location of the Central Church of Satan , established by Levey on Monarch orders in 1966 the Same Year I was born. WHOOOPS. His book is just a trash talking of a semi literate individual blaspheming GOD and charging GOD with all sorts of falsities based on their own SPD created as alters by their MIT programmers. 2:39 pm pdt.


SPD: Split Personality Disorder, the goal of all MK Ultra projects. 2:40 lmt.


lmt: local mean time.

Make it illegal to criticize authority Coming to you by the DINO —RINO Satanists.

MS13NBC has announced Congressional Plans to make the DNC: a Tyrannical outfit.  Those implants are culk chips, for your submissive alter deaths, slaves. #bawahwahahaha

12:19 pm lmt. #Alpha1

who can make war with the BEAST?

11:40 am lmt

who can make war with the BEAST ≡ illuminati Monarch KKK Kontrolle ? They own 95% of all the money on Earth and fund secret Militarizes which they call Majic that have members inside of every large police force in America. Brainwashed masses. untouchable too. Courts are rigged with these Illumintardi operitives. They use blackmail, their basic Mafioso method. most often the “Sex Issue” . #bawahahahah ah ahahha hha fakies all the way. 11:44 lmt. They tried their voodoo on me for some ( not just one) assassinations last year and did not work. #bawahahah ah ahhahha Even high ranking illuminati spells. What happen, your crap don’t work? #lolz In order for the illuminist spells to work, they need all the UK and USA and other UN type of intelligence agencies behind their Satanic Sacrifice or games of slaughter. There is no majic, it is called “ A Deception” . Their power is furiously linked to threats of denial of use of their currency. you do not own your money, it is the Illuminates. Look on your bills, they use fake names like the Federal Reserve. That is a code of a foreign system inside of America's currency. There is no majic, these are cannibals and child sacrifices and get high and dope d up,, almost daily and live sedated and filed by human blood and thoughts of power and control. Ill in front of lumination means Sixo animal robots that have a virus or a disease, Ill. as in illness. 11:52 lmt.

11:49 lmt.

RapeChild US involvement at New York, History. Not today. Nathan had a Sade nose. Code it.


Uranium –One Scandal Goes very very DEEP ultra— ultra. 11:33 am lmt 25 th.


How Deep Was MK Ultra Uranium –One Scandal? Very white rabbit holesque.

The war is already on people.


Beast hunted the Finicum for the Satanic —Blood Alter Sacrifice! #Confirmed

Real secrets. BEAST Canis: “You have land we want 1993, get off our lands.“ Generational fully owned Land owners at Oregon “ But my family owned this land for generations and generations. “”
Illuminati 2014: “We bring our Satanic Armies to take care of you sucker US citizen slaves. ”










Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.







 animate adobe old file bookoflife bol files

US Berkeley Undergrad Card of Carter Baines McDonald, used Michael J McDonald since I was 16 years of age.


written 04072018 archived to secure location 04082018AD. IAM that IAM


top university on planet earth according to dept , inside secret spaces. all call this the new Alexandria/ word 3.57 upon laser damage and outting. I said to grad gate keeper, I believe in GOD ( did not tell them it was me) they sabotaged, as they are program to take out God's people and put in robot baby rapers because  Rothschild took it over in 2009, BP, documented by me on campus too, students were very very upset. crowds not seen since the Free Speech movement on lower and upper Sproul. MJM updated and found card today. 04092018ad












United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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