The Biblical First Seal (1) Released 2013 A.D. by Archangel Michael

Period of celebritician phenomenon! --will robertson, posts to WND 20 sept 2014.

Dems and Repubs Enraged and Very Angry the School Girls Defy Their Satanic Rites:

Cheerleaders defy school ban to lead prayer

Alert: Secret ISil terrorist Funding  Organizations: American Civil Liberties Union and the Freedom From Religion Foundation

3,803.88 January 6, 1994 WAR ON TERRORISM WAR PROFITS 17,068.26 July 3, 2014 - Archangel Michael 20 Sept 2014.

3,803.88 January 6, 1994
17,068.26 July 3, 2014
                      - Archangel Michael 20 Sept 2014.

spike rich get super richer: REAL SCIENCE

80 Jan 1905
5,000 November 21, 1995 ( 5,000 increase takes 90 years).
Under the war on terrorism a 5,000 increase takes 4 years)
10,000 March 29, 1999 ( Bill Clinton starts 'term' War on Terrorism.'

it takes another 14 years to reach another 5,000 milestone:
15,000 May 7, 2013

this science is proof that the rich are tricking the  Entire World and something real serious needs to correct this bad behavior!

USA MEAMIC: Philosophy to state ideology: You must arm the terrorists to create the terrorists in order to fund a war against Terrorists – all to justify a massive economic surveillance system for the rich and elite!

The Stock Market (Gambling for rich) Exploded with the onset of the War on Terrorism (after first world trade center attacks in New York City), a response to G H.Walker Bush’s faking of the Saddam Kuwait Invasion, and thus tricking over 100 nations .


God's  people needs to take back this Earth!

Dems vote for massive global Funding of Terrorist Groups


Philosophy to state ideology: You must arm the terrorists to create4 the terrorists in order to fund a war against Terrorists – all to justify a massive economic surveillance system for the rich and elite!

WASHINGTON — The Senate approved Thursday the House-passed resolution authorizing the arming and training of terrorists in order to make terrorists so war profiteers can get more profit. Larry Page of Google hopes war so his drone fleet will get massive US  tax donations so he can make more 100$$$ Billions and horde it out of Insanity. Mark Zukerberg has  his  own fleet of Drones, and hell fire missiles to force the recalcitrant to sign up for  Facebook ( I have never did such a deplorable thing) .
Obama's plan was never to  protect the  Christians but get ISil up AND RUNNING, as  the  illegal leader is out of office in less than two years and needs another easy laid back job to go golfing. Isil has a structure of a barbarian Caliphate, and Obama would be a perfect troll-fanboy.
The last 60+ years the Democrats have started wars in the ME ( killing Kennedy to do so too) and as far as the Far East to gain profits and control, and none have gone to jail or have been punished.
Congressional Votes are 100% showing that Democrats voted to genocide Asians to Arabs, and other races for their own profits for  the last 60+ years.

Adolf Hitler Warned of the Coming Drones & to Be Aware of these Robots

What we want is not a State of drones but a State which gives to everyone that to which on the basis of his own activity he has a
t. - Adolf Hit[t]ler Munich, GER. 24 Apr 1923.

As I write this Amazon, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and even ur Next Door Neighbor are building and fielding massive cities of drones for the up and coming apocalypses.

There were 45.3 million Americans living in poverty in 2013. There were 45.3 million Americans living in poverty in 2013. There were millions more not counted at all. Obama like Nero's lies in refashioning of elite love for Nero says this has been the greatest economy of all of U.S.A.histpry, he has been the best U.S. President, combined out of all U.S. Presidents. New Yrok TImes and LA Times to Texas to Seattle to Florida are all in love with Obama, but many just do not have homes and monney for food, so they suffer and die while the stock market rose 5,000 + points since this 2001 Fictitiuos war on terror started.

http://peoplesclimate.org/ 21 Sept 2014

People's Climate March." highlights how we can force celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio into jail for using energy at a 99.9% agressive useage meter than the rest of the world's population. If we can get other abuses like Al Gore into prison as well for the same crime, we can stop this global climate chaos on our earth and live in Peace. It is all about cutting carbon emissions and Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore have some of the worst records and thus are the main reason for this global problem. So a soltuion to this problem is to erradicate them. The philosophy is simple: DiCaprio & Gore have use and will continue if not stopped more carbon and wasterful energy than 6 Billion people -- a crime against Humanity.

Pythagoras Theory in 3D Unlocks Ancient Astronomy puzzle.  How does a circle turn into a square? I say there are two competing forces vying for a single shape, a form. This is scalar maths found in Biblical Astronomy Mysticism and the large Gizah pyramid in Egypt.


formula: α + β = Γ; then scale = Δ ( where the scale is the 3D portion, so that equals 'change / difference '.

α =6²; β = 6²; Γ=6²

An progress, anyway you choose!


 x is the x axis, y is the y axis and h is radius of the circle in the middle, the middle circle is h^2=x^2+y^2.



For get the Military Complex and Hoover, we now have the InterNet Technology Complex ( ITC) and it has fangs!

It seems as if the news media have become a wholly owned subsidiary of the internet technology complex (ITC) these days.

thesis relevance: Apple’s latest products/development/ideas have gotten almost as much media space as Ukraine or Ebola (although somewhat less than ISIS).

Mysterious 'interceptor' cellphone towers found near White House, Senate...

It's OK, this is National Satanic Agency ( N.S.A.).

Incarceration Studies to  Come to U.C. Berkeley – so we spend billions to learn why we lock up criminals and why we allow the most vial to run Washington DC? Great Topic.

Earlier Entries Sept - Aug 2014 A.D.

bookoflife.org Scottish independence 11:19 a.m. Studio City, CA 17 Sept 2014A.D.

On Thursday, Scotland will vote on a referendum that could establish a Scottish state separate from Britain for the first time since 1707. If it passes, the Scottish and British economic and political landscape will change drastically.  No longer will a British Overlord Steal from Innocent Scotts, but the U.K. citizens see otherwise. It is about the welfare state and giving jobs to barbarians, of all stripes.
So The Scottish Democratic System will vote on this issue tomorrow.
Scottish independence ( excepted 95% voter turnout, L.A. local is 15%, general is about 55-65%, in deplorable comparisons) is about 91% of all Scottish Oil Revenue goes directly to London, U.K. There the British overeconos distribute a bulk of that money to British Imperial Endeavors. The U.K. Tories are destroying, according to some political Scots the welfare ‘district of U.K.’ system since World War II.
The fact is that Scots export their money to London, the oil is on their lands, and a Swiss Oil Giant Company would redeposit oil funds directly to the Scottish Parliament which is relatively renewed, one just ruled directly by London. The British Officials are steaming mad because this  shift in Independence means south western Scottish nuclear fields which are a part of N.A.T.O.’s multi country nuclear stockpiles no longer belongs to the N.A.T.O. nor the British who cannot use the British Parliament to dismantle these Cold War Nuclear Missiles, due to  Independence laws.
Is this change?
In the period of the Mongolian expansion ( 1206 – 1300s +) but on the other side of the known world, since 1200s the English had became powerful carving up France, and in the case of the line of these kings of Scotland (Bruces’) a part of  a system of paid-off clans, as to suppress the Scottish peasants and swear allegiance to the king of England, this described the final periods of barbaric feudalism in Midlevel Europe. Hollywood made a Movie Braveheart about Scottish Independence which won man Oscars, including Best Picture. As in that film in part based on fact, some Hollywood fantasy too, the Lords used the rich scot families to suppress and enslave the common poor, until the abuses became famile – as raping the wives for shaming and disciple of the Scottish slaves. The United Kingdom is about Globalization, which the Jeb Bush family has lifted its playbook from. It is Mafia protection monies. London takes 91% of all worker funds from Scotland and pays them to their rich families and foreign endeavors, and says that is payment for being a member of the U.K. In turn, the U.K. subsidizes the Scottish social structures, including economic and welfare decisions. If Scotland breaks free it does not have to listen to the bullies, any longer.

click for1500 x 1306

09 18 2014 bookoflife.org taken 11:14 am pdt This is Los Angeles, there are too many world celebs ( u know) in these homes wedged in between Santa Monica/Los Angeles/Hollywood/ and the San Fernando Valley. Beverly Hills 90210 is just down the street, southward. I did not put up the raw, but a 1500 x 1306 w/ added fonts.

in la, our school police force just sent back three pentagon rocket launches/ mortar launchers and shells!, overkill for 15 years-old students.. but they kept the armor vehicle and 67 high powered rifles, from the US pentagon.-- moi 17 Sept 2014

David Fincher: ‘Studios Treat Audiences Like Cattle In a Stockyard’

or a big Mac hamburger Variety Hollywood Reports

School bans student's 'Virginity Rocks' t-shirt... Obama order all young kids to screw eachother, as Athiem is the core of US social accpetance, and its number #1 directive is to over sexualized children for raping and molestation opportunities.

Obama has never held a real job so he has taken 000% no responsibility for his actions. This shows us why he is a whiner and a loser braggart of huggy puffy nonsense.

"Know Jesus Know Peace"






so does inflation go this way, that way or up and below? What happens when two inflated superclusters come together and bond? Do we call that stagflation? --2:03 pm PDT, Studio City, LA. USA. "Laniakea," which means "immense heaven" in Hawaiian.

As in the Bible, God was born from a Virgin. Our Super cluster Lanaikea has a sub cluster arm of the Milky Way called Virgo-cluster, and this is where our Milky Way resides.

additional data sources: http://www.atlasoftheuniverse.com/superc/perpsc.html

sb.scorecaredreserch.com in yahoo-mail w/ activate delete in-box = idiots..



go to web-site full size w/ full display

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I.R.S. larger than WaterGate Cover-Up (full access)

1 st June 2014 - June 26 th 2014. ( morning and nightly newscasts) Broadcasting the I.R.S. Scandal on Major Media.

186 Hours of total News Casts time:
NBC: 10 minuets
ABC:  17m.48s minuets
CBS: 10 m minuets
Fox News: 30 minuets

NYTimes ( no coverage one piece 'no scandal, page 2, 4 weeks later)

update: Louis Lerner deleted her BlackBerry Phone after the Senate Investigative Committee has demanded she turn it over, and all networks except FOX never mentioned it, it has been over a week. Also, as I stated in full access, all the hard drive stuff is there, and the news reporters of ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC have all ignored this development because Louis Lerner perjured herself and committed horrendous crimes by lying under oath. But in America, no one in power ever goes to jail or is punished. If punished the tax payers foot all of the bill.


History Books and US Narratives

So in history books one reads: Senate panel clears IRS of political bias -- but this and other things for the last 60 years are based upon lies. Almost the entire U.S. narrative are based on lies.

Senate Democrat Carl Levin releases false report -- why are these people allowed to rule or even live? Why liars. It is about 75% tea party targeted, 10% left-wing ( such as Occupy Movement, the NY Times called right wing ( so that is 85%) and the rest were GOPs. In this lying MEAMIC history books, it will say 50% -- and thus produce more brain dead robots.

Democrat Carl Levin releases 224-page report suggesting that the IRS improperly treated both liberal and conservative groups applying for tax exemptions ." ( link)

IRS had 'secret research project' on conservatives: = TYRANNY

U.S.A. Demonic Officials claim Emails have almost been totally blacked out on places of non compromising areas, such as talking about issues. these are blackout. No one goes to jail, ever, so the system is completely broken. And the self proclaimed mASSiah refuses to investigate this High Treason. ( 4 sept 2014).

Sharyl Attkisson reported on FOX San Antonio:

In a new development, we’ve learned it was IRS Commission John Koskinen’s own chief legal advisor at the IRS, Catherine Duval, who informed someone at the Treasury Department, who told someone at the White House that emails were missing, while Congress, which subpoenaed the documents, was left in the dark.

"Whenever we can, we follow the law," IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told the House Ways and Means subcommittee on health on Wednesday.

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas), who leads the subcommittee, immediately expressed his concern with the remarks.

"I encourage you to follow the law in all instances," Brady said.

IRS EMAILS: Cinci IRS Head to Email Recipient on topic of Christians.

Lerner: "Great. Maybe we are through if there are that many assholes."

Other person: "And I'm talking about the hosts of the shows. The callers are rabid."

Lerner: "So we don't need to worry about alien teRrorists. It's our own crazies that will take us down." - associated press, USA Today online.

name was blacked out but it appears to be Barack Hussein Obama's email -- Former IRS official Lois Lerner had the following email exchange with a
personal associate on Nov. 9, 2012. By The Associated Press


Franken challenger: Dem-controlled Senate land of '10,000 excuses'...

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Who is Archangel Michael at Bookoflife.org?

UN deleting climate false data July 3 2014.

Here explorers write to New York Times that the Arctic was Free of Ice, no Ice at the Artic. The year is 1907 A.D. [note 1907] and the reflection is 1904 A.D.

In the emails, these UN-funded scientists talk about deleting data under FOIA request, faking data for journals such as Nature, conspiring to keep opposing science...

Obama denies American Congressman access from doing his job, are we hosting the Anti Christ or Satan himself?

Oklahoma Republican Rep. Jim Bridenstine revealed Wednesday that he was not allowed to view an HHS facility housing approximately 1,200 unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, on Tuesday.

“There is no excuse for denying a Federal Representative from Oklahoma access to a federal facility in Oklahoma where unaccompanied children are being held,” Bridenstine said in a statement.

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The #1 Religion in  the USA and Israel are Secularism.

About half the public is, to some degree, dependent on government, and the other half is being robbed by it.

that is an institution, not individual liberty.

the majority of Americans, all cultures  and  races are not Christians,

Pretty much every time a rich person sneezes, a banner headline sprouts.

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